Julie B at Scottish Rite by hedongchenchen


									                               Community Based Career Education Experience
                                             Planned Program
                                               Student: Julie
                                     Experience Site: Scottish Rite Park
                                     February 28, 2011 – April 15, 2011
Goal of experience: During a 6 week period of time, Julie will be exposed to and experience the tasks of
a dietary assistant, housekeeping aide, and laundry aide. She will also learn the soft skills/general
employability skills, including independent work and competitive productivity, necessary to maintain
employment in any setting (see attached evaluation form). She will earn .5 credit for successfully
completing this learning experience.

Week               Skills/tasks to be presented and measured      Outcome

February 28        Explore dining area tasks

                   First measure of essential skills evaluation

March 7            Explore dining area tasks

                   Second measure of essential skills

March 21           Continue with dining; add housekeeping

                   Improve score on essential skills measure

March 28           Continue with dining and housekeeping

                   Fourth measure of essential skills

April 4            Continue with dining and housekeeping,
                   add laundry
                Fifth measure of essential skills evaluation

April 11        Continue observation and work in dining,
                housekeeping and laundry

                Sixth measure of essential skills evaluation

Career Site Supervisor________________________________________   Date_______________

Job Coach__________________________________________________      Date_______________

Work Experience Coordinator__________________________________    Date_______________

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