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									             CGS 2100

             Lab sections 0029, 0031,
             0035, 0045, 0046

2011/11/26                              1
Lab sections
     Section number: 0029, 0031, 0035,
      0045, 0046
     Lab instructor: Yuping Shen
     Email:
     Course Website:

2011/11/26                                     2
 Attendance will be taken at the beginning of lab
  Don’t be late for more than 15 minutes!
 Being marked absent in more than 2 labs
      = 10% reduction of your final grade
 Be sure to log out of Windows each time you
  leave the lab for security reasons.
 You’re responsible to check the course website
 Understand and agree to the zero tolerance

2011/11/26                                           3
Email issue
 Remember to include your full name and lab
  section with each email and assignment.
  Format of email:
  Subject: 2100.0029 #[assignment no.] [full name]
  Subject: 2100.0029 #4 Mike Green
  Body: 2100.0012 Mike Green ......
 You will receive a ZERO on your assignment if
  your name and lab section are not included!

2011/11/26                                       4
Email issue
   Before you send a email
       Check  if your name and section number are
       Check if the subject is in the right format
       Check if the required document is attached

   After you send a email
       Check if your email is in “sent-email” folder
       Check if the documents are attached

2011/11/26                                              5
Grade issue
   All assignment sent after the deadline will not be
   The grading guideline can be found on the
    website (Check this before you do your
    assignment or before you talk to me about your
   Grades will be posted within a week after the
   All problem regarding your graded should be
    solved within a week after it is posted
2011/11/26                                           6
    What’s SAM?
    where to find your SAM password
    In the SAM card, it is 2003 (SAM 2003) is a Web-based book
  Skills Assessment Manager usually in the shrink-wrapped software
      you purchase
  application that measures your proficiency in the Microsoft Office 2003
  Don’t lose your booklet
 applications suite (Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word), Windows 2000,
  Windows XP and general Internet skills.
 failure to activate your SAM account before the first
     skill test will result tests grade of zero.
     You should take SAM skill in a during the weeks listed on the calendar
    You may not purchase these if your book have
     been used by a friend in a previous semester
    More information regarding SAM will be found on
     the course web site

    2011/11/26                                                           7
Computer services UCF offers

     Pegasus Email
     Web space/FTP
     UCF LAN Account
     Your username of all these account is
      your NID

2011/11/26                                    8
Topics today
 Some basic skills to use Windows and to
  access the Internet
 Understand the structure and policy of the

2011/11/26                                     9
   You should be able to:
       Log into Windows
       Create new folders
       Move folders and files
       Log out of Windows
       Navigate to a web page
       Understand course information
       Understand and agree to the zero tolerance policy
       Understand the computer services UCF offers to its

2011/11/26                                                   10
    Go to one of the campus computer labs (not
     the open lab) and start trying to figure out how
     to access your LAN account and Pegasus
     email account.
    Make sure that you can login the Pegasus
     email before the next lab.
    If you have any problems accessing Pegasus,
     go to the main computer lab in Computer
     Center 2, Room 104A, and bring a picture ID.

2011/11/26                                              11
2011/11/26   12

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