GUNS Magazine October 1956 by wuyunyi

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									                                                                                                    NATO CONVERSION ALLOWS RELEASE
                                                                                                  LE NO. 1 Mk, Ill Britains FINEST RIFLE
                                                       Pride   of    Britishtroops throughout E m p i r e today. Big g a m e hunters from Canadian w i l d e r n e s s to A f r i c a n
                                                       Congo       claim the p o w e r f u l .303 c a l i b e r SMLE i s b e s t f o r all big g a m e . F a s t e s t bolt a c t i o n in world. All
                                     m i l l e d p a r t s . L o n g range sights. 1 0 - s h o t mag. 25" bbl. .303.         GUARANTEED VERY GOOD CONDITION. Complete with
                                     sling and 20 rds. mil. ammo. FREE. Addit. Mil. Ammo. $7.50 p e r 100 rds. SOFTNOSE SPORTING AMMO. made hv
                              Rem. 81 Win., sold everywhere. Bayonet: $1.95. $10 d e p o s i t for C.O.D.

                                                                                                                COLLECTORS ATTENTION!
MODEL 98 MAUSER                                              ; I
                                                                           ,   $ã.5
                                                                                            TWO OF THE FIRST-80 YRS. OLD!
                                                                                                                           DEN SPECIALS!

                                                               I                                                                       NCH MI874 G R A S
                                                               I                                      French m i l i t a r y rifle using metallic cartridge. Designed j u s t three years
                                                               I                                     h of Emperor Louis Napoleon. Evolved directly from Cassepot Needle Fire.
                                                                                                     I t Action Single Shot. Serviceable cond.

GUARANTEED VERY GOOD CONDITION.                                :

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  $9.95 1
The world's most famous rifle action.
Made in Germany and Europe. Early I
dates, no s t a m p i n g s . All precision milled !
parts. E a c h $25.00
                                                               .                           box machine w i t h cut-off.      Fires 1 0 . 4 MM Italian cartridge.
                                                                                           Should be i n every m i l i t a r y collection.
                                                                                           state tax.
                                                                                                                                             Sorry, No C.O.D.'s.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Serviceable. 53" long.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Calif. resid. add 4%

Barreled M a u s e r 98 Action-barreled with
new Buhmiller barrel to 22-250, 220 Swift,
250-3000, 257R, 257R Imp., .270, 7MM,
                                                                                                                   CARRIERS 99# Ea.
300 Sav., 308, 30-06, 30-06 Imp., 35 Rem.,                                                                  Bright red         molded       plastic.        S h e l l s removed

35 Whelen and 35 Whelen Imp., in the                                                                       easily.       Snug     fitting    cover         for 100% s h e l l
white. less s i g h t s . E a c h $55.00

                                                                                                               -     Pistol   Shell Case-Holds         box Iif 50 pist

 CLOSE OUT!                                                                                                          cartridges i n calibers up
                                                                                                                      W7 HAinmim rA . i "m ,"CC%,
                                                                                                                     .>dl   ~.8C%,n8"m#,, nC 3

                                                                                                                     hers un t o and includina
                                                                                                                                                       t o aii d includi
                                                                                                                                                       f n i . V ="-;".

 V. G. USED                                                                                                        Rifle Shell Case-Holds     box of 2 0 rifle
                                                                                                                   cartridges i n calibers up t o and including
                                                                                                                   ,375 Magnum.

   Save up to   on these
   famous European makes                                                                                                                                     IDEAL FUK B i b                      GAME
                                                                                                               T h e Russians won the International meet Venezula (1954) with this Model MM
                                                                                                        (Ni~~s~rt-Nagant).6-shot, b o l t action, 7.62 MM. Mechanically perfect. Bore: fair, Excellent
                                                                                          hunting cartridge.  Hinged floor plate. These guns confiscated f r o m Communist revolutionaries. Type used
                                                                   by R _ .linese in Korea. Their sale i n no way aids any iron curta'n country. POWERFUL: 2820 F.P.S. w / 1 5 0 gr. ammo.
 .32 ACP. Czech A r m y p i s t o l ,                              Hardhitting weapon for all big game. FREE AMMO: 2 0 rds. w i t h each gun. ADDIT. AMMO.: Military, 1 0 0 rds., $7.50.
                                                                   Softnose s ~ o r t i n gload, 2 0 rds. $2.95.  TO ORDER MODEL MN: Send check, cash, M 0. $5 dep. for C.O.D.
                                                                                                                                     TO ORDER RIFLES, AMMO. 6 EDGED WEAPONS Send check cash
                                                                    ENFIELD COMMANDO REVOLVER                                        or M.0. A l l arms and ammo shipped F.O.B. Pasadena. Edged
 ASTRA .380 GAL.                    A*-              *-Ã                                                                             weapons are postpaid. Calif, resid. add 4% state tax.
 M a d e t o German Army specs d u r i n g
 WW 11. ?-Shot. Fires 380 Colt                '3                                                                                     A M M U N I T I O N BARGAINS NEW                               SHIPMENT      0 SUPPLY
 ammo                                                                                                                                LIMITED. 9 MM LUGER A M M O .                              ...... .$5.50   p e r 1 0 0 rds.
 VERY GOOD             .          $29.95                                                                                             RUSSIAN RIFLE 7.62 MM Softnose hunting ammo.,                                1 5 0 gr. for
                                                                                                                                     deer, bear and N. Amer. big game, 2 0 rds. $2.95                               .
                                                                                                                                     8 MM MAUSER AMM. $5.50 per 100. Attention Mauser Owners:
                                                                                                                                     This i s the original German ammo designed for your gun.              Use
                                                                                                                                      it for maximum accuracy and velocity.   This 8 MM (7.92) f u l l
                                                                                                                                     jacketed Mauser ammunition mfrd. i n Germany t o s t r i c t M i l i t a r y
bv t h e (lermans.                                                                                                                   specifications. (Purchased commercially would cost you $20 p e r
 GOOD          .......                                                                                                                0     i . 1 Our bulk price: $73.50 per case of 1500.        A l l am-
                                                                                                                                      munition shipped Railway Express, F.O.B. Pasadena, Calif. Can-
                                                                                                                                      t   a p t orders under 1 0 0 rds.
                                                                                                                                     4 5 LONQ COLT AMMUNITION,         Commercial, brand new, Lead
                                                                                                                                     bullets. brass cases. American primed. Can be reloaded. $8.50
                                                                                                                                     per 1 0 0 rds.
 FN Model. The one a n d on!
 o r i c i n a l FN p i s t o l .                                                                                                    SPRINGFIELD 0 3 front firing pins, new, ppd.           .3 f o r $1.00
                                                                                                                                     SPRINGFIELD 0 3 firing p i n rods w i t h cocking piece, used, ppd.
                                                                                                                                     80c each.
                                                                                                                                     NOTE: A l l ammunition must be shipped RR Express F.O.B. Pasa-
                                                                                                                                     a     Ordering i n large quantities tends t o defray shipping costs,

                                                                   Imported by us direct from Damascus, Syria. Hand-             ]
                                                                   forged and hand polished steel blade, curved i n tradi-           Please sign following statement in accordance w i t h Federal F i r e -
                                                                   tional ~ r a bstyle,  his is a dress or court.type            I r      Act: I am n o t an alien, and never been convicted of                                a
                                                                   dagger i n the fashion of the scimitar. 91/2" over-
                                                                   I .   Substantial and serviceable. Blade edged both
                                                                                                                                 1 crime of violence nor am I now under indictment n o r am
                                                                                                                                 1 fugitive from justice.
                                                                   sides and engraved "Syriaw.     Engraved i n patterns

 P-38Magazines ..... $2.95 ppd. ea.                                o r 2 0 0 0 Years old.    Damascene steel has been
                                                                   famous since Roman times. Cast brass h i l t and sheath
                                                                                                                                 1   Signature     ..........................................
                                                                                                                                     Age    . . . . . . . . . . . . Occupation ...........................
        \- .
        .+              GOLDEN STATE ARMS CORPORATION
                                    189   .Armory   Bide., 1165 East Colorado St., Pasadena 1 Calif.
                                                                                                                                      (No guns or ammunition sold t o minors.) Purchasers residi--s '-

                                                                                                                                      local police chief.

                                                                                                                                      Mass., Mich., Mo., N. Y., N. J , N. Car., R. I., Chicago, Omaha,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      . .a.

                                                                                                                                      New Orleans must enclose p e r m i t w i t h order. Obtain from your
                                                                                                                                                                      Calif. Resid. order o n l y t h r u local dealer.
The NEW Twentyweight Double Automatic Shotguns
Newest of the new-a 6 pound 12 eauee automatic shotgun, weighing less than
most 20 gauge models. Possesses every advantage of a 20 auge in weight, balance
and handling qualities . . . yet with the hit-ability possible only with the larger,
denser pattern of a 12. Designed specifically for field hunting. Special steel 26%-inch
barrel with new ventilated rib or plain matted barrel. Strikingly handsome Dragon
Black receiver with exquisite hand engraving in Gold.

The NEW Lightning Superposed Shotguns
For the many shooters who want the lightning speed of an ultra light weight over-
under Superposed. Weighs only 7 pounds in 12 gauge, 6 pounds in 20 gauge.
Identical to the regular Superposed except in weight-the same superb balance;
the same meticulous craftsmanship and matchless beauty. Grades I through V.
Ventilated rib models onlv. With extra sets of barrels on soecial order.

                     .weight .22 Automatic Rifles
                      . .
                         '   WAKE T H E T O U G H SHOTS W I T H
                             r H E DEPENDABLE ACCURACY OF A

                                                                                            Fissue, GUNSpresents a stellar line-
                                                                                               OR ITS ANNUAL wildfowl hunting

                                                                                            up of experienced men in the field
                                                                                            of shotgunning to recount how the
                                                                                            smoothbores and birds go together
                                                                                            like ham and eggs in these Autumn
                                                                                            days when the crisp snap is returning
                                                                                            to Northern woods.
                                                                                                Searching for the most elusive of
                                                                                            wildfowl, GUNS    indexes the choicest of
                                                                                            feathered quarry for the true sports-
                                                                                            man. Despite the turkey's traditional       ,

                                                                                            association with November, we present
                                                                                            Johnny Mock's important story on the
                                                                                            hunting of our most noble game bird
                                                                                            because it isn't the barnyard gobbler
                                                                                            of which he writes, but the great
                                                                                            winged monarch of the Pennsylvania
                                                                                            forests, the wild turkey. Ben Franklin
                                                                                            felt the turkey should have been our

    MODELS K2.5 and K3
                                                                 at. Range
                                                                 reticules are
                                                                 cost.        1             national emblem, and in the Keystone
                                                                                            State hunters pay it the respect due a
                                                                                            difficult and exciting game bird. Both
                                                                                            shotguns and rifles are used, and
                                                                                            Johnny Mock, outdoor editor of the
     2y2and 3 power
         $37.50                                                                             Pittsburgh Press, tells you what and
                                                                                                Out in the high passes of Oregon
                        MODEL                                                               the band-tail pigeon reigns supreme as
                         6 power                                                            a fast, tricky, and highly edible game
                                                                                            bird. Francis Sell, with a list of books
                                                                                            on hunting to his creditÑ6'Advance
                                                                                            Hunting," "The American Deer Hunt-
                                   VARIABLE POWER                                           er," "Small Game Huntingm-gives
                                     3 and 5 power
                                                                                            you his adventures and advice on
                                                                                            shooting these fast birds.
                                                         K8      and K 1 0                      One of the most unusualgame birds
    YOUR SHOOTING CAN BE ONLY                         8 and 10 power
                                                                                            is the rail, found in the Texas rice
     AS GOOD AS YOUR VISION                                                                 fields, and Dev Klapp describes how to
     The fine optics of Model K Weaver-                CHECK THESE IMPORTANT                catch this tricky customer. Finally
     Scopes give you a clear, sharp and                  MODEL K FEATURES                   there's the most common of wildfowl
     magnified target. You'll see better,             Large Precision Lenses-for a sharp,   that hunters will go after-the duck-
                                                      clear and magnified image.            and Carlos Vinson discusses what is
     aim more easily and shoot more
                                                      Micrometer Click Adjustments -        the best gun to join in all the shooting.
     accurately, resulting in more clean              guaranteed accurate and depend-
                                                      able.                                     On the mechanical side of the wild-
     kills and less wounded game. For
                                                      Hermetically Sealed Lenses - air-     fowl season, H. Welles Steane takes
     accurate, dependable scope sight-
                                                      tight, moistureproof.                 apart shotgun chokes and tells how
     ing-equip your rifle with a Weaver-                                                    and why they make for better shooting.
                                                      Lightweight Steel T u b e - for
     Scope.                                           strength and permanent finish.        Steane is president of Poly-Choke,
                  01956 W. R. Weaver Co.              Seal-Lock Turret-adjustments fully    pioneer makers of adjustable chokes,
                                                      protected and sealed.                 and knows his product thoroughly.
                                                                                               Next month GUNSturns to the sub-

      1' FREE     FOR


                                   Please send folders on Weaver-Scopes and Mounts
                                    CITY                          ZONE-STATE
                                                                                            ject of four-legged bags in its annual
                                                                                            game hunting issue. Francis Sell will
                                                                                            return to these pages in a critical and
                                                                                            significant essay on the proper use of
             FOLDERS                              W. R. WEAVER CO.
                                                DEPT. 43  EL PASO, TEXAS
                                                                                            iron sights. Without sights, a rifle is
                                                                                            just a club, and with the wrong iron
                                                                                            sights, incorrect peep and blades, a
      M A D 6     I N    U. S . A .        BY    AMERICAN              CRAFTSMEN
                                                                                            rifle can still be useless.
A gun you'll be p r o d +- - w n e e                                d

The distinguished A
double barrel                                                                                                               1                 Precision built
                                                                                                                                              in Spain
                                                                                                                                              Incomparable in
                                                                                                                                              fit and finish
                                                                                                                                              Unexcelled in
                                                                                                                                              strength and

                                        Barrels of demi-
                                                                       .                                                                                                      MODEL 100
                                        bloc or "chopper
                                        barrel blank forged from
                                        a single billet with the half-
                                        lug integral and the two finally
                                        and permanently'joined.

N o w you can know the pride of owning a fine double barrel shotgun-and a t
a realistic price! Consider the convenience of owning a superbly balanced
double gun-two guns in one: the instantaneous choice of two chokes.. .two
well aimed shots without confusion or double effort. .fast, easy loading.. .
the complete safety o f full visual inspection when the gun is open. Then
consider the DOUBLE BARREL DAKIN. The guns you see here, advertised i n the
United States for the first time, were personally selected for manufacture
under their own name by Richard Y. Dakin, mechanical engineer, and Roger
B. Dakin, who with over 60 years of shooting experience between them, can
well be said t o know their guns. Gaspar Arizaga and Union Armera S. L., the        NEVER BEFORE
two firms who make these guns specially for the American market, were               SUCH A GUN AT SUCH A                                      PRICE!
chosen for the perfection of their work only after a number of trips t o Spain
by Richard Dakin, and a full year of analysis of Spanish guns and their             DAMN MODEL100 superb low priced rjouble especially                                                7
                                                                                    made for us by Gaspar Arizaga of Eibar Spain. 12 and 20 gauge
makers. I t is their belief that you can't get a better double barrel shotgun       with Anson & Deeley type box lock, triple bolts, double triggers,
than the Oakin no matter what price you are prepared to pay. Every DAKIN            automatic safety. The double radius extractor (without automatic
                                                                                    ejectors) will appeal to t h e handloader and to the duck shooter who
i s built i n Eibar, Spain, one o f the great gunmaking centers of the world.       dislikes having shells ejected out of his blind to glitter i n the sun.
Here acknowledged masters of the craft are still practicing their art i n the       Matchless Pvrenees walnut stock, beavertail forend with fine hand
                                                                                    checkering. Beautiful English scroll and rosette engrav-
old painstaking tradition, making weapons of superb balance, speed of re-           ing. See catalog for complete specifications.             $108.50
loading, "self-pointing" qualities.. . and sheer beauty. The f i t o f metal t o    DAKIN MODEL 150 A luxurygun by any standard except price.
metal and wood t o metal i s nothing short of perfection. Every gun i n the         Made by Union Armera S. L. Features include demi-bloc barrels of finest
DAKIN line-from standard field model t o ultra luxury model-is the top              steel selective automatic electors, double radius extractors and Anson
                                                                                    & CJieley type box lock assuring absolute maximum of dependability
value in i t s class today. Each i s fully proofed, with individual certificate     and performance. ~ i n e s tPyrenees walnut stock and beavertail forend
supplied by the Spanish government for modern loads, including the new              finely checkere Engraving of frame and trigger guard carefully and
                                                                                    tastefully executed i n scroll and rosette design. See
standard length "Magnum." Registry-warranty certificates are issued with all        catalog for complete specifications.                      $1 62.50
OAKIN guns. Workmanship and parts are guaranteed for a year. Service and            DAKIN MODEL 215 This is the zenith of the gunsmith's art.. .the
parts are always available through the DAKIN Service Department,-even though        pride of Union Armera S. L We doubt that i t could be produced in the
you are not likely t o need them during your lifetime-or your son's lifetime.       United States for 10 times the price. Genuine H & H type side locks with
                                                                                    double safety sear hand demountable lock plates for ready inspection.
                                                                                    cleaning and lubrication of working parts, selective automatic ejectors
COMPARE THE DOUBLE BARREL DAKIN with any other double barrel gun-                   with double radius extractors. Engraving of finest quality on frame, side
                                                                                    plates and trigger guard,. Framefinish is "temple blanco," resembling
even with those selling for two and three times the DAKIN price. Compare            a matte finish on fine silver. Triggers and lock parts are heavily gold
                                    .              .          .
for fit and finish.. . balance.. accuracy. .safety. . dependability . .     .       plated to resist rust. Special1 selected figured Pyrenees walnut stock
                                                                                    and forend, finely and carefully checkered. An elaborately finished gun
precision hand craftsmanship in every mechanical detail. Note the beauty of         with decoration executed i n good taste. See catalog for
design; the good taste of the handsome engraving. You'll want t o buy a DAKIN!      specifications and optional barrel lengths and chokes.     $275.00
                                  Established Dealer Inquiries Invited                                                                                                                    I

                                                                                           THE DAKIN GUN COMPANY
            SHOOTERS-SEND                         C O U P O N TODAY!                ,      9 Sutler Street, Dept. 42 San Francisco 4, California
                                                                                              Please rush your fully illustrated catalog of DOUBLE
                                                                                           BARREL DAKINS to:
                          h                                                                                                                                                               I
                                                                                    I      Name.................................  ...... ..... ......
                                                                                                                                 . ...... ..........                                      I
                                    GUN COMPANY                                     ;
                                                                                           Address                                                                                        I

                     ^f - .
                                    9 S U T T E R      S T R E E T
                                    S A N FRANCISCO 4, C A L I F O R N I A
                                                                                    bmrn-,     -----
                                                                                           City & S t a t e ...............................................................
        J  0 B B ING :         S A K O barreled-actions,
                                rifles (sporter a n d Mann-
        licher type), a n d Sako .222 actions.       Lyman;                         FLAIG'S 1                                                 DEALERS: Authorized Installation

       Weaver; Unertl; leupold; Pacific; BM; Redding;
       Redfield; Pachmayr; Williams; Marble; Echo;
       Buehler; Jaeger; Sierra; Hornady; Boyt; Tri-Pak;
                                                                                          MILLVALE, PA.                                                 -
                                                                                         6 miles N o r t h of Pittsburgh
       King; C&H; Wilson; RCBS; G&H; Mershon; ACE                                                                                                       FITTED                FAST SERVICE
       Products; Husqvarna action, Stith Scopes, H o p -                                             *&BabcOck     BlVd. a
       pe's, Argus, McKinzie, Forster, Lin-Speed, Birch-                                                   ~hompson Run Rd.
       w o o d a n d FERLACH GUNS. N o r m a a n d Thal-
                                                                                                                 Near Super
                                                                                                           ¥A , Highway
                                                                                                                                               Â   FEDERAL PRIMERS & A M M U N I T I O N
       son. Sheridan, Hi-Score Smiley, Wilsonite, Koll-                                                                                              Â SPEER PRIMERS, BULLETS
       morgen, Judd, Douglas, Colt, Alcan, Acme,
     , Polychoke, Schultz & Larsen, Speer components.
                                                                                                                                                    Â NOSLER PARTITION BULLETS
       Federal Primers & Cartridges. Nosier Bullets.

                                                                                                                                                        with b o l t f o r g e d f o r l o w s c o p e s a f e t y , w i t h
                                                                                                                                                        f i n e l y e n g r a v e d t r i g g e r guard, f l o o r p l a t e
                                                                                                                                                        a n d r e c e i v e r r e g u l a r l y $74.50, S P E C I A L
                                                              CALIBERS:                                                                                 P R I C E b o t h N o . 1 & No. 3 . . . . . $59.50.
                                                                                                                                                                      This is your chance to save $15.00.
                                                              2 2 0 Swift; 22-250; 257R; 270; 7MM; 308 Win.;
                                                              30-06. Also 2 5 0 Sav., 300 Sav., 243 Win., 2 4 4 Rem.                                    ENGRAVED F.N. STRIPPED RECEIVERS-
                                                                                                                                                          NEW ~.-Ñ.--.Ñ.-Ñ.-Ñ.ÑÑ--Ñ.-..-Ñ.-.
                       Latest F. N. Mauser Action           -
                                                         (or HVA Action, $10.00 additional)                                                             ENGRAVED F.N. FLOOR PLATES . ‘ ‘$ 7.50
                                                                                                                                                        ENGRAVED F.N. TRIGGER GUARD.
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ÃÃ.     .
                       Best grade Ackley Chrome Moly Barrel, or Douglas Chrome Moly Ultra-Rifled Barrel;                                                  STRIPPED . Ã . - . - . Ã . Ã .
                                                                                                                                                                           .       ‘ - _ . . .          .   $11.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                      ‘ .----‘ .
   w i t h the smooth, hard, swedged rifling in most calibers, including 243 Win. and 244 Rem.                                                          F. N. Complete bolts, with low scone safety. . . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                      . . . $22.00
Each unit precision chambered t o mirror finish w i t h proper headspace.                                                                               F. N. Stripped receivers, tapped for scone .. $14.00
Each unit test-fired w i t h sample fired case included for your inspection.                                                                            Complete F.N. Trigger-Sear Combinations-New.-$        1.80
Length a n d rifle twist as wanted-otherwise        w e w i l l ship recommended length and twist.
                                                                                                                                                                        ENFIELD PARTS-NEW
Choice of sporter Medium Heavy, or Heavy weight barrels.
Barrels have finkaround finish.
Price $67.50 porter weight.%         Ibs. $72.50 Medium Heavy Weight (appr. .700 a t muzzle)
                                                                                                                                                       Enfield Stripped Receivers            . . . . . . . . .. ... .$1 2.00
  7 Ibs. Heavy weight $77.50.                                                                                                                          Enfield N e w 5 Gr. Barrels           .. . .. . ... . . . . .   15.00
($7.50 additional for the Douglas Premium Grade Barrel). ($12.50 additional for NEW ENGRAVED FN ACTION)
Now available-F. N. Mag. Action on ,300, , 3 7 5 . H&H Boehler semi-oct. ribbed 26" barrel, sheard head fitted in ramp, $110:                          Enfield Excellent 5 Gr. Barrels             . . . . .. . .. .   12.00
  N e w Boehler S p r i n g Steel E x t r a c t o r s ~ f o r a u s e r 9 8   (F.N.) a n d 1917 Enfield         . . . . . . . .Each   $2.00
    FLAIGS FINEST STOCKS                     &     B L A N K S (Specialized S T O C K              FITTING &            FINISHING)

pecks,   slight    checks~SOO/~off        list.4

Rifle blonks, a l l grades, $4.00 t o $20.00. Walnut shot-              ONE WEEK
gun blonks, $1.00 t o $15.00. Walnut inletted stack                     SERVICE
for most rifles; standard $5.00; x x grade (butt) $7.00;                We               "'letYour
others $10.00 t o $12.00. Also Penna. burls and rare                    $5'00    each'    < - O r m0res4'00 each'

burls available NOW: x x x grade $17.50-$20.00,                                 Rare Quilted M a p l e
xxxx $25.00; super Burls up t o $35.00.                                         Rifle stock blanks, Fancy $20.00; Full Fancy
OREGON MYRTLE BLANKS & STOCKS: Rifle blanks,                                    $25.00; Super $30.00. (Turned & inletted for
$5.00 t o $7.00. Inletted stocks for a l l rifles, $7.00 to                     most rifles, $5.00 more).
$12.00.   Some Seconds, A l l Grodes, 50% off.
                                                                            STOCK SPECIAL:           ~     F        ~    ~     ~      ~
                                                                                                        w ~ ? $ ! s ~ $ ~ k s ; i ~ ~ r       .e ~ \ ~ ~ ~ ~ ACME RELOADING TOOLS
   Rare ' Birds Eye Maple-dense       wood, highly                          21/~" thickness. $12.00 t o $35.00 for fancy select:
                                                                            Mannlicher size blanks from $15.00 to $40.00. Turned                           12 go. Model 200-ovailable at once . . . . .$89.95
   figured blanks: Fancy $25.00. Turned & inletted                          & inletted *porter type for most action-barrels, $5.00
   $30.00. A few snner fnnru UH O
              ~.  ..r..            n
                              T.-.--.                                       more.
                                                                        I                                                                     I

 ENFIELD ISSUE STOCKS, (less hand-guards and metal oarts), WALNUT BRAND NEW. with recoil pad and                                      cross               ALL A L C A N SHOTGUN C O M -
 bolt. each $2.25. Dozen lots $18.00. Case of 61     f.0.b. Millvale.                                                                                     PONENTS
                                                                                                                                                          C H I L L E D SHOT       PRIMERS
                                                                                                                                                    I     WADS                     POWDER
                                                                                                                                              RATED TOPS BY ACTUAL OPTICAL SPECIFICATIONS. IMMEDIATE DE-
                                                                                                                                              LIVERY ON ALL MODELS, WITH LEE O TOMMY DOT $12.00 MORE.
                                                                                                                                              2 % X 70.              Price $49.00  6 X 42.            Price $64.00
                                                                                                                                              I d for fast dependable off-hand
                                                                                                                                              shooting, including timber and First choice of those who want
                                                                                                                                              running shots. Its 51, field at extra magnification for both big
                                                                                                                                              100 yards i s un-matched. Same game and varmint shooting. You
                                                                                                                                              superb optics and light gathering get i t in this 6-power AJACK with
                                                                                                                                              power as found in AJACK 4X, 221/2' field at 100 yards.
                                                                                                                                              6X and 71/zX Scopes. 2i/zX, 4X,
                                                                                                                                              or 6X. With windag-$6.00       more.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Price $96.00
                                                                                                                                              4 X 90.                Price $57.00 " 50'
                                                                                                                                              (With Double Adjustment $63.00) 19 ft. field at 100 yards. Fully
                                                                                                                                              The Perfect hunting scope for all- weather proof steel tube, 261/zmm.
                                                                                                                                              around hunting conditions. 33' Takes Redfield or Lcupotd top
                                              ACKED B Y 40 YEARS O F OPTICAL EXPERIENCE                                                               at 100 yards        and for mount; ~aegeror Griffin & owe
                                                                                                                                              fieldsuperior luminosity Notedlight side mount. Eye-relief 31/2". Poai-
                                              Available i n Medium x or fine x             - All    w i t h Leather Dust Cap                  4x90 scope.
                                                                                                                                              gathering qualities. THE ONLY tive windage, elevation and eye-
                                                                                                                                                                                   relief adjustment.

                                                                                               test fired, $10.00 more).

                       ACE TRIGGER                         Newt    KRAG 2 - G r o o v e
                        SHOE $2.00                              30-40 B A R R E L S

                                                                                                                                                                          tion   - $6.00 more.

                                                                                                                                                                          Millmile, Pa.                                        \
istol men turned out to watch Harry Reeves get a free trip to Perry and a big
ilver bowl for winning the regional championship aggregate with 2600 and 1 4

ficer's heels close throughout the match and scored first with 193-5 in the
2 slow-fire match over Harry's 187-4 for third              .
                                                     Bobby F Taylor kept

ire .45 match with a 194-4 to glean another winning mark for his championship
ecord and a pair of sterling tablespoons.       Royal Drewer of St. Louis

      a hot bangfest to start the show   . . . Cliett, 1955 Hat

         husky chem engineer king of Ohio's handgunners.    ...   George Tulk,

                     range above Middlebranch. Tulk became champ on a tech-
                    Bill Sparks of Lorain with 2492, Tulk was decreed winner

 7.  The Kessler travelling trophy is Tulle's
 e McKinley club broke into the medal class,
                                                for a year. ...   Walt King of
                                                winning two as first expert wit1
 3 in the .22 class and first expert hanging    on to the back end of a bouncy
                              .45 kick makes    ten points and a world of dif
  - Benning, Georgia.
  Fort                    *

during the important 1956
rain at this famous Georgi
old records were smashed in 11 rifle and three pistol events. l    ..Benner
fired 2603 in the .22, .38 and .45 aggy. &t. Dave Miller, whose name is coming

to the front more and more in Army shooting* scored pretty far behind with
2573. Colonel Bill Hancock f*inishedthird with 2570.         Teams did well con-
sidering the weather. The 6th Army Gold squad, 2/3rds of which were new shoot-
                                                                     ' . First
ers, nabbed the All-Army Rifle Team Championships with 1404 and 99 V s
     A team was runner-up withetwo mope bulls but only 1402 points. The
       mRedsw took third scoring 1399-98V. a   ..Individual marksmen did them-
     s proud, and Captain John as bur^ and C W O Coats Brown both bettered the -
 ld record in the National Match course toward Distinguished Rifleman. Both
 hot 243, Brown in r l lace with 23 uV-fivesn and Asbury just edged out for
 econd with 19 V s
 11-Army Rifle & Pist    Team for Perry.

bul--3ye duri~." the 18th a

                                                                    . .
  inguished visitors present included Neil Cocking who handled the Mid-Win r
matches in Florida. Neil placed in the money in several matches.          Three
engineers from Fort '~elvoir
                             showed up to represent the Army and Phil ~tirsci~
D gvertson and J. Celmer were all listed in the winneks column. l
 .                                                                       Charley
Whipple of Somerset, Pa., ran into hard lucka A three-time runner-up in the

Rationals% Charle+y was going strong in Tusco match until he developed gun
troutle and lost too many points in the last event.
ton, Pa., won the Grand Aggy with 3191 and 249'3.   .
                                                            Bob Moore of Wash. -
                                                          ~oore's teemmate K a
Johnson from Washington, P . rubbed off some of the luck and shot 3291 and
232's for second in the grand. - a    Munhall's topnot-oh'shooter Ted Charlton
took home t h Rutledge trophy in the 50-yard any sight match with a near perfect
400-39 X's, and scored again in the 50 meter any sight with a *possibleu 3 .
    ?   -
                Jonn. T * big bore individual state championships b~oughtOL"
  .,;iddIefiel.d,      I"
some changes in Director @ Civilian mksmanship rules. Firer's choiae of po-
sitionfin known distance rifle marksmanship is no longer okay, and the squatting
position, that torment of the rookie without limber leg muscles, is eliminated

as a prescribed position in training. Hasty sling is okay for standing, loop
in other positions, but no cuffs.
range will-be asked td pul
                                   l   lAll competitors on the Middlefielc3

other shooters.

  Miami, Florida. The Coral Gables Police 'Pistol Club schuetzenfest saw a turnout
~f nearly 50 pistoleers with their sights set on the Black Memorial Trophy which
Lhe winnner can keep for his very own for 30 days until the next monthly match
vhen some other sharp-syed sharpshooter will win it away from him   ...    Black
       winner placing first in the centerfire grandaggregate with 1432wasmarksman
                . Grand aggy with 1686 in the open class was Ken Cowan who

           rough the 14 matches with w v i n Irvine a close second, scoring 167

      Expert winners taking home the gold and silver trophies f w first and
            Elmo Prescott, 1636* and Ed M Murray, 1621
     teamed up t w n t k two-man team match with 548 x 600.
                                                               Don Olive and
      By H. Jay Erfurth
Armax -22 Shotgun Chamber
                                                                                         9 9

                                                                       Top vali~e a -22 L R. autobadii
                                                                                                        9   #8*7S
                                                                       pistol. Choice of AliMteel for shootem

0NE OF        the most successful inserts
      for the shotgun, converting it to a
rifle, is the Armax chamber. Devised
                                                                       who want steadying weight for
                                                                       target shooting; new Lightweight
                                                                       forged-alloy-frame model (weighs I0 .
                                                                       full ounces less!)is ideal pack-along gun for

by Henry Mohaupt, inventor of the
shape-charge bazooka warhead, it is
                                                                       buntem, trappers, camperS and f i s h u ~ ~ a
                                                                       U$es low cost -2'2 shorts. Minimum d
made by Armax at Fort Worth, Texas.
   Looking like a blued steel shotgun                                                        .. .
                                                                       A good kid gun, an&cxccllcntfor the indoor r a g a
                                                                       DURA*MATIC                   9

                                                                       Accuracy and performance wmbine with
shell with two rubber holding rings,                                                                                           .
                                                                       durability and beauty in this Hi-Standard quality -22 L R
the Armax chamber handles the -22
rimfire. No extractor is fitted, but the
highly-polished -22 chamber allows
                                                                       SENTINEL         .-   9 9    o   .
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                                                                       Guns Fagazine calk it "the fir!t new rewiver in fiity yeam."
                                                                                 %shotsw'ng-out-cyllnder revolver nqw
fired cases to be picked out by hand,                                                                               misung deluxe
                                                                       ayailable blued ($?4.95) or with e o ~ s i o n
while thc steel insert remains in the                                  n~ckel finash and d~arnond-chdkred    ~vory-tone grips (only
                                                                       $5 extra). For those who prefer a revolver-the Sentinel K fi.
shotgun. Dry firing is definitely taboo.                                  Other Hi-Standards up to $74.55. See them at your
The shotgun's pin will dent the -22                                       dealers, or write for full color catalog No. 13.
chamber edge, even with a fired shell                                    THE HIGH STANDARD MANUFACTURlH6 CORP.
                                                                          H A M D I            I,           CONNECT14

                                                                          a-   -    -                   -                     -
                                                                                                             Finest Sleeping Bags
                                                                                                                 in the w&ld        7

        -22 fired from shotgun

inserted, and make extraction difficult.
   The Armax chamber is not capable
of rifle accuracy, but it fires close to
the center of the shot pattern and can
be replated by a little testing to
hit with considerable precision at
shotgun ranges. As a .22 short practice
chamber, it is excellent. Even though
the bullet passes along close to the
wall of the bore, the velocity makes it                                                                          TO YOU ONLY!
impossible to shift the gun and deflect     FREE
                                            52-pagel                                         ade in our own factory-sold direct
the bullet inside the tube.                                                                   you, only.. .never through dealers.. .
   Making almost no noise at all, the       Catalog                                          ver under,any other brand name -
Armax chamber with -22 shorts can           Before you   1                                   ur assurance of the best.
be used indoors for practice. Outdoors
                                            buy any sleep-
                                            ing bag get the   -                    ORDER WITHOUT RISK!

it can be employed with all the fast-       scientific data on insulations.          Compare with any other. You'll agree
                                            Read how to choose the bag for            BAUER Bags are far better quality -
motion demanded in regular shotgun          your particular needs. How to              far better value-or we will refand in
shooting, bringing the gun to your          iudge quality, etc.                          f.ul1, including shipping costs both
shoulder and snapping it off. This way      GET THE FACTS! Write today.
                                                                                           ways. WE GUARANTEE.
errors in holding can be revealed to
the shooter and (continued on page 42)
 I     about shotgun choke devices
                                 (straight from the originator)

     Let's face it. There are many adjust-
     able chokes on the market. They're
                                                        sator with individual Comp Tubes.
                                                           We tested the Lyman Adjustable                         Hip Sysko of Bridgewater, Mass.,
     O.K. They do a job       -
                              of sorts. But             Compensator extensively. It's guar-

                                                                                                                brought home a big black bear and
     the truth is that none o f them, in-               anteed as good as any on the market,                    two does from a hunting trip. Quite a
     cluding Lyman's, provides the full                 but it just can't equal the original                    bag for a man who only has one arm.
     range of exact patterns for all popu-              time-tested Cutts Compensator with
     lar game, as does the Cutts Compen-                sure-pattern tubes.
                                                           Each Comp tube is precision-built
                                                        like a smooth new barrel for the par-                   Q  Few hunters can claim to have
                                                        ticular game you're after. Perfect                      bagged a pheasant with as much
                                                        patterns save ammunition and get                        aplomb as Douglas Strickland of Al-
                                                        clean kills. Greatest recoil reduction                  bion, N. Y. As Strickland raised his
                                                        of any choke device. Serious shotgun                    shotgun to fire at the bird, it flew
                                                         shooters can't afford to use anything                  against a telephone wire and landed at
                                                         but the best-that's why they choose                    the hunter's feet.
                                                        Cutts Compensator.
                                                           Make your shotgun with Compen-
                                                         sator the equal of several expensive                   fl Magician George Grimmond has
                                                        custom-bored shotguns by leaving                        been demonstrating a most unusual
                                                         your "single" with your sporting                       trick in London-catching a bullet in
                                                         goods dealer, or get full information                  his teeth. The stunt involves placing
                                                         by writing for FREE CUTTS COM-                         a marked bullet in a revolver which
                               Tubes illustrate'
                               am for 12 gauge           PENSATOR BOOKLET!                                      is then fired point-blank at Grimmond.
                               Spreader, rnodifie~
                               and full choke tuba    Cuffs Compensator, with Comp Tube       .... $16.25       Immediately he is seen with a bullet
                               available for 16.      Cuffs Compensator, with   Adj. Tube ........ $22.75       with the same markings between his
                               20, 28 and A 1 0                                  m

                               gauge.                                                                           teeth. The trick has been branded a
                                                                                                                hoax by many but six magicians have
                                                                                                                been killed while attempting it.

                                                                                                                Q Grocer Joe A.     Cusimano of Balti-
                                                                                                                more routed two would-be bandits who
                                                                                                                invaded his store wielding pistols. Cu-
1 THE LYMAN GUN                                      SIGHT CORPORATION                                      '   simano ducked, grabbed up his own
                                                                                                                revolver, and fired so quickly his clerk
                                                                                                                hardly had time to realize that a holdup
                                                                                                                was in progress. The groceryman
                                                                                                                scored a bullseye on the neck of one
                                                                                                                bandit, put a couple of shots into the

 NOW 4Models
            r^           maanurn autoloaders
                                first and only 12 and 20 gauge magnum
                                                                                                                other as he fled from the store. His
                                                                                                                skill came naturally: Cusimano had
                                                                                                                operated a shooting gallery in the 300
 12and20gauge                            autoloaders for 3" shells                                              block of East Baltimore street for 10
 for 3" shells.                                                                                                 years before opening his grocery store
                                                                                                                in 1944.

                  - 12 aaucre maanurn.. .killina cower
                                                             longest "clean.kill" range..             ..                      0   0   0

                    of a 10 :..magnum.a ,20. - power     -        bores, stainless steel barrels, inter-
                                                                                           Q In Uganda, East Africa, three ele-
                                 recoil of                        changeable.
                    20 gauge                   .killing
                    of a 1 2 . .. recoil of a .22 rifle.
                                                              e   Fires 3" and 23/kJ' shells. Also avail-
                                                                  able in standard models.
                                                                                           phants were felled with one shot. A
          Sportiest, lightest weight autoloaders.                                          ranger shot the first elephant on a hill-
                                                                  Push button releases unfixed shells
          Dismantles completely in seconds
          without tools .carts interlock, no
          screws, no
                                                                  into hand.
                                                                                           side and as it slid down the slope it
                                                                  Breda holds more international cham-
                                                                  pionships than any other gun!
          Precision g%ih;d, hard-chromed               rrom $169.5&
                                                                                           struck a second animal that had stepped
                                    At Fine Dealers Everywhere, Or Write For Breda Catalog into its path. The two falling bodies
CONTINENTAL ARMS CORP. 697 Fifth Ave. (55th St.) Dept. 10E, New York 22, N. Y. struck a third elephant.
                                                 CLEAN KILLS

                                                             With a Poly-Choke on your shotgun, you
                                                             shoot t o kill- and make every shot count!
                                                             No more cripples, no more mutilated game-
                                                             because Poly-Choke's split-second adjustment
                                                             fits your gun t o any range, fits your choke
                                                             t o any shot load, and gives you the right
                                                             pattern for any game!

                                                              Poly-Choke makes your favorite single an
                                                              all-purpose gun, with nine different degrees
                                                              of choke. You can knock down anything from
                                                              ducks t o woodcock.. and you save money,
                                                              too, because you get more game with less

3 0 %M O R E E F F E C T I V E
Patented internal design of the t w o new Poly-Choke models
                                                                              DON'T WAIT.             .. make every day of this hunting season count!
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gives y o u a shorter shotstring t h a t is 30% more effective                mailing carton today, or take your barrel to your Sporting Goods Dealer.
i n knocking d o w n game. Instead of merely crippling your                   If you're buying a new gun, order it equipped with a Poly-Choke.
b i r d because only p a r t o f the shot reaches him, you get
MORE CLEAN KILLS with a Poly-Choke because ALL of                                            FREE! Latest edition of "The Wingshooter's Handbook"
t h e shot gets t h e r e I N TIME!                                                          tells you how to make every shot count!

                                                                          Â                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                DELUXE POLV-CHOKE
                The aristocrat of wingshooting, with XTRA FULL                                 THE         P O L V - C H O K E CO.,                                   INC.
                and SLUG settings, handsome diamond knurl finger grip,                                  1014 Tunxis St., Hartford 1, Connecticut
                gold-plated friction spring, and many other features.
                Ventilated Style (illustrated) $24.75                                          Please s e n d              f r e e "Wingshooter's             Handbook";
                Standard Style (without ventilated sleeve) $21.75
                                                                                               0     free m a i l i n g c a r t o n for m y g u n barrel.
                SUPER POLV-CHOKE
                A precision instrument that gives you better-than-ever
                performance. No tubes, no tools or extra parts.
                Ventilated Style $22.50     Standard Style $19.50
                *Ices Include lirtallatlon. Poly-Choke is the
                only choking device which is custom-fitted to (he exact
                bore diameter of your gun, assuring accurate patterns.        City                                                     State
                                                                                                      (PLEASE P R I N T CLEARLY)
                                                                                                  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

                                                                                                       August issue, please don't say "most gun
                                                                                                       owners," say "perhaps some gun owners,"
                                                     Hollywood Shooters                                or better yet say "I." I don't want to be
                                                        In reading your magazine of the August         included in his opinions.
                                                     issue, I find it the same as all previous             I enjoy your "My Favorite Gun" column
                                                     issues ...     very good. No other magazine       and enjoy the movie stars' opinions on guns.
                                                     compares with it and has so much informa-         I love guns well enough to listen to anyone's
                                                     tion on guns and shooting.                        opinions on them. I don't have to agree, but
                                                        The article on Joe Benner is very good and     I'll listen. I enjoyed the article in February
                                                     the other feature stories are also. But in        about Roy Rogers' gun, who quite evidently
                                                     reading Crossfire, I find that a West Frazier     knows a lot about guns.
7x35 M A G N E S I U M                               of Lafayette, Indiana, has the wrong opinion          You people put out a topnotch gun maga-
         578' WIDE FIELD!                            of movie stars and stars on TV and radio.         zine a don't let any amateur change it.
The l i g h t e s t wide Field 7x36 ever! 24%
OUNCES because it is made of MAGNE                      I have been with several of these pro-
      . .
SIUM , the newest, lightest, stronges
metal! AND. the WIDEST fleld ~ 7x36 W I
  - -.-. .--   - , ---.        -
                              . - -
                                                     fessional gunmen and am considered one                                        R. A. Inabinette

have ever been able to offerÑOrdinar

                                                     myself. For instance, I love guns and I am                                 Glendora, California
7x36's have only a 376' field: Usual Precisioi
United owtical craftsmanshiw thruout. A su           considered an above average shot. I can               I enjoy GUNS magazine because i t is dedi-
perb value at the regular price of $69.60 bu         twirl guns and do most anything else with
to SPORTS AFIELD readers priced for thi,                                                               cated to firearms. I can't understand why a
               Sale. onlv    ......
               INTRODUCTORY S 3 0 9 !
                                                     them, but to do this you must know your
                                                     guns and love your work.
                                                                                                       lot of the readers are against the movie stars
                                                                                                       having their say in this fine magazine. Movie
  INSIST O N UNITED "Seal of Quality"
                                                        On a recent tour with Hugh O'Brien of          stars are human, they have their likes and
                                                     the "Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp," I            dislikes the same as you or I.
                                                     tested him myself, both in speed and ac-              If they enjoy firearms and shooting like
                                                     curacy, over WXYZ-TV in Detroit. O'Brian          you or I, what's wrong with letting them
                                                     and I drew guns at the drop of a coin and         have their say in this magazine. That's what
                                                     although I do this for a living and am con-       it's published for. Gary Cooper, Robert Ryan
                                                     sidered the fastest in the world, I found Mr.     or Audie Murphy most likely can cut a might
                                                     O'Brian to be the fastest I've been up against    mean tune on a Frontier Colt. Audie prac-
                                                     since I first started.                            tically cut his teeth on a gun, not because
                                                        As for accuracy, I had O'Brian do some         he wanted to, but because he had to. So
                                                     target shooting at the Lincoln Park Police        don't blackball anybody before you know the
                                                      Pistol Range in Michigan. I can shoot a 90       facts about them.
Two binoculars for the price of one! A bril-          double action anytime with my 4" Marshal                                            David Sage
liant-viewing 7x50 Binocular that changes             Colt. So passing the guns and ammo to Hugh,
in seconds time into a super-powered 12x60                                                                                              Boston, Mass.
by simply inserting the other pair of screw-          I asked him to fire 10 shots slow fire at 25
in eye pieces! It's that simple. No other
adjustment required.                                 yards double action. He did this and his                  -    -

REGULARLY $59.95        . ...
                        :                             score was a terrifying 92 x 100 with a 4"           I've just finished reading your July issue,
One binocular that gives you the needed
power for both regular and long distance              Colt .38 revolver ...     and with a broken      which, as usual, I enjoyed very much. 1
viewing yet costing less than you normally            right ring finger in a splint. Ask Mr. Frazier   have a bone to pick, however. I am not a
nav for iiist one duality binocular! 7" high.
                                                     to try to shoot like that...    Just once!        handloader, and my knowledge on the sub-
                                                                                      Joe Bodrie       ject is probably quite sketchy, but G. E.
                                                                                New Haven, .Conn.      Valentine's method of decapping shells with
                                                                                                       a nail, "How To Jazz Up The 30-30," seems
                                                        My "Crossfire" is in defense of Hollywood      to be a rather dangerous one. Unless the
                                                     stars, baseball players and anyone else who
                                                     "doesn't know a damn thing about guns"
                                                                                                       nail were smaller than the flash hole, which,
                                                                                                       in your picture, it obviously wasn't, the de-

- $2499
Brand New, sealed
i n Waterproofed
                                                     because they are stars.
                                                        In my opinion anyone can become an
                                                     authority on guns by going to the public
                                                     library, and reading books, going to gun
                                                                                                       capping would necessitate forcing the nail
                                                                                                       through the hole, thereby enlarging it. Such
                                                                                                       an enlarged flash hole would, naturally, sub-
                                                                                                       ject the primer to higher than normal pres-
Plastic Bags just
                                                     stores and checking the old guns and the          sures during firing. This extra pressure, with
a s they came from
the factory BUT                                  I   new, and going to the range or into the field     hot hand loads, especially i n a n old lever
we w i l l n o t self
them as Brand New because the cases L-w.;            and shooting them. Also, by taking such fine      gun which is likely to have excess head
rub marks occurring en-route to us. We do
Guarantee the binoculars to be A-1 mechan-           periodicals as GUNS, which is No. 1 in my         space, could easily rupture the primer and put
ically and optically! Large front lens (2"           book.                                             the shooter in a rather uncomfortable posi-
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10x30 Ind. Focus Beg. $45.00 SALE.. .$19.95
                                                     According to these "blabbermouths'" that          and economy beyond the limits of safety and
                                                     have spouted off in Crossfire, I know nothing     practicability.
        30 - - . N O RISK TRIAL
        - - DAY . -
                 .  -
                                                     because I am in the electronics business. Al-        Please don't get me wrong, I mean all
If not satisfied return for full refund. Made        though I spend much of my spare time shoot-       this as constructive criticism. You've got a
in Japan    Leather case straps included.
Add 10%' Fed. Tax. cash orders prepaid.              ing guns, studying guns and fixing them in        terrific magazine. I hope you can keep up
C.O.D.'s require $2.00 deposit.                      my meager way, I don't claim to know more         tbr good work and even improve as time
          UNITED BINOCULAR CO.                       than the average person.                          goes on.
Dept. ARF-1123,9043 S. Western, Chicago 20              A note to West Frazier: if he ia going to                                        Ronald Kley,
DEALERS WANTED. Write for Wholesale &&lo#.           make stupid ttatments like he made in the                                   New Britain, Conn.
                                                                   What does
                                                            Keith Stegall
                   of Gunnison, Colorado,
                                                                      say about
                           Marlin ~ i ~ h - p o w e r s ?

K onlySTEGALL, Gunnison, Colorado, onenot
       a professional big-game guide, but
                                                                                                      Keith Stegall is one of many professional guides who
                                                                                                      know that Marlin rifles pack the features-the exclu-
America's best-known custom stockmakers. Here's                                                       sive advantages-that count. They've seen too many
how he feels about Marlin rifles, particularly the                                                    missed shots, or near-misses that resulted in wounded
336-30130 he's carrying now:                                                                          game and long chases. That's why they appreciate
                                                                                                      Marlin's Micro-Groove Rifling*, with its 20-25% ac-
  "Long ago, I found out that Marlin gives you ad-
                                                                                                      curacy bonus, and extra-low 'scope mounting. And
   vantages that pay off on the tough shots. It's no
                                                                                                      they know they can depend on Marlin's super-strong
   fun tracking down a wounded deer, and the 336 is
                                                                                                      round breech bolt.
   my choice lever action rifle for dropping 'em
   with the first shot. When the situation calls for                                                  See this modern big-game rifle, and other Marlin
   a second shot, a Marlin gets it off fast. If I miss,                                               high-powers, varminters, .22 calibers and shotguns
   I know I blew it! That extra accuracy made a                                                       at your dealer's. There's a Marlin model and caliber
   good gun perfect,."    . -. - . -.
                           .      .- - ..-                              -
                                                                                                      that's right for your brand of hunting!

                                                                                                  Model 336-30130 Regular Carbine. $72.95** without 'scope. Illus-
                                                                                                  tration shows how lowest 'scope mounting can be done only on Marlin.

                                                                                                         MARLIN FIREARMS COMPANY, Dept. G-106                                     I
   THE NAME FOR GAME                                                                              I      New Haven, Connecticut                                                   I
                                                                                                  I      Please send me vour cataloe with ohoto-illustrations and w m ~ l e t e   1

                                                            FINE GUMS SINCE 1870                  I      streit.. ........................................               ....     I
                                                                                                  I                                                                               I
                                                                                                         City..                           Zone.. ....State.. ............
                                                                                                                  .........................                                       !
'Patent a p p l M lor. **Slightly higher west of the Rockies. Subject to change without notice.
: 30-06 BARRELS :

        30-06     :
              FIT A N Y          SPRINGFIELD
                                             ;               1956
                                                            Vol. 2
                                                           No. lo-2l

    10 DAY SPECIAL                     97-95 ' 6Ç   Â
                                                                                          M A G A Z I N E
    Regularly $9.95-worth up to $25.00           Â
    Model 1903A3 Springfield barrels manu-
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    standard G.I. 24". Completely finished'
    chambered and rifled, with front sight band
                                                     2                            I N THIS                        ISSUE.. .
    and spotter type-without spline cut.
    DEALERS: Write for special Discounts on
    Springfield barrels only.

                                                           hunting             ...
:                    :
    CHROME-LINED BARRELS .30-06 6 .270
    CALIBERS. Will fit .98 6 FN actions.
    BRAND NEW. Threaded chambered blued
                                                             NOBLEST GAME BIRD OF THEM ALL
                                                             WHAT'S      THE BEST DUCK GUN?. ...
                                                                                                                                                      Johnny Mock
                                                                                                                                              ;&'+ Carlos Vinson
    chrome-lined ready f o r fitting with mini:

:                    :
    mum effort. h h i l e they last. SPORTER Wt.,
    22" ONLY $14.95ÑO FITTED TO YOUR
    ACTION $24.95.
                                                             WILL YOU KILL A M A N THIS FALL?
                                                             REAPING RAIL BEHIND THE REAPERS                          .
                                                                                                                                              ;      Harry Botsford 27
                                                                                                                                                          Dev Klapp         34
                                                             MOST UNPREDICTABLE GAME BIRD                                                                Francis Sell       39
:                    :                Per Doz.

    Bolts with Collar
    Handguards, rear
    E ectors
                                                           shooting              ...
:   Strikers (Firing Pins
    Magazine Box
    Cocking Piece
                                         10.00 0
                                                              THE IMPOSSIBLE SHOTGUN OF CARBINE WILLIAMS
                                                             WHY A CHOKE CHOKES.. . . . .                         ,       .    .     .   .
                                                                                                                                               William 0. Edwards
                                                                                                                                                  . H Welles Steane
    Bolt Stop Spring                      2.00 Â
    Floor Plate                           8.00

    Trigger Guards                         8.00
     (One each of above 10 scarce parts $6.95)
  Enfield Trigger Guards complete! straight-
                                                      :    workshop                ...
  e n d (the hump taken out af the front)                     HANDLOADING SHOTSHELLS TO SAVE MONEY. . . . . . . Harvey Brandt                                               30
0 polished and blued with floor plate a d Â
 screwsÑwhil they last $3.95.

                                                              TRIGGER TALK          .............................                                       . . . . . . . .      4
:   Prewar quali
    s t of 911 P~'^W% PRICES!
                                                              SHOOTING NEWS            ...                   ........                                . . . . . . . . . .     7
    Perfect in and a u t - a s new.
    Patrids sights, b e a u t i f u l l y
           Je                               \^       '
                                                              GUN RACK
                                                                                                             . . . . . . . . .                        H. Jay Erfurth         9

2   blui3 . checkered arim. nnsi- -2
         d                                  will
    tive kfety. ~ e i p ' r i f 6 ~ " ' f o r b^""'-
                                                              GUNS IN THE NEWS. , ,               ,                                                  ............           10
                                          526m95 :
    extreme accuracy. Also a few
                                                       Â      CROSSFIRE                                                                             ...........             12
    GRADE 2 (slightly warn, bore
    perfect) @ $24.95 Extra magazines new                    CARTRIDGES, quips, quotes, qui                                                         . .Stuart Miller        41
     @ $1.50 with gun. New holsters' with
    gun, $3.95. 4 h " BBL onlv.                               SHOPPING W I T H GUNS..                 ........                                           . . . . . .        76
                                                              PARTING SHOTS          ....................                                                    .              82
         ¥                                           Â
0                JOBBERS FOR                          Â
:SIGHTS                      RELOADING TOOLS          :                                                      COVER

                             LYMAN C-H DIES           :     David Marshall Williams, familiarly known as "Carbine Williams," is one of the world's
                                                            leading arms designers. His slip-chamber locked breech design used in the Winchester
:   KING
                             RCBS PACIFIC
                             THALSON WILSON

                                                      :     Model SO shotgun has made this smoothbore popular among trap shooters and in 20-

                             REDDING SCALES AND
                              POWDER MEASURES
                                                            gauge a favorite ef the upland gunner. because of its light recoil.

                          MOUNTS          BULLETS
                                          HORNADY Â
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The Noblest G a m e Bird

Glossy bronze and black wild turkey is king of America's game birds and is slimmer and smarter than barnyard kind.

                                                  By JOHNNY MOCK

                                                              ten short years in spite of its being a game bird.
                   noble of all American game birds
L the wildand mostNo feathered game is more sought for
                                                                 And yet bagging this kingsize pheasant is no easy task.
                                                              Primarily it takes smart hunting and the right firearm.
and none is more highly prized as a trophy among the
nation's army of gunners fortunate enough to hunt it.         which may be either a shotgun or rifle. Among Pennsyl-
   At one time just about the turn of the century, the wild   vania's growing army of wild turkey hunters there are two
turkey was close to extinction in the U. S. but it has made   schools of thought. One believes stubbornly the scattergun
a phenomenal comeback in recent years. Now once again         is the only weapon to use. The others insist that the rifle
wild turkey hunting has become a prime sport with the         is just the arm to pick a gobbler out of an old oak tree.
flock growing despite the increasing number of birds taken    However, both groups get along quite amiably and as the
each year.                                                    record indicates, both succeed in putting meat on the table.
   Consider the figures on the wild turkey in Pennsylvania,      There is a basic reason for this armed peace. Keystone
for instance. The bag in 1945 was only 1716. Official tally   State gunners are made up principally of two separate
of turkeys taken last year: 17,994, or ten times as much in   species of hunters., The first group includes the big game

                                                     Cedar box call emits sound like wild turkey which lures
                                                     elusive birds within reach of hunters' shotguns in woods.

                                FlaigYs turkey
                                g u n combines
                                features of shot-
                                gun and rifle into
                                one fast-handling

                                                     V-shaped scratchings and feathers are always found along
                                                     turkey trails indicating birds may be feeding nearby.

                                                     hunter who is the rifleman. The others are the so-called
                                                     rabbit hunters, the common term applied to the small game
                                                     hunter, who stays with his favorite, the shotgun. Under
                                                     the right conditions, either gun will serve its purpose and
                                                     bag the wild turkey. The rifleman does the "hunting," the
                                                     shotgunner is a "stalker."
                                                        The hunter gets a kick out of dropping a wild turkey at
                                                     150 or more yards with a scope-sighted rifle. The stalker
                                                     gets his greatest thrill out of being able to draw this wise
                                                     old bird within range of his scattergun and then let him
                                                     have it. Roger Latham, one of the country's most out-
                                                     standing authorities on wild turkey and their hunting, has
                                                     gummed up the shotgun-rifle differences thusly :
                                                                                            often used by more expert scattergun
                                                                                            hunters for turkeys. Bu~the is un-
                                                                                            questionably too light a load and the
                                                                                            Savage combo was dropped from the
                                                                                            line. Today Savage still makes a
                                                                                            similar .22/.410 combination, but the
                                                                                            .22 rimfire is too light for turkeys, too.
                                                                                            However, the European combination
                                                                                            gun exactly fills the bill.
                                                                                               There are three-barrel guns, LLdrill-
                                                                                                 , and four barrel guns, the "vier-
                                                                                                    but the most practical is the
                                                                                                      er. They come in all com-
                                                                                                       of gauges and calibers by
                                                                                            Austrian .and German makers. Hein-
                                                                                            rich Krieghoff in Suhl, and the gun-
                                                                                            Aakers of Ferlach, Austria, build "tur-
                                                                                            key guns."
                                                                                               While there are no turkeys in Ger-

                                                                                             ~mericanturkey hunting. Thus the
                                                                                             combination guns have evolved abroad
                                                      ci                                     which prove so well suited to hunting
   "One of the greatest problems in using a rifle saccesk-             the wild turkey in Pennsylvania.
fully on wild turkeys is getting a good shot. The Barned                  Recognizing the growing popularity of wild turkey hunt-
things so often won't hold still and when they do stop, it is          ing on this side of the Atlantic, the Ferlach gunmakers have
likely to be behind a tree o r some other cover. +t close              turned out a lightweight, racy, finely-engraved over/under.
range, a turkey can so easily be spooked wheft tjie hunter             Weighing only 6% pounds, the Ferlach "turkey gun" has
is trying to line up his sights. A shotgun can bq *own to              24" barrels, with the upper either 12 or 16 gauge, and the
the shoulder and fired almost instantly. This hardly gives             lower bored-for a series of calibers: .22 Hornet, .22 Rem-
the bird a chance to duck behind a tree or bush;, ', .                 ington, 257 Roberts, 7   -    and .30/06.
   "Therefore, it is usually'necessary for                         k
                                                                          In turkey-hunting            and calibers, the standard is
his rifle shouldered and be prepared to                                the 12 for the shotguml- with preference for full-choke in
ger as soon as an open &ot is presen                                   the barrel. Under certain conditions the 16 or 20 gauge
it is almost impossible to get even a h                                wl prove adequate. Even the 28 and the little .410 have
waving, dodging target in thick cover."                                made their kills, but when it comes to giving an account of
   One of the chief objections to the rifle has been that in           itself, the 12-gauge will come out in the lead.
the hands of the ordinary hunter it can go from.ane ex-                   For the shot size, No. 4, 5 and 6 are recommended.
treme to another. By that I mean it can either blow the                Heavier or lighter pellets lack the killing possibilities. The
turkey into a worthless mass of flesh, feathery and blood, or          heavy are not good because of the thin pattern, the light
it can nick the bird, merely crippling. Most hunters using             shot lack the shocking power. A wild turkey is a large bird,
rifles have them mounted with scopes. Needless !to say,                able to absorb punishment and usually is some distance
when light conditions are poor and thick brush ist in the              from the shooter.
way, it is almost impossible to get the bird in thesight.                 The rimfires are taboo in the rifle calibers, unless put
   When it comes to shotguns, practically ' al1,of,fh(^,things         into the head, neck or backbone or through some of die
said against the rifle are in favor of the scpttergun. There           vital organs. Few gunners are able to reliaKtfip*         their
is no need to aim: just point it in the right .idbegti,+ and           shot, particularly under most of the conditktns'ie~atkntered
fire. Dense cover, poor light, or birds on the' ~ i p g ' ~ dnqt
                                                             re                                                      7   :-.
so troublesome as when using the rifle. The. one drawback
with the scattergun is its limited range.,
   But for the beginner who, unless he is an exfrpely good
woodsman, will not get within smoothbore a wily
wild turkey, a rifle is the right weapon. the^ &i&q acquires
experience in hunting the turkey and can s u o ~ ~ f u llure ly        Others in this class s
the bird to a closer approach, he can use the shgt ad. The             and .270 Winchester
choice is pretty much left that way, unless the , p t e r is
fortunate enough to be the owner of any of the shotgun-

                                                                                   -                                             -
Raig's Austrian-made rifle-shot combination
guns have become popular among eastern
wild turkey hunters. Scope sight's light-
gathering power has value in dark woods.

      Wild gobbler may weigh less than
      tame birds but hunting is more re-
      warding way to get Thanksgiving
      dinner. This bird weighed 1 pounds.
                                                                          Thousands of Model 1897 12-gauge
                                                                          Winchester guns have been used by
                                                                          eiicccssful duck hunters over the years.

                                                                          Perennial favorite among hunters year
                                                                          after year is Browning's autoloader 12,
                                                                          which carries five shots in magazine.

                                                                          Browning's Double Auto 12 offers two
                                                                          quick shots, demands skill for water-
                                                                          fowl shooting when birds boom past.

                                                                  Experienced hunter finds short length of 12-gauge double
                                                                  handy while hidden in Porta blind in shooting preserve.

    get shots at ducks within decent range. 1 lost at least six
    cripples, and that I never did like. Shooting light quail
    loads, I had never noticed the recoil of the little 16. but
    with the heavy duck loads the jar and kick raised biga
    blue knot on my shooting shoulder.
       From that time on for ducks I have carried a duck gun
    instead of a quail gun. Going after ducks is not a job for
    any "all around" gun. In my estimation, the average duck
    hunter who uses anything less than a 12 gauge with a 28
    inch modified barrel is about as bad as the deer hunter
    who tries to bag his buck with a .22 Hornet or a .218 Bee.
    In other words, he is undergunned. And the kind of am-
    munition used can spell the difference between success and
    failure, too.
       A lot depends, of course, on where and under what con-
    ditions one hunts ducks. But regardless
    of conditions I am still a 12 gauge fan
    all the way for all kinds of duck

        I have shot a lot of ducks along
    creeks and rivers during my time, and
    in most cases this was what is known
    as "jump shooting." Occasionally mal-
    lards are the targets in this type of
    shooting, but far more often ducks
    jumped along the streams are teal.
    Now and then a flock of wood ducks,
    occasionally a flock of ringnecks, may
    appear, but primarily it is a blue-
    winged teal shooting proposition along
        Hunting smaller rivers I walk slow-
    ly along the banks just outside the
    heavy stream bank brush, and by do-
    ing this quite often get within 20 or 25
    yards of a flock of teal before they
    flush. Considerable walking is a part
    of this type of duck shooting, and this
    is where gun weight counts most for
1   the hunters.
        For "walking" duck shooting I use
    a 12 gauge Marlin over-under with
    28" modified and full choke barrels.
    This gun weighs just about 7% pounds,
    single trigger, and in it I use the regu-
     la^ Super X or High Velocity loads
Bag of pintails crowns days' shooting as hunters using            Fast firing autoloader., .lave definite advantage in duck
12-gauge guns scull across the marsh retrieving ducks.            shooting, brought down bag of mallards in a few minutes.

that I use for cottontail and squirrel         With the same gun I later tried the     are what you need when you have to
shooting. These are No. 6 chilled shot      new short magnum loads on teal, which      compete with the ack-ack type of
loads, and at close to medium range         are about the same size and body           "hunter" along a gun-crowded flyway.
I find them entirely sufficient for small   structure as a wood duck. The teal            The big share of duck shooting is
ducks like teal in the 12 gauge charge.     that I downed at 58 long steps was         done in the public shooting areas.
   The longest shot I ever tried with a     struck by only two No. 6 shot in the       Such areas are usually crowded, and
similar combination was at a flock of       body. Yet, the teal was killed. The two    the thoughtless sky busters will see to
wood ducks along a creek near my            shot penetrated deep into his vitals.      it that a big percentage of the shooting
home in central Tennessee. With a              The difference in kick between mag-     is very much of the long range variety,
friend I was hunting both sides of the      num and high velocity loads was very       by starting up a barrage and scaring
creek. It was understood, of course,        noticeable. The 12 gauge pump              ducks off from the decoys.
that we take shots only at ducks that       weighed a little less than 8 pounds, and      A lot of hunters will say: "I am just
swung out on our respective sides of        had no recoil pad on it. Although the      not going to bang away at the high
the creek. One wood duck could be           killing power was very pleasingly in-      flyers this season regardless of what
legally included in the bag that season,    creased, with the magnum loads there       the sky busters do." Maybe not, let's
and a flock of five flushed quite a way     was too much recoil and jar to suit me.    hope not, but don't depend on it: not
ahead of us and swung out wide on mv           Later I tried some magnum loads,        even as far as you, personally, are
side. At the time I was shooting a 12       No. 4 shot, in a heavier 12 gauge mag-     concerned.
gauge pump with 28" modified barrel,        num pump with 30" full choke barrel.          Put practically any one of -us in a
using Peters High Velocity (not mag-        This pump had a soft rubber recoil pad     blind in a public shooting area where
num) loads with No. 6 chilled shot. I       on the butt, and the recoil and jar was    there are plenty of ducks to shoot at,
swung on the lead woodie, fired away,       not objectionable. Weighing 8 pounds,.     and if the sky busters continue to pre-
and down he came.                           10 ounces, thie heavy pump handled         vent us from getting more than an
   It was 53 long steps from where the      the magnum loads beautifully. I            occasional decent shot in range we will
shot was fired to where I picked up the     knocked a pintail drake cold at 62         start getting jittery and blaze away at
duck, and I later discovered that three     yards with this combination. He was        the high flyers along with the rest.
shot in the neck of the duck were what      examined very critically after we             In the public duck shooting areas.
turned the trick. Three additional shot     plucked him. Six No. 4 shot had struck     one normally has to compete with the
which hit h e body had not penetrated       the pintail, and each of the six had       sky busters unless they are able to do
deep enough to make a kill without the      penetrated deep enough to have a kill-     their shooting in restricted territory.
shot in the neck.                           ing effect. And penetration and power      And for this (Continued on page 57)
FHE           SHOTGUN                                          _-   I


Model 50 shotsun                                                                                                            '
slip chamber. Easy kick allowsquick recovery in fast uplandshooting, makesgun comfortable for novice sportsmen to use.

                                              By WILLIAM B. EDWARDS

I fixed barrel. Forto more than automatic gunmakerswith
  T IS IMPOSSIBLE     make an
                                50 years
                                                          a     made David Marshall Williams famous as a character as
                                                                well as gun maker. Played by Jimmy Stewart, Williams .
bornly insisted that it could not be done, that it was con-     was shown firing the actual model gun built by Marsh
trary to the whole principle of recoil-operation. And ten       when' he was in North Carolina's Caledonia prison camp
million autoloading shotguns were made by Browning,             ill the 1920's.
Remington, Savage, Stevens, Winchester and a dozen for-             When Williams first tackled the job of stopping barrel
eign factories based on moving-barrel designs. All have         movement in a recoiling barrel gun; he took-the toughest
one defect in common: the moving barrel increases the           model he could find to convert. It was the Remington
kick. Gun designers said it was impossible to reduce the        Model 8 sporting rifle, a design in which the barrel kicks
kick. since barrel movement was a functional part of the        all the way to the rear during firing. But that long-recoil
recoil-operation system, the most successful automatic prin-    Remington, which was the same as the long-recoil shotguns,
ciple for shotguns for half a century. But Carbine Williams     was altered successfully by Williams to a fixed-barrel de-
tied down the barrel in a recoil-operated design, and the       sign. It is identical in principle to the Model 50.
soft-kicking, hard-shooting Winchester Model 50 is its name.        The. Model 50 design is a study in delicate balance,
   Movie-goers saw the beginnings of the Model 50, the          forces counteracting themselves to ~ r o d u c elight recoil.
impossible shotgun, in the film, "Carbine Williams," which       Unlike most recoil operated shotguns, only the chamber
Three rifles made by Williams while serving time for manslaughter are the basis of his current arms designing. Top
gun has slip chamber like Model 50, was made on Rernington Model 8 rifle breech. Middle gun is chambered for .30-
06, has forward moving barrel with collet at muzzle to center it. Blow-forward idea is currently being studied by
Williams. Bottom gun is .22 with extremely heavy breech block which is actuated by floating chamber in barrel.

                                                                    Model 50 skeet gun designed by Wil-
IN MODEL 50, FAMED GUN DESIGNER                                     liams and stocked by Len Mews of Ap-
                                                                    pleton, Wis., is favorite of scattergun-
M A D E A U T O M A T I C SHOTGUN WITH                               ner who likes reliability but light kick.


recoils in the Model 50. In substance, the chamber is the
basic barrel, but it ends a short distance ahead of the forc-
ing cone of the bore and a fixed barrel projects beyond
that. Behind, it ends in a normal barrel extension which
the bolt tips and locks into. So far, all is ordinary. But a
light slip chamber alone would accelerate at a tremendously
great speed, and parts would break in automatic firing.
Williams figured it out a little differently.
   The slip chamber inside the fixed outer barrel slams back
a fraction of an inch. The bolt remains locked to it. But
the movement acting through a stock strut accelerates an
inertia weight in the stock. As that weight moves back, it
pulls the bolt out of engagement with the chamber exten-
sion. Then the bolt works automatically, extracting the
spent case and loading the fresh round from a conventional      Williams, who regularly wears two .45 Colts day and night,
shotgun tube magazine. The result is significantly less kick,   uses big milling machine given to him by Remington.

Model 50 smoothbore design by Williams has sliding chamber (17) with bolt (16) locked inside chamber extension
(11). Barrel is rigid in frame. Inertia of slide (15) and rod (4) in recoil carries these parts to rear, unlocking bolt.

due to the time over which the functioning is distributed,     unfailingly. But finally his hand-made model was changed
and the light mass of the moving parts.                        into the factory-built gun, and it still had all the reliability
   How did Carbine Williams achieve the impossible? 1          that Williams put into it.
drove to Fayetteville, North Carolina, where Williams lives,      As we left his shop for the day and drove back to town,
to see for myself how this modern-day genius thinks and        we talked about guns, and I tried to understand this sur-
operates. He first came into the public eye when Reader's      prising, mercurial man who may be the nation's No. 1 gun
Digest published a "Most Unforgettable Character" story        designer. He said softly with a gleeful grin on his freckled
about him. In his shop he is indeed that. As I looked over     face: "Hey, did yuh heah? They're going to build a
Williams' guns in the little machine shop he built on his      monument to me downtown, me, Carbine Williams." His
farm, I asked him what was the most difficult job he ever      eyes took on a far-away look for an instant. "I left this
tackled.                                                       town in irons, and now they're goin' to build me a monu-
   He picked up a partly-assembled Model 50 and said,          ment," he mused softly, as if to himself.
"This shotgun, boy. Ain't nothing seem to come right on           This man is a living legend in his own lifetime. But
this gun.'' I later learned what he meant.                     Marsh Williams doesn't look like a hero. He's all red hair
   It seems that when Williams first started applying his      and fire. He thinks he is tough as nails, but I never met
modified Remington idea to a shotgun with a fixed barrel,      a man with a more generous nature, nor one more beloved
his first design was successful. He chopped out the parts.     by his thousands of real friends. Yet this wild-eyed Irish-
assembled it, and slipped in several shells. The gun worked    Scotch-Welsh mixture of emotion and temperament was
fine. According to one engineer who worked with him at         once standing before the dock of justice on trial for his life.
Winchester, this was the first actual incident he had ever     The charge: murder. "I swapped a burn job for thirty
heard of where an inventor's automatic model fired without     years, boy, and it ain't easy to do that," said Williams,
trouble the first time it was assembled.                       holding me with a serious gaze.
   But then the shotgun had to be engineered for produc-          At 18 Williams was just a North Carolina farmer's son,
lion. Shapes that Marsh had made by filing a piece of stock    but he was a little wild and ran a still. This is a respectable
to size had to be redesigned for machine manufacture. And      business in the southern hills, and Marsh made good whis-
then the production men temporarily killed it with their       key. Then in a raid on his still one deputy picked up a
fiddling around. When they got stuck and it would not          bullet. The court could not prove Williams killed the man,
work, back it came to Williams. He had to f s with the
                                                us             but they knew whose still it was. Williams pleaded guilty
inertia weights in the butt for a long time to make it work    to second degree murder and got 30 years at hard labor.
                                                               It taught him a lesson at least, and he hasn't done a drop
                                                               of stin work since then. He has been pretty busy working
                                                               on guns.
                                                                  Williams' gun-designing career started in prison. There
                                                               the camp superintendent, Captain H. T. Peoples, recognized
                                                               Marsh was an unusual person. He allowed Williams to
                                                               draw up gun designs and later to build models from scrap
                                                               iron in the camp blacksmith shop.
                                                                  Finally Marsh converted one of the old Remington rifles
                                                               used by the guards at the camp. Peoples arranged for the
Floating chamber using weak .22's to work automatic gun        representative of the Winchester company to see Marsh
is mechanical principle which made Williams famous.            test his gun.                       (Continued on page 46)
                               WILL YOU
                               MAN THIS FALL?

                                           By HARRY BOTSFORD

IT  WAS the opening day of buck season in Pennsyl-
   vania and along the highway near a place called
                                                        wandering in the woods, blood streaming from a bullet
                                                        wound in his arm. He was lost. He said that he had
Poverty Hill a graphic drama was being enacted.         started across a deer crossing when he was shot. He
  In the snow were three dead does. The verdict:        had yelled, and the man who had mistaken him for a
"Shot by mistake, left to die."                         deer stood up, saw what he had done and ran away.
  The next exhibit was a frightened boy of 17 I found   The wound was not nearly as severe as the boy believed
Teaching hunting safety rules to youngsters can avoid fatalities such as is likely with young hunter pointing his 16-gauge
pump Remington at his father. Stumble in brush can involuntarily squeeze trigger. Walking abreast in field is advisable.

                                                               it to be. I led him to the highway. A game warden
                                                               guarding the dead does, helped me to bind up the wound
                                                               just as a state police car slithered through the snow,
                                                               skidded to a stop, took the youngster aboard and headed
                                                               for the nearest hospital.
                                                                  The game warden swore long and lustily, and I joined
                                                               him. Another hunter appeared, hysterical with anger, car-
                                                               rying a rifle with a busted firing mechanism. We didn't
                                                               have a chance to ask him what was the trouble. He told us.
                                                               "I killed me a buck!" he said, his voice shrill and shaking.
                                                               "A nice buck, gents. I gutted the critter and just as I fin-
                                                               ished the job three guys came up and claimed the buck
                                                               was theirs. I reached for my gun, but one of them grabbed
                                                               it, smashed the firing mechanism. Then they roughed me
                                                               up considerable. They walked off with my buck, laughing
                                                               fit to kill. Ain't a man got any rights at all any more these
                                                                  There was another exhibit, too-it      was a farmer who
Getting into habit of protecting trigger from being hit        complained that a hunter had killed one of his cows that
by 'twigs and accidentally firing is good safety measure.      morning. It had been his idea the state game commission

Basic safety act of opening and unloading gun while going
through fence is often neglected by thoughtless hunters.

Carrying guns disassembled in car prevents any chance of        Cleaning rifle at end ot day is wise gun care and also
accidental discharge and is mandatory law in some areas.        avoids putting arm away in dangerous loaded condition.

would pay for it, an entirely specious theory.                  companions asked bitterly. "People don't know how to
   A rolling volley of shots started about a mile away, trav-   handle guns, they have no respect for the safety of others,
eled in our direction. One bullet whistled over our heads.      no regard for property rights. I saw a group of Pittsburgh
"Duck!" yelled the game warden and we hit the snow as           hunters huddling around a big fire on a farm today. They
the shooting started in a new direction. The game warden        had torn down a perfectly good rail fence for fuel, and
brushed the snow from his clothes, grinned wryly. "I gotta      they were passing a bottle around. I'll bet within an hour,
wife and kids," he said. "These crazy hunters start shooting    they were blazing away at anything that moved in the
at a deer, the high-powered rifles carry and you never know     woods, without regard as to whether it was a buck, doe,
when you will stop one. Too many hunters in the woods,          man, or a strayed cow."
too damned many !"                                                We talked, tried to diagnose the maniacal frenzy that
   That night in camp, four of us soberly discussed what        seemed so evident. All of us were past middle age and we
we had seen and heard that day. One of the group had            had been hunting since our youth. We had learned to hunt
bagged a nice plump buck with a good rack of horns. The         and handle a gun from fathers who were also hunters. Our
buck had been cleaned and proudly hung to a limb of a           fathers were pretty stem about it, too. I was taught to
tree close to the small cabin. Two of us had been through       carry a gun with the barrel pointing down. I was taught
some narrow escapes. We planned to return home the next         never to carry a cocked gun, but to carry it with a thumb
morning to escape the hazards of the "If-it-moves, shoot-       on the safety. My father showed me and trained me to push
at-it" philosophy of the horde of new hunters who infest        the safety off as I raised my gun to fire, something that
the woods in increasing numbers each year.                      soon became automatic. By example, he showed me that
   "What's the matter with today's hunters?" one of my          when I came to a barbed wire (Continued on page 50)
Acme tool with plastic powder and shot tubes has coil springs controlling wad pressure in reloading and is very fast in
operation. Thalson tool (in rear) employs different leverage to press wads in and does not have any tension indicator.

                                                 By HARVEY BRANDT

B ing and turning inwith halfsoft whicker of to my decoys
                               gale, to drop
                                              wings, twist-   most manufacturers consider .72Yr as the usual standard.
                                                                 Obviously, when a shooter buys over-the-counter am-
in the shelter of the river willows. It was short, 35-yard    munition, he cannot hope to get the most out of his gun,
shooting, a place where a gunner could use a nice uniform     except accidentally on very rare occasions. Handloading
spread of 7 or 795 size shot in his more open barrel and a    and careful fitting of the best shot size and weight, matched
good tight pattern of 70 per cent of 6's in his full choked   with the best powder charge, will usually give you as much
tube when the birds flared. And I had both in the handloads   as 15 per cent better patterns.
I was shooting, economical and precise. Over the years I         Those bluebills, for instance, coming in to my decoys
have found that loading my own shells for many different      took a fairly open pattern. For this shooting I needed an
types of bird hunting is the only way to assure good pat-     entirely different loading than one I would use pass shoot-
terns in my various guns and at the same time keep within     ing on the coastal dunes, where the ducks come over a full
my shooting budget.                                           50 yards high. And, while there is the same requirement
   Handloading shotgun shells brings out the full pattern     for the maximum killing potential, this is met by an entirely
potential of a gun. That means carefully testing handloads,   different load. Over the decoys, I was using 1 ounce of 7y2
fitting the exact load combination to the peculiarities of    size shot, and getting very uniform patterns. In pass shooting
the gun since no two shotgun barrels are alike. A 12 bore     1 used this same 20-gauge with 1% ounce of number 5's in
gun may run from .717" to .740" diameter, even though         the full choke barrel, and 1% ounce of 6's in the modified
Primers are seated in de-capped shell     Ideal measure set to right load puts      Over-powder and filler wads are next,
by plug which pushes case on new cap.     powder in shell by cranking handle.       pushed down while shell is in bushing.

barrel. With this combination I got 75 per cent patterns         with interchangeable case dies to reload rifle ammunition.
with my full choked tube and 5's, while the modified threw          Excellent ammunition can be made with less expensive
a good, even 65 per cent-still good patterns but with           equipment, too. Just recently I tested the Acme Press, which
extra range.                                                    sells from $70 to $90. This press is comparatively inex-
   Those two loads, like the 1 ounce, 7% shot, represented      pensive, yet it turns out very good reloads. It, too, has both
several hours of experimenting, getting the best combina-       a ~owder    and shot measure integral with the press. They
tion for this specific gunning situation.                       are designed to throw fixed charges and to that extent are
   It is the same story for my upland game shooting after        less flexible than the more expensive turret tools. The
bandtail pigeons. I place versatility far 'ahead of the other   Acme Press which I have been using throws 2035 grains of
important aspects of handloading. But there are other fac-      Hercules Red Dot ~owder,and 23 grains of Du Pont PB.
tors. Handloading shotgun shells is a fascinating hobby         The shot measure throws    lv8  ounce of 7% shot.
and the savings are tremendous.                                     The versatility of adjustable charge cylinders for both
   The Alcan Company of Alton, Illinois, lists comparative      the shot and powder is certainly missed in this reloading
cost figures on handloaded shot shells which are revealing.     press, although charge cylinders for various loads can be
Components sufficient to reload a 12 gauge, 3 dram, 1%          bought as extras.
ounce trap load cost $1.10 a box. Components for a 12              The Thalson ia an excellent, inexpensive reloading tool
gauge, 3% dram, 1%ounce hunting load cost $1.46 a box.          priced at $20. I have used this tool for the past two years,
A magnum 12 gauge load, using 414 drams of powder,              and if the time spent reloading is of no consequence, it is
1%ounces of shot, costs $1.76 a box. By contrast, a box         to be highly recommended. The same thing can also be
of magnum 12's straight from the factory runs .about $4.00.     said of the Lyman Ideal Straightline Tools at $30. Both
   If a gunner does much off-season shooting, these savings     these tools require separate means of weighing shot and
pyramid over the summer months. Empty shells can be             powder charges. But in many ways this is an advantage in
picked up around your skeet club. Ready primed shells           reloading.
can be bought for as little as $2.85 a hundred. Empties may         A good adjustable powder measure, such as the Lyman
be loaded for practice shooting three or four times. But        Ideal 55, is a must in any event. So is a good shot measure
for field shooting, and especially in magazine arms, they       which is capable of fine adjustment. The fact that they must
should not be used more than two times. The crimped end         be set up separate at the reloading bench is no handicap.
of the paper becomes soft, and when the shell is slammed            One of the best separate measures I have used is the
into the chamber of a pump or automatic, there is danger        Brian Shot Measure. It overcomes the objection to the dip-
that the top wad and shot may be thrown up into the barrel.     per type shot measure which throws different weight
This would act as an obstruction. While I have never known      charges from one adjustment, depending on the size of
this to happen, it is possible. Empties are so inexpensive      the shot measured. With the charge cylinders used in the
that they should be carefully examined and the defectives       Brian Shot Measure, more exact charges are possible, giv-
culled out at each reloading.                                   ing more uniform patterns. These charge cylinders come
   Your shotshell reloading outfit can be just about as         in various weights of shots from 1 ounce to a full 1%
elaborate as you care to have it. There are several shotgun     magnum loading of 3 and 4 shot size. Best method is to
reloading presses priced in the neighborhood of $200-and        test various load combinations until you arrive at one best
excellent values they are in every respect. These turret        loading for a specific type of shooting. Then get a cylinder
presses have several advantages. M s of them measure the
                                    ot                          for this shot charge.
exact force used in seating wads. They have shot and               Another advantage of this versatile, inexpensive shot
powder measure attachments, and are very speedy in opera-       measure is that the charge chamber can be almost any
tion. Some, like the Hollywood Press, can also be used          bottle screwed into the top casting for a shot hopper. Thus,
Support bushing prevents shell bulge       Separate shot measure like Brian is       Crimping head folds end of shell tube
as wads are seated in Thalson tool.        accessory needed with some shell tools.   into creased, flat end without a wad.

one can have several different size shot in as many different
bottles, and can shift from one to another during reloading.
Another method is to cut the bottom out of a bottle to be
used for a charge chamber, and then pour your various
size shot into this as vou use the different shot sizes.
   A charge cylinderfor powder may also be used with
this measure. But as different ones must be used for each
specific powder and load, an adjustable powder measure
is superior. All in all, however, this Brian Shot Measure is
an essential, basic piece of shotshell reloading equipment.
   Shotshell reloading technique is much like rifle reload-
ing. You must familiarize yourself with the characteristics
of several different type powders. The Lyman Handbook,
Belding and Mull, and Alcan Company catalogues are all
required reading. These two handbooks, and the catalogue,
carefully outline the best loading techniques, as well as list
a variety of tested loads with modem, available powders.
   A rifleman, reloading for his pet deer rifle, would not
think of using a fast burning powder designed for mid-
range velocities and light cast bullets, if he wanted maxi-
mum velocities with a heavy (Continued on page 55)

                                                                                     Mistakes in reloading may produce a
                                                                                     bulged case which was not loaded in
                                                                                     support bushing (left) or too much
                                                                                     crimp because shell is short on wads.
                                                                                     Third shell at tight is loaded and
                                                                                     crimped just right for best pattern in
                                                                                     author Brandt's Marlin 0/U (right).


  F TOO MUCH.HUNTING PRESSURE      has posted your favorite
I farmland, or you've lost your shooting lease to some
fellow better heeled than you, don't wrap your shotgun
around a tree and give up hunting in disgust. Just hold
onto yourself until October, then grab your gun and head
for the Texas rice fields. Follow the reapers as they go
around and around and you'll find that shooting rail will
heat your gun barrel egg-frying hot. The trip won't cost
you much-and there's nothing to lease. All you need is
a Texas hunting license and a spark in your eye.
   I learned about rail shooting-which I'd been overlook-
ing all these years-entirely by accident. Mostly I'm a deer
and quail man. But a close friend, I?. W. "Kodak" Schmidt,
his pretty frau, and Dr. Ed Futch introduced me to the
sport at Alta Loma, where farmer Ivey Bouillion was cut-
ting rice.
  Bouillion took us out to the field and showed us his
reapers lined up ready for work. As we approached, the
big machines roared to life, then began their lumbering
progress. Evenly spaced, they slowly worked from the
field's outer edge toward the center. This took some time
and the sun was well up when Bouillion motioned to us
to take our stands in the cut-over stubble. Now only a nar-
row strip of rice was left standing and we were ready for
   The three of us had hardly settled ourselves when the
reapers started on this uncut strip. They headed toward the
south end of the field where Mrs. Schmidt and I faced each
other, shotguns at the ready. Ed was farther north, while
"Kodak" angled around to find the best light for his pic-
   "Get set," Bouillion called.
   I pulled my foot out of deep black mud with a plop like
a busted gum bubble and felt around for good footing.
Gripping my Winchester pump I waited, keyed to a high
pitch.                                                          Black rail shot in Texas rice fields is unusual bird the
   Hard to flush, the king rail sneak through the standing      size of a small chicken. Bird flies much like the quail.
rice stalks to avoid the reapers, rather than expose them-
selves by flight. In this way they unwittingly allow them-         I stood in a constant rain of spent shot. Placed as we
selves to be jockeyed into one narrow strip of grain as the     were, facing each other, this was to be expected. Some of
reapers close in, until the entire rail population of a field   these shot stung like sand flies as they peppered my face
is concentrated in one small area.                              and hands. I wasn't uneasy, though, for we had carefully
   And then, swaying and snorting, their reels gathering in     prepared for such a situation when we took our stations.
the rice stalks, our reapers lumbered nearer. Finally, de-      There was plenty of space between opposing shooters.
prived of cover, the rail took to the air like quail-except        The action happened in about 90 seconds. One minute
that their flight was on soundless wings.                       and a half of fast and furious shooting heated our gun
   There were dozens of them. Some flew low, some flew          barrels and made our hearts pound and thump.
high. They scattered in every direction at once. Now and           The nearer the reapers came, the more confused became
then one skimmed past us at waist level. A few played           the shooting. We couldn't take time to retrieve our kills,
smart and refused to flush. These, as a rule, got away. One     but shot till the air was filled with flying birds and shot
ran by me on long, twinkling legs. I nudged it into flight      and noise and excitement.
with a boot toe, then brought it down ahout 20 feet from           Finally, by common consent, we concentrated on the
my gun barrel.                                                  trickier shots. We passed up        (Continued on page 61)
                                                                           WHY A


I   How muzzle choke attachments such as ventilated Poly-Choke relieve high velocity gas, diverting it from behind slower
    wad and shot is seen in high speed shot. Choke avoids hazard of blown patterns while reducing gun kick in shooting.

                                                  By H. WELLES STEANE
                            A rececntlyofaskedoutdoor magazine
                               N EDITOR
                                                several shotgun
                            owners on his staff the makes and
                            gauges they used. Each readily an-
                            swered. ~ u when he inquired, "What
                            choke," invariably the reply was: "I
                            told you 12 gauge (or 16 gauge) ."
                                The ignorance about chokes in his
                            own staff amazed the editor. This
      A t 10 inches         lack of knowledge is even more stag-
      from muzzle, the      gering on a national scale. Although
      shot charge is        somewhere between 16 and 20 million
         g      y   n-      hunting licenses are issued through-
      stricted by           out the country now, there is still a
                  l d
      of powder gas.        high percentage of shotgun owners
                            who cannot tell vou what degree of
                             choke their gun carries! This de-
                             ficiency extends to trap and skeet
                             shooters too.
                                 While manv scattergunners take
                             the phenomeion of &e choke for
                             granted, it is surprising how few
                             really understand the basic principles
                             of the choke and its effect on shoot-
                             ing, let alone its history. The story
                             goes, for instance, that a man named
                             Fred Kimble produced the first work-
                             able "choked" shotgun barrel, at
                             least in this country, during the
      A killing pattern      1860's. Actually, there is evidence
      with shot column       that in 1730 a Prague gunsmith
      no longer touch-       named Stanislaus Paczelt made a bar-
      ed by the wads         rel with a very thin internal liner of
      begins t o form        steel brazed into the muzzle. In 1827,
      a b o u t four feet     Jeremiah Smith of Smithfield, Rhode
      from gun muzzle.        Island, worked on the idea of shot-
                              gun "choke," and in 1872 R. M.
                              Faburn patented the recess or jug
                                 No one really knows what prompted
                              the idea of choking a shotgun barrel,
                              but it has been compared, and reason-
                              ably so, to the principle of constrict-
                              ing the stream of water from a hose
                              bv means of the nozzle. For that is
                              what shotgun choke &a constriction
                              of the bore diameter of the barrel
                              at the muzzle end. Whether the con-
                              striction is provided by a permanent,
                              solid choke built into the barrel when
       What will be a          it is manufactured, or by a choking
       perfect pattern is      device which is attached to the muzzle
       shown ten feet          and can be adjusted for various de-
       from muzzle as          grees of constriction, is a matter of
       wads and flatted
       pellets drop away       the shotgun owner's choice.
       from shot string.          The tighter the constriction, or
Attachable chokes like Poly-Choke have collet-type sleeve
inside which is regulated by turning knurled ring.

Ventilated models of choke attachments use slotted front
tubes to relieve gas pressure and tend to reduce recoil.

Variable "Deluxe" with target-type ramp bead sights
offers many advantages for skeet and field shooting.

Standard "Deluxe" Poly-Choke is fitted with target sight          Importance of choke selection for hunting is graphically
but uses adjusting ring without vented compensator tube.          shown in open (top) and full choke-pattern diagrams.

choke, the tighter the group of shot will                            Simply set up a sheet of paper at least 40" square, pace
gun., and thefarther itwilltravel. So., . as the nozzle of
                                          iust                    off 20, 30, or 40 yards, depending on the range you want
a hose is tightened to direct a narrow, far-reaching stream       to check, aim your gun at the paper and let go. Then tie
of water across the garden, and opened to get a wide,             a piece of string 15 inches long to a pencil and draw a
short spray of water for the flower bed-in the same way,          30-inch circle around the largest concentration of shot
a full choke is used for long distance shooting and a more        holes. The number of holes in the circle, figured as a
open choke for close range.                                       percentage of the total number of shot in the load used,
   This may seem basic to most wingshooters, but it is            is the pattern.
shocking how many scattergunners fail to fully understand            The point is to find out what a gun does with the shot
these principles.                                                 loads normally used. A generally accepted guide to ideal
   While the principle of shotgun choke is very simple,           pattern percentages for a 12-gauge gun at 40 yards, using
the various effects of different types of choke, with different   a No. 7%-1% oz. load, is as follows:
guns and different shot loads, shot at varying ranges and                      Choke                      Pattern
types of game, is another story. But it is a story that any                    Full                       67-75%
shotgun owner worth his salt must understand, at least                         Modified                   55-65%
with respect to his own gun, because the only way to                           Improved Cylinder          45-55%
know a gun thoroughly and use it effectively is to pattern                     Cylinder Bore              35-45%
it. This is not a difficult job, and it can be fun as well        The Poly-Choke Company uses this standard in its Wing-
as enlightening. It is a form of target shooting which checks      shooter's Handbook, "How to Make Every Shot Count."
the accuracy of a gun and choke, rather than the accuracy          It is a basic instruction manual which provides a great
of a shooter's aim.                                                deal of factual information of use (Continued on page 69)

Fitting attachment such as Master Choke may restore shotgun with blown-off muzzle to years more of useful service
despite short barrel. Choke also makes possible use of short barrel for special purpose such as on boat or in police car.
                                                                1   Erratic, speedy bandtail pigeon which
                                                                    moves slowly or in dazzling bursts of
                                                                    speed will tax expert wing shot's abil-
                                                                    ity with very difficult overhead shots.


                               By FRANCIS SELL

H canvas back.a Quite oftenhas the speedallofthe world like
         like snipe but
                            he acts for
                                               a frightened

a ruffed grouse. And he is about the size of a greenwing
teal. Add all those characteristics up and you have a West
Coast bandtail pigeon, probably one of the most sporting
shotgun targets on the North American continent. The
bandtail, like the passenger pigeon, migrates-coming
north in the spring and turning south with the first frosts
in autumn. From September on through late October, de-
pending on whether you hunt him in Washington, Oregon
or California, he is the upland game bird you dream about
-the most unpredictable in the field today.
   If the problem of selecting just the right shotgun for
ducks is complicated, then selecting just the right scatter-
gun for bandtail pigeon is almost impossible. Take a high-
flying gamebird as big as a greenwing teal that behaves
erratically like a snipe, and there are not too many shotguns
suitable for such shooting, nor too many gunners who will
turn in a good field performance on such game. A light
shotgun is indicated-one with which you can get on that
twisting, turning target with dispatch.
   But the only sticker is, you have also a game bird which
                                            Light repeater, such as 20-gauge Remington "Wingmaster," is adequate
                                            when bandtails are flushed suddenly from their habitual feeding areas.

                                                                               comes over the upland hill passes like
                                                                               a duck, flying out there where you must
                                                                               roll him at 40 to 50 yards quite often.
                                                                               And always there i that West Coast
                                                                               trade wind whipping across those
                                                                               autumn hills, playing hob with your
                                                                               lead, as well as speeding your twisting
                                                                               target on its way. What might look
                                                                               like a nice setup for a 12 gauge mag-
                                                                               num, throwing 1% ounce of shot, just
                                                                                  Pass shooting is only part of band-
                                                                               tail pigeon gunning. Sometimes they
                                                                               act like ruffed          coming out of
                                                                               the heavy cover at 25 to 35 yards, turn-
                                                                               ing and twisting, as they skim through
                                                                               the intervening trees and brush. Band-
                                                                               tail pigeon often imitate those ruffed
                                                                               grouse tactics, down to the last pro-
                                                                               voking turn. They wilLcome up out of
                                                                               the West Coast huckleberry brush and
                                                                               elder berry thickets, and ,catch you
                                                                               with that heavy 12 gauge not even at
                                                                               your shoulder.
                                                                                  East of my cabin there are acres of
                                                                               black huckleberry and in autumn, when
                                                                               these ridges are loaded with fruit, they
                                                                               are the delight of many blue grouse,
                                                                               ruffed grouse and bandtail pigeon. I
                                                                               developed a technique of taking band-
                                                                               tail here which I thought was fool-
                                                                               proof. I also had the right shotgun for
                                                                               the task-not too light-not too heavy,
                                                                               and with reasonable ability to reach
                                                                                out there for the occasional long shot
                                                                                  I worked along those huckleberry
Plenty of bandtails can be found in the huckleberry b h h in Oregon. Au-       ridges, very (Continued on page 58)
thor Sell likes two-shot speed of a double gun for bandtail pigeon shooting.

Recommended for bandtails by author Sell is a light 20-gauge double such as Marlin Model 90 over/under gun.
40                                                                                                                        m
                                         ..                      -3

                                          QUIPS QUOTES & QUER

                              By STUART MILLER
The Littlest And The Longest
                                             Why they gsed the " W headstamp
Tfire shotgun 9mm Winchester rim
               shells were similar to      for this set' of cartridges, instead of
                                           the usual "H" is still a mystery. Paul
the 9mm Flobert shot cartridges that
had long been popular in Europe.           Foster, the Winchester factory expert
A few years ago many Europeans,            who has been most helpful with infor-
through necessity and taste, hunted        mation on these shells, says that no
song birds,*sparrows, thrushes, finches    one around the plant has a positive
for food. For such "big game" as           answer. The theory that sounds best
these, the smaller the shot load, and      to me is that these were made pri-
the cheaper the cartridge, the better      marily for export and it was decided
they sold. At this time, too, there was    that "W" would be easier to associate
a big demand for bright birds and          with "Winchester" than the usual "H"
plumage to decorate milady's hats. A       headstamp they had always used on
heavy shot charge would tear up the        rim fires.
feathers and be very bad for business.       Until recently, I thought that this

                                                                                            "TUF-COAT" Finish


                                                                                                  Wider Field
Long 10-gauge shell on its side was special load by Winchester for spotting                      Adjustments
charge in aerial practice bombs. Tiny shells are 9mm for smoothbores.
Standard 10-gauge shell case (right) for shotguns shows difference in size.

So Winchester decided that they would      was the only time that Winchester used
get in on this market, and made the        "W" on rim fires, but now 1 am not
Model 36 shotgun.                          so sure. I now have a specimen of an
   Introduced early in 1920, the M36       early made .41 short rim fire with a
was a tiny bolt action gun with an         raised W mark. Although it was not
18" barrel. Though a well-made gun,        in the original box, it was presumably
it lacked one thing in particular for      of Winchester manufacture, and if they
most shooters: killing power. As one       marked .41's, they may have marked
                                                                                                Also the New
disgruntled customer remarked, "This       other calibers the same way.                         Bear Cub 2 % X
thing is only good for small birds, or        The 9mm Ball cartridge made to use                   $4500
big flies!" Despite this fault, large      in the smooth bored M36 had three
                                                                                                The New Bear
quantities were exported to Central        different types of loading. The first of             Cub 6X
and South America where they were          these used no gun powder at all, the         ,          $7950
effective on the brilliant colored trop-   second was loaded with 3 to 3% grains ;
ical birds. The gun was known around       of FG black powder, while the thirip
the factory as the "Milliner's Special."   type used smokeless powder. All we*
The gun did not prove popular for sale     loaded with a single #00 buckshok      4
in this country and was finally discon-    which weighs around 55 grains.
tinued.                                       The type with no powder has an
   Because of the many foreign guns        interesting background. For a propel-                347 King Street, Northampton, Mass.
using 9mm shot ammunition, the             ling charge it used a double dose of the
shells enjoyed a much longer period        priming compound, as did some of the
of production than did the guns. I have    earlier Flobert ball cartridges, and .22
a box of the 9mm ball amunition that       BB Caps. The 9 mm ball caps exported             i   Name
was packaged for export. The label is      to France were of this type. The
printed in four different languages to     French government had a monopoly on
cover as many markets as possible.         manufacturing (Continued on page 45)             See Your Sporting Goods Dealer
                                                                                                     GUN RACK
  MINIATURE REPLICAS OF                                                                           (Continued from page 9)

FAMOUS SWORDS and SABERS                                he can correct his trouble without coaching.
                                                        There are some lengthy instructions for
                                                                                                              the choke was opened up. All in all, the gun
                                                                                                              is good value and a handsome addition to
                                                        proper use of the Armax chamber, but they             the H & R line.
                Unique letter openers                   are simple and often obvious. The chamber
                 for Den or Office. A                   comes in a leather pocket case, price $7.50.
                                                           In some brief tin-can plinking with the
                                                                                                              Simmons Single Trap
                   must f o r c o l l e c -             Armax in a 16-gauge J. C. Higgins Model 10.              Ernie Simmons, the shotgun man in Kan-
                                                        I was surprised at the close impact of the            sas City with a lot of good ideas, has solved
                                                        bullet to my point of aim. The non-existent           a minor shotgun shortage by importing a
                                                        recoil made me tend to keep my gun prop-              single trap 12-gauge. I t is one of the best-
                         man C r a f t s -              erly cheeked, too, correcting a slight ten-           looking single traps we have handled, and
                                                        dency I had to strain my head away while              that includes all makes and models. This
                                                        aiming. It seems to be a practical and effec-         smoke pole specially built fqr Simmons by
                                                        tive device.                                          his Belgian gunmaker, Cordy of Liege, is a
                                                        New H & R Pump Shotgun                                first-rate piece of finishing and workmanship
brass with nick-                                                                                              throughout. A hammerless model in classic
                                                          For many years Harrington & Richardson              single trap styling, the fitting of wood to
eled blade and                                          offered a good line of guns but they have             metal in this relatively inexpensive gun is
sheath. 914" over-                                      been weak on repeating shotguns. Now the              actually superb. The inletting is exceeding-
all. Send for free bro-                                 handsome but inexpensive Model 400 in 12              ly tight and close all along the action body
                                                        or 16 gauge fills that niche. Our sample gun          and tang straps. The action was sparsely
chure showing other                                     with a stock of standard dimensions swung             but competently engraved by a skilled ar-
authentic miniatures of                                 easily and handled like a high-grade weapon.          tisan. The wood on the sample examined,
U.S. and German Mili-                                   The space between barrel and magazine tube            while not gaudy, was a simple piece of
tary swords, plus full size
fighting knives       $3.95
etc., from                PP~.

                                                                                 garrington Si; Rich-
WILSHIRE GUN HOUSE                                                               ardson's new Model
                                                                                 401 pump shotgun.
                                                                                                               straight-grained French walnut, close and
                                                                                                               fine, with a good checkering pattern over
                                                                                                               grip and forend.
12203 Wilshire Blvd.    10sAngeles 25. Calif.                                                                     Basically, the Simmons trap lists for
                                                        seems to rive it a lightness which Is unex.            $292.50, less than any other single trap in
                         . .
                         .. .
                                                                  -                  -
                                                        pected. The gun weighs in at 7 pounds 7                the U.S. I t is a heavy gun, about 8% pounds
                                                        ounces with the H & R Variable choke at-               with a 32" barrel and ventilated rib. But
                                                        tached.                                                the distribution of weight is such that the
                                                           Both push-button safety and slide release           gun handles like a 6-pounder, and still has
                                                        are standard, on the die-cast aluminum trig-           heft enough to take up the slap of long
                                                        ger guard and housing, and convenient to               stints of firing at the traps. While 100 shots
                                                        use. The wood is clean, straight walnut,               run through it quickly showed up my out-of-
                                                        oiled. Barrel is 28" for 2%" shells. Maga-             condition side muscles, there was no soreness
                                                        zine tube holds 5 shells and a 3-shell plug            or bruises from kick. The soft Simmons
                                                        comes with the gun. Base price is $68.5(1              recoil pad may have had something to do
                                                        and with the choke $10 extra.                          with it, but the accidentally-perfectly-di-
                                                           The finishing of the metal was quite good           mensioned stock on the gun I handled com-
                                                        for a weapon in this grade. The action was             bined easy pointing and, easy shooting. Sim-
                                                        a little stiff but smoothed up with handling.          mons will make stock dimensions to order
Great opportunitiesÑOperat YOUR OWN SHOP!
                                                        The choke is H & R's standard device which
                                                        is the collet-type which changes by turning
                                                                                                               on this gun, and offers a choice of butt pads.

Learn easily with Country's most complete ele-          the knurled sleeve. The nine individual de-
mentary and advanced course. Approved for               grees of choke did not check out exactly               Browning's Lightning Superposed
Korean Vets; low tuition. Write.                        right on patterning, but the range was fun-               "Lighter than lightweight" is the Brown-
    PENNA. GUNSMITH SCHOOL                              damentally okay. I had no trouble-well, not            ing Arms Co.'s description of their newest
IOWG Western Ave.         Pittsburgh 33, Penna.
                                                  I I   more than usual-busting birds at skeet when            superposed double shotguns, the Lightning
                                                                                                               models. They have shaved almost a pound
                                                                                                               off the famous "Rocky rugged" over-unders
                                                                                                               in both 20 and 12 gauges. The new models
                                                              kills oi extreme ranges, with                    are just like the basic Browning double
                                                                nloure 10 go.,   3'/2"   Magnum                but reducing the weight has been made
                                                                                                               possible by using special steels which permit
                                                                                                               saving metal with no loss in safety. Every
                                                                                                               Browning gun is proof-tested in the Liege
                                                                                                               government-supervised testing laboratory for
                                                                                                               strength and safety. Shooters who prefer
                                                                                                               ultra lightweight guns will find the new
                                                                                                               over-under.a pleasure in the field. The weight
                                                                                                               has been reduced to about six pounds
                                                                                                               in the 20-gauge and seven pounds in the 12,
                                                                                                               but the same balance and handling qualities
                                                                                                               which have made the over-under a favorite
                                                                                                               among many gunners is carefully retained,
                                                                                                               and the Lightning will have a special appeal
                                                                                                               to the upland hunter.
                                                                                                                  All five grades of finish, from the lightly
engraved Grade I through the deeply carved
game-scene Grade V with gold trigger and                                                       IMPROVE SCORING
specially selected stock wood, will be offered                                                 PROTECT HEARING
in the Lightning models. Barrels will be                                                                     FuNCMING!
26%" or 28" all with ventilated ribs. Any
combination of chokes desired can be
ordered: full, improved modified, modified,                            LEE S O N I C              EAR-VALV
                                                                                                                                                G U U SG o e s   o n Your
improved cylinder, skeet and cylinder boring.                                                                                                       Newsstand the First of
                                                                       The only mechanical hearing p~otectorJOT-
    The base prices of Browning's new Light-                           AN EAR PLUG. Hear conversation without re-                                   Every Month-
ning models are: Grade I, $275; Grade 1 ,    1                         moving from ears. PRESCRIBED BY EAR SPE-
$360; Grade 1 1 $410; Grade IV, $535;
                 1,                                                    CIALISTS. Acclaimed by top shooters. Tiny,                                      Don't Miss an Issue'
                                                                       comfortable, durable. $3.95 pair. Money
Grade V, $630. But Val Browning has
                                                                       back guarantee. Free literature.
cooked up a special offer which will appeal to
the clay bird shooters, especially. The Light-                         SIGMA ENGINEERING COMPANY
ning superposed may be ordered with extra                          1   1491 Vine ' H à § l l v w à ˆ 28, Calif.
sets of barrels, say one Standard barrel set                           -
and one Lightning set for the same receiver.
And if you now own a Standard super-                                   1
posed Browning, the Browning Arms CO.,
1706 Washington Avenue, St. Louis 3, Mo.,

                                                                                          ^LUnisted RIFLESCOPESas $19.9'
will fit a set of the lightweight barrels to
it-two   guns in one. Meanwhile production
will continue on the Standard superposed
guns, the 3" Magnum, and special trap,
field and skeet models.                                                    9 POWER           o t        as low                you
10-Gauge Magnum Double                                                                           A d Mats, Counter Displays, Counter                          Catalogs,
                                                                                                 Colorful, eye-catching W in d o w
  One of the bigaest pieces of gunmaking to
ever come into my hands rolled from the box
the other day. A mammoth among big-bores,
the 10 gauge magnum double gun built by
                                                                        FREE ! ~;;;;,~~li~yOns!
                                                                                  . . . .
                                                                       a l l UNITED Dealers.

Ugarteburu in Eibar, Spain, is a big value
in more ways than one. The Spanish guns
suffered a bad reputation in the 1920's when
loose proof laws allowed pot-metal handguns
                                                                                                                                                    --          I
                                                                                                                                        Make More Selling Top Quality Brand
                                                                                                                                 e UNITED RIFLESCOPES. UNI-SCOPES pro-
to be shipped over here. But Spanish shot-                                                                                       ng-fast sighting with hair splitting accuracy.
guns from the cheapest single barrel of break                                                                   Double adjustment (Internal windage and elevation with click
                                                                                                         stopsi. Have a 1" not a W tube making it adaptable for all standard
open hammer style to the most exquisite                                                             mounts. Will withstand &uzh usage and give bright, sharp, clear images. Hand-
                                                                                            somely blued. Made in Japan. Carries famous UNITED 'Seal of Quality'. Hard
fowling piece for a grandee of old Spain                                               COATED thru-out!
now have to pass strict government proof                                                                              .- - - -PROOF!        ~

                                                                        Received the 2 scopes and am well pleased both with appearance and perf0nIIance. Have 6 more sold. Either
tests which ensure safety and solid work-                               ship and bill me or hold and notify and I will send check." B               ............
                                                                                                                                                    Gun Shop, Indianapolis, Ind.
manship.                                                                                         CvH---..                 Field
                                                                                                                          ...     @      4x              7x               9x
  The Clark 10-gauge Magnum is certainly                                Model       Length    , Pupil      Weight        KM yds.      ~ist$34.95
                                                                                                                                                                      List $54.50
solid. It doesn't "tip the scales," it turned                           4x3 1
                                                                                    I1%'' ; 4.j
                                                                                                      ;u     8% "Â
                                                                                                             # oz.
                                                                                                                          IS'         $1 9.95          $24.75         $27.25
them upside down, with more than 1 pounds                               9x41)       12%"      4.6mm         IIoz.         15%'    0 Add 250 each postage, insurance.
of metal slowing down the prodigious kick of
the huge 10-gauge Magnum shotshell. And                                    ORDER TODAY!
                                                                        ...   on your letterhead or in-
                                                                        dicate Resale or Federal Fire-
                                                                        arms License number.                  UNITED BLDG., 9043 S. Western Ave., Dept. ARF-923, Chicago, 2 0

                                                                        Special notice, Guns raised in prices Jan. 1956
                                                                        SPECIAL SALE PRICES ON ALL GUNS N STOCK AT EVANS
It's easy t o carve your o w n Gun
Holster i t T a n s -Do-lT
Pattern, only 35c ppd. or send
75c f o r Pattern Book o f 50 dif-
                                            &/                            New
                                                                                POSTPAID, lower than the OLD PRICES!
                                                                                                                                                MODEL70 The world's finest high-power,
ferent designs.
TANDY LEATHER CO.                             (since 1919)
                                                                        Win-M-70                   and .375     Mag~u~-&i~
                                                                                                                          270 f.M\
                                                                                                                                                 bolt-action huntini; rifle. Superb accuracy a8
                                                                                                                                                a l l ranges. Available i n a large variety of
                                                                                                                                                calibers ranging from 22 orn net t o 3 7 3
 P.O.   Box   791 WC                 Fort W o r t h 1, Texas                                                                                    H & H Maenum. Wide choice of style and
                                                                                                               Only $119.95                     f i i ~ h t i n gequipment.
   Full size finished ,product so authentic that it's
        difficult to tell it from the real thing!

                                      I                                               EVANS CUSTOM RIFLESÑONLY
                                                                        I n 257-Rob. and 270-Cal. 3 0 - 0 6 - ~ a l . and .308-Col.
                            )     Automatic
                                                                        New   Winchester M71 Rifles .348 Co1.-On1      Postpaid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 89.95
    action) $3.50 Prepaid
   SGW .357 Magnum..
   Kentucky Ion rifle
                                  $3.50 Prepaid
                           ...............$4.50 repaid^f
                                           5.95 Prepaid
                                                                              Winchester M21 Doubles 3" Magnum Shotguns-postpaid                   ..........................
                                                                              Winchester M21 Double 20-Ga. 3" Magnum Ventilated Ribs ........................ 427.00

   Thompson sub-machine gun.      .....    6.95 Prepaid
                                                                        New   Remington M721A Rifles .30-06-Cal.-Postpaid
   9 mm Luger..     ...................    3.50 Prepaid
                                                                              Remington M721A Rifles .300 HGH Magnum
                                                                              Remington M721 Deluxe Rifles .300 Mag.-Postpaid                 ...............................
   Philadelphia Derringer   ...........    2.95 Prepaid
   Pepper Box (all plastic).  .........      .98 Prepaid                                            A l l guns a t Old 1955ÑPrice Postpoid-
   8md 1 0 0 far eomvlete new catalog of over SO modern
        and antiaue oun Kits. Refund on Urst order.
          A l l Kits Prepaid (add .25c in Canada)
                                                                        REMINGTON         -   WINCHESTER          -
                                                                                                               SAVAGES     STEVENS  -   BROWNINGS      -                      -    MARLINS       ...
               VICKERY MODEL GUN CO.
   Post Office BOX 93                  Oak Park. I l l l n o t i
                                                             it takes all that weight to slow down the        Norman Forgue a little, too. Norm weighs

Liahter than
                                                             kick of the far-reaching bombshell and make        5
                                                                                                              1 5 pounds and stands 5' 7" and he looked a
                                                             it possible to fire the Magnum 1 more than       little pale when I handed him the gun. But
                                                             once without slipping a disc.                    he has gathered a few tons of silver from
                                                                With a Greener-type cross bolt, the Ugar-     proficiency at skeet and so fell in love with
                                                             tebum Magnum 1 is rigidly locked when
                                                                                  0                           the ponderous brute the minute he lifted it.
                                                             closed. The firing pins are not bushed, but      Later on at Lincoln Park in Chicago he and
                                                             there are gas rings and vents to the edges       a shooting pal played a little game. If one
                                                             of the standing breech for safety in case of     missed, the other hit the bird. At each
                                                             a primer puncture. This is hardly likely in      throw they stepped back.
                                                             view of the quality of American-made ammo         .Norm ended up at the 25 yard line and
                                                             but doubtless is a sometime hazard with for-     was still cracking them, although he missed
                                                             eign fodder of varying qualities.                a few. He told me "I think I squinted a
                                                                                                              little when I threw that first shell into the
                                                                The Ugarteburu's finish is good. Selling at
                                                             $189.50, the twin-tube Gargantua baby is         gun. But you know, it handles darn well,
                                                                                                              much better than I expected for such a big
                                                             planned as an economy Magnum 1 to hit 0          gun. Only one thing worth mentioning-my
                                                             the shooters who will not feel inclined to       shoulder sported a black-and-blue mark
                                                             sink too much money into such a long range       when we were d o n e ~ a n dI fired only six
                                                             cannon. The use of a Magnum 1 is limited,        shots. But comparing the ranges with, say,
                                                             not like a gun also used for skeet or upland     goose-killing ranges, I would have bagged
                                                             shooting but a big gun has a certain fascina-    a couple or three and that's okay by me any
                                                             tion to it from sheer size alone.                time in the blinds." Certainly Frank Clark's
                                                                Next best thing to testing it on live game    big 10 will have a place in the line-up of long
                                                             is trying a gun at the traps. In so doing, I     range shotguns for high flying geese this
                                                             "tried" my friendship with skeet champ           season.                                      63

                                                                  GUNS AND                                                           JOBBERS AND
                                                                  EQUIPMENT                                                          DISTRIBUTORS

                                                                 Dealers:    Try our speedy                      Shooters:    W e carry just about
DUALITE                                two-piece                 service whenever you need:                      anything you m a y need:

S C O P E MOUNT                                                   4    RELOADING EQUIPMENT                       4   RIFLES
                                                                  4    POWDER & PRIMERS                          4   SHOTGUNS
                                                                  4    BULLETS                                   4   HANDGUNS
Now-for t h e h u n t e r w h o likes t o g o                     -k   SCOPES & MOUNTS                           4   AMMUNITION
light-Redfield presents t h e new                                 4    BINOCULARS                                4   SIGHTS
D u a l i t e two-piece scope m o u n t for                       4    BENCH REST TARGETS                        Plus the items listed a t left.
bolt a c t i o n rifles. Weighs less t h a n                      4    ACCESSORIES                               Your Satisfaction Guaranteed.
t w o 180 grain 30-06cartridges, y e t i                 s       Current list sent on request!                   W r i t e t o d a y f o r FREE catalog!
as t o u g h a n d d u r a b l e as m u c h heavier
mounts. The D u a l i t e m o u n t withstood                   WAS-DEN              Northampton 2, Penna.                     Colonial 2-2777
all the recoil tests w e could contrive.
W e g u a r a n t e e i t will t a k e a n y t h i n g u p
to a n d including t h e .375 Magnum

w i t h a n y scope o n t h e m a r k e t today.
                                                              W\/ SHOTGUN                                     CLEANER & OILER
T h e n e w D u a l i t e isessentially a J u n i o r
scope m o u n t w i t h t h e c e n t e r section
eliminated. R i n g s are m a d e i n s p l i t
s t y l e regular height only, in diame-                                                   Favorite of Thousands.
ters I",26 m m (1.023).and 26.5 m m                                                        Just shove the wool-like
(1.045).F r o n t r i n g a n d base assembly                                              miracle fabric Dynel
c a r r y e n t i r e b u r d e n of holding scope
     . r e a r r i n g a n d base assembly pro-
                                                                                           brush thru the
                                                                                           barrel. WW
                                                                                           cleaner is
vide windage a d j u s t m e n t f o r zeroing                                             longer than
a n d keeping scope in alignment. $17.50                                                   the barrel SO                                    Postpaid
                                                                                           you shove
                                                                                           dirt out the
                                                                                           end. Give                                                       1
                                                                   the handle a twist and the gun is         Comes with sturdy brown leatherette metal
                                                                   polished. Attach oil bob and gun is       end screw cap case and oil bob in handy
                                                                   oiled as cleaner is removed. Takes        container. For 12, 16 and 20 gauge guns.
                                                                   less than a minute.                       For barrel up to 32 inches long.

                               See Your Dealer
                                  or Gunsmith
                                                                         DEALERS ARE INVITED TO WRITE FOR INFORMATION
                                                                         W & W Manufacturing Co.           707 Main St.. Grandview 1 Mo.

3317 Gilpin St.              Denver, Colorado
                                   (Continued from page 41)

manufacturing gun powder, and would not            lowed the bombardier to check his accuracy.
allow any cartridges loaded with powder to         The navy used a similar shell with a pyro-
be imported. Since these had no powder             technic charge that would function on the
they could get through without trouble.            water.
   The 9mm short shot cartridge is the rarest.        The bombs themselves were of sturdy con-
In Winchester's Catalogue #82 this is listed       struction and could be re-used by merely
as the "9mm Short Shot," and under the             inserting another blank and firing pin
European designation of "9mm Single                mechanism. They were especially useful in
Charge Shot Cartridge." The 9mm long               practicing low altitude bombardment and
shot cartridge was also called the "Double         dive bombing.
Charge Shot Cartridge." This short shot               The shells were of two types. The first
cartridge used a load of 8 grains of #3            was of the usual shotgun shell construction
American black powder and 40 grains of #9          with a brass base and a red paper case. It
shot. Later it was also loaded with smoke-         was headstamped "Winchester No. 10 Nu-
less powder. The cartridge was not popular         black. Made in USA." The other had an
and became obsolete before 1928.                   aluminum case of similar dimensions, but
                                                   without any headstamp.
   The 9mm long shot cartridges were the
most powerful and the most popular of the             These shells are usually found in an un-
set. The last huge lot of these were loaded        fired empty primed condition, but sometimes
for export shortly after the second World          a loaded round turns up. While these may
War. This size used 10% grains #4 Amer-            look like some sort of a flare cartridge, they
                                                   contain a huge load of black powder and
ican black powder. Later they loaded with
smokeless t o o ~ a n d80 grains of #9 shot.       under no circumstances should they be fired
                                                   from a shotgun, much less in a flare pistol.
   There was one other type cartridge in the       I heard of a character who tried it. He
set, but which was never available on the          was lucky, for while they were not able to
open market. This was the high pressure            find much of the flare pistol, they were able
test cartridge, used for testing the guns          to save the thumb and one finger on his
during manufacture. This was identified by         right hand.                                 @
having the copper portion of the cartridge
   The 9mm long shot cartridges by Winches-            AMONG THE WORLD'S BEST
ter were made with blue, green, red, and                    GUNMAKERS
sort of orangecolored paper cases, the short
shot in blue. Of these the blue case seems             HOLLAND AND HOLLAND LTDI
to be the earliest and the scarcest. There
has long been argument as to whether these
                                                      WESTLEY RICHARDS & COu LTDt                    GS Pork Ave., Dept. G-10
                                                                                                     ISO Cehtral
colors have any relation to the loads. I                          London, England                    ~ o k i e ,Illinois
                                                                                                     lease send m e the next issue of GUNS Magazine
sectioned a specimen of red, the green, and                       Represented by                     PER of charge and enter my name as a trial sub.
                                                                                                     .riber for the next 12 issues. After examining this
the orange cases (there were no extras of                 MURTA APPLETON CO.
                                                                                                     REC COPY i t i s understood that I have tha privilege
                                                                                                        cancelling my Bubscription any time within 3 0
the blue ones) and found that the shot size                                                          Lys without further obligation.  Otherwise you may
                                                             Quality Guns Since 1889                  I me for $5 (a saving of $1 over the regular
and weight was all the same but that each                                                            fwstand price).

had a different type of smokeless powder.                                                                  ...................................... I
   Remington-UMC put out quantities of the
                                                            MURTA APPLETON COB                       HIE

                                                                                                     DDRESS   .................................... 1
                                                         SANSOM AT 12TH, PHILA., PA.                 T Y . ................ .ZONE. ... .STATE. ..... , I
9mm ball ammunition for export, bearing                                                              Ñ--ÑÑÑÑÑÑÑ
their traditional "U" headstamp. but I have
never heard of them, or any other American
company, making the shot cartridges.                                                                                       SPORTSMAN
   From the littlest Winchester, it is quite a                                                                              COMPASS
jump to Winchester's longest when compared
with one of the traditional length 10 gauge                          SCO ILH DUCK CALL
empty primed cases which were so popular              Call ducks like a Professional! N o blowing. Simply shake
in the late 1800's.                                   or depress to produce authentic tones. Rugged neoprene
                                                      diaphragm. Hand-finished hardwood sounding throat. $7.50
   One of the most colorful cartridges to
come out of this last war was this six-inch                                             ING RED BEACON
cased 10 gauge empty primed shotgun shell.
After the war many of these were sold as
army surplus, and were cut down to tradi-
tional length and used in shotguns. As they
appear in collections, they are often thought
to be for small punt guns, experimental shot-                                       beam. 800 foot beam of brilliant
gun shells, or flare cartridges. It is not often
that their true purpose is realized.
   These cartridges were intended for use in
aircraft practice bombs. These were small
bombs, with cast iron fins, weighing about
three pounds. The blank was inserted in the
cavity that extended through the entire
bomb, with the base of the shell toward the
nose. A moveable firing pin assembly was
then inserted and the bomb was ready for
action. When the bomb struck the ground,
the firing pin was forced back setting off
the cartridge with its huge charge of black
 powder. The resulting cloud of smoke al-
                                                                                       IMPOSSIBLE SHOTGUN
The                                                                                         (Continued from page 26)

                                                                                       The demonstration was a feature in the
YOU'LL EVER OWN!                                                                   movie M-G-M made about Marsh. Moviego-
                                                                                   ers saw Marsh's original gun model fired in
              ITHACA                                                               the film. Then "Williams" (Jimmy Stew-
                                                                                   art) handed the weapon to the Winchester
                                                                                   man, who thoughtfully turned it over in his
  FEATHERLIGHT REPEATER                                                            hands, studying it. Then he looked up from
                                                                                   the sawed-off Remington and pointedly asked,
        featuring the amazing new                                                  "Very interesting-and you could do this on
        Ithaca Raybar front sight                                                  other guns, too?" Marsh's answer eventually
                                                                                   was the Model 50 Winchester.
    You've got to hold it in your hands to know                                        Because of his arms work, and a legal
why this is the only gun for you. From the tip                                     doubt that he had actually fired the shot
of its barrel to the end of its stock, it's crafted                                which killed the revenue officer, Marsh re-
for shooting pleasure!                                                             ceived a pardon and was released from
    Beautiful finished walnut stock and forend,                                        Williams' first move toward the position
fast, smooth action; exclusive, safe, bottom-                                      he now holds in the industry took place
 ejection ...      all the fine features you want in                               when he was released in 1930. I n Washing-
 your gun!                                                                                   .
                                                                                   ton, D C., he offered the fixed-barrel rifle to
    Plus Ithaca's new Raybar front sight that pin-                                 the Army ordnance department. As a mili-
                                                                                   tary rifle, under the adverse conditions of
 points your target under any weather conditions.                                  dirt and neglect, it did not seem reliable at
 Its scientific light-gathering principle gives you a                              the time to warrant more study. On that
 glowing red dot   ...    in dawn, dusk, rain or fog.                              score ordnance turned him down. But they
                                                                                   took a long look at another application of a
   See your Ithaca Dealer today     ..
                                 .you'll be                                        similar principle which Williams had cooked
   on your way to real shooting enjoyment!                                         up. This was a .22 automatic pistol on the
                                                                                    .4'5 Colt auto frame, with a simulated kick
 You'll find a model to suit you at a price that                                    equal to the big .45. Instead of reducing
 will fit your pocketbook      from $89.95 up.                                     kick, Marsh had multiplied it through a float-
         -------                                                                   ing chamber that worked the .22 with the
                                                                                    energy of a .45. Ordnance thought this was
    E n d 25c for booklet on s h o o t i d
                                                                                    a good idea, and the first of Marsh's "impos-
    1Tips and Featherlight Information
                                                1                                   sible" guns was born, the training .22 caliber
                                                                                   machine gun.
                                                                                       Springfield and Rock Island Armory had
   ITHACA GUN CO., Inc.                                                             studied the problem of an inexpensive .22
                                                                                    machine gun for training GIs. Their deci-
            Dept. 53, Ithaca, N. Y.                                                 sion was that design would take at least two
                                                                                   years and cost more than $50,000. Since the
 S i n c e 1880 - " G r e a t Guns"                                                 whole idea was to save money on ammo, the
                                                                                    project was shelved. Then in walked Wil-
                                                                                       A complete "unknown," fresh out of prison,
                                                                                   ~ i l l i a m ; went to the ordnance department

                  IEverything in G                                                  cold. But he came out hot, with a contract
                                                                                    in his pocket to make one gun, and a Brown-
                                                                                    ing -30 machine gun was shipped to his
                                                                                   home workshop.

                                                                                       Ordnance expected Williams to take a few
                                                                                   months to complete his first alteration to .22.
                             GUNS AND GUN PARTS
shooters                                                                            In a fortnight the Carolina boy was back

                                  .                    .
                         POWDER SCALES AND MEASURES                                with a water-cooled Browning on his shoul-
                                                                                    der and several yards of miniature web ma-
law officers           SCOPES   CHOKES   CASES    KITS                              chine gun belting holding .22 cartridges
                                                                                    draped around his neck. The officers were
                                                                                    astonished. Sarcastically one of them asked
hobbyists                      RELOADING EQUIPMENT                                 "What took you so long?" They were dumb-
                              C & H   - Pacific - Lachmiller - Ideal                founded when Williams patiently apologized
hunters                                             PLUS                           for taking two weeks to do the job. He had
                                                                                   completed the mechanical work in a whirl-
                                                                                   wind of machining and filing in a few days.
                       Large Selection of Popular Outdoor Items                        "I took most of the two weeks sitting up
                                                                                   sewing these damn bitty little belts," he
                                      WRITE FOR CATALOG TODAY!                     complained. He left the ordnance office that
                                                                                   day with a contract to build five more guns.
                                         Dealers: Advise Federal Firearms Number
                                                                                   Later Williams and the Army came to terms
                                                                                   and many more standard .30 Brownings were

                   3                     WHOLESALE CORP.
                                                                                   changed to .22 at Springfield Armory, with
                                                                                   Williams collecting a royalty.
                                                                                       Three more major gun developments in-
                                                                                   tervened before Williams designed the Model
                         5 1 1 East Broadway, Glendale 5, Calif.                   50. First was the Colt .22 automatic with the
                                                                                   kick of a -45. Williams has the distinction
of having this design pirated abroad. The                         tracts the bolt and works the gun.                                       drew up the short stroke piston on a dirty
French "Unique" automatic pistol is made                             This business of inertia is what makes                                piece of shirt cardboard in the Caledonia
in one model with a floating chamber, al-                         Marsh tick. He never heard of Isaac New-                                 prison farm, and the U.S. Army paid a
though the version imported into the U.S.                         ton, but he can be rated just as smart.                                  lump sum for the patent rights. The exact
and sold by Sears Roebuck cannot be built                         "Inertia is the property of a body in motion                             figure is a secret, but Marsh is the man
with the chamber because of Williams*                             to remain in motion, and a body at rest to                               his friends say once had a million dollars
patents.                                                          remain at rest, unless acted on by an ex-                                in cold cash.
   A variation of the floating chamber prin-                      ternal force," was. Newton's description.                                   Marsh hit it rich in 1941 when he went
ciple is also used in the Model 550 Reming-                       Williams does not know the big words, but                                to work for Winchester on the carbine, but
ton 32, autoloading rifle, the only autoloader                    he has an intuitive concept of this phenome-                             he was shy and his shyness turned into a
which will fire shorts, longs and long rifles                     non, basis of all automatic gun systems
interchangeably. I t accomplishes this because                    which use a moving bolt. Because the inertia                                 CUSTOM MADE
the chamber is short. The long rifle cartridge                    of any gun part is proportional to its mass,
 (which possesses enough power to blow the                        the relationship between mass, force, spring                                     HOLSTERS
bolt back automatically) extends ahead of                         tensions and automatic timing are highly
the floating chamber and does not use it to                       critical in a firearm. Williams comprehends
                                                                                                                                               BUY DIRECT-SAVE 50%
multiply force. But the stubby shorts just                        this with a sixth sense that defies explana-                                    Guaranteed t o fit. Expert
come to the edge of the chamber. The gases,                       tion. From this sixth sense came the Win-                                    workmanship.     Best mate-
expanding onto the front of the chamber,                          chester carbine adopted by the U.S. Army                                     rials. Latest designs.
throw it sharply back with tremendous ac-                         and built to a total of 8,000,000 during                                         FREE      FOLDER
celeration. This energy is transferred to the                                     1
                                                                  World War 1 . It used the "short-stroke
heavier bolt, and the bolt inertia is what re-                    piston" to open the bolt. Williams first                                 1   Box 7292-D, El Paso, Texas            ONLY $3.85           1

       msla. wii^ /fan.;1 CLOSEOUT-SPECIAL

                                                                                while f e w remaining i n stock last
                                                                                                                                           MAKE THESE GUNS YOURSELF!
                                                                                                                                                   COMPLETE KIT OF PARTS SUPPLIED.
                                                                                                                                                                       KIT $1-%shot.
                                                                                                                                                                             caliber revolver. 2"
                                                                                                                                                                             barrel, all parts, un-

                                                                                                                                                                             fitted     and        un-
                                                                                                                                                                             aS~;bl;Bll  b;onge,t;t
                                                                                                                                                                             ...   special kit price
                                                                                                                                                                   _   o     r   2 kits         $25.00
   All that's needed is a vise and wrench to re-barrel
   your Mauser, Springfield or Enfield military rifle into
                                                                                     SPORTING & TARGET                      J                                                             for
                                                                                                                                                                #lA-Same design as Kit, 1, hut
                                                                   REAR SIGHT
   either of the most popular American calibers .270 or

   eluded with each kit.
                                                for Mauser, Springfield, Japs & Enfield (with
   30.06. ~ u i i y Illustrated step-by-step instructions ~ n -
                                                               :d). Fast coin slot adjustment for,
                                                                                                                                                                 standard square butt grips and
                                                                                                                                                                arrel_-____$l3.25 or 2 kits for
                                                inuauc                                        o
                                                              levat ti on. Completely milled n cheap
    Mauser 9 9 8
                   All the hardwork is done @stam~lnos. (one fine, with mounting screws & TWO
                                               @sight discs               one medium).                                                 I
        field 9 3 for you. Simply install this
                   NEW BARREL 8. STOCK
    Or                   have headspace

                                                                  1 Luger drum magazines, rare item,
                                                                  32 shot, "snail"          is offset so as
                                                                                                               I                                   B SURE TO READ BELOW
             .                 "
                                             Plus $1.00 Postage
                                                     $19.95ppd Slightly used, $8.95 ppd.
                                        Stock Alone. $14.95 ppd
                                                                not to disturb gun's balance.
                                                                                                                                           We supply entire kit of parts for assembly-parts arc
                                                                                                                                           new and "in the white" (unblued) ready for polishing.
                                                                                                                                           Machine marks, nicks and scratches aplenty which
                                                                                                                                           o m out in polishing of course. We have fitted the
                                                                                                                                           extractors with each cylinder, you do the assembly &
                               LUGER rear sights, adjustable,                                                                              final fitting & polishing. You can polish as nicely a?
                               as used on long barrel and                                      AN RAMP SIGHT HOLDERS                       v     like or even leave as is for linking or knock
                                                                                               Brand new ty e using t a er in              around gun. All parts American made. A bottle of our
            , * ____ *-
                               sporting models, issue, excel-                                   ather than so~der.Sight ? .&5
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                               tent, $3.50.                                                                                                each kit. We guarantee that parts shipped CAN be
                                                                                               to any size over desired. Less
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                  LYMAN $37 front sight, obsolete style,               or ivow and model of zunl.
                                          ecially hand-                                                                                    NOT ORDER. You are on vour own. none are re.
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                                                                                                                                           are not a fueitlve etc. etc.
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                 U. S. CARBINE STOCKS
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                                                                                              ';Tiyc$;;y;testgtesi         ;;zz;y           2,;production $ : y u : d ~ a : z Lhpostage.
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                                                                                                                                                  ~ & ~ r i y ; $4.95 % ;:i *
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                                                                  WANTED: GUN PARTS
                                                                  I    kinds, new or used
                                                                  military or commercials
                                                                                                       ALSO W ~ N T
                                                                                                          JUNK RIFLES
                                                                                                                           ...                     NEW! 22 CALIBER RIFLE BARREL

                                                                   h       ;
                                                                           :I    o?ikg%s m%$                PISTOLS
                                                              -   %&~h~?r$~le~d$ffe~~
                                                                  ceived-if not 0.k. shin-                  SHOTGUNS
                                                sullen, surly demeanor. He had a plaster-       slowly bent i t straight again. He put it
                                                board office in the Winchester research         down on Williams' desk and walked out of
                                                building, and for a time they let him alone.    the room.
                                                Edwin Pugsley, then chief of research and          Marsh picked up another bent nail. He
                                                design, wanted to understand Williams. He       looked at it. Then he took out his handker-
                                                had no schooling except what he had learned     chief and tried to straighten the nail. He
                                                with his hands. He had absolutely no knowl-     tore his hands to bloody shreds but he
                                                edge of firearms design- either historically    didn't bend the nail straight. Then he set
                                                or in other countries. Yet he was embarked      it down and thought it over.
                                                on some subconscious study of inertia that         After a minute he reachedout as far as
                                                could prove a gold mine to Winchester if        he could without getting up from his desk,
                                                they could direct him. But they had to find     and just patted the little pile of cotton waste
                                                his "steering wheel" first.                     Sefried had set down. Inside he felt the
                                                   Assigned to work with Marsh was another      shapes of two short sections of gun barrel
                                                young man, Harry Sefried, now chief of          Harry had secretly used to bend the spike
                                                pistol research and development for High        straight.
                                                Standard. They didn't quite know what to           When Harry came back into the room,
                                                do with Harry either, so they put him in        Williams didn't say a word, but there was
                                                with Williams. Harry's official job was to      a twinkle in his eye. That night as they
                                                "write down what Marsh Williams is think-       were leaving, he slapped Sefried on the
                                                ing."                                           shoulder and said, "What are you doing to-
SECOND AMENDMENT POSTER                            Each morning Sefried came in with paper
                                                and pencil. If Marsh was working on any-
                                                                                                night, Harry?"
                                                                                                   "Oh, nothing much, Marsh," Sefried re-
12x I S T H R E E COLORSÑPric $1               thing, he would slip it into his top drawer,    plied.
                                                lock it, and fold his hands. Maybe he              "Then why don't you come over to my
 -JUST SEND A DOLLAR BILLÃ                      would go "Hunh" when Harry walked in,           place for a little drink?" said Marsh, and
                                                but mostly he was silent. At quitting time,     a long friendship was begun.
GRYPHON PUBLISHING CO.                          still silent, he would get up and go home.         With his carbine money Marsh bought a
h i e l Building                    Erie, Pa.
-----------------                                  This got to wear on Harry's nerves, but
                                                most of all what bothered him was Williams'
                                                                                                big house in New Haven, just over the hill
                                                                                                from Winchester, and often he and Harry
                                                                                                would drink there. Sometimes they would
SRYPHON PUBLISHING CO.                          habit of bending nails. Aside from gun
&riel Building, Erie, Pa.                       sketches, Marsh's desk drawer was full of       get a little high, like the time they shot
                                                ten penny nails four inches long. He had        up the tavern in Waterbury.
Enclosed is a $1 bill. Please send a second
amendment poster to:                            a trick of bending those nails "U" shaped          Marsh was packing two .45 Colt Corn-
                                                                                                mander automatics, which is sort of legal
WE...........       .....................       in his chunky, tremendously-powerful hands.
                                                One day when Williains had methodically         as he is an honorary deputy sheriff of several
STREET............"..................           curled up one nail in complete silence, Harry   counties, and an M-G-M studio police captain.
:T    .................STATE...........         reached over and without a word grabbed
                                                the nail in a handful of cotton waste and
                                                                                                These guns, one with fancy gold and silver
                                                                                                Mexican grips in a belt holster, and the

                                                                                                 SAFE, LIGHTWEIGHT
                                                                                                  AND POWERFUL-
                                                                                                 With the 'slickest'
                                                                                                 Bolt Action of them all!
r                                       Went SCHULTZ & LARSEN
      MODEL 54-J HUNTING RIFLE                                                                       ABOUT THE NEW 7 x 61
                                                                                                     SHARPE & HART CALIBER
                       Chambered for the Amazingly Efficient
                                                                                                Designed and developed over a 7-year
          7MM (7 x 61) SHARPE & HART CARTRIDGE
                   (Other Calibers Available: .30-06     - .270 - 6SMM)                                     hl
                                                                                                period by P i Sharpe and Dick Hart
                                                                                                as the ultimate cartridge for maximum
                                                                                                accuracy and efficiency. Praised by
Made by the world-famous Schultz & Larsen Rifle Company of Denmark, this                        gun experts and shooters alike, be-
new MODEL 54-J SPORTER offers the extra features you want most in a superb
hunting rifle:                                                                                  cause of its high velocity and SAFE
                                                                                                pressures. Successfully field-tested on
              Lower bolt lift plus shorter bolt travel.                                         most American big game. Steadily
                                                                                                growing in popularity, as evidenced by
              Over 70% more bolt locking surface, assuring extra strong and
              safe action-proof-tested at 80,000 Ibs.                                           more and more shooters buying the
                                                                                                new SCHULTZ & LARSEN SPORT-
              French walnut Monte Carlo stock, designed for scope use-no re-                    ER, chambered for the amazingly ef-
              coil on cheek or jaw.                                                             ficient 7mm (7 x 61) S & H cartridge.
              Crisp, clean trigger pull-adjustable from 3 to 6 pounds.
              3-Cartridge single column magazine-easy to load singly or as                      Ask your dealer about the safe but
              4-shot repeater.                                                                  sensational 7 x 61 Sharpe & Hart
                                                                                                caliber SCHULTZ & LARSEN M-54J
         All these unique EXTRA features at no appreciable EXTRA cost1                          SPORTER. Norma factory-loaded am-
                                                                                                munition available. If your dealer
      The Sharpe & Hart Associates, Inc.                                                        can't accommodate you, please write
                                                                                                our nearest office for particulars on
EMMITSBURG 1, MD.                           4435-G Piedmont Ave., Oakland 11, Calif.            both rifle and ammunition.
 other with checkered ivory grips in his
 pocket, are always loaded and on him con-
 stantly. He had them that night in the
 Waterbury tavern. Both Marsh and Sefried
 were feeling pretty good.
    "I asked the bartender feller if anybody
 lived u p s t a i r s M a r s h confided to me, "and
 he said, 'Nobody at all.' So I just pulled
 my .45 when somebody dared me to, and
 pumped five or six shots at the ceiling right
 quick. I slid the other .45 down the bar
 to Harry. He caught it, just as slick as a
 snake lashing out, and he put a few shots
 up there, too. Why, do you know, that
 bartender made me get up there and auto-
 graph them bullet holes. Later on he painted
 his ceiling and he put a little frame around
 those shots . . .     "
    Marsh played while he was in New Haven,
 but he worked, too. Finally he sold his big
 city house and moved back to his 4,000-
 acre farm outside of Fayetteville. There in
 the old frame workshop which he built as a
 boy, on a milling machine Remington
 shipped to him in a crate nearly as big as
the shop, he is now working on new designs.
    With the drowsy hum of insects in the
hot July afternoon breaking the stillness,
Williams showed me around his workshop.
 He handed me the M l Carbine marked
with the ball-pen autographs of General
 Mark Clark and War Secretary Henry L.
 Stimson, his prized "collector's item." From
an old trunk he unwrapped Serial-number 2
Colt Service Ace automatic, the second gun
made commercially with his designs in it.
Racked about the 20-foot square cabin were
rifles and shotguns, machine guns and pistols.
All were loaded.
    From the window Marsh let me shoot his
latest modification of the .22 machine gun.
The tiny belt zipped through the receiver
as the little gun sputtered. He put it on
"slow fire" and it ran at 1,000 rounds a
minute. Then he changed the buffer and                            for truly accurate shooting. since it'sa Colt, the auto-
stepped up the rate of fire to 2,000. As the
bolt jammed on a soft lead bullet, Marsh
                                                                  matic action is velvet smooth        ..
                                                                                                       . and it's SAFE!
apologized while he cleared the gun.
    "We fired this little gun for 5,000 shots                   TARGET MODEL                         SPORT MODEL
                                                                  6 in. BARREL                             BARREL
                                                                                                     4 / in.
at Aberdeen a couple of years ago. They
said it was the first gun they ever tested
which ran through without a jam or a mis-                     AMMUNITION: The accurate, inexpensive .22 long Rifle cartridge
fire of any kind. We used the copper-jack-                                (regular or hi-velocity)
eted .22 military bullets. These soft lead
bullets just bent when the feed jerks them
across the bolt, they have to move so fast
                                                                           %I               COn "JAM-FREE" MAGAZINE            ...
to fire 2,000 times. That way they don't
go into the chamber right and it hangs up.
                                                                         ...  fastest, easiest loading maga-
                                                                         zine ever produced for any auto-
But with the metal bullets it works fine,"                               matic. Grasp the studs that extend
                                                                         on both sides of the magazine and
he explained.                                                            depress the follower all the way.
    Today Williams says he is doing work                                 Drop in a s many rounds (up to 10)
                                                                         a s you wish and release the fol-
for both Winchester and Remington. And                                   lower. Rounds can't tumble or jam
both Winchester and Remington disclaim                                      .
                                                                         . . eliminates slow, one-at-a-time
knowledge of any such work. A lone-wolf                                  loading. Another plus for shooters
sort of mechanic, Marsh probably has some-
                                                                         by Colt  ...  a Company ON THE
thing up his sleeve that will be as astonish-
ing when he springs it as his other designs               O L T R e v o l v e r s and Automatic Pistols
have been.
   Meanwhile, he has several Model 50's                             FAMOUS I N T H E PAST. . .FIRST I N T H E FUTURE
and is making little changes, checking new
ideas, making a good gun even better. And               COLT'S PATENT FIRE ARMS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC.
today the Model 50 automatic in 12 and                                  150 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford 15, Connecticut
20 gauge, in skeet and field models, is
                                                           DistinguishedMember of the
rivalling the old reliable Model 12 pump
                                                                      PENN-TEXAS CORPORATION Family of Progressive Companies
as a "wheel horse" of the Winchester line.
It has the curious distinction of being the
only recoil-operated autoloader with a fixed                             R M AD8006
barrel. It was impossible, they said, to make
such a gun.                                        Q
                                                                                                                      W I L L YOU KILL A MAN
                                                                                  REVISION                                  (Continued from page 29)
                                                                                     FOR CURRENT                   fence, I should push the gun under the wire,
                                                                                                                   then climb over the fence, pick up the gun-
                                                                                                                   still a safe procedure.
                                                                                                                      My father never permitted a loaded gun
                                                                                                                   in the house. I t was standard routine for us
                                                                                                                   to stop and remove shells from our guns the
                                                                                                                   minute we entered our backyard. In later
                                                                                                                   years, when we used a car to find our hunting
             WITH THIS. COMPLETE                                                                                   grounds, guns were unloaded before we got
                 EDITION OF                                               \                                        in the car to return home, or to find new
                                                                                                                   hunting grounds.

[       FIREARMS                                                                                                      I was taught the habits of game, slowly
                                                                                                                   and patiently, and by experience. I got so
                                                                                                                   I could spot an old rail fence that angled
        Dl RECTORY \
        by      SHELLEY BRAVERMAN
                                                                                                                   across a field of wild grass, briers and dwarf
                                                                                                                   pines, and I knew it would be good cover for
                                                                                                                   grouse. One of us would work each side of
                                                                                                                   the fence, walking slowly, guns at the alert,
                                                                                                                   watching the old Irish setter deliberately
                                                                                                                   ranging first one side of the fence and then
                                  UP-TO-DATE                                                                       the other. Each of us shot only at the grouse
                                                                                                                   flushed on our side of the fence.
                                                                                                                      I was taught that after their nocturnal
This is the only-of-its-kind Gun Encyclopedia which, since 1951, has been serving those whose                      feeding, woodcock would leave the swampy
vocation or avocation includes Firearms .Collectors, Dealers, Gunsmiths, Libraries, Manufacturers,                 land where they had fed, find a brier-covered
etc., throughout the world, are finding the Fireorms Directory more and more valuable.                             hill nearby, snuggle down in the dry cover,
       Police Laboratories f r o m Scotland t o Singapore use t h e f i r e a r m s Directory!                     rest, possibly sleep, during the warmness of
Since its inception, The Firearms Directory has grown each year by means of additions and                          the day.
revisions, to the extent that it now weighs more than six (61 pounds?                                                  All of us agreed that we had been taught
            PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED -THOUSANDS OF ILLUSTRATIONS!                                                     a decent respect for the property of others,
The unique maintenance service, consisting of additional new material and revisions, solves the                    never to leave a gate open that had been
"obsolete book" problem-The FIREARMS DIRECTORY IS ALWAYS UP TO DATE, AND THE MAINTE-                               closed, never to fire at game routed near farm
NANCE SERVICE KEEPS IT THAT WAY; there is nothing else like it in the Firearms field.                               buildings, to share our kill with the farmer
     THE FIREARMS DIRECTORY I S DIVIDED INTO SIXTEEN SEPARATE SECTIONS:                                        &    on whose land it had been shot.
                                                                                                                       "If a man knows all of these t h i n g s h o e
                                                                                                                   of my friends said, "he is confident in the
                                                                                                                    woods, sure of himself, and his nerves are
      Appropriate material, contained in the above classifications, is continually added to- ,
                                                                                                                   not jumpy, his trigger finger not itchy. These
      for example, the "PISTOL ATLAS" (pp. 34-35, FIREARMS IDENTIFICATION, J. S. Hatcher)                           guys today were not raised right! Are they
      long unovailoble, will be at YOUR hand as a Firearms Directory owner.. .Also, each                            self-taught, or are they orphans?"
      patent in the Firearms field is extracted with illustrations and and included in the annual                      Mostly, we decided that they lacked what
      supplement       And, of course, our world famous Isometric Drawings-of which we now                          we had enjoyed: fathers who were good
      have sixty-seven-all to be included in the Firearms Directory! These range from the
      Collier Flintlock Revolver and Patterson Colt through the modern automatics-Truly a                           sportsmen, good parents. Many of the boys
      wealth of material nowhere else available.                                                                    and men in the field, we were agreed, were
                                                                                                                    from some metropolitan area. Their fathers
EACH F/D COMES TO YOU I N A SPECIALLY DESIGNED. CUSTOM BUILT, TENGWALL BINDER!                                      were undoubtedly non-hunters. But, we also
       Examine i f   ftC^      at y o u r l o c a l Library, or o r d e r y o u r o w n c o p y n o w .   i.        agreed, that some of the most cautious
                                                                                                                    hunters we had known were born and raised
                        PRICE-Including Revision Service for Current Year-
                                                                                                                    in the city and obeyed every safety measure.
UNITED STATES: $20.00                                                                     FOREIGN: $22.00
                                                                                                                       Maybe this passion to shoot at something
                                                                                                                    glimpsed through a screen of bushes is sheer
                                                                                                                    recklessness; possibly i t is engendered by a
                                                                                                                    competitive spirit that has generated a con-
                                                                                                                    suming hunger for game. I don't know. But
                                                                                                                    I do know it should be stopped, a license re-
                                                                                                                    voked for five years, severe penalties invoked,
                                                                                                                    the gun confiscated by law enforcement of-
                                                                                                                    ficers. Ask any sane, careful sportsman and

    Judge Roy Bean Colt Six Shooter                                                                                 he will agree that only severe penalties and
                                                                                                                    education will curb a tragic practice that
                                                                                                                    has destroyed human lives, wounded and
                                   (Law West of the Pecos)                                                          crippled thousands of innocent people, re-
                                                                                                                    sulted in the slaughter of out-of-season game
    Pictures for framing are now available of the most beautiful                                                    and a substantial quota of domestic animals.
                                                                                                                    Car owners know that penalties await them
    and historical Colt six shooter in America.                                                                     in violations of the motor code. Why not
                                                                                                                       "My father cured me of shooting before I
              PICTURE SIZE                                          PRICE $1.00 POSTAGE PREPAID.                    was sure," a man said. "We were out one
                 8 x 10                                              SEND CASH OR MONEY ORDER.                      day and I kicked out a bird, sort of queer
                                                                                                                    looking. It fluttered up toward the limb of a
                                                                                                                    tree 50 feet away. I pulled up and knocked
                               LESTER R. PERRY                                                                      the bird silly. I t proved to be a stray bantam
                                                                                                                    rooster. My father didn't say much, but his
I   661 NORTH FIRST ST.                                                       SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA                  face was white, and there was a sort of a
                                                                                                                   lethal gleam in his eyes.
     "He led me to the nearest farm. found
  the owner, a friend of long standing.
    " 'You own a bantam rooster?' " he asked.
 He had lost one a week or so ago, guessed a
 fox must have got him, or he strayed, the
 man admitted.
    " 'My boy just shot your rooster,' dad said.
 'Thought it was a grouse. How much you
 figure that bird was worth?'
    "The man named a price, and it was
 reasonable. My father paid without question.
 That night when we got home, cleaned our
 guns and hung them up, father said quietly
 that I was not to use the gun for two weeks.
 He also told me that the price of the rooster
 would come out of my allowance. He was
 firm; his word was law, and it taught me a
lesson I have never forgotten. I suffered
acutely during those two weeks when I was
not permitted to hunt."
    Are today's hunters observing game laws
to the letter? They are not! The number of
violators increase each year. Onlv a small
percentage of them are arrested and con-
victed. Hunters increase in numbers and
game departments of most states are ad-
mittedly grossly under-staffed.
                                                         THE NEW FISCHER SAFETY
                                                                 F.N. & 98                For                     Mauser Action Rifjes
    A few years ago I started an ambitious                                                                         (Pat. Pend.)
project. I wanted to prove that we have
become a nation of poor sports, that viola-
tions had increased amazingly. I wrote to the
                                                         i                       In addition to improving the appearance and handling of your Mauser
                                                                                 Rifle, The New Fischer Safety offers you the following features and
                                                                                 conveniences and can be matched by no other safety i n the world.
                                                                                      1. The Rifle may be loaded and unloaded or closed on a live cart-
appropriate departments in over 20 states and
                                                                                          ridge in absolute safety by positive locking the cocking piece.
enclosed a form for the head of the depart-                                                   2. Operates on two moving parts (cam principle) most power-
ment to fill out, asking for a frank expression                                                 ful easiest and quietest. 3. Shortest travel, fastest let off.
of his opinion on how this trend could be                                                          4. Selective bolt lock which automatically unlocks when in
curbed. I thought i t would be a good story,                                                    firing position. 5. Requires no stock altering or disfiguring,
if adequately documented but I wanted un-                                                     works with any make of trigger and will not interfere with
impeachable evidence to support my theory.                                       any existing equipment. 6. Allows bolt to be disassembled without tools
                                                                                 or the usual effort. 7. Has third stage position which offers double
    The story was never written. Months                                          safety in transporting in saddle scabbard, brush, etc. by folding back
elapsed before I received replies to some of                                     against action where it is guarded against being snared on brush or
the letters I had written. Probably a half-                                      other objects. 8. Approved by the technical staff of the N. R A. 9. Un-
dozen complete replies did come in, cer-                                         conditional Guaranteed for Life. 10. 100% satisfaction guaranteed with
tainly not enough to enable me to form a
solid premise for my case. Yet, those from                                       The combined features offers you the greatest safety in the world.
whom I did hear, were unanimous that vio-
lations had increased alarmingly. Some were
of the opinion that the hunter who fires at
                                                             Complete Installation
                                                             (Send Complete Action)   $1/             For Target Shooters-Installed
                                                                                                      Available Without the Bolt Lock

any moving object was usually a war vet-                 I[send complefe action) 48-hour service. Dealers and Gunsmiths write for special insfallation
eran, a man to whom the value of life meant              ,nnd mice - -.- - --- --
                                                               - . - schedule.
                                                                                                                       2522 CHICAGO DRIVE, S W.
but little. I do not agree with this theory,
brand it as spurious.
                                                         MODERN GUN SHOP                                                     sum urns,, mw.

   Target Quicker . . . Help Me Bag More Duck and Geese" . . .

   Sidney Rosenberg, 1954 National Goose Calling                                                      No. 100: Newest
   Champion and noted hunting guide, endorses                                                        wide vision. Light
                                                                                                     weight goggles.
   Mitchell's Yellow Lens Glasses as an invaluable
   hunting aid. H says:                                                                                    -
                                                                                                      Non corroding
                                                                                                     sweat band. Gold
   "There Is always keen competition among hunt-                                                     filled, Piano  ......                  .. . ...
                                                                                                                                            With       --
   ers to get ducks or geese into their decoys.                                                                                             rested lenses
                                                                                                                                            to your own
   My Mitchell Yellow Shooting Glosses help m  e                                                                                            prescription:
   to see them first s Ican be the first to call.
   I om very proud of my Mitchell glasses; i f
   ducks or geese are flying, I can see them                                                                                                   $20.00
   quicker with your glasses."
                                                                                           Rugged gold-filled
   "Mitchell glosses also help. me get on the tar-                                         frame, pearl nose-
   get quicker. Iuse them for Trap, Skeet, Pis-                                            pieces, shell temples.
   tol, Rifle and Shotgun shooting. The difference                                         Price with yellow
   is really dramatic. Ihighly recommend them
   to those who wish to sharpen up their shoot-
   ing average."

                                                         famous guide and National
      1954 National Goose Calling Champion                 goose calling champion

                                                                                                Write for Folder illustrating 7 additional designs.

   MITCIHELL1SYELLOW LENS SHOOTING GLASSES                                                                        Waynesville, Missouri
                                                                              Many stated, with what I believe is some                    At camp, when the deer was dressed and
                                                                           truth, that the introduction of big game in                hung, it was discovered that it had been shot
                                                                           certain eastern states, had brought a new type             twice, once when it was killed, again when
                                                                           of hunter into the field, a type of hunter new             it was being transported to camp. A little
                                                                           to the woods, laws of safety, and proper con-              difference in the aim, and my friend would
                                                                           duct. Others felt that many of the big game                have been the victim!
                                                                           hunters were some species of juvenile delin-                   I suspect one of the best cures for this
                                                                           quents.                                                    mass murder in the woods would be more
                                                                              Few of them offered a remedy for the                    stringent regulations in the procurement of
                                                                           ailments, aside from a plea for more war-                  hunting licenses. About all that is required
                                                                           dens, sharper penalties. There must be better              today is the money to pay the fee. It's a fast
                                                                           answers. Today, I suspect violations are still             deal. Too fast! Every applicant should be
                                                                           on the upswing.                                            examined as to his background, his physical
                                                        Wear it for           Will you kill a man next Fall? It's not a               reactions, and mental capacity, his knowledge
                                                        huntinw  ...       pleasant thing to contemplate. You won't, if               of the game laws. Before a car driver is
                                                           it for          you observe the rules that should govern a                 licensed, he is given driving tests, his eye-
                                                          casual           man with a gun.                                            sight must be corrected if faulty, he must
                                                                              If your eyes are not good, don't try to get             have a firm grasp of motor vehicle laws-yet
                                                                           a license, or else unwittingly, you will be a              a car is no less a deadly weapon than a gun.
                                                                           menace in the woods. Last year, a friend                   Tests might weed out the poor risks.
                                                                           bagged his deer about a mile from camp,                        Such an examination, many claim, would
                                                                           gutted it, swung it over his shoulder and                  slow up the orderly issuance of hunting tags.
                                                                           started back to camp. Fifty yards away, a                  It would, beyond doubt, but if it can save
 Inside or Out. the Alaska ''htvcisit" offers more
 i n style, comfort and versatility I Wear the red                         rifle roared. My friend dropped to the                     lives, isn't it worthwhile? Offhand, I do not
 side out for hunting the clean, smart-looking,                            ground. A man tore out of the bushes, ran                  know if any state has set up such a system.
 brown nylon for casual wear. Extra heavy lining                           toward him shouting, brandishing a rifle, a                If they have, I'd like to match their ex-
     big roomy pockets, accessible from either side
     snug fitting, ribbed wool half-wristlets to stop                      wild look on his face. My friend rose to his               perience with violations in states where it's
 sleeve drafts. 100% down-filled to assure maxi-                           feet, his own gun at the alert.                             simply a matter of laying down the money
 mum warmth. T o order, send height, weight and                               "You trying to shoot me?" he inquired.                   and getting the tag which contains a mini-
 chest measurements. Hunter R e d on one side,
 reverses to Autumn Brown.                                                    The man dropped his rifle, stood, wringing               mum of information, usually identification
                                                                           his hands.                                                  angles only.
                                                                              "All I saw was the deer," he admitted.                      I once asked a dozen hunters, met at ran-
                                                                              "Let me see your license," my friend de-                 dom, what sport magazines they read. I
     RUSH further information on the above and FREE catalog i n        1   manded. He copied down the essential infor-                 found only four who read any sport maga-
     Down lnsuloted Garment3 for men, women ond chnldren.
I                                                                      I   mation. "Says here your vision is normal,"                 zines. This is not a plea for the perusal of
I Nome                                                                 1   he charged.                                                 sport magazines, but where else can embryo
['   Address-
                                                                       I      The flustered man admitted that he had                   hunters learn the things a good sportsman

1 City                             Lone-StoIe                          I   lied, that his vision was poor. "You gonna
                                                                           turn me in?" he nervously inquired.
                                                                              "You're damned right I am!" my friend
                                                                                                                                       should know to protect his own life and the
                                                                                                                                       lives of others?
                                                                                                                                          I cannot think that a really sane and nor-
                                                                           answered. He did, too.                                      mal man would be indifferent if he caused


(no cod's)
                1. J. STONE Oept.Ol0.1616 Ok St.. Santa Monica, Calif.

                                                                           --               WISS "MOUNTAINEER SPORTER
                                                                                      Used by Alpine Hunters this fabulous rifle is ac-
                                                                            claimed one of the finest evermade in Europe. Terrific
                                                                            deer rifle. Cal. .30 Swiss, 22" bbl. Excellent condition.
                                                                                                                                                                Schmidt-Rubin Rifle
                                                                            Free cleaning kit &                                           (pride of the Swiss Army) has the speed
                                                                            sling with o r d e r .        Only $22*50                     of an automatic and the reliability of a
                                                                                 , Cal 30 Swiss Hunting ammo, 20 rds.--$3.25
                                                                           , AMMO C~I: :30 Swiss Army ammo, 96 rds.---- 9.50,
                                                                                                                                          bolt action. Hi-power 7.5 mm (30 Cal.)
                                                                                      i                                                   Straight pull bolt action, 12 shot repeat-

      This i s the "real McCoy" Indian Buck Lure
      guaranteed to kill all human scent even with
      a down wind. Makes deer feel it's the safest
      place around. Genuine animal gland compound
      - r o t artificial apple perfume.
                      Very easy io use. Thousands of
                      successful hunters. Carlton Shaver,
                      mail carrier, is shown here with
                      his second buck token with Buck
                                                                                                                                          PISTOL HOLSTERS
                         Order Your Bottle Now-
                                                                                                                          Your favorite gun shop or sport-
                      You'll be glad. Valuable book-
                      let "Deer Hunting Tips" in-
                                                                                                                          ing goods dealer carries a com-
                      cluded FREE - tells you how to                                                                      plete line of "snap-off" holsters
        outsmart deer.
           Worth the price alone!                                                                                         in sixty stock sizes.
       Send ONLY $2.00, Postpaid
            3 Bottles $5.00 -
             Pioneer & specialist
           in animal scent glands.                                                                             817 North Seventeen Street                      ST. LOUIS, MO.
           PETE RICKARD                BOX   52, Cobleskill, N. Y.
                                                      C-TYPE             ' U
                                                                                                              E C H O R E - L O A D I N G PRESSES
                                                      PRESS            !       ("a                                                          "C" casting
                                                                                                                                            "The tool t h a t uses i t s head!"  Exceptionally strong      type
                                                                                                                                            w i t h a new type shell holder that may be changed b y just unscrewing the
                                                                                                                                            head a n d replacing it. (A) MODEL sizes o n the up-stroke              (B)           ...
                                                                                                                                                              n the down-stroke.
                                                                                                                                                                                    (A)   or    (B) T o o l        only..   ......$13.50
                          H t y p e press.
                   c. r n. i. . e maxi-
                                                                         rugged, economi-                                                                                           Large o r Small Primer A r m .               ...     2.75
                   .o . h n i n
                     ....                                           cal press for a l l
                   m u m strength w i t h                           l e a d i n g operations.                                                                                      S h e l l - H o l d e r Head,    with    Wrench       3.25
4              f         ,
C - H PRESS o n l y
                   positive alignment
                   and accuracy.
                                                      PRESS only
                                                      Primer Arm,
                                                                       ..........$12.00                                                                                            C-H Precision Chrome-Plate Dies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -  13.50

                                                        large o r small      ...... 3.00                                                                                                  T O T A L COST            ........... $33.00
Primer Arm,
    large or small..     .......
                 ............                         Shell Holder..       ........ 4.50
Shell H o l d e r                                     C-H Precision                                                                                                       THALSON SHOTSHELL RELOADING SET
                                                                                ... 13.50
C-H Precision                                                                                                                                                             )mplete w i t h a l l dins a n d funnel a n d shot measure,
    Chrome-Plate Dies         ....                       Chrome-Plate Dies
                                                                                                                                                                          i2.50 ...     E x t r a D i e Sets f o r 12. 16 a n d 20 gauge,
      T O T A L COST      ...... .$55.50                    T O T A L COST           ....$33.00                                                                           .3.50.

              LYMAN SIZER &                                         ON CASE TRIMMER                             SAECOI TRU-SPEED POWDER
                                                                                                                       ..-         -                                                                               LYMAN 310 TOOL
              LUBRICATOR #45                                                                                             MEASURE
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   COMPLETE, $15.75
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Will d o a l l o p e r a -
                                                      W i t h one shell holder
                                                      & b u r r i n g t o o l complete
                                                                                       $I?B                                   19   grains 2400.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   t i o n s f o r a n y single
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   c....b e r .
                                                      case-~rimmer         complete for one pistol                            Saeco Measure, for
                                                                                                                              rifle or pistol drum $1 8-50
                                                      caliber w i t h shell-holder and burring
                                                      tool ................... .$14.75                                        Extra Drum, rifle or
                                                                                                                                                  .            5.50                                                    EXTRA DIES
                                                      ~xtra   shell Holders, rifle. ... .$1.50
                                                      E t a Shell Holder, Pistol
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Per Set      ..
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             $1 0.75
                                                      Burring Tool
                                                                       ..............           2.25
                                                                            wilson Cartridge Case
                                                                           Gages, ea.. ...   .$5.SO             SAECO ELECTRIC FURNACE                                    LYMAN TRULINE JR. TURRET
                                                                                Wilson      Inside
                                                                                Neck R e a m e r s ,                               Large capacity. Thermos-                         RELOADING PRESS
                                                                                ea.  .....   .$6.00
                                                                                Wilson P r i m e r
                                                                                Pocket R e a m e r ,
                                                                                                                l , : : : : ; :d: t&
                                                                                                                                   1 i ~ o mold.      .....
                                                                                                                                                      .$38.50                                      PRESS only               .......$1 5
                                                                                ea. . . . . . .$5.00
                                                                                Wilson Punch &
                                                                                                                                   Extra Ingot Molds.

                                                                                                                    Powder Funnel. ............ .S1.00
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dies, per set            .......$10
 ~ a c h m i l l e rPrimer Pocket Swaeer for
                                                                                 Base Set, for re-
                                                                                moving crimped-
                                                                                 i n ,30-cal Prim-
                                                                                ers           .$ZOO
                                                                                                              Gun   Inertia ~ u l l e tPuller.. ...... .$6.60
                                                                                                                      (both funnels fit all calibers)
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Complete Set               ......$25
 removing crimped-in G I primers 6 8

                                                                                                                                                                          LACHMILLER METALLIC &
                                                                                                                        80RNADY BULLETS                                   SHOT  SHELL  RELOADER
                                                                                                                              - F 100                                                           Rugged. strong tool; one of the most
                                                                                                                                                                                                versatile o n the market.
     22 C a l i b e b . 2 2 3 D i a m e t e r                .22 C a l i b e b . 2 2 3 D i a m e t e r                maliber-.-            ..............                                      Loading Tool w i t h Priming Tool
 40.Grain Ogival Spire          ........
                                    .$2.80                40-Grain Hornet        .............. 2.80
                                                                                                                    45-Grain Hornet                       2.80
                                                                                                                                          ................3.05                                  Complete, f o r any.............
 45-Grain Spitzer        ..............
                                      2.80                45-Grain Hornet                                           50-Grain Spire
                                                                                                                    %-Grain Spire         ................3.05                                  one caliber.               $48.50
    22 C a l i b e r - 2 2 4  Diameter
                              .........                     .22 C a l i b e w . 2 2 4 D i a m e t e r               60-Grain Spire        ................3.05                                        Loading Tool w i t h Stparato
 40.Grain Ogival Spire
 45.Grain Spitzer
                                      2.80                40-Grain Hornet        ..............
                                                                                 ..............     2.80              2 2 Caliber--2225
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Primina Tool Complete, for any
 50.Grain Spitzer
  52.Grain Hollow Point
                                                          45-Grain Hornet
                                                          46-Grain Semi-pointed         .......     2.80
                                                                                                    3.05            45-Grain Hornet
                                                                                                                                           Diamet r
                                                                                                                                                                                                      one gauge shot
                                                                                                                                                                                                      she11  ....................
 55-Grain Spitzer        ..............
                                      3.05                45-Grain Spitzer       ..............
                                                                                       ........     3.05            50-Grain Spire
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shotsliell loading
        6 M M 2 4 3 Diameter
                                                          50-Grain Semi-pointed
                                                          5O.Grain Spitzer       ..............     3.05
                                                                                                    3.05                6MM.-243        Diameter
                                                                                                                    70-Grain Spire ................ 3.95
                                                                                                                                                                                                      dies only.      ...........$24.50
  75-Grain Hollow Point               4.15
                         ..............                   55-Gr. Semi-Ptd. or Snitzer       ...     3.05                           ................
  90-Grain Spitzer
 105-Gr. Spitz. or Rnd. Nose.
                                                          63-Grain Semi-pointed        ........     3.05             87-Grain Spire
                                                                                                                    100-Grain Round Nose   .........              4.15
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Change Unit, t o change from
                                                                                                                                                                                                      one gauge t o
     25 C a l i b e r - 2 5 7 Diameter                      2 5 C a l i b e b . 2 5 7 Diameter                                                                                                        another..       ...........
  60-Grain Oaival Spire       .........
                         ..............                   85-Grain Spjtzer ..............
                                                                                             4.15                       25 C a l i b e b . 2 5 7 D i a m e t e r
                                                                                                                     60-Grain Spire ............... 3.85                                              Lachmiller Metallic Loading
                                                                                                                     87.Grain Spire ................4.15
  87-Grain Snitzer                     4.15              100-Grain Spltzer                   4.40
                                                                                     ....                                                                                                             Dies, per Bet..       ......
                                                                                                                    100-Grain Spire ................4.40
                                                         117-Gr. Spitzer, B T or F B         4.65
                                                              6MM.-243        Diameter                              117-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can) ...... 4.65
  87-Grain Spitzer
                         ..............      4.15         75-Grain Spitzer H.P. ........ 4.15
                                                          80-Grain Spitzer .............. 4.15                           6.5MM.-263      Diameter                                                     ~ o o only
                                                                                                                                                                                                            l          ..........
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Lachmiller Priming               $8.80
 120.Grain Spitzer
                         ..............       4.65                                                                  100-Grain Spire         ...............
 ..- G r a i n Snitzer
 ufl-          -.  ~

       2 7 0 Caliber--277          Shank
                                              5.00        100-Gr. Spitzer or Semi-pointed. 4.40
                                                                                                                    129-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                    160-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                                                       .......                                                              REDD I N G
 100-Grain Spitzer       ..............
                         ..............       4.60
                                                         120.Grain Spitzer
                                                                                        4.65                                                                                                                                POWDER
 130.Grain Spitzer
 150-Grain Spitzer       ..............
                                              5.25       140-Grain Spitzer B T       ..........
                                                                                        5.00                            270 Caliber--277   Diameter
                                                                                                                    100-Grain Spire               4.65                                                                      & BULLET
          7MM.-284           Diameter                      2 7 0 C a l i b e b . 2 7 7 Diameter                     130-Grain Spire       ................
 130.Grain Spitzer       ..............
                         ..............       5.00       110-Grain Spitzer       ..............
                                                                                             4.65                   150-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)       5.25                                                                      SCALE
 145.Grain Spitznr
                         ..............       5.10       130-Grain Spitzer, B T or F B     ....
 ........ Soitzer
 ~fifl.Grain                                  5.25       150-Grain Spitzer B T       ..........
                                                                                             5.25                         7MM.-284        Diameter
                                                                                                                                            ............... 4.65               Hydraulic Dampener!
      30 C a l i b e b . 3 0 8 D i a m e t e r
 110-Grain Ogival SPIfe
 130-Grain Hollow Point
                                                               7MM.-284 . Diameter
                                                               .......    -

                                                          120-Grain Spitzer     .............. 4.65
                                                                                                                    120-Grain Spire
                                                                                                                    139-Grain Spire (can)
                                                                                                                    154-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                                                 .......... 5.00
                                                                                                                                                     ......        5.25
                                                                                                                                                         ...... 5.75
                                                                                                                                                                               Weighs t o 2 5 Grains!
                                                                                                                                                                               Tenth-Grain Graduations!                  $14.00
                                                          140-Grain Spitzer     .............. 5.00                 175-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)
 150-Grain Flat, Spitzer or
      Round Nose       ................
                                              5.00        160-Grain Spitzer B T       .......... 5.25                   3 0 Caliber-,308    Diameter                             REDDING POWDER MEASURE
 180-Gr Sptz or Rnd. Nose
                                  ......      5.25                                                                  IIO.Gr. Rnd. Nose or Spire..   4.55     ...
 200.Gr.' ~ n d . ' Nose or SPtz              5.40          .30 C a i i b e r ~ . 3 0 8 D i a m e t e r
                                                          125-Grain Spitzer ..............4.65
                                                                                                                    150-Gr. Rnd. Nose or Spire     5.00   .....                                                   Easy-to-set c h r o m e
     3 0 3 Caliber-.311          Diameter
                                                          150-Grain Spitzer .............. 5.00
                                                                                                                    170-Grain F l a t Point        ..........
                                                                                                                                                    5.25                                                          dial, w i t h exclusive
 150-Grain Spitzer       ..............       5.00
                                                          180-Grain Spitzer B T or F B . ... 5.25
                                                                                                                    180-Grain Round Nose or
                                                                                                                                         .................                                                        f l e x ring t h a t e l i m i -
 180-Grain Rnd. Nose        ...........       5.25
                                                                                    ...........                       Spire (Can)                   5.25                                                          nates powder
      32 Caliber-.321           Diameter
                                                          180-Grain Matchking                          5.50         220-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)        ......
                                                                                                                                                   5.75                                                           cutting.                 $16
 170-Grain F l a t Point    ...........       5.25          303 C a l i b e r ~ . 3 1 1 Diameter                      3 0 3 Caliber-,312    Diameter
          8MM.-.323           Diameter                    150-Grain Sp$er        ..............
                                                                                 ..............5.10                 150-Grain Rnd. Nose (can).     5.10  .....
  125-Grain Ogival Spire
  15O-Grain Spitzer
                          ..............      4.65
                                                          80-Grain Spitzer                     5.35
                                                                                                                       3 2 Special-.321       Diameter
                                                                                                                                                                                             LACHMILLER POWDER
 170-Grain Semi-Spitzer         ........
                               .........      5.25              8MM.-.323
                                                          150.Grain Spitzer
                                                                                 ..............5.10                 170-Gr. F l a t Pt. (can)         ........
                                                                                                                                                     5.25                                 $16.75  MEASURE   $16.15
 225.Grain Round Nose                         5.75
     333 C a l i b e b . 3 3 3 Diameter                   175-Grain Spitzer      .............. 5.35                 8MM. Calibere.323 Diameter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Accurate, easy-to-set! Por-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  celanized inside t o wr-
 275-Grain Semi-Spitzer           ........    7.00                                                                  150-Gr. Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                    170-Gr Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                                            5.25      ......                                                      m i t powder t o slide even-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ly. Complete w i t h 2 drop
     .348 C a l i b e y . 3 4 9 D i a m e t e r
 180-Grain F l a t Point
 ............. Flat Point
                               ..........     5.50
     .35 C a l i b e b . 3 5 8 5 D i a m e t e r
                                                             LACHMILLER LUBRICATED
                                                                SHOTGUN WADS
                                                                3/o" Fiber. $3.60 ner 1000
                                                                                                           11          348
                                                                                                                               C a l i b e b . 3 4 8 Diameter
                                                                                                                               F l a t Point (can) ...... 5.75
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tubes. Range 2.5 grains
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  bullseye to 93 grains
 180-Grain     F l a t Point                  5.50
                                                                 V,"                                                    35    Caliber-,358   Diameter
                                                                                                                                                         ......                                               I              L Y M A N 55
 220-Grain F i a t Point      ..........
                          ..............      5.85                  Fiber; $4.25 per          1000                  200.Gr.    Rnd. Nose (can)      5.75
 250-Grain Snitzer
   .375 C a l i b e b . 3 7 5 5 D i a m e t e r
                                                                 1 " Felt, $4.95 per
                                                                    Pelt, $6.00 per
                                                                lA" Felt. $7.95 per
                                                                                                                               Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                               Rnd. Nose (can)
                                                                                                                                                    6.80 ......                                                                  POWDER
 235-Grain Semi-Piker                          6.50
 285-Grain Semi-Spitzer          ........
                                   ......      7.27          ,135"~Over powder, $1.96
                                                                                               Der Id
                                                                                                           I        .
                                                                                                                        375 A.... a l i b .ma-- w . 3 ,--..,m e t e r
                                                                                                                               C           e          75 Dia
 285-Gr. F u l l Metal Jacket                 8.00

                                     ¥-I INC                                     531 Market St.                                                            SAN DIEGO 1. CALIF. I
                                                                 the death of another. But place a gun in the     fever?" I doubt if the latter is even faintly
    BUY YOUR SPORTS                                              hands of some men, and they become damned
                                                                 careless and a distinct menace to others.
                                                                                                                  responsible. The symptoms are different, are
                                                                                                                  evidenced in a momentary and idiotic in-
                                                                 Your hunting license gives you the right to      sanity that seldom results in danger to others.
                                                                 kill game-not your fellow-hunters.               It is invariably followed by temporary
                                                                    We need education of the young people         periods of contrition, and a fast cure. "B.uck
                                                                 who will soon be buying guns and hunting         fever," in my experience, occurs only in the
                                                                 licenses, going into the fields and woods for    unmistakable presence of game.
                                                                 game. What work, if any, is being done in           Perhaps it is due to some psychological
                                                                 our schools to teach this young crowd how to     miscalculation. Many of our motivating emo-
                                                                 be real sportsmen? How many movies are           tions are responsible to psychological impulse
                                                                 shown in any such clinic that will show a boy    and drive, and only a few of them are bad.
                                                                 how to carry and use a gun, what are good           You simply cannot isolate or identify the
    Now you can buy all your Sports Equipment on                 practices, what others are bad? These young-     offenders, desirable a s it might be. Maybe
    our Easy Credit Plan-take 15 months to pay-
    Never a service charge for credit to you.                    sters are hungry for this sort of information,   the answer lies in more stringent examina-
    Send 50c for our Mammoth fully Illustrated                   they need it, they have enough pride that        tions and rigid mental tests before a license
    1957 Encyclopedia of Sports Equipment, fea-
    turing the finest for the hunter fisherman &                 they don't want to be marked as inept in any     is granted. Education might be curative or
    camper. Refundable with first order.                         field. They want to be good. Who is helping      remedial. Possibly a steady indoctrination in
          PARKER DISTRIBUTORS                                    them? And how?                                   the precepts of good sportsmanship would be
     Dept. 509                        P. 0. Box 55                                                                helpful. Perhaps a combination of all of the
     Wil?iamsbridge Sta.,      New York 67, N. Y.                   Talking far into the night, these are the
                                                                 conclusions we reached. We thouaht thev          factors would be desirable. That precious
                                                                                                                  ounce of prevention seems lacking all along
                                                             I   opinions were further cemented the following     the line.
                                                                 morning when we discovered that the buck            Beyond doubt, the introduction of big

     he o r i g i n a l
                                                         1       we had left hanging to a tree limb had been
                                                                 stolen in the night.
                                                                   Will you kill a man this fall? Another
                                                                                                                  game in a given state plays a major role in
                                                                                                                  this tragic record of loss of lives, the de-
                                                                                                                  struction of property. Before we had a deer
    thumb rest                                                   question: Kill you, be the man who is killed?    and bear season in Pennsylvania, for ex-
    stocka $6.50
    and $7.00 pair.                                                Is this epidemic of avoidable killings due     ample, hunting fatalities were very low. The
    POINTER PUPS Imitation                                       to some secret psychological quirk in the        hunting was done with shotguns and small
    stag, no thumb rest $4.00.                                   individual; or can it be charged to "buck        caliber rifles. In those days a hunter never
    Largest complete stock
    Pearl, Ivory, Stag. Fully inlet-                                                                              mistook a cow for a rabbit. The new crop
    ted. semi-finished Walnut, right                                                                              of hunters, armed with high-powered rifles,
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    CLEAR SIGHT LENS CAPS for all                                                                                 changed the picture. Sport became dan-
    scopes. $2.95 pr.                                                                                              gerous. The joy of hunting, for many of us,
    GREAT WESTERN Single Action Guns-most                                                                         was gone.
    cal. i n stock.
    Send for FREE CATALOG. Address Box                                                                               We are all haunted with one question:
    860-G.                                                                                                        Will we kill a man this F a l l - o r will we be
    SOUTHWEST CUTLERY & MFG. C o n                                                                                 the one who is the victim?
                  Montebello, California
                                                                                                                     It's high time we found the answers! @

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          (Continued from page 33)

jacketed slug. The same consideration must          Good hunters
be used in reloading shotgun shells.
    Light trap and skeet loads are brought              know woodfore.
into balance by a fast burning powder which
                                                         He can identify deer tracks
means less wad pressure. The heavy maxi-
mum duck loads with their progressive burn-
ing powder, would squib if they were loaded
in this manner. The basic thing to remember
is that each load, the shot charge and
~ o w d e r must be in balance.
    The wad column is the heart of the shot-
gun shell. I t serves four distinct purposes
which the reloader must keep constantly in
mind for best results. First: the wad column
puts the proper pressure on the powder for
 best combustion. This varies with the many
 different powder types, ranging all the way
 from a scant 10 pounds pressure for some
 fast burning powders used in trap loads, to
 as much as 90 pounds pressure applied to
 some of the progressive powders used in
 magnum duck loads. Data sheets on this
 phase of shot-shell handloading may be ob-         Good hunters know SfER
 tained from most suppliers, and are also                             He knows that if his favorite rifle i s loaded witn
 available in the new Alcan Company cata-
                                                           SIERRABULLETS, he i s sure to get his game.
     In making up a long range, maximum                                 Don't forget                 ... sight in before that hunting trip.
 load for duck shooting using, for example,
 AL-7 powder, the wad column must be given
 a pressure of 88 to 90 pounds. If only 4'0
 pounds pressure were applied, combustion                                                        IERRA BULLETS
                                                                                                         Wh~ttier,                                   California
                                                                                                           600 West Whittier Blvd.
 would not be as uniform. Muzzle flash would
 occur, indicating unburned powder. Patterns                                                                F O R TARGET O R G A M E   ...TRUE   T O THEIR A I M
 would suffer, and so would killing power at
 long range.
     In reloading a shell for upland game shoot-
  ing, a 12 gauge using 1 ounce of 7% shot
  and Super-M Ballistite powder, only 10
  pounds of wad pressure would be required.
  Even less pressure would scarcely affect the
  uniform burning of this fast powder.
                                                                                                                        It Saves YouMoney
     How critical are those wad pressure fig-
  tires, is one big question in shotshell reload-
  ing. Suppose they are exceeded and, where
  a powder calls for 90 pounds pressure, 100
                                                    THALSON Shotshell ,,eloading Set ,
  pounds is applied-what will happen? Noth-
  ing. much. While the burning rate is con-                                                                                       Complete Set Including Tool Frame
  trolled to a great extent by the wad column                                                                                     Assembly and10 Parts(AsIllustrated)
  pressure, it is also inherent in the powder
  itself. Reduced wad pressure will be apparent
  on progressive burning powders by producing
  poor combustion, while more pressure than
  required would scarcely be noticeable. With
  powders designed for light trap loads, extra
   wad pressure is not harmful. While it may
  increase chamber pressure somewhat, it is
   not dangerous. What is dangerous is to use
   a fast burning powder and a maximum shot
   charge designed for a progressive burning
      Wad pressure should be applied slowly.
   The pressure should be held for a while
   with the reloading tool, then released slowly
   This gives the powder time to settle firmly
   in place, resulting in uniform combustion
   and better patterns.
      Some reloaders apply pressure to the corn
   pleted wad column. But it is much better tc
   seat such felt filler wads with the pressure
   called for by the powder used. To get the
   feel of the proper powder pressure, where        Name...........................................................
   the reloading tool does not have a pressure      Address.......................................................
   indicator, the reloading tool can be set on E
   bath room scale. After a few reloadings ir
                                                                                                                                        Exclusive Importers
   this manner, pressures are easily estimated
   and applied without a check.                                                                                         682 Mission Street

                                                            Besides putting proper pressure on the          Where the dipper type shot charge meas-
                                                         powder charge, the wad column seals in the      ure is used, it should be adjusted to each

                                  Available Only         powder gas, and cushions the shot charge,       size of shot by careful weighing or by
                                  By Mail from           keeping it from being battered and deformed     counting the number of individual shot
                           Norm Thompson                 at the time of f%ng. It also fills space, and   pellets to an ounce. The adjustment will
Brand                         (Not Sold in Stores)       brings the shot charge to the exact height
                                                         needed for proper crimping so the shell will
                                                                                                         vary with shot sizes, and is not the same for
                                                                                                         a shot size of 8 as it is for number 5. These
                                                         work in repeating guns. This is especially      adjustments should be part of your reloading
                                                         necessary with the folded head crimp. In        notes, so you have exact data to guide you.
                                                         building the proper wad column height,          As you continue to reload and test, you will
                                                         special filler wads must be used. These         eventually have valuable information on the
                                                         spacer wads come in various thicknesses for     best hunting and trap loads for all your
                                                         the purpose-%      inch, ?$ hair felt wads,     different shotguns, something. which has a
Inspired by the shikari (shy-kz-r~)                  -   .O7Ov nitro spacer wad, .135" nitro over-       beautiful payoff in field hunting and at the
big game hunter and guide of India.                      powder wad.                                     traps.
Distinctive and practical all-weather                       A wad column in a reloaded shell stacks         In selecting equipment for shotshell re-
clothing of finest q u a l i t y for t h e               up something like this: thin ,135" over-
American outdoorsman. Satisfaction                                                                       loading buy basic, quality tools. Then, as
guaranteed.                                              powder wad, a felt % inch filler wad, one       you become more experienced and have
                                                         of ?$", then one or two spacers, .O7Or' wads,   preferences, you can add to your reloading
                                                         depending on the ~ i z e the shot charge.       equipment for a more well-rounded outfit.
                                                            Safety must be constantly kept in mind.         Reloading shotgun shells is no more com-
                                                         Avoid extremes in all your reloading. Take      plicated than reloading for a rifle, and in
                                                         nothing for granted.. Keep careful notes of     many ways is much more practical. It is a
                                                         your best loads-the ones which give good        means of doing something about your field
                                                         field results without any indications of high   shooting problem here and now, by improv-
                                                         pressure. Frequently check your powder meas-    ing your shotgun performance-a       nice ap-
                                                         ure setting with good accurate scales, such     proach to all your shooting when the seasons
                                                         as the Redding or a Pacific.                    are closed.

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Desert Tan Top
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                        WHAT'S THE BEST DUCK GUN?
                                     (Continued from page 23)
                                                                                                                        "MUST" READING
highly competitive type of shooting, the gun
and ammunition makers have developed
                                                       regular field loads to magnum loads.
                                                          For shooting over decoys in areas where
                                                                                                                            FOR MEN"'^.^
special guns and loads. Magnum is the word
for both. Magnum pumps in 12 gauge with
                                                       the sky busters are not keeping the duckâ
                                                       flying too high, a 12 gauge auto-loadel
                                                                                                                       WHO ENJOY GUNSmmm
30" barrels weigh from 8% to 9 pounds as               weighing 7% to 8 pounds with 28" fuU
a rule, and magnum doubles weigh about                 choke barrel and shooting the 2% inch                                       Fred Dutig's
the same as a rule. Where there is not much            magnum loads with No. 6 shot makes a
walking involved in the hunting, such gun              dandy combination.                                                "Cartridges for Collectors,
weight is not objectionable to the average                I have tried out such a combination f o ~
hunter. These guns are chambered for the               just such shooting as this, and it workec                               Volume I" and
3-inch magnum loads.                                   beautifully. Where sky busters kept tht
   The 3-inch magnum duck loads shot out               ducks flying high, however, a 12 gauge mag                            "The Luger Pistol"
of magnum guns designed to handle them                 num pump (30" full choke barrel) and
                                                       inch magnum loads with No. 4 shot combina                       H e r e a r e t w o fascinating, r e a d a b l e
 (12 gauge guns with 30" full choke barrels)
                                                       tion proved considerably better and mort                        books you'U w a n t to own. Witn    rte
have an amazing effective duck killing range.
                                                       effective. This latter combination wodc                         b y F r e d Datig, one of the world's
The effective duck killing range is in-
                                                       reach out and bring down ducks that th~                         foremost authorities o n weapons,
creased over regular 12 gauge-26'' barrel
high velocity guns by a t least twenty yards.          auto-loader and 2% inch magnum load com                         both books are profusely illustrated
This I have put to rigid tests, and I have             bination would only dust or wound.                              with charts a n d photographs.
found it to be true.                                      There is no doubt about it, a wider us(
   In areas where one has to compete with              of magnum guns and loads for duck shoot
the sky busters (or contend with them,                 ing would cut down greatly on crippled birds                                            Cartridges foi
should we say,) think of just how many                 Like many other hunters, I cau sit in a blinc                                           Collectors, Vol-
more ducks this will put in the bag for the            and wait until I can see the whites of tht                                              ume I, lists, de-
number of shots fired, and how many less               d,uck's eyes before I start shooting, but hov                                           scribes a n d fl-
cripples left to die miserable deaths later.           often does one get a chance to do this i~                                               lustrates unusu-
   The 2% inch magnum shells in standard               the public duck shooting areas today? T ~ I                                             al c a r t r i d g e s
                                                       average duck hunter knows the answer t~                                                 most of which
auto-loading 12 gauge guns increase the                                                                                                        are n o t listed in
effective duck killing range over the lighter          that one.                                                                               any other book.
combinations, safely, from 12 to 15 yards.                 Most of the public hunting area shootin1                                            Also contains a
Most 12 gauge auto-loaders have sufficient             will be at long range if the hunter i s to ge                                           section o n many
weight (with recoil pads) to handle the 2%              very much shooting, I t definitely pays to us,                                         of t h e most pop-
inch magnum loads without too much recoil               a gun and load combination that will reacl                                             ular m i l i t a r y
and jam. In some models there are no ad-                up and bring down the high flyers, withou                                              and s p o r t i n ~
justments to make when changing from                    leaving cripples in the marshes.            Cl                 rounds of the world today. I n c l u d e
                                                                                                                       actual size, scale dustrations, average
                                                                                                                       bullet weights, muzzle velocities, pxin-
                                                                            WONDERSIGH1                                cipal weapons for which each round is
                                                                            The long-ran e sight with click-mitrmeto   intended.
                                                                            windage for !&w and COLT revolve^%
                                                                            Att~hedin o iiffy! Neat, Canpad art
                                                                            Sturdy. Hear-treatedand blued with*
                                                                            am dun ti on^
                                                                            &W Guns require no r.smithing to           The Lager Pis-
                                                                            tach. Colt guns require nll~ng tapm
                                                                                                          and          tol is the o d
                                                                                                                       source b o o t
                                                                                                                       about L u g e r s .
BIG THREE lnc., Depf. 6-10     N~$72$!&A~y.                                                                            Widely ac-
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                                                                                                                       Americans, i t ' s
                                                                                                                       one of the most
                                                                                                                       important books
                                                                                                                       o n weapons,
                                                                                                                       and is o n GUNS
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                                                           THE UNPkEDICTABLE BANDTAIL PIGEON
                                                                                (Continued from page 40)

                                              much as I hunted deer in this same territory,        If you have never felt frustration, try
               Made of flnest Solingen
                                              listen for evidence of bandtail pigeon feed-       taking bandtail pigeon with a heavy shotgun
              steel. Holds edze s h m         ing. When I eased into a section where they        when they are coming at you across those
              enough to shave with.
              Finest huntinz fishing          were feeding, I got into a gunning position        West Coast hills at express train speeh
              and all 'round' sportini
              aid made. Includes 2/'
                                  =4'         comparatively free from brush and tossed a         closing the range each time you miss. Many
                     a' blade, screw
              blade, l*
                      /'                      stick into the feeding area. The bandtails         gunners will say there is no such thing as an
              driver, Phillips screw
              driver, reamer punch
              awl blade can opener,
                                    -         would tower to clear the high alder and            ideal bandtail pigeon gun. Press them a bit
              bottle oveker, and scis-       second growth flr, giving me a chance for           further and they will aIso say there is no
                      ~.......: 3.75
              F-121....       ....           three quick shots. On some red letter occa-         such thing as a good pigeon shot, either.

                                          ~   sions, I managed to down three birds out of
                                             the flock. MOS<I~though, I considered myself
                                             lucky if I got one or two as they spiraled up
                                             through the brush.
                                                                                                 And in many ways they are right on both
                                                                                                 counts. Yet-
                                                                                                   Some of the best wing shooting I have
                                                                                                 ever seen has been done in those West Coast
                                                 The gun I used was a tightly-choked Rem-       hills by hunters gunning for bandtails. Those
                                             ington 20 gauge pump. As a matter of fact,          exceptionally good shots believed that there

                                             it was the closest shooting shotgun I have          was such a thing as an ideal bandtail pigeon
                                             ever owned, throwing 85 per cent patterns           gun. They started with an upland game gun,
                                             w t 7% shot at 35 yards, and 80 per cent
                                               ih                                                one about right for ruffed grow-for
       . 9-
          s                                  patterns at 40 yards with number 6 shot.
                                             But when the bandtails were actually hold-
                                                                                                 weight, balance, and barrel length. Then
                                                                                                 they modified these specifications.
                                             ing close as they often did, like ruffed              With so many different gunners working
    .SO POPV~Koumm
                                             grouse on a cold blustery day, I either missed
                                         ,, them entirely with that ti~htlv-chokedzun.
                                             or hitting thim I blew the; to- bits with-thl
                                                                                                 on the problem, their answers are bound to
                                                                                                 be almost as numerous as the gunners them-
                                                                                                 selves. In the main it all added up to a fast-
                                             closely-choked charge.                             handling gun with a weight beween 5% and
                                                 I tried a 12 gauge, 7-pound gun, throwing       7 pounds and a barrel length of 28 to not
                                             a 50 per cent pattern. Here I ran into just        over 30 inches, with the shorter length being
                                             enough additional weight to slow me down,           preferred in the pump and automatic and the
                                             and make me hurry my shot in heavy cover.           longer barrel length in the double.
                                             On pass shooting it was just too open bored.          My own persona1 selection of gauge and
                                             The problem, obviously, was one of compro-          choke, which has worked out excellently for
                                             mise: get a shotgun in a gauge which               me on bandtail pigeon shooting, has like
                                             reached out there on a pass to 40 and 50           most pigeon guns many elements of one
                                             yards. I t must also have su5cient spread          used for ruffed grouse or blue grouse. I t
                                            for heavy cover.                                    is a Marlin over-under 20 gauge with 28 inch
                                                 Of course, one could come up with these        barrels bored full and modified. The mod-
                                             two indicated chokes by using one of the           ified barrel throws a nice even spread of
                                            many excellent adjustable choking devices.          either 7% or size 6 shot and the full choked
                                            And some bandtail gunners have done just            barrel a tight pattern of size 6-sometimes
                                            that. But you still have the problem of gun         the pattern boards say as much as 80 per cent,
                                            weight and recoil.                                  with an average of about 75.
                                                 The search for Bridey Murphy was simple           In the heavy cover this is all to the good.
                                            in comparison with my quest for a perfect           On the flush out of the huckleberry brush,
                                            bandtail pigeon gun.                                the elderberry or the acorn oaks, that mod-
                                                Even the ,pass shooting wasn't always a         ified barrel is just the ticket. Then, as the
                                            matter of taking high birds. Given the right        game turns and sideslips through the trees,
                                            weather conditions, bandtail pigeons would          that close pattern of the second barrel is
                                            come over the ridges from their roosting            an excellent follow-up. The cover being
                                            toward the feeding areas, just clearing the         dense, there is not much use of a second
                                            low growing brush. And always their flying          modified barrel because so much of the
                                            outlined the broken contour of the hills they       fringing shot is intercepted by limbs, leaves
                                            passed over. They would come in a low               and trunks of trees.
                                            sizzling, dipping, ducking g l i d e v e r y much      In pass shooting with this gauge one must
                                            as a snipe leaves a bog, scarcely clearing the      be a bit more selective in his gunning posi-
                                            intemening tussocks and swamp grass.                tion. But with just a little thought to getting

                                                       angle i s well as the usual windage.
                              iage Adjustment         FOR FULL INFORMATION SEND TODAY
                                                        FOR NEW F'REE CATALOG No. 10-G
into the right position, most of the ranges I
                                                        Sfart Reloading Shotgun Shells
can be shortened from three to five ya~ds.
Once, while shooting in the Blue Ridge
country of southwestern Oregon, I had a
stand on a pass where the bandtails came up
a valley below me. I had crossing shots at                 How With the MEW
about 40 yards, a place where both my mod-
ified and full choke barrel were very effec-
live. Yet the normal posting of this pass was 1
about 400 yards farther along the hogback,
where the pigeons flared up and over, tower-
ing across the hill at a good 50 yards.
   A lriend of mine, A1 Lyman, posted here
and using his 12 gauge magnum double, was
right in his element. But it was no place for   1
a 20 gauge. Yet, the light weight, quick ,
l~andlingqualities of my Marlin over-under,           Exclusive new patented features make tbls tool a                                    x.   >
as well as my careful selection of a stand,           handloader's dream come true. A whole new con-
compensated for its shortcomings as a pass            cept in design and engineering was employed in
gun. Fact is, I took my limit with less shells        order to make the tool you requested. Look at
than A1 Lyman did that day.
                                                      these not-to-be-co~ied
   Next day, back on my own home grounds
in the huckleberry brush, it was no contest
between my 20 and Al's 12 gauge magnum.                1.   ~ullysizes shot shell cases, correcting W L ~
We eased along through the huckleberry and                  diameter and rim thickness to conform exactly
el(1erI)erry brush, flushing single, doubles and
small flocks of bandtails. Three times I got
                                                            to factory dimensions.
doubles, while A1 cursed and sweated out
just four pigeons during the forenoon hunt. 1         2.     Removes old primer automatically.
It was ruffed grouse shooting, with a few
added touches particular to bandtail pigeon
alone. In some of the more open glades, they
                                                ~     3.     Reforms damaged shells to feed properly in all
came out of the huckleberry bushes like ,                    automatic shotgum
snipe out of the Canary Grass along Ore- '
gon's fabulous Coquille River.
   If you think the proper selection of a
                                                      4.     To assure perfectly uniform ballistics, tool seats
shotgun for pigeon shooting is controversial,
                                                             the primers by pressure from inside the shell.
try asking a gathering of rabid West Coast
bandtail gunners about proper shot sizes.             5.     Seats entire wad column in one operation.
'rhere are those who use and swear by num-                   Wad punch is graduated in pounds of wad
ber 4 shot for pigeon shooting. At the other
end of the scale, there are bandtail pigeon                  pressure applied.
gunners who use nothing but size 8. The best
compromise, of course, is found between               6.     One stroke of the press returns a perfect
these two extremes. Those gunners who use                    folded crimp to a once fired shell.
size 4 shot and 12 gauge magnums confine
themselves strictly to pass shooting. Gunners       Dies Available In All Popular Gauges.
using size 8 shot hunt the heavier cover$
                                                    G Shot Shell Reloading Tool,
using a fairly open bored ruffed grouse gun
for close range shooting. But where a gunner
                                                    including one set of dies..
                                                    Shot Shell Dies..
                                                                      .& gun-
                                                                        . .... or .. ..$3O.W
plans on covering the entire field, from            See your sporting
heavy brush-covered huckleberry ridges and          ~~11th. further kfortnation write direct.
 acorh flats to occasional pass shooting, the
selection of shot sizes must be well rounded.
 As I see it, size 4 shot is out for a target
the size of a bandtail pigeon, unless you
are throwing at least 1% ounces to give a'
sufficiently dense pattern. And 1 would ques-
tion anv shot size smaller than 7%. too.
   ~ a n d i a i l sare hard to kill, mu& more so
than ruffed grouse or h v e . And, unless they
are killed very dead, they are very likely to
escape in the heavy cover to suffer and die.                                            Mu 11 Hunting
 Pigeon dogs, well trained retrievers, are few
and far between. So it is up to the gunner                                                   Accessories
to grass his birds thoroughly, or lose many
of them.                                                              J$12.50                N~W-            One                    Neoprene
   1 think 1 have used every shot size which
might be considered even remotely suitable          For Mauser, Springfield,                             -   Piece                  Cheekpiece
for bandtail pigeon shooting. And over the
years my shot sizes, like my selection of a
proper gauge, have narrowed down. I can-
                                                    and Enfield. Also speed-
                                                    lock kit for dl three.
                                                                                             Right Hand Mauser       :
                                                                                                                     ;      ..Q*   : ,< .
                                                                                                                                   ,          $3.95
                                                                                                   safety            '$'-          wght & left hand
not, in the nature of this shooting, expect to
                                                                        $1 5.00                              ~085;                 ~ to fit any low
cover all possible gunning situations with           Gx ~t & ,.-.<
my 20 gauge. By the same token, I cannot                .?
                                                        $& ;                                                                           comb stock.
expect to cover all gunning sit~~ations hest
advantage with the shot size I use. But day                                   DAYTON TRAISTER CO.                                     DEALERS AND
in and day out, all through the autumn
pigeon gunning, I find that 7% and 6 size
 shot are my most versatile loadings.
                                                                                      7912 S. E WWEU BLVD.
                                                                                       PORTLAND 6, OREGO
                                                                                                                                   JOBBERS INQUIRIES
                                                                                                       The 20 gauge is one factor in sticking to
                                                                                                    these two-shoi sizes, of course. With a 12
                                                                                                    gauge, one could up the size to 5's for pass
                                                                                                    shooting, but not above that. The killing
                                                                                                    qualities of both 7% and size 6 are ex-
                                                                                                    cellent. For the shorter, heavy cover shooting,
                                                                                                    when those bandtails are acting like ruffed
                                                                                                    grouse, there is no shot size I have ever
                                                                                                    used which was as consistent as 7% in any
                EELAND CAR-         B.S.A. .222 Short Action Field Rifle, with tht                  gauge. My 20 gauge modified barrel handles
                NDOW S P O T
                      UP R          high comb, which has now completely proven                      this size to perfection, too, another factor to
                TH ALL ANGLE        its ability in accuracy. Com-                                   be considered. A shot size of 7 would also
                       HEAD,        plete with Factory Sights... $147.00                            be a good selection for this heavy cover gun-
                                                                                                    ning, if the pattern board showed that your
                         complete                                                                   gun was partial to this size.
                                    Parker-Hale Mounts for above
                                    gun .....................     $15.00                               No. 6 shot is my choice for the more open
                                                                                                    shooting. And, on occasion, I use it in my
                                    Stith Mounts for above gun                                      second barrel, with its full choked pattern,
SUPPORT, only        .......
                  .$7.50              ........................ $20.00                               even in the heavy brush. For, quite often,
                                                                                                    you have gunning situations in heavy cover,
                                                                                                    with the range extended well out toward the
                                                                                                    4 yard mark. A close pattern is easier to
                                                                                                    get through the brush under the circum-
                                                                                                    stances. For such shooting is usually out and
                                                                                                    out snapshooting, with the gunner trying to
                                                                                                    intercept his game through a narrow avenue
                                    B.S.A. 7 M M and 257R Medium Action rifle with                  of the forest, a hole in the otherwise dense
FREELAND POPULAR BENCH              continental stock, is a very fine rifle;complete                canopy of trees through which his bird is
REST STAND, with                    with factory sights. Same
3 sand bags..        ......
                                    mounts as above applicable..         $151.50                    escaping.
                                                                                                       Recently I have experimented with special
                                                                                                    handloads, bandtail pigeon shooting in mind.
                                    B.S.A. -22Caliber Martini Target Rifle, either                  Of those tested two have shown distinct
                                    in the light or heavy weight rifle, and made for                promise on the pattern board. They are both
                                    either right hand or left hand                                  20 gauge loads, using 7% and 6 shot, but
                                    shooters, with sights..    ...... $151.00                       loaded to a full 1% ounce, instead of my
                                                                                                    former 1 ounce loading. These loads sweeten
                                                                                                    the pattern considerably in the 20 gauge,
                                    FREELAND 3-Point Electronic Bedder..  ..... ....$15.00          while still staying within the light weight

                                    Freeland Sling Keeper $1.25 Gun wiper.. ........    .SO         of this handy, versatile gun, The recoil de-
mention scope        .......
                  $14.95            COLT 357 Magnum.. ..........................   .$89.50          veloped by these handloads is very mild-no
                                                                                                    more noticeable than when using the 1 ounce
                                    SMITH AND WESSONHIGHWAY PATROLMAN~ 5 . 0 0
                                                                                                    loadings. I haven't yet had a chance to use
                                    HIGH STANDARD 22 Cal Sport Kiig.. ...........$43.75             them on bandtails, but in trap shooting they
                                    RUGER SINGLE SIX, Light or Reg. Wt.. ......... .$63.25          have given some exciting results.
                                    PACHMAYR PISTOL KITS,. 4 gun model.. ..... .$%SO                   This load is as follows: shot charge, either
                                    LYMAN ALL AMERICAN 4% Scope..       .......... $49.50           7% o r size 6, 1% ounce, 27 grains of Al-7
                                    UNERTL 20x54 Spotting Sdope.   ................ $64.00          powder, Remington primers and shells. Data
                                                                                                    for this load was taken from the A l a n Com-
                                    Complete outfitter to the shooter, relaader and hunter.          pany handbook, 1955 edition. The 1956 lists
 FREELAND             FREELAND      Send $1.00 fer Catalogue, which is refunded on order of          these same loadings with 32 grains of Al-8. a
 S d s s Type           Rwular      $ 3 9 or m e .                                                  slower burning powder than Al-7.
 Palm Rest            Palm Rest
    $1 8.50             $12.50                  Whdwale to wablished dealers                           Both these loadings should be ideal, but
                                                                                                    as A1 Lyman says, "NO matter what gun or
                                                                                                    load you are using, there will come a time

    FREELAND'S SCOPE STANDS                                                                         1
                                                                                                    when you wish you had something else." All

                                                                                                    I know is that it is the greatest shooting 1

 3737 Fourteenth Avenue
                                    AL FREELAND
                                                                        Rock   Island,   Illinois   1
                                                                                                    have ever had, and i t trains you to a fine
                                                                                                    point for duck, snipe and coot shooting later
                                                                                                    in the season. Last winter, after spending
                                                                                                    considerable of the autumn season shooting
                                                                                                    bandtails, I took five snipe without a miss
                                                                                                    on a blustery, rainswept swamp. They seemed
                                         I---             --L                                       easy shooting, too, after that autumn pigeon
                                                                                                    shooting. But that is the kind of thing you
                                                                                                    expect after spending any time with a
                                                             w                                      gamebird, who is first cousin to the now

     Built your own s p d f i a t i
                to                  in all stand-
       a d & most of the better wildcat a l i b e m
 Enjoy the thrill o f &ning and shooting a 7MM Express 'AMERI-
                                                                 SINCE 1933
                                                                                                    extinct passenger pigeon.

                                                                                                    Canada Sportsman's Catalogue No. 4
                                                                                                        Tha mmalder of our 1955 #4 catalogw
                                                                                                                   reduced to 50c
                                                                                                             PREE BULLETIN ON REQUE~T

                                                                                                    ELLWOOD EPPS                    Clinton, Ontario
 CA'S GREATEST H U N T I N G RIFLE'. It is the original American
 made Hi-Velocity 7 M M - a n d it packs a wallop and penetration                                                THREE-DAY BOLT SERVICE
 thot will stop the toughest game in its tracks. Yet its recoil is so
 moderate that women enjoy shooting this 7MM.
    23 years in our present shop                     4 0 years experienw in rifle building                                   6KGTTGaliriI~~.
                                                                                                                  Bolts p@llalwd and J h
                                                                                                                  &niw &I

 ROY GRA DLE                                         2 0 5 - G WEST I S L A Y STREET
                                                     SANTA BARBARA, C A L ~ O R N ~ A
                                                                                                                  ~ n u r G dbolt handla (lor low
                                                                                                                    WOPO) ------------------ am
                                                                                                          A N T H O N Y GUYMON INC.
                                                                                                        ma swm D ~ I W                 Wwhln#tm
                                                                                                                           ~ r a u d ~ ,
                                  REAPING RAIL BEHIND THE REAPER
                                                                 (Continued from page 35)

    cinches, each trying to outdo the others.                                             And the fun started then, before we had
       Then, suddenly, the shooting was finished,                                                  the      bird.
    the rice was cut and the rail all gone. we                                              "Watch out! He's a-gittin' it!'' one of the
    gathered our dead birds and argued over                                               reaping men shouted as he leaped from his
    claims and counter&ims.        But actually                                           machine and took out after a d a r k bulky                             Protect valuabW
                                                                                                                                                                 n g equipment in the*%
    there was plenty for all. We averaged six                                                                                                                    and at home with L a ~ r e ^ , - ~
    rail each-funny-looking birds with long                                                  "It's a eoon!" Mrs. Schmidt shrieked.
                                                                                                                                                                 custom-styled saddle leaf
    legs and long bills, and feathers speckled                                               we stood and watched the man lunging
                                                                                          through the black and mucky goo, splashing
                                                                                                                                                                 shooting accessories.. fav      .
    like mallard hens.                                                                                                                                           ites with four generations of
                                                                                          the stuff all over himself as he wallowed in                  ,        sportsmen.
       The bag limit is 25 rail, and as our kill                                          pursuit of the ringtail. We laid bets on                               No. 8. RIFLE SCABBARD
    fell far short of this amount we decided to                                           what would happen if the man did catch the                             For rifle with telescope sight.
    shoot another field.                                                                  fast-running varmint. He caught it, but                                ah'' carrying strap. Rich ma-
       The next field was disappointing. Only                                             when he did the old coon proved himself a                              hogany oil finish. Send trac-
    one rail flushed. But we had fun of a dif-                                            handful. Finally subdued, the coon was held                            ing of rifle with the scope
                                                                                                                                                                 mounted.               $16.00
    ferent sort that time. When a lone rail rose                                          up for our inspection, then turned loose. We
    it flew at a tangent from M s Schmidt. The
                               r.                                                         all watched it head for cover like a turpen-                      No. 18.   SHELL CARRIER Ilostpaid
                                                                                                                                                            Holds four boxes of shotgun shells
    lady accounted for i t with her second shot.                                          tined cat.                                                        and their original containers. In-
                                                                                                                                                            side weather protection flaps. Rich

                                                                                                                                                            mahogany finish with reinforced
                                                                                                                                                            carrying handle. Specify gauge of
                                                                                                                                                            shell. Basket weave.,      $16.00
                                                                                                                                           .- ...- .-.                                           vostpaid

                                                                                                                                           FREE CATALOG
                                                                                                                HUNTING                1     Over 100 custom-made
                                                                                                                                              holster styles, cartridge
                                                                                                                                                    belts, slides, rifle
                                                                                                                                            ,    slings, knife sheaths

                                                     SD6 WITH MTERNAl
                                                                                            r Proof      Shock Proof      Fog Proof
                                                                                               PLEASE SEND FOLDER ON TEXAN SCOPES
                                                                                                                                                    and holster belts.

                                                         WINDAGE AND                  1
                                            1        ELEVATION ADJUSTMENTS            @   N&

                                                2;                                        ADDRESS
    (For   VM   with odfuitment in mount)            6~                        $58 SO I
                                $29 SO
                                $3850            2 ' i X CHUCK   (34"   Mix) $1995    '
                                                                                      I CITY
                                                                                                 TEXAN SCOPES
                                                                                                               Z NSAE

           6X                   148 50               4X CHUCK    ('4'   mix) ST1 SO            21 14 SOUTH BROADWAY     TYLER, TEXAS

                                                -----..-                                             -
                                                                                                    - -

                                                                                                                                                         RECOIL ABSORBER
                                                                                                                                           With amazing "recoil dispersion"- a new
                           FOR A SUCCESSFUL                                                                                                principle of recoil pad construction that absorbs
                                                                                                                                           'kick like a sponge and distributes the rs    e
                           HUNTING SEASON !                                                                                                sure over the whole pad-fitting the shoulder at
                                                                                                                                           the moment of recoil. Really soft. .              .
                            Years of experience in the field have proven
                            SPEER BULLET PERFORMANCE un-
                            equaled for big game shooting. More selec-
                            tivity from a complete range of types and
                            sizes. Exacting care goes into making every
                            SPEER BULLET                           . ..
                                                     each designed for the
                            ultimate in utility, accuracy and uniformity.
                            See your dealer today for an ample stock,
                            both for practice                    . ..
                                                    and to be READY for
                            your BIG HUNT.
                                                                                                                                                                           CARTRIDGE PACKS
                                                                                                                                                                           Carry cartridges of all
                                                                                                                                                                           calibre without loss, nicks
                                                                                                                                                                           or scratches. Fits any belt
                                                                                                                                                                           to 2" wide. Made i n 5
                                                                                PRODUCTS                                                                                   styles for popular calibres.
                                                                                LEWISTON, IDAHO
                                                                                                                                                                           aler or write..   .

                                                                                                    Except for one bird, our bag was as short
                                                                                                 of the limit as before. We could have gone
                                                                                                 on to other fields, for reapers were working
                                                                                                 about us on all sides, but we were satisfied.
                                                                                                 The hunt had been different from any we
                                      ordering instructions.                                     had ever experienced, and there was plenty
                                                                                                 of meat.
                                                                                                    "Mighty good eating, these rail," Boi~illion
               ,,7                                                                               remarked as we sorted the birds beside the
                                                                                                 car. "They taste like tender teal!' We spread
                      u                                                                          out the black marsh birds, about the size of
     HERRETT'S                                                                                   small chickens, and counted them.
                                                                                                    Rail are a spirited bird when they are
QELDMODELS OR                                                                                    flushed, but there is nothing special about
                                                                                                 the guns tor shooting them. Any good shot-
 TROOPER                                                                                         gun loaded with No. 7's or 7 W s will do
                                                                                                 well, but since short ranges and fast-flying
  STOCKS                                                                                         are the rule, an open-bored gun is best. I
                                                                                                 used a pump Model 12 and Doc Futch carried
                                                                                                 an old Savage autoloader which he had
                                                                                                 whacked off and fitted with an adjustable
                                                                                                 choke. He twisted. that choke out to im-
Custom fitted to the exact needs of your                                                         proved cylinder and did some fast doubles
hands, these stocks are made for either                                                          shooting when the birds flushed from the cut
Colt's or Smith & Wesson Revolvers and are
designed especially for heavy loads for                                                          field.
officers or field shooting. Herrett's exclusive                                                     There are hundreds of rice fields in Soutli-
design gives the needed re-distribution of re- .                                                 east Texas and dozens of them around Aha
coil for comfortable shooting of heavy cali-                                                     Loma and Eagle Lake. So, if you're unhapp!
bers. Made with or without thumbrest                                                             and dissatisfied with the way you're being
                                                                                                 pushed around by the hunting pressure of
                                                                                                 overcrowded fields and diminishing birds.
                                                                                                 or if you're just hankering for a dab of sure
                                                                                                 enough gun fun, spend a few days in Texas
                                                                                                 among the king rail at harvest time.        @

                                                                                                  MOST AMAZING1
                                  T h e Detective          .%+

                                  m o d e l s also
errens mu i a r g e i             made to custom dimensions.
                                  Give the police officer a
ocks made for all pop-            healthy stock to hang on to
lar American guns: re-            and permit use of the new
livers, 3.1 a u t o s , .45       light frame guns on the range
uto.                              as well as duty. Ideal for                                               LUND'S NUTRIA RANCH
                                  undercover holsters. .      ,            .                      9725 Sinland Blvd. Dept. 39. Sunland, Calif.

                                                                                                   FINE HANDMADE
                                                                                                 COWBOY BOOTS   made in Texas
                                                                                                  -The: finestFOR CATALOG -
                                                                                                  ALSO BELTS, BILLFOLDS,
                                                                                                  SADDLERY GOODS. ETC.

                                                                                                   JONES BOOT 6 SADDLERY
                                                                                                 Box 215           Lampasas, Texas
                                                                                                 THt ORIGINAL PLASTIC STOCK           INLAYS

          ULTRA PRECISION SHAPED A N D INLETTED                                              1   C D. CAHOON Â DEFT. 2, BOXFORD, MASS.

                                                                                                           LARGE SIZE COLOR PRINTS.           .A
                               - Stocks of fine Claro Walnut, with deep  carving as illus-   .
                                 (rated, inletting and shaping 90% complete. Tip* and
                                 caps of contrasting hardwood with veneer spa-    stnow
                                 lined cheek piece.

           For the best in rifle stocks!
            Write for free catalog.
        Dealer*l Dealer*I Write in today for ''NEW" discounts.
                                                            203-G SHORE I                                   CALIC CHROME^
ANTHONY GUYMON, INC.                                     BREMERTON, WASl...y,,Ã         .
                                                                                        :         '7 P. 0 .  Box 9645 - F LOS FELIZ STATION
                                                                                                            LOS ANGELES 27 CA11FOBNIA
             (Continued from page 19)

gobblers prefer a scope ranging from 4 to 6
                                                                           Bushnell dealers will                                                                   Exclusive
power on their rifle. An occasional shooter
who delights in long range shots will be
equipped with an 8 power glass.
                                                                           LEND YOU A SCOPE                                                                       FEATURES
   As in any other sport, some knowledge of
the habits and characteristics of the game be-                             ~ 3 - 2 , to hunt with                                                           1   1. Created and de-
                                                                                                                                                                signed by 791 Expert
                                                                                                                                                                American Riflemen.
ing hunted is a necessity, a little matter of                                                      Try any Bushnell on your own rifle for
being smarter than the bird. But it must be
admitted there are exceptions to every rule.
                                                                                                   30 days, free.. the only sure way to                         2. Widest, brightest
                                                                                                                                                                field thru newest
                                                                                                   test any scope. You'll get more light!
As the old saying goes, "a blind hog will
occasionally find an acorn" and so it is with                                                                                                                   3. Consistent pin-point
the chap out to bag himself a Thanksgiving
dinner. The best plan is to spend some time                                                        better. You'll ba
in the area to be bunted and learn what the
                                                                                                                                                                4. Fog-proof-nitrogen
turkeys are eating, when they are feeding,                                                                                                                      filled."X-celle"sealed.
and where they are roosting. Acorns and
beechnuts are high on their diet list as fa-                                                                                                                     5. Versatile mounting.
vorites. Wild grapes are another. The pres-                                                                                                                      Solid or split ring.
ence or absence of such foods can be the
difference between success or failure.
   Calling the big bronze birds is an art in
itself, and offers as great a challenge to the                                                                                                                   7.20-year guarantee.
talents of the hunter as the actual shooting.                                                                                                                    Free parts, same day
Some sportsmen are able to call the birds
with their voices. For hunters who can't
"talk turkey" there are many kinds of call-
ers which make noise either by friction or
the breath of the hunter.
   Friction calls are limited in their sounds
and are used almost entirely to imitate the
~ e l p the turkey. Breath-operated callers
may be anything from a blade of grass, the
                                                                                             BINOCULARS. RIFLESCOPES     .   PHOTO OPTICS]
                                                                                             D d . OA f1. Bushnell Bids.. Pasadena,Calif.   'I

                                                                                               Canada: 1333 16th Air. W.. Calwn. Alberta         crry                 S I A ~
 wingbone of a hen turkey, to professional
calls made of metal and rubber, horn or
   One thing to remember is this: if you
                           w..Learn to Shoot Doubles

Learn t o shoot b y shooting! Here's a
h a n d t r a p w h i c h p e r m ~ t you t o t h r o w
one o r two standard clay targets right
o r left handed. If your dealer can't
supply you, send check o r m o n e y order.
MELCO WOOD PRODUCTS                            GENEVA 3, N. Ya
Ma-        (pistol & rifle), P38, Luger, 648, Japanwe
(pistol & rifle) Italian Browning Ortgiw some Spring-
fldd Enfleld '45 Auto. 0th-         S t a m ~ f d addrumd
n v e i o ~ ifor l l s t Mau& H8a Firlno p i i s Swlnos
4 00 set 0rtglei Firing Pin8 2 50 08. ~ a b n u * 7.7
Guard &rims IS@ each $2.50 ~ i z n n Mauwr Milltaw
Bolt (recoil) Sprlngi. h 3 Recoil Sklngs, Lager Coil
Malnsnrinn. Janann* M8insprlnn~(rifle) 760 a&, t5.M

BOB      &ELL             BOX 481. ELMHURST, ILL

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                                                                           "Shooter's Bible" features full section on
                                                                           imported guns, including Custom-Model 1956 Ma
                                                                                                                                         Schoenauer; new Franchi 12-@I-
                                                                           Magnum automatic shotgun; new Krico .222 rifles and carbines; and dozens of others.
                                                                           Domestic section gives fullspecs on all current rifles, shotguns, pistols, including new Bern. 740,
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Cuts wt muzzle Jump flinching wild
                                                      target .22 auto.
                                                      $14.00 for .38
                                                      and .45 autos.,
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                                                                           sights, scopes, mounts, compasses, knives, weather instruments, reloading tools, targets, etc., a
                                                                           Leading authorities give tips and ideas on pistol shooting, camp cooking, reloading, upland
                                                      Bttached, length-    gunning, European guns and gunning, trapping, etc., etc.
shots. No gunsmithing proble-no      fit-             enin
ting or filing-shooter can install it as                        Y:
                                                       , a ? " ":
easily as a new set of grips. Now                     greater accura-
                                                       cy. 511.50 for

                                                                           I   STOEGER ARMS UUttfUnA-l-lu^l
boostino scores with thousands of .22                  .38 and .45
target automatics as well as with .38                  w i t h o u t new
                                                      front sight. Full
and .45 autos. Fully guaranteed. State                 dealer dis-                           Sales and Showrooms 5 0 7 - 5th Ave. ( a t 42nd St.) N. Y.
make, model, and barrel diameter of gun.
Lee Manufacturing Go.             oept. "M",
                                                  wheelwright, Mass.                         45    -
                                                                                                   18 Court Sauare. Lona Island Citv 1, N. Y.
                                                                                                                              don't knuw huw tu use a caller, forget it, far
                                                                                                                              a neophyte can easily drive away as many
                                                                                                                              turkeys as the oldtimer with his winghone
                                                                                                                              can draw toward him. Until the caller can
                                                                                                                              be mastered, still hunting should be the
                                                                                                                              system. But this method also requires some
                                                                                                                              knowledge of getting through the woods
                                                                                                                              without disturbing everything in it. Be-
                                                                                                                              sides having the eye of an eagle, a wild
                                                                                                                              turkey also has an acute hearing which can
                                                                                                                              readily distinguish a foreign sound from
                                                                                                                              those which it is accustomed to.
                                                                                                                                 For the chap who has an ambition to bag
                                                                              For perfect, low cost                           one of these grand game birds, hut does not
                                                                                                                              care to put forth any amount of exertion,
                                                                              Ammunition!                                     there is "stump huntin'," where he just sits
                                                                                                                              and sits until a turkey comes in sight. The
                                                                              Fast, easy, accurateÑPacifi re-                only thing required in this instance is a lot
                                                                              loading tools h o v e b e e n t o p             of patience and the time that goes with it.
                                                                              choice of expert handloaders                       Men who hunt the turkey have had a long
                                                                              for a quarter century, over a                   while in which to learn that patience. When
                                                                              half-million satisfied customers.               the 20th century made its appearance, the
                                                                                                                              wild turkey was little more than a memory
                                                                                                                              to the oldtimers. The great birds were al-
                                                                           Often imitated, never equalled                     most wiped out.
                                                                       >                                                         What followed was a miracle in restoration,
                                                 1                                     Pacific Super Tool,                    proof that where there is a will, game near-
              YOU'LL BUY                                                               comolete with dies,                    ing extermination can not only be spared,
                                                                                       shell holder,                          but it can he brought back to a position
                                                                                       primer arm . . . . . . $44.95          where it will again provide sport and recrea-
                                                                                       Automatic                              tion.
                                                                                       primer feed.   . .   . .- $7.00

                 DEPEND O N PACIFIC DIES
                 f o r a b s o l u t e precision
                 A special Pacific manufacturing process guarantees perfect con-
                 centricity of shell body, shoulder and neck. Every part of every
                 Pacific die is made of all premium quality steel. Each inside dimen-
                 sion is individually inspected. Any die not testing 100% to dimen-
                 sions, tolerances & specifications is automatically rejected. Don't use
                 inferior substitutes when you can get pioneered and proved
                 PACIFIC parts at these low prices.

                 Set of dies, complete for one caliber.                    . . . . .$1 3.50
                 See your dealer or send for FREE CATALOG
                 of Pacific reloading tools, dies and accessories

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                                                                                                                                          BETTER ACCURACY
   PACIFIC GUN SIGHT COMPANY                         0   2903 EL CAMINO REAL              0   PAL0 ALTO, CALIFORNIA                       MORE KILLING POWER
                                                                                                                                          NO BARREL LEADING with
GUN FINISHING PRODUCTS                                                                                                         HARVEY     PROT-X-BOREBULLETS
                 :un Rav Gun Stock Finish -Fast. Beautiful
                  T h e fastest, most beautiful finish of them                                                                   PROT-X-BORE BULLETS combine a lead
                  I       is S U N RAY G U N STOCK F I N I S H .
                  I t ' s used exctusivelv bv many stockers,
                                                                                                                                 bullet with a zinc base, either when swaged
                  s m i t h s and manifactbrers. $ 1 . 2 5 per                                                                  or cast. Provides greater accuracy and killing
                                                                                                                                power. The zinc base keeps the barrel clean
                                                                                                                                of corrosion or leading. SWAGED BULLETS,
                                                                                                                                MOULDING EQUIPMENT AND SWAGING
                                                                                                                                DIES AVAILABLE.
                                                                                                                                LOOK!! HAND GUN HUNTERS! JUST
                                                                                                                                LABORATORY TESTED. HARVEY 127 Gr.
                                                                                                                                JUGULAR JACKETED S.P. 367 Magnum
                  X2X COLD METAL BLUER-for                steel,                                                                Velocity 1961 fos. Over 1000 fn Enerw.
                  brass   copper   and alumonum.      Completely                                                                114 Gr. JUGULAR JACKETED H . P 2 2       06
new formula.      Nevei before used i n a commercial bluer.
                                                                                                                                fps. Over 1000 fp. Energy. ALSO for 38
Canals hot Pr' , c e ~in a l l respects. $1.25 per 4 oz. kit.
                                                                                                                                Special at lower velocities. READY FOR
X C ~ ~ ~ P ~ ~ ~ I N : ~ O L ~ IHard., : o r s m aFrom t e e l , b r a s s
                                 ON                 1ls                                                                         IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Loading tables
=ives heavy blue black plate.
for 4 oz. t o ~ ~ S . O per gal. 25c postage Per kit.
                                                      $1.00                                                                     furnished. All bullets packed 100 to box.
                 ~ e f e r l l orders to jobbers
N~li~;;l~Ad~~;~e~;g;;a~;;c~~;;;~;L~~jl~;~.                                    New! Barrel Bands for 12-gauge                      Write for free descriptive price list.
   ~    ~    ~  ~ CO., winston-salern, N.C. AS jobber.
                     ~   k   .   s   ~    ~   ~    d                          Shotguns, 1" or 1 '/4" Bows $2.00.
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BLEVINS GUN SHOP p                                         .
                                                                                          lha. WALTHER PP .SBAO^!

        <l^^>         MARK I1

                     NRA REPORT
                                                                                   WEHRMACHT & LUFTWAFFE FAVORITE!
                                                                               The P Model means Polizei Pistole, originally designed for police use as a holster pistol.
                                                                               Used by many Law Enforcement officers, Special Guards Hunters, Campers Home
                                                                               Protectors as a side arm, either concealed or exposed. ~hese
                                                                                                                                             pistols have been 'created
                                                                               for a double purpose: as an accurate defense weapon and for intense but relatively
                                                                               inexpensive training (.22 L cal.) as well as for pleasure shooting.

                                                                                                                            l i e Mark I1 WALTHERS are even better than
                                                                                                                            he excellent German ore-war models. The

    The follow in^ excerpts on the Mark I1 WAX
    TITER PISTOLS are from t h e NRA Tech. Stal
    Report in July. 1956 Issue of The America]
    Rifleman Magazine:
       Ex-servicemen of World War I1 wil
                                                                                                                            lost-war models are made at MULHOUSE-
                                                                                                                            Che superior qualities of the WALTHER
                                                                                                                            ~utomaticpistol are well known the world
                                                                                                                            iver. This fine gun embodies all the advan-
    agree that the pocket pistols produced b                                                                                ages of the automatic pistol and revolver,
                                                                                                                            vith special emphasis on safety and readi-
    the Walther firm in Zella Mehlis, Thurin                                                                                less of fire. This gun is perfectly balanced
    gia, Germany, ranked high as prize souve                                                                                tnd weighted, giving a quick and accurate
                                                                                                                            hot with complete safety to the user.
    nirs of World War 11.
       During our accuracy and function testin;
                                                                                                                            IATEST automatic; INSIDE AUTOMATIC
                                                                                                                            GLEVATOR SAFETY blocks hammer and
                                                                                                                            n l y releases a t the very last moment of
                                                                                                                            h e trigger pull. Double Action-optional
    of the 5 pistols (50 rounds each), then                                                                                 m first shot-safe and ready a s a revolver.
    was not one malfunction in any of t h ~                                                                                 Nalther . 3 2 and . 3 8 0 pistols are also equip-
                                                                                                                            bed with a 'signal pin*, which protrudes
    pistols tested. Accuracy of all guns wa                                                                                 rom back of slide, to signal-even          in the
                       *          *
       Quality of machine work on our sample
                                                                  WALlHtK MAKK 1 IMPKUVEMENTS
                                                              LUMINOUS SIGHTS W I T H AMERICAN STANDARD
                                                                    S UARE NOTCH ON A L L MODELS STREAM-
                                                                                                                            lark-when a cartridge is in the chamber.
                                                                                                                            !hus, you can even feel when gun is loaded!

                                                                    L%ED  QUICK DRAW RxtAR SIGHT ON A L L
    pistols is excellent and all are beautifully                    PP MOOELS
                                                              DEEP. M I R R O R BLUE ON A L L MODELS
    polished and blued. We can make no signi-                 WIDE SWAGED FULLY-GROOVED TRIGGER ON ALL
    ficant criticism of these fine arms.                      COMPLETELY NEW JAM-FREE LOADED C A R T R I D G E
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    well as specially engraved or plated Mark                 FINGER REST MAGAZINE NOW STANDARD WITH
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    I1 Manurhin Walther pistols is available                  EXTENSION             INCREASED CAPACITY
    upon request to 1nterarmco.-NRA TECH.                           GRIP ~ V A I L A B L E FOR ALL
                                                              MAGAZINES INTERNALLY POLISHED TO ASSURE
                                                                                                       M ~ L ~ E L Fi d~A!n~ lM0Dt:I.i~ M.tdels available fully a tencraved
                                                                                                                           L ~ ~
                                                                                                                       t o a . A l l 1'1'
                                                                                                                                           ~ ~ -
                                                                                                                                         available nickel plaIM      810.00
                                                                    POSITIVE FEEDING O N ALL MODELS                         and plated in preciiius motala. l'rlceh upon rc~uest.
    STAFF                                                     T H U M B R E S T GRIPS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PP                   Full   l i n e of
                                                                                                                                                 extra magazines.   holsters and belts

             o*direct+£çclu^iu 1. ¤
                      Send % stamp for F R E E Literature Ed. LL-S. In ordering-
                      Please send check or P.O. Money 'order-DO not sand Cash.
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                                                              and 7 extra 5-shot magazines, per kit, com-
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                                                            .                                     ARLINGTON 9, VA.
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                                                                                                                                    ................................   $41.93
                                                                                                                                     most      the New England and
                                                                                                                         Middle Atlantic states, Pennsylvania's wild

                     70% ammunition with
                                                                                                                         turkeys were once practically extinct. But
                                                                                                                         fortunately, a few birds were found here
                                                                                                                         and there in the remote and isolated sections
      Save              on                                                                                                of the south-central mountains.
                                                                                                                            In days gone by the wild turkey habitat
                                                                                                                          appeared to be confined to the southern part
                                                                                                                          of the state, probably due to the more ideal
                                                                                                                         'food and shelter to be found in that section.
                                                                                                                          But Mother Nature has a way of making
                                                                                                                          changes, particularly when a new and fa-
                                                                                                                          vorable environment comes into the picture.
                                                                                                                          That's exactly what happened.

                         1         the tool that reloads
                                                                                                                             Some 50 years ago the lumber interests
                                                                                                                          cleared the northern mountain sides of tim-
                                                                                                                          ber. During the intervening years a second
                                                                                                                          growth took over, which has since developed
                                      them                                                                                into food-bearing t r e e s ~ o a k s , beech, wild
                                                                                                                          cherry, all perfect forage for the wild tur-
                                                             Shotgun shells                                               key. Each passing year made this new forest
                                                                                                                          growth more ideal habitat for the king of
                                                             Rifle cartridges                                             the game birds. Around 1940 the wild tur-
                                                                                                                          keys began appearing in scattered flocks. It
                                                             Pistol cartridges
                                                                                                                          seemed that the wild turkey had found a new
                                                             Revolver cartridges                                          home for itself.
                                                             Also swages bullets a n d re-forms
                                                                                                                             With game refuges scattered throughout
                                                             metallic cartridge cases                                     its adopted environment, it discovered shel-
                                                                                                                          ter and safety. Local sportsmen became in-
                                                             Hove better-than-factory ammuni-
                                                             tion for os little os 30% of the
                                                             cost of store bought shells     .. .
                                                             with amazingly little work. Every                       I I New L....PAK
                                                                                                                                J                                    Cartridge
                                                             feature of the Lochmiller combino-

                                                      1      tion reloading tool is a result of
                                                             requests from experienced relooders.
                                                             Strictly precision throughout, the
      lochmiller operotes simply and smoothly with on easy d o w n w a r d motion.
      A screwdriver and one minute's time converts from shotshell dies to rifle or
      pistol dies. You'll like the speedy, precise operation of the separate priming
      tool, a n d appreciate the built-in catcher for o l d primers, too.

      Comblnotion tool, Including shotshell loading and priming dies, one shill holdir. . . . . $60.00
      Comblnotion tool, Including oni u t rifle or plstol Un, two shill holdin. . . . . . . .
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                                                                                                 48.50                       style cartridge slide called "Ammo Pak." Easily
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                                                                                                                             pertly crafted from top grain, enitiossed leather.
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 C ~ A ~ E R )                                               E N G i N E f i I N C COMPANY
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                                                                                                                                          Tremonton, Utah

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                                                 Route 3 Box 435
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                                                                                                                                                   ROBERT S. FRIELICH
Go   R o    DOUGLAS, Uie Member Ç R. A.         Charleston, West Vo.
                                                                                                                                                   NEW YORK
                                                                                                                                                           611 Broadway
                                                                                                                                                                12      N.         Y.
terested, putting on winter feeding cam-
paigns to carry them through their most try-
ing period. The wild turkey was on its way
   Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania game com-
mission had taken a n interest i n restoring
the wild turkey as a game bird. I n the
early days of its attempt to bring hack this
highly-prized quarry, it was compelled to
purchase stock from private game farms.
Probably more of a domestic turkey than a
truly wild bird. those introduced almost
immediately headed for the nearest barnyard
where their kind led an easygoing and well-
protected existence.
   Discouraged with its initial attempt, but
determined to continue its efforts, the com-
mission acquired a 1000-acre tract in the
                                                                    (No pumping!) light, corn-
                                                                    pact, accurate. .22 or
                                                                    .I77 caliber.
south-central part of the state where it be-
gan its wild turkey operation i n 1930.                                                                                       GAS-POWERED
   At the time O r r i i Smith, who practically
nursed the turkey back into existence, was
one of the commission's game protectors.
While on duty he often came across the
birds during their spring mating season. He
would watch how the wild gobblers would at-
tract iheir mates and also learned that when
a hen refused to heed the calling, curiosity                                                                         Here's a shorter, lightweight carbine-ty
finally drove him to seek his ladylove.
                                                                                                                     rifle that gives you about 40 effortless, fuE
                                                                                                                     impact shots with a single COa gas cartridge.
   That gave Orrie ihe idea of establishing                                                                          Perfect for women and children, too; meets
propagating areas in the state game refuges,                                                                         the experienced shooter's demand for a low
placing wing-clipped hens in open wire en-                                                                           cost indoor-outdoor gun.
closed pens into which the gobblers could fly                                                                           No pumping; powered by Crosman CO; Powerlets-
and leave at will.                                                                                                      up to 40 shots at 450 f;p/s average muzzle velocity.
   The idea paid off and, by selective breed-                                                                           Precision-rifled 18"barrel. 6 lands and grooves.
ing, the domestic blood was gradually re-
 laced with that of a wild strain. The first                                                                            Every gun factory tested to group shots
                                                                               lets   you                               closer at 25'.
settings were gathered and hatched in in-
                                                                                                                        Easy fingertip cocking.
cubators. The next clutch was left for the
lien to brood. Eventually a bird developed
                                                                         Shoot RIGHT

                                                                         Shoot M O R E OFTEN                            on "off" position.
                                                                                                                        Positive pushtype cross-lock safety.. shows red
                                                                                                                        Small game range, 100'; carrying distance averages
                                                                    3.   Shoot     IN M O R E P L A C E S
                                                                                                                        only 300'.  .. ideal for safer shooting in limited areas.
  RELOADERS!                                                        *Safer, accurate " p o w e r - w i t h o u t -
                                                                    p o w d e r " shooting-full       impact a t
                                                                                                                        Smooth, easy bolt action.
                                                                                                                     e A l l blued steel; sport-style hardwood stock
     B & M O F F E R S YOU A                                  ,     short range, but carrying distance
                                                                    averages only 300 ft.-fits              per-        Choice of standard calibers.
                                                                                                                         ,177 (Model 187) for tighter target groups, higher
     C O M P L E T E SERVICE                                        fectly today's " l i m i t e d area" shoot-
                                                                                                                         velocity, and lowest-costshooting
                                                                    i n g conditions.
                                                                                                                         .22 (Model 180) for t a et shootin , and for eater

        Tools 6 Equipment                             1                                                              Â
                                                                                                                         shocking power for p l s i n g , smalfgame anGests
                                                                                                                         Weight, 4 Ibs.; lenfeth, 34".
  B. 6 M. #28 Straightline Reloading Tool,
  IDEAL No. 310 Reloading Tool..
     Extra set Dies for above..               10.75               NEW GUN BOOK
  IDEAL Tru-line Jr. Press Complete rifle.. 27.50                 32 colorful pages of
  IDEAL Tru-line Jr. Press complete; pistol. 29.50                target games shooting
     Extra set of Dies for above, rifle..
     Extra set of Dies for above, pistol..
                                                                  tips by a world champion
                                                                  indoor-outdoor shooting range set-up,
  PACIFIC Standard Tool complete..  ......    33.95
  PACIFIC Super Tool complete..  .........    39.95
     Extra set of Dies lor above tool..
  Extra Shell Holders. ...................    13.50
  Extra Primer Arms..  ...................     3.00
                                                                  Awllabh fa Canada
  B. 6 M. Visible Powder Measure regular.. 12.50
  B. 6 M. Visible Power Measure, ~icrometer14.00                                           , W o r l d ' s l a r g e s t p r o d u c e r of ~ ~ l l ~ ~ t ^ r i fandspisfols
                                                                                                                                                                  l e
  PACIFIC Powd~r Bullet Scale..
  REDDING Scale, latest model..
                                                          '                                                                                                                  x
  B. 6 M. Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods 1 DC. 3.00
  Complete stock-All    calibers and weights of
  Sierra Speer Hornady Remington, Winchester,
  western ~ d m a ~ordan.
  Also em ty Cartridge Cases, Primes and Per-
                                                          .-. w i t h or without tips & caps of
                                                          '¥à                                                  CONTRASTING HARDWOOD.-Completely                   SHAPED
                                                                                                                                                                               - -

  cussion Caps of all popular makes.
                                                          8 outside & Partially sanded.-Made
                                                                                                                  of finest grade claro walnut.                                :Â¥Ã
  Complete Stock Dupont 6 Hercules.                       'Â¥Ã
              Everything to Service                       :Â¥                                                                                                                  y.
              The Nation's Shooters.                      ..
                     LATEST B & M HAND BOOK               :Â¥                                                                                                                  y-
                     Tells you how to reload In m y       !¥à Coastocks a r e PRECISION I N L E T T E D MAIN-                                                                 .¥
                     to follow Instructions. Show8                                                                                                                             y.
                                                                   TAINING v e r y close tolerance-R E Q U IR E S
                                                                   MINIMUM F I N A L I N L E T T I N G Ã ‘ W h e proper-
                                                          3         l y fitted, N O GAPS OR SPACES S H O W I N G A R O U N D                  ACTION O R BARREL.
                                                          !; ATTENTION DEALERS: BIGGEST DISCOUNTS EVER OFFERED
                                                           :                                                                                                                   8
                                                                                                                                                 5878 T o w n e A v e n u e
                                                                 COASTCARVING SHOP                                                  ~ s ~ n ~ e ~ e s ~ , ~
                                                          ...........................................................................................................$a ~ ~ f ~ r n ~

                       -    TURRET MODEL
                                                -       with the characteristics of a wild turkey.
                                                           In 1945 the original plant was discon-
                                                        inued. I t was replaced by another in a
                                                        ~orth-centralcounty which has a n annual
                                                                                                            who would bag a bronze beauty, has made it
                                                                                                            possible for the birds to sustain themselves
                                                                                                            in what has been an ever-increasing number.
                                                                                                            At times, as many as 75 or more birds will
                                                        opacity of 5,000 birds, as compared with the        appear at the winter feeders maintained dur-
                       Shot Shell Loader                .,500 produced at the original site.                ing periods of deep snows.
                                                           During .the years of 1937 and 1938, Roger           The wild turkey population today is such
                     l     12-16-20   Gauge             Jatham, chief of the division of research of        that the Pennsylvania game commission has
                       l    Dies interchangeable        he Pennsylvania Game Commission, con-               added another week of hunting for the com-
                            in either model
                                                        lucted a survey of the wild turkey range,           ing season, making it five weeks, the most
                       mmp~ete          $7150           hen almost restricted to the south-central          liberal in the history of the sport, a far cry
                                                                                                            from 20 years ago when the shooting period
                                                        )ortion of the state. Latham estimated the
                                                        erritory to be about two million acres, in          was 20 days, and with 27 of the "turkey
                                                        !8 of the 67 counties. Today, the wild turkey       counties" closed to any hunting of the birds.
                                                        s found in all but a few of the counties, with         Whether this extended season will con-
                                                        1 range that has increased to 13 million            tinue into the future is a question only the
                                                        icres. Within that area there are well over         days to come can answer. One thing is cer-
                                                         00 forest game refuges.                            tain, more and more hunters will take to the
                                                          The wild turkey in its new-found environ-         woods in quest of this prize and the more
                                                        sent is largely inaccessible on much of the         often they do so, the more experience they
                                                        ange in the north-central region. That, com-        will gain in learning what makes a wild
                                                        lined with the inexperience of most of those        turkey wild.                                3
      1   STANOARL
                                                        Another FITZ Bullseye!                                                             Target Grip
          Shot Shell                                    GOLD B O N D T E N - 0 - G R I P                                                       Ever ..
           Loader                                                                                                                              --

                                                        Unbreakable! Non-Slip!       Perfect Fit!                                           Developed
      D Loads 3 in.
      nagnum                                            Precision Molded of High-impact "DURAMITE"                                           for the
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                              Ill       DETAILS

                              514 N. State St.C
                              Chicago 10, Ill.
                                                          " A E Y U HAND A P R OF
                                                           M KS OR                 AT
                                                                    YU G N
                                                                     OR U "                                                   FITZ FLIPPER
                                                               I H
                                                              RG T HAND GRIPS ONLY
                                                                                                                               for Hand Loaders!
MUSKET CAPS                         n    8   watsn8 ~
                                                        C l rm
                                                         ooe Butt Walnut Flame-Grain Rosewood.
                                                              EIIOW,OM I&.  &wan ~ m d .
                                                                                                                              Flips Primers Base UP
Eley Bros. English Fresh pack $6.00 per M.
            Minimum 500 $3.00
                                                        For: colt's ~ u t o
                                                        -Commander-.22    Aw.  ............
                                                                          1911A1, .45Ñ.3 SuwiÑ8mm
                                                                                           .$*.a pud.
                                                                                                                              or DOWN    ...instantly!
           Express, not mailable
                                                        For: S & W K Scr.. MAP Sd. Bt.-Mag.-           $695
                ED HOWE
                                                        mway Pat.-.38Ñ.4
                                                        Ttnrat & MIL-.44 Mag.    .........
                                                                             Outdoorsman-.44 & .48
                                                                                         ..$6.98 ~ p d .

Cooper* Mill*. 10                            Maine

                                                                                                                                               Check or
                                                                                                                                               Calif. Ru.

Used by top movie stars and studios. Especially designed for single
action Colt, Ruger and Great Western. Made of finest leather
                    available, two thicknesses (lining and out-
                    side). Designed and used by ARVO OJALA,
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                    tor       ...
                             featured in July GUNS MAGAZINE.
                    Holster is metal lined and formed to fit the

II           -1
                    gun. Each gun belt especially hand made and
                    customized to your personal measurements.

                        Send your exact waist and hip measurements, gun
                        make, calibre and barrel length.
                                                                                          7             Carved or ~pecial  order*
                                                                                                           e n d for iniormafion    t
                                                                                              Enclose 25% deposit (money order) with order.

HOLLYWOOD FAST-DRAW HOLSTER                                                         8688 W ai Cum, 101thHdI(WMI, Cali., Plum: POpuhr 3-4311
                                                                                          w tr
         (Continued from page 38)

do scattergunners, and yet, despite the many
publications of this kind which are distrib-
uted free by arms manufacturers, there is still
a lack of understanding of the basic princi-
ples of shotgun chokes.                                                                                       Single-Base Split-Band
  There are, of course, two fundamental
classifications of choke-the solid or inbuilt
choke which is a permanent part- of the
                                                                                                         WIN. 88 Mount
inside bore of the shotgun barrel, and                                                                         GRIPS LIKE A "BEAR TRAP"
the variable or adjustable choke which is
affixed to the muzzle of the shotgun. Solid
                                                          NOW! Completely revised for the
choke has changed very little since the days
when Fred Kimble developed it for practical
use. All shotguns, of whatever gauge, are
                                                          first time   ...
                                                                        the indispensable book
manufactured with a choice of barrels con-
                                                                     m gun price*.
taining different degrees of choke. There
are generally four chokes from which to
choose:                                                The Gun Collector's                                    .PUTS SCOPE WHERE YOU
                                                                                                                NEED IT TO SEE BEST.             ..
Barrel Marking                Degree of Choke
Cylinder Bore-a completely open bore, con-
                   taining no choke
                                                       Hand Book of Values                                    FAR FORWARD                I
Improved Cylinder-containing       a minimum              BY CHARLES EDWARD CHAPEL. This new                        R.
                        degree of choke                   edition of the bible for gun collectors
                                                          is fully up-to-date. All prices have
Modified-containing a medium degree of                    been re-valued after consultation with                  BECAUSE
             choke                                        leading gun dealers and other experts.              BANDS FIT ANYWHERE
Full-containing a maximum degree of choke                 The book describes i n complete detail
                                                          almost 3,000 antique and semi-modern                ALONG ONE-PIECE BASE.
   The hunter who shoots nothing but ducks                firearms, and enables the collector to
                                                          identify and a raise each o them
                                                                                        f                  Split Bands In All Sizes. %". w, l",
                                                          readily. WITH 48 FULL-PAGE                       26mm. Mount $15.00 (1" 6 26mm
                                                          PLATES ILLUSTRATING NEARLY                                     HIGH, $1.00 extra)
                                                          1 .no0 ARMS FROM LEADING US.

                                                          stores.                                                           BOX 2427
                                                          210 Madison Ave. New York 16

                w   -- -----.- - --- .- -
                                                             qua n i ~ ;                               -.--

       (torts with effective lubrication. Lubrication
                y ~
                     Sam* tatlow* hov a "mariw'a touch"' with gun*
                                               d do looks
                                                                               for wind rwistonce and friction in your rwl,
                                                                                    you m i d out-perform o chompion
                                                                               and even a champion could do better with
                                                                                                                         .. .            ~             ~
                wtth MOLYKOTE is o tru revolutionary development.
                 I' called the "~aster'sTouch" because one penny's
                worth Is often more effective on uns and fishing
                                                                                    MOLYKOTE obviously con do nothing
                                                                               about wind resistance        but i t certainly con and doe* m e t h t
                                                                               about friction! In fact octual scientific measurements show t h 3
                reels than on expensive overhaul.    he  active ingred-
                lent in this amazing lubricant is the purest molybde-
                                                                               MOLYKOTE reduced friction to less than that of sliding on melt-
                                                                               Ing ice.
                num disulfide powder ovailobie. By molecular at-                    Buy a tube and spot It          the working ports of your equip-
                traction It bonds an                coating on                 mat. You'll be amazed! Purified molybdenum disulfide gives you
                urfoces.                                                       the smoothest working equipment you ever imagined.
                                    The trl ger pull in your gun be-
                               comes smooth and even      . ..
                                                             a d it wiii
                                                                                    Truly .. .it's a "Master's Touch"

                               ttoy that wa within a fraction of an
                              ounce regardless of weather
                               120' to 40" below.
                                                                               Send $1 .00 now
                                   The "Master's Touch" applies to             <W a W r O U S
                              fly or surf costing, too. i f it wasn't          tube.

                                      THE A L P H A M O L Y K O T E CORP.
                                      63        HARVARO                    AV8.              4             STAM?OROa                   CONN.
                                                                                                                                     might buy a full choke gun, while the skee~
                                                                                                                                     shooter would buy an open or improved
                                                                                                                                     cylinder. The man who wanted a variety
                                                                     NEW 20x SP                       rim         SCOPEI             of shooting would require more than one
                                                                     14 inchem I .
                                                                     m e .   A
                                                                                  I       * ....
                                                                                       A pr
                                                                     enameled finish. Pine Imported coated
                                                                                                                                     gun, or at least a gun with several barrels,
                                                                     optics. F m pigskin ease and strap.
                                                                     Guaranteed.                                    poktpald
                                                                                                                                     each with a different choke hore.
                                   N                  pi s
                                        W Precision O tc
                                      A Million Thrills                                                                                Even for the hunter who uses only one
                                  33 Models $9.95 t o $135
                                    Guaranteed Savings                                                                              or two shotguns, it is a must to pattern his
                                   Alk for Cooler's N a m                                                                           gun with various shot loads if he wants to
                                                                                                                                    achieve the most effective results. The way
                                                                                                                                    choke is built into the bore of the barrel
                                                                                                                                    varies with the manufacturere~some use
                     ept. G 3 0 , 4 3 E. Oreen. pandena, Calll
                                                                                                                                    a long, gradual constriction while others
                      FILL OUT! Mall TODAY!
                                                                                                                                    use a sharp angle of constriction in a pro-
                                                                                                                                    portionately shorter space. Such factors as
                NAME_____________                                                                                                   this have  a direct bearing on the manner
                                                                                                                                    in which the gun performs. Only the hunter
                                                                                                                                    himself can determine, by patterning, at
                                                                                                                                    what ranges and with what load8 his gun
                                                                 I                                                                                                             1

                                                                 1               1          FACTORY INSTALLATION                                                               1
               ¥                                                                   uzell Scope Mount   "World's Fastest Detachable Scopemount"
                                                                                                                              "Guaranteed Accuracy"
                                                                                                                      Hi-Top, LO-TopOr Side Mount Location
               (llbixMwith fin) pgrdnu)                                              OD
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                                                                        We can supply our choice of scope, as we handle most all makes of scopes.
          un Museunt o/MISforica~s                                      Rebluin of rifles and shotguns (except soldered double barrel shotguns) $9.50, pistols and
                                                                      revolvers $0.50, othe-rices on requert.
           Dpt. N1038AItonR , Miami Beach, Fla.
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                                                                        WESTERN G U N
                                                                           G IFTS

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                                           with CROWS,
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country over. Get your order in
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t                                                                                                                                             ASH TRAY or WALL PLACQUE.
     WANTED FOR RESALE                                                   DOOR KNOCKER
                                                                      A frontier Colt on a                                                    All metal..............
     BY NEVADA'S LARGEST                                              steel plate. Literally says
                                                                      "Hi, Pardner, Here we
        PISTOL DEALER                                                 are."  ..........    $7.95
    Old Guns, Pistols and Automatics
                                                                        POST BRACKET. For name, number, mail box or
    -state price and condition first                                                               ..................
    letter. Inspection privilege                        -        ,      use as shelf bracket.                .$6.50

    High dollar paid.
                                                                            Send Cash, Check or Money Order Now.
                                                                                                 Po*paid           ^,^
    111 IConmi. Row            Reno, Nevada                             VALLEY                         GUN             SHOP
            federal licensed Dealer                                     Dept.    G,       7784      Foothill,      Tujunga,     Calif.
                                                                                      ,    - ..
                                                                                             -T^Ñiia^.-vTy-"ng           - -  -*
is most effective. I have seen 12-gauge                                                                                                                           ,
guns marked modified and even improved                                             R INSTANT ACTION
cylinder which shot a pattern of over
65% or 70% with No. 7% or comparable                                                                                  -.
                                                                                                                           .-   S"..
                                                                             nt,   i

loads, and 80% with a No. 6 load!
  While solid choke has been built into
                                                                                                                                       &:. -:

shotgun barrels for almost a century, the
adjustable choke was developed only about                                          SCOPE MOUNT                                          ""-
25 years ago. Here there is much more
variety than in the field of solid choke.                                          .   '      the world's fastest detachable mount
Some choke attachments consist of an
adapter which is fastened to the muzzle
end of the barrel. Onto the adapter is
screwed a variety of tubes. The advantages
of this type of choke attachment are that
you can use one gun and still have a variety
of degrees of choke for different kinds of
  In 1920 E. Field White, who was already
known for many inventions in the automotive
and other fields, patented the first com-
pletely self-contained, adjustable shotgun
choke, which worked on the principle of
a chuck, and could be adjusted for any of
nine degrees of choke by simply turning a
knurled sleeve to the proper setting. White
called his product the Poly-Choke (from
the Greek word "poly," meaning "many"),
and set up a company to manufacture it
in the Connecticut River Valley where
some of the world's biggest arms makers
                                                              instantly positions gunscope and just as quickly -lifts
have been established since colonial days.
The Poly-Choke was immediately success-                       off! A simple press of the plunger removes or replaces
ful, and has grown over the years and paved
the way for a variety of other adjustable
                                                                       No struggling with screw-drivers                    - no groping
chokes.                                                       for coins   - no clamping. screws to tighten.
  The manufacture and installation of most                    Kruzell's exclusive V-design plus the positive seating
adjustable chokes is not as simple as it
appears to the user. Since it must be made                    of the precision-milled V surfaces assure a guaranteed
                                                              accuracy! Fits most every rifle and comes in three
                                                              mountings; Hi-Top, Lo-Top and Side Mount Locations.
 Genuine Tooled Leather                                       Weight, 5% oz. - overall length 3'/z1'.

 HOLSTERS                                                                    I f your dealer cannot supply you, order direct.
                                                                                                          KRUZELL DISTRIBUTING CO.
                                                                                                          211 Sams Building
                                                                                                          Bay City, Michigan                    Â ¥ l 56

                                                                                                    1     Please send literature                             .1
                                                                                                    .I'   Please send Kruzell Scope Mount to fit

                                                 Choice of 3 interchangeable brackets                     Hi-T0P           Lo-T0P               side-M0unt
                                                        lo-Top,   Hi-Top and Side-Mount
                                                                                                    1     Enclosed is $14.95      Check    r") ^"y [""I 1
                                                                                                    1     NAME                                                I
                                                 -fit     all bases. Guaranteed accuracy!
                                                                                                    [ -   ADDRESS
                                                                                                          CITY                         STATE

                                               FOR DUCKS & GEESE AT LONG RANGE
 Holsters for all model guns.                                           10Go.                    MAGNUM-,
 Made of best saddle leather,
 flower carved, a t
 the low price of.
                       ..                                                                                                                 -
             SPECIFY MAKE,
              CALIBER AND                      ¥m BEST 10 Go. MAGNUM We've ever ottere
            BARREL LENGTH                      32" SOLID Chopper Lump barrels, full choke and
                                               Nitro Proved. Double purdey bolt and greener cross-bolt locking system. Engraved

  4034 W. Notional Avo.    EV. 3-2626
                                               action. French Walnut stocks. Finest Craftsmanship by Ugarteburu of Eibar. Wt.
                                               app. 1 1 Ibs. Limited supply only available during 1956. ONLY $1 89.50.
                                                ; .@
                                                     ..$ subject to change without notice. (Discounts to Dealers)
                                                      .+ rice
                                                                              FRANK CLARK, JR.
  M I L W A U K E E 15, W I S C O N S I N      Box 297                                     (Life NRA)                                  Cheyenne, Wyo.
                                                                                                                            tor installation on all makes and gauges
       The NEW SIMMONS DELUXE                                                                                               of shotguns, with many varying features,
                                                                                                                            it must be a d a p t a b l e y e t it must be so
     VENTILATED R I B                                      SEE A R M S T R A D E Y E A R B O O K 195
                                                           FOR CLASSIFIED LISTINGS       OVER 6,000  -                      precise that it produces the accuracy de-
     POSITIVELY STOPS DISTORTION                           OF COLLECTORS, DEALERS, GUNSMITH                                 manded of it on each individual gun. For
     From HEAT WAVES . . . Lets You                        JOBBERS, MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTER
                                                           ETC. REGULARLY $2.50. NOW O N L Y $
                                                                                                                            instance, the Poly-Choke is manufactured

                                                                                                                            in a variety of diameter sizes for each
                                                           P A U L WAHL. BOX 6 . BOGOTA. N ,
                                                                                          .                                 shotgun gauge size, and can be installed
                                                                                                                            only by a franchised installer who has
                                                     ib                                                                     special tools and training.
 supports are HOLLOW! That means lightness for easier
 handling.. complete diffusion of heat
 waves. No shimmer in your                        /*-
                                                           1 MULTI-TARGET     U. 8. Patent No. 2,722.420
                                                                                                         HOLDER                To understand the reason for this, it i s
                                                                                                                            necessary to understand what determines
 line of sight.                                                TEN target frames in ONE SHOOTERS bi es                      the "gauge" of a shotgun. The early arms
 FOR ALL GAUGES-                                               BOON since NOAH'Stime. TOPS too for
                                                               air rifle or archery set. MONEY BACK GUARAN
                                                                                                             JUNIOR:        makers used a somewhat arbitrary standard
 O N ALL GUNS dO-                                              TEE. Postwid    ........................    S1O.O1           for their various bore diameters. They set
                                                                         w r i t e TODAY for free brochure
                                                               T. H ADAMSON                              Bx"%               their standard by the number of lead balls
                                                                                                                            equalling a pound, each of which measured
                                                                                                                            the same in diameter as the bore of the
                                                                                                                            shotgun barrel. Thus, if there were twelve
                                                                                                                            balls to a pound, each of which just fit
                                                                                                                            the barrel's bore diameter, it was a 12-
 u ~ r ~ n u oimmuriS
         un                    FOR:                                                                                         gauge gun.

                                                                  We whole heartedly believe that we manu.
     Custom fittine 0 One week service                          faetura the Knelt Product6 of their kind In the                This standard has been followed since
                                                                world, we are continually striving to Imurove
                                                                their Duality, glve them to you at a very nominal           the early days, the only difficulty being that
                                                                cost a0 that YOU can afford to buv thnm. maka               i t is not an exact measurement. Bore di-
                                                                us a living pay, and ~ t i i f ybath < f i n . - ~ Ã
                                                           I    with all other products, ours am aim Imitated,
                                                                a areat flattery. but at YOUR coat. When order-
                                                                in9 Products such u we manufacture, glve us
                                                                                                                            ameters within each gauge size may vary
                                                                                                                            by several thousandths of an inch (enough
                           Complete Gun                    I    a try. and If not Dleaud. your money will be
                                                                gladly refunded, mil we urge you to try other
                                                                                                                            to make a difference in the performance of
                                                                                                                            a shot load or a choking device), because

 mepi 0-15, 504 E. 18th St., Kansas City 8, Mo.            I     ''WORLD'S FINEST CHECKERING TOOLS"
                                                                         AT YOUR DEALERS OR
                                                                            DEM-BART CO.
                                                                 3333 North O o v St.
                                                                                                J. J. BARTOLAT

                                                                                                Tacoma 7, Washington
                                                                                                                            different gun manufacturers use different
                                                                                                                            standard bore diameters for their various
                                                                                                                            gauge sizes. In general, bore diameters
                                                                                                                            range within each gauge sizes as follows:
                                                                                                                                     12-gauge            .719" to .7401'
     FREE CATALOG                                                                                                                    16-gauge
                                                                                                                                                         .660" to .684"
                                                                                                                                                         .61OWto .632"

T~uick- raw " Holster: L
                                                                                                     .x     d*

                                                                           6 V PUWtK                                            I t is because of these variations that
                                                                                                                            Poly-Chokes are produced in so many sizes,
                                                                             ACHROMATIC                                 1   and must be fitted exactly to the bore of
                                                                                    a   0
                                                                                                                            the gun on which it is to perform.
                                                                           L                                                   Inexperienced hunters often ask why ad-
       CUSTOM MADE                                                                                                          justable chokes provide more than the four
     Â THE BEST                                                                                                             standard degrees of choke (the Poly-Choke
                                                                                                                            has nine different choke settings). The
         SINCE 1897                                                                                                         answer is that in normal use, the wing-
                                                                                                                            shooter would need no more than four de-
                                                                                                                            grees of choke to cover the whole rang
                                                                                                                            of shooting, from ducks and geese at 4
                P. 0. BOX 1505
                EL PASO, TEXAS                                                                                              AuthenticGb Army "P-~T"

                                      / F YOU LIKE G U N S . .                                                     .
                                      YOU'LL LOVE T H I S
                                      HORSESHOE GUN RACK
                                                  Add a Touch of the Old West
                                                  to your Gun room or Den

                                             Highly polished aluminum shoes with soft Latigo leather
                                             lining to prevent scratching of gun barrel. Also, excellent
                                             for hat or clothes rack.

                                                                                                            P W S ~ ~
                                                                                             (No C.O.D.'s please)
                                                                                                                            IGoerg Holster

                                                                                            Packaged one set to a box           For the active man who wants the best. The
                                                                                            with real horseshoe nails           most comfortable and scientifically designed
                                                                                                                                holster ever offered the hand-gunner. Many
                                         Send orders to:                                    for mounting.                       new features. Unconditionally guaranteed.
                                                                                                                                      $1 5.50, ~ o s t ~ o i dDealers inauire.
       SAN ANGEL0                          DIE CASTING & MFG.                                                CO.                      GOERG ENTERPRISES
       Box 9 8 4 4                "Inventions Perfected and Manufactured"                        San Angela, Texas                    .
                                                                                                                                3009 S Laurel            Port Angeles, Wash.
 yards and over to woodcock at 20 yards a
 under. However, the additional in-betwe
                                                                Notches ore Old-Fashioned
 settings are provided to take care of va                                                                               BARRELS
 ations in the shot load being used.
   For example, suppose a full choke setti                                                                              BARRELS
 gave a good 76-78% pattern at 40 yar
 with a No. 7% load. Switched to a No.                                                                                   BARRELS
 Magnum load at the same choke settir
 the pattern would probably be too ca                                                                                     BARRELS
 centrated to hit anything. There would be ,
overchoked condition, producing a "blow                                                                                   BARRELS
 pattern, with the shot hopelessly scatters
 In order to get the same 76-78% patte                                                                                     BARRELS
 with the Magnum load as with 7G's, t he                                    The Ideal Gift for
 choke would have to be opened up a settiias                            the Hunter in Your Family                          BARRELS
or two to obtain less constriction.                                  Unsightly notches on your gunstock tell
   There's a parallel with the hose again
here. If the water faucet is turned on hillf
                                                                     on1 part of the story. The hunter who is
                                                                     r e a h proud of his skill uses solid gold or
                                                                     silver "STUDS" that show the head and
                                                                                                                            For the finest  -
way and the nozzle adjusted as tightly as                            name of the actual game killed. "STUDS"                           specify SAA barrels
possible (comparable to a heavier shot lea(1)                        are beautifully embossed game heads that
                                                                     are permanent, easy t o use and enrich the
the stream of water would be too tight or                            appearance of your gunstock.
would spray out on all sides (overchoked ).                             Ask for "STUDS" a t your dealer. I f he         0   From the SLIM-20
                                                                     can't supply you, order direct and include
The nozzle would have to be loosened a 1    )it                      your dealer's name and address.                        To the BULL
to get back to the desired water stream                              "STUDS" are available i n these 18 POD-
 (or pattern).                                                       ular game head designs i n either 10-k                 Choice of calibres
                                                                     gold a t $3.00 each, or Sterling silver
   One more question frequently asked con-                           a t $1.25 each. Federal Tax Included.                  including the 6 mm.
cerns the method of installing an adjustab                                ELK       DEER      BROWN BEAR
choke on a shotgun which already has son                                  BEAR      WOLF GRIZZLY BEAR                       4 or 6 groove
                                                                          MOOSE TURKEY MOUNTAIN GOAT
inbuilt choke in the barrel. It is extreme                                CARIBOU COYOTE MOUNTAIN SHEEP                     Finished barrels or
important for shotgun owners to reali                                         ANTELOPE      CAT (Panther)
that their gun barrels need not be cut c                                      JAVALINA      BLACK TAIL DEER                 barrel blanks
                                                                              MULE DEER SKUNK (a good gag)
in order to install an adjustable choke c                                                                                   Send for list GA
the muzzle, except in very rare, speci                                       DEALERS WANTED       -   Cash i n o n
                                                                             national advertising that's creating                       -      -

cases. Unless the owner desires his gi                                       demand for "STUDS".       Thousands
                                                                             sold last season. Write today for
barrel shortened, the inbuilt choke is n                                     details.                                    JOHNSON AUTOMATICS
removed by cutting i t off but by removi~                                                                                     ASSOCIATES
                                                                                     1102 N. Main Ave.                   HOPE VALLEY, RHODE ISLAND
                                                                                    Son Antonio 2 Tex.

          Sleep In Your Car!                                1 'OSTER"       SHOOTING ACCESSORIES
                                                             A mmoleta line 0 all
                                                                             2       trees ot shootias eaulpment
               The Sensotienal New                           Including surplus Aootlne matu that retail at half
                                                             the rice of other mata on the market. Mall orders
                                                             ailed cromDtl?.
                                                                      Write far free m a t w o and cries:
                                                             Outer l~eulrln   lnvltç                  Dept. S.R.
 Pays for itself in motd savings! Convenient, ¥to any-
 where for a nap! Perfect for hunting, fishing, vacation-
 2;  y;;ugYpg,pgt$gi       ;y;;;x; ; &
                                 $ ;$s         $; ;
                                               f iy
                                                             Llanerch      Gun       Shop a ~ p e ? : ~ ~ ~ .
 compact storage.  Rests on tops'of front and back
 seats. Sturdy hardwood frame-heavy 10 oz. white
 canvas duck. SEND N MONEY! 24" X 72". A t your
 dealers or shipped postpaid. Dealer-Jobber inquiries
 invited. 10 Day Money Back Guar-
                                                            INITIALED MONOGRAMS for Hand Guns
                                                            Easily replace factory medalllemÑS 00 P P
                                                                                                                     help you
                                                                                                                                             ASK THE CHAMPIONS1
                                                                                                                              the extra points.
 antee! KAR SNOOZER MFG. CO.,                               Specify colt or s & W-tme iitçritu ~d                   INDIVIDUALLY SHAPED TO YOUR SPECIFICATIONS.
                                                            liutruetlona                                                    OR
                                                                                                                     NAME Y U aUN FOR INFORMATION.
 Dallas '8. Texas.
                                                            E. R FARSHLER, Livennore, California                                            #j$g!;*
                                                                                                                     LEW SA NDERSON30?&&1~1!;
                                                                                                  FILLED WITH PRECISION MADE CLEANING IMPLEMENTS.
                                                                                                  THE FINEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE SOLVENT, OIL, AND GREASE,

                                                                                                  OBTAINABLE. EVERYTHING TO KEEP FIREARMS
                                                                                                  IN PERFECT CONDITI

    NEW!                   ,
I ‘

     A KIT
                                                                                                                                                      WRITE FOR
                                                                                                                       M    I   L     L RUN'S COMPLETE CATALOG
                                                                                                                        HUNTING, FISHING, & MARINE ACCESSORIES.

                                                                                                      U R D CS
                                                                                                MILL R N P O U T COMPANY
                                                                                                           Cleveland 13, Ohio
                                                                                                                             it from the inside. Poly-Choke uses a special
IT'S NEW I IT'S FUN1 IT'S GREAT PRACTICE!                                                                                    reaming process to remove all inbuilt chokes.
a/uminum@                                                                                                                    so that the bore diameter of the barrel and
                                                                                                                             of the choke to he installed match exactly.

    ^Y                             HAND
                                                                                    turos and monthly pay-
                                                                                    ment plan.
                                                                                                                             If the barrel is not shortened at all, its
                                                                                                                             overall length will be increased, by the
                                                                                                                             length of the choke. I the same finished
                                                                                                                             length is desired, the barrel will be cut
                                                                                    6 CHAMPIONS AT STUD                      off just enough so that the installation of
                                                                                                                             the choke brings it back to its original
                                                                                    M A R MEAT DANES. REB.                   length. If the owner desires it shortened,
                                                                                                                             the barrel will be cut and the finished in-
                                                                                                                             stallation made to any length he specified,
                                                                 the FORSTER PRECISION                                       down to the shortest legal barrel lengtli

L-          64510
                  C'MOSSBERG SONS, INC.
            0. St. John St., New Haven 5, -
                                                                 I            CASE TRIMMER                                   in his state.
                                                                                                                                There is one supplementary advantage in
                                                                                                                             the installation of an adjustable choke.
           (>1:H4:ldl44*D:lld44-                                                                                             When, as frequently happens, the muzzle of
                                                                                                                             a gun has become plugged with mud or
                                                                                                                             snow and then fired, the muzzle is very api
                                                                                                                             to he blown off. In the case of single-barrel
                                                                                                                             guns (adjustable chokes cannot be installed
Winchester Military 303 British Cartridges,   loo-$ 10             4                                   L                     on double-barrels, of course), the barrel i c
                                                                                                                             not ruined, because an adjustable choke can
                                                                 will trim cartridge cases e       faster and
                                                                                                                             be installed on the muzzle, rendering the
                                                                 far more accurately, regardless of variation8
                                                                                                                             gun as good as or better than ever.
                                                                 in head diameter. S E IT,-TRY IT,-BUY IT!
                                                                 NO OTHER CASE TRIMMER EQUALS 1   7                             Choke has an important bearing on s h o o t
                                                                 IN QUALITY, PERFORMANCE NOR PRICE1                          ing in other regards such as deformed shot.
                                                                                                                             which effect shotgun patterns and thei~
                                                                                                                             killing power. Any pellets which become
                                                                                                                             deformed (flattened and misshapen, 01
                                                                                                                             "balled" together with other shot) as they
                                                                                                                             leave the gun barrel can distort ihe pattern.
                                                                                                                             or even more important, the shotstring. These
                                                                       ACCURATE AND RELIABLE                                 pellets perform in many strange ways.
           FALL                                                           HEADSPACE GAUGES                                   lagging behind the rest of the shot group
             --    Grizzly
                                                                           BULLET PULLERS
                                                                            GUARD SCREWS
                                                                                                                             or flying out to the side. They almost in-
                                                                         LOADING DIE BLANKS                                  variably lose their effective penetrating
      SPRING                                                                                                                 strength before reaching the target, if they
    KODIAK BEAR                                                    LOWEST FACTORY PRICES                                     ever get that far, because of the wind
                            wailixnsn u r e
Small arties of discriminuit~~                                          write for free literature                            resistance developed by their flat surfaces.
invitecf to: AIRMAIL.                                              Gunsmith and Dealer Inquiries Invifed.
         HAL WAUGH, Reg. Guide                                                                                                  The reasons for deformed shot may some-
Skagway                                        Alaska    1       FORSTER BROTHERSli 94Lanark, IIII~I~
                                                                                       E. Lanu* A n .                        times lie in the type of choke (either in-
                                                                                                                             built or adjustable) or the way it is in

                   period                                                        FOR THE PROFESSIONAL                                                                                 I
I      It does not polish - or lubricate. Its
       sole function is to CLEAN GUNS by
       completely removing ALL
       gun fouling -including lead-
                                                                       More and more professional stock makers are using Decal
                                                                       Checkering Patterns, finding this to be the most efficient way
                                                                       to apply the design to the gunstock. They have also dis-
                                                                       covered that with D u a l Checkering Patterns they can offer
                                                                       their clients a much larger choice of designs. (Illustrated is
       ing, metal fouling and rust.                                    one of a new series of patterns designed expressly for the
       Ask your gun dealer about                                       Custom Stockmaker.l
       Hoppe's o r send 15c for
       sample. "Gun Cleaning
       Guide" FREE upon request
                                                                 I                   FOR THE AMATEUR
                                                                       A number of patterns are also available to meet the needs
                                                                       of the novice. In addition to checkering, some of these designs
           FRANK A. HOPPE, INC.                                        may also be used with the easier-to-do stippling techniques.
                                                                       However, genuine checkering is not too difficult, and hun-
                                                                       dreds of amateurs have produced professional-looking check-
                                                                       ering jobs with the aid of Decal Checkering Patterns.

                   EVERY OUTDOOR NEED
                               Over 50 styles of boots
                               including the world fa-           G E N U I N E U.S. SIGNAL CORPS T E L E P H O N E S AND C O M M U N I C A T I O N WIRE
                               mous GOKEY BOTTE
                              SAUVAGE. Lightweight,          EASY TO INSTALL TELEPHONE SYSTEMS ALL WEATHER                                          -      ALL PURPOSE
                               the Botte Sauvage is                                  Save Time, Steps, With Your             NEW SURPLUSÑJUS RELEASED
                               mode-to-measure f r o m                               Own D i r e c t L i n e Inter-          On original factory ateel reels. Vm
                                                             A                                                               ~~imnunlcatlona,    blastina, inter-cam.
                               tough b u t soft b u l l
                              leathers. True Moccasin
                              construction with hand-
                                                                                          Telephone Systems
                                                                                     HOME RANCH
                                                                                            wire, connect to DhOne.9, ring
                                                                                                                             Hundreda of other uses.
                                                                                                                             W I IOB-18 m. 2-conductor I n d i t e d
                                                                                                                             CODDBr-&Bel coUdUOtoM.
                              stitched vamp.                                         and talk UD to 20 miles. Perfect        NEW PEBFECT SELECT GRADE.
                                  10-in. LACE BOOT
                                                                                     performmce~bttlefleld m i e o .
                                                                                     BRAND NEW KELLOGG U. R
                                                                                                                             'A mile reel< (1.660 ft.)        $18.95
                              10-in. PUlL-ON BOOT                                    NAVY 6-BAR WALL PHONE.
                                                                                    .....$22.50      pw mir..    $42.50
                                                                                                                              1 mUe reeli
                                                                                                                             (6,180 ft.) .................. --- --
                        GOKEY BOTTE SAUVAGE
                    (in regular & snake-proof models)                                                                                                .......
                                                                                                                             Grade I. Unused like new.
                                                                                                                             1 mile reel< (6.180 It.)                     muy with

    Get GOKEY BOOTS only by writing for measure
                                                             EEI F I E L D PHONES-Xeoonditlond Un nnr.
                                                             a*     .............$22.50 per pair..      .........
                                                                                                                             % mile r-18 (1,640 ft.)  .....
                                                                                                                              Latest Signal Corps Field W i n
                                                                                                                                                              $13.95 OU%!%%-
    blank and Free GOKEY SPORTSMAN catalog of                                                                                WD- 12TT l-COUdUator, h e i r 9 Mire-        Kqu'pm*nt
    boots, clothing and other fine sports equipment.         C-4J3 TYPE F I E L D TELEPHONE. tot& typa Uin new.

               GOKEY CO.
                                                             ~çt..   ...........$11.95     per   ill.. .........$34.50
                                                                                                                             tiwlene ~ i a a i o
                                                                                                                             or Aerial, ?4 mila rulf (1,640 It.).........
                                                                                                                                               ~mu~ated- or ~ u r l * ~ 'xciusiv*'y
           OKPT. 0      ST.   PAUL 1 MINN.
                                                             Other Low Cost Phones and W i n Available. Write For Freo Foldel.                     8m.i ~ i w kor   m.0.-no   e.o.d.'i
                                                             LORIS SALES                    P. 0. BOX 1896-CIO,
                                                                                                              Sacramento, California               ¥c'!l¤'ice%$r~ ¥&*%Fa
stalled. Experts like the late Major Charles
 Askins, and E. M. Sweeley of Idaho, who
did a great deal of experimenting with
 shotgun boring, found that far more shot
are deformed in the forcing cone of the
                                                                         JOHN WAYNE
gun than are ever deformed in a choke.
   By grinding out the forcing cones until                                                                     m
 they were almost non-existent, these men
were able to achieve greatly improved pat-
   Sweeley even went so far as to make up
special shot containers, for long range pass
shooting at ducks, that would carry the
charge to considerable range before break-
ing up. In general, by the time a shot
column has reached the choked portion                                                                              -
of a gun, and if the choke is smooth (or in                                                                             John waYne-&th 300 ~ e a t h e r b i ~ a ~ n u i
the case of an adjustable choke, is properly
installed), pressures have fallen off s&-                                                                               and Weatherby Imperial 4X Scope
ciently so that very few, if any, pellets are                                                                            .      .
deformed in the choke. Loads properly fitted                                                           i
to the choke of the gun are those in which
a layer of shot fills the choke perfectly
                                                                                                                        Where one shof kills are a musf                -
and evenly, and such a load will give the                                                                                you need a Weatherby Magnum

most uniform patterns. This is one of the
reasons why loads of some sizes do not                                                                                     .the wor1.d'~most powerful
pattern well in certain iubuilt chokes or at                                                                            rifle.
certain settings on adjustable chokes. Some
reloaders meticulously fill the shot shell with
even layers of shot to achieve the most uni-
form distribution possible with a shot size
properly fitted to the choke.
   The experienced hunter never goes into the
hills until his rifle is perfectly sighted and
he has shot it enough to know its trajectory                                                                                               See the fabulous new
curve. The experienced shotgunner should
give himself the benefit of the same thor-                                                                                    P -         "378" cartridge for the
ough checking. If he shoots his gun enough                                                                                           world's largest game - now
to know its elevation at various ranges, and                                                                                    in stock. Or choose your favorite
what. his inbuilt or adjustable choke will
do at various ranges and with various shot                                                                                    from a 257-27@7MM, 300 & 375
loads, it will pay off in less wasted ammuni-                                                                                  Weatherby Magnum at $250.00
tion, and in more game cleanly killed or
more busted targets.                         @                                                                                    Standard calibers at $230.00
                                                                                                                        Featured at leading spofling goods stores everywhere.
                Replace that Crosshair with a

                PEEP RETICULE                                                                                          ....................                                     1
                  FOR MOST RIFLE SCOPES
               that does not hide the exacf canter
               t.\Fiild af view unchanged. An exmL
                                                                      0 Send free copy                                       To: WEATHERBY'S, lnc.                              I
             finder. Promptly installed. Pat. Pmd.               1    "How t o M a k e                                       2796 Firestone Boulevard                           I
               Invited-Free Laeratare                            1    Your First Shot                                        South Gate, California                             I
1   FELVER OPTICAL SERVICE 522c~in:h%0                           1    Count."                v                                                                                  I
                                                                 ! 0 Enclosed is $2.00 for all-new 1956                      NAME
A Nafural far
Holster or Tarset
                                                                 '1   (8th edition) i f '*Tomorrow's Rifles
                                                                      Today:' Over 100 pages profusely illus-
                                                                 1    trated! Valuable information and bol-                                                                     I
                                                                 1    listico! data!                                         CIN                       ZONLSTATE-               I
                                                                 !                                                                                                              I

                 COMBAT GRIPS.,                      .                                             Acme Shot Shell Loader
                        Preferred by                                                               Decaps                               Recaps                       Sizes
    -                        Expert Pistolmen
                  Precisimn Cawed from IMPORTED ROSEWOOD
                                                                                                                        Loads                 Crimps
     The COMBAT GRIP gives you ease of han-                                                                                     Reforms to the rim
     dling for combat and torget shooting          ...                                             Model 100 ( 100 shells per hour) $69.95
     makes pointing your gun as natural as
     pointing your finger. Available for:
     S&W K, Combat, S . Butt Map, Magnum
                         q                                                                         Model 200 ( 150 shells per hour) $89.95
     Colt 0. M., 0. P, New Service
                     .                                                                                                 Complete     -
                                                                                                                                 Nothing Else t o BUY
           At your dealer's or order direct
              Send for Free Literature                                                       1              -      LO&     All Makes   ~n~ conditio"
          YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED                     1 1

                                                           11                                '       ACME INDUSTRIES
     DEALERS: Write today for illustrated infor-
     mation on the quality line of COMBAT GRIPS.
            CUSTOM CRAFT CO.                                                lllustmted.            625 W.       Lawrence St.                         Appleton, Wisconsin
    a                             Gavt. Surplus                     a

                                                                                                                                   competition. Ideal for indoor and outdoor
                                                                                                                                   practice to train the eye and hand for larger
                                                                                                                                   caliber handguns. Price $29.95, express c01-
                                                                                                                                   lect, with 200 pellets from Dor-Len Sales Co.,
                                                                                                                                   Dept. G-10, 254 E. Paces Ferry Road, NE,
                                                                                                                                   Atlanta (5) Georgia.

    a                                                               fa
    a                                   00
                R i f l e Barrel Cal. 3 . 6         e
      Brand N e w aovt. Surplus 24 inch; Completely e
    a Finished. Value $25.00 Special ......
    : mine slings
          web 1 .- in. New..
                                      postpaid $8-95
                                       ...............      69a

        U. S. Army Leather
          Rifle Sling Used..         ................ $1.00
    8              -RUBBER                                          !
                                                                            simple plunger arrangement which instantly
    !RECOIL                   BOOTS                                         detaches the scope and mount for safe. com-
    8for shotgun              $                                             fortable carryin; in separate case or picket.
    :or rifle                  3,DOZEfd
                                                            -               The scope can be clicked into place again
                                                                            in an instant without the use of keys, coins or
               UBLIC SPORT SHOPS                                            special tools and is easily interchangeable            WELLER'S GUN-CLEANING LINE fea-
                  S 16th St., Phila. 2, Pa.
                   .                                     N o COD!           fLr use with other rifles. ~xclusive  v-2esign         tures a solvent-cleaner preparation that pre-
                                                                            plus positive seating of precision-milled V            vents barrel corrosion and contains a lu-
                                                                            surfaces assures guaranteed accuracy. Choice           bricating quality for additional rust pro-
    :THE MOUNT THAT WILL:                                                   of three interchangeable brackets: Hi-Top,             tection. Other accessories include: smooth,
    : ALWAYS ZERO BACK :                                                    Lo-Top and Side mount locations that fit all
                                                                            bases. All scope mounts are mad,e of alumi-
                                                                                                                                   light gun oil, gun and rifle cleaning patches,
                                                                                                                                   shotgun cleaning swabs, spring-tempered
                                                                            num with an anodized finish. Overall length            wire brushes, pistol and cleaning rifle rods,
                                                                            is 3%", weight is 5% ounces. Write Kruzell             shotgun cleaning rods to fit all .410 to 12
                                                                            Gunsmithing Works, Dept. G-10, Bay City,               gauge guns. Also deluxe gun cleaning kits
                                                                            Mich.                                                  for pistols, rifles or shotguns in various
                                                                                                                                   gauges and calibers-and        a multi-gauge
        I'   ti1""L.b    a1
        off and back on between shot&
        No Wrench needed t d u s t .
                              IW   ,a,ua.   baa>
                                                   $19.15 pap. {                                                                   shotgun kit. For prices and discounts, write
        O ~ e m r sight. Fixed reticule saopea OW. Rigid
                                                                                                                                   Erwin Weller Co., Dept. G-10, Sioux City,
        when locked no bouncing around to damage m e .                                                                             Iowa.
        Dbcmmt to dealem. For fr%e Wormation writa:

: Box 22R
                        Billings, Mont.
      12,16             in            and
                                            DEMT PLUGS
                                             20 G a u g e
                                                                            BSF bbMATCH"       AIR PISTOL is imported
                                                                            rrom its famous West German manufacturer.
                                                                            [t is 15%" long with a precision-rifled, blued-
:     SIMPLIFIES WORK OF REMOVING                                   :       3teel barrel, micrometer rear sight, adjustable
                                                                            :rigger pull and polished walnut stock. A              MICRO OPEN SIGHT SET for Spring-
  I u using an expanding dmt lug yon eliminate
  the m a k h or buying of exmnsive solid ~lugs,
                                                                    :       ;omplete stock of repair parts is maintained
                                                                            n Atlanta, Georgia, and .177 air-gun pellets
                                                                                                                                    field and Enfield consists of a front sight
                                                                                                                                    band with an inside diameter of .60Ot' to .645"
  several of which am needed for each gauge.
  These pluos have center diameter of about . W
  less than standard diameter of !am% bore and e
                                                                    *       ire available everywhere. Very accurate, the
                                                                            BSF has been thoroughly tested in match
                                                                                                                                   in .005" steps, with gold bead blade sight;
  can be expanded to fit any overs~zedbore.      e                                                                                  and a rear band in two sizes (Springfield (
  Made of Brmse t o Prevent jammino G? marring                                                                                     b
a                     of awe.
  Price per Dent Plug. ........... .$ 4.25
                                                   .....                    1           AFRICAN                                1 1 OUR SEKRET FOR SALE
  Set o f 3 (one o f each gauge)         $12.00
:FRANK           M I T T E R M E I E R (Esf. 1936).
                                                                                Arrowheads from Congo PIGMY people
                                                                                                                                    Old "Time Tested" reliable, triple action
                                                                                                                                    product is now available for the first time.
            "Gunsmith Supply Headquarters''                                     I 0 for $1 .OCbig-game types. Museum                Especially developed for the finest gun
        3577 E. Tremont Ave., New York 65, N.Y.    a                            q u a l i v items obtained by archeological
                                                                                Safar~ through Congo Cameroons and                  operation a n d maintenance-thoroughly
                                                                                Nigeria AFRICA, ar;         available 'from         (1) Cleans, (2) Lubricates and (3) Preserves
I                                                                       1
                                                                                direct trader. Tribal masks of Bamileke,

                                                                                                                                    all surfaces a n d working parts.
        25 Cell Brilliance 66,000                                               Bamendo Bateke etc. for sale. Photo
                                                                                list on rebuest. ~ k e hs r n $20-$50.
                                                                                                                                    A Life Time's S u p p l y a t y o u r Finger Tips.
             candle~owerBeacon                                                  RARE ARROWHEADS FROM NIGERIAN
                                                                                     ANCIENT CACHE-8         for $1.00.                    Send $1.00    f r Formula M-88
                                                                                            R. T WATERS
                                                                                                                                       ALADDIN SPORT CENTER
                                                                                                                                    315 Elks Bldg.                   Springfield, Ill.

                                                                                  PRIMER AND BRASS
                                                                             RmWmSm                                            1       NEW SHOTGUN
                                                                                                                                    REAR SIGHT-Install     yourself i n one minute.
                                                                             6.6 Jau. 6.6 Carcano. 6.5 M. S. Bram. $9.76
                                                                             Per 100. Primera. Large Rifle, Small Rifle,            Guoronteed Accuracy. Will not snag on brush
                                                                             Small P i d l $2.24 uer 260. Loaded 6.6 Jau.           or slip out o f place. Fits all models.
                                                                             6.5 Carcano. 6.6 M. S. $5.00 Per 20. N o                  Send $1 -00-Special   Prices for Dealers
                                                                             0.0.D.'~                                               BROWN & BROWN MFG. CO.
                                                                                           SHELL SHOP                                                   Dept. 20
                                                                             3705 Sunset Blvd.        Los Angelea 26, Calif.        721 Rector Ave.                Hot Springs, Ark.
Enfield) with either a semi-buckhorn or flat-
top sporting rear. Finished and blued; comes
ready for installation. Complete set retails
for $9. Rear band only with standard 9'   6'
                                                                                                                        7'WiCE as WARM!
dovetail for mounting sporting rear lists for
                                                                                                                                    AS ANY OTHER INSULATION
$3. For catalog or folders showing this and
other sights, write Micro Sight Company,
Dept. G-10, 5813 Mission St., San Francisco
 (12) Calif.

                                                 tooled engraved design, appearance of a
                                                 more expensively priced case. Extra heavy
                                                 outer shell of special formulated vinyl has a
                                                 hand-finished color toning. Unaffected by
                                                 extremes of cold and heat. Heavily padded,
                                                 thick fibre pile fabric lining. Full length
                                                 zipper, leather handle.      Available in all
                                                 lengths for rifles and shotguns; fits guns with
                                                 low-mount scope only. Retails for approx-
                                                 imately $20. Full information, discounts sent
GALES1 HIJO AUTOMATIC, a pocke                   upon request.       Write Kolpin Bros., Dept.
size, 8-shot, 11-ounce automatic pistol,         G-10, Berlin, Wisc.
made and designed by one of Europe's leal
ing manufacturers. Available in -22 and .2
caliber models, it is designed for reliabl
protection as well as plinking and targf                                                                              CATALOG
oractice. Convenient to carrv., the Galesi H
                            ,                                                                                            i e n t i f i c FACTS

jo Automatic is easy to fire. Prices rang                                                                                  ABOUT D O W N !
from $24.95 to $34.50. For additional detai
and complete specifications including illu                                                                             7.     I l l u s t r a t e s Down
                                                                                                                                    qarments for men,              .
trated pi-ice lists, write Sloan7s Sportin                                                                           1 0 0 % 7 women and young-
Goods Inc., Dept. G-10, 88 Chambers SI                                                                                                     sters; 18 styles fran
New York (7) N. Y.                                                                                                                               14.50 t o $79.50.
                                                 NEW MODEL 57 TARGET REVOLVER                                                                      leeping bags fron          .
MINUTE MAN GUN BLUE is a col                     in .22 rimfire calibcr is equipped with front                                                       $14.95 to $89.50
chemical composition, one application proce!     elevating and rear windage adjustable target                                                        ...  Dawn comfortef-
                                                 sights. The 8-shot Iver Johnson comes in                                                                 a n d many useful
for bluing guns and articles of iron an                                                                                                                     o u t d o o r items.
                                                 6", 4" and 21/2'' barrel lengths and features
steel. Approved by the National Sportsmen
Institute, Minute Man Gun Blue has bee           the smoo~h blue finish, new wide hammer
                                                             I-J                                                                                          '     READ W H A T
                                                                                                                                                                    OTHERS Sb
on the market 34 years. Each Minute Ma           spur, screw-adjustable main spring, improved                                                                          ABOUT
Gun Blue kit contains all the equipme~           centerpin catch and scored target trigger.                                                                               DOWN
necessary to d.0 the job-2 oz. bottle of gu      Fully-checkered thumb rest grips of durable
blue and directions. Requiring no heatinl        Tenite are fitted. The "57" handles all .22                             Lighter than feathers, warmer       7
                                                                                                                            than ten sweaters. Nylon for-
instant-action Minute Man Gun Blue retai         rimfires including the high velocity loads,
for $1 at all gun shops. For additional i~       and retails for $29.95 from Iver Johnson's
                                                                                                                              tified outer fabric. Satin lined.          1
                                                                                                                                  Elastic knit wool collar. Sizes
formation, write: New Method Mfg. Co             Arms & Cycle Works, Dept. G-10, Fitchburg,                                         36 to 48 i n Scarlet, Smoke,               A
D e ~ t .G-10. Bradford. Pa.                     Mass.                                                                Down1 L           Dead Grass and Forest Green.

1 Expert
                                                1 KAMOUS WALTHER AUTOMATICS
                                                 Warldls Safest! Wadd's Finest! 5 Sofety Features!
                                                                                                                 1    Caps 7L
                                                                                                                      Scarlet fobric
                                                                                                                      and fur. Dead
                                                                                                                                          $14.50. A d d 50c for ship

                        Made I n 1916 a t
                                                NEW WALTHER P. P. NEW PRE.
                                                WAR qnality. Su erhly balanced.
                                                                                                                      Grass, Smoke,       ores sty
                        Rack Island Arsenal.
                        Cast US. Govt. $12.50
                                                Precision rnanuLctured.AFJSO.
                                                LUTE  S FT .
                                                       AE Y       No accidental fir.
                                                                                                                      Green, Marsh Tan or                 7 "$4
                                                ing. Ready as a revolver with DOU.                                    Steel Gray with beaver
                                                BLE ACTION. OUTSIDE SAFETY
                        SPECIAL                 md INSIDE AUTOMATIC SAFETY. SIGNAL P I N EX.

                             $1 5
                                                POSED HAh~MER.Exten~io~fiogerrnag~zi~efor~ncrca~ed                                                                      100%
                                                        Home ~ m t e c t m n sidearms ioc law emforcernen~
                                                ~ccuracy.                    .
                              2    POSTPAID

1                  ...
        Gold plated aver solid bronze.
     Raised letters     Limited quafitity.                                                                               Compare with any other. If you do
                                                                                                                         not agree ours i s far better quality
                                                                                                                         and far better value, return for full and
                                                                                                                         prompt refund, including shipping costs
                                                                                                                         both ways.
                                                                                       NI    A
                                                                                            S N FRANCISCO,   C               BEWARE O F I M I T A T I O N S
                                                                                                                         Ours are the original and genuine Down in-
                                                                                                                         sulated garments     - made exclusively under
                                                                                                                         U. S. Patents in our own factory. They are
                                                                                                                         sold direct to you only.. .never through deal-
                                                                                                                         ers or middlemen. never under any other
                                                                                                                                        "-..r assurance of tL- L-*
                                                 We ~ i v YOU handiemt hunting and fishing knifeyou've ever
                                                 had1 Ha8 4-INCH LONG highly tern~ered t e eblsd-VERY
                                                                                        ~    l
                                                 SHARP1 Attractive handle. We send knife FREE to ac~uainl
                                                 YOU with our below-wholesale bar~ains.Plesse send 25c for
                                                 handling. NO LIMIT-but send 25c h~ndling each knife,
                                                 Order TODAY!
                                                 HUNTING KNIFE. Dept. K-11, Box 881. St. Louis. MII. I
                                                                                                                         plinking, small game and varmint shooting,
                                                                                                                         protecting the home. The barrel, available
                                                                                                                         in 2", 4" and 6" lengths, contains a rifled
                                                                                                                         high-tensile steel insert. Frame of aircraft
                                                                                                                         quality aluminum has an anodized gun-metal
    W H Y RISK Y O U R LIFE                                                                                              finish. Adjustable front sight and a notched
install, replaces your grip cap large enough for all                                                                     rear sight. Stock equipped with a non-slip
mns, can't be lost, bewmes' pari of your gun; no holes
to drill, will not ruin stock. Finest cornpaw, jeweled                                                                   conforming checkered grip. Has single or
haring, luminous, waterproof, shwk resistant with m-                                                                     double action with instant automatic ejec-
breakable cap. A t your dealer's or postpairl, $2.95.
Patent pending.                                                                                                          tion. Retails for $29.95 including Federal
            FRA-MAR                COMPANY                                                                               tax. Cody Mfg. Corp., Dept. G-10, 465 Taylor
      3 J o n e s Ave.,   Wilmington, Massachusetts                                                                      St., Springfield, Mass.

    $8.00                 HI-SPEED                    $1 0.00
Rougher                                        Finisher
.a-06, .3W Sav., .SO8 Wln., 7mm. -270 Win., -257
Roberts, -250-3000 Sav., 2 2 0 swlft, 22-250, -222 Rem.
 $1 0.00                                    $12.50
Rougher                   HI-SPEED         Finisher
              2 4 3 Win., 2 4 4 Rem.
.2l9 Wasp, -22 Hornet, .22K Hornet, 2 1 8 Bm, .300
H & H. -30-40 Kraa. -30-06 Ackley Imp.. -35 Whelen.
                                                                         NEW COLORFUL CATALOG by 0. F.
.30-06      8 MM
                    GAGES-257 R o b e r t s  .SO8 Win.
                                                                         Mossberg & Sons Inc. contains the entire
                                                                         Mossberg line of rifles, shotguns, telescope
       BRAND NEW
set of three $4.00.
                           O N L Y 1.50 EACH
                    one oiem orttnance type. Ground                      sights, spotting scopes, other equipment. I t
head and angle. held t o .OOl limit, hardened, 58 Rock-
well. GO-NO-GO and FIELD.
                                                                         gives detailed features and specifications of
      FULLY GUARANTEED              -
                                  ORDER TODAY                            each model. Also lists the many firearms
REDFORD REAMER GO,, BOX 4863-G                                           which are produced today that have grooved
              Station, D e t r o i t 19, M i c h i g a n
         Redfo~                                                          receivers and, can mount the popular 4M4
                                                                         Mossberg scope. In addition, it contains in-
                                                                         formation on the Covey Hand Trap which
                                                                         throws one, two or three standard clay tar-
                                                                         gets. For free copy write 0. F. Mossberg &
                                                                         Sons Inc., Dept. G-10, New Haven, Conn.

                                                                                                                         NEW FULL COLOR CATALOG of .22
                                                                                                                         handguns has been published by Hi-Standard
                                                                                                                         which illustrates and describes in detail the
                                                                                                                         complete line of their .22 caliber pistols and
                                                                                                                         revolvers. According to the manufacturer,

            SUBSCRIBE TODAY!                                     1                                                       thi3 is the first time any hand,gun manufac-
                                                                                                                         turer has ever published a catalog in full
                                                                                                                         color. Hi-Standard handguns are priced as
                                                                                                                         low as $34.95. Catalogs are available upon
                                                                         light, perfectly balanced, quick-acting and
                                                                                                                         request. For free copy write: High Standard
                                                                                                                         Manufacturing Corp., Dept. G:lO, Hamden,

                                                                                                                         1 hi-speed jackets
I        H         Altered by Forolng. for low            1
                      SCOP0   ......................

                   Polished & Jewelled Preclaion
                      Indexed    ....................
                   Special-Both for    ..............6.50
                   Custom Rifle Stocklng and Rebarrel~ng
            KESS ARMS COMPANY D e ~ t X I 0
1    2 8 3 N. G r e e n B o v Ave. M i l w m u k e e -12. Wis.       1

Mod. 760 Slide action rifles. Mod. 746 A U W n-mws, mud.
870 Winomaster Shotguns. Mod. 11/48 and new 11/48
Sportsman auto Shotguns New Rem. 22 cal. Model 572.
Prlces completely lnstallch a t our plant Is $18.75 which
includes return postage.
                W R I T E FOR FOLDER
            J. DEWEY G U N CO.
East Hampton                                    Connecticut              1   REINHART              FAJEN,            Box 1150,           Warsaw.       Missouri
                                                   ture completely revised sight material. Com-
                                                   plete sight specifications are included to-
                                                   gether with illustrations to help select the
                                                   proper sights for any type of gun. Write
                                                   Marble Arms Corporation, Dept. G-10, Glad-
                                                   stone> NIich.
                                                                                                   11 SWISS ARMY                  R I F L E S ~ 8 11

ER is a device designed and made to elimi-
nate the possibility of scoring or scratching
a bore. Has no sharp ends or meshes where
abrasive particles can lodge. Enters the bar-
rel easily and contacts every part of the bore
with every stroke. Gun owners who prefer
to keep leading out of their shotguns and
avoid risking damage to the bore or choke,

or dislike soaking and swabbing for several
days will like the Tornado. Fits all standard
American cleaning rods; comes in every
gauge. For additional information including
prices, write Boehm-Sheldon Inc., Dept. G-10,      CROW HUNTING "PACKAGE" for the
Box 128, Antigo, Wisc.                             ever-growing sport of crow hunting includes:
                                                   a two-sided 10-inch, 78 RPM record of in-
                                                                                                   B                                                           B
                                                   structions and demonstrations, a ten-chapter
                                                   book covering all phases of "crow hunting"      :       THE                                                 I
                                                   and a vibrant crow call. All by Toad, the
                                                   noted crow hunter. Entire "package" popu-
                                                                                                   ; NEW
                                                                                                                               PATE..   ..
                                                                                                                          Comp!ete job as shown now
                                                                                                                                reduced to $20                 !
                                                   larly priced at $2.75. For ordering ihforma-    I
                                                   tion write Toad Woodward Co., Dept. G-10,       I                                     MUZZLE
                                                   Lemar, Missouri.                                !                                      BRAKE                !
                                                                                                   i   Tiny but POTENT! Custom-fitted to look like,
                                                                                                   I and &tually be, part of your rifle barrel. Write
                                                                                                   I for literature.                                           B
                                                   WISLER'S 1956-57 catalog displays the
                                                   latest in guns, gun equipment and outdoor       : PENDLETON GUNSHOP    ~  ~
                                                                                                                                              ~   d   ~    ~   :   ~   '   r   ~   :   ;

                                                   items for campers, sportsmen, shooters, hunt-
                                                   ers and handloaders. All merchandise is
                                                   hand picked by Russ Wisler-ardent shooter,
                                                   authority on firearms and handloading meth-         SMILE! CASE TRIMMER #55
                                                                                                             WITH THC NEW PRESS-FIT PILOTS
NEW CATALOG for the 1956-57 selling                ods, and author of many technical articles.           THE LEADER I N DESIGN. PERFORMANCE.
season has just been released by the Marble        The 144 page catalog contains hundreds of
Arms Corporation. Printed in traditional           illustrations, complete specifications and          The only ease elmmer made that mms and deb-
                                                                                                       both Inside & outaldm I one operatl-The     fast.
                                                   prices. All items are fully indexed. An             e a & lowest-priced complete trhmer. o w ~tatlon.
black and orange colors, Marble's new cata-                                                            ar9 collet takes all cases-Guaranteed. No other
                                                   advance charge of $1.50 per copy is refunded                               n
                                                                                                       trimmer can compare I meed and m r f o m n c e .
log covers complete line of gun-cleaning kits                                                          Teat all.
and accessories, knives, axes and sheaths, gun     with the first order. Send $1.50 to Wisler                            FRIE FOLDER
                                                                                                                  Sold by Dealers Everywhere
sights, gift kits and miscellaneous outing ac-     Western Arms Inc., Dept. G-10, 205 Second
cessories. ,Fully illustrated, its 20 pages fea-   St., San Francisco (5) Calif.                            G. T. SMILEY COMPANY
                                                                                                       I58 Kellie Lane                  Auburn, California

                     WITH A
                                                                                                    i F A L L REBORE S P E C I A L
                                                                                                       Extended by popular request until Nov. 1st.
                                                                                                       Any .25 or 6.5 millimeter to 7 millimeter or 30

1    Cartridge Clip
                                                                                                       and 32 calibre to .35 Whelen $12.50
                                                                                                             Rebore,. Rechamber ond Test Fire
                                                                                                            Rebarrellng and Custom Specialists
                                                                                                             Send gun to: PACIFIC FIREARMS
                                                                                                          1517 N. Gardner, Hollywood 46, Calif.
                                                                                                       Send 25c, refundable, for price lists and brochures

                                                            Wonderful World of                     SOLID RIFLE CASES
                                                                                                       PROTECTS SCOPE           ASSURES ACCURACY
                                                                                                                                         - - - - -

                                                                                                                   W ~ i t e FREE Fokfer
                                                      Guns in GUNS Magazine                        CASSELL CASES, Box 168, Grand Rapids, Mich,

   30-06, 8mm8, 270, 7mm,            '
                                                                                                   '-KANUALL MADEws
     Cartridges at your FINGERTIPS
          for FAST RELOADING
    High Impact Plastic (Guaranteed)                                                               The demo         or these world famous handmada
                                                                                                   knives has wecome so great that a t present I'm
     I f not a t your dealer, Price $3.00 ppd.                                                     several months behind i n deliveries. However, I
       HOLIDAY MFG. CO., Dept. G,                                                                  refuse t o lessen their quality by mass production,
              Grand Island, Nebr.                                                                  Your patience will not go unrewarded.
     Jobbers & Dealers Inquiries Invited                                                                        for
                                                                                                      Send 20@ descriptions, prices and lnstructiva
                                                                                                   manual. 50d for fighting knife booklet.
                                                                                                   W. D. RANDALL, JR., Box 1988-G, Orlando, Fla

                                                   THE GUN MARKET
Classified ads 15c per word per insertion, including name and address. Payable              (on sale November 1) i s September 16. Print our ad carefully and mail to:
in advance. Minimum ad 10 words. Closing date for the December, 1956 issue                  GUNS Magazine, 8150 North Central Park ~ l v i . , Skokie, Illinois.
                                                            RIFLES: T H E Famous British Current Issue                    U. S. 30-06 SPRINGFIELDS. VERY good-
                   .--                                      .303 Short Lee Enfleld (No. 4 Mark 1 ) Deluxe
                                                            Sporter 10-shot detachable magazine repeater.
                                                                                                                          $55.00. Perfect-$65.00.
                                                                                                                          Very good-$20.00.
                                                                                                                                                       J a p 6.5mm rifles.
                                                                                                                                                J a p 257 Roberts. Very
TONS RARE Antique Gun Supplies. Illus-                         ghtweight 24" Barrel. Excellent condition.                 good-$29.50.  J a p 30-06's. Excellent-$22.50.
trated catalog 256. Dixie Gun Works, Dept.                  Do Not Confuse With Obsolete No. 1Mark I11                    German Mod. 9 8 8mm Mausers. Very good-
Q. Union City. Tennessee.                                   1917 War Model. Free recoil pad and zippered                  $37.50. Excellent-$42.50.      Free list. North
                            -   -                           gun case with sling with each gun. A $110.00                  Eastern Firearms, 1 4 5 Nassau Street, New
OVER 500 ANTIQUE-Modern          Guns-Pow-                  value. Now only $39.50. Send remittance f o r                 York. N. Y.
der Flasks-Swords-Edged      Weapons. Large                 p m p t delivery. Limited Stock. International
Printed List 25c Coin. Cartridges for Col-                    irearms, 22 Kingman, St. Albans, Vermont.                   S.PRINGFIELDS, *USERS,           Japç etc., a t
lectors List # 66 25c coin. IEd Howe, Coop-.                                                                              big bargain prices. I r e e Gun List. Al's Gun-
ern Mills 1 . Maine.
           1                                                ENFIELD RIFLES : Famous 30-06 Enfleld 6-                      room. 1 Beekman St.. Kew York. N. Y.
                                                            Shot repeating Service Model $33.00. .303 cal.
ANTIQUE ARMS f o r Collector o r Shooter a t                $24.50. Manufactured by Winchester. Kerning-                  FRANCOTTE. 1 2 GAUGE hammerless Damas-
Bar a i n Pricen. lOc f o r List. Ladd, catskill,           ton and Eddystone. Very good t o Excellent.                   cus, Hamilton, 851 Rural. Williamsport, Penn.
N. f.                                                       ~ e d l e r sauantitv discounts. Send remittance
                                                            for immediate shipment. I n t e r n a t 6 n a l f f i r e :   GUNS BOUGHT Sold. Traded. List lOc. Pot-
$1.00 ALASKA MINERALS $1.00. Ore
sortment from t h e Last Frontier. A Swell
                                                   Ai       arms Co., 2 2 Kingman, St. Albans, Vermont.                                              Missouri.
                                                                                                                          ras, ~ r o s s t i m b e r ~ ,

Gift. 1 5 different minerals. Send $1.00 t o                SWISS ARMY Rifles '89 Famous Schmidt-
 Alaska Northern Lights Ent., P. 0. Box 1101,               Rubin Rifles. Hi-power .30 cal. 12-shot re-                               INDIAN RELICS
 anchorage, Alaska.                                         peater, fast loading detachable magazine. Ex-
                                                            cellent condition, while they last $16.50 (2                  2 F I N E INDIAN War Arrowheads $1.00.
                                                            of these fine rifles $29.50). Also available a s              Flint Scalping Knife $1.00. F l i n t Thunder-
        GUNS & AMMUNITION                                   finest light weight sporter with 22" barrel                   bird 2.00. List f r e e . Arrowhead, Box 1249.
                                                            only $22.50. Ammunition $2.65 box 20 (2                       Hot Springs, Arkansas.
30 CALIBER 12-SHOT high-power precision                     boxes $5.00) Send remittance immediate ship-
Swiss Rifle, silk-smooth action, fine accuracy,             ment. International Firearms, 22 Kingman,                     ARROWHEADS ASSORTED : Thirty $5.00
low recoil         excellent shooting condition             St. Albans, Vermont.                                          hundred $15.00.' Catalog 50c. Tilton Relics;
$14.95 ; 4 8 Military cartridges $5.00 ; ~ u n t i n e                                                                    Topeka 25, Kansas.
cartridges $3.25 per 20. Free Brochure.******               AMMUNITION: .45 A.C.P. $4.25 P E R 100.
            n catalog S15, Modern & Obsolete                1000 rounds $35.00, 2000 rounds $29.50,
! i:      Kfles and Shotguns Hard-to-get For-
eign & ' ~ m e r i c a n~ m m u n i t i d n Loading Tools
                                                            10,000 rounds $24.50 per 1000. Shipped Duty                                  ENGRAVING
                                                            Free. Immediate shipment. International Fire-
Clips Magazines Accessories ' price 256 &far-               arms, 1011 Bleury, Montreal, Que.                             F I N E ENGRAVING. Folder. 506 E. C. Prud-
t i n B Retting, &., Culver City (23). Califor-
       .                                                                                                                  homme. 305 Ward Bide., Shreveport, La.
nia.                                                        RIFLES: FAMOUS .303 Short Lee Enfleld                         --

YOUR J A P rifles altered to 30-06 $6.00. Sap               (S.M.L.E.) No. 1 Mark 1 1 British Service
                                                                                     1                                    ENGRAVING-SCROLLÑgol           animals-In-
ahells $3.75. Bolts altered for scope $4.50                 Model, ten-shot repeater with detachable                      dividual designs. Doubles restocked. Gunre-
engine turned $4.00. both $8.00. Catalog .05:               magazine, only $29.50. Send llemittance for                   blu, Biltmore 15, N. C.
T P Shop, West Branch 16, Mich.                             immediate shipment. International Firearms
                                                            Co.. 22 Kingman, St. Albans, Vermont.                         CUSTOM GUN Engraving. Free Folder. L. C.
AMMUNITION LESS Than Cost. Factory                                                                                        Hovt. 321 E. Minnesota St.. 1ndianapol:s. Ind.
                                                                                                                          - " ,
25-35 Win. $12.05 P e r 100. 3 3 Win. $14.00
Per 100. 348 $16.50 Per 100 Blanks' 30-06
                                              RIFL,ES 303 BRITISH Enflelds, a s issued
                                              good cotddition, $27.50 each. 303 British MU^!                              GUN ENGRAVING. Both Modern and An-
                                                                                                                          tiaue. Floyd E. Warren, Rt. S3-Box 87.
7mm 8mm 30-40 44-40 $3.00 P e r 100 ~ e ! tary C a r t ridges, $7.50 per                                                  Cortland, Ohio.
loads', 39 spec. $32 50 'per 1 0 0 0 45 Auto  Pump action^Rifles. Model 1 4 % Cal 44-40
$45.00 P e r 1,000. Bullets. sized and Lubri- used. 1 2 shot. .
                                                        -            .        ,
                                                             , enod çmnditi(yn' $39.5'0 each!
cated 38 Spec $16 0 0 P e r 1 0 0 0 45 Auto   44-40 cartridges $12 0 0 er hundred Public
$18.00 Per 1.000. No c.o.D.;~Shell Shop,      Sport  Shops, 11's. 16th Street, ~ h i l a d e l p h i a                           PARTS & SPECIALTIES
3705 Sunset Blvd. LOBAngeles 26, Calif.       L, ra.
                                                                                                                          GRIPS-IVORY,      pearl, stag, wood. Your de-
SAVE U P t o %-Buy      New Guns. Reloading                                                                               sign inlaid-gold, platinum, ivory f o r discrim-
tools and components. scopes. shon tools. tirps,                                                                          inating, Gunreblu, Biltmore 15, N. C.
home appliances. Discount list free. Walter
Oliver, Box 55, Auburn, Indiana.                                                                                          CALLS DECOYS and Phonograph Records
                                                                                                                          which 'teach t h e a r t of calling for duck,
CARTRIDGE COLLECTORS-List                 Ç1 with          HUNTING RIFLES - Springfield .45-70                           goose, crow, squirrel and deer. Supplies, eyes,
new additions listlne 1000 differpnt 1 . S. and
                                           1. . .
                                           . . . -  -
                                                            $27.50.    .30-06 Springfield High Number                     heads paint etc. Illustrated catalog lOc.
foreign Collectors b a r t r i d m s . Many rarities        $57 50 low No $47 50. ~ a 6.5 $29.50 J a p
                                                                                              p                           Oscar ~ u a m , '3149 - 39th Ave., South, Min-
never before offered. 20#. Martin B. Retting,               7.7 ' $19.50. 8mm ' Danish Krag $34.60                        neapolis, Minn.
Inc., Culver City 23, Calif.

                                                            ~ u t c h~ e m b r u e6.5 $29.50. 8 m m ~ u s t r i a n
                                                            Steyr $37 5 0 . Mauser' 8mm $44 5 0 . ~ e l ~ i a             n            GUNSMITHING
LEGAL M-I RIFLES $125. M-I carbines                         $7 85 - ~ k u s e r $29 5 0 - .41 s w i s s $16.50
$87.50. Colt Frontiers', Bisleys $80. lo per:               .36-40'Krag excellent $44.50 ; Winchester 1886
907B Nearmont, Tucson, Arizona.                             .45-70 lever $75 ; Mauser, Springfield, sporters              GOLD-SILVER-Nickel        Plating. Bright pre-
                                                            8mm, 270, .30-06 $ 6 0 ; Remington 760 .270                   war bluing. Antiques, Frontiers restored. Gun-
ANTIQUE AND Modern Firearms. Send 104                       Pump rifle shopworn $95;-write             us your            reblu, Biltmore 15, N. C.
for list. Hawkeye Arms. 3900 S. W. 108 Ave-                 wants-over      1 0 0 000 items on hand-Super
nue. Out Box 19-20. Miami 55. Florida.                      catalog $.50-Ed'~gramonte, 201 Warburton,                     SHOOTERS: I F you a r e interested in learn-
                                                            Yonkers 2K, N. Y.                                             ing Gunsmithing and a r e willing to spend a
SEND lo< FOR lists either shotguns, rifles,                                                                               few hours in your home shop for     handsome
handguns, ammunition, or spud 2.5# for all                                                                                accurate .22 target pistol, send 3 cent stam
lists. Frarseth's. Willmar. Minnesota.                                                                                    for complete information. P. 0. Box 3 6 8
                                                                                                                          Terre Haute, Indiana.
ALL NEW guns i n stock. write your wants.
Buy, Sell, Trade. Jeff. Trader, Pocomoke City,
Maryland.                                                                                                                                RELOADING
KNOW YOUR Shotgun! Eight 32" x 32"
Patterning Targets with instruct~ons. $1.00                                                                               CARTRIDGE BOXES with partitions and
postnaid. Dealers also solicited. Teerat Pe-                                                                              d a t a labels, prepaid: 3 8 spec.-44 spec.-45
signers, Dent. G-56. 3740 Aurora Ave.. Cin-                                                                               ACP etc. $1.50 dozen. 30-06-30-30     etc. $1.40
cinnati 11, Ohio.                                                                                                         dozen. Sample 20c. Labels 50c hundred. J. E.
                                                                                                                          Bridgman, I. 0. Box 2502, Kansas City 42,

                                                                                                                               BINOCULARS & TELESCOPES
        louth N-47. Owosso. Michkan.
                                                                                                                          BINOCULAR SPECIALISTS, a l l makes re-
                                                                                                                          6aired.Lawrence, Bushncll dealer. Lomb. Zeiss-
                                                                                                                                   Authorized Bansch &
                                                                                                                            ensoldt, and
                                                                                                                          5514              Chicago 30, 111.

pistol grip. $60.00. Also Parker-Hale, .22 six                                                                            BINOCULARS REPAIRED by expert crafts-
ahot Adaptors f o r Enfleld No-2 revolver*                  HI-NO SPRINGFIELD 30-06 As Issued Ex-                         m a n . Hard coating. Eye cups replaced, all
$24.00 and WeHey No-1 revolvers $25.00. To                  cellent Plus $40. A1 Stevens, Granite Falls,                  makes. We have optics t o repair any make.
insure proper functioning, revolvers must be                Minn.                                                         Collimator alignment t o finv't snpcificatinn.
sent f o r fitting. For full details on all items
contact your dealer or write direct. ~ u t a ' !            GUNS !!! GUNS ! ! ! Guns 7 1 Winchesters

motive Suonlies. 1nc;. Newark., Ohio.
                                    -  -                    Colt's Kentuckies. Lueers. ~ n t i o u e - ~ o d e r i
                                                            Gun Bargains. ~ c c e s s o r i e s . ~ r m s &
 BRAND NEW Colt Official Police .38 Special                 Big Bargain Catalo 6Oc. Agramonte's, 201
with Staghorn grips and Colt Police Positive                Warburton Avenue. Yonkers 2K. N. Y.
.38 Special. Each 4" barrel and very highly
  enuine Colt engraved value $300.00 each                   J A P 7.7 AMMUNITION. $3.00 per twenty
Sacrifice $175.00 each. International m e :                 30-00 $1.50 per twenty. James B. Sloan, 92
 irms, 22 Kingman. St. Albans. Vermont.                     Ormond Street S.E.. Atlanta 15, Georgia.                      Avnndale Ave.. San Antonio 10. Texas.              Â
                                                                                                                       -- 1
COMPLETE REPAIR Service. Guaranteed.
Binoculars, Scopes, ~ecementink,  *ardcsating;
Ponta, Crosshairs, Rangefinders. o r spwial
reticule Installed. Refinlshlnx. Blueing. Mod-
ern machine shoo. 1 8 cum in business. Write
                                                                                                                       HOT OFF
or send instrument "for estimate. Optical
Instrument Repair Co., 579 Avondale Ave.,
San Antonio 10, Texas.
Latest Models-Large
                                 Scopes. 1 s t Class-
                               stock-Post    aid Koll-
                                                                                                                      - PRESS! 1
morgen Bear Cub 2 W - $ 3 6 . 5 0 , 4g-$46.00 ;
L man All-American 2
$12 00 Weaver 60 aeries      %F&
~ 4 2 $ 3 6 . 0 0 . KV-$43.60;
                                       $39 00 4X-
                                    Unerti 4X ~ a w k     NYLON ROPE Cords Fishing Lines. Fine!
$44.50 ; Leupold 4X Pioneer-$50.00                  4X    made f o r fishermen 'hunters campers an
Mountaineer    -       $66.50. Mounts - weaver,
Stith Buehler Redfleld, Pachmayr, Leupold.
                                                          household use. ~pecialists in' the finest (
                                                          cordage for thousands of uses. Free catalo
write for big free price list on scopea,                  and samples. Beebe Cordage Co., Cranford i
mounts, guns, binoculars reloading. We spe-               N. J.
cialize in prompt service. Our 16th year in
business. S. A. Wentllng, Palmyra, Pa. Phone:             LEATHER JACKETS Renovated Experti-
86685.                                                    Free Circular 1 . Berlew Mfg. Co., Freepoi
                                                          New York.
                   WANTED                                 FREE GIANT handbook 1 "How t o Bowhux
                                                          and Bowfish" 100's Revealing Secrets! All
WANTED: REMINGTON hand guns In fine                       Tells "How t o Improve Shooting Accurac:
condition, also Remington catalogs prior to               Select best equipment, make your own tackl'
1012. W. E. Florence, 60 Mt. Vernon St.,                  etc. Illustrated ! Yours Free with 1arc-e Ba
Reading, Mass.                                            gain Catalog (Save 50% on archery"eGf1
                                                          ment). Send 25< t o cover mailing expens<
WANTED: AUTOMATIC Pistols. American                       refunded on first purchase. Supply Limited
and Foreign. Send full description a n d price.                    ! Malihu Archery. 1036 South LaBre.
James N. Belford. Stutteart. Ark.                         E l % n g e I e s 19, California. Dept. 1036-GO1
                                                                                                                 "THE GUN DIGEST"
WANTED: OLD time guns. Single pieces or
small collections. Describe and price. Cash.                           FOR SALE                                         -1957, 1l t h Edition
Frontier Trading Post, 482 Northwest Hlgh-                                                                           Edited b y John T . Amber
way, Des Plaines. Illinois.                                 MINIATURE BRASS BARRELED CANNONS
                                                           BORED 6 VENTED       From $6 to $15 Pair                                          .
                                                                                                                 288 Exciting Pages.. $2.50, Postpaid
                                                                "BAD MEN'S GUNS" TIE BARS                        The all-new 1957 Gun Digest, the accepted lend-
               TAXIDERMIST                                      6 TYPES-$2.50   Each, Boxed                      ing annual authority on guns and accessories, is
"MODERN TAXIDERMIST Magazine " Green-                         Send far List   -
                                                                             Wanted: Nazi Items                  truly different from all previous 10 editions aa
                                                                                                                 well as being distinctly different from every other
field Center. 1 N.Y. Devoted Exclu~ivelyt o
Taxidermy Methods. Photos. Trial Year's Sub-
                                                           LENKEL 812 Anderson Av., Palisade, N. J.              gun ublication. Famed Editor John T. Amber
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scription, $1.00.                                                                                                The 1957 Gun Digest manages to cover both
FINE DETAILED Sculptor ~ a x l d e r m y . 7                         DEALER I N GUNS                             modern and antique firearms with unusual and
                                                                                                                 original material which could only have been
years experience. A. E. Masters. Master-Taxi-              Browning, Weatheriey, Remington, Colt, S & W,         selected by Amber, who knows his subject
dermist. 1174 Beaver St., Missoula, Mont.                  Winchester, Ruger, Hi Standard, Savage, Stevens,      thoroughly. The 1957 Gun Digest will certainly
                                                           Johnson, Astra, Whitney.                              fascinate every hunter, target shooter, collector
                                                           All Ammunition in Stock-Indoor       Pistol and       and trader.
            MISCELLANEOUS                                  Rifle Ron e.
                                                                  ? Send Catalog Free on Request
                                                                       I                                         The 1957-11th Gun Digest contains over 30
                                                              BELLS GUN REPAIR & SPORT SHOP                      original articles by the World's Greatest Gun Ex-
ELECTRIC PENCIL : Engraves all Metals                                                                            pens-plus many rare features like exploded gun
$1.50. Beyer Mfg., 10511-Q Springfield, chi:               3313-19 Manheim Rd.             Franklin Park, Ill.   drawings. ballistic tables. field test data. manu-
Â¥ag 43.                                                                                                         facture; directory, antique and custom guns, plus
HAWAIIAN KONA Koffee Generous Trial                                                                              the most complete modern Gun Catalog ever pub-
                                                                                                                 lished-with all the latest retail orices on each
Package, Hawaiian Souvenir "Green Dia-
monds" Key Chain Hawaiian Lucky Emblem
Shoulder Patch For Your Shooting Jacket'
                                                            CLADALOY BULLET CO.                                  gun, sco e, etc. The whole book is profusely
                                                            Manufacturers of the woular new machine cart         Of articular significance are: "The Luger Pistol"
Your Choice One Dollar Postpaid. William
Wilson, Box 167. Hilo. Hawaii.                              coDDer clad alloy bullets which can bà driven at
                                                            highest velocities. Available for hand guns and
                                                                                                                 by %'.  A. Daug; "Operation Testfire" by Col.
                                                                                                                 Charles Askins; A. Report on the Field Testing
                                                            rifles. At your dealer or order direct. Write for
Lets Save You Money. Your used guns a s part
                                                  -         free list and folder. Immediate delivery.            of U.S. and Foreign Made Autoloading Shot-
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guns. Ammo. Scopes Mount, Reloadine tools                                                                        Roundup; 1956-1957" by Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatch-
Send 25d coin or stirnus for list-~artlculars
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-Free hunting tips book. Refunded first or-
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der in full. Berkshire Gun Rack, Six Lakes,
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thercraft kits, supplies. Also big Metalcraft
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Nagy, 8-G South 18th Street, Philadelphia 3,                                                                                           excellent job! H e h a s
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particular1                                                    PiA-'TING SHOTS  k    ,=

about your

            , .,-*
       .      .
           . "w.,:   .
   i n accessories and service, as
   well as handguns, you'll find the
   finest at Pachmayr.


                     kw                           . # ' , ;
                                                              "It's   guys          . .
                                                                             like him who take the   sport out   of this   thing!"

 The favorite with handgun shooters.
 Widely used by service teams. Finest
                                                    '         -<Q                                .,

 construction. Grained simulated
 leather in grey or maroon. Also
 simulated black or brown alligator.
 4 Gun Model..   ..............$29.50
     (with back door..  ....$35.00)
  5 Gun Model.. ..............$35.00
      (with back door.. ....$40.00)
 This model takes all spotting scopes up
 to and including B & 1.


  Test-fired and sites
  adjusted b y expert
  craftsmen. Micro-Sites
  and trigger pull addi-
  tional.The ServiceTeams
  are makina records with 45
  matic accuracitized
                           $32 SO
r/-\bnm/-M uun VVWKI\J,
               I\                   1 1 1 ~   .
1 2 2 0 S. Grand Ave., Los Anqeles, Calif.
                              GENUINE GERMAN MAUSER
                              MODEL '98 CALIBER 8 M M
 T h e famous German Army Rifle W.W.I. and 11. An exception-
 ally accurate, hard-hitting rifle, precision built in world-famous
 European factories. Ideal for-deer, elk, bear, etc. A collectors'
 item. This is our last known supply. Easily converted to Sporter.
 A truly great buy. Specifications: Overall 4 3 W , barrel 23%".
 Weight 9 Ibs. (approx.). Magazine 5 shot. Adjustable rear Leaf
 Sight. Condition: Good to very good, '42 and earlier. .$39.95
                    Good, some stamped pans.     ........    .$34.95
                                                                          v T    CALIBER, 7 MM      -
                                                                                 GENUINE REMINGTON ROLLING BLOCK RIFLES
                                                                       Winfield now has the last known supply ofthese famous,'much
                                                                       sought after weapons. Accurate and effective for big game or
                                                                       target their smooth dependable actions are used in many fine
                                                                       hand-smithed specials. Rifle, Caliber 7 mm (Wt.-9 lbs.; Barrel
                                                                       -30"; Overall-45"; Grad. Rear Leaf Sight)
                                                                                                           good t o fair cond.. $16.95
 Ammunition: 8mm (7.92mm) U.S. mfd. hunting ammunition
 100 rds. $7.50.     20 rds. $1.50.      8mm (7.92mm) U.S. mfd.        Ammo: German Military 7 mm rimless 60 rds. in clips $5.50 -
 hunting ammunition .I70 gr. bullet.    .........     .20 rds. $4.30              U.S. made 7 mm sporting (175 gr.) 20 rds.- $4.30
                                                                                                Bayonet with metal scabbard $2.506
                                                                          free history of the Remington Rolling Block sent with rifle.
       only $29.95
                                                                                            BRITISH LEE-ENFIELD
                                          REAL FLINTLOCK                                   RIFLE NO. 4. MARK. 1.
                                                                       Current rifle of the British Army, Navy and Air Force. Caliber
                                          MUZZLE-LOADERS               3 0 3 British with 10 round magazine. Has an extra heavy barrel
                                                                       for perfect shooting balance and accuracy. An ideal hunting o r
In serviceable condition. Design circa 1799. Today is still the only   target rifle in fine condition.
weapon allowed the natives under certain colonial governments.
Offers a lifetime of interest and prideful ownership to shooters
and collectors. Supply very limited. Specs (approx.): Length
overall -68"; Barrel 5 1"; Wt.- 9 Ibs. Gooseneck mechanism.
Painted stocks. Complete with ramrod,.      .........  only $29.95

      BRITISH COMBAT                                                   Specifications:    Overall 44%"-barrel 26"; Magazine 1 0 rds.:
                                                                                          Sights: Protected blade front sight, adjustable
      WEBLEY REVOLVER                                                                     aperture (Peep) rear sight. 4-groove barrel.
Favorite of the BritishTommies converted t                             Condition:         Very Good to Excellent throughout. Reblued.
.45 Caliber ACP. Hard hitcing,straight shoot-
ing, it embodies the finest and strongest top                                                                               Only $39.50
breaking design ever devised can be opened                             Ammunition:        .303 Military Target (174 gr.) per 100 $7.50
with a flick of the thumb. Closes and locks                                               .303 Hunting Custom Loads (150 gr. o r
solidly. A standout gun for low cost, heavy
caliber plinking or home defense.                                                         180 gr.) Sierra bullet, lead tipped.    ......
 Webley, converted to .45 ACP complete with 2 half moon clips,                                                         20 rounds $3.50

            "Good"- $14.95; "Very Good1'- $16.95
          Ammo: Caliber .45 ACP, 230 gr. 100 rds.- $6

    COMMANDO REVOLVER                 -A

The famous fast-action hand gun used so effec-
tively by the British commandos. Shoots U.S.
made .38 S & W cartridges. Six shot. Double                                CALIBER .41 SWISS R.F.
action only. Five inch barrel. Dull black battle                                                           SWISS VETTERLI RIFLES
Wt. 27% 02. Fine balance. Man size grip. Perf
off hand shooting and home defense.                              '     Latest model Swiss Vetterlis in very good to "mint" condition.
                Enfield Commando, very good ~ $ 1 7 . 5 0              Turnbolt action. Thirteen shot (tubular magazine). Caliber-
                                                                       .41, Swiss r.f.; Length-52"; Barrel-33.2"; Wt.-about 10 Ibs.;
    Ammo:.38 S&W Reloads 146 gr. lead-Box 50 rds.-$2.60                Rifling-4-groove, 1:26" twist. Bayonets approx. 2 ft. long made
       .38 S&W (New) 146 gr. lead-Box 50 rds.-$3.85                    in Neuhausen, Switzerland-with 18%" sabre blade and saw
                                                                       tooth back. Very rare.
                                                                                                            Swiss Vetterli Rifle. $13.95
       SMITH & WESSON                                                                         Bayonet with leather scabbard, metal tips
     REVOLVER CALIBER .38                                                                                  (sold only with rifle). $3.95
 Military model reconditioned and re-blued. Length      Y;'/
 -10%" Barrel-5". Wt. 31 oz. Holds 6 shots. Sights,                                 MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
 front-fixed; rear-square notch. Ca1.-.38 S&W (not .38
 special). Walnut grips. Condition very good to excel-                 Order any gun-any item-from Winfield-on a 10-day money-
 lent ....................................       $29.95                back guarantee. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied
                                                                       simply return your purchase for prompt refund in full.
        AMMO :(See above, under Enfield Revolver.)
                                                                       C.O.D. ORDERS. Send $5 deposit with C.O.D. orders up to $50;
NOTE: With revolver orders enclose signed statement, "I a not on       $10 on C.O.D. orders over $50.00. All guns and ammunition
o l e , have never been convicted o a crime of violence, a not under
                                                          m            shipped express charges collect. Orders filled same day received.
indictment or a fugitive. I o 21 years or over."
                                                                       (California residents add 4% State Sales Tax to your remittance.)

                                                                       CONVENIENT LAYAWAY PLAN. Just 20% down and 10% or more
      DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED                                         monthly reserves the item of your choice. No interest or carrying
                                                                       charges. Item will be shipped when payments are completed.
           WHEN IN LOS ANGELES                                         F E "GUN FLASHES" tells you all about ourlast minute bargains
     VISIT OUR SPACIOUS SHOWROOMS                                      in guns, parts, ammo. Write today.
f                                              ¥         .   -'
                           Rifles that give b
,         %              Pride of Ownership

$.            I

'                                                             -       1.

     "2   6
                  ,                                                    $


                  1 All Series 3000, 3100, 4000, 4100
                    and 1000 Husqvorna Rifles have built-                  '
                    in cheek rest.                                         .a
                   AT BETTER DEALERS
                  or Write far Information                             ,
                                                                                   WINOS, IhIC.
                                                                                                               PO Box 1 191, Tacoma, washington
                                                                                         CANADA DoRKEN BeoS a c o ,   408 McGtLL STREET,   MONTREAL

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