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					        27th ANNUAL
      2010 BIBLE BOWL


     ACTS 15-28

         USING THE




   Letter to Parents and Coaches

   Letter to Bible Bowl Students

Information and Facts of Bible Bowl

    Study Questions (All Ages)

    Chapter Headings (All Ages)

Samples of Find the Verse Questions

      Memory Work (All Ages)

    Samples of last year’s tests

   Schedule of Saturday’s events

        Registration Form
         2010 BIBLE BOWL
1.  Date of Competition: Saturday, November 6 , 2010
2.  Time: 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
3.  Ages: Children from the 2nd-12th Grades
4.  Open to any church who wants to participate
5.  Material Covered: Acts 15-28
       Chapter Headings are at end of study guide
       Bible Memory Lists are at end of study guide
6. Bible Translation: New King James Version
7. Competition:
       One “Find the Verse” Round worth 30 points
       Two “General Question” multiple choice rounds worth 75 points each
             Over the covered material (Acts 15-28)
             Also over the Chapter Headings found on last page of Study Guide
             SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS are included with the study guide
               th    th
              9 - 12 Grades have two extra tests to take
8. Awards:
       Trophies for the top five scores in nine age groups (45 total)
       Ribbons for 6th-13th place in nine age groups (72 total)
       Team Award Certificates
       On-line Practice Certificates
       All participants receive a participation ribbon
9. Cost
       The cost is $8 per participant to offset the cost of awards, lunch, etc. (If
        money is a problem, please contact Mark)
       The fee should be sent with your order for the second part of the guide
       You may add participants up to the week of the competition
10. Study Guide:
       Over half of the study questions for Acts 15-28 are included in the first mail
        out and should be copied for all students
       The second part of the study questions will be available August 29 th and
        should be ordered by mail, phone, e-mail, or fax when you need them
11. Contact Mark Hammitt (director of Bible Bowl) for orders or questions:
       Weber Rd. Church of Christ * 5253 Weber Rd * Corpus Christi, TX 78411
       Church Phone: 361-853-7701
       Mark’s Cell Phone: 361-960-3428
       Church Fax: 361-853-7836
       E-Mail: MarkHammitt@webercofc.org
To All Bible Bowl Coaches and Parents,

Coastal Bend Bible Bowl will be here soon! The Book of Acts 15-28 will be a lot of fun to study!
 I hope you, your students and all parents will grow spiritually during these studies in coming
weeks. Thank you for your commitment to young people and remember that your commitment
will bless the lives of each child you have in your care. You are also helping the church of the
present and future! I encourage you to keep up the great work!

Young people are looking for direction and it’s up to us to show them how God's Word provides
the direction they need. Bible Bowl can serve as a tool to help them understand and live the
Word of God. Remember David's words found in Psalm 119:105, "Thy word is a lamp unto
my feet, and a light unto my path." Let's do our best to make that verse come to life for each
child involved with Bible Bowl.

Do not underestimate your children's amazing memories! At one Christian school third graders
memorize Hebrews 11. I have known 3 and 4 year olds who know the Books of the Bible, the
Ten Commandments, and up to 100 basic Bible facts, among other things. Do not put limits on
them. Challenge and encourage them. Their confidence and desire will grow as they learn.

As in past years, this study guide focuses on leading each student through the Bible. If your
students follow this guide, they will gain knowledge and understanding. All scripture will be
taken from the New King James Version. Also, there may be questions which are answered by
using other study materials such as dictionaries, commentaries, etc.

Here are ideas to use in preparing for Bible Bowl:
       (1)    Meet at least one time per week (try not to over-work the students, especially at
       (2)    Use "grease pencils" to color code the scripture: Blue-important quotes,
              Yellow-names, Orange-verse numbers, Green-places, Red or pink-objects and
              other nouns;
       (3)    Encourage parents to help in study.
       (4)    Make a schedule to follow to cover a certain amount of material per week.
       (5)    Split up students to have practice contests or tests.
       (6)    Compliment them in front of the congregation, in the bulletin, in front of parents,
       (7)    Remind them that this is not a school grade and whatever they learn will help
              them in life and for eternity.
       (8)    Make use of the website with practice questions (http://bb.theseeker.org)

Whether each student knows everything does not matter.       Encourage each young person to
participate November 6, 2010.

Enjoy your study of Acts 15-28 and I hope your lives and your students will be enriched over the
next few months.
                                                           In Christ,
                                                           Mark Hammitt (Director)
A Note to All Bible Bowlers:

Bible Bowl can be so much fun if you get involved is studying God’s Word. It will be as
much fun and fulfilling as you make it! This is my 21st Bible Bowl and, as always, I'm
looking forward to seeing you in November.

This year we will have many awards to give out and that means if you study and do well,
you have a very good chance of receiving a trophy, ribbon or plaque. No matter what
you receive or don’t receive, you study and commitment will benefit you always. The
book of Acts is a great study from which you will grow if you apply it daily. Remember,
no matter how you do, you will be learning God’s Word.

As you study try not only to know the facts - try to understand what is going on. This
study guide is designed to aid your study. Here are a few tips in studying for Bible

       (1)    Read the Bible without your study guide. Take short notes or write down
              words and items you do not understand.
       (2)    Look at the guide and see if it helps you understand (if not, ask your
              parents, coach, teacher or preacher).
       (3)    The older participants will have an open Bible section. Each participant
              will be expected to find the chapter and verse in which certain scriptures
              are found. Bring your Bible for this section.
       (4)    You are allowed to mark in your Bible if you wish.
       (5)    Look up any words that you do not understand.
       (6)    Do not get discouraged.
       (7)    Remember to include prayer in your study.
       (8)    High School will have an “extra” matching section over the study guide,
              the biblical text and the Chapter Headings at the end of the study guide.
       (9)    Use the website with practice questions (http://bb.theseeker.org)

You have a great mind, if you use it and that’s what Bible Bowl can do for you. You
will never be sorry for taking the time to study the Bible because it can help you for the
rest of your life. The more you know, the better off you will be. Here is a verse, 2
Timothy 2:15 that you should remember as you study, "Do your best to present
yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed
and who correctly handles the word of truth."

In Christ,

Mark Hammitt
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                    Acts 15-28

                                        CHAPTER 15
1.    Who wrote the Acts of the Apostles?      12.    Did God make a distinction between
      Luke                                           the Jewish converts and the Gentile
                                                     converts? (15:9)
2.    What was the author of Acts of the              No
      Apostle's occupation?
      Physician, doctor                        13.   After Paul and Barnabas told of the
                                                     miracles and wonders God had
3.    Some men were teaching                         worked through them among the
      circumcision based on whose custom?            Gentiles, who spoke up? (15:12-13)
      (15:1)                                         James
                                               14.   What was Peter's other name?
4.    Over what topic did the men from               (15:14)
      Judea come down and cause conflict?            Simon
      Circumcision                             15.   What prophet did James quote to
                                                     show that God wanted the Gentiles to
5.     The men from Judea were teaching              be a part of His kingdom? (15:16-17)
      that if you were not circumcised, you          Amos
      could not be ______. (15:1)
       Saved                                   16.   Whose tabernacle is in the quotation
                                                     by the prophet in Acts 15:16?
6.    To what city were Paul, Barnabas, and          David's
      other men sent to question leaders
      about this problem? (15:2)               17.    From what four things did James say
      Jerusalem                                      the Gentile Christians should abstain?
7.    What leaders were asked about                   Blood
      circumcision and salvation? (15:2)              Things polluted by idols
      Apostles and elders in Jerusalem                Things strangled
                                                      Sexual immorality
8.     Paul and Barnabas caused great joy
      in Phoenicia and Samaria when they       18.    How often was the law of Moses read
      told of the conversion of who? (15:3)          in the synagogues? (15:21)
       Gentiles                                       Every Sabbath

9.    What sect of believers claimed that it   19.   What men did the church at
      was necessary to circumcise the                Jerusalem send with Paul and
      Gentiles and for them to keep the Law          Barnabas to convey their decision?
      of Moses? (15:5)                               (15:22)
      Pharisees                                      Judas (Barsabas) and Silas

10.   Through whom did God choose for the      20.    To what areas did the apostles, elders
      gospel to go to the Gentiles? (15:7)           and brethren in Jerusalem send a
      Peter                                          letter? (15:23)
                                                      Antioch, Syria and Cilicia
11.   After acknowledging the Gentiles,
      what did God give them? (15:8)
      Holy Spirit
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                      Acts 15-28

21.   Where Gentiles commanded to be             28.    Who did Barnabas want to take with
      circumcised in order to become                   them on this journey? (15:37)
      Christians? (15:24)                               John Mark
                                                 29.   What caused the division between
22.    What had Paul and Barnabas risked               Paul and Barnabas? (15:37-39)
      in the name of the Lord? (15:26)                 John Mark's worthiness to go on
       Their lives                                     the second journey

23.    When the Christians at Antioch read       30.   From what place had John Mark
      the letter from Jerusalem, what was              departed from Paul and Barnabas?
      their reaction? (15:31)                          (15:38)
       They rejoiced over its                          Pamphylia
                                                 31.   After parting company with Paul,
24.   What spiritual gift did Judas and Silas          where did Barnabas and John Mark
      have (15:32)                                     go? (15:39)
      Prophecy                                         Cyprus

25.   What does "exhort" mean? (15:32)           32.    Where did Paul begin (15:39) and end
      To urge or advise strongly                       (18:22) the second missionary
26.    Which prophet from Jerusalem chose               Antioch to Antioch
      to stay in Antioch? (15:34)
       Silas                                     33.   With whom did Paul choose to travel?
27.    Who first suggested that Paul and               Silas
      Barnabas go back to the cities where
      they helped established churches on        34.    To what places did Paul and Silas
      their first journey? (15:36)                     travel to strengthen the churches?
       Paul                                            (15:41)
                                                        Syria and Cilicia

                                          CHAPTER 16
35.   Where did Paul meet Timothy? (16:1)        39.   Why did Paul have Timothy
      Lystra                                           circumcised? (16:3)
                                                       Because all the Jews in the region
36.   What was the cultural heritage of                knew that Timothy's father was
      Timothy's mother? (16:1)                         Greek
                                                 40.   As Paul traveled through the cities,
37.   What was the cultural heritage of                what did he and his companions
      Timothy's father? (16:1)                         deliver to the churches? (16:4)
      Greek                                            The decrees to keep which were
                                                       determined by the apostles and
38.   What was the reputation of Timothy in            elders at Jerusalem
      Lystra and Iconium? (16:2)
      He was well spoken of
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                         Acts 15-28

41.    In which area did the Holy Spirit forbid   53.   What was wrong with the slave girl
      them to preach? (16:6)                            brought to Paul in Philippi? (16:16)
       Asia                                             She was possessed with a spirit of
42.   Why didn't Paul and his companions
      preach in Bithynia? (16:7)                  54.   What is divination? (16:16)
      The Spirit did not permit them                    "An attempt to discover facts or
                                                        events that are instant in time or
43.    While in Troas, what appeared to Paul            space" (New Bible Dictionary, p.
      in the night? (16:9)                              320)
       A vision of a man of Macedonia
                                                  55.   How did this slave girl make money for
44.   What did the man say to Paul in the               her masters? (16:16)
      vision? (16:9)                                    She was a fortune-teller
      "Come over to Macedonia and help
      us."                                        56.    What did the slave girl cry out as she
                                                        followed Paul around? (16:17)
45.    Why is Acts 16:10 a significant verse             "These men are the servants of the
      in the book of Acts?                              Most High God, who proclaim to us
       It is the first verse in which the               the way of salvation."
      author includes himself in Paul's
      travels by writing "we"                     57.   How long did the girl with the spirit of
                                                        divination follow Paul? (16:18)
46.   After leaving Troas, where did Paul               Many days
      and his companions travel before
      reaching Philippi? (16:11)                  58.   What was Paul's reaction to the slave
      Samothrace and Neapolis                           girl following him? (16:18)
                                                        He was greatly annoyed and cast
47.   In what region was Philippi located?              the spirit out of the girl
      Macedonia                                   59.   In whose name did Paul cast out the
                                                        spirit? (16:18)
48.   Where did Paul first meet Lydia?                  Jesus Christ's
      By the riverside                            60.    Why did the slave girl's masters drag
                                                        Paul and Silas into the marketplace to
49.   What was customarily done at the                  the authorities? (16:19)
      place Paul met Lydia? (16:13)                      They saw their profit was gone
                                                  61.    What charges did the slave girl's
50.   What was Lydia's occupation? (16:14)              masters bring against Paul and Silas?
      Seller of purple                                  (16:20-21)
                                                         "These men, being Jews,
51.   What was Lydia's hometown? (16:14)                exceedingly trouble our city; and
      Thyatira                                          they teach customs which are not
                                                        lawful for us, being Romans, to
52.    What did Lydia and her household do              receive or observe."
      to obey God? (16:15)
       They were baptized                         62.   What nationality were the slave girl's
                                                        masters? (16:21)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                     Acts 15-28

63.   What were the rulers of Philippi         74.   What question did the keeper of the
      called? (16:20,22,35)                          prison ask Paul and Silas? (16:30)
      Magistrates                                    "Sirs, what must I do to be saved?"

64.    What punishment did Paul and Silas      75.    What did Paul and Silas tell the jailer
      receive in Philippi? (16:22-23)                in response to his question? (16:31)
       They were beaten with rods and put             "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ,
      into prison                                    and you will be saved, you and your
65.   In what part of the prison were Paul
      and Silas put? (16:24)                   76.   To whom did Paul and Silas speak the
      Inner prison                                   word of the Lord? (16:32)
                                                     The jailer and all who were in his
66.    What extra precaution did the jailer          house
      take in securing Paul and Silas?
      (16:24)                                  77.   What did the jailer do for Paul and
       He put their feet in the stocks               Silas the same hour of the night they
                                                     spoke the word of the Lord to him?
67.   What did Paul and Silas do while they          (16:33)
      were in prison? (16:25)                        Washed their stripes
      Prayed and sang hymns to God
                                               78.    After hearing the word of the Lord,
68.   At what time of the night did Paul and         what did the jailer and his family do
      Silas pray and sing? (16:25)                   immediately? (16:33)
      Midnight                                        They were baptized

69.   Who was listening as Paul and Silas      79.   What did the jailer do for Paul and
      prayed and sang? (16:25)                       Silas in his house? (16:34)
      Prisoners                                      He fed them

70.    What amazing event happened to          80.   What did the magistrates order should
      open the doors of the prison and               be done to Paul and Silas? (16:35)
      loosen the prisoners' chains? (16:26)          They should be let go
       A great earthquake
                                               81.    When let go, did Paul and Silas leave
71.   What weapon did the keeper of the              immediately? (16:36)
      prison plan to use to kill himself?             No
      Sword                                    82.   Why were the magistrates afraid of
                                                     Paul and Silas? (16:37)
72.   Why was the keeper of the prison               They found out they were Romans
      going to kill himself? (16:27)
      He saw the doors open and thought        83.   After getting out of prison, to whose
      the prisoners had fled                         house did they go? (16:38)
73.   Who stopped the jailer from killing
      himself? (16:28)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                     Acts 15-28

                                          CHAPTER 17
84.   After leaving Philippi, to what city did   95.   Whose decrees did the Jews accuse
      Paul and Silas go? (17:1)                        Paul and Silas of teaching against?
      Thessalonica                                     (17:7)
85.   While in the synagogue, who did Paul
      reason with? (17:2)                        96.   Who was the other king the Jews
      Jews                                             accused Paul and Silas of
                                                       proclaiming? (17:7)
86.   How long did Paul reason in the                  Jesus
      synagogue? (17:2)
      Three Sabbaths                             97.   What was the punishment for those
                                                       brought before the rulers? (17:9)
87.   What did Paul explain and                        They had to pay a security (fine)
      demonstrate to the Jews in
      Thessalonica? (17:3)                       98.    Upon leaving Thessalonica, at what
      That Christ had to suffer and rise               time were they sent to Berea? (17:10)
      again from the dead. He said, "This               Night
      Jesus whom I preach to you is the
      Christ."                                   99.   What thing is said about the Berean
                                                       Jews and their reaction to Paul's
88.    Was Paul successful in his preaching            message? (17:11)
      in Thessalonica? (17:4)                          They searched the Scriptures daily
       Yes                                             to find out whether these things
                                                       were so
89.   What groups joined Paul and Silas in             They were more fair-minded than
      Thessalonica? (17:4)                             those in Thessalonica
      Leading women                                    They received the word will all
      A great multitude of devout Greeks               readiness

90.   What emotion did the unpersuaded           100. Who accepted the word of the Lord in
      Jews have toward Paul and Silas?                Berea? (17:12)
      (17:5)                                          Jews
      Envy                                            Prominent women
91.    What did the unpersuaded Jews form
      to go against Paul and Silas? (17:5)       101. Who stirred up the crowds in Berea?
       A mob                                          (17:13)
                                                      Jews from Thessalonica
92.   Whose house was attacked by the
      mob? (17:5)                                102. What two men remained in Berea
      Jason's                                         when Paul was sent away? (17:14)
                                                      Silas and Timothy
93.    Who was taken before the rulers of
      the city? (17:6)                           103. After leaving Berea, to what city did
       Jason and some of the brethren                 Paul go and eventually send for his
                                                      companions? (17:15)
94.   What did the mob accuse Paul and                Athens
      Silas of doing to the world? (17:6)
      Turning it upside down
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                   Acts 15-28

104. Paul's spirit was provoked in Athens     114. God does not dwell in temples made
     because the city was given over to            with what? (17:24)
     what? (17:16)                                 Hands
                                              115. What does God give to men? (17:25)
105. In what two places did Paul reason            Breath
     with the Jews and idol worshipers in          Life
     Athens? (17:17)                               All things
     Synagogue and marketplace
                                              116. Who said, "For we are his offspring"?
106. What two groups of philosophers               (17:28)
     encountered Paul while he was in              Poets
     Athens? (17:18)
     Epicureans and Stoics                    117. What is not like gold, silver or stone?
107. What did the philosophers call Paul as        The Divine Nature
     they questioned what he said? (17:18)
      Babbler                                 118. What does God command all men
                                                   everywhere to do? (17:30)
108. After Paul preached to them about             Repent
     Jesus and his resurrection, some
     accused him of proclaiming what?         119. How did God give assurance that He
     (17:18)                                       ordained Jesus to judge the world?
     Foreign gods                                  (17:31)
                                                   By raising Him from the dead
109. Where did the philosophers take Paul
     to question him? (17:19)                 120. What reactions did Paul receive after
      Areopagus                                    preaching about the resurrection of the
                                                   dead? (17:32)
110. What did the Athenians and foreigners         Some mocked
     spend their time telling and hearing?         Others said, "We will hear you
     (17:21)                                       again on this”
     Something new
                                              121. Who was the Areopagite that joined
111. Paul perceived that the Athenians             Paul and believed? (17:34)
     were what? (17:22)                            Dionysius
                                              122. What woman is mentioned from
112. What particular altar's inscription           Athens that joined Paul and believed?
     caught the eye of Paul? (17:23)               (17:34)
     TO THE UNKNOWN GOD                            Damaris

113. Who did Paul say the "unknown god"
     was? (17:24)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                    Acts 15-28

                                        CHAPTER 18
123. Where did Paul meet Aquila and             133. How long did Paul remain in Corinth?
     Priscilla? (18:1-2)                             (18:11)
     Corinth                                         One year and six months

124. Why did Aquila and Priscilla leave Italy   134. Who was the proconsul (deputy) of
     (Rome)? (18:2)                                  Achaia before whom Paul was taken
     Because Claudius had commanded                  to be judged? (18:12)
     all the Jews to depart from Rome                 Gallio

125. What was the occupation of Paul,           135. What charge did the Corinthian Jews
     Aquila and Priscilla? (18:3)                    bring against Paul? (18:13)
     Tentmakers                                      "This fellow persuades men to
                                                     worship God contrary to the law."
126. Paul taught and persuaded Jews and
     Greeks in the synagogue on what            136. What did the proconsul of Achaia do
     day? (18:4)                                     to the Jews in regards to Paul's
     Every Sabbath                                   charges? (18:13-16)
                                                      Lectured them and drove them from
127. What two men joined him again from              the judgment seat
     Macedonia? (18:5)
     Silas and Timothy                          137. What position did Sosthenes hold?
128. At what point did Paul say he would             Ruler of the synagogue
     go to the Gentiles? (18:6)
     When they opposed him and                  138. When Paul took a vow in Cenchrea,
     blasphemed                                      what did he do to his physical
                                                     appearance? (18:18)
129. Whose house, next door to the                   He had his hair cut off
     synagogue, did Paul go to? (18:7)
     Justus                                     139. What did Paul do over all the region of
                                                     Galatia and Phrygia? (18:23)
130. What ruler of the synagogue in                  Strengthened all the disciples
     Corinth believed on the Lord? (18:8)
     Crispus                                    140. Where did Paul begin (18:23) and end
                                                     the third missionary journey? (21:17)
131. How and when did the Lord speak to               Antioch to Jerusalem
     Paul while he was in Corinth? (18:9)
     In a vision at night                       141. Where was Apollos born? (18:24)
132. Who said the following to Paul? "Do
     not be afraid, but speak, and do not       142. What good characteristics are used to
     keep silent; for I am with you, and no          describe Apollos? (18:24)
     one will attack you to hurt you; for I          Eloquent
     have many people in this city?"                 Mighty in the Scriptures
     The Lord                                   143. What baptism did Apollos know when
                                                     he came to Aquila and Priscilla?
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                     Acts 15-28

144. Who taught Apollos the way of God           145. When Apollos vigorously refuted the
     more accurately? (18:26)                         Jews, what did he specifically teach
     Aquila and Priscilla                             from the Scriptures? (18:28)
                                                       That Jesus is the Christ

                                          CHAPTER 19
146. What disciples at Ephesus had not           154. How long did Paul preach in Asia?
     even heard about the Holy Spirit's               (19:10)
     existence? (19:1-7)                              2 years
     12 disciples of John
                                                 155. What two objects touched by Paul
147. Into whose baptism were they                     helped to heal the sick and those with
     immersed? (19:3)                                 evil spirits? (19:12)
      John's                                          Handkerchiefs
148. After listening to Paul regarding
     baptism, into what name were the            156. Who said, "We exorcise you by the
     disciples of John baptized? (19:5)               Jesus whom Paul preaches"? (19:13)
     Jesus                                            Jewish exorcists

149. After Paul laid hands upon the              157. What specific men are mentioned that
     disciples in Ephesus, what happened              were casting out evil spirits? (19:14)
     to them and what were they able to               7 sons of Sceva
     do? (19:6)
      They spoke with tongues                    158. Who was Sceva? (19:14)
      Holy Spirit came upon them                      A Jewish chief priest
      They prophesied
                                                 159. How did the evil spirit answer the 7
150. How long did Paul teach in the                   sons of Sceva? (19:15)
     Ephesian synagogue? (19:8)                       "Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but
     3 months                                         who are you?"

151. About what did Paul reason and              160. After the man who had the evil spirit
     persuade the Ephesians? (19:8)                   jumped on the exorcists, in what
     The kingdom of God                               condition did they run from the house?
152. After withdrawing from the multitude,             Naked
     where did Paul go to reason? (19:9)               Wounded
     School of Tyrannus

153. What result did Paul see from the
     people before withdrawing from them?
     Some were hardened
     Some spoke evil about "the Way"
     Some did not believe
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                Acts 15-28

161. What responses came from the Jews       170. According to Demetrius, whose
     and Greeks in Ephesus after they saw         temple would be despised? (19:27)
     what happened to the exorcists?               Diana's (Artemis')
     Many who practiced magic brought        171. What did the Ephesians cry out after
     their books and burned them                  hearing from Demetrius? (19:28)
     The name of the Lord Jesus was               "Great is Diana (Artemis) of the
     magnified                                    Ephesians!"
     Many who had believed came
     confessing and telling their deeds      172. Where did the crowd drag Paul's
     Fear fell on them all                        companions? (19:29)
                                                  The theater
162. How many pieces of silver were the
     books worth that were destroyed by      173. Which two of Paul's Macedonian
     the magicians in Ephesus? (19:19)            companions were taken by the crowd?
      50,000                                      (19:29)
163. What four places did Paul plan to see        Aristarchus
     after leaving Ephesus? (19:21)
     Macedonia                               174. Who would not allow Paul to go into
     Rome                                         the theater? (19:30)
     Jerusalem                                     Disciples
                                             175. Did the assembly understand why they
164. What two men did Paul send to                were in the theater? (19:32)
     Macedonia while he was still in              No, they were confused
     Ephesus? (19:22)
     Erastus                                 176. What man was taken from the
     Timothy                                      multitude to make a defense to the
                                                  people? (19:33)
165. What man caused a commotion about            Alexander
     the Way? (19:23-27)
      Demetrius                              177. Of what nationality was Alexander?
166. What was the occupation of                   Jewish
     Demetrius? (19:24)
     Silversmith                             178. How long did the crowd cry out, "Great
                                                  is Diana (Artemis) of the Ephesians!"
167. What did Demetrius make? (19:24)             (19:34)
     Silver shrines of Diana (or Artemis)          2 hours

168. What problem did Demetrius see with     179. Who quieted down the crowd and
     Paul's preaching and success?                began speaking? (19:35)
     (19:24-27)                                   The city clerk
     Their prosperity would be hurt
                                             180. Of what two things were the
169. What did Paul proclaim are not gods?         Ephesians guardians over? (19:35)
     (19:26)                                      They were guardians of the image
     Gods that were made with hands               of Diana (Artemis) which fell down
                                                  from Zeus
                                                  They were the temple guardians of
                                                  the goddess Diana (Artemis)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                     Acts 15-28

181. Of what two crimes did the city clerk       183. How did the city clerk describe the
     say that Paul and his companions                 crowd's gathering on this day? (19:40)
     were NOT guilty? (19:37)                         Disorderly
     They were not blasphemers of the
     goddess, Diana (Artemis)                    184. Who dismissed the assembly in
     They were not robbers of temples                 Ephesus? (19:41)
                                                      The city clerk
182. What did the city clerk tell the rioters
     in Ephesus to do if they had a
     complaint against Paul and his
     companions? (19:38-39)
      Go to the courts and proconsuls
     and bring charges against them

                                          CHAPTER 20
185. Who did Paul send for after the uproar      191. From what 3 areas were the 7 men
     in Ephesus had ceased? (20:1)                    who accompanied Paul? (20:4)
      Disciples                                       2 from Galatia (Derbe and Lystra)
                                                      2 from Asia (Ephesus (21:29)
186. Where did Paul go after leaving                  3 From Macedonia (Berea and
     Ephesus? (20:1)                                  Thessalonica)
                                                 192. Why did Paul stay in Philippi for 5
187. What did Paul do for the disciples in            days? (20:6)
     Ephesus and the brethren in                      For the Feast of Unleavened Bread
     Macedonia? (20:1-2)
     Encouraged them                             193. How long did Paul and his group stay
                                                      in Troas? (20:6)
188. How long did Paul stay in Greece?                 7 days
     3 Months                                    194. What did they do on the first day of
                                                      the week when they came together?
189. What group plotted against Paul and              (20:7)
     caused him to change his travel                   Broke bread
     plans? (20:3)
     Jews                                        195. What does it mean to "break bread" in
                                                      Acts 20:7? (Luke 22:19; Acts 2:42)
190. Who are the seven men who                        Lord's Supper
     accompanied Paul as he traveled, and
     eventually went ahead to Troas?             196. Until what time did Paul speak while in
     (20:4-5)                                         Jerusalem before something
     Gaius                                            happened to a man in the window?
     Timothy                                          (20:7-9)
     Tychicus                                         Midnight
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                  Acts 15-28

197. What were there "many of" in the         208. Paul said, "You know, from the first
     upstairs room where the people were           day that I came to Asia, in what
     meeting? (20:8)                               manner I always lived among you,
     Lamps                                         serving the Lord with all ______, with
                                                   many ______ and trials which
198. Where was Eutychus seated while               happened to me by the plotting of the
     Paul spoke? (20:9)                            Jews." (20:18-19)
     In a window                                   humility, tears

199. What 3 things are said to have           209. Where did Paul teach while in
     happened to Eutychus? (20:9)                  Ephesus? (20:20)
     He fell out the window                        House to house
     He fell into a deep sleep
     He died                                  210. What 2 groups did Paul say he taught
                                                   in Ephesus? (20:21)
200. How many stories up was Eutychus               Jews
     sitting? (20:9)                                Greeks
                                              211. What 2 things did Paul say were
201. Who said, "Do not trouble yourselves,         facing him according to the Holy
     for his life is in him"? (20:10)              Spirit? (20:23)
      Paul                                          Tribulations
202. Who was raised from the dead by
     Paul in Acts 20:10?                      212. What task did Paul want to finish?
     Eutychus                                      (20:24)
                                                   Testifying to the gospel of the
203. How much longer did Paul speak after          grace of God
     raising the man from the dead?
     (20:11)                                  213. Paul said he was innocent of what?
     Until daybreak                                (20:26)
                                                   The blood of all men
204. Where did Paul go on foot while Luke
     and others sailed there? (20:13)         214. What term did Paul use to refer to the
     Assos                                         church that the Ephesian elders
                                                   served? (20:28)
205. Paul was in a hurry to arrive in what         Flock
     city? (20:16)
     Jerusalem                                215. What were the 2 terms Paul used to
                                                   describe the elders of the church?
206. Paul wanted to reach Jerusalem by             (20:28)
     what day? (20:16)                             Overseers
     Day of Pentecost                              Shepherds

207. While in Miletus, who was in Ephesus     216. With what was the church
     that Paul wanted to hear from? (20:17)        "purchased"? (20:28)
      Elders of the church                         The blood of Christ

                                              217. When would the Ephesian elders see
                                                   Paul again after the third missionary
                                                   journey? (20:28-38)
                                                    Never again
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                      Acts 15-28

218. Who would "not spare the flock?"             222. What 3 items did Paul say he had not
     (20:29)                                           coveted from anyone? (20:33)
     Savage wolves                                     Apparel
219. What purpose would some men have                  Gold
     to speak perverse things? (20:30)
      To draw away disciples after                223. Who provided for Paul's necessities?
     themselves                                        (20:34)
                                                       He did
220. How long did Paul stay in Ephesus to
     warn the brethren about false                224. Who said, "It is more blessed to give
     teachers? (20:31)                                 than to receive"? (20:35)
      3 years                                           Jesus

221. Paul told the Ephesian elders that the       225. In what way did the Ephesian elders
     word of God's grace is able to "______            show their love for Paul? (20:37)
     you up and give you an inheritance                Fell on his neck and kissed him
     among all those who are sanctified."

                                           CHAPTER 21
226. What mode of transportation did Paul         231. In whose house did they stay while in
     use from Ephesus to Cos, Rhoades,                 Caesarea? (21:8)
     and Patara? (21:1)                                Philip's
                                                  232. In what two ways is Philip described?
227. Where did Paul and his companions                 (21:8)
     spend seven days after finding                    Evangelist
     disciples there? (21:4)                           One of the seven
                                                  233. What did Philip's four virgin daughters
228. What did the disciples in Tyre tell               do? (21:9)
     Paul? (21:4)                                      Prophesied
     Not to go to Jerusalem
                                                  234. What Judean prophet came to
229. From whom did the disciples at Tyre               Caesarea to see Paul and his
     receive the message they gave to                  companions? (21:10)
     Paul? (21:4)                                      Agabus
     Holy Spirit
                                                  235. With what did the Judean prophet
230. Who was in the group of people that               bind his hands and feet? (21:11)
     was with Paul as he left Tyre after               Paul's belt
     praying with him on the shore? (21:5)
     Disciples with their wives and               236. The prophet said that Paul would be
     children                                          given over to the Gentiles by what
                                                       group? (21:11)
                                                       Jews at Jerusalem
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                    Acts 15-28

237. What two things did Paul say he was       247. After their purification, where did Paul
     ready for at Jerusalem? (21:13)                go with the men that were purified?
     To die for the name of the Lord                (21:26)
     Jesus                                          Temple
     To be bound
                                               248. Who began the riot against Paul at the
238. After trying to persuade Paul to not go        Jerusalem temple? (21:27)
     to Jerusalem, what did the disciples           Jews from Asia
     say? (21:14)
      "The will of the Lord be done"           249. What two charges were made against
                                                    Paul by the Jews? (21:28)
239. What man from Cyprus went with Paul            He brought Greeks into the temple
     to Jerusalem and had a place in which          and defiled it
     they were going to stay? (21:16)               He taught against the people, law
      Mnason                                        and temple

240. How did the brethren in Jerusalem         250. Who was the Greek man from
     receive Paul and his companions?               Ephesus that Paul supposedly took
     (21:17)                                        into the temple? (21:29)
     Gladly                                          Trophimus

241. Who did Paul report to upon entering      251. What was the intention of the rioters
     Jerusalem? (21:18-20)                          after they dragged Paul out of the
     James and the elders                           temple? (21:31)
                                                     They were seeking to kill him
242. How many Jews had believed
     according to the Jerusalem elders?        252. Who came to Paul's rescue?
     (21:20)                                        (21:31-32)
     Myriads                                        Commander of the garrison

243. Why did Paul agree to participate in      253. How did Paul's rescuer help Paul?
     the purification rites of the four who         (21:31-32)
     had taken a vow? (21:20-24)                    He ran to Paul with soldiers and
      To show the Jewish Christians that            centurions
     he walked orderly and kept the law
                                               254. Before the help arrived, what were the
244. Some believed Paul was teaching                rioters doing to Paul? (21:32)
     Jews to forsake whom? (21:21)                  They beat him
                                               255. With what did the commander have
245. What rumor had the Jewish Christians           Paul bound? (21:33)
     heard concerning what Paul taught              Two chains
     about their children? (21:21)
     He was teaching Jews not to               256. Where was Paul taken after being
     circumcise their children                      bound? (21:34)
                                                    The barracks
246. Were the Gentiles forced to
     circumcise their children and obey the    257. Why did Paul have to be carried up
     Law of Moses? (21:25)                          the stairs? (21:35)
     No                                              Because of the violence of the mob
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                  Acts 15-28

258. What did the multitude cry out as Paul   261. What was Paul's city of birth? (21:39;
     was taken from them? (21:36)                  22:3)
     "Away with him!"                              Tarsus in Cilicia

259. What nationality did the commander       262. Who gave Paul permission to speak
     believe Paul was when he first met            to the people? (21:40)
     him? (21:38)                                   Commander of the garrison
                                              263. In what language did Paul speak to
260. The commander had mistaken Paul               the people? (21:40)
     for the man who did what two things?           Hebrew
      Led 4,000 assassins into the
      Raised an insurrection

                                      CHAPTER 22
264. What did Paul want the angry mob in      270. From what two sources did Saul have
     Jerusalem to hear? (22:1)                     permission to persecute Christians?
     His defense                                   (22:5)
                                                   Council of elders
265. Why did the mob keep silent as Paul           High Priest
     spoke? (22:2)
     He spoke in the Hebrew language          271. To what city was Saul going when the
                                                   great light shone around him? (22:6)
266. At what man's feet did Paul learn?            Damascus
     Gamaliel                                 272. About what time of the day was it
                                                   when the light shone around Saul?
267. How did Paul describe his Jewish              (22:6)
     faith? (22:3)                                 Noon
                                              273. When Saul fell to the ground, what did
268. In what two ways did Saul persecute           the voice say to him? (22:7)
     "the Way" before becoming a                    "Saul, Saul, why are you
     Christian? (22:4)                             persecuting Me?"
     Bound and delivered men and
     women to prisons                         274. Whose voice was it that called to Saul
     To death                                      on the road? (22:8)
                                                   Jesus of Nazareth
269. What did Saul intend to do with the
     Christians in Damascus? (22:5)           275. What did those with Saul see and
     Take them to Jerusalem to be                  hear on the road? (22:9)
     punished                                      They did not hear the voice
                                                   They saw the light
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                Acts 15-28

276. What instructions did Saul receive on   286. What did Saul do during the execution
     the road? (22:10)                            of the martyr? (22:20)
      "Go into Damascus, and there you            Guarded the clothes of those who
     will be told all things which are            killed him
     appointed for you to do."
                                             287. To whom did the Lord send Saul after
277. What physical problem did Saul have          he left Jerusalem? (22:21)
     after seeing the great light? (22:11)        The Gentiles
     He was blind
                                             288. What did the mob in Jerusalem yell
278. What devout man came to see Saul?            after hearing of Paul's conversion?
     (22:12)                                      (22:22)
     Ananias                                      "Away with such a fellow from the
                                                  earth, for he is not fit to live!"
279. What was the first thing the man said
     to Saul in Damascus? (22:13)            289. What did the mob do after hearing
      "Brother Saul, receive your sight"          Paul's defense? (22:23)
                                                  Threw dust into the air
280. How did Ananias refer to Jesus while         Cried out
     speaking to Saul in Damascus?                Tore off their clothes
     The Just One                            290. How was Paul examined by order of
                                                  the commander? (22:24)
281. Why had Saul seen Jesus and heard             Scourging
     his voice? (22:15)
     So he could be His witness to all       291. With what was Paul bound? (22:25)
     men of what he saw and heard                 Thongs

282. What question and command did Saul      292. What did Paul ask the centurion?
     receive in order to be saved? (22:16)        (22:25)
     "And now why are you waiting?                "Is it lawful for you to scourge a
     Arise and be baptized, and wash              man who is a Roman, and
     away your sins, calling on the name          uncondemned?"
     of the Lord."
                                             293. To whom did the centurion go after
283. After his conversion, while in the           Paul told him he was a Roman?
     Jerusalem temple praying, what               (22:26)
     happened to Saul? (22:17)                    The commander
     He fell into a trance
                                             294. How did Paul become a Roman?
284. What did the Lord tell Saul when he          (22:28)
     was in the Jerusalem temple? (22:18)         By birth
     To get out of Jerusalem quickly
                                             295. How had the commander obtained
285. Who was the martyr whose death               Roman citizenship? (22:28)
     Paul witnessed as mentioned in Acts          With a large sum of money
     Stephen                                 296. Was Paul scourged at this time?
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                      Acts 15-28

297. After being released by the
     commander, who did Paul appear
     before? (22:30)
     The chief priest and all their council

                                         CHAPTER 23
298. Paul told the council he had always         308. Where did the Lord want Paul to go
     had a good ______. (23:1)                        and bear witness after the division in
     Conscience                                       Jerusalem? (23:11)
299. Who commanded that Paul be struck
     on the mouth? (23:2)                        309. Some Jews banded together and took
     Ananias (the high priest)                        an oath that they would neither eat nor
                                                      drink until they did what to Paul?
300. Paul said the high priest was a                  (23:12)
     ______ wall. (23:3)                              Killed him
                                                 310. About how many had formed a
301. Did Paul know who the high priest was            conspiracy against Paul? (23:13)
     when he talked badly of him? (23:5)              More than 40
                                                 311. Who did the conspirators talk to about
302. What two groups made up the council              setting up an ambush? (23:14-15)
     before whom Paul spoke? (23:6)                   Chief priests and elders
     Sadducees and Pharisees
                                                 312. Who heard about the ambush and
303. Of which group in the council was a              warned Paul? (23:16)
     Paul a part? (23:6)                              Paul's sister's son (his nephew)
                                                 313. Where did Paul ask the centurion to
304. Which group did not believe in a                 take the one who had warned him
     resurrection, an angel or spirit? (23:8)         about the ambush? (23:17)
     Sadducees                                         The commander

305. Which group decided that Paul should        314. What request was made to the
     be left alone? (23:9)                            commander concerning Paul? (23:21)
     Pharisees                                        When the Jews ask to see Paul, the
                                                      commander should not yield to
306. Where did the commander order Paul               them
     to be taken after the great division took
     place between the two Jewish groups?        315. How many soldiers, horses and
     (23:10)                                          spearmen were sent to guard Paul on
      Into the barracks                               his way to Caesarea? (23:23)
                                                      200 soldiers, 200 spearmen, 70
307. Who said the following to Paul? "Be of           horsemen
     good cheer . . ." (23:11)
     The Lord                                    316. Did Paul walk or ride on his journey?
                                                      Rode a horse
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                    Acts 15-28

317. Why did the commander send a letter       320. Who delivered Paul to the governor?
     to the governor? (23:25-30)                    (23:32)
      To explain why he was sending                 Horsemen
     Paul to him
                                               321. From what province was Paul? (23:34)
318. What was the commanders' name?                 Cilicia
     Claudius Lysias                           322. Where did the governor order Paul to
                                                    be kept while they waited for his
319. At what time did the soldiers take Paul        accusers? (23:35)
     to Antipatris? (23:31)                         Herod's Praetorium
      By night

                                        CHAPTER 24
323. How many days did it take the high        330. After the orator spoke about the
     priest to arrive while Paul was held by        accusations against Paul, who
     the governor in Jerusalem? (24:1)              assented to everything? (24:9)
      Five days                                     The Jews

324. Who was the high priest in the time of    331. Why was Paul cheerful in making a
     Acts 24? (24:1)                                defense for himself? (24:10)
     Ananias                                        Because Felix had been a judge
                                                    over the nation for many years
325. What "orator" came with the high
     priest to Jerusalem to give evidence      332. When the governor was questioning
     against Paul? (24:1-)                          Paul, how many days had it been
     Tertullus                                      since he had gone up to Jerusalem to
                                                    worship? (24:11)
326. What is an "orator"? (24:1)                    Twelve
      Professional speaker, usually a
     lawyer                                    333. What two things did Paul deny doing
                                                    in the synagogues and the city?
327. Who was the governor? (24:3)                   (24:12)
     Felix                                           Disputing with anyone
                                                     Inciting the crowd
328. What accusations were brought
     against Paul by his accusers? (24:5-6)    334. What did the Jews name the Christian
     He had brought shame to the                    movement? (24:14)
     temple                                         The Way
     He was a ringleader of the sect the
     Nazarenes                                 335. To what extent did Paul believe the
     He was a plague                                Law and the Prophets? (24:14)
     He created dissension among all                He believed all things written in the
     the Jews throughout the world                  Law and the Prophets

329. What commander took Paul out with         336. Will the just or unjust be resurrected
     great violence? (24:7)                         from the dead? (24:15)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                    Acts 15-28

337. Paul said he always tried to have a        344. Who was Felix's wife? (24:24)
     good conscience toward whom?                    Drusilla
     God and men                                345. Of what religion was Felix's wife?
338. What two reasons did Paul tell Felix             Jewish
     he had come to Jerusalem? (24:17)
     To bring alms and offerings                346. About what three things did Paul
                                                     reason in the presence of Felix?
339. How did the Jews from Asia find Paul            (24:25)
     when he was in the temple? (24:18)              Self control
     Purified, (he was keeping the                   Judgment to come
     Nazarite vow)                                   Righteousness

340. What did Paul tell Felix the Jews from     347. What did Felix tell Paul after hearing
     Asia should have done who were                  him? (24:25)
     against him? (24:19)                            "Go away for now; when I have a
     They should have been there to                  convenient time I will call for you."
     object in person
                                                348. Did Felix become a Christian? (24:27)
341. How much did Felix know about the               No, we have no record of him ever
     "Way"? (24:22)                                  doing so
     He had accurate knowledge of "The
     Way"                                       349. Who succeeded Felix as governor?
342. How did Felix conclude the hearing?             Procius Festus
     He adjourned until Lysias the              350. Why did Felix leave Paul bound?
     commander arrived                               (24:27)
                                                     To do the Jews a favor
343. Who was to keep Paul but let him
     have some liberty and visits by
     friends? (24:23)
      The centurion

                                        CHAPTER 25
351. Where did Festus go from Caesarea          354. How long did Festus remain in
     after three days in the province? (25:1)        Jerusalem before going back to
     Jerusalem                                       Caesarea? (25:6)
                                                     More than ten days
352. What did the Jews plan to do if Paul
     were transferred to Jerusalem? (25:3)      355. Where did Festus sit while hearing
     Lay in ambush along the road and                Paul's case? (25:6)
     kill him                                        The judgment seat

353. In what town did Festus keep Paul          356. How many complaints against Paul by
     bound? (25:4)                                   the Jerusalem Jews could be proved?
     Caesarea                                        (25:7)
                                                      None of them
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                   Acts 15-28

357. What three things did Paul deny doing     365. What two concerns did the Jews bring
     anything against? (25:8)                       against Paul before Festus? (25:19)
     Law of the Jews, the temple,                   Questions against him about their
     Caesar                                         own religion, and about a certain
                                                    Jesus, who had died, whom Paul
358. As a favor to the Jews, where did              affirmed to be alive
     Festus ask Paul about going? (25:9)
     Jerusalem                                 366. Who was the Caesar at the time of
                                                    Paul's trial? (25:21)
359. Where did Paul want to be judged?              Augustus
     Caesar's judgment seat                    367. What was Agrippa's response when
                                                    told of Paul's case? (25:22)
360. To whom did Paul make his final                 He wanted to hear from Paul
     appeal? (25:11-12)                             himself
                                               368. When did the king get to hear Paul's
361. Who did Festus confer with before              defense? (25:23)
     sending Paul to Caesar? (25:12)                The next day
     The Council
                                               369. How did Agrippa and Bernice come in
362. What king came to greet Festus                 to the room to hear Paul's case?
     before Paul's trial? (25:13)                   (25:23)
     Agrippa                                         With great pomp, and had entered
                                                    the auditorium with the
363. Who came with the king to see                  commanders and the prominent
     Festus? (25:13)                                men of the city
                                               370. Why did Festus let Paul stand before
364. What did Festus discuss with the               the king? (25:24-27)
     king? (25:14)                                   Because he found nothing wrong
     Paul's case                                    with him and he needed something
                                                    to write to Caesar

                                        CHAPTER 26
371. What did Paul consider himself to be      374. In what city did Paul live while growing
     because he was answering for himself           up? (26:4)
     before Agrippa? (26:2)                         Jerusalem
                                               375. What Jewish sect was Paul a member
372. In what did Paul say Agrippa was an            before his conversion to Christ? (26:5)
     expert? (26:3)                                 Pharisee
     All customs and questions which
     have to do with the Jews                  376. Why did Paul say he was being
                                                    judged by Agrippa? (26:6)
373. Paul asked Agrippa to hear him in               "For the hope of the promise made
     what manner? (26:3)                            by God to our fathers"
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                   Acts 15-28

377. How many tribes were in Israel? (26:7)    388. What did the voice tell Paul it was
     Twelve                                         hard to kick against? (26:14)
                                                    The goads
378. Whose name did Paul live contrary to
     while a Jew? (26:9)                       389. What is a "goad"? (International
     Jesus of Nazareth                              Standard Bible Encyclopedia)
                                                    "A straight branch of oak or other
379. Who did Paul shut up in prison while a         strong wood from which the bark
     Jew? (26:10)                                   has been stripped, and which has at
     Saints                                         one end a pointed spike and at the
                                                    other a flat chisel, shaped iron. The
380. When those put in prison were put to           pointed end is to prod the oxen
     death, what part did Paul say he had in        while plowing. The flattened iron at
     that process? (26:10)                          the other end is to scrape off the
      He voted against them                         earth which clogs the plowshare."

381. In what way did Paul persecute the        390. To what people did the voice tell Paul
     saints? (26:10-11)                             he was being sent? (26:17)
     Compelled them to blaspheme                    Gentiles
     Punished them in every synagogue
     Shut them in prison                       391. What way would Paul's message
     Cast his vote against those put to             affect the Gentiles? (26:18)
     death                                          Turn them from the power of Satan
                                                    to God
382. To what cities did Paul persecute the          Turn them from darkness to light
     saints? (26:11)
     Foreign                                   392. What things would the Gentiles
                                                    receive when they were converted to
383. To what city did Paul go with authority        Christianity? (26:18)
     and commission from the chief                  An inheritance among those who
     priests? (26:12)                               were sanctified by faith in Christ
     Damascus                                       Forgiveness of sins

384. While on the road to Damascus, what       393. What was Paul's response to the
     did Paul see from heaven? (26:13)              heavenly voice? (26:19)
     A light brighter than the sun                  He was obedient

385. At what time of the day did Paul          394. What three things do we know Paul
     experience a BIG event on the road to          taught as he began to preach? (26:20)
     Damascus? (26:13)                               Repent, turn to God, do works
     Midday                                         befitting repentance

386. In what language did the voice speak      395. What source of authority did Paul refer
     to Paul on the road to Damascus?               to as he stood before Agrippa? (26:22)
     (26:14)                                         Moses and the prophets
                                               396. Who did Paul say was the first to rise
387. Who spoke to Paul and said (among              from the dead? (26:23)
     other things), "Saul, Saul, why are you         Christ
     persecuting Me?" (26:14-15)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                   Acts 15-28

397. What did Festus say "much learning"     400. What was King Agrippa's answer to
     was doing to Paul? (26:24)                   Paul? (26:28)
     Driving him mad                              "You almost persuade me to
                                                  become a Christian"
398. What kind of words did Paul confess
     to speaking? (26:25)                    401. What two things did the king and
      Words of truth and reason                   those with him decide Paul did NOT
                                                  deserve? (26:31)
399. What was Paul's own answer to the             Death or chains
     question he posed to King Agrippa,
     ". . . do you believe the prophets?"    402. If Paul had not appealed to Caesar,
     (26:27)                                      what did the king say could have been
     "I know that you do believe"                 done with him? (26:32)
                                                  He might have been set free

                                      CHAPTER 27
403. What was the name of the centurion      410. What kind of ship did the centurion
     with whom Paul and other prisoners           find in the city of Myra? (27:5-6)
     were being sent to Caesar? (27:1)             An Alexandrian ship
                                             411. After some difficulty sailing under the
404. To whose regiment did the centurion          shelter of Crete, to what city did Paul's
     belong? (27:1)                               ship arrive? (27:8)
     Augustus'                                    Fair Havens

405. What country was the destination of     412. What kind of warning did Paul give to
     Paul and the other prisoners? (27:1)         those who were sailing the ship?
     Italy                                        (27:10)
                                                   The voyage would end with
406. From where was the ship that Paul            disaster and much loss
     sailed on from Caesarea? (27:2)
     Adramyttium                             413. What did Paul initially say would
                                                  happen to the cargo and people on the
407. What men are recorded as having              ship Paul was on if they ignored his
     been on Paul's ship? (27:2)                  warning? (27:10)
     Luke (the scripture says "we" on              They would lose the cargo and their
     verse 2)                                     lives
                                             414. Who persuaded the centurion to
408. How did the centurion treat Paul when        continue the voyage even though it
     they arrived in Sidon? (27:3)                was very dangerous? (27:11)
      He treated him kindly and gave him          The captain and the helmsman
     liberty to go to his friends and
     receive care                            415. Where did the commander of Paul's
                                                  ship wish to go for the winter? (27:12)
409. What change was made by Julius at            Phoenix, a harbor of Crete
     Myra? (27:6)
     They changed ships
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                       Acts 15-28

416. What was the tempestuous head wind           427. How many anchors did the sailors try
     called? (27:14)                                   to drop from the stern because of their
     Euroclydon                                        fear of running aground? (27:29)
417. What did the crew fear would happen
     to the ship during the terrible wind?        428. On what did the sailors try to get
     (27:17)                                           away? (27:30)
      It would run aground on the Syrtis               A skiff (life boat)
                                                  429. What did Paul tell the centurion and
418. On which day of the terrible storm did            the soldiers concerning their safety
     those on board throw the tackle                   and men getting off the boat? (27:31)
     overboard? (27:19)                                 "Unless these men stay in the ship,
      Third day                                        you cannot be saved."

419. What did not appear for many days            430. How many people were on the ship
     after the storm and just before Paul              before it shipwrecked? (27:37)
     was shipwrecked? (27:20)                          276 people
     The sun nor stars
                                                  431. After eating, what did they throw out to
420. How many lives did Paul say would be              lighten the ship? (27:38)
     lost because of the shipwreck? (27:22)             The wheat
                                                  432. What did they see when it was
421. What would be lost because of the                 daylight on which they planned to run
     shipwreck? (27:22)                                the ship aground? (27:39)
     The ship                                           A bay with a beach

422. Who told Paul not to be afraid               433. While getting ready to run the ship
     because he was supposed to appear                 aground, what did they do to the ship?
     before Caesar? (27:23)                            (27:40)
     An angel of God                                   Let the anchors go and left them in
                                                       the sea
423. Who said, "Take heart, men, for I                 Hoisted the main sail to the wind
     believe God that it will be just as it was        and headed for shore
     told me." (27:25)                                 Loosened the rudder ropes
                                                  434. Why did the ship not reach the
424. How many nights did they spend on                 beach? (27:40-41)
     the ship before a wind drove them up              They struck a sandbar
     and down the Adriatic Sea? (27:27)
      Fourteen                                    435. When the ship wrecked, what did the
                                                       soldiers plan to do with the prisoners?
425. At what time did the sailors realize              (27:42)
     they were nearing land? (27:27)                   Kill them so they would not escape

426. How much is a fathom?
     Six feet
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                     Acts 15-28

436. What ways did the centurion plan for      437. How many of those on the ship
     those on board to reach land?                  drowned? (27:44)
     (27:43-44)                                     None, they all reached land safely
      Those who could swim could jump
     overboard, and the rest could get
     on some boards and parts of the
                                        CHAPTER 28
439. What was the name of the island on        448. What relative of the leading citizen
     which Paul was shipwrecked? (28:1)             was sick with fever and dysentery?
     Malta                                          (28:8)
                                                    His father
440. How did the natives of the island
     respond to the ship's occupants after     449. What did Paul do to the leading
     the shipwreck? (28:2)                          citizen's relative that was sick? (28:8)
      They showed unusual kindness                  Healed him
     and built them a fire
                                               450. What reception did the people of the
441. What fastened onto Paul's hand when            island give to Paul and what did he do
     he was gathering sticks? (28:3)                for many of them? (28:9)
     A viper                                         Those with diseases came to him
                                                    and were healed
442. What did the natives believe Paul was
     when they saw what had happed to          451. How long did Paul stay on the island
     him? (28:4)                                    after being shipwrecked? (28:11)
     A murderer                                     Three months

443. What did the natives think would          452. What place was the ship from which
     happen to Paul? (28:4)                         Paul boarded on the island? (28:11)
     He would die                                   Alexandria

444. After being bitten by the viper, what     453. What was the figurehead of the ship
     was Paul's condition? (28:5)                   with Paul got on at Malta? (28:11)
     He suffered no harm                            Twin Brothers

445. A while after Paul was bitten by the      454. What four places did Paul go after
     viper and when nothing ill happened to         leaving Malta? (28:12-16)
     him, what did the natives think Paul            Syracuse (three days), Rhegium,
     was? (28:6)                                    Puteoli (one week), Rome
     A god
                                               455. Who came to meet Paul from as far
446. Who was the leading citizen of the             as Appii Forum and Three Inns?
     island on which Paul was                       (28:15)
     shipwrecked? (28:7)                            The brethren
                                               456. How was Paul allowed to live as a
447. How long did the ruler of the island           prisoner in Rome? (28:16)
     entertain Paul and the other? (28:7)           He "was permitted to dwell by
     Three days                                     himself with the soldier who
                                                    guarded him."
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                   Acts 15-28

457. After three days in Rome, who did        463. What Old Testament prophet wrote:
     Paul call together? (28:17)                   "Hearing you will hear, and shall not
     The leaders of the Jews                       understand; And seeing you will see,
                                                   and not perceive; For the hearts of this
458. What did Paul tell the leaders of the         people have grown dull. Their ears are
     Jews when he arrived in Rome?                 hard of hearing, And their eyes they
     (28:17-20)                                    have closed, Lest they should see with
     He explained to them why he had               their eyes and hear with their ears,
     been brought to Rome                          Lest they should understand with their
                                                   hearts and turn, So that I should heal
459. For what hope did Paul say he was             them." (28:26-27)
     bound with chains? (28:20)                     Isaiah
     The hope of Israel
                                              464. Paul told the Jews the following
460. What did the Jews in Rome hear                concerning what people? "Therefore
     about the sect (Christianity)? (28:22)        let it be known to you that the salvation
     It was spoken against everywhere              of God has been sent to the ______,
                                                   and they will hear it!" (28:28)
461. When Paul taught some of the Jews              Gentiles
     in Rome about Jesus, where did he go
     in the scriptures for his main proof?    465. How long did Paul live in his own
     (28:23)                                       rented house? (28:30)
      The Law of Moses and the prophets            Two years

462. What responses did Paul's message        466. Who forbade Paul to preach in Rome?
     receive among the Jews in Rome?               (28:31)
     (28:24)                                       No one
     Some were persuaded, and some
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                    Acts 15-28

                    CHAPTER HEADINGS FOR ACTS 15-28
                       Learn the Headings, the Chapters and Verses

Chapter 15                                      Chapter 21
Conflict over Circumcision (1-5)                Warnings on the Journey to Jerusalem (1-14)
The Jerusalem Council (6-21)                    Paul Urged to Make Peace (15-25)
The Jerusalem Decree (22-29)                    Arrested in the Temple (26-36)
Continuing Ministry in Syria (30-35)            Addressing the Jerusalem Mob (37-)
Division over John Mark (36-41)
                                                Chapter 22
Chapter 16                                      Paul's Roman Citizenship (22-29)
Timothy Joins Paul and Silas (1-5)              The Sanhedrin Divided (30-)
The Macedonian Call (6-10)
Lydia Baptized at Philippi (11-15)              Chapter 23
Paul and Silas Imprisoned (16-24)               The Plot Against Paul (11-22)
The Philippian Jailer Saved (25-34)             Sent to Felix (23-35)
Paul Refuses to Depart Secretly (35-40)
                                                Chapter 24
Chapter 17                                      Accused of Sedition (1-9)
                                                The Defense Before Felix (10-21)
Preaching Christ at Thessalonica (1-4)
                                                Felix Procrastinates (22-27)
Assault on Jason's House (5-9)
Ministering at Berea (10-15)                    Chapter 25
The Philosophers at Athens (16-21)              Paul Appeals to Caesar (1-12)
Addressing the Areopagus (22-34)                Paul Before Agrippa (13-27)
Chapter 18                                      Chapter 26
Ministering at Corinth (1-17)                   Paul's Early Life (1-11)
Paul Returns to Antioch (18-23)                 Paul Recounts His Conversion (12-18)
Ministry of Apollos (24-28)                     Paul's Post-Conversion Life (19-23)
                                                Agrippa Parries Paul's Challenge (24-32)
Chapter 19
Paul at Ephesus (1-10)                          Chapter 27
Miracles Glorify Christ (11-20)                 The Voyage to Rome Begins (1-8)
The Riot at Ephesus (21-41)                     Paul's Warning Ignored (9-12)
                                                In the Tempest (13-38)
Chapter 20                                      Shipwrecked on Malta (39-44)
Journeys in Greece (1-6)
Ministering at Troas (7-12)                     Chapter 28
From Troas to Miletus (13-16)                   Paul's Ministry on Malta (1-10)
The Ephesian Elders Exhorted (17-38)            Arrival at Rome (11-16)
                                                Paul's Ministry at Rome (17-31)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                            Acts 15-28

                       SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR THE
                        "FIND THE VERSE" ROUND
2nd thru 5th Grades:   Find the verses and fill in the blanks: (Use the New King James Version)

     1. EZEKIEL 3:15      -"Then I came to the captives at Tel Abib, who dwelt by the River
                                                             ;   and I sat where they sat,
        and remained there astonished among them
     Answers: Chebar, seven

     2. AMOS 3:4 - "Will a lion                                                              in the
        forest, when he has no prey? Will a young lion cry out of his
         , if he has caught nothing?
     Answers: Roar, den

     3. TITUS 1:12- "One of them, a prophet of their own,         said, "
                       are always liars, evil beasts,
     Answers: Cretans, lazy

  The key to this round is to know your Books of the Bible and know
                    how to find each book quickly!

6th thru 8th Grades: Find the chapter and verse number in Acts. (Use the New King James
Version) 30 verses in this round.

     1.       :          “Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us…“
     Answer: 16:14

     2.       :          "I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race.”
     Answer: 20:24

9th - 12th Grades: Fill in the missing words from the following passages in Acts. (Use the New
King James Version) 30 verses in this round.

     1. “And he reasoned in the synagogue every                    , and persuaded both Jews and
     Answers: Sabbath, Greeks (18:4)

     2. “Hearing you will          , and shall not                    .”
     Answers: hear, understand (28:26)

            The key to this round is to know Acts 15-28 very well!
2010 Bible Bowl                                              Acts 15-28

                            MEMORIZATION LIST
                    (Listed at the end of the Study Guide)

                  Old Testament Books (A)

                  Days of Creation (B)

                  Sons of Jacob (C)

                  Ten Plagues (D)

                  Ten Commandments (E)

                  Judges of Israel (F)

                  23rd Psalm (G)

                  New Testament Books (H)

                  Twelve Apostles (I)

                  Beatitudes (J)

                  Lord's Prayer (K)

                  Great Commission (L)

                  Qualifications of Elders (M)

                  Steps of Salvation (N)
2010 Bible Bowl                                                                  Acts 15-28

A.    BOOKS OF THE OLD TESTAMENT             (Tune:`The More we get together')

     Let us sing the Books of Moses, of Moses, of Moses,
     Let us sing the Books of Moses, for he wrote the law.
     First, Genesis; second, Exodus; third, Leviticus; fourth, Numbers;
     And the fifth is Deuteronomy, the last of them all.

     Let us sing the Books of History, of History, of History;
     Let us sing the Books of History, that tell of the Jews.
     There's Joshua and Judges and the story of Ruth;
     Then 1st and 2nd Samuel, and 1st and 2nd Kings;
     Then 1st and 2nd Chronicles which give us the records.
     Then Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther the queen.

     Let us sing the Books of Poetry, of Poetry, of Poetry;
     Let us sing the Books of Poetry, the songs the Jews sang.
     Job the patient, Psalms of David and the Proverbs of a wise one;

     And then Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.
     Let us sing the Major Prophets, Major Prophets, Major Prophets;
     Let us sing the Major Prophets, they wrote five books in all.
     Isaiah, Jeremiah who wrote Lamentations;
     Then Ezekiel and Daniel, who were true to their God.

     Let us sing the Minor Prophets, Minor Prophets, Minor Prophets;
     Let us sing the Minor Prophets, there were twelve of them all.
     Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk,
     Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.


     Day one, day one, God made light when there was none;
     Day two, day two, God made clouds and skies of blue;
     Day three, day three, God made flowers and plants and trees.
     Day four, day four, sun and moon and stars galore.
     Day five, day five, God made birds and fish alive;
     Sixth day, sixth day God made animals and man that day.
     Day seven, day seven, God rested in his heaven.

C.    SONS OF JACOB (Tune: 'Sing A Song of Sixpence')

     Jacob lived in Canaan, there he had twelve sons,
     Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Zebulon,
     Issachar and Asher, Naphtali, and Dan,
     Joseph, Gad, and Benjamin.

2010 Bible Bowl                                                                          Acts 15-28

D.    TEN PLAGUES (Exodus 7-12)

     1.     Water turning to blood
     2.     Frogs
     3.     Lice
     4.     Flies
     5.     Sickness of cattle
     6.     Boils on men and animals
     7.     Hail
     8.     Locusts
     9.     Darkness
     10.    Death of the firstborn

E.    TEN COMMANDMENTS (Exodus 20)

     1.     You shall have no other gods before me
     2.     You shall not make for yourself any carved image
     3.     You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain
     4.     Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
     5.     Honor your father and your mother
     6.     You shall not murder
     7.     You shall not commit adultery
     8.     You shall not steal
     9.     You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
     10.    You shall not covet


     God sent Judges over Israel, One brave woman, fourteen men.
     They helped Israel fight their battles, led them back to God from sin.
     Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Abimelech, Tola, Jair,
     Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson, Eli, Samuel.

G.    23RD PSALM

     1      The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.
     2      He makes me to lie down in green pastures; he leads me beside the still waters.
     3      He restores my soul; he leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake.
     4      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for
            You are with me; your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
     5      You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head
            with oil; my cup runs over.
     6      Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in
            the house of the LORD forever.

2010 Bible Bowl                                                                          Acts 15-28

     Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John,
     Acts and the letter to the Romans,
     First and Second Corinthians, Galatians and Ephesians.
     Philippians, Colossians, First and Second Thessalonians,
     First and Second Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.
     Hebrews, James, First and Second Peter,
     First and Second and Third John,
     Jude and Revelation.

     Peter, Andrew, James, and John,
     Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas and Matthew
     James, Simon, Thaddeus, Judas
     Matthias, and Paul

J.    BEATITUDES (Matthew 5)
     3      Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
     4      Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
     5      Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.
     6      Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.
     7      Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.
     8      Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
     9      Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
     10     Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the
            kingdom of heaven.
     11     Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against
            you falsely for My sake.

K.    THE LORD'S PRAYER (Matthew 6:9-13)
     9      "In this manner, therefore, pray: our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.
     10     Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
     11     Give us this day our daily bread.
     12     And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
     13     And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For Yours is the
            kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.

L.    THE GREAT COMMISSION (Matthew 28:19-20)
     "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the
     Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have
     commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Amen.”

2010 Bible Bowl                                                                             Acts 15-28

M.   QUALIFICATIONS FOR ELDERS? (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:6-9) (*Be able to list at least

     1.     Blameless
     2.     The husband of one wife
     3.     Temperate
     4.     Sober-minded
     5.     Of good behavior
     6.     Hospitable
     7.     Able to teach
     8.     Not given to wine
     9.     Not violent
     10.    Not greedy for money
     11.    Gentle
     12.    Not quarrelsome
     13.    Not covetous
     14.    One who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all
     15.    Not a novice
     16.    He must have a good testimony among those who are outside
     17.    Faithful children
     18.    Steward of God
     19.    Not self-willed
     20.    Not quick-tempered
     21.    Lover of what is good
     22.    Just
     23.    Holy
     24.    Self-controlled
     25.    Holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught

N.    STEPS OF SALVATION (Know EVERYTHING: the “step,” the verse and where it is found)

     1.     HEAR: “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans
     2.     BELIEVE: “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God
            must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”
            (Hebrews 11:6)
     3.     REPENT: “I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will all likewise perish.” (Luke 13:3)

     4.     CONFESS: "For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth
            confession is made unto salvation." (Romans 10:10)
            Also: “Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My
            Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 10:32)
     5.     BE BAPTIZED: "He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not
            believe will be condemned." (Mark 16:16)

     6.     BE FAITHFUL: ". . . be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life."
            (Revelation 2:10)


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