Job Seeking Skills Training by IowaDocs


                     The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
                                Job Seeking Skills Training
                                        Code D13
Client name:
Service provider:
Staff name:
DVRS counselor name:

Training start date:
Training end date:
Date submitted (with claim):

     Milestones       Met        Quality Indicators       Met       Outcomes Payment           Met
                                                                     Points Code D13
   (Code D13)                  Barriers identified.       Y N
   Job Seeking                 Strategies identified.     Y N
   Skills Training    Y N      Training implemented.      Y N
                               Recommendations for                Outcome Payment: $
                                                          Y N
                               Job Placement Planning.
                               Information shared,                Written Report inclusive     Y N
                               questions addressed, and   Y N     of Quality Indicators, and
                               outcomes communicated.             Recommendations.

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