Terrestrial Resource Plan
     Deforestation and the
  Unsustainable Use of Forests
Vast areas of forests had diminished in the
 past years and further loss of natural
 forest kept on-going till present.

  Continues loss of old trees in temperate and
   boreal forest ecosystems.
  Loss of forest quality due to pollution and
   other injurious agents.
  Forest clearing and burning.
     Deforestation and the
  Unsustainable Use of Forests
Impacts of Unsustainable Use of Forests:
 Loss of large forest areas.
Loss of soil fertility.
Increase soil erosion in deforested areas.
Loss of significant carbon stores.
Increase in temperatures.
Loss of natural habitat of naturally
  occurring plants and animals.
         Sustainability Plan
Action Items:
• My plan is to organize a community program
  which will initially act to sustain a more stable
  forest area through replanting a naturally
  occurring plants, implement measures of
  conservation, protection, and cultivation of a
  natural and productive forests. The area has to
  be assessed to make a brief report, schedule a
  presentation, invite the community members,
  and research on the short and long term effects
  of diminished forests.
                                  Sustainability Plan
Action Items                Action Steps                                                           Timeline

Assess the area through     Form an initial group to physically assess the deforested area.        Months
a geographical survey.                                                                             4 – 6.
                            Record all the geographical survey outcome.

                            Observe and analyze the main factors that caused the issue.

                            Find prospective factors that will be beneficial in carrying out the

Make a brief report and a   All the facts found during the survey has to be presented and make     Months
schedule a presentation     the community to understand the effects and the future impacts of      1-2
after due approval,         forest issues. The effects on environment, productivity, safety,
inviting the community to   health, and many aspects pertaining to the area should be
know the facts.             extensively discussed to call on the awareness of the community.
Schedule and arrange for    To see is to believe. A community tour will help them understand       Months
area tours.                 better the situation. Proper explanation and dissemination of facts    1-2
                            while on tour must be kept going emphasizing future visions.

Make regular meeting        All important existing facts and future aspects has to be fully        Months
and presentation            understood gradually by every member, by that, cooperation and         2-4
schedules.                  participation will be facilitated.

Start organizing a          Membership will be kept open for all. This small group will be the     Long Term
program involving           start of a civic group that is hoped to act on implementing the plan   Basis
community members.          and address the forest issues on the area for a long term basis.
Challenges on Sustainability Plans
• Less community involvement and participation.
  – Community participation is the key to success of the
    program. Pessimism and passive reaction of the
    individuals will make the plan less successful.
• Uncontrollable forest access by any individual or
  a corporate group.
  – Collaboration with the government of the plan is very
    essential. Failure to implement restriction rules and
    laws will nullify the plan.
• Adequate funds is needed for the plan to push
  – Inadequate source of fund will be a great crisis and
    will make the plan difficult to achieve.

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