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					Cal State University Fullerton
          Cal State University Fullerton
                      Campus Profile
           32,100 students (26,400 undergraduates)
          As of 2004—impacted campus for freshman
                    Average class size—30

             Fall 2004 Admissions Criteria
 CSU eligibility index (2900 minimum) applies to applicants from
all OC high school students, plus the Walnut, Chino Valley, and
                   Whittier Union School Districts
   All other applicants will be admitted based on more selective
                        admission standards
          GPA calculated using only college prep subjects

      Apply online! Apply on time! (Oct 1-Nov 30)
         Must receive SAT I or ACT by Jan 2004!
          Take EPT/ELM exams by May 2004!
Seven Colleges
               CSUF at a Glance
101 majors (46-Graduate level)        Estimated Cost of Attendance
Popular programs:                                      Other
 –   Business Administration                 Books     $2,000 Personal Expenses
 –   Communications                          $1,100              $1,000
 –   Arts                              Tuition & Fees
 –   Health Science                       $2,516      Housing & Meals
 –   Child and Adolescent                              $4,500-6,000
     Development or Liberal Studies
Accept undeclared students

                                             Division I Athletics
     Special Programs
                                      Baseball team—College World Series
Freshmen Programs                     three-time champions
Presidential Scholars                 National Champions in Gymnastics and
4-Year Pledge Program                 Softball
Center for Careers in Teaching        Men’s: Basketball, Cross Country,
Honors Program                        Fencing, Soccer, Wrestling
Guardian Scholars                     Women’s: Basketball,
Walt Disney Co. & Warner              Cross Country Fencing,
Bros. Partnerships                    Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball
Cobb Residence Halls house approximately 800 beds
Apartment style suites, Ethernet connection, free printing,
multipurpose room, fitness room, and much more
Cost is $5647 (single) and $4232 (double) (meals not provided)
Community Center provides recreational and academic services
Housing is limited! Applications available July 1st online

                  Student Life
                                 New Student Orientation
                                 University Learning Center
                                 Study Abroad
                                 Multicultural Learning Center
                                 Volunteer and Service Center
                                 National Center for Deafness

Associated Students Inc.
Summer Enrichment Programs
Ronald McNair Scholars Program
Student Diversity Program
Over 200 clubs and orgs
            CSUF Welcomes You

Campus Tours (714)278-2501                    Upcoming Events                 Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day
                                      April, 2004
Admissions (714) 278-2370
                                     Admissions Fall Preview Day
University Outreach (714)278-2086     October 18, 2003

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