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									    Page 1                                The Swarthmore Rounds                       Thu, Nov 24, 2011
1, *1 2 1, 1 2 3 2 1, 1 2 3 4 3 2 1, 1 2 3 4 5 4 3 2   And into plowshares beat their swords, and nations
    1,                                                   shall learn war no more (x2)
1 2 3 4 5 6 5 4 3 2 1, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,
123456787654321                                        Anytime you need a calypso, here is what you
                                                           must do:
Abide with us, O Lord,                                 First of all, you need a rhythm, so you shake a
For it is now the evening.                                 little, shake a little, shake a little shaker; then
The day is past and over.                                  you
                                                       Bang a drum, and you sing and strum, and then
Ah, comme c‘est chose bel-                                 there‘s a calypso for you!
-le; de te louer. Sei-
-gneur, et de tres haute l‘honneur.                    Artichokes and broccoli,
Chantez de coeur fide-                                 Lettuce and tomatoes,
-le, chantez!                                          Brussel sprouts and celery,
                                                       Onions and potatoes.
Ah Fear! Ah frantic Fear!
I see, I see thee near.                                Autumn time, red leaves fall
I know thy hurried step, thy haggard eye!              While the weeping sky, looks over
Like thee I start, like thee disordered fly,           All. Demeter sadly walks the land,
For lo, what Monsters in thy train appear!             ( )The dying grasses in her hand.

Ah, Robin, lend to me thy bow.                         Baby cares for, my (3x) baby cares for only me!
Sweet Robin, lend to me thy bow.                       Baby just, baby just, baby just cares for,(3x)
For I will go a-hunting, with my lady go,                  me-ee, oo-ee.
With my sweet lady go.                                 ( )Everybody loves my baby, yeah. Baby cares for
                                                           only me.
All is                                                 ( )My baby I'd sigh for, oh, my pretty baby I'd die
Loneliness here for me (x2)                                for, ‗cause my baby don't love nobody but me-
Loneliness.                                                e, I'm so lucky!

All praise to thee, my God, this night, for            Bacon & eggs & pieces of pie. Bacon & eggs &
All the blessings of the light. Keep                       pieces of pie. Blue is my love and red is her
Me, oh keep me, Lord of life, with-                        eye-yi-
in thy love and free from strife.                      yi. Bacon & eggs & pieces of pie. Bacon & eggs &
                                                           pieces of pie. Purple her hair as high as the
All things shall perish from under the sky                 sky-yi-
Music alone shall live (2x)                            yi-yi. Bacon & eggs & pieces of pie. Bacon &
Music alone shall live, never to die.                      eggs & pieces of Hello there, Myrtle; hello and
Alleluia (2x).
( ) Alleluia (5x). Al-                                 Banished now is love‘s sweet glow.
-leluia, Alleluia (3x).                                Gone is the dearest heart I know
                                                       Now hear my sorrow, my sadness, my wail of
And ev‘ry man ‗neath his vine and fig tree, shall      Woe. Oh, why did you go?
  live in peace and unafraid (x2)
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Be like a *bird, who halting in her flight, on a     By moonlight, by moonlight.
   limb too slight, feels it give way beneath her,   I search in the moonlight.
   yet sings, sings, knowing she has wings; yet      The pale light, silver light.
   sings, sings, knowing she has wings.              ( ) A-ah, a-a-ah.

Bells of evening                                    By night and day we circle the sun, from year to
Calling me to pray; calling me at end of                year go round.. So
Day. Bless the day that‘s been our rest begins with Silently the planets revolve; sleep sweetly and
   angel                                                sleep sound. Now the
                                                    Night bird sings of Saturn‘s rings, and the
Benedicite omnia                                        Heaven‘s starry crown, while
Opera Domini                                        You, my child, are circled in love; sleep sweetly
Domino                                                  and sleep sound.
                                                    By the waters, the waters of Babylon
Benjy met the Bear; the                             We lay down & wept & wept for thee, Zion
Bear met Benjy. The                                 We remember (3x) thee, Zion.
Bear was bulgy; the
Bulge was Benjy.                                    Call John the boatman; call him again. Loud is the
                                                        river and fast falls the rain
Black socks, they                                   John is asleep; he sleeps very sound. His oars are
Never get dirty; the                                    adrift, and his boat is aground
Longer you wear them the                            Loud roars the river, so wide and so deep, but the
Blacker they get.                                       louder you call John, the sounder he will sleep.
Sometimes I
Think I should launder them;                        A camel am I, ‗tis plain to see,
Something keeps telling me,                         But am I a Bactrian or Dromedary?
Don't wash them yet, not

Yet, not yet, not yet.                              Lay down the ‗ ‘, and then the ‗ ‘
   [parody]                                         And which one I am is clear as can be.
   Black socks, it never is over; the longer we
   sing it the faster we get. Somebody started us Can you dig it? Can you dig it? Can you dig that
   singing it; someday we‘ll stop, but it‘s not         crazy gibberish? (x2)
   over yet, not yet, not yet, not yet              Hey look, there‘s a chicken on the barnyward
                                                        fence; oh look, there‘s another one comin‘
Blossoms on the plum,                                   down the road!
Wild winds and merry,                               Maw! Maw! Get that sonagun offa my tractor. Dig
Leaves upon the cherry,                                 that crazy gibberish!
And one swallow come.
                                                    Cantate Domino
Bumpity, bumpity, bumpity bay,                      Alleluia, alleluia
Lions went to the matinee. They                     Jubilate Deo
Said they enjoyed the violinist even
Though she was thinnest!
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Caution! Disconnect cable‘s at                       Come down, come down! Come to the buryin‘.
Roof and ground level before uncoupling!                Come down, come down to that old buryin‘
Danger do not board moving train.                       ground.
Dead in tow. Airspring supply cock.                  Way down in that old buryin‘ ground, (2x)
                                                     Lay that body down. (2x)
Charlottestown is burning down;
Goodbye, goodbye.                                    Come life, Shaker life! Come life eternal!
Burning down to the ground;                          Shake, shake, out of me all that is carnal.
Goodbye, Liza Jane.                                  I'll take nimble steps; I'll be a David.
Ain't you mighty sorry?                              I'll show Michael twice how he behavèd!
Goodbye, goodbye.                                       [derivation]
Ain't you mighty sorry?                                 Dance, dance, sisters dance, come dance
Goodbye, Liza Jane.                                  eternal
                                                        Our love is mystical, our love is carnal.
[The rounds above and below work well sung
                                                        I'll dance nimble steps; I'll be a Miriam,
                                                        Leading my people across the water.
Ezekiel saw two wheels a-rollin'
Way in the middle of the air.                        Come on and see the sun rising high; see the glow
A wheel within a wheel a-rollin'                         of the morning sky! Come on and see the sun,
Way in the middle of the air                             if you don‘t wake up soon, all you‘re gonna see
One wheel ran by faith;                                  is the moon.
The other ran by the grace of God:                   Wake up toes, wake up knees, wake up your whole
A wheel within a wheel a-rollin'                         body if you please. Stretch those arms, open
                                                         your eyes. Everyday‘s a big surprise.
Way in the middle of the air.
                                                     I like sleeping; waking is a crime. Call me for
                                                         breakfast when it‘s lunchtime!

                                                     Cuckoo, as I was
COFFEE -- don't drink too much coffee.
                                                     Walking, on a May
Not for children is this Turkish brew; hurts
                                                     ( ) Morning, I heard a
   the brain and the nervous system, too.
Take this advice from me -- have a nice cup          Bird sing.
   of tea!
                                                     Da pacem cordium (x2)
   [derivation]                                      Da pacem
FROGGY -- don‘t stick that froggy in your eye.       Da pacem
Don‘t believe him if he says you‘ll get a wish;
    think about it, would you do this with a fish?   Dance and sing for the harvest is over.
If you just have to try, don‘t come to me and cry!   All of the barns are full; all of the barns are full,
Come, and follow (word 6x) me.                          hey! Now let it snow! The
Whither shall I follow, follow, follow; whither      Leaves are whirling around, around; the leaves are
    shall I follow, follow thee?                        whirling around and down to the ground. Hey!
To the greenwood (phrase 3x), greenwood
    tree!                                            Dear Miss Smith, do be careful! Do not heed that
                                                        wolf, his honey-dripping
                                                     Words, Miss Smith, will break your tender heart.
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   He                                                 Dream a but is life
Says you‘re sweet; he says you‘re pretty, says        Merrily (4x)
   he‘ll never kiss another girl and then he does     Stream the down gently
   and says he‘s true to you — the gay deceiver!      Boat your row, row, row.

Der Hahn ist tot (x2)                                 A dream is spoken, circle unbroken
Der Hahn ist tot (x2)                                 A new way joins with old, safe in the valley‘s fold.
Er kann nicht mehr singen ko-ko-di, ko-ko-do          And ‗neath the rising moon they dance to fiddler‘s
Er kann nicht mehr singen ko-ko-di, ko-ko-do             tune.
Ko-ko-ko-ko, ko-ko-ko-ko, di ko-ko-do                 Our life beat sounds through the mountains.

Did you ever go down a water pipe, way down to        Ego sum pauper
   the bottom of the water system?                    Nihil habeo
There you‘ll find a little alligator; if he answers   Cor meum dabo
   to the name of Alfred, then he‘s
Mine. I lost him. I flushed him down the water        Est ist ein Ros entsprung-
   pipe, and                                          -en aus einer wur-zel
Now I‘m really sorry ‘cause he‘s gone. I miss         Zart, wie uns die Alten sung-
   him.                                               -en, von Jesse kam die Art.
Dona nobis pacem, pacem. Dona nobis pacem                Lo, how a rose e‘er bloom-
Dona nobis pacem (2x)                                    -ing, from tender stem hath
Dona nobis pacem (2x)                                    sprung! Of Jesse‘s lineage com-
                                                         ing, as men of old have sung.
Dona nobis pacem (x2)
Dona nobis pacem (x2)                                 Even the rabbits inhibit their habits when carrots
Dona nobis pacem, pacem. Dona                            are green (2x)
no-o-o-o-o-o-bis pacem                                The chickens get into the to-ma-toes (2x)
                                                      Squish. Squash. Squish. Squash (2x)
Don‘t put your trash in my backyard, my
   backyard, my backyard. Don‘t put your trash        Ev‘ry white will have its black,
   in my backyard, my backyard‘s full!                And ev‘ry sweet its sour.
Fish and chips and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar, Fish    Most cruel thorns will ever lurk
   and chips and vinegar, pepper pepper pepper        Nearest the sweetest flower.
One bottle-a-pop, two bottle-a-pop, three bottle-a-   Father, father, goodbye;
   pop, four bottle-a-pop, five bottle-a-pop, six     Fare thee well, mother.
   bottle-a-pop, seven bottle-a-pop, POP!             I‘m a-leavin‘ you now
                                                      To begin with another.
Doo-be-doo-wah.                                       I‘m a-leavin‘ you now
Doo-be-doo-wah be-doo-be-wop                          To begin with another.
Doo-doo-doo-be-wop, doo-wop-wop
-op! Wop! Doo-wop be-doodilly-op.
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Fie, nay prithee, John, do not quarrel, man;            will find a mill.
    let's be merry and drink a bout!                 See those blades turn round & round & round on
You're a rogue; you cheated me, I'll prove              yonder hill, and round and
    before this company; I caren't a farthing,       Round again, and round again; those blades are
    sir, for all you are so stout.                      turning still!
Sir, you lie, I scorn your word, or any man
    who wears a sword; for all your huff,            Good night, good night, good night, my friends;
    who gives a damn, and who cares for you?            it‘s time for us to part. But through my day in
                                                        work or play I‘ll keep you in my heart.
Fleecy clouds at sunset glow                         Sharing my trials, sharing my joys, though we may
O‘er the hill are bending.                              be so far apart. And if or when, we meet again,
Not a breath above, below;                              your face will warm my heart.
Softly day is ending.
                                                     Grasshoppers three a-fiddling went. Hey! Ho!
Fly, fly away, fly away, fly away. He                   Never be still. They
Offered a kiss; I gave a blush. He                   Had no money; they paid no rent, but all day long
Offered a song, but I bade him hush. He                 with their elbows bent they
Offered a swan, but I took a thrush. Let me          Fiddled a tune called rillaby, rillaby, fiddled a tune
Fly, fly away, fly away, fly away.                      called rillaby rill.

Fly, fly, fly.                                       The great bells of Osney,
( )The leaves are leaving the                        They ring, they jing, they ring, they jing,
Branch, cold are the winds;                          And the tenor of them goes merrily.
Winter is coming.
                                                     Great Tom is cast, and
Four long hours of driving, for                      Christchurch bells ring one, two, three,
One short swim in the ocean. Mi-                        four, five,
-iserere Nobis                                       Six, and Tom comes last.

Gaudeamus, gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie, hodie.        Happy days to all those that we love
Gaudeamus, gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie                Happy days to all those that love us
  gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie.                        Happy days to all those that love them that love
Gaudeamus, gaudeamus hodie.                             those
                                                     That love them that love those that love us!
George Bi-*zet, for Carmen is best known; he
  wrote great music, some of which was not his       Hark, the bonny Christchurch Bells, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  own. This old tune, from medieval France, he          they sound so worldly great, so woundrous
  stole! L’arlesienne now it does enhance.              sweet, and they troll so merrily, merrily.
                                                     Hark, the first and second bell that every day at
Go to Jane Glover and                                   Four and Ten cries ―come, come, come, come,
Tell her I lover her and                                come to Pray‘rs‖ and the Verger troops before
By the light of the moon                                the Dean.
I will come to her.                                  Tingle-tingle-ting goes the small bell at Nine to
                                                        call the bearers home, but there‘s not a soul
Go to the top of the path in the garden; there you      will leave his hole ‗til he hear the mighty Tom.
    Page 6                             The Swarthmore Rounds                   Thu, Nov 24, 2011
                                                 I am an acorn, the packet, the seed.
Hashivenu hashivenu, hashem alecha               God is within me, and God is the tree.
Venashuva venashuva                              I am unfolding the way I should be,
Hadesh hadesh, yamenu k'kedem                    Carved in the palm of his hand. (x2)

Hava nashira, shir halleluia (x3)                I am off down the road where the fairy lanterns
Hear the lively songs of the                     And the pretty flittermice are flying.
Frogs in yonder pond:                            A slender band of grey runs creepily away,
Crick, crick, crickety-crick                     And the hedges and the grasses are sighing.
                                                 I have promises to keep, and
Heave and ho, rumbelow                           Miles to go before I sleep. And
Row the boat, Norman, row;                       Miles to go before I sleep.
Row to thy leman.
                                                 I need a waiter, with some water.
                                                 I need a waiter with some water for my daughter.
―Hey, ho!‖ cried the merry dwarves.
                                                 I need a waiter with some water, with some water,
―It‘s off to the wars we are
                                                     for my daugh-
To strike our foes both blind and dumb!‖
                                                 -ter, so my daughter doesn‘t die of thirst!
Hey ho, nobody home                              I sat next to the duchess at tea
Meat nor drink nor money have I none             It was just as I thought it would be
Yet will I be merry!                             Her rumblings abdominal were simply
Hie we to the other world lads,                  Everyone thought it was me!
Where ‗tis thought they very merry be.
There the Man in the Moon drinks claret, a
Health to you and me.                            I stand a-lone, in dust-swirled ground.
                                                 The drying tinder, beneath my feet.
High tide,                                       The sun burns high on the snow-capped
Full moon,                                           mountains,
Red                                              The branded rock, the dusty trees.
Blood moon.
Dance at the...
                                                 I went to bed with a tune in my head, and I woke
Hineh mah tov umah nayim, shevet ahim gam           up in the middle of the night.
   yahad (2x)                                    To my dolls and my bears harmonizing on the chairs;
                                                    when they sang their song I just had to sing along,
Hineh mah tov, shevet ahim gam yahad (2x)
                                                 For the melody was in a major key, and this is the
Ho,* ho, ho-ta-a-ru koi                             way that it goes.
A-chi no-mi-zu wa ni-gai zo
Ko-chi no-mi-zu wa a-mai zo                      I'll take my fiddle if you'll bring your flute.
Ho, ho, ho-ta-a-ru koi                            Then
                                                 I'll scrape the catgut while you blow toot-toot
                                                 I'll scrape the gut; you blow toot-toot.
    Page 7                                 The Swarthmore Rounds                   Thu, Nov 24, 2011
I‘ve been waiting all the day long to see the stars   Joy in the
   in your eyes. My                                   Gates of
Love, come, dance with me now; see how the            Jeru-
   evening flies. And                                 -salem.
As you sleep my dear, know that I‘ll be near, to      Peace be in
   hold you when you arise.                           Zion.

I‘ve got music in my soul today.                      Jubi-
Makes me feel so good I wanna say                     -late Deo
―Sing and ev‘rythng will be OK.‖                      Jubilate
I Will not plead a kiss;                              Allelu-
I will not seek a smile,                              -ia
( ) For if I
Gain a kiss, you will my heart be-                    Jubilate Deo
-guile. A smile would make me                         Omnes terra
Proud, so proud the while.                            Servite Domino
                                                      In laetitia
If I had a child, I‘d name him Harold, and            Alleluia, alleluia
Harold would be his name—not Fitzgerald—              In laetitia
And this child Harold would carol around              Alleluia, alleluia
And Round and round and round and round.              In laetitia

If the people lived their lives, as                   Keep feet off seats (x2)
If it were a song, for singing out a light...         Spitting prohibited (x2)
Provide some music for the stars to be                Emergency brake valve (x4)
Dancing circles in the night.                         Caution – door closes automatically when train
                                                         starts (x2)
Jack boy, ho boy, news,
News! The cat is in the well.                         Kiwi fruit, it‘s the fruit that is so cute. Kiwi kiwi
Let us ring now for her knell:                            kiwi is the key, kiwi kiwi you and me for kiwi
Ding, dong, ding, dong, bell.                             kiwi kiwi kiwi fruit. It‘s got
                                                      Itsy bitsy seeds on the inside, teensy-weensy hairs
John, come kiss me now,                                   on the outside, oh, how I love my kiwi fruit.
Once again, for my love gentle,                       Kiwi, kiwi, kiwi kiwi-ay. Hey! Oh, you and me
John, come kiss me now.                                   for kiwi fruit.
 [alternate John and Joan]
                                                      Kyrie, kyrie eleison
Joy & temperance & repose!                            Kyrie, kyrie eleison
Slam the door on the doctor's nose.                   Kyrie, kyrie eleison
Slam the door on the doctor's nose. The
Doctor's nose, the doctor's nose, slam,
Slam the door on the doctor's nose!                   Lachend, lachend,
                                                      Lachend, lachend
                                                      Kommt der sommer
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Über das feld                                         Lord, turn not away thy face from him who lies
Über das feld kommt der                                  prostrate,
Sommer, ha, ha, ha,                                   Lamenting sore his sinful life before thy mercy‘s
Lachend über das                                         gate,
Feld                                                  Which gate thou open wide to those that do lament
                                                         their sin.
The lark in the morn does arise from her nest, and    Shut not that gate against me Lord, but let me
   flies through the air with the dew on her             enter in.
And like a young plow boy she‘ll whistle and          The love your deepest heart desires
   sing, and at night she‘ll return to her own nest   Is offered with ev‘ry breath you take.
   again.                                             The rose whose scent you seek
                                                      is blooming at your very feet.
A lazy vicar, born in Bray.
Allowed his roses to decay;                           Make a joyful noise unto the Earth
His wife, more alert, bought a powerful squirt,       Make a joyful noise.
and said ―let us spray.‖                              Let our voices rise up to the sky
                                                      Make a joyful noise unto the Earth
The leaves turn gold in the fall.
Turn red, turn old in the fall.                       Margery,
Fall down, turn brown, grumble and crumble,           Serve well the black sow
Under my feet in the fall.                            All on a misty
Let us have songs to fill our mouths as full          Come to thy dinner, sow;
   as the                                             Come, come come, or
Sea. Let us have songs to fill our hearts             Else thou shalt have
   as full                                            Never a crumb.
As the sea. Full as the sea.
                                                      Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
List to the bells, list to the bells                  Bless the bed that I lie on.
Rhyming and chiming their melody swells               Four angels round my bed.
O, the beautiful rhyming of bells,                    Two of them stand at my head.
bells, bells, beautiful bells.                        Two of them stand at my feet.
                                                      All will watch me while I sleep;
Little Jack Horner sat in a corner, eating his        While I sleep.
    Christmas pie. He
Stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum and          Matthew, Mark, Luke and John went to bed with
    said, ―yum, yum, yum,                                their britches on. John got up in the middle of
Yum. What a good boy, what a good boy, what a            the night and said his britches were too tight
    good boy am I!‖                                   Matthew, Mark, Luke and John went to bed with
                                                         their britches on. John
Lord, bring our lost and lonely home again as you     Got up in the middle, in the middle of the night
   bring                                                 and said his britches, said his britches were too
Forth the Spring from Winter‘s stony hand.               tight. John got up in the middle, in the middle
Amen, amen, amen.                                        of the night and said his britches were too tight.
    Page 9                              The Swarthmore Rounds                       Thu, Nov 24, 2011
                                                      Flashing with silver
May I be an * instrument of peace. May I be an        Follow the wild goose flight
  instrument of peace.                                Dip, dip, and swing
                                                      Dip, dip, and swing her back
May lamb and lion lie down together,                  Flashing with silver
Joy and wonder never cease,                           Follow the wild goose track
Halleluia, halleluia,                                 Dip, dip, and swing.
Grant us peace.
   [parody]                                           Nanosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Sinraptor, Ozraptor,
   May lime and lemon go well together,                  Diplotomodon
   Coke and Pepsi never stop                          Talarurus, Sinocoelurus, Afrovenator, Troodon.
   Mr. Pibb and Dr Pepper                             Jubbulpuria, Augustia, dinosaurs died but their
   Grant us pop.                                         names do go on.

Moon, moon,                                           Nero's expedition up the Nile
Rolling moon;                                         Failed, because the water hya-
Round is the                                          -cinths had clogged the river,
Moon.                                                 Denying Nero's vessels
                                                      Passage through the sudd of Nu-
The morns are meeker than they were;                  -bia.
The nuts are getting brown.
The berry‘s cheek is plumper;                         Nicaragua vencio; El Salvador vencerá. (2x)
The rose is out of town, out of town.                 Sera libre; sera,sera libre. (2x)
                                                      Con el apoyo de todo el pueblo. (2x)
Mother morning, I must leave you;
I must go to carry the light.                         Night has come, my wee one; the dark wraps
Mother ev‘ning, I will return to you;                     around us. Night is here, my wee one; the stars
Safely held in the arms of night                          gather round.
                                                      If you listen, quiet and still, you will hear the stars
My bed is too small for my tiredness,                     whisper your name.
Give me a hilltop with trees.                         Through the dark silence, they dance above you,
Tuck a cloud up under my chin.                            and all through the night they will sing their
                                                          loving secret song.
Lord, blow the moon out, please.
                                                      No loaf, no jug, no thou, no way, nothin‘ doin‘.
My friend Sharon saved an armadillo from a
   crocodile one day.
My friend Sharon saved an armadillo from a            Poor me; I‘m feelin‘ sorry for myself. Pour me
                                                         another bottle of that stuff.
   crocodile one day. It was
                                                      Mope around or turn around, it‘s all up to you.
Out in Amarillo where this vile child had an
   armadillo by the tail, and he would have sent it      Mope around or turn around, it‘s easy to do.
   sailing to some
                                                      Now I walk in beauty;
Smiling crocodile, only Sharon hollered ―Stop,
                                                      Beauty is before me;
   you rotten kid!‖, and he did.
                                                      Beauty is behind me, a-
                                                      -bove and below me.
My paddle's keen and bright
    Page 10                               The Swarthmore Rounds                      Thu, Nov 24, 2011
                                                        O my love,
Now is the longest night of                             Lov'st thou me? Then
Winter, when all the world a-                           Quickly come and save him, that
waits the sun‘s return.                                 Dies for thee.
Sing farewell to all we knew,
Ring out the old! Bring in the new!                     O, the time, time, time goes on. O, the time, time,
                                                            time. Let it ring.
O * bruit doux de la pluie par terre et sur les toits   ( ) Chime, chime, chime. Let it ring. Chime,
   pour un coeur qui s‘ennuie. O, le chant de la            chime, chime.
   pluie. (4 voices)                                    Time goes on (x2)

O, if I had wings just like Noah‘s dove                 O, the wind, it is a song that harbors through
( ) I would fly away to the one I love.                     the winter.
( ) I would fly away to the one I love.                 O, the sail, it is a door that bids the song to
                                                            enter. Then
                                                        Let us sail the sea, good friend, and let us sing
O joy upon this earth to live and see the day               together. The
   when                                                 Singer lasts a season long, while the song, it
Rockefeller senior shall up to me and say                   lasts forever.
Brother [comrade] can you spare a dime? O
                                                        O, who is so merry, hey ho, hey ho
O, merry, merry gathering folk,                         As the light-hearted fairy, hey ho, hey ho.
Lift the plough, and                                    She dances and sings to the sound of her wings
Sow the seed in the dark rich Earth                     With a hey and a heigh and a ho.
Spring is now.
Let the sun shine up-                                   Oak and ash and
on the Earth, and                                       Thorn
Let us praise the work of                               All on a midsummer‘s
Giving birth. O,                                        Morn
                                                        Surely we sing of
O Mister Miller, what a swing that you bring to         No little thing in
   the band.... with your                               Oak and ash and
Saxophone, and your trombone, ring-a-ding               Thorn.
   through the land!
Ba-ba-da-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-badabadaba-dabadaba-da- Oaken leaves, in the merry woods so wild,
   da-Da.                                           when will you grow green, oh?
                                                 Fairest maid, and thou be with child, lullaby
O my friends, the night is long; one more dance,    may'st thou sing, ah.
   one more song!                                Lulla, lullaby, lulla, lulla, lullaby, lullaby
There‘s still time before we part for one toast,    may'st thou sing, ah.
   from the heart:
Here‘s to life and may it bring friends to dance Of all the falling leaves of
   with, songs to sing!                          Fall, the leaves that fall from
                                                 Maple trees fall
                                                 best, I feel.
    Page 11                             The Swarthmore Rounds                      Thu, Nov 24, 2011
                                                     Rain on the tree.
On a grey and misty morning                          Rain on the housetops, but
I looked out upon the sea                            Not on me.
Sea birds cried; soft breezes sighed
As you sailed away.                                  Reaching and winding the
                                                     Trumpet vine grows;
Only in silence the word, only in                    Hummingbird hovers and
Dark the light,                                      Sips ambrosia,
Only in dying life: bright the hawk‘s                Feathers and flowers
Flight on the empty sky.                             Glowing,
                                                     Trumpets and breezes
Orleans, Beaujency,                                  Blowing.
Notre Dame de Cléry, Ven-
-dome, Vendome                                       Rejoice, rejoice!
                                                     Turn, turn, each part a voice
Ostende nobis Domine,                                While with the heartstrings we all rejoice.
Misericordiam tuam.
Amen, amen                                           Los relojes grandes dicen tik-tak, tik-tak
Maranatha, maranatha                                 Los relojes chicos dicen tik-tak, tik-tak, tik-tak,
Passengers will please refrain from                  Los relojes del bolsillo tikataka-tikataka-tikataka-
Flushing the toilets while the                          tik!
Train is standing in the
                                                     Rise up, oh * flame, by thy light glowing show to
Station. I love you!
                                                        us beauty, vision and joy.
Pride of trees, swiftness of streams
                                                     The road is calling as leaves are falling;
Magic of frost have shaped their dreams.
                                                     It‘s back to home; my travels are now done.
No baser vision their spirit fills, who
                                                     So I‘ll sit by the fireside and drink a toast to all of
Walk by night on the naked hills
                                                     Farewell, I must be gone.
Quand la nuit se pose se pose se pose, quand
    toutes les choses reposent sans bruit.
                                                     A rose that here all mortal eyes behold
Quand les paupieres se closent, se closent, se
                                                     Through all eternity in God is old.
    closent comme une rose qui se replie.
                                                     It flowers with no reason but to flower,
J‘aime ce moment. J‘aime ce moment, quand l‘on
                                                     And needs no idle eye to tell its power.
    dit doucement, ―bonne nuit, bonne, bonne nuit,
    bonne nuit.‖
                                                     Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose
                                                     Shall I ever see thee wed?
Rain falls down on the streets where the cars
                                                     I will marry at thy will, sire,
                                                     At thy will.
Rain falls pitter-pat on my head
                                                         Ah poor bird
Rain makes the grass grow
                                                         Who art thou
Rain makes the whole world wet.
                                                         Sleeping in the shadows at
                                                         This dark hour?
Rain on the green grass.
                                                     I won’t be my father‘s Jack
    Page 12                             The Swarthmore Rounds                   Thu, Nov 24, 2011
I won’t be my mother‘s Jill                        Shangee Mama (x8)
But I will lead a fiddler‘s life                   Ee susie-ka ee ya ee termina (x2)
And fiddle when I will                             Ya too yavona ee yavona termina susie-ka (x2)
                                                   Sing a sing of popcorn when the snowstorms rage,
   Dear friends, dear friends,
                                                   Fifty little brown men put into a cage.
   Shall I tell you how I feel?
                                                   Shake them ‗til the laugh, and crowding to the top,
   You have given me such pleasure,
                                                   Watch them burst their coats, pop! pop! pop!
   I love you so.
Peace, peace, peace, peace,
                                                   Sing, oh you falling rain, dance, oh snow;
Wars have been and wars must cease
                                                   Swell, you river, river, river;
We must learn to live together,
                                                   Blow wind blow.
Peace, peace, peace.
                                                   Singt dem herrn.
Round and round the Earth is turning.
                                                   Singet ihm und jubilieret.
Turning always round to morning,
                                                   Alle sammt
And from morning round to night.
                                                   In dieser Morgen stunde.
                                                   Commt herein und danket
Round and round we dance. We hold each other‘s
   hands and
Weave ourselves in a circle. Our
                                                   Smetana, Dvorak and Janacek
Time is done; the dance goes on.
                                                   Are the most famous composers of
                                                      Czechoslovakia. They
Samba chill, samba brazil (x4)
                                                   Often wrote tunes in this curious rhythm.
Rio de Janero, dancing all the night. Rio de
   Janero, black as well as white. Samba do
                                                   The snow falls lightly. Lashes sparkling with
   Brazil, samba do Brazil.
                                                      silver. Our voices lift into the air on clouds of
Samba do Brazil samba. (x4)
                                                      light. We sing a song of cheer with all who
                                                      gather here on this the shortest day, the longest
Sev‘n great towns of Greece, ‗tis said,
Claimed Homer‘s birth when he was dead
                                                   We sing of spirit, sing of hope. We call each one
Through which, in life, he begged his bread.
                                                      to shine. We bind, by ribbon bell and song our
                                                      people to an older time.
Shadow striking on the wall, see the candle drip
                                                   Peace like a river to all lands will flow. We sing,
   and fall.
                                                      gloria in excelsis, Peace on Earth below.
Shadow dancing in the night, faded colors run in
                                                   Soft autumn breeze slowly winds through the night
Shadow slip into the gloom, trickling light come
                                                      as the moon in the hills starts to rise into sight
   fill the room.
                                                   All around is the quiet sound of the crickets and
                                                      owls saying, ―hush, all is right‖
Shalom, chaverim, shalom, chaverim
                                                   Oo--oo, Oo--oo, now let your dreams hold you
Shalom, shalom
L‘hitraot, l‘hitraot
Shalom, shalom
    Page 13                            The Swarthmore Rounds                    Thu, Nov 24, 2011
A southerly wind and a cloudy sky proclaim it a         name,
    hunting morning.                               And departed a long time before us.
To horse my brave boys and away; bright Phoebus
    the hill is adorning.                          There was an invisible fox, by chance
Hark! Hark! Forward! Tantara, tantara, tantara.    Did meet with two visible, visible geese.
                                                   He taught them a fine invisible dance
                                                   For a hundred hundred crowns apiece.
Spreading my long-winged feathers as I fly
Spreading my long-winged feathers as I fly         There was an old man, an old man who said,
I circle around (2x)                                    ―How
The bound'ries of the earth,                       Shall I soften the heart of this terrible cow?
The bound'ries of the sky.                         If I sit by the stile and continue to smile
                                                   Will I soften the heart, the heart of this cow?‖
Such a long way from ho-
-o-o-o-o-o-ome, love-
-ly on the wind                                    There‘s a submachine gun in my violin case
And water.                                         And a pistol in my shoe;
                                                   There‘s a Bank of America on my block,
The sun descending in the west,                    I‘ll meet you there at two!
the evening star does shine.
The birds are silent in their nest                 They for sudden joy did weep, and I for sorrow
And I must seek for mine.                               sung
                                                   That such a king should play Bo-Peep, and go the
Sure as the wind,                                       fools among. La la
My sisters and                                     La, la la, la la, la la la, la la la la la la la.
Sure as the rai---
---n                                               This old Freedom Train is such a
Sure as the sun                                    Long time in a-comin‘, and no-
Does shine we will raise                           -body can afford it, so you
Our song agai---                                   Better climb aboard it. Gimme that
---n                                               ( ) Freedom, gimme that
Sweet the evening *air of May, soft my cheek       ( ) Freedom, gimme that
    caressing; sweet the unseen lilac spray, with  Freedom, freedom, freedom (ch-ch)
    its scented blessing. White and ghostly in the
    gloom, shine the apple trees in bloom (apple   This pretty planet, spinning through space, you‘re
    trees in bloom).                                    a garden, you‘re a harbor, you‘re a holy place.
                                                   Golden sun going down, gentle blue giant, spin us
Tender shepherd, tender shepherd,                       around.
Let me help you count your sheep.                  All though the night, safe ‗til the morning light.
One in the garden, two in the meadow,
Three in the nursery, fast asleep.
                                                   Those who will an alehouse keep must have three
There once was an ichthyosaurus                         things in store: a
Who lived when the Earth was quite porous.         Chamber and a featherbed, a chimney and a hey
But he fainted with shame when he first heard his       nonny nonny,
    Page 14                            The Swarthmore Rounds                  Thu, Nov 24, 2011
Hey nonny nonny, hey nonny no, hey nonny no,        All that dies shall be reborn
  he-ey nonny no!                                   Seed and grain (2x)
                                                    All that falls shall rise again.
Though my soul may set in darkness,
It will rise in perfect light.                   We wish you a happy birthday
( ) I have loved the stars too                   A joyous and celebrated birthday
Fondly to be fearful of the                      For you, dear [name]
Night, fearful of the night.                     We wish you a long, long life.

To stop the train, in cases of emergency,        Well rung, Tom boy; well rung Tom
Pull on the cord, Pull on the cord!              Well sung, cuckoo, well rung Tom. The
Penalty for improper use: five pounds!           Owl and the cuckoo, the fool and the song
                                                 Well sung, cuckoo; well rung, Tom.
Turpitude, moral turpitude!
Depravity, depravity! Inherent                   What a queer bird the frog are! When he
Baseness, inherent baseness!                     Sit he stand, almost; when he walk he fly, almost;
                                                     when he
Ubi caritas                                      Sing he cry, almost, and he ain't got no sense,
Et amor                                              hardly;
Ubi Caritas                                      Ain't got no tail, hardly, either! He sit on
Deus ibi est                                         what he ain't got hardly...

Under the full moon-                             When I‘m under pressure I get speedy and tense
-light we dance, spirits                             up and then ironically I don‘t get as much done
Dance we dance, joining                              as I could if I would slow
Hands we dance, joining                          Down, breathe deep, stay centered and calm. I
Souls rejoice!                                   Try, but I can‘t; I‘m thinking of adding a
                                                     relaxation class into my schedule, so
Vivaldi was the quickest of men;                 I can be more steady even though I‘m adding
Music flowed from his vi-----                        more, ‗cause
---igorous pen. He wrote scores by the ton,      When Jesus wept, a falling tear
Though some say it‘s just                        In mercy flowed beyond all bound.
One written over and over again!                 When Jesus groaned, a trembling fear
                                                 Seized all the guilty world around.
Warm hands, warm. The
Men have gone to plow.                           When stark winter‘s darkest dark is,
If you want to warm your hands,                  Bless us each in boots and parkas.
Warm your hands now.                             Teach us creatures where some spark is,
                                                 Which, by it, to park our carcass.
We all come from the mother Earth
And to her we shall return, like a               When the winter comes, we gather to dance and
Drop of rain                                         sing together. When the winter comes, we
Falling to the ocean.                                gather to dance our cares away.
                                                 ( ) Everybody clap hands, everybody sing now.
   Hoof and horn (2x)                                Sing a song of gladness, sing a song of joy.
    Page 15                              The Swarthmore Rounds                     Thu, Nov 24, 2011
Winter, cold winter, blows hard against the           Twice as much as thine!
  windowpane. Dance round the fire till
  springtime comes again.                             Wind spi- *rit sing above, earth spirit deep below,
                                                        water dancing with the moon, fire within me!
When will this hike be over? I am so tired of
    marching, of marching. I am so very tired.        Winter calls a clear horizon
I have lost my best companion, my pipe, my pal,       Like the sea calls to the port
    my friend on the hike, friend on the hike, my     Like the sky calls to the desert
    pretty little meerschaum pipe.                    Like the love calls to the heart.
I have found my best companion, my pipe, my
    pal, my friend on the hike, friend on the hike,   Winter is icumen in; lhude sing Goddam!
    my pretty little meerschaum pipe.                 Raineth slop and never stop and how the wind
                                                         doth ram.
Where is the moon when the moon is new? It‘s a        I must escape the snow; off to Aruba I go!
 sliver on the right, growing bigger every night.
Where is the moon when the moon is round?             Wipe the dishes. Dry the dishes.
 Rising as the sun is going down.                     Ring the bell for tea, oh
Where is the moon when the moon is waning?            Three good wishes, three good kisses
 Sliver on the left, ‗til there‘s no moon             I will give to thee, oh.
                                                      With beating wings and crying,
White coral bells, upon a slender stalk               I heard the wild geese flying,
Lilies of the valley line my garden walk.             And dreams in my heart sighing
Oh, don't you wish that you could hear them           Followed their northward flight.
That will only happen when the fairies sing.          Yemaya-o, ago akoyo Yemaya
                                                      Yemaya-o, ago akoyo Yemaya
White sands & gray sands,
Who'll buy my gray sands?                             Yonder come day; day is a breakin‘. Yonder come
Who'll buy my white sands?                               day, oh my soul. Yonder come day; day is a
                                                         breakin‘, sun is a risin‘, in my soul.
Why can‘t we all live in peace together?              Sun rise, sun rise oh yonder. Sun rise, sun is a
Why can‘t we all live in harmony?                        risin‘, in my soul.
Peace flowing on majestic as the river.               Yonder (x6). Sun is a risin‘, in my soul.
Why can‘t we all live in peace?
Why can‘t we all live in peace?                       You have your water and your grain.
                                                      You have your fields all full of grass.
                                                      You have horizons far and wide.
Why is the Fourth of July?                            Flutter along, my little birds.
Jay is the first, and You is the second and
Ell is the third and so therefore                     You kick, and then you glide. You kick, kick, and
                                                          then you glide.
Why shouldn't my goose                                It‘s all in the rhythm (3x) of the heart.
Sing as well as thy goose?                            Keep breathing; it‘s the most important part (2x)
When I paid for my goose
   Page 16                           The Swarthmore Rounds   Thu, Nov 24, 2011

Young rider, apple-cheeked one, *come whither
  riding? **On your steed so proud and
  prancing, come whither riding? No matter
  where I ride,Slavic mountains at my side, to
  Shemora, to Shemora.
    Page 17                               The Swarthmore Rounds                    Thu, Nov 24, 2011
Retired rounds (oversung, don‘t know well           Sweetly sings the donkey, at the break of day.
   enough to teach, just not worth it, etc)         If you do not feed him, this is what he'll say:
                                                    hee haw, hee haw, hee haw, hee haw, hee haw!

Alleluia, amen (x3)                                 There once was a man from Calcu-u-u-u-ta,
                                                       who had a most terrible stutter.
Apple maggot                                        He said, "P-p-p-please pass
Quarantine area —                                      the Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cheese,
Do Not Transport                                    And the b-b-b--b-b-b-b--b-b--b-b--b-b-b-b-b-
Home-grown Fruit!                                      butter!"

―Gee, Darling, is that Darjeeling?‖ in-             Waiting for the answer to my question, waiting for
-fused Earl                                            the time when doubt is gone. Wonder what will
Grey, teasingly.                                       happen come tomorrow, waiting in the
                                                       darkness for the dawn.
Liszt and Brahms wrote music in the Gypsy vein      Better not to move with no direction, better to be
Many think that this is true Hungarian                 still till sight is clear. Everything before led to
If the Magyar style you truly wish to know,            this moment. Ready to decide, the time is near.
To the tunes of Bartok and Kodaly you must go.
                                                    What a goodly thing
My dame has a lame tame crane                       If the children of the world
My dame has a crane that is lame                    Could dwell together
Oh, gentle Jane, does your dame's lame tame         In peace.
Drink, and come home again?                         When the spirit of the Lord moves on my
People who live, people who live,                   I will pray as David prayed
People who live in glass houses                     When the spirit of the lord moves on my
People living in glass houses should not throw,          heart,
   should not throw,                                I will pray as David prayed
People living in glass houses should not, should    I will pray, I will pray,
   not throw                                        I will pray as David prayed (2x)
Stones.                                              2. ...sing as David sang...
                                                     3. ...dance as David danced....
Pink pants on the line, I‘m so glad they aren‘t
   mine but                                         Whose pigs be *these? Whose pigs be these? They
Mary‘s, but Mary‘s panties that she got on Easter     be Tom Watts‘, I can tell ‗em by their spots,
Sunday; don‘t you like them? Pink pants, pink         and I found them in the vicarage garden.

Some trust all; some trust some,
Ho! Some trust one;
( ) I trust none, ho!
( ) Not even myself.

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