Recess observation by liwenting


									PHED 4650 Recess Observation Report


1. Where was recess held? Recess was outside on a slab of concrete with a couple of basketball goals.

2. How long was the recess period and what time of day? Recess was twenty minutes, and was held an hour before
they went home.

3. How many classes were in the recess area at the same time? Just one class

4. What organized games or activities were the students involved with? Some of the kids tossed the football, some
played basketball, soccer, and others played tag.

5. Were the majority of the students being physically active? Briefly explain. Yes the students did not stop running or
playing the entire time they were outside.

6. What problem behaviors did you observe and how were they dealt with? Sharing(who had what first)- The teacher
had them either play together or have them take turns using different toys if the two students could not get along.

7. Did you observe students working out differences independently? If yes, explain what you observed. Yes, one child
had a basketball and was practicing his shots. Another student wanted to play but he did not have a ball so instead of
taking turns just shooting it, they decided to practice passing with the basketball.

8. What equipment was available for students? Football, basketball, soccer ball, kick ball, and one jump rope.

9. What was the level of teacher involvement? She watched and regulated the students to make sure they were not
doing anything they weren’t supposed to be doing.

10. Describe any safety issues or concerns. The recess area was close to the street and the area was mainly concrete
with loose gravel around for the students to fall on. Also there was a dumpster in the middle of the play area.

Briefly reflect on your reaction to the recess experience commenting on changes or ideas you might have to make the
experience even more positive. The children absolutely love recess. I love recess, I had a ton of fun and really enjoyed
playing with the students. There is a real playground area with equipment, but I do not know how often the
Kindergarten children get to play on it. The only thing I would change is the area of where the students play. I would
only allow for kids to play on the concrete if they are shooting at the basket or if they had the jump rope. I would
make all other activities to be played on the grassy area so the students don’t fall and scrape body parts on the

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