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									Software Overview
  the               that
The Laurus Movement
         “Cutting edge technology that encompasses Laurus Office is the foundation of the movement that we
                                                            are creating with the Laurus attorney network”
                                                                                                 - Marc Dann
                                 The Laurus Mission

                             “Providing professional
Laurus is derived from the   education and the
Latin word meaning:          proper tools to ensure a
                             quality experience.”

                                          THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                                                              About Us

                  Our Principals know the Real Estate Business.
They have acquired and developed over 2,100 residential lots and consulted on the
  development of over 5,000 lots and closed over 3,000 short sale transactions.

                                                                       THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
“Laurus isn’t just software…Laurus is a Movement”

     Born out of a need for a better solution in an ever-changing market

        Education from top experts in the Industry

        The latest in technology and transactional analytics

     Ethics . . . Passion . . . Commitment . . . A Belief in Success

                                                                THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
“Laurus isn’t just Software…Laurus is a Movement”

                                     THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                Laurus Movement
                 Providing Services The Right Way

Business Model Cornerstones

             7                      THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                    Laurus Movement

“Not working harder…

        …but working smarter”

                      - Rabbi Bob

                  8                     THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                                Laurus Office: Tracey Baron
                   The Experts behind the Laurus Office’s Real Estate Engine

Created Laurus Office to handle the
day to day operations of negotiating
short sales . . . .

      Turning Leaf Advisors
      Turning Leaf Advisors California
      Co-Founder Short Sale Builder
      Laurus is going to be around, long
      past short sales . . . .

                “If you build it, people will come . . .” The beginning of the Laurus Movement

                                                        9                                        THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                                      Laurus Title Group:
               The Experts behind the Laurus Office’s Real Estate Engine

70 years of collective experience in
Title, Mortgage, Escrow & Real Estate.
Thousands of transactions!

      Residential purchase
      Refinance closings
      Major commercial
      Industrial transactions
      Processing and Negotiations

              Laurus Title Group LLC is independently owned and operated from, and is not affiliated with, Laurus Office LLC.

                                                                   10                                                           THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                 Laurus Title Group:
Integrated Turnkey Solution to Closing Transactions

           Back office support providing
           Transactional Analytics and Management

                Transactional Analytics
                Legal & Title
                Processing and Negotiations

           “I have listened to Bob and it is apparent that he is knowledgeable
           and knows what he is doing. I have invested money with various
           gurus and at the end of the day my questions are not answered and
           I have no deals closed. Thank You So Very Much For Laurus!”

                                                 S. Alford, Seminar Attendee

                11                                        THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
 Laurus Office Professional Overview

12                     THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
The Need for the Laurus Solution
                             “Now, after being cajoled into another online system, I am very pleased to
                         discover that Laurus Office is the best thing to ever happen to seller-side short
                                                                                        sale processing.”
                                                            – Stephen Medford – Real Estate Mitigation Professionals, LLC
                                                                            From Chaos to Clarity

Ever lost an important email for your transaction?

       Have many times have you lost a short sale because the bank had a high BPO? (Broker Price Opinion)

        Have you ever lost a transaction that you had approval but couldn’t get it closed?

             How much time have you spent searching for escalation contacts within a lender?

                            How many times have you lost a buyer because he walked at the last minute?

                                                                                             THE NEED

                                   A Different Mindset

“If you keep on doing what you’ve always done;
you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

                                    “Rabbi Bob”

                                            THE NEED
Introducing Laurus Office

Dashboard Picture

                    Laurus Office is a multi-user program that provides you
                    with the essentials you need to succeed in your
                    business. Marketing, Valuations and Processing all in
                    one powerful web-based application.

                    It is a complete turn-key solution!

                                                     THE NEED
                                            Software Highlights

           Enterprise Solution
Manage Files In One, Easy-to-use Platform
 Evolved From Thousands of Users Input
           Property Analytics
      Turn-Key Marketing Platform
                                                   THE NEED
                                    Laurus Office: Key Joint Venture Partners

President, Pro Link Solutions    Business Development       Director of Education
  Board Member National            Laurus Advantage        Laurus Title Group, LLC
 Association of Appraisers      Property Syndication and       Escrow and Title
     Laurus Valuations                 Marketing
                                                           Transactional Analytics

                                                                      THE NEED
Features & Benefits

                      “I have been involved with hundreds of successful short sales over the last 10 years
                         and this software is amazing! There is not a better system on the market today.
                                                                              - Iean Finley, Real Estate Broker, Illinois
                   We Understand Your Issues

We’ve taken the issues and solved them:

      Laurus Office: MVP Movement

      21                              THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
                                        Laurus Office: The MVP of Your Team

 Marketing & Syndication            PVR Builder                    Email & Fax
Lead Generation and Build   Collateral Valuation Report         Contact Manager
       Buyers List                     (CVR)                    Package Building
                                 LPS & CoreLogic          Negotiation Screen & more . . .

                                        22                               FEATURES & BENEFITS
 Marketing & Syndication            PVR Builder                    Email & Fax
Lead Generation and Build   Collateral Valuation Report         Contact Manager
       Buyers List                     (CVR)                    Package Building
                                 LPS & CoreLogic          Negotiation Screen & more . . .

                                        23                               FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                   Integration With the Top Real Estate Sites

                 Easy-to-Post SEO real estate ads for maximum
                 visibility on major sites & classifieds

Powerful , feature-rich Real Estate
website and internet marketing
The ability to Manage and Market
properties with just a few clicks
Easy to update across all sites
Property Specific Landing Pages with
SEO for every classified post.

                                        24                      FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                                                        Capture Leads

                                             Once your ads are posted, just sit back and
                                             watch the leads come in!
Lead Management Tools:

 Easily collect contact information
 Track Lead Sources
 Customized Auto Responders
 Export Lead Data to your CRM
 Advanced Call Tracking which records
 and saves every call as a lead.

                                        25                                 FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                               Customizable SEO Website

       Your Company…              Your Name…          Your Brand…
 Showcase your services and
 properties on your own
 customizable SEO website
 Customers can search
 through all available listings
 on your customized website.
 Collect leads with one of the
 many integrated lead forms.
 Auto Responders

                                     26                     FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                         Social Media Integration: Fast, Fun, and Easy

Let your properties be the talk of the town

    Connect with Facebook and Twitter
    Manage your Online Reputation
    Gain Loyal Customers
    Receive Customer Feedback
    Extend your marketing reach
    Custom Ad Generator
    Showcase listings on your
    Facebook fan page

                                                 27                      FEATURES & BENEFITS
       Actual Craigslist Posting Statistics

                                 (averages taken across 20,000 CL posts)

An average agent (with 15 properties) who posted
each of their properties 1 TIME could expect:
 –     52.5 Phone Calls
 –     1,665 Property Specific Page Views
 –     24 Internet E-Leads
 –     832.5 Unique Web Site Visits

  28                                      FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                             DATA EXPORTS simplified

                                   Claim Properties on Zillow with 1 Click
                                   Send your inventory to multiple sites
                                   Add properties on the fly
                                   Automatically export your properties to
                                   Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, CNN
                                   and over 150 additional classified sites
                                   Get your properties posted FAST –even
                                   before they get to the MLS

“Laurus Advantage is fast, easy to understand. Within a day after posting, I received phone
calls and leads appeared. I tried quite a few other systems with little or no results. The proof
is in the pudding… This is the real deal. Excellent job Laurus!”

                                                    Blake Cory, CEO CB International Realty

                         29                                          FEATURES & BENEFITS
The Future of Laurus Advantage is Here!

        Easily Modify, Add & Delete Listings
        Intelligent Glance of Active Inventory
        System Reminders and Notifications
        Multiple Template Selections
        Integrated Customer Support
        New and Improved Reporting
        Property Voicemail Forwarded to You
        Take Your Practice to New Heights

  30                             FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                                                                                           Words of Praise!

“I find Laurus Advantage extremely user friendly. I can’t believe
there’s software that lets me manage my website and all of my            “If there are any agents skeptical about using craigslist, have
                                                                         them call me. We sold our first home is less than 45 days and
online classified ads in one place. Laurus Advantage is a
                                                                         are averaging over 10 calls/day!”
must-have tool for any real estate professional!”
                                                                         Jonathan Clement | Agent, Keller Williams
Jack Smith | Owner, Smith Realty Group

                                                                         “I am an investment broker and have used many tools in my
                                                                         business. Laurus Advantage has not only saved me time but
“30 phone calls a day. What else will do that for you?”
                                                                         has produced three times the number of leads than any other
                                                                         method. I highly recommend Laurus Advantage.”
Chris Price | Owner, iProperty Marketing
                                                                         Alex Morris | Owner, Home Buy Site

“Laurus Advantage has proven to be the best product we
have ever used to generate quality leads. My only regret                 “So easy even I can do it! Thank you Laurus Advantage .
                                                                         I LOVE your software!
was not getting it sooner.”
                                                                         Laurie Hazlet | Sun Realty
Scott Scerbo | Home

                                                                    31                                               FEATURES & BENEFITS
 Marketing & Syndication               PVR Builder                       Email & Fax
Lead Generation and Build   Collateral Valuation Report (CVR)         Contact Manager
       Buyers List                  LPS & CoreLogic                   Package Building
                                                                Negotiation Screen & more . . .

                                           32                                  FEATURES & BENEFITS
PVR Builder: Revolutionary Research Tool to
       Provide Credible Property Valuations

                     NEW BETA RELEASE
     Laurus Valuations is able to provide a proven
     justification package that is compiled with other
     required documents, (whether Short Sale or REO)
     to submit to the lender and to provide to the BPO
     agent at the property. This is a revolutionary tool
     providing credible research to support property

             This was just released, and will be free until August 1, 2011.
             $20.00 a month after August.
             Designed for determining property valuations
             Create Professional Quality Valuation Packages
             Use to Determine Offer Amounts
             Hand to BPO Agent & Use for Escalation Purposes
             Shorten Negotiation Timeframes

       33                                              FEATURES & BENEFITS
Laurus Property Valuation Report (PVR)

        Data transferred from properties in Laurus.
        Quickly upload the documents already in Laurus.
        Separates the valuation documents from the other
        short sale documents, to clearly deliver the real

  34                                 FEATURES & BENEFITS
PVR Builder: Laurus Property Valuation Report

              Package Appraisals, BPOs & CMAs in one report!
              –   Cover Letter Summary
              –   MLS Listing History and Contract
              –   Repair Estimates / Inspection Reports
              –   Hardship Letter and LPS and CoreLogic AVMs

         35                                         FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                                           PVR Builder: A Revolutionary Research Tool to
                                                                    Provide Credible Property Valuations

         Available as a stand alone product soon at

                                                                                 Create different templates for various situations
A very professional valuation package – I create one for every single            PVR sent directly to the Appraiser or BPO Agent
bank BPO. Negotiating with comps does not work in today’s market.                Appraiser or BPO Agent send valuation back to Laurus
Valuation is the KEY to my success!                                              to upload into the PVR
                    ~ Greg Dorros, Owner, Broker, NW Negotiation Services        Submit to the lender or the investor (escalation)
                                                                                 Provide to the BPO agent at the property

                                                                            36                                  FEATURES & BENEFITS
 Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) – the real
substance of the PVR Builder – the Appraisal
     “I sat through the conference call on Comp Cruncher
     and looked at the CVR Report ...
     and, WOW!!!!!


     Gretta Alvarez
     Short Sale Services”

                        Appraisal Sentry™ is a web service developed by Appraisal
                        World™ that authenticates the identity of the appraiser. This
                        unique service satisfies the ever-increasing major security
                        needs of the real estate lending industry.
                        To earn a green Sentry "Authentication" shield in the Appraisal
                        World Directory, the appraiser must complete a rigorous three-
                        step authentication process with EVS, a third-party company
                        that is in the business of identifying individuals.

         37                                               FEATURES & BENEFITS
Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) – the real
               substance of the PVR Builder

   Collateral Valuation Report: Better than a BPO!
   What is a CVR? CVR stands for Collateral Valuation Report. A Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) is an
   innovative, USPAP-compliant valuation product that is completed by a licensed and certified appraiser
   who has local market knowledge and training sufficient to drive the powerful analytics that power the
   Comp Cruncher product. A CVR is a best-of-class valuation solution for lenders who need supportable
   values, efficient turn-around, and cost-conscious pricing.

   What are the key elements a lender should know about the CVR report?
   • Replace AVMs, BPOs and Review with CVR; perfect for portfolio analysis
   • Multi-city testing confirms that CVR values come within 2-8% of standard URAR value
   • Complex market and regression analysis creates mathematically supportable values
   • Only a licensed and certified appraiser is allowed to create CVR reports

   Benefits to the Lender Community

   What makes the CVR superior to other reports? Quite simply, it is a better report in every way. A CVR is
   built on the most robust data, including public record, MLS, sales, listings, flood maps, location maps,
   aerial imagery, market statistics, graphs, charts and appraiser-driven regression modeling at the
   neighborhood level. No other report delivers all of the features of a CVR.
   Is the CVR appropriate for review work? Yes. Comp Cruncher is perfectly suited as a lender review tool.
   It provides support for adjustments to sales; the most appropriate sales; a ranking and scoring of all
   sales within a market so that you can look at the sales that were used by the appraiser and determine
   if they were appropriate.

   For what other valuation services can the CVR be used? Lenders, loan service companies and any
   business needing a valuation on a property used for collateral purposes should use the CVR anywhere
   you might use a BPO, AVM, drive-by 2055 or other desktop report.

           38                                                              FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Collateral Valuation Report (CVR)

39                       FEATURES & BENEFITS
                        JVI Solutions – Laurus’ Appraisal Management Co.

                                               AMC for ordering CVRs, inspection
                                               reports and repair estimates
                                               Effective two-way communication with
                                               Streamline Pricing
                                               Delivery of solutions tailored to client
   Laurus Users Direct Email                   needs.                  Weekly Webinars & Conference Calls with
                                               Industry Leading Experts and Economists
Direct Contact: Michelle Merritt
                                                          JVI Mission
                                        We are a professional appraiser owned and operated
                                        organization that assists clients and vendor partners in
                                        effective appraisal, inspection and educational problem
                                   40                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                                                  JVI – Seasoned Provider of Solutions

                                               JVI Experience
GSA contract holder #GS-23F-0039V, currently                      Louisiana Road Home Program participant (2007), performing
contracting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.                retrospective asset valuations of hurricane ravaged Louisiana.
                                                                  Milestones include 50,000 valuations delivered in two months.
Online educational offerings approved by the Appraiser            JVI served as expert consultant to the largest asset valuation
Qualifications Board of the Appraisal Foundation and the          firm in the U.S., and managed assignments by zip code to
Appraisal Institute. (        expedite the valuation process. (

Original Management and Marketing contractor for HUD              Completed over 55,000 Wind Mitigation Inspections for the
selling over 34,000 assets and 2.1 million home                   State of Florida Department of Financial Services.
inspections. Managed the HUD REO appraisal process in
25 states.                                                        Nationwide FHA appraiser and inspection panel with coverage
                                                                  in 50 states, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.
Wind Certification Entity for the State of Florida,
Department of Financial Services (2006).
                                                                  The only nationwide company specializing
Completed over 2.3 million home inspections to date.              in distressed asset valuations since
Inspection provider for government sponsored and private
homeowner insurers.                                               Original Management & Marketing contractor for HUD.

                                                             41                                         FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                                                           JVI Solutions – Process

                       JVI Process / Pricing

 JVI will order, track and review CVR and inspection services for Laurus users.  
 Fees For Laurus Users: 

Service                                                              Fee        Turn time
Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) – Desk Top                         $185.00    5 business days

Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) – w/Exterior Inspection            $235.00    5 business days
Collateral Valuation Report (CVR) - w/Interior Inspection & Repair
                                                                     $285.00    5 business days
Property Condition Inspection - Exterior                             $ 48.00    5 business days

Property Condition Inspection - Interior                             $ 75.00    5 business days

* To order CVR, Inspection and Repair Estimates, credits are purchased within Laurus Office.

                                                42                                     FEATURES & BENEFITS
Valuation Models Inside Laurus are Used by Over
 90% of all Servicers to Support Their Valuations

            43                      FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                                        The CoreLogic Widget

A Quick Snapshot of Your Area By County
and State

                                               Foreclosure Rates
                                               Mortgage Originations
                                               Median Homes Prices
                                               Default Rates
                                               An informational tool put out by
                                               CoreLogic – can be customized as we
                                               go forward with input from the group.

                                          44                        FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                          Processing Power At Your Fingertips

 Marketing & Syndication         PVR Builder                      Email & Fax
Lead Generation and Build   Collateral Valuation               Contact Manager
       Buyers List             Report (CVR)                    Package Building
                              LPS & CoreLogic            Negotiation Screen & more . . .

                                                     Where it all started . . . . Short
                                                     Sale Builder on Steroids!

                                     45                                 FEATURES & BENEFITS
 Get Started Quickly with our Wizard!

       Step 1: Configure your master settings
       Step 2: Create or upload a logo
       Step 3: Create user groups
       Step 4: Create sub-users
       Step 5: Create package templates
       Step 6: Create contacts

46                                  FEATURES & BENEFITS
Built-In Email Client, Property Specific

        No more lost emails
        Track property specific communications
        All emails associated with the property
        No more copying and pasting emails
        Emails show as Journal Entries
        Integration with your personal email

 47                                  FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Comprehensive Contact Manager

       Reelitz, Joshua/Wells Fargo
       Wells Fargo (Lenders)
       Main: 866-970-7821 Ext: 48869
       Main Fax: 866-834-7648
       Role: Negotiator For Servicer

         Create Hierarchy of contacts within a lender
         Never again spend time looking for negotiator & escalation contacts
         Copy existing contacts to create new records
         Assign properties to contacts
         Download to vCard
         Copy up to date list of servicers to your own contacts
         REO Asset Managers, Investors, Specific Lender Locations

48                                                FEATURES & BENEFITS
Superior Package Building Capabilities

        Save time with customized templates
        Build YOUR template and save it!
        Clone an existing template
        Tremendous time saver
        Create different packages for FHA, VA and HAFA short

  49                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Package Building and Submission

          Select only the documents you need in your package
          Reorder them exactly as you would like


        Simple assembly of a customized package of
        consolidated reports and info
        Unlimited packages per property
        Email and fax; trackable & archived

50                                    FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Property Document Management

       Color coded statuses
       Create as many document place holders as you
       want for your files
       Append new updated documents
       View uploaded documents
       Email in, Fax in, Upload or Create a document on
       the fly

51                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Comprehensive Negotiation Screen

       90% of the work from one screen

      A dashboard with all tasks and duties to be
      performed – ALL FROM ONE SCREEN
      View Valuations and BPO values
      Offer Amounts, Loan Balances, Investor
      View all property documents quickly
      Servicer and Lien Information
      Add Notes, Task and Send Out Emails
      Investor Profitability Analysis
      Eliminates having to flip between screens

52                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
                    Investor Analysis Tool

     Quick tool to analyze profit margins on investor
     Incorporate Repairs and Closing Costs
     Output tells you the Profit/Loss of a Future Sale
     and the required offer amount to break even on the
     Will be a Blackberry and iPhone app soon

53                                 FEATURES & BENEFITS
           Property Journal and Tasks

     Create tasks
     Export to Excel
     Follow up calls on a specific date
     Automatic emails related to journal entry
     All related information is displayed
     Notifications email or SMS text message

54                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
Separate Log-Ins for Buyers, Sellers and Realtors

                   Alternate Log-Ins Based on Permissions; Limit Who
                   Sees What
                   Read Only to Review Notes
                   Does not take your system users
                   So everybody knows “What’s Going On!”

            55                                 FEATURES & BENEFITS
                   Contracted Properties

                          An amazing tool for
                           negotiation firms!

                          In final testing and
                         will be out very soon.

     Assign Your Properties To Another Laurus Account
     Shows Up in Contracted Properties Tab
     Assign Property to a Sub-User
     Ideal for Negotiation Firms
     Efficient When You Need Help With A File – Send to
     Laurus Title Group For Assistance.

56                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
                     Sorting and Filtering

     Data views can be sorted by columns or filtered
     by criteria
     Quickly find or retrieve important info
     Custom reporting is coming, very soon – very easy
     to create reports for any purpose.

57                                FEATURES & BENEFITS
                         Event Notification

     Stay reminded of specific events by email or SMS
     text message
     Designate who & when to attend to event
     Detailed customization of notifications

58                                FEATURES & BENEFITS
           Lender Document Library

     Stay current with lender documents
     Community library
     See it, Read it, Share it!
     HAFA, FHA, VA, Arm’s Length Addendums, etc.

59                              FEATURES & BENEFITS
                              Individual Document Faxing

Choose Your Options
                           Faxing with cover sheets and customizable footer
                           and header
                           While you are on the phone with the bank
                           Complete tracking and archiving of faxes

                      60                                FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Unlimited Free Fax Standard Faxing

          Both Incoming and Outgoing faxing
          No need to purchase an additional fax package
          with Laurus Office
          Fax up to 1,000 pages monthly free
          2 cents per page thereafter *

61                                    FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Customizable Document Output

      Create customized pages and templates to meet
      specific branding requirements
       – Cover sheets
       – Reports
       – Outgoing correspondences

62                                  FEATURES & BENEFITS
                    Customizable Rights

     Assign file and document permissions
     Access rights to users, buyers, home owners +
     Protect the integrity of your files

63                                FEATURES & BENEFITS
                           User Activity Log

     View All Activity Per Property
     Filter by Date Range
     Accurate record of what was done and when, by IP

64                               FEATURES & BENEFITS
     Branded and Private Labeling

               Don’t have a logo?

      Create one on the fly from text!
          Or upload your own….

     Customized branding of application and
     correspondence with your own logo and
     company name
     Private label solutions for larger companies to fully
     use their own branding and domain name

65                                  FEATURES & BENEFITS
                    Secure Data Backup

     Customizable backup to your local computer;
     individual or all data
     + safe and secure automatic backups stored on
     and off-site

66                               FEATURES & BENEFITS
            Enterprise Server Solution

     Scalable and Secure enterprise computing power
     Data center is located in a Tier-3 data facility,
     protected and guarded 24/7
     Redundant architecture to scale quickly
     Grid (clustering) computing allows all the processing
     power needed at a moments notice WITHOUT
     compromising security

67                                   FEATURES & BENEFITS
                                             Laurus in Action – Quick Overview

Process Paperwork Easier
Cutting Edge Property Analytics
Build Your Buyers List
Improved Communications
No More Lost Emails
Drive Traffic to your Site
Increase your Presence in Your
Be Organized & Alleviate Stress
Contact Manager – Hierarchy
Build your Business Faster
Will put you in the position to close
more deals!

                                        68                       LAURUS OFFICE IN ACTION
Education & Training
                       “We’ve never been about charging outlandish setup fees.
                                 If we do a good job, we’ll derive a good living.”

                                                                        – Rabbi Bob
        Helping You Learn Every Step of the Way

Friends of Laurus: Top industry educators and trainers here to help

   Weekly webinars and conference calls

   Interaction with other users; digital community

Your success is our success

   Coming Soon: The Laurus Attorney Network

             70                                        EDUCATION & TRAINING
We Have Created The Friends of Laurus

                 Marc Dann
                 Bob Massey
                 Sofia and Jeff Kaller
                 Mike Kane
                 Jerami King
                 Ted Cowan
                 Jeff Watson
                 Ron Ballard
                 J. Norman Stark
                 Jonathan Negash
                 Blake Cory
                 Brian O’Dea
                 Brian Meara
 71                       EDUCATION & TRAINING
Customer Service
                   “Whether SSB or Laurus ,I always get a response, it’s a testament to
                            Tracey and his work ethic to provide a top notch product.”

                                                     - Kathleen Gentner, Right Side Up Negotiations
                             Exceptional Customer Service

    100% U.S. Based Customer Service

       2 hour software training webinar every single day

       Toll-Free Service is a phone call away

    Return your phone call within 24 hours – Our Commitment to You

“Your information is always safe with us and when you hear from us it will be
about the business and not to try and reach into your pocket book. Honesty and
integrity will always be the driving force of our company.”
                                                                Tracey Baron

                 73                                        CUSTOMER SERVICE
    “With years of experience in the IT business, I know how expensive it is to run a software like Laurus. It makes me feel
                                good to be associated with a company that provides an excellent tool at affordable prices.”

                                                                     Jeffrey W. Wolf, Illinois Distressed Property Solutions
     Have An Existing Software System?

     We make it easy; we transfer your files and
     properties at $5 per property.
     (Active Files Only)

     SSB users files are transferred
     programmatically . . . . since our team
     developed that code as well.

75                                 PRICING
                                                     An Enterprise Solution At a Small Business Price

                                                                                    If you don’t find the
                                                                                       software useful
                                                                                     within 30 days, we
                                                                                      will give you your
                                                                                        money back!

• Please contact Laurus at for pricing for more than 10 users.
• Property Valuation Report Builder is free until August 1, 2011. At which time we will charge to cover server costs.

                                                                            76                                          PRICING

               What People are Saying About Laurus
Testimonial – Laurie E. Egan, MAA, RAA

                                  “I am both honored and excited to be part of the Laurus
                                  movement. Your success in obtaining short sale
                                  approvals utilizing advanced analytics and integrity is
                                  very impressive. Efforts in obtaining true valuations is
                                  definitely a step in the right direction for the benefit of
                                  ALL parties concerned !“

                                                                            Laurie E. Egan, MAA, RAA

                                                                     President, ProLink Solutions, Inc.
                                              Secretary/Treasurer, National Association of Appraisers
                                     Residential Accredited Appraiser, National Association of Realtors

                             78                                            CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Jonathan Negash

                                 “My experience in dealing with the Laurus companies
                                 has been exceptional. They have a wealth of knowledge
                                 in the industry of finance and are always more than
                                 willing to share. I appreciate their knowledge,
                                 expertise and professionalism. Working with Bob and
                                 Tracey has been a phenomenal venture and I look
                                 forward to continued Success.”

                                                                         Jonathan Negash

                                                                       Sr. Mortgage Advisor
                                                                              Flagstar Bank

                            79                                    CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Marc Dann

                               “As an aggressive lawyer working in the foreclosure and
                               real estate field , I can tell you Bob Mittleman, Tracey
                               Baron and the Laurus companies understand the
                               complexities of the current upside down world of real
                               estate transactions and titles better than any firm I've
                               had occasion to work with.”

                                                                                Marc Dann
                                                            Law Offices of Marc Dann LPA Co

                          80                                     CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Jeff and Sofia Kaller

                                      “Laurus Office is so easy to use and fast. Packages
                                      that would take me an hour to finish now only take less
                                      than 5 minutes. I am confident when I fax or email -
                                      EVERYONE that I want to have a copy of the message
                                      gets it! It keeps track of everything and ORGANIZES
                                      I! You can find lenders name and numbers in a
                                      snap! Since 1994 I have processed Short Sales - this
                                      software takes the cake....

                                                                             Jeff and Sofia Kaller
                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Preforeclosure

                               81                                       CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Ted Cowan

                               “Outstanding! You have a right to be so excited about
                               this Bob and Tracey.
                               I wish I would have had this tool driving my business
                               both in Cleveland and in L.A. !

                                                                                     Ted Cowan
                                  Former Curriculum Director, Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC)

                          82                                         CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Ron Ballard

                                 “The excellent communication capabilities and
                                 document management of Laurus will be a welcome
                                 addition for my students.”

                                                                              Ron Ballard
                                                              California Short Sale Lawyer

                            83                                  CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Jerami King

                                 “Fantastic system! My staff is excited.
                                 Laurus is the Next Generation in short sale software! “

                                 “A real game changer!”

                                                                                Jerami King
                                                                               KK Consulting

                            84                                      CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Jason Lucchesi

                                    "Without Laurus Office I don't know how I could effectively
                                    handle all of my short sales files. Everything with this
                                    software is so user friendly and if you ever need any help the
                                    staff at Laurus is always willing and able. I'm just blown
                                    away with this software and how easy it is to use. This
                                    software allows me to focus on bringing in new deals
                                    constantly rather than always having to figure out how to do
                                    this or that. I highly recommend Laurus Office."

                                                                                     Jason Lucchesi
                                                     Managing Member, Global Fortune Solutions, LLC

                               85                                         CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Bob Massey

                                “I have used almost every system out there and have
                                been looking for the perfect solution for my students.
                                Laurus Office and Laurus Title tower way above the
                                others when it comes to the complete turn-key
                                package. I have been awaiting anxiously the release of
                                the software, and now its here. You won’t be

                                                                             Bob Massey

                           86                                    CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Jeffrey Wolff

                                   “This is by far the most advanced, fully functional real
                                   estate management software on the market for today
                                   and the future.”

                                                                                       Jeffrey W. Wolff
                                   Illinois Distressed Property Solutions (IDPS,LLC) Hoffman Estates, IL

                              87                                            CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Kathy Gentner

                                   “Laurus Office has been a driving factor for my financial
                                   success and mental stability in the hectic world of short
                                   sales. The software program has helped me to
                                   organize over 11 million dollars in short sale files, and
                                   has brought $5,000,000 worth of closings in only a few
                                   short months.”

                                                                                    Kathy Gentner
                                                          Short Sale Negotiator, Right Side Up, LLC

                              88                                        CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Blake Cory

                                “The Laurus back office is a life saver! …I have been a
                                loyal customer of Short Sale Builder for over a year
                                now, and when I saw and experienced the new Laurus
                                Office, it just blew me away. The customer support is
                                fantastic, the interface is intuitive and the flexibility is
                                amazing! I recommend it to everyone involved in the
                                Short Sale or Negotiating arena.”

                                                                                     Blake Cory
                                                              Owner, CEO CB International Realty

                           89                                         CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Linda Weathers

                                    “Laurus Office is the most efficient tool I’ve ever worked
                                    with… My team and I couldn’t do our job without Laurus
                                    Office. And it keeps getting better and better. I’ve tried other
                                    tools and they just don’t work as well. This is organized,
                                    logical, easy to use. We’ve even had lenders compliment our
                                    package – ‘Your file is so clean and organized, we’ve never
                                    seen ones this neat.’
                                    Tech support is awesome. I’ve never had a question that
                                    wasn’t answered with one email or phone call!”

                                                                                      Linda Weathers
                                                                     Owner, SA Short Sale Services CA

                               90                                          CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – The Law’s

                               “We have used other Real Estate software’s in the past
                               (Realeflow) but have switched over to Laurus Office
                               because it is easier to use and has increased
                               functionality to help us close transactions. We now
                               expect to close every deal that we put under contract.”

                                                                      Janine and David Law
                                                                  DJ Property Solutions, LLC

                          91                                     CASE STUDIES
Testimonial – Brandon Robinson

                                 “The first time I saw Laurus Office I knew it was a game-
                                 changer. Laurus Office is making the business of short
                                 sale negotiation - for negotiation sake, highly
                                 profitable. Unlike the multitude of platforms I've used
                                 before, Laurus' vast flexibility and smart integration
                                 offer true time savings by reducing manual steps and
                                 advancing communication between parties to a whole
                                 new level.”

                                                                            Brandon Robinson
                                                              Loss Mitigation Professionals, LLC

                            92                                       CASE STUDIES
     Why Choose Laurus Office ?

93                 THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
Web-based Software Solution That Adds Real Productivity
                                      to Your Business

                Laurus has everything that you need in a
                short sale software:

                            Passionate and dedicated people
                            Bringing Clarity to the Chaos

                   94                           THE LAURUS MOVEMENT
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This link will always be up to order Laurus Office to give credit to Laurus Title Group for their continued support.

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