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									Training Issues
 Today’s Business Requires Highly
  Skilled, Productive and Safe Workers to
  be Competitive
 Not all High Skilled Workers need to be
  4 year college trained
 Business has difficulty in finding these
America’s Registered
Apprenticeship Program Trains
America’s Workforce!
   Employers in all Industry Sector’s Participate
    as Training Program Sponsors
   Entry Level, Career Transition, and Under-
    Trained Workers Compete for and become
    Apprenticeship Trainee’s to Achieve Nationally
    Recognized Industry Credentials
What is Apprenticeship?
   Oldest and Most Successful Training Method
   Is not known by the words ‘You’re Fired!’
   Highly flexible combining On-the-Job Training
    and Classroom Instruction
   Focused towards Technical, Practical and
    High Skilled Occupations
   Employers Establish Standards of Proficiency
   There are over 875 certified occupations
   Most are not associated with trade unions
   The US has over 37,000 employer sponsors
    with over 444,000 participants!
   New certified programs can be created locally
   No complicated or burdensome oversight for
    the employer
Industry Sectors That Take
Advantage of Apprenticeship
   Health Care        Telecommunications
   Information        Automotive Services
    Technology         Military
   Manufacturing      Public Utilities
   Biomedical         Construction
   Production         Public Sector
Criteria For Apprenticeship
   Learned Through Practical Structured On-the-
    Job Supervised Training
   Clearly Identified and Recognized Throughout
    an Industry
   Manual, Mechanical or Technical Skills
    requiring at Least 2000 Hours of Training
   Related Instruction Supplementing On-the-
    Job Training
How Does Apprenticeship
   Employer, Employer Associations,
    Employer/Labor Partnerships Volunteer to
    Sponsor a Program(s)
   This Sponsor Plans, Administers and Pays for
    the Program
   The Sponsor and the Apprentice Enter Into
    An Apprenticeship Agreement
   In Utah the Program is Registered with the
    State Apprenticeship Council
 Employer Training Standards Will Be
  Dictated by a Government Agency!
 Apprenticeship Is Only Time-Based
  Hands On Training!
 Only Large Organizations Can Establish
  Registered Apprenticeship Programs!
Benefits to the Sponsors
   Decreases Employee Turnover
   Attracts High Quality and Motivated
   Provides a Catalyst for High Performance and
   Imparts the Knowledge and Skills of
    Experienced Workers to New Employees
   Increases Employee Awareness to Safety,
    Policies and Procedures
Why be an Apprentice?
 Develop a Successful Career Goal
 Get Paid While You Learn
 Be Well Trained in a Demand
 Earn Nationally Recognized Skill
 Your Earnings Will Meet or Exceed that
  of a College Graduate
How Do I Become A Sponsor?
   Contact:
    Juan Pelaez, State Director
    Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training
    1600 West 2200 South, Suite 101
    Salt Lake City, UT 84119
    Phone: (801) 975-3650
    Fax: (801) 975-3654
How Do You Become an
 Stay In School! Get your Diploma!
 Contact your Local Department of
  Workforce Services Employment Center
 Contact your High School Counselor
 Determine an Occupation of Interest
  Registered Apprenticeship

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