Dynamic Testing & Equipment An Introduction by S5n477


									Dynamic Testing & Equipment
     An Introduction
 DTE Key Personnel
Peter Frissell -     28 years servo-hydraulic experience
Karl Jungmann -      37 years with Schenck, MTS and IST
Jeff Stark -         31 years machine assembly
Gordy Sindyla -      30 years machine building
Joel Lopez -         15 years machine building
Glenn Siddens, P.E. - 21 years design and manufacturing
Dmitri Musatkin -    Software engineering
            Mission of DTE
Our Mission is to provide the highest quality,
optimal testing solution for each customer’s
specific set of requirements.
To accomplish our mission, we will work closely
with our customer, from developing
requirements into a specification to
manufacturing equipment to on-site service.
DTE’s Facility in Erie, MI

                 Located close to Toledo, OH
                 Machining and Assembly area
                 120,000 square feet of shop space
                 10,000 square feet assembly area
                 Affiliation with AHI Int. for
                 Resource Sharing:
                  –   Purchasing,
                  –   HR, Accounting, Administration
                  –   Manufacturing,
                  –   Assembly
              DTE Customers
Freudenberg NOK, ZF-Sachs, TTCP-Spicer Mexico, Continental
Teves, Concordia University, Aeroquip, COM, John Deere, ZF,
Automatic Handling Inc., Stone Container Corporation, Insys
Corporation, TRW Koyo, ITT Industries, Ridewell Corporation, UT,
Trelleborg Automotive, TRW Toyoda, West Moreland, GM, Air
Associates, Whirlpool, Honeywell, Eagle Pitcher, Cooper Standard,
RCO, Dana Mexico, NTN, Magna Intier, American Boa, Arvin
Meritor, NHK, Bishop Steering, ERDA-India, NGIR-India, US
Manufacturing, Moog FCS, Koyo, Ford, Good Year, Dana Rochester
Hills, Defiance, Caterpillar, Core Testing, LeBlond Associates,
Control Powers, Trelleborg Shamban, Precision Planting, Lord, SKF,
Karl Schmitt, Joy Mining, Gulf Rubber Australia, Moog GM Korea,
Dana Corporation, Powers & Son, Cloyes Corporation, Dana Ottawa
Lake, S.G. Morris, NTS
    Single/Multi Channel Control

Complex Systems
 Lab Automation
Hydraulic Control Manifolds

                                                The HCM-20, a low-cost
                                                single station unit.

  Single & Multi

                   220 GPM (830 LPM) Single
                                              Distribution systems
Hydraulic Power Supplies

        200 gpm (760 lpm)
        4000 psi (280 bar)
Standard Servo Hydraulic Components

                    LPA linear plain bearing
                    actuators 1.1 to 1000 KIP
                    LHA linear hydrostatic
                    actuators 1.1 to 1000 KIP
                    LFA high frequency linear
                    actuators DC to 2000 HZ
                    Ball joints & Swivels
                    Rotary actuators
                    Rotary 300IN-LB to
                    50,000,000 IN-LB
Bolster QC Test System
Component Testing
Brake Hose Tester
                FORD KeyLife Test
                2x5 Station System
                Second System with
                -15C Salt & Slurry
                THI System 2.6 Station
                -15 C Salt & Slurry
              Rubber Boots
                 3 Channel system
                 2 Linear actuators
                 1 Rotary actuator
                    3 Channel system
                    ATF & Oil power supply
                    Close loop control
                    Lab View HMI
    Test Requirements - TTA
Power steering
0 to 10000 RPM
Flow control
Inlet & outlet pressure and
temperature control
Noise development
3- Axial acceleration
ATF temperature 150 deg C
Internal & External Container
Belt tension load control
Technical Challenges
             Several pump designs
             Conflicting test requirements
             Manual & Automatic
             2 Systems
                                      On line FFT
                                      Inlet and outlet pulsation pressure
                                      Acceleration control
                                      ATF temperature control

                                      Noise development

Flexible design
Integrated or remote container
Torque and tension load measurement
-60 to 150 degrees C temperature
Manual and automated testing
Results – Design Goals Met!

DTE designed and built the hydraulic and
mechanical system
Controls using National Instruments hardware and
Lab View software was outsourced
Provide a Custom Related solution
Extensive testing before shipping

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