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Lecture room      Time               ID                                   Title                                                        Author
               9:50-10:15            49    Graphene based composite materials                                Nikhil Koratkar
                                           Exploring the formation of MOF/graphite oxide composites and
               10:20-10:35           43                                                                      Camille Petit, Teresa J. Bandosz
                                           their applications as adsorbents
               10:40-10:55           75    Graphene based light metal composites                             Qianqian Li, Robert F. Singer

                             Mon-1                                                                           Da-Wei Wang, Kuang-Hsu Wu, Gao Qing Lu, Ian R.
               11:00-11:15           125   Role of intercalative water in graphene oxide electrode
                                           Quantitative atomic 3D imaging of single/double sheet graphene
               11:20-11:35           139                                                                     J.R. Jinschek, E. Yucelen, H.A.Calderon, B. Freitag
                                           structure by HRTEM exit-wave reconstruction
                                           Simple and scalable route for the ‘bottom-up’ synthesis of        Karl S. Coleman, Christopher R. Herron Rebecca S.
               11:40-11:55           144
                                           few-layer graphene platelets and thin films                       Edwards
     A                                     Graphene-based nanomaterials and nanostructures: synthesis,
               13:10-13:35           478                                                                     Hua Zhang
                                           characterization and applications
               13:40-13:55           148   Graphene oxide liquid crystals and shape memory gels              Fei Guo, Robert H. Hurt
                                           Controllable synthesis of graphene-based composites and their
               14:00-14:15           278                                                                     Xingbin Yan
                                           applications in tribology, energy storage and biology
                             Mon-2                                                                           Yasuhiro Yamada, Masato Miyauchi, Koki Yanaka,
               14:20-14:35           283   Giant graphene ligands stabilizing metal ions                     Kaori Hirose-Takai, Yuta Sato, Kazu Suenaga,
                                                                                                             Tomonori Ohba, Toshiaki Sodesawa, Satoshi Sato
                                           Graphene oxide as dyestuffs for creation of high-performance 3-   Bunshi Fugetsu, Hongwen Yu, Ling Sun, Eiichi Sano,
               14:40-14:55           288
                                           dimemsional graphene-graphene networks                            Kenichiro Mori, Tomo Tanaka
               15:00-15:15           291   Graphene based actuators and photovoltaics                        Xuejun Xie, Yan Li, Liangti Qu
Lecture room      Time               ID                                   Title                                                          Author
                                           Nanographene and the important role of its edges in the electronic
               9:50-10:15            95                                                                          Toshiaki Enoki
                                           Energy spectrum of a graphene double-quantum-dot in a normal
               10:20-10:35           308                                                                         Norman J. Morgenstern Horing, S. Y. Liu
                                           magnetic field
                                           Highly conducting, transparent Langmuir- Blodgett films of            Qing Bin Zheng, Wai Hing IP, Xiu Yi Lin, Nariman
               10:40-10:55   Tue-1   336
                                           ultra-large reduced graphene oxide                                    YOUSEFI and Jang- Kyo KIM
                                           Layer-by-layer construction of large area graphene nanofilms as
               11:00-11:15           372                                                                         Tamás Szabó,Zsuzsanna Barna, Imre Dékány
                                           transparent conductors
               11:20-11:35           411   Hydrogen storage in aluminum modified graphene systems                Zhimin Ao and Sean Li
                                           Fabrication of graphene/conducting polymer composites as
               11:40-11:55           453                                                                         Chaohe Xu, Jing Sun and Lian Gao
                                           high-capacity electrode materials for supercapacitors
     A                                     Vertically aligned graphene layer arrays fabricated from chromonic    Fei Guo, Amartya Mukhopadhyay, Brian W. Sheldon,
               13:10-13:35           146
                                           liquid crystals                                                       Robert H. Hurt
                                           Correlation of the tribologic properties of various Graphite          K. DELBE, J.L. MANSOT, P. THOMAS, D.
               13:40-13:55           461
                                           Intercalation Compounds to their electronic structure                 BILLAUD, F. BOUCHER, P. BARANEK
                                           Preparation of graphene and relative materials by mild and green
               14:00-14:15           492                                                                         Wufeng Chen, Lifeng Yan
                             Tue-2         reduction
                                                                                                                 Yunqi Liu, Dacheng Wei, Chongan Di, Jian Zheng,
               14:20-14:35           493   Preparation of graphene and its electronic properties                 Yunlong Guo, Liping Huang, Hongtao Liu, Bin Wu and
                                                                                                                 Gui Yu
                                           Molecular-scale controlled synthesis of graphene nanoribbons via      Matthew P. Aldred, Guo-Feng Zhang, Chong Li,
               14:40-14:55           496
                                           Suzuki cross-coupling polymerization                                  Ming-Qiang Zhu
                                           Graphene and graphene oxide: functionalization, solubilization, and
               15:00-15:15           510                                                                         Chao Gao, Zhen Xu, Xiaozhen Hu, Lanyan Kan
Lecture room      Time               ID                                 Title                                                      Author
                                           Chemistry, conformational changes and potential applications of     Raymond L.D. Whitby, Alina Korobeinyk, Sergey V.
               9:50-10:15            195
                                           single-layer graphene oxide                                         Mikhalovsky
                                           Measurements of mechanical properties and number of layers of
               10:20-10:35           531                                                                       Yupeng Zhang, Chunxu Pan
                                           graphene from one nano-indentation
               10:40-10:55           625   Exfoliation and sort-out of grapheme sheets                         Xinqi Chen
                             Wed-1         Solvothermal synthesis of Mn3O4-graphene nanocomposites for
               11:00-11:15           657                                                                       Xiong Zhang, Yao Chen, Dacheng Zhang, Yanwei Ma
                                           Controlled synthesis of graphene for flexible and transparent
               11:20-11:35           693                                                                       Nguyen Duc Dung, Yu-Lun Chueh, Nyan-Hwa Tai
                                           conducting films by rapid heating & cooling CVD system
                                           Electrical properties of graphene nanosheet/high density            Jinhong Du, Long Zhao, You Zeng, Pengfei Liu, Chang
               11:40-11:55           694
                                           polyethylene composites with a segregated network structure         Liu
                                                                                                               Lili Fan, Hongwei Zhu, Kunlin Wang, Jinquan Wei,
               13:10-13:35           628   Growth Mechanism and Photovoltaic Applications of Graphene
     A                                                                                                         Zhen Li, Wei Zhang, Xiao Li, Dehai Wu
                                           Growth of graphene using photo-thermal chemical vapour              Y. Y. Tan, K. D. G. I Jayawardena, J.V. Anguita and S.
               13:40-13:55           705
                                           deposition                                                          R. P. Silva
                                           Preparation of ordered graphene film from graphene oxide            Yan Wang, Dongjun Chang, Fei Han, Zhihui Li,
               14:00-14:15           706
                                           hydro-gel deposition by chemical reduction                          Xiaomin Wang
                             Wed-2         Local chemical structure of graphene oxides and reduced graphene    Rosa Menéndez, Cristina Botas, Patricia Alvarez, Reza
               14:20-14:35           731
                                           oxides obtained from graphites of different crystallinity           Zamani Jordi Arbiol and Joan R. Morante
                                                                                                               Cristina Botas, Patricia Alvarez, Ricardo Santamaría,
                                           Understanding the chemistry involved in the whole preparation
               14:40-14:55           734                                                                       Marcos Granda, Clara Blanco, Dolores Gutierrez, Rosa
                                           process of graphene materials from pitch-based graphites
                                                                                                               L. Nilsson, M. Andersen, R. Balog, J. Bjerre, B.
                                           Graphene on the reconstructed Pt(100) surface and its interaction   Jørgensen, J. Thrower, E. Friis, E. Lægsgaard, B.
               15:00-15:15           762
                                           with atomic hydrogen                                                Hammer, F. Besenbacher, I. Stensgaad and L.
Lecture room      Time               ID                                         Title                                                         Author
                                                                                                                           Wencai Ren, Zhongshuai Wu, Dawei Wang,
                                                                                                                           Guangmin Zhou, Na Li, Ying Shi, Lei, Wen,
               9:50-10:15            812    Controllable synthesis and high efficiency energy storage of graphene
                                                                                                                           Jinping Zhao, Songfeng Pei, Feng Li, and Hui-
                                                                                                                           Ming Cheng
                                            Preparation of graphene film and its application as flexible transparent
               10:20-10:35           821                                                                                   Minghui Liang, Linjie Zhi
                                                                                                                           Jian Wang, Jianfeng Zheng, Rongrong Jia,
                                            Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water using N-doped graphene under
               10:40-10:55   Thu-1   859                                                                                   Jiazang Chen, Jianghong Zhao, and Zhenping
                                            visible-light irradiation
                                                                                                                           Wubo Wan, Zongbin Zhao, Yanru Fan, Han
               11:00-11:15           875    Green reduction of graphene oxide to graphene
                                                                                                                           Hu, Quan Zhou, Jieshan Qiu
                                                                                                                           Richard Balog, Bjarke Jørgensen, John
                                            Substrate mediated graphane-like nanostructures in hydrogen treated graphene   Thrower, Saoud Baouche, Emil Enderup Friis,
               11:20-11:35           901
                                            on Ir(111)                                                                     Alessandro Baraldi, Rosanna Larciprete,
                                                                                                                           Silvano Lizzit, Philip Hofmann, Liv Hornekær
     A                                                                                                                     C. Kramberger, M. Kinyanjui, J. Meyer, T.
               11:40-11:55           910    Linear interband plasmon in isolated graphene
                                                                                                                           Pichler, G. Benner, U. Kaiser
                                            Porous carbon assembly with high surface area: starting from graphene oxide
               13:10-13:35           1003                                                                                  Ying Tao, Wei Lv, Quan-Hong Yang
                                            nanosheets to three-dimensional macroforms
                                                                                                                           H. Rida, S. Cahen, G. Lamura, J.- F. Marêché,
               13:40-13:55           917    Analogies and differences between G-Li-Ca and G-Li-Eu systems
                                                                                                                           C. Hérold, P.Lagrange
               14:00-14:15   Thu-2          Dynamic compressive behavior of exfoliated graphite                            Po-Hsiu Chen, D.D.L. Chung
                                            Making electrodes for energy storage devices and alcohol fuel cells using
               14:20-14:35           949                                                                                   Xinwei Cui, Fengping Hu, Weixing Chen
                                            processed dense and millimeter-long carbon nanotube arrays
               14:40-14:55           955    Effects of layer stacking on the combination Raman modes in graphene           R. Rao, R. Podila, Masa Ishigami, A. M. Rao

               15:00-15:15           960    Growth and engineering of graphene nanostructures for electronics              Guangyu Zhang
               15:40-16:05           1068   Can water bring graphene-based materials to large-scale applications?          Dan Li
                                            Graphene nanosheets-based nanocomposites as anode materials for lithium
               16:10-16:25           987                                                                                   Hua-Chao Tao, Li-Zhen Fan, Xuanhui Qu
                                            ion batteries
                     Self-assembled three-dimensional graphene-based assembly with core-shell   Wei Lv, Ying Tao, Wang Ni, Zhi Zhou,
16:30-16:45   1002
                     structure                                                                  Quan-Hong Yang
16:50-17:05   1042   Carbon: shell-nodal structure                                              George P. Shpenkov

17:10-17:25   1057   Composites of graphene oxide and FeOX with different morphologies          Haixia Wu, XueJiao Zhou, and Shouwu Guo
                                                                                                Beng Kang Tay, Hong Li, Chin Chong Yap
17:30-17:45   1078   Unipolar conduction in titanium-oxide decorated graphene

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