; Judaism Handout 1
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Judaism Handout 1


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									Use this website: http://www.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/Homework/religion/jewish.htm and
answer 4 QUESTIONS of your choice. The questions you can chose from are below.

   1. Where did Judaism originate from?

   2. What do Jews believe?

   3. Who is the founder of Judaism?

   4. Who is Abraham?

   5. What is the Symbol of Judaism?

   6. What is a Menorah?

   7. What is a Mezuzah?

   8. Where do Jews worship?

   9. What are the spiritual leaders called?

   10.       What is the Jewish Holy Book called?

   11.       What is the Tanach?

   12.       What is the most important day of the week for Jews?

   13.       What happens on the Shabbat in a Jewish family?

   14.       What special things do Jews wear?

   15.       What are bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah?

   16.       What do Jews call marriage?

   17.       What are the different types of Jews?

   18.       What is Kosher food?

   19.       What are the main Jewish festivals?

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