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					                                     York/Adams HealthChoices Management Unit

                                            Job Title: Chief Fiscal Officer

                                               CHIEF FISCAL OFFICER
I.      Purpose of Position
The York/Adams HealthChoices Management Unit is the administrative entity created by the counties of York and
Adams to oversee the management of the Medicaid HealthChoices Behavioral Health Program. The York/Adams
HealthChoices Management Unit has direct responsibility for all management and administrative functions associated
with (1) the contract between the counties and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the provision of Medicaid
covered services, and (2) the contract between the counties and the behavioral health managed care organization that
it choose as a subcontractor to administer the program to service recipients. In addition, funds that are not expended in
any given year are able to be utilized for reinvestment projects. This position is responsible for overseeing the
implementation and monitoring of all reinvestment projects and to oversee the fiscal component of this department.

2.      Organizational Relationships

        Reports to: Program Director
        Supervises: Fiscal Monitor
        Total subordinate staff: 1
        Budget (if applicable): N/A

3.      Principal Activities

                       Activity                              Method                                Result
        1    Writes the Counties’              Develops the plan in conjunction       Reinvestment plans are
             reinvestment plant                with the HCMU and stakeholders.        submitted in a timely fashion and
                                               Follows DPW guidelines for plan        according to DPW established
                                               submission. Works with providers       guidelines.
                                               to obtain needed information for
                                               submission of project ideas.
                                               Reviews and provides feedback on
                                               program descriptions and budgets.
                                               Completes analysis of these to
                                               present to the HCMU.
        2    Monitors Reinvestment             Provides on-site reviews of            Providers implement projects
             Services                          projects and arranges and runs         that meet the Counties’ needs
                                               meetings with providers. Works in      and adhere to contractual
                                               conjunction with the Counties’         standards.
                                               auditors to provide oversight.
                                               Completes inventories of items
                                               purchased by the HCMU. Keeps
                                               files which document contracts,
                                               meetings, and correspondence.
        3    Updates HCMU                      Completes monthly reporting and        The HCMU is in compliance
             reinvestment reports for          creates other reports as needed on     with DPW monitoring
             internal use and DPW use.         projects and expenditures.             requirements.
        4    Monitors and implements           Makes changes to the plan as           The HCMU is able to get plan
             changes to the Counties’          requested by DPW, notifies DPW         approval as quickly as possible
             reinvestment plants               of the need for extensions, or         and is in compliance with
                                               changes to plan amounts within the     procedural requirements
                                               required timeframes and allowable      surrounding changes to the plan.
        5    Guides, interprets, analyses    Uses information generated by the     The HCMU makes sound
             financial data.                 County and the MCO to complete        decisions for the program and
                                             reports and analysis of financial     management is aware of
                                             data. Prepares IBNR analysis and      potential financial shortfalls.
                                             reviews claim detail. Prepares
                                             LOC and COA analysis

        6    Participates in rate setting    Takes a lead role with the Director   Rates are developed that are
             activities                      and Actuaries to prepare              actuarially sound and based on
                                             information for submission to         completed data.
                                             DPW. Participates in obtaining
                                             trending information and writing
                                             rate setting letters.
        7    Participates in monthly         Reviews agendas and prepares          Ensures that the Counties’
             meetings with the MCO.          information for the meeting.          concerns and needs are
                                             Actively participates in the          addressed.
                                             discussion with the MCO and
                                             actuary advocating for the needs
                                             of the County.
        8    Oversees the Fiscal             Provides supervision through          Ensures the smooth running of
             Department Staff. Provides      meetings and feedback on work to      all fiscal services and payment of
             Supervision and completes       the HCMU fiscal staff. Is             invoices.
             evaluations.                    knowledgeable of staff
                                             responsibilities and reports. Can
                                             complete reports or pay invoices if
        9    Understands the Claims          Reviews claims reports, completes     Ensures timely payments to
             system.                         research on information that          providers.
                                             doesn’t make sense, and
                                             investigates claims problems with

       10    Review CRCS forms               Uses information from analysis to     Ensures oversight and
             submitted by CCBH.              and from the actuaries to provide     monitoring into the budgeting
                                             input into the annual CRCS forms.     process of the MCO and for
                                                                                   information provided to DPW.

4.      Work Assignment, Review, and Approval ~ (Who assigns work to this employee? If multiple reporting
relationships exist, so state. How are instructions provided? Who sets priorities and resolves conflict? Who
reviews and approves work in progress or work completed? )

The Director assigns, reviews, and approves the work of the employee. The employee, along with the Director, sets
the priorities of this position which includes implementing, monitoring activities and analysis.

5.     Decision-Making Authority ~ (Decisions for which this employee has authority. Specify level and
frequency of review of each decision by the employee’s supervisor.)

This employee has authority to make day-to-day decisions regarding their work assignments. This position has the
authority to provide supervision to the fiscal monitor and to set priorities for completion of work in the fiscal

6.      Documents and Reports ~ (Describe all formal written communication, including work products or
records of work activities, product by this employee for internal as well as external recipients.)
Reinvestment reports and annual reinvestment reports will be completed by this position. On-going progress reports
will be maintained on the status of reinvestment monitoring. Monthly IBNR analysis will be produced. Rate setting
letters will be developed annually that will be in whole or in part produced by this position. CRCS forms will be
reviewed. Other reports will be completed as determined to be necessary.

7.       Human Relations ~ (Describe clients, the public, or parts of the organization other than co-workers and
immediate supervisors with whom this employee is brought into significant contact in the conduct of work-related

            Department of Public Welfare
            Financial Counterparts at the MCO
            MCO
            HCMU Auditor
            HCMU Consultant
            County Controller’s Office
            Y/A County Treasurer’s Office
            HCMU Actuaries

8.       Performance Standards ~ (Describe key end-results that serve as the basis for evaluating the performance
of this employee.)

            Quality of the analysis performed
            Timelines of reporting to senior management
            Usefulness of the reports to decision making
            Employee’s interaction with internal and external contacts
            Compliance with state and county requirements
            Solvency of the Program
            Able to recommend and implement changes identified by the County for better oversight of the program
            Reinvestment reports are submitted in a timely fashion
            Deadlines are met and procedures are followed in the management of reinvestment

9.      Job Qualifications

                                                 Required                                        Desired
            Education            Bachelors Degree                                   Bachelor Degree in
            Experience           5 years in a fiscal related position preferably    5 or more years in a fiscal
                                 with administrative/leadership experience.         releted with administrative
                                                                                    experience within the public
                                                                                    behavioral health System.
            Specialized Skills   Analytical and problem solving skills.
                                 Ability to work and communicate

10.     General - (Describe special assignments, committees, outside organizations, or any other significant
characteristics of the job not described elsewhere.)

This employee has a close working relationship with counterparts in the Counties, State, and MCO. Travel will be
required. Typical travel will be to Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and Pittsburgh. Overnight travel may be required on

                                                                                   Revised Thursday, November 24, 2011

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