Procurement at UTD A brief overview of Purchasing, Accounts by rogerholland


									     Procurement at UTD:
A brief overview of Purchasing, Accounts
           Payable and Travel
         policies and procedures

    UTD Procurement Management
            last updated May 2006

                Table of Contents

Table of Contents                                                           p. 2

What’s this Document for?                                                   p. 3
 (Introduction and disclaimer)

Important Things to Know                                                    p. 4

Contact Us                                                                  p. 5

How to Purchase Things                                                      p. 6

Accounts Payable – Overview                                                 p. 7

Accounts Payable Forms Summary                                              p. 8

Travel – Fast Facts                                                         p. 9

Travel – Step by Step                                                       p. 10

Travel Forms Summary                                                        p. 12

             Sample forms, and detailed instructions on filling them out,
                are available in a separate supplemental document.

        What’s this document for?
                  (Introduction and Disclaimer)

                               The Procurement Guide is
                               intended to highlight and
                               explain some of the more
                               commonly encountered policies
                               and procedures when
                               purchasing goods and services
                               for The University of Texas at
                               Dallas. It covers purchasing,
                               reimbursement, and travel

It does not, however, replace or supersede UTD’s
“Administrative Policies and Procedures” manual. If you
notice any discrepancies between the two, abide by the
AP&P manual, and alert us so that we may make the
appropriate changes to this Guide.

               Procurement Management
                 phone 972-883-2300
                   fax 972-883-2348
                       mail AD34

          Important things to know
               There are a few things you should be aware of before you
               even try to purchase anything for UTD:

                    1. Know the rules before you play. As a UTD employee,
                       you enjoy more freedom and flexibility in purchasing
                       goods and services than in many other universities.
                       However, we are an agency of the State of Texas,
                       spending taxpayer dollars, and that comes with a lot of
   responsibilities and restrictions. Also, UTD is not liable to pay for any
   purchases or expenses that were incurred in violation of our policies and
   guidelines, so you could well end up footing the bill yourself!
   CONTACT US if you have any questions.
2. Don’t sign any contracts. Unless you are the President, or one of his
   designees, you are not authorized to enter UTD into a legally binding
   contract. Get Procurement Management involved immediately so we
   can get the appropriate signatures.
3. Don’t solicit bids from vendors. We know you just want to make our jobs
   easier, but only Procurement Management can solicit formal bids for
   goods or services. Depending on the dollar amount, we may be required
   by law to ask certain companies to bid, or publicly post notice of our
   need for the goods.
   Now, bear in mind that this only pertains to formal, written bid
   solicitations. By all means, call your favorite vendor to get a quote and a
   rough idea of what something might cost. And feel free to include that
   information with your Purchase Requisition. Just be sure and let us do
   the work of collecting formal bids.
4. If you spend against a Contract/Grant Account (6xxxxx), your
   purchasing/payment documentation must be approved by the Contract
   & Grant Accounting office, AD37. If you send it to Procurement
   Management first, processing will likely be delayed.

                                Contact Us

 Department           Contact            Email
 Purchasing           Paul Watson
 Accounts Payable     Gina Niemann
 Purchasing Card      Christy Baxter
 Travel               Trudy Muller
 Central Receiving    Jerry Porter
 Mail Services        Jay Carter
 Property             David    
 Administration       Routzahn

If email is not a feasible option for you, call our front desk at x2300 and ask
to speak with the appropriate department. You can also fax us at x2348, and
send us documents via Campus Mail to stop AD34.

Correspondence to Central Receiving & Mail Services or Property
Administration should instead be faxed to x2434, or mailed to SB11.

                         How to Purchase Things
                         There are several methods of purchasing goods
                         and services for UTD:

                            1. StaplesLink: No transaction limit. UTD has
                               contracted with Staples Inc. and
                               Worthington Paper Company to bring you a
                               website where you can order office supplies,
   copier paper, and other commodities UTD uses frequently. Ordering is
   quick, easy, and 100% online – no forms to print out! Orders are
   shipped from Staples to Central Receiving, and delivered from there
   right to your office.
   To use StaplesLink, download the StaplesLink Access Request Form
   from the Procurement Management website, complete it, and send it to
   Jerry Porter at SB11. He will create a user account for you and an
   approval account for your supervisor. Once you have access, we believe
   any user who has shopped online before will have no problem using
   StaplesLink, but training materials are available on the Procurement
   Management website, and the StaplesLink site itself contains a very
   good online multimedia training video.
2. Petty Cash: Transaction limit of $50.00. This is a direct reimbursement
   of small purchases. After you purchase the needed item, fill out a
   Purchase Requisition (don’t forget the account manager’s signature!),
   attach the receipt for your purchase, and take it to the Bursar’s office
   within 14 days of making the purchase. You will be reimbursed in cash.
3. Small Order System (SOS): Transaction limit of $500.00. This is a
   department-generated Purchase Order. Departments with SOS
   privileges keep an inventory of SOS forms in their office. Fill out the top
   part completely (be especially sure to include the UTD account number),
   get the proper signatures, and then either take the form with you when
   you go to buy the item (the vendor gets the white copy), or give the SOS
   number to the vendor when ordering by phone. After making the
   purchase, send the blue and pink copies of the SOS to Procurement
   Management at AD34, and the yellow copy to Central Receiving at SB11.

          You must do this within 48 hours of placing your order, to ensure that
          Accounts Payable has it when the invoice arrives.
      4. Purchasing Card (MasterCard): Transaction limit of $1,000.00.
         Individuals who undergo special training may be allowed to use a
         Purchasing Card to procure goods and services. It works just like a
         regular MasterCard, and the charges are billed directly to UTD. The
         cardholder is responsible for reconciling his/her statement once a
         month, and sending a reconciled copy to Procurement Management.
      5. Purchase Order: No transaction limit. This method takes longest, but is
         the only way to get large-dollar items. Fill out a Purchase Requisition,
         get the appropriate signatures, and send it to Procurement Management
         at AD34. We will determine your funds availability, solicit bids if
         needed, create the Purchase Order, and fax it to the vendor. The vendor
         will then send the invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.
      6. Purchase Voucher: This is a special form used to authorize payments
         against blanket Purchase Orders, and you can also use it to request
         payment of membership dues1, conference/seminar registration fees, and
         periodicals subscriptions.

      HUB Program
      UTD is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action institution, and we take
      pride in giving women- and minority-owned businesses a chance to provide
      their goods and services at a fair price. We encourage anyone with
      delegated purchasing authority to do the same. Contact Paul Watson if
      you’d like help locating such a vendor, or visit the Comptroller’s website:

                                     Accounts Payable – Overview
                                     The Accounts Payable department is responsible for
                                     paying invoices related to Purchase Orders and
                                     SOS’s. They also process certain reimbursement
                                     requests, and payments to consultants and
                                     independent contractors hired via the Authorization
                                     for Professional Services.

    Memberships must be pre-approved by the Senior Vice President for Business Affairs (mail AD34).

Accounts Payable Forms Summary
 1. Purchase Voucher: Purchase Vouchers are typically used to authorize
    payment of membership dues, registration fees, and periodical
    subscriptions. In addition, Purchase Vouchers can assist in the handling
    of “blanket” Purchase Orders. Most Purchase Orders are for a fixed
    dollar amount, and the department automatically agreed to pay that
    much when they filled out the Purchase Requisition. However, a few of
    our Purchase Orders are on an “as-needed” basis, and in those cases, the
    department will need to review each invoice to make sure there aren’t
    any unauthorized charges. If your department has such Purchase
    Orders, make sure to fill out a Purchase Voucher when submitting each
    invoice for payment. It serves as your “okay” to pay it. You also need
    to submit Purchase Vouchers to request payment to any independent
    contractors or other service providers you’ve brought in.
 2. Authorization for Professional Services: UTD realizes that it’s often more
    cost-efficient to bring in professionals as necessary rather than try to keep
    them permanently on staff. If you need to bring in a guest lecturer,
    performer, or other service provider, make sure you fill out an
    Authorization for Professional Services as soon as possible. It needs to
    collect signatures from several different departments, so make sure you
    start on it early! Once service has been rendered and you’ve been billed,
    send a Purchase Voucher along with the original bill and a copy of the
    Authorization to Accounts Payable at AD34.
 3. Request for Payment/Reimbursement of Business Expense: This is a form
    designed especially for reimbursements, and works wonderfully for
    expenses that are purchases of intangible goods (entertainment is a big
    one). Fill out the form, get the proper signatures, attach the original
    receipts, and send it to AD34. Please pay special attention to UTD’s
    Discretionary Funds Guidelines before you incur too many expenses on
    the University’s behalf, lest you find out too late that some of them are
    not reimbursable!
    Some hints for filling out the Request for Payment/Reimbursement of Business
    Expense form:
          If there were more than 10 people in attendance at the event for
    which reimbursement is sought, you need only list them as a group (i.e.
    Campus Ambassadors, or Human Resources Department and spouses).
    If there are 10 or fewer, you must list them individually.

        If reimbursement involves meal expenses, and the only attendees
   were UTD employees, the person seeking reimbursement must exclude
   his/her portion from the total amount requested.
4. Request for Permission to Serve Alcoholic Beverages On Campus: Actually,
   this goes to several places, but Accounts Payable needs a copy as well if
   you plan to seek reimbursement for said alcohol.

                      Travel – Fast Facts

                             With only a few exceptions, most of your
                            travel expenses will be assumed by you, and
                            then reimbursed once you file a Travel Voucher.
                             The reimbursement rate for personal auto
                            mileage is $0.445 per mile. Mileage
                            reimbursements to points within Texas may be
                            limited to the “official” mileage listed with the
   Comptroller’s Office (visit for an
   automatic mileage calculator!) Mileage to points outside Texas can be
   verified by going to and printing out
   driving directions to your destination (the mileage is printed near the top
   of the page).
    Per diem for travel inside Texas is limited to actual expenses up to
   $85/night for lodging (before taxes) and $36/day for meals. It is not a
   flat reimbursement rate; if you only spent $64/night for lodging, you will
   only be reimbursed $64/night.
    Meals cannot be reimbursed on trips that did not involve an overnight
    Per diem rates for travel inside the 48 contiguous states but outside of
   Texas are reimbursed according to the Federal Per Diem schedule. You
   can find a copy online at
   43&contentType=GSA_BASIC (all one line)
    Per diem rates for travel outside the contiguous United States, both
   for overseas travel and for such places as Alaska, Hawaii, or U.S.

        possessions, are also based on Federal rates, which can be found at: (list can also be viewed
        in Microsoft Excel format)
         Lodging rates above the allowed per diem can be reimbursed in full if
        you obtain the permission of your supervisor and the Assistant Vice
        President for Procurement Management (currently Pete Bond, email, mail AD34) prior to taking your trip. However,
        you must use non-state funds to pay these overages.

                                             Travel – Step by Step
                            1.      As soon as you know where and when you’re
                                 going, begin filling out a Travel Authorization
                                 form. Be especially sure to include your
                                 destination and the business purpose of your trip,
                                 and the account number to which most of your
                                 expenses will be charged. (If you’re using several
                                 accounts, list the one that will be covering airfare.)

2.     Call UTD’s travel agent to book any airfare pertaining to this trip. As of
     February 5, 2001, this is Navigant Travel System.
           Why do I have to go through Navigant? Why can’t I go find my own
           cheap airfare on the Internet?
            Navigant, as our contracted travel agent, has the authority to
           provide the State of Texas contracted airfare between selected city
           pairs. Not only are the contract rates low, they’re also fully
           refundable at all times. Many of the cheap Internet specials aren’t.
            Navigant is also authorized to bill airfare directly to the
           University, with nothing out of your pocket. If you go through an
           outside agency, you will need to obtain pre-approval, then pay for the
           ticket and be reimbursed for it after your trip (see below).
            Lastly, part of our agreement with Navigant is that we will use
           them as much as possible for our air travel. If you find a significantly
           lower fare online, and feel the savings justify going through a third
           party, you will need to get a quote from Navigant to document your
           claim, then obtain permission from the AVP for Procurement

            Management. An email to or written memo to
            Pete Bond at AD34 is required. He will inform both you and
            Procurement Management of his approval or denial, either by return
            email or by signing the memo you sent to him. Include his approval
            with your Travel Voucher.

3.     Once you know your itinerary, fill out the rest of the Travel
     Authorization and send it to AD34.

4.      If you are not eligible for the UTD Travel Credit Card, and your
     department determines that you’ll need a travel advance, complete a
     Voucher/Promissory Note, get the proper signatures, and send it to Pete
     Bond at AD34. If it is approved, his staff will send it on to Procurement

5.       Take your trip, and make sure to hang on to all your receipts!

6.      When you return, complete a Travel Voucher. Attach your original
     receipts (make photocopies for yourself if you need them). Sign it, have
     your supervisor sign it, and send it to us at AD34 for payment processing.
           NOTE: If you have an outstanding travel advance (even if it’s not for
         this particular trip! See below), we may apply your reimbursement
         toward that advance. If we do this, you will receive a check for any
         remaining balance.

Travel Forms Summary
Because there is always a risk of forms being misplaced or misdirected as they
travel to us, we highly recommend that you keep photocopies of all pertinent
forms on file, at least until your reimbursement arrives.

   1. Travel Authorization: This must be filled out and in the Procurement
      Office before you travel. It is proof that UTD knows where you’re going,
      and that your supervisor is okay with paying for it. If we don’t have one
      on file when we get your Travel Voucher, your reimbursement may be

   2. Request for Governor’s Approval for State Employees Traveling to Foreign
      Countries: This form is only used if you are traveling to a foreign country
      (not including Canada or Mexico).

   3. Report of State Employees Traveling to Washington, DC: This needs to be
      filled out any time you travel on UTD business to Washington, DC to
      meet with U.S. government officials, no matter the source of funds –
      even if you’re not seeking reimbursement at all! Send it to Peg Zotter at
      AD24, so she can fax it to the appropriate parties. She’ll then forward it
      to us.

   4. Voucher/Promissory Note: This is what you fill out if you need a Travel
      Advance. Fill it out, have your supervisor sign it, and send it to Pete
      Bond’s office at AD34. Once he approves it, his office will forward it to
      us. Bear in mind that once you take out a Travel Advance, any and all
      reimbursements processed for you from that point onward will be
      applied toward the Advance until it is paid off, even if they have nothing
      to do with the trip for which you’re getting the Advance.

   5. Travel Voucher: This is the two-page form you will fill out when you
      return and need to seek reimbursement. Make sure to break down your
      meals and lodging expenses on page two. If you need to make any
      comments about unusual charges, use the large box on page two.


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