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									                                                     Tapan H. Patel
                                                   Ph :(972)-693-7966 (Cell)
                                                 Email: tapanpatelin@hotmail.com

Objective             To obtain a challenging and growth oriented position in the field of software development in
                      Networking Domain. (Availability: Immediate)

Education             Masters degree (MS) in Computer Science (Networks and telecom track)
                      University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, Texas
                      August 2007                                                                          GPA – 3.67

                      Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
                      Amravati University, Amravati, Maharashtra, INDIA                                    GPA – 3.80
                      August 2003

Computer Skills
Languages:            C, C++, VB.NET, Java, JSP, Servlets, VB, UML, PERL, Assembly (MASM, TASM)
Database Design:      SQL, PL/SQL, Crystal Reports, Oracle 8.0, FOXPRO, MS Access
Operating System:     UNIX, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, X-Windows, MS DOS, Solaris
Technologies:         Knowledge of following technologies:
                      TCP/IP, VOIP, WAN, LAN, UDP, OSI, DNS, ISUP, NAT, DHCP, RIP, OSPF, BGP, SNMP, IPv4,
                      IPv6, R4, BSC, MSC, CDMA, GSM, Routers, Switches, Bluetooth
Software:             Rational Rose, Requisite Pro, MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook
Web Development:      HTML, XML

Relevant Courses
Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms                                     Advanced Operating System
Database Management System                                                     Software Architecture and Design
Personal Communication Systems                                                 Computer Networks
Computer Oriented Architecture                                                 System Analysis & Design
Artificial Intelligence                                                        Digital Signal Processing
Algorithmic Aspects of Telecommunication Network                               Object Oriented Analysis & Design
Telecommunication Software Design

Work Experience
Dec 2005 – Current           AT&T (SBC Communications, Inc.)             2600 N. Central Expy, Richardson, TX
Associate Analyst
     Software development using C, Java, SQL, XML, PERL, Oracle.
     Worked with the MATREX program to get exposure to the different groups in the company.
     Participated in the Temporary Assignments with different clients in the company.
     Currently associated with Bill Formatting XML development group that handles the Wire line Telephone Electronic bills.
     Worked with BFXML and ENABLER team to assist them on the regular projects.
     Worked with Amdocs Bill Formatter third party software to develop Telegence Long Distance and
      Light Speed Billing Application.

May 2005 – Dec 2005          Texas Instruments Inc                   12500 TI Blvd, Dallas, TX
Co-op / Intern Software Developer
     Developing Software for various IC’s & EVM using .NET(dot net) framework
     Software development using VB.NET, Visual Basic, SQL
     Adding new schematics in an existing TPS40K software in Visual Basic 6.0
     PMP management before the software releases to the customer
     Providing customer support for software maintenance
     Developing UML diagrams necessary for upgrade of the TPS40K software
     Developed a Device Driver software for USB adapter.

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                                                     Tapan H. Patel
                                                     Ph :(972)-693-7966 (Cell)
                                                    Email: tapanpatelin@hotmail.com

March 2005 – May 2005        Verizon Wireless                           500 W Dove Rd, Southlake, TX
Network Engineer Intern
    Responsible for the support and maintenance of multiple applications. Primary applications supported included the
     following: Xpercom, NetExpert VSM, NOC Ops Portal, HP OpenView, and Cisco Wan Manager.
    Gathering and documenting requirements from users.
    Testing and implementing modifications to existing applications.
    Writing shell and PERL scripts to ease administrative burden of the application, operating system, and database.
    End to end applications design, development of test plans, and application deployment in support of Network
     Applications Engineering.
    Create and maintain project plans, communicate project plans, and coordinate logistics. Occasionally required to
     effectively communicate project status to customers, management, and vendors as well as participate in internal group

Jan 2004 – April 2004         Harley Davidson Financial Services         1801 Alma Street, Plano, TX
Underwriting Associate
     Process Credit Applications
     Credit analysis and decision making
     Handles customer/dealer/associate inquires
     Perform other duties related to credit application as required
     Maintains current awareness and understanding of appropriate banking laws, regulations, internal policies and
      procedures, and to comply fully with those laws, regulations, policies and procedures
     Responsible for protecting employees, customer and corporate information.

Oct 2003 – Dec 2004          BEST BUY                                  Preston Road & SH 121, Frisco, TX
Computer Technician
     Troubleshot and resolved diverse problems with various computers
     Installed proper Hardware and Software for proper function of computer
     Resolved Technical problems associated with internet
     Installed hardware components requesting by customer for upgrading the computer
     Performed System Optimization when necessary
     Provided Technical support to all customers on telephone

Sep 2002 – Feb 2003             INET Clinic Pvt. Ltd.                       Maharashtra, India
Project Name: Eye Clinic Management System
      Participated in all phases of system analysis and design for health clinic system to increase productivity and efficiency of clinic
      Designed entity relationship diagram (ERD), data flow diagrams (DFD), data dictionary and DBMS to fully integrate billing,
       scheduling and inventory of medications & patient data.
      Devised menu-driven MS Access database featuring forms, reports and switchboard for patient records, and
       implemented SQL queries based on numerous parameters.
      Added security measures to authenticate users.
Tools Used: Visual Basic, MS Access and SQL

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                                                      Tapan H. Patel
                                                   Ph :(972)-693-7966 (Cell)
                                                 Email: tapanpatelin@hotmail.com

Academic Projects
Emulation of Distributed Table Look Up Operation (Network Programming)
Developed a Distributed table look up operation to establish the Inter process communication between various machines in
the network using various features of Socket Programming, Thread Programming and File Handling functions in C
programming Language.

Network Programming Simulation
Performed the NP Simulation and collected the results of Performance Statistics, Data Watch and the memory watch which
helps in analysis of the traffic in the Telecom Networks.

Cellular Network Design
Implemented Cellular Network Design using functions that computes Traffic load of the system based on the various
parameters. Used cluster formation and sectorization of cells concept. Developed the complete project using C language.

Search Engine (Key-Word-In-Context)
The KWIC (Key Word in Context) index system accepts an ordered set of lines, where each line is an ordered set of words,
and each word is an ordered set of characters. A line is “circularly shifted” by repeatedly removing the first word and
appending it at the end of the line. KWIC index system outputs a listing of all circular shifts of all lines in ascending
alphabetical order.

Client Server Database Management System
Devised a Client Server Database storing DVD information using JDBC, SQL & Java. Provided user with GUI interface
which includes basic functions for updating, inserting and deleting the data into database.

Domestic Air Line Reservation System
Developed an Air line reservation system using Visual Basic and MS Access. Efficiently used all the tools of Visual Basic in
creating the various modules. Used SQL to retrieve all the data from the database.

Library Management System
Used C++ Programming language to develop this software which was then finally installed in the College to maintain the
library database.

     College topper and ranked in top 0.5% of the University under-grad students.
     Bagged best defense player in Soccer tournament.

VISA Status            U.S. Permanent Resident

Availability            Immediate.

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