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					                                                      The Interurban Runner
             I R C                                          Newsletter
                                                           May, 2009      

                President’s Report                                     My Favorite Run ~ June
As the saying goes, ―April showers bring May flowers.‖
This year I‘m wondering what the abundance of May                                 Teddy’s Trail Run
showers will bring in June? Fortunately for the IRC,
the rains of May have let up just when needed.
                                                                                  June 20 at 9:00 a.m.
Rain was predicted the morning of the Tacoma City
Marathon, but both the sun and the IRC‘s Blues
Brothers came out to brighten the day for marathon
                                                                                  Hosted by Becky &
runners and walkers. More than 20 IRC members,                                    Jake, with Teddy
dressed as the Blues Brothers, provided aid and a little
comic relief for runners at the 11 and 13-mile marks.
Many thanks go to King Turtle J. Ellis for organizing
the IRC Blues Brothers and for providing the music.         Some of you may be wondering what happened to
Also thanks go to John “Elwood” Kokes for his contin-       Alex‘s Soos Creek Trail Run which normally takes
ued improvements on the Blues Brother theme. John‘s         place in June. As it turns out, we both ended up with
props and series of signs greeting runners on the climb     schedule conflicts so we just swapped our Favorite Run
up the hill to the aid station really add to the Blues      dates—the Soos Creek run is now scheduled for Sept.
Brothers experience.                                        Teddy, our yellow lab, challenges you all to join him
IRC’s Cinco de Mayo Run                                     for his favorite run on the Clark‘s Creek trail in Puyal-
The rain also held off just long enough for the IRC‘s       lup. In mountain bike terms, the trail is a moderately
annual Cinco de Mayo run at Lake Youngs. A small            technical single track—meaning there are some good
but dedicated group of runners, and one biker, took on      hills to climb, rocks to watch out for and puddles to
the rolling 9-10 miles of trail around the lake. Rob        splash through. Stopping to roll in the puddles is op-
Willis enjoyed the run so much he did it twice! Thank       tional for everyone except Teddy. NOTE: trail shoes
you Jeff Haas for hosting May‘s ―My Favorite Run.‖          are recommended as the trail gets fairly slippery with
                                                            even a little rain so watch your step.
IRC Summer Race Series
                                                            The run will start at Becky & Jake‘s house (10308 72nd
The first IRC summer race was also affected by less
                                                            Avenue Court East, Puyallup, WA 98373) with a gen-
than ideal weather. Race day was filled with heavy
                                                            tle .8 mile warm up on the road to the trail – then the
rain and strong winds. Fortunately, the rains again let
                                                            adventure begins!! There are three and four mile routes
up just long enough for the IRC Mothers Day 5K.
                                                            on the trail and then you‘ll follow the same .8 mile
Cool temperatures and strong winds didn‘t stop 18 run-
                                                            route back to Becky & Jake‘s for a potluck brunch –
ners from completing the first IRC race of 2009!
                                                            we‘ll make the crepes, you bring your favorite filling.
James Matsusaka from Seattle led from start to finish,
covering the 5K in just 17:18! Coming across the finish     For more info contact Becky Jacobsen at 253-740-2880
line in second was Mitch Parker from Kent, followed by      or by e-mail at Directions
Kent Sizer of Renton.                                       will be forwarded with the e-mail reminders.

[President’s Report continued on page 3 …]
Page 2                                                                            The Interurban Runner Newsletter

         The Interurban Running Club                               Welcome New Members!
                                                          Alex Juchems, IRC president, is happy to announce
  is an organization for runners of all ages and abili-   that we have five new members! New members are
  ties. The Club provides the opportunity to meet         Mitch Parker from Kent, Donald Davis from Des
  other runners and improve running performance           Moines, Greg and Regan Nolten from Renton, and
  through regular workouts. The Club also organizes       Courtney Williams from Auburn. Mitch, Greg, Regan,
  social gatherings and outings for members, their        and Courtney ran the IRC‘s Mothers Day 5K. We look
  families and friends.                                   forward to seeing Mitch, Donald, Greg, Regan, and
                Everyone is welcome!                      Courtney at the next race and to joining the many IRC
                                                          events whenever they can.

                                                   IRC Officers & Board Members
                               President …………….                   Alex Juchems           ……….…253-529-8996
                               Vice President ……….                 Larry Coyne            ………....253-653-4456
                               Treasurer …………….                   Jeff Johnson            ………....253-927-7235
                               Secretary …………….                   Rick Garrison           ………....253-638-0476
                               Program Manager …..                 Jim Brewer             …….......253-752-0536
                               Member at Large ……                    J. Ellis             ………....253-564-4340
                               Race Director ……….                  John Kokes             ………....206-932-9355
                               Membership                          Dave Hardt             ………....253-970-9074
                               Coordinator …………. 
                                                                Becky Jacobsen            ………....253-740-2880
                               Newsletter Editor ….

                                           May Board Meeting
 By Rick Garrison. This month‘s board meeting was         ~Planning and organizing for the Spring Social, the
 held Tuesday evening, May 5th, at Star lake Tavern in    Summer Race Series and Jacobsens' My Favorite
 Auburn. In attendance were Alex Juchems, Larry           Run (June). The board ran through a preparation
 Coyne, John Kokes, J. & Meridith Ellis, Rick Garrison,   checklist and task assignments for the Spring Social.
 and Jeff Johnson. Jim Brewer could not attend.           John says the Mother's Day race is as ready as can
 ~The bills are getting paid and we have a comfortable    be. Becky and Jake's trail run is also set to go.
 level of funds according to our treasurer.               ~The web site feature allowing people to sign up for
 ~Positive reports regarding the Cinco de Mayo My Fa-     the races and renew their membership needs some
 vorite Run hosted by Jeff Haas, as well as the club‘s    tweaking.
 manning two water stations along the Tacoma Mara-        ~Already talking about new board members and
 thon route. There were discussions about how we can      gauging about who is going to return to the board
 improve for next year.                                   next year.
May, 2009                                                                                                    Page 3

[… President’s Report continued from page 1.]
The Mothers Day 5K was a success thanks to the follow-                 IRC 2009 Events &
ing volunteers; John Kokes – Race Director, J. Ellis -               My Favorite Run Calendar
Assistant Race Director, Kathy West – registration,
Larry Coyne, Jeff Haas and John Pontarolo – course
marshals. My volunteer duties were ―assistant‖ regis-                    June 6 Green River Marathon
tration and ―sock man.‖                                                          Steve Barrick
The ―Fathers Day 5K‖ is the next race, scheduled for                         June 13 Spring Social
Wednesday June 17th. The race will again start and                          Becky & Jake Jacobsen
finish at ―Three Friends Fishing Hole‖ park in Kent. If
you or someone you know is interested in running one or                  June 17 Father‘s Day Race 5k
more of the IRC races, check out the club‘s web site for
on-line race registration and directions                                  June 20 Teddy‘s Trail Run                                         Becky & Jake Jacobsen and Teddy the Dog

IRC Spring Social:                                                    July 15 Mid-Summer Race 5k and 8k
Save the date of Saturday June 13th for the IRC‘s
spring social. Becky and Jake Jacobsen are again open-              July 18 3 J.‘s Winery Run, Woodinville
ing their home as hosts. The club provides grilled meat,                            Jeff Haas
hot dogs and a vegetarian option. The Spring Social is a                      August 6 Liar‘s Mile
great time to visit with IRC members and enjoy deli-
cious food. See Becky‘s article for more details on what           August 12 Summer Sizzler Race 5k and 8k
to bring.
                                                                           August ?? Mt Si Run/Hike
IRC’s Used Shoe Drive:                                                           John Kokes
At last years Spring Social, the IRC began collecting
used running shoes for donation to those in need. Many                 September 12 Soos Creek Trail Run
shoes have been collected and IRC members continue to                           Alex Juchems
donate throughout the year. The IRC will again spon-
sor a used running shoe drive at this year‘s spring social.     September 19 Chili Feed and Membership Meeting
So bring your favorite summer side dish, lawn chair, and
                                                                         October 22 Trick or Treat Run
any pair(s) of used running shoes, no matter the condi-
tion. Just make sure each pair is tied together. Shoes            October 24 Tacoma Triangle & Tunnel Dash
are donated to Operation Nightwatch, a homeless shel-
ter in Seattle                           November 7 Starbucks to Starbucks Run
Looking forward to seeing you at an IRC race, regular                    December 12 Christmas Party
workout run, or social event soon!
                                                                   December 19 Black Diamond Bakery Run
                         Train on!                                           Steve & Dee Israel
                       Alex Juchems

                                                              If you have a favorite run that you would like to
                                                              share with fellow IRC members, you can do so by
                                                              hosting a ―My Favorite Run‖ for 2009. There are
                                                              open months, or we could have more than one ―My
                                                              Favorite Run‖ in a month. If you‘d like more infor-
                                                              mation about organizing an event, contact Jeff Haas
                                                              (253-630-4196; or any board member
                                                              and they will assist you. Don‘t worry about the de-
                                                              tails — you will have a lot of support.
Page 4                                                                               The Interurban Runner Newsletter

         Regularly Scheduled Runs                                                             Events
                     MONDAY                                                                  Calendar
~The Balanced Athlete, Kent, 5:00 am. 4-6 miles.
Eric Sach 253-239-6301;
                    TUESDAY                                Saturday, Jun 6. Flight for Sight 5K & 10K. Everett.
~Kentwood High School, 5:30 pm. Track workout.             Benefits Guide Dogs of America, 800-763-1301 ext 3319
Rick Garrison 253-638-0476 or windblown@                   Saturday, Jun 6. Green River Marathon, Kent WA.                                               Becoming one of the largest Free Marathons in the
~The Balanced Athlete, Kent, 6:00 pm. 2-8 miles.           country. Visit for details.
Eric Sach 253-239-6301;      Sunday, Jun 7. Furry 5K. Seward Park, WA.
                   WEDNESDAY                               10:00 AM,
~The Balanced Athlete, Kent, 5:00 am. 4-6 miles.           Friday, Jun 12. Fremont 5K & Briefcase Relay,
Eric Sach 253-239-6301;      Seattle, WA. 6:00 PM. 206-729-9972.
~Tacoma Waterfront, Katie Downs, 6:30 pm. 4-8 miles.       Saturday Jun 13. Sound to Narrows 5K & 10K.
John Schaphorst 253-298-7608 or           Tacoma, WA. 253-403-3065
                    THURSDAY                               Saturday, Jun 13. Five Mile Lake Triathlon, Five
~The Balanced Athlete, Kent, 6:00 pm. 2-8 miles.           Mile Lake Park, Auburn, WA. 206-920-3983
Eric Sach 253-239-6301;
                                                           Wednesday, Jun 17. IRC Father’s Day 5K, Three
~Scoreboard Pub, Federal Way, 6:30 pm. Varied dist.        Friends Fishing Hole Park, Kent WA. 6:30 PM. $10
Larry Coyne 253-653-4456 or                entry fee. Visit for more details
                      FRIDAY                               Saturday, Jun 20. White River 5K, Buckley, WA. Gla-
~The Balanced Athlete, Kent, 5:00 am. 4-6 miles.           cier Middle School. 253-862-8890
Eric Sach 253-239-6301;
                                                           Saturday, Jun 20. Fort Lewis Triple Threat Triath-
                     SATURDAY                              lon Series, Fort Lewis, WA. 253-967-2604
~Cedar River Trail, Maple Valley, 7:25 am. Varied dist.
Lake Wilderness Park. Rick Garrison 253-638-0476 or        Saturday, Jul 4. Fourth of July Triathlon and Duath-                                     lon. Elma, WA. 10:00 AM. 360-273-9684.

                     SUNDAY                                Saturday, Jul 4. 1st Annual Run/Walk For Freedom
~The Balanced Athlete, Kent, 8:00 am. 4-20 miles.          and Independence. 15k, 10k, 5k, 1 mile. Lakewood,
Eric Sach 253-239-6301;      WA. Fort Steilacoom Park 6:00 PM 253-983-0100
                                                           Saturday, Jul 11. Chuckanut Foot Race 7 miles. Bel-
                                                           lingham, WA. 9:00 AM. 360-676-4955
            Remember to Renew                              Saturday, Jul 11. Kent Cornucopia Days 5k Run and
For most IRC members, but not all, membership dues         Walk. Kent, WA. At Three Friends Fishing Hole Park
are payable at the end of each year. Check the mailing     9:00 AM 253-856-5050. Interurban Runners Club certi-
label on this newsletter for your membership expira-       fied course, courtesy of the IRC for all the City of Kent
tion date. You can mail your dues with the form on         does to help us with our summer race series.
the newsletter or renew electronically via a link on the
                                                           Saturday, Jul 25. SeaFair Torchlight 8K, 5K Run,
IRC website or by going directly to the following site:
                                                           Qwest Field, Seattle. 206-728-0123. Don‘t miss 
out on any club news or activities by letting your IRC
membership lapse. Thanks for being a member!
May, 2009                                                                                            Page 5


                                                             Bob Dolphin—Tremendous!
              IRC Mother’s Day 5K                  Apr 4 Yakima River Canyon Marathon, Ellensburg
                                                         to Selah, WA. 6:29:40, 2nd 75-79 Male
                  Race Results
                                                   Apr 28 Wenatchee Marathon, Wenatchee, WA.
  5K                                                      6:16:39, 2nd (of two) 75-79 Male
Overall       Name      Time            Hometown
 Place                                                         Gary Wright—Marvelous!
            James               M 40-              Apr 18 18th Annual Leona Divide 50 Mile Run,
   1        Matsusaka   17:18    49     Seattle           Angeles Nat‘l Forest near Lake Hughes, CA.
            Mitch               M 40-                     17/17, Men 50-59; 93/98, Men; 130/138 OA
   2        Parker      18:34    49     Kent              ~Beautiful views of mountains & desert; 22
            Kent                M 50-                     miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.
   3        Sizer       19:31    59     Renton
            Mike                M 50-                       Terri Stewart—Extraordinary!
   4        Hominda     21:59    59     Auburn     Apr 20 Boston Marathon, 3:48
            Randy               M 60-                     ~Perfect Northwest weather, cloudy, and in
   5        Smith       22:15    69     Vashon            the 40s. Next time she‘d like to try it without
            Judy                F 60-                     the headwinds!
   6        Fisher      24:39    69     Auburn
            Bill                M 50-   Gig                   Judy Fisher—Remarkable!
   7        Barmore     24:40    59     Harbor     Apr 25 Redmond Elementary Hawk Run 5K
                                                          23:32, 2nd Female 60-69
            Valerie             F 40-
                                                   Apr 26 Mt. Rainier Duathlon, Enumclaw, WA
   8        Beyer       25:19    49     Auburn
                                                          1.6 Mi. Run, 14.4 Mi. Bike, 3.8 Mi. Run,
            Greg                M 30-
                                                          1:42:25, 1st Female 60+
   9        Nolten      26:02    39     Renton
                                                   May 3 Tacoma City Half Marathon
            Regan               F 30-                     1:49:25, 1st Female 65-69
  10        Nolten      26:05    39     Renton     May 10 Kirkland Half Marathon
            Katie               F 30-                     1:49:46, 1st Female 60-69
  11        Sifferman   26:17    39     Kent
            Ray                 M 60-
  12        Arrington   26:35    69     Kent
            Wayne               M 50-
  13        Cofer       27:44    59     Kent
            Janine              F 40-
  14        Wright      27:57    49     Kent
            Neal                M 60-
  15        Stoddard    28:29    69     Kent
            Cindi               F 50-   Maple
  16        Williams    35:12    59     Valley
            Courtney            F 20-
  17        Williams    35:13    29     Auburn
            Ruggles                                                Memorial Day May 25
  18        Larson      39:01   M 70+   Tacoma
Page 6                                                                                 The Interurban Runner Newsletter

  Large Member Report
                                                                             IRC Spring Social
I made it to one of the       water station we had they      Mark your calendars now for Saturday, June 13, the
Scoreboard Thursday           wondered where the music       date for our Spring Social. This year‘s event is a family-
Nights this past month        was, but then later found      friendly cookout at the home of Becky & Jake
like I said I would be do-    out we were at two water       Jacobsen, 10308 72nd Avenue Court East, Puyallup.
ing more of. Meridith and     stations. That first one at    We‘ll start around 4pm with dinner around 6pm, and
I met there for the social-   mile 11 was just a taste of    then socializing until ??? The club will provide beef and
izing after the run. Hey, I   what was to come and I         chicken, as well as veggie burgers, and sodas. We‘re
made it there. The turn       don't think the neighbor's     asking everyone to bring their favorite ‗tizer, sidedish,
out is pretty large, at       in Ruston would really         salad, or dessert and adult beverage. Also, weather per-
least for the socializing,    have appreciated loud mu-      mitting, we‘d like to invite folks to enjoy the deck and
and if I get there for the    sic on a Sunday morning.       patio so you might want to bring along a lawn chair.
run then I can see how        Thank you all for volun-       Please call Becky Jacobsen at 253-740-2880 or e-mail
many turn out for that        teering.                       her at and let her know by
portion. I do have strong                                    May 30th if you plan to attend and how many folks
                              There were a few slight        will be in your party. We hope to see you all there!!
intentions to get out and
                              glitches on Sunday morn-
run or walk with my fel-                                     Directions: From Hwy 167 take the exit for Hwy 512
                              ing setting up the 13 mile
low IRC members, I just                                      west (toward Tacoma), stay on Hwy 512 then exit the
                              water stop. First, I was
need to make it a reality.                                   exit for ―Hwy 161 South, South Hill, Eatonville‖; go
                              pulled over by the Ruston
Another good training                                        right at the light onto 104th Street; stay on 104th
                              Police when I turned down
experience for me was                                        Street until you come to a 4 way stop at Fruitland
                              a blocked off one way
traveling to Mexico for a                                    (you‘re almost here); go straight through the intersec-
                              street to get runners to the
three day cruise. Despite                                    tion then take the second right onto 72nd Avenue
                              11 mile water stop. I
lowering my immune sys-                                      Court East by the large periwinkle colored house –
                              jumped out of the Yukon
tem by drinking libations,                                   we‘re the next to last house on the dead end street.
                              with my Blues Brothers
staying up late and not       outfit on, sunglasses and      From I-5 (north or south) take Exit 128 which is Hwy
eating properly, I did not    hat on my head, to talk to     512 east; stay on Hwy 512 then take the Canyon Road
come back with the swine      the officer who did point      exit; go left at the light onto Canyon Road; go right at
flu. Nor did my lovely        out I was still going the      the first main intersection onto 104th Street; you‘ll
flight attendant wife         wrong way on a one way         come to a 4 way stop at Woodland (you‘re almost
which the media said was      street. Luckily no ticket.     here); go straight through the intersection and then
the cause for the swine flu   The next glitch came after     take the first left onto 72nd Avenue Court East by the
entering the USA, flight      setting up the stereo, run-    large periwinkle colored house – we‘re the next to last
attendants going back         ning the speaker wires a       house on the dead end street.
and fourth to Mexico.         100 feet out and hooking
I had a lot of volunteers     up the speakers, plugging
for the 3rd Annual Ta-        in to the generator and
coma City Marathon wa-        then realizing I didn't
ter station's that the IRC    bring the cables to hook
manned. I heard from          the CD player up to the
many runners that we          stereo receiver. Thanks to
really pepped them up,        some quick thinking by
music was heard from a        my neighbor and IRC
long way off and it drove     member Steve Scoles, but
them up that hill. They       not so quick action,
                              [Continued on page 7 …]
did say that the first
May, 2009                                                                                                      Page 7

  Wenatchee Marathon, Apr 18, 2009
By Bob Dolphin, Edited by     ive parks and ran two ten-      [… Large Member Report continued from page 6.]
Lenore Dolphin. Running       mile loops counter-             Steve was able to ―jerry rig‖ the two together with
the Wenatchee Marathon        clockwise on each side of       speaker wire and it worked Very Loudly. The only
in the city in Washington     the Columbia River.             runner that missed the loud Blues Brothers music
with the same name was        Crossings were made at a        was Michael Lyons who was the this years over all
something that I had          foot bridge and a pedes-        winner, again. He was in the zone and probably
wanted to do since its es-    trian walkway on a high-        wouldn't have noticed or maybe the lack of music is
tablishment in 2005. Race     way bridge.                     why he was two minutes off from his record previ-
conflicts prevented my                                        ous time. We will have to see next year when I know
                              There was quite a contrast
running it until this year.                                   I will have all the equipment I need for the stereo.
                              between the two sides.
I looked forward to explor-
                              The south side had three        The first IRC race of the season saw the lowest turn-
ing the paved trails on
                              city parks, and the north       out of runners we have ever had so I sure hope we
both sides of the Columbia
                              side was ―natural‖ with         get more support from our own IRC members than
River during the run.
                              woods, fields & sagebrush.      we did this last race. We need runners to make it a
Packet pickup the day be-                                     good club race. See you at the Father's Day 5K.
                              The course was relatively
fore the race was held at                                     Support your club.
                              flat with a few minor hills,
Arlberg Sports in down-
                              mostly on the north shore
town Wenatchee. Lenore                                                           See you running
                              and at the access to the
and I renewed our ac-                                                           and stay tenacious.
                              bridges. In the first out-
quaintanceship with the                                                     J. Ellis, Member at Large.
                              and-back miles it was pos-
race directors who also
                              sible to see the entire field
conduct the Leavenworth
                              and to greet friends.
Marathon in the fall.
Near the sport store, the                                 Cinco de Mayo Recap
various events started and
finished by the Perform-       By Jeff Haas. This years Cinco de Mayo run had a lowly turnout of six brave
ance Arts Plaza on race        souls who all made the 10 mile loop around the Lake Young's reservoir. It was a
day. Early-bird half mara-     balmy 57 degree day with misty rain. The Tacoma Marathon was May 3rd so
thon and marathon walk-        many IRC members were involved with either running or volunteering at the
ers left together at 7:30      Blues Brothers water station. Regardless Jeff Haas, Rob Willis, Cyclist Alan Sofi-
a.m. The half marathon         nowski, John Kokes, John Schaphorst, and Alex Juchems, made the event. The
started at 8:00 a.m., while    conditions were perfect for the grueling yet scenic course. Afterwards we all en-
the combined field of 10K,     joyed great Mexican food at La Fuentes in Fairwood. Alan was the first customer
marathoners and mara-          ever known to order a pitcher of tequila and the rest is a blur from there.
thon relay runners left at
8:15 a.m.
The temperature was 40
degrees, and the sky was
clear and calm as we ran
north on Wenatchee Ave-
nue and on several side
streets to the River Trail.
At the 5K mark in a park
there was a turn-back for
the runners as we contin-
ued south through attract-
    The Interurban Runner Newsletter
PO Box 24882
Federal Way, WA 98093-1882

May, 2009

        The Interurban Runners Club Membership Application & Renewal Form
Name(s)__________________________________________               Waiver: I, my heirs, executors, administrators, and as-
                                                                signs waive, release and discharge any and all rights or
                                                                damages against the Interurban Runners Club (IRC) and
Address ___________________________________________             its sponsors, directors and agents for all claims arising or
                                                                resulting from traveling to or from and participating in
City __________________ State ______ Zip _____________
                                                                IRC events. I attest that I have full knowledge of the
E-Mail ____________________________________________             risks involved in running and that I am physically fit and
                                                                sufficient trained to participate.
___ Please add me to the e-mail list (Y or N)
Day Phone ________________________________________
                                                                _______________________________              ____________
Evening Phone _____________________________________
                                                                Signature (parent or guardian if             Date
___ Please list my phone number in directory (Y or N)           under 18)
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY) _____-_____-__________               Please make checks to
___ New Membership                 ___ Renewal                  Interurban Runners Club
Type of Membership: Please Indicate Interests                   Mail to
___ Individual ($15)      ___ Regular Workouts     ___ Relays   Interurban Runners Club
                                                                Membership Coordinator
___ Family ($17)          ___ Marathons            ___ Ultras
                                                                PO Box 24882
___ Student ($5, must     ___ Half Marathons       ___ 5&10Ks   Federal Way, WA 98093-
be in school/college)     ___ Multi-sport Events                1882

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