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									White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

Save 2 years on development, documenting and debugging!

Why start coding a live chat system from zero when you can have your
own live chat business within 2 weeks!

Promptchat is now available as a white label live chat business system.

                           Target audience:
                   E-commerce system developers
                   Online sales/marketing agencies
                          PPC/SEM experts
                             Call centres
                     Independent entrepreneurs

What you get;

  1. The Promptchat white label live chat hosting and account
     administration system allows you to manage your own chat
     hosting server(s), your own resellers and customers.
  2. Set your own prices and/or bundle it with your existing product.
  3. You host the system on your own server under your own brand.
  4. Installation on your server and operational training included
  5. No ongoing costs to Promptchat.
  6. One time payment and optional annual Software upgrades.
  7. Optional support contracts and managed services also available.
White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

Why use live chat for business? –> Why live chat software sells?

  -   Online customers are impatient.

  Start providing online customer support online in real time via live
  chat on your website. Good customer support always pays off.

  -   Sales lead generation.

  One of the easiest way for businesses to get in contact and
  prequalify more prospective customers is going to be via live chat.
  Everyone can chat, it’s a part of life in 2010 (ICQ, Skype,
  GoogleTalk, Facebook chat etc…)

  -   Increase online sales conversions.

  Customers are more likely to leave your shopping cart before
  completion when     they do not have access to an online support
  representative. Using proactive chat invitations at the right time in
  the right place on your website can boost sales conversions by up to

  -   Learn how your website visitors use your site.

  You can watch your web visitors in real time as they browse your
  pages. See where they come from, how much time they spend on
  which particular page, how actively they scroll the page(s), when
  they type etc… Half of this information will never be available from
  statis statistics by Google Analytics etc… Knowledge is power.
  Understanding your prospective customers is the key in any sales
  situation whether that is online or offline sales. Promptchat offers the
  tool for the online sales situations.

  -   Boost effectiveness of online campaigns.

  Using PPC Adwords to generate qualified traffic to a website works
  great! Trouble is the clicks tend to get expensive if there is not
  enough conversions. Connect PPC, Banner ad, Email campaigns
  with the live chat system and navigate your ’clickers’ with the
  chatbox. These „special” chatboxes appear only to the clickers of a
  particular online advertisement. Use this feature to build Email lists,
  navigate web visitors through the site and narrow down their
  attention spam to a single action to take upon arrival. Using the
  campaign code feature smartly in the Promptchat system will save
  money, will justify PPC costs and increase sales conversions and all
  this can be done automatically without human intervention.
White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

Key features:

                                                                         1.) The Chatbox

Fully customizable chatbox!
Quickly and easily add the chatbox to your website, blogs, banner ads.

   -   Set colour, size                                        -   Leave a message system
   -   Copy/paste integration                                  -   Multi lingual
   -   Many config options                                     -   100% Compatible
Show either your company logo or an operator picture in the top part of the chatbox.
Under the chatbox, you can display rotating special offers, affiliate banners with links.
Live chat transcripts are 100% secure.
White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

    2.) The Chat Operator Software User Interface

  3.) The Unlimited client administration system

                                                 * Unlimited clients
                                                 * Customer groups
                                                 * Unlimited servers
                                                 * Add new servers
                                                 when you need it

                                                 (Grows with your
                                                 business     at  no
                                                 further  costs   for
                                                 software licenses)
White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

  4.) Online Free Trial registration module for
  your and your partners’ websites. (Affiliate
  tracking included. See example below…)

  You can create unlimited number of Account registration modules
  and place them in a frame for instance on partner websites; 7 day
  trial account generators, 30 day trial accounts etc…

  When this module is on partner websites, you will always know who
  to pay out commissions and always stay in control.

  Graphic layout look and feel      of   the   account   generator   is
  customizable via HTML editor.

  Built in Email auto responder.
White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

       See further screenshots of the admin panel by clicking here.

  Services available from Promptchat experts:

  -   Installed and trained in your branded environment generally within
      2-3 weeks.
  -   Software customization available
  -   2x Software upgrades per year
  -   Open source – You can continue to develop the system on your
      own or buy a software maintenance contract.

Some examples on how our customers generate extra revenue with
their white label Promptchat system (Without company names

Webshop service provider with 1,200 active customers:

Added the Promptchat script to the webshop system as one of the add-
on modules in the web store. Their version of Promptchat became
available to 1,200 customers from one day to the other. After a few
email newsletter broadcast they achieved significant percentage of
their clientbase to subscribe to the chat service. Clients pay monthly.
Subscription userbase continues to grow month by month.

Internet marketing/Online sales conversion consultancy:

Offers their version of Promptchat to all their clients and every PPC
landing page they create for campaigns includes a Promptchat
account. They charge per PPC campaign and sell the value added
service at premium rate to the end user.

Call Centre:

Puts the live chat button offering live support to their clients’ website
visitors. All chat transcripts once a day are sent via email to the end
user and when an instant response is required during a chat session
the call centre agent calls the end user for the necessary information.
Clients are charged per month for the “websecretary” service.

Martin Wacey, Online sales conversion consultant:

Provides specialist consultancy to small to medium size businesses on
how to use live chat successfully for online sales; Where to put the
chatboxes on the website, at what time invite website visitors for a live
chat session and what mindset/wording to use during the live chat
session in order to create trust and confidence with the web visitor.
Martin charges a fee on a project per project basis.
White label live chat hosting server (Sw only)

                          Pricing Information

1.) Live Chat Business System rebranded as per your requirements.

Unlimited servers, accounts, customer groups, web based customer
administration system, all features included. You provide the Server.
One time installation fee and half a day operational training included.

System requirements:
Dedicated Server or VPS Hosting should be (other options also available, please
contact us for details): Linux CentOS 5, Apache Webserver, MySQL DB, 2 GB RAM
and dual XEN CPU. Such servers can be hired in North America for as low as US$ 60
per month. You can start with a single server and add chat servers as the load

Price: US$ 4,000

2.) We also recommend a standby support fee for the 1st 2 months of
the deployment at the cost of US$ 500 per month.
During the course of these first two months you will have access to our
support and development team to request moderate changes to the
system to meet your business case.

Price for 2 months standby development support service: US$ 1,000

3.) Software Maintenance:

        1st 6 months included in the price.
        After the initial first 6 months the Sw maintenance contract
        costs US$ 1,000 per year. (This is however not mandatory and
        you can buy the upgrade anytime in the future.)

4.) System maintenance, server monitoring and technical support:

        Due to the nature of such SaaS solutions we only offer monthly
        payable contracts at the cost of US$ 200. This includes server
        monitoring, creating regular (24 hour) back up of databases and
        the data.

        This service is not mandatory. Any experienced IT system
        administrator will understand the system and be able to support
        it after the 1st 2 months of the deployment period. (Technologies
        used Linux, MySQL, HTML, CSS)

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