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					                                 THE BRIEFING
                           Peace, War, & Defense
                              Volume 1, Issue 1                Spring 2008

                            Interview with Student Body President, J.J. Raynor (‘09)
                            By Meghan Davis (‘08)

                                    .J. Raynor didn’t                “He used reverse     about thinking, Raynor
                                    like Carolina much      psychology on me,” she        kept researching Carolina
New in Peace, War, &                at first. During her    says of Ken Raynor, a         and found the PWAD
Defense:                     initial visit, as a high                                     program.
                             school junior, she got a                                               When she came
• 206 PWAD majors            funny feeling in her stom-                                   back for a longer campus
                             ach.“I was sick the day of                                   visit through Explore
                             my first tour at Carolina,”                                  Carolina, she promptly
• PWAD major J.J.            she says. “It was not the                                    got into a debate with a
  Raynor elected Student     best first impression.”                                      professor about the moral-
                                        Now, she’s is                                     ity of insurgency.
  Body President             Carolina’s student body                                                With that,
                             president, a member of                                       Raynor accepted her ad-
                             Phi Beta Kappa and a                                         missions offer. She listed
                             double major in peace,                                       PWAD as her major im-
                             war and defense and eco-        Student Body President and   mediately.
Inside this issue:           nomics. She was inaugu-         PWAD major J.J. Raynor                 “I came in know-
                             rated April 1.                                               ing what I wanted to do,”
                                        Despite the un-                                   she says. “That was the
Elizabeth Menninga   4       fortunate tour, Raynor         Carolina alumnus along        best decision ever, I’ve
                             didn’t rule Carolina out.      with her mother Lucy.         never doubted it.”
                             Why? She loves a good          Knowing his daughter’s                  Raynor wasted
Katrina Martin       5       debate.                        personality, Ken Raynor       no time getting involved.
                                        During that first   showed little interest of     She joined the office of
Erin Kimsey          6       tour, her father’s lack of     his own in the tour in the    the attorney general, part
                             reaction added to the          hope of sparking J.J.’s.      of Carolina’s Honor Sys-
                             points in Carolina’s favor.             With that round-     tem, as a (cont’d p.2)
Raynor on Choosing   7
a VP                         Service in Iraq
Professor Wayne Lee 7        By Rob Berra (‘06)

                                    was asked by Dr.        that the twenty-
Update from Rye      8             Glatthaar to write a     four 19D Scouts
Barcott                            bit about my experi-     in my platoon do
                              ences thus far being de-      or fail to do.
Professor Navin      10       ployed as an American                    I picked
Bapat                         Soldier to Iraq. I’ll start   up 1st Platoon,
From the Desk of the 11       off with a quick introduc-    Bravo Troop, 1-
Chair                         tion to myself and the job    32 CAV in Au-
                              position I’m currently in.    gust 2007, one month
Summer Internship    11                                                                   (JRTC)” at Ft. Polk, LA.
                                        I’m a Platoon       before we were set to de-
at the State Dept.                                                                        There wasn’t a whole lot
                              Leader for an air assault,    ploy to Iraq. I had just
                                                                                          of room for training prior
                              motorized, reconnaissance     completed Ranger School
                                                                                          to deploying.
                              platoon in the 101st Air-     and my men had just fin-
                                                                                                   We deployed to
                              borne Division based out      ished their final training
                                                                                          Kuwait on September 20,
                              of Ft. Campbell, KY. I’m      event called “Joint Readi-
                                                                                          2007. We (cont’d. p2)
                              responsible for everything    ness Training Center
                                         THE BRIEFING                                                                               Page 2

                                         Interview with J.J. Raynor, cont’d from p.1
                                         council her freshman year,         things about Roosevelt is        will serve her well in the
                                         and moved up to a cabinet          that it really is a new idea,”   legislative outreach she
                                         position this year.                she says. “Students can be-      plans to do on behalf of stu-
                                                   Carolina offered         come experts themselves.         dents at the North Carolina
                                         Raynor many outlets for her        For example, we were study-      General Assembly.
                                         interests in public policy and     ing and talking about Hamas                “I’m not sure why,
                                         conflict studies. She helped       just before war broke out in     but people have always over-
                                         launch UNC’s branch of the         Lebanon.”                        looked the work that stu-
                                         Roosevelt Institution, a stu-                 Communicating         dents can do in crafting the
                                         dent think tank, and served        policy ideas is also part of     policy solutions to the prob-
                                         as the campus president last       her role as student body         lems that confront our soci-
                                         year.                              president, and Raynor says       ety.”
                                                   “One of the great        her work with Roosevelt                          (cont’d. p3)

      PWAD major Meghan Davis
          interviewed J.J.
                                      Service in Iraq, cont’d from p.1

    “Within the span                        stayed at Camp Buehring,        The first thing that popped      manders and gunners. One
                                            Iraq for two weeks, complet-    in my head was that, as a        less man and my platoon
    of seven days my                        ing the theater-wide man-       combat veteran, he knew          would have been combat
    platoon was hit by                      dated tasks prior to entering   what he was doing and he         ineffective. It’s times like
                                            Iraq. From Kuwait we flew       was probably avoiding IEDs       then when we had to get a
    three IEDs
                                            to LSA-Anaconda, Iraq,          that I was sure were all over    little creative with our man-
    resulting in two                        which is essentially the main   the road. I look over and        power. My platoon sergeant
                                            hub for personnel entering      he’s slouched over half          and I were down at the mo-
                                            or exiting the country. From    asleep at the steering wheel.    tor pool fixing our vehicles
    vehicles, three                         LSAA we flew on UH-60s,         Upon me waking him up, he        and doing things we nor-
    purple hearts, and                      Blackhawk helicopters, to       nearly flipped the truck,        mally wouldn’t need to do be
                                            FOB Caldwell, IZ located        jerking it back on the road.     doing. No matter what any-
    two of my men sent                      in the Diyala Province          The lesson learned here was      body tells you, your men
    back to the States                      (65km NE of Baghdad). We        to trust your gut. The slow      respect you more when they
                                            conducted a relief in place     drift to the shoulder of the     see you at their level, doing
    with injuries.”
                                            (RIP) with 5-73, 82nd Air-      road didn’t make too much        the things they do on a daily
                                            borne Division before as-       sense to me considering that     basis.
                                            suming complete control of      I was led to believe the ma-                One month later we
                                            our sector.                     jority of the IEDs were          moved from FOB Caldwell
                                                                    My      placed on the sides of the       to FOB Paliwoda, which is
                                                          first combat      road where it was much eas-      located just outside of Balad,
                                                          patrol as the     ier to emplace. We some-         IZ in the Salah Din province.
                                                          patrol leader     times know more than we          Our sector consisted of the
                                                          was a sphere of   think we do, even when           volatile Jabouri Peninsula,
                                                          influence (SOI)   placed in precarious posi-       known as the birthplace of
                                                          engagement at     tions.                           the Sunni insurgency. This
                                                          the mayor’s                  Within the span of    sector was completely for-
                                                          office in down-   seven days my platoon was        eign to the majority of us as
                                                          town Balad        hit by three IEDs resulting in   it was much more urbanized
                                                          Ruz (the city     two destroyed vehicles,          than the sector near FOB
                                                          central to our    three purple hearts, and two     Caldwell.
                                                          sector). Some-    of my men sent back to the                  Within our first
                                                          thing interest-   States with injuries. Due to     few weeks in our new sector,
Combat Patrol in the Salah Din Province ing happened on this patrol.        casualties, my platoon con-      our Executive Officer (XO)
searching for foreign fighters hiding in the On our way out the gate        sisted of twelve men, just       was shot in the abdomen by
              cave systems                   towards the city, my driver    enough to run four gun           a sniper as we were helping
                                             began drifting off the road.   trucks of drivers, truck com-    a Concerned       (cont’d. p4)

          “Which model bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and which on Nagasaki?” ~Student
          “You drop two 20 kiloton bombs on Japan, from the Japanese perspective the model is irrelevant.” ~Wang Lee
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                          Page 3

Interview with J.J. Raynor, cont’d from p.2

           Raynor says the        ternational stakeholders        PWAD is one example of
 PWAD department has              such as the United Nations.     that.”
 helped her realize how she       Raynor’s research showed                  She mentions turn-
 could connect her PWAD           that NGOs were not always       ing to PWAD faculty and
 studies with another strong      effective in communicating      staff for advice and support.
 interest, economics, by          warnings of tension through               “How many depart-
 studying “how economics          the press.                      ments have a Jackie Gor-
                                                                                                    Sunset over Berra’s Camp in
 and genocide play into each                 “My project ended    man?” she asks. “I’m inter-                   Iraq
 other,” she says.                up finding some very mixed      ested in trying to recreate
           For the summer of      results,” she says.             the PWAD experience for
 2007, Raynor was awarded a                  Thinking seriously   other departments.”
 Burch Fellowship, which          about policy is what made                 Raynor might not
 she used to study democracy      Raynor decide to run for        have been sure about Caro-
                                                                  lina, but she grew up a Caro-        “How many
 and community develop-           SBP.
 ment in Thailand.                           “I felt that we      lina sports fan.                     departments have
           “It’s a question of,   needed someone who under-                 “I have a really
 do you really have a democ-      stood how important it is       skewed impression of when            a Jackie
 racy if the government func-     that we truly be a public       sports happen,” she says. “I
                                                                  thought the Super Bowl was           Gorman?” she
 tions on handouts?” she says     institution and who had the
 of Thailand’s government         skill set to move us forward    in March,” perhaps an ele-           asks. “I’m
           When she’s strug-      in that direction,” she says.   ment of March Madness.
                                                                            Her enthusiasm for         interested in
 gling through a day, she         “It took a week of just sit-
 remembers Thailand. “You         ting back and thinking about    Carolina basketball is espe-         trying to
 carry Thailand in a bubble       where we are, what we need      cially contagious, she
 on your shoulder,” she says.     to be as a university, and      learned during a Roosevelt           recreate the
           Her native South-      what I could do to help with    conference.
                                                                            While playing host         PWAD experience
 ern culture was not so differ-   some of the decisions that
 ent from Thai culture, she       we are facing to convince       to students from as far away         for other
 says, and finding that con-      me to run.”                     as Stanford University,
 nection endeared Raynor to                  Raynor’s tenure      Raynor converted them all            departments.”
 the community.                   will be undoubtedly be af-      to Carolina fans, if only for
           “You eat every-        fected by the tragic death of   a night.
 thing that’s put in front of     her immediate predecessor,                “It
 you, just like in the South,”    Eve Carson. She stepped         was the day
 she says. “Understanding         into Carson’s seat on the       of the Duke
 that opened up opportuni-        search committee to select      game two
 ties.”                           the new chancellor. Car-        years ago,”
           She was invited to     son’s advice in the days        she says of
 travel with a local AIDS         following the election was      the dramatic
 researcher, visit fish farms     invaluable, Raynor said just    win in Cam-
 that fund local schools, and     before Carson’s death. Fol-     eron Indoor
 even make a trip to an un-       lowing Carson’s example,        Stadium on
 derground club run by the        Raynor filled her cabinet by    Duke Univer-
 Russian mafia, she claims.       application, rather than ap-    sity’s senior
           In her junior year,    pointment.                      night. “I had
 Raynor completed an inde-                   Raynor’s vice        them cheer-
 pendent study project for        president, Todd Dalrymple,      ing and jump-
 PWAD with political sci-         is also a PWAD major.           ing over fires
 ence professor Stephen Gent      Their PWAD experience           on Franklin
 on attempts by nongovern-        will inform the upcoming        Street.” ■
 mental organizations work-       student government term.
 ing to resolve violent con-                 “PWAD is the ideal
 flicts. These NGOs often use     academic experience,” she
 the press and media rela-        says. “Carolina is big and                    PWAD majors enjoying dinner at the Carolina Brewery
 tions techniques to alert in-    small at the same time, and

     “But it’s alcoholic so you can drink it at any time of the day. Beer’s not just for breakfast anymore.” ~Wang Lee
                                       THE BRIEFING                                                                             Page 4

                                       Service in Iraq, cont’d from p.2

                                       Local Citizens (CLC) group       riculum is to keep learning.      the platoon and if you don’t
                                       stand up. He was                 I’ve learned so much about        set a hard, aggressive tone,
                                       MEDEVAC’d to Germany             Iraq’s history from talking to    your men will relax and get
                                       and eventually to Walter         the Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police,     complacent.
                                       Reed for treatment. He’s         interpreters, KBR contrac-                  Take the good and
                                       still recovering.                tors who walk in the chow         leave the bad behind as you
                                                 The CLCs are the       hall, and especially from         continue to learn. Study the
                                       biggest gains in security that   reading. Every piece of           history of the environment
                                       Coalition Forces have made       knowledge you gain adds           you’re heading into, respect
                                       in this country. It all ties     fuel to your credibility and      the people and their customs,
                                       into the “Awakening” that        strength to your arguments        and most importantly keep an
                                       sees groups of men standing      when you deal with the lead-      open mind. If you have any
                                       up and defying Al-Qaeda in       ers in sector.                    other questions of me or my
                                       Iraq (AQIZ) in their areas.                 Lastly, men are        men don’t hesitate to ask. You
                                       The fact is that they are        men, even in combat. You          can reach me either through
                                       keeping IEDs off the streets     would be surprised how easy       Dr. Glatthaar or at ber-
                                       and are the main driving         it is to get complacent in an
                                       force for turning in weapons     environment such as this.         -Rob Berra ■
Rob Berra at School Supply Drop Off    and caches to CF. Their          People get tired, people get
     at a local school in sector       motivations for joining the      lazy, and people want to
                                       CLC, largely financial,          take short cuts. It’s up to the
                                       partly patriotic, don’t really   junior leaders to make sure
                                       matter much to the men and       that their men do the right
   “The best piece                     women who patrol the             thing and do the right thing
                                       streets.                         all the time. It’s a constant
   of advice I can                               The best piece of      challenge but it’s extremely
                                       advice I can give to anyone      necessary. Ultimately it’s
   give to anyone
                                       studying in the PWAD cur-        up to me to set the tone for
   studying in the

   PWAD curriculum
                                      Elizabeth Menninga’s (‘08) Research with Dr. Bapat
   is to keep

   learning.”                                  oward the end of last    to other people. The honest       how to incorporate math into
                                               Spring I entered Dr.     answer has always been that       a PWAD research project.
                                               Glatthaar’s office in    both majors interested me         Dr. Glatthaar’s simple solu-
                                       a state of mild distress to      and that I found taking           tion was to introduce me to a
                                       talk about my senior honor’s     courses that were structured      new member of UNC’s
                                       thesis, a thesis for which I     differently refreshing.           PWAD faculty, Dr. Navin
                                       had no topic, no advisor, and    When I got tired of reading,      Bapat.
                                       no direction. I wanted to do     I could work on proofs for                  Dr. Bapat studies
                                       senior research but had no       my analysis course; when I        issues such as terrorism, the
                                       idea where to begin. I left      got stuck on a proof, I could     effective use of sanctions,
                                       Dr. Glatthaar’s office with a    work on my next history or        and civil conflict using game
                                       new direction, starting down     political science paper. I        theoretic or statistical mod-
                                       a path that does not end with    had never really connected        els in his research. I knew
                                       my senior year, but that will    the majors together and had       that game theory was a
                                       also guide my post-              long given up trying. This        growing field, but had al-
                                       graduation decisions.            was one of the key compli-        ways associated it with eco-
                                                 As a Mathematics       cating factors in deciding        nomics, one of the many
                                       and Peace, War, and De-          upon a thesis; I couldn’t         misconceptions I soon dis-
      Elizabeth Menninga               fense major, I have spent        convince myself to abandon        covered. Dr. Bapat gra-
                                       innumerable hours explicat-      math and focus on PWAD,           ciously agreed to allow me
                                       ing my major combination         but I also couldn’t figure out    to assist him (cont’d. p.5)

                                          “Merde, there’s another French word for ya.” ~Wang Lee
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                             Page 5

 Elizabeth Menninga’s Research, cont’d from p.4
in his research, introducing      been asked to study, but in      “what are you going to do
me to his current research        the process I saw how these      after undergrad” with the
project as well as the field of   databases are compiled and,      disconcerting “I have no
game theory more generally.       more importantly, the under-     idea.” I can now confidently
In the fall semester, Dr. Bapat   lying logic and reason behind    say that I desire to enroll in
was working on a project          the work.                        a political science graduate
analyzing alliances among                   While the fall se-     program that will offer me
insurgency groups. The first      mester was an invaluable         training in formal modeling.
step in this project, however,    experience, in the spring I      Just when I had become                “Just when I had
would have to be data collec-     asked Dr. Bapat if we could      convinced that my majors              become convinced
tion as no database containing    compose a shorter-term pro-      were completely disjointed
a thorough collection of in-      ject. Until the grant came       and that any hope of linking          that my majors
formation on these alliances      through and the database was     them in a way that would be           were completely
currently exists. My job,         finished, we would not be        meaningful to me was lost,
therefore, was to dig through     able to analyze the data in      the expertise and experience          disjointed... the
resources looking for and         any meaningful way. Unfor-       of the faculty in the PWAD            expertise and
compiling information on a        tunately, my graduation in       department exposed to me a
                                  May meant that I would not                                             experience of the
set of insurgent alliances                                         new option, and then also
(namely the SPLM and SAF          see the end of this particular   provided me the unique op-            faculty in the
in Sudan, ZANU and ZAPU           project, and I was eager to      portunity to explore the op-
                                                                                                         PWAD department
in Zimbabwe, and the KDP          see the analysis side of his     tion even as a mere under-
and PUK in Iraq). Dr. Bapat       work. Once again, Dr. Bapat      graduate. That experience,            exposed to me a
then incorporated my work in      was very accommodating of        which started as an opportu-          new option”
his request for the money         my curiosity and we settled      nity to acquaint myself with
necessary to finance the com-     on a research question look-     a new field and work with a
pletion of this database.         ing at the link between mili-    professor that I greatly re-
While data collection might       tary coups and civil conflict.   spected, turned into a future
sound bland, I got a bottom-      Pre-existing databases on        career path. I thank Dr.
up view of how these papers       coups and civil conflict en-     Glatthaar and Dr. Bapat for
are put together. Dr. Bapat       abled us to skip the data col-   the interest they have taken
was very gracious in explain-     lection phase, jumping to        in the PWAD students, and
ing to me how the list of vari-   running models and exploring     their willingness to share           “Security is compli-
ables was compiled, answer-       results.                         their experiences, talents,          cated . Only concrete
ing my questions, and even                  My indecision about    and expertise with their stu-        thing is you better not
considering my comments.          my honors thesis a year ago      dents. ■                             kill me. From there it
Most of the semester was          reflected a larger indecision                                         gets hugely compli-
spent reading everything I        about after-graduation plans.                                         cated.” ~ Wang Lee
could on the alliances I had      Six months ago I would have
                                  responded to the question

 Katrina Martin (’00) on How PWAD Opened Career Doors

      t is hard for me to         the program had characteris-     than my peers when apply-
      imagine that it has been    tics and requirements that       ing for a job.
      8 years, since I left       were significantly different               I remember blow-
 Chapel Hill. I constantly        from the standard Political      ing off my Political Science
 reminisce about my experi-       Science degree. I did not        department graduation and
 ences and wish I could re-       know what career path I          attending the PWAD
 live them, especially with all   wanted to pursue while I was     graduation, because my
 of the improvements and          in college, but I knew I         graduating class was small
 new opportunities that have      wanted to work for the U.S.      enough and we had a per-
 arisen since I graduated. I      Government. I also knew I        sonal relationship with our
 chose to major in Peace,         wanted a degree that would       professors. I never felt like I
                                                                                                     Katrina’s most recent travels have
 War, and Defense because         make me more marketable          was one of (cont’d. p.6)               taken her to Afghanistan

          “The bunker-buster nuke is like the gateway nuke, kind of like marijuana.” ~Wang Lee
                                 THE BRIEFING                                                                            Page 6

                                 Katrina Martin, cont’d from p.5
                                 400 in a large lecture hall.     Masters at Georgetown in         says to keep my spelling
                                 The PWAD professors I had        Security Studies (a surpris-     correct.
                                 genuinely wanted me to           ingly similar program to                   It was during my
                                 learn and challenged me in       PWAD), the State Dept gave       first overseas posting in
                                 ways that other professors       me the opportunity to travel     Bangladesh where I met my
                                 did not. I still keep in touch   around the world – to the        fiancé, a Marine Security
                                 with Dr. Willis Brooks, who      Horn of Africa, to the Cau-      Guard posted at the Em-
                                 I felt challenged, me the        cuses, to the Middle East, to    bassy. In our short time to-
                                 most. Dr. Brooks recently        SE Asia, and most recently       gether, we have managed to
                                 sent some UNC parapherna-        to Afghanistan. I was able       continue our travels around
                                 lia to me in Afghanistan to      to apply the things I learned    the world. Traveling has
                                 keep my spirits up when          from PWAD into my work           become one of our passions
                                 watching UNC basketball on       as well as learn from the        – a passion that would not
     Katrina Martin              AFN.                             interaction with those indi-     have emerged had it not
                                           My degree opened       viduals in the different envi-   been for the PWAD program
                                 up so many possibilities that    ronments.                        at UNC. It has allowed me
                                 I never would have even                    While the travels      to excel professionally and
                                 thought of pursuing. After       have been eye-opening, my        academically. And person-
                                 graduation, I took a position    interactions with many na-       ally – without it, I would
                                 with DOD and worked for          tionalities have caused me       never have met my future
                                 two years at the Navy Yard       some troubles in my spell-       husband. It has also sparked
                                 before receiving an offer at     ing. Many of the countries I     some interest in pursuing a
“My degree opened
                                 the State Department. The        have visited have had a          PhD. But I think I will wait
up so many                       position at the State Depart-    strong British influence that    on that until we get ex-
possibilities that
                                 ment opened so many doors        has occasionally caused me       hausted from our globetrot-
                                 – professionally, academi-       to misspell key words like       ting adventures first. ■
I never would have               cally, worldly, and person-      ‘defense.’ I just have to
even thought of                  ally. After I finished my        remember what my diploma

                              Erin Kimsey (‘06) in China

                                 W            hen your co-
                                              workers are ex-
                                              perts in linguis-
                                 tics and literacy, you get a
                                                                  speaking a language that is
                                                                  not officially recognized or
                                                                  used for education or devel-
                                                                  opment. These peoples have
                                                                                                   NGOs. Whether meeting
                                                                                                   with an embassy official
                                                                                                   from Vietnam or advocating
                                                                                                   for best educational policies
                                 lot of quizzical looks when      a precious linguistic and        with the director of Bangla-
                                 you say your college degree      cultural heritage, but they      desh’s largest NGO, I al-
                                 was in Peace, War and De-        are isolated and disadvan-       ways needed the strong
                                 fense. Yet I’ve found that       taged in their educational,      foundation in history and
                                 PWAD was an excellent            political, economic and          international relations that
                                 preparation for my work          health needs. My organiza-       PWAD gave me. Without a
                                 with SIL International, a non    tion works with these minor-     long view of history and
                                 -governmental organization       ity language groups to           geopolitics, I would risk
                                 (NGO) that partners with         achieve their development        blundering into a meeting
                                 minority language commu-         goals through linguistic re-     unaware of political sensi-
                                 nities to facilitate mother-     search, translation and liter-   tivities. Thanks to PWAD’s
                                 tongue, language-based de-       acy.                             strong emphasis on history,
                                 velopment. There are over                  My first job assign-   though, I was confident in
                                 6,000 living languages in the    ment was in Washington,          building relationships based
 Erin Kimsey in China            world today, which means         DC as an international liai-     on historical and cultural
                                 millions of people in almost     son for SIL to foreign gov-      understanding with a wide
                                 every country grow up            ernments, aid agencies and       range of     (cont’d. p.7)

             “In ‘49 you have the fall of China. [The Chinese] don’t call it that.” ~Wang Lee
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                         Page 7

Erin Kimsey in China, cont’d from p.6
players in the international     the PWAD major to help. In       tool in post-colonial coun-
development sphere.              order to effectively represent   tries wracked by ethnic con-
          Now that I’m living    the needs of minority groups     flict. It’s an exciting job that
in China and experiencing        to national governments          I hope will make a positive
life in a multilingual, multi-   here in Asia, I often draw on    difference for language
ethnic country first-hand, I     my understanding of a na-        communities all over the
have new appreciation for        tion-state’s perspective on      world, and I’m grateful for
my classes on national secu-     security and stability. One of   the Peace, War and Defense
rity, human rights, and          my responsibilities is to pro-   curriculum’s valuable con-
peace-building. How can I        mote multilingual education,     tribution to my work. ■
tell a country with 56 offi-     which gives students a
cial ethnic groups and even      strong foundation in their
more languages that they         mother tongue to provide
can promote a national iden-     the best bridge to fluency in
tity without wiping out cul-     national and international                                          SBVP Todd Dalrymple (‘09)
tural diversity or encourag-     languages. Now I’m starting
ing separatism? It’s a tough     to see multilingual education
task, and I’m glad I’ve got      as a possible nation-building

Raynor on Choosing a VP                                                                               “He's the complete

                                                                                                      package - and then

        sked why she chose       could begin working on
                                                                                                      I found out he's a
        PWAD major Todd          platform even before
        Dalrymple to be her      we started. He's the                                                 PWAD major and a
vice president, Student          hardest working person                                               transfer student.
Body President J.J. Raynor       I've ever met and he's
responded:                       also great working with                                              Who could resist?”
                                 administrators. He's the
         Todd is amazing!
                                 complete package - and
I'm so glad that I get to
                                 then I found out he's a
work with him. The reason I
                                 PWAD major and a
picked Todd is he was the
                                 transfer student. Who
one person who really shone
                                 could resist?
throughout the transition
process - he consistently                                         Dalrymple is sworn in as
                                 ~J.J. ■                             Student Body VP
pointed out ways that he

Professor Wayne Lee

      joined the PWAD de-        more broadly (some of the        Dublin doing research for
     partment in 2006 and        students in the global course    that project. I also work as
     have taught the curricu-    last year were a bit dis-        an archaeologist and I cur-
lum's "National and Interna-     tressed by having, in their      rently co-direct a project in
tional Security" course, as      words, to study 26 million       the northern mountains of
well as designing a new          years of history). I'm cur-      Albania, where I am taking
required course for the          rently working on a book         five students this summer to
PWAD major called the            studying civil wars and          excavate a bronze age for-
"Global History of War-          "barbarian" wars from 1500       tress (
fare." I am a historian who      to 1865 in the Anglo-            svp). That project recently
specializes in warfare in the    American world. I'm on           received a Senior Research
early modern Atlantic            a research leave this spring,    grant from the National Sci-
world, but I also research in    and I spent the first part of    ence Foundation, as well as
and teach military history       the semester in London and       (cont’d p.8)                              Dr. Wayne Lee

          “Apparently I talk at 800 mph, and that’s a direct quote. But that’s okay! I’m raising the bar!” ~Wang Lee
                                        THE BRIEFING                                                                            Page 8

                                        Update from Rye Barcott (‘01)

                                                rofessor Richard         taking our history for          of Heaven. But the class
                                                Kohn introduced me       granted, as if our march to-    was the first I had that made
                                                to PWAD in my sec-       wards global hegemony was       me think deeply about lead-
                                        ond semester of my fresh-        somehow fated, a manifest       ership. I began to adjust my
                                        man year: “American Mili-        destiny, as opposed to being    own leadership style based
                                        tary History to 1898.” More      fraught with uncertainty and    on conscious lessons learned
                                        senior NROTC midshipmen          shaped by Americans adapt-      while studying the lives and
                                        described the class with         ing, innovating, serving, and   times of others. As for the
                                        words like “rigorous,”           fighting in war and in peace-   work-load, to this day I think
                                        “demanding,” and                 time.                           of Professor Kohn in a tweed
                                        “difficult.” I felt bold. I                Professor Kohn        sports-coat and tie whenever
                                        signed up for the class.         encouraged us to put our-       I hear the word “rigor.”
                                                  I admired Professor    selves into the perspectives              At the end of the
                                        Kohn’s engaging lectures.        of the protagonists – from      class, Professor Kohn of-
                                        Each class he took us on a       generals and presidents to      fered me a summer job.
                                        journey into pivotal mo-         Native Americans and            After an all-expenses paid
                                        ments in our nation’s history    homesteaders – and to situ-     NROTC tour of the Navy
                                        of conflict, turmoil, and vio-   ate their decision making in    flight, surface, and subma-
                                        lence interspersed by dec-       the context of the times in     rine communities, I worked
                                        ades of peace and relative       which they lived. It was an     for Professor Kohn and Dr.
Rye Barcott, founder of Carolina for    prosperity. These were the       imperfect exercise, one ine-    Carolyn Pumphrey at the
               Kibera                   seeds of our great experi-       luctably flawed by our own      Triangle Institute for Secu-
                                        ment with Jeffersonian de-       comfortable positions as        rity My mission was to help
                                        mocracy. I still find myself     students in the Southern Part   organize a (cont’d p.9)

                                       Wayne Lee cont’d from p. 7

“Since joining the                      a substantial National En-
                                        dowment for the Humanities
program I have                          grant that provides for three
                                        historians to work in ar-
been non-stop
                                        chives in Istanbul, Venice,
impressed with the                      Rome, Vienna, Tirana, Lon-
                                        don, and Washington D.C.
students. They                                   Since joining the
                                        program I have been non-
have an unmatched                       stop impressed with the
enthusiasm and                          students. They have an un-
                                        matched enthusiasm and
commitment to                           commitment to their
                                        education that is refreshing
their education                         and energizing. I very much
                                        look forward
that is refreshing
                                        to continuing to work in
and energizing.”                        Peace, War and Defense. ■

                                        ~Wayne E. Lee

                                        Associate Prof. of History
                                                                             Dr. Lee in Albania

                    “You have to have street cred to get respect in the hip hop community.” ~Wang Lee
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                          Page 9

 Update from Rye Barcott, cont’d. from p.8
conference on civil-military      the slum. I conducted life       and encouragement from
relations with academic and       history interviews with young    Professors Kohn and Pea-
military leaders. It was great    people and tried to absorb as    cock, both of whom
fun, a tremendous learning        much history of the commu-       joined our first Board of
experience that enabled me to     nity as possible. Then I flew    Directors. We have had
interact with some of the top     back to the U.S. and entered     quite a journey since then
minds in national security        Officer Candidate School         with CFK. As I type this
studies. After one of the con-    (boot camp for Marine offi-      letter, I am flying back
ference sessions Professor        cers) in Quantico, Virginia      from a ceremony at the
Kohn remarked that PWAD           with a mild dose of malaria.     Oklahoma City National
was a good major because in       I survived in part because of    Memorial where Bob
addition to the first-rate        the vision I kept in the back    Woodruff presented CFK
classes it gave graduates a       of my mind, the light at the     with the annual
story to tell. “After all,” he    end of the proverbial tunnel –   “Reflections of Hope”
remarked, “who the hell           blue cups on Franklin.           award for our efforts to
knows what PWAD is outside                  My work in Kibera      prevent violence through
of Chapel Hill. It’s an excuse    became the backbone of a         a unique model of partici-     Rye Barcott and Dr. Richard
                                  senior PWAD thesis with                                                   Kohn
to have a deeper conversation                                      patory development. If
with a stranger.”                 Professors Kohn and Jim          you are interested in learn-
          I finally signed into   Peacock. Like most Ameri-        ing more, please check out
                                  cans, however, I wanted to do                                         “As for the
the PWAD major in my jun-                                          our work at http://
ior year because of Professor     something about the appall- and send us an           work-load, to
Kohn and Jackie Gorman.           ing and unjust conditions I      email at We
Whenever I see Jackie I am        had experienced in Kibera. I     would love to add you to our         this day I
reminded of the famous Colin      wanted to help some of the       listserv.
                                  remarkable young leaders I                                            think of
Powell quote that “perpetual                                                  As for my time in
optimism is a force multi-        had met in Kibera, many of       the Marine Corps, I can              Professor Kohn
plier.” How lucky we are as       whom had no opportunities to     think of no other major that
a community to have her as        grow and develop due to a        would have better prepared           in a tweed
our field marshal.                lack of resources. My thesis     me for many of the chal-
          Professor Kohn en-      looked at both the origins of    lenging ethnical and leader-         sports-coat and
couraged me to pursue a self-     ethnic violence in Kibera as     ship issues I confronted in          tie whenever I
directed course of study that     well as strategies small com-    garrison and in combat. I’ve
eventually led me to the Kib-     munity based organizations       found, as you probably have          hear the word
era slum of Nairobi, Kenya        were using to prevent vio-       too, that PWAD is indeed a
with some financial support       lence. I profiled one youth-     great way to stir up a con-          ‘rigor.’”
from the Burch Fellowship         led sports program from a        versation with a stranger.
program. I went to Kibera to      neighboring slum. Over           That said, (cont’d p.10)
study the history of ethnic       Christmas break in my sen-
and religious violence that       ior year I emailed one of the
has periodically uprooted the     leaders of that program to
community of over 700,000         see if he would be interested
residents. I had studied Swa-     in starting a sports program
hili and, thanks to PWAD,         in Kibera that could help
had taken a number of inter-      cultivate young leaders as
disciplinary courses in history   well as reconcile ethnic and
and anthropology. Those           religious differences. When
courses formed the backbone       he replied that he would be
of my approach in Kibera.         interested, I created Carolina
Some basic Marine Corps           For Kibera (CFK) as a non-
NROTC individual protective       profit organization.
measure training came in                    I am convinced that
useful too. I rented an 8 by 8    CFK would not have come
foot shack in Kibera and          about had it not been for
spent five weeks “living” in      PWAD and the wise counsel
                               THE BRIEFING                                                                               Page 10

                               Update from Rye Barcott cont’d from p. 9
                               just don’t forget to spell it    could use a wad.”                  UNC as a PWAD and INTS
                               out. I learned that lesson                “No, Sir,” I replied,     major in 2001. He is cur-
                               soon after graduating while      “I was talking about my            rently a graduate student
                               on my first field exercise in    major, Peace, War, and De-         and Catherine B. Reynolds
                               the swamps of Camp Le-           fense.”                            Social Entrepreneurship
“I am convinced                jeune. I was talking to a                 “What kind of com-        Fellow at the Harvard Busi-
                               fellow lieutenant about col-     munist crap is that, lieuten-      ness School and Harvard
that CFK would not             lege. I told him about           ant?”                              Kennedy School.
have come about                PWAD and initiated him to                 It was the begin-
                               the acronym. About five          ning of another beautiful
had it not been                minutes into it our boss’s       relationship. ■
                               boss, a crusty colonel,          Rye Barcott graduated from
for PWAD and the               walked by
wise counsel and
                               and heard
                               “PWAD” in
encouragement from             passing. I
                               had just re-
Professors Kohn                ported to the
                               unit and did
and Peacock, both
                               not know
of whom joined our             “the old
                               man” well.
first Board of                           He
Directors.”                    abruptly.
                               “You got
                               some TP
                               He asked,
                               “because I

                                              L to R - Peter Dixon (‘06), CFK Executive Director Salim Mohamed, and Rye Barcott
                                                   Photo by Donald Dixon

                               Professor Navin Bapat

                                          y name is Navin        international violence. In my     enjoyed teaching them to
                                          Bapat, and I have      recent projects, I examine        analyze the tradeoffs associ-
                                          a joint appoint-       how insurgencies         form     ated with choosing policies
                               ment in Political Science         transnational alliances with      to target security problems
                               and Peace, War, and De-           states and other groups, and      in the international arena. In
                               fense. I recently moved to        how states use their support      the Fall 2008, I plan on of-
                               UNC from Penn State Uni-          for terrorists and insurgen-      fering an undergraduate
                               versity, where I previously       cies to gain bargaining           seminar, “Insurgency and
                               taught undergraduate classes      power. Upon arriving at           the International System,”
                               on terrorism, American For-       UNC, I taught the core            which will analyze how
                               eign Policy, and a graduate       Peace, War, and Defense           problems of insurgency can
                               course on bargaining and          class entitled, “National and     spread regionally and glob-
                               international relations. My       International Security,” as       ally, and will discuss strate-
   Dr. Navin Bapat             research agenda focuses on        well as my terrorism course.      gies to peacefully resolve
                               the problems of terrorism         I have really enjoyed my          these conflicts before this
                               and insurgency, and how           interactions with the PWAD        can occur. ■
                               conflicts with non-state ac-      students so far. They are
                               tors escalate into episodes of    very eager to learn, and I’ve

    “I’m going now to share a short anecdote that I think you will enjoy because it involves alcohol, so far those
                                     have been fairly successful.” ~Wang Lee
 Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                       Page 11

From the Desk of the Chair

         he academic year         Award for Highest Overall        ment. Wayne
         2007-08 has been a       Grade Point Average went to      has developed a
         path-breaking year for   Tristan Routh, and Elizabeth     new course,
the Curriculum in Peace, War      Menninga received the Rus-       PWAD 351,
and Defense. For the first        sell Cowell Award for the        “The Global His-
time, we topped the 200-          Highest Grade Point Average      tory of Warfare,”
majors mark (including fresh-     Within the Major. This is the    which has be-
man and sophomores). Forty-       first time we are offering the   come a required
five students will graduate in    Cowell Award, named for a        class for all ma-
May, an all-time high, and the    PWAD major who was killed        jors once our
total number of graduates for     in a car accident..              esteemed col-
the academic year stands at                 The most exciting      league Dr. Willis
59, the most ever. A record       moment of the year unques-       Brooks retired.
4,341 students sat in 67          tionably goes to our own J.J.    He has also
PWAD classes. Some 26             Raynor, who was elected          taught PWAD
freshman have already de-         Student Body President. Not      350, “National
clared themselves as PWAD         only did J.J. receive a major-   and International
majors.                           ity of the votes, but also won   Secu-
          Although PWAD           it on the first ballot, an un-   rity” (another required        Curriculum Chair Professor
                                  usual occurrence at UNC.                                        Joseph Glatthaar
likes to boast of its excep-                                       course) and a research semi-
tional students, this year’s      Her unofficial and unauthor-     nar for PWAD majors.
graduating class is truly         ized campaign manager,                     This year, Dr.
something special. Four of        Jackie Gorman, made sure         Navin Bapat (Rice PhD)
our own are graduating with       voters went to the polls and     started as our second joint             “The most
honors or highest honors.         knew full well that J.J. is a    appointment. Navin came
Ten of the May graduates will     PWAD major. Then, in what        over from Penn State to join            exciting moment
be awarded distinction and        may be unprecedented in          Political Science as an assis-
four will receive highest dis-    UNC history, the Vice Presi-     tant professor. Like Wayne,             of the year
tinction. Four of our gradu-      dent is another PWAD major,      he has taught PWAD 350                  unquestionably
ates (9%) were selected to        Todd Dalrymple. Congratu-        and is offering a class on
join Phi Beta Kappa, the most     lations to J.J. and Todd.        Terrorism, his specialty,               goes to our own
prestigious academic honors                 Two years ago,         which is extremely popular
society. That is more than        PWAD received its first fac-     among the students. In the              J.J. Raynor,
triple the College average of     ulty position in conjunction     Fall Term, Navin will teach
                                                                                                           who was elected
2-3%!                             with a traditional department.   a research seminar with the
          Competition was         Dr. Wayne Lee (Duke PhD,         theme “Insurgency and                   Student Body
fierce for PWAD Academic          but we cannot all be perfect),   Counterinsurgency.”
Prizes. The Richard H. Kohn       associate professor of His-                (cont’d p. 12)                President.”
                                  tory, received the appoint-

 Summer Internship at the State Department
 By Carla Toolan (‘08)

         he easiest way to
         describe my intern-      prise to find myself coordi-     Staff and attend a swearing-    “Where do we actually start
         ship at the State        nating Foreign Military Sales,   in with Secretary Rice.         reading?.” ~ Student
 Department is to say that I      rather than filing papers with   Even my “internly” duties
 sold weapons. I had very         a bunch of pencil pushers. In    were more exciting than I       “Doesn’t matter, just start
 vague ideas of what the          addition to actually enjoying    expected. The few times I       reading somewhere and
 Political-Military Bureau        reading thick packets of re-     did get coffee, it was for      you’ll get the thread.”
 did, but it seemed like a        search and writing memos, I      Political-Military bilateral    ~Wang Lee
 desirable blend of diplo-        was lucky enough to attend       discussions with countries
 macy and enough defense          meetings with Assistant Sec-     from Azerbaijan to Austra-
 to satisfy my PWAD lean-         retaries, have dinner with the   lia. When I was sent to
 ings. It was a pleasant sur-     Taiwan Chief of the General      pick up     (cont’d p.13)
                                          THE BRIEFING                                                                          Page 12

                                          From the Desk of the Chair, cont’d from p. 11

                                                Due to a generous       Undersecretary of the Army,
                                                gift from Mr. Don       Hon. Nelson Ford, will meet       first time we have had a
                                                Dixon, PWAD is          with selected faculty mem-        work-study student. Jackie
                                                searching for the       bers. He had requested the        Gorman picked Ben Mans-
                                                Richard Krasno          opportunity to speak to a         bach and it has been one of
                                                Distinguished Pro-      class, but his visit will occur   PWAD’s finest decisions.
                                                fessor, a chair Mr.     after the semester has ended.     Ben has proven to be a god-
                                                Dixon named for                   Last year, PWAD         send, and evidently we have
                                                his dearest friend.     was the principal sponsor for     become helpful to him. He
                                                Mr. Dixon’s son,        an event honoring the for-        spent so much quality time
                                                LT Peter Dixon,         mer chair of PWAD, Dr.            around PWAD students that
                                                USMC, was a             Don Higginbotham. Don is          he decided to major in it!
                                                PWAD major at           the leading expert on mili-                 Anyone who has
                                                UNC. Mr. Dixon          tary aspects of the American      been around PWAD this past
                                                was so pleased with     Revolution. The conference        decade and a half knows that
                                                the education his       included such luminaries as       Jackie Gorman is the bed-
 PWAD Manager Jackie Gorman with                son received that he    Joseph Ellis (Pulitzer Prize      rock of the program. She
 majors Kelsey Greenawalt (’09) and    donated money for a chaired      and National Book Award),         continues to be our greatest
 Amanda Zalaquett (’08) at a PWAD      professorship for PWAD!          Gordon Wood (Pulitzer             recruitment and retention
               outing                                                                                     tool. The PWAD posse is
                                       At the time of this release,     Prize), Jack Greene, and
                                       UNC is in the negotiation        Fred Anderson. This year,         alive and well as students
                                                       phase with an    PWAD was a primary spon-          flock to her office every day
                                                       excellent can-   sor of a Civil War sympo-         to check in, eat lunch, visit,
                                                       didate.          sium with speakers Gary           and discuss various topics.
                                                       As usual,        Gallagher, Joan Waugh,            Every day I thank my lucky
                                                       PWAD was         Brian Holden Reid, UNC’s          stars to have her.
                                                       able to help     William Barney, and me.                     A few more thank
                                                       bring numer-     Pulitzer-Prize winning Civil      yous are in order. Amanda
                                                       ous speakers     War historian James               Zalaquet has supervised sev-
                                                       to campus.       McPherson was unable to           eral departmental barbecues
                                                       Michele          accept our invitation, so he      over the past two years.
                                                       Malvesti, a      agreed to come to UNC and         Each event has been superb.
                                                       member of        talk in the Fall term. We         Jackie and I have come to
                                                       the National     also helped to bring the ac-      believe that Amanda is an
                                                       Security         claimed author E.L. Doc-          absolute marvel. Recently,
                                                       Council and a    torow to campus. Doc-             she received stellar assis-
Professor Caddell with wife Marsha and UNC graduate, spoke to a         torow, the author of The          tance from Kelsey
     PWAD major Jeff Smith (‘08)                                                                          Greenawalt. It is comforting
                                       class and then met with fac-     March on Sherman’s March
                                       ulty. PWAD aided in bring-       through Georgia and the           to know that next year’s
                                       ing former Secretary of De-      Carolinas, delivered a paper      events will be in Kelsey’s
                                                        fense Wil-      on fiction and non-fiction        capable hands. In addition, I
                                                        liam Perry      that was a tour de force,         would like to thank Ben
                                                        and former      spoke on The March, and           Mansbach and Eleanor De-
                                                        National        met with a History class.         golian for putting together
                                                        Security        Next year, PWAD will be a         this newsletter and James
                                                        Advisor         sponsor of the Peace Science      Covington for coming up
                                                        Zbig Brzez-     Association’s Annual Con-         with the name.
                                                        inski to cam-   ference, which UNC will                     The last piece of
                                                        pus. Both       host. My only regret about        important news is that our
                                                        gave superb     speakers is that we were          fearless leader for nearly two
                                                        presentations   unable to get Brig. Gen.          decades, Dr. Richard Kohn,
                                                        to students,    John Toolan, USMC, father         has decided to enter phased
                                                        faculty, and    of our major Cara Toolan, to      retirement. He has left some
                                                        guests. In      campus for a talk.                enormous shoes to fill. The
                                                        May, the                  This year marks the                (cont’d p. 13)
 PWAD majors Jason Gibson (TA), Erik
Halvorsen, Brain Hunt, J.J. Raynor, and
Andy Young pose during a PWAD outing
                                    “Napoleon probably choked on the words liberte and egalite.” ~
Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                             Page 13

Summer Internship at the State Department,
cont’d from p. 11
Visas at different embassies, I     fice director arranged for us    dence Renee M. Earle
actually had my best tour of        to have brown bag lunch          ( Appli-
D.C.                                discussions with a range of      cations for summer intern-
           In addition to being     interesting people and my        ships are completed using
able to quote the capabilities      Deputy Assistant Secretary       the USAJobs database and
of the AGM-84L Block II             personally gave us a tour of     are due November 1st of
Harpoon, I learned to navi-         the 7th floor suite. I ex-       the preceding year. It will
gate the intricacies of govern-     pected a few of the bad eggs     be hard to say goodbye to
ment that are inherent in any       that are normally associated     Chapel Hill in May, but I
D.C. organization. I learned        with the power-hungry D.C.       am excited to get back to
that it takes two forms, four       image, but between civil         D.C., brush up on my ac-
signatures and at least three       servants, Foreign Service        ronyms and maybe even
days to be reimbursed for taxi      officers and political ap-       find the latest edition of
trips. I went from thinking         pointees, there was no short-    that excel sheet. ■
that DAS was the first name         age of talented and quality
of my Deputy Assistant Sec-         people.
retary to finding acronyms                     It was a direct re-
creeping into my everyday           sult of this internship and
vocabulary. I also discovered       my ability to have a casual
that there is a regularly up-       conversation about the im-                                                 Carla Toolan
dated excel sheet with Happy        plications of military mod-
Hour specials that circulates       ernization on regional secu-
through offices.                    rity (in addition to my
           Undoubtedly, the         PWAD degree, of course),
people I met were the best          that led to a job offer after                  “ I was lucky enough to attend
part of my internship. I was        graduation. While my new                       meetings with Assistant Secretaries,
working with incredibly             job is with another organiza-
smart and dedicated people          tion, the State Department                     have dinner with the Taiwan Chief of
who didn’t hesitate in taking       was the perfect launching                      the General Staff and attend a
me under their wing and giv-        pad for the career in national
                                                                                   swearing-in with Secretary Rice.”
ing me more responsibility          security that I have always
than many interns receive.          wanted. For anyone inter-
All the way up through the          ested in applying for an in-
leadership, I was impressed         ternship, all of the informa-
by the hard work and per-           tion can be found at
sonal attention that was ap- or answered
plied to every task. My of-         by the Diplomat in Resi-

From the Desk of the Chair,

countervailing great news is      the entire campus. We were
hat Dick and Lynne are            all that much better for hav-
grandparents for the third        ing her at UNC. ■
time, their first granddaugh-
ter. Congratulations to the        ~Joseph T. Glatthaar
Kohn Family.
         For those of you
who have not been able to
keep up with campus events,
this was also bittersweet
year, with the tragic death of
Student Body President Eve
Carson. Her loss has jolted                                                PWAD majors enjoying dinner at the Carolina Brewery

                       “Can’t make everybody happy, so I’ll just make myself happy.” ~Wang Lee
Just a few of the factors that make PWAD awesome:
•   Café Jacqué
•   PWAD outings
•   Body surfing
•   PWAD posse
•   Twiddy’s stories
•   “Dr. Lee, tear down that wall!”
•   Spectacular t-shirts and a commemorative coin
•   Dr. Caddell's office hours
•   Our professors know who we are
•   If you don't know someone, you can always talk about Russia
•   C-O-O-K-O-U-T-S!!! No where else on campus do you get delicious tenderloin at a department function
•   Art motivates us
•   Bumper stickers
•   Soulja boy
•   Jackie makes certain everyone is introduced to everyone, every time

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     Special thanks to Amanda Zalaquett (’08), Kelsey Greenawalt (’09),
    Corban Teague (’08), and Andy Young (’08) for helping coordinate the
                very successful Spring Semester PWAD cookout.

The editors of The Briefing are Benjamin Mansbach (’09) and Eleanor Degolian (‘09)

              Special thanks to James Covington (‘09) for naming this newsletter The Briefing
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                   annual Veterans         gift is for the Curriculum in
                   Day campus cere-        Peace, War and Defense,
          mony to receptions for our       designation 1057.
          graduating seniors. Unre-

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