NEERJA KHATTAR 2400 Waterview Pkwy Apt 835 Richardson Texas 75080 nxk085000 utdallas edu 214 455 2634 Objective Education To obtain a Co Op Internship position in the field of computer scie by rogerholland


									                                        NEERJA KHATTAR
                                  2400 Waterview Pkwy, Apt# 835,
                                      Richardson, Texas-75080

Objective    To obtain a Co-Op/Internship position in the field of computer science.

Education    The University of Texas at Dallas, MS Computer Science                     Expected May 2010
             Northern India Engineering College, BS Computer Science, India                      July 2008

Computer     Languages: C, C++, HTML, .NET, Ocaml, Java, Java script, PHP.
Skills       Database Design: MS ACCESS, SQL Server, MySQL
             Operating System: Windows 98/XP/Vista, UNIX
             Software: Ms-Office, Page maker

Relevant     Worked as student worker under Professor                                    Jan 2009- Feb 2009
Experience   Designed and executed the static test cases to find bugs. Used lcov and gcov to find the code
             coverage of the static test cases.

             Worked as Technical Coordinator at F. Tech computer institute, India       June 2008-Jul 2008
             I taught C, C++, Page Maker, java script and computer basics. Worked as a counselor and
             managed student records.

             Interned at ECI Telecom Ltd                                                   Jul 2007-Jul 2007
             Did project on synchronous digital hierarchy it involved a research on Synchronous digital
             hierarchy and its architecture, how it is implemented and what features it provide and how it
             is better than other digital hierarchies.

             Certified Training in VB.Net from CMC                                         Jun 2006-Jul 2006
             Designed and implemented website based on the concept of career where
             job seekers can upload their profiles and will get a suitable job. Used VB.Net and SQL server.

Relevant     Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Advanced Computer Networks, Database Systems, Semantic
Courses      web, Design and Analysis Computer-Algorithms, Advanced Programming Languages.

Projects     Designed database for online computer system applying the database concepts learned in the
             database class. Used SQL server to implement the database. Developed Javafront end.

             Developed a protocol to send packets with flat header over the wireless network for advanced
             computer networks course. Used selected fields from TCP/IP, UDP and RTP headers and
             developed a new header featuring the advantages of all the protocols. Simulated it using C++
             and oTcl on UNIX platform.

             Designed and developed Restaurant Management System the system starting from requirement
             specification to testing. Project emphasis was on usage of OOAD concepts and application of
             design patterns.. Used Java, Java Swings and SQL database.
               Developed website BOOKMYSHOW based on the concept of book movie or play tickets at
               your favorite cinema in the simplest, easiest and the smartest way without the unnecessary glitz
               Search, Choose & Book movie., and MySQL.

               Created speech recognition software using feature analysis and template matching techniques.
               used software engineering techniques for designing and coded using VB and MS Access for
               developing the project.

               Developed Telephone directory to maintain telephone, address and occupational records of
               users. Authorized Users have the options to search, update, insert and delete the records.Used
               C++ on UNIX environment.

               Created a Online Book Shopping System that allowed users to purchase books online. The web
               application guides users through an easy process of buying books. New users can sign up with
               the online shop and use their respective userid and password to purchase books. Books have
               been placed under various categories for easy navigation. Used VB.Net and

Achievements Presented a paper “smart card technology” in a technical fest conducted in our college in 2007.

               Attended the Seminar on Emerging and Future Trends of Information Technology Technophilia
               2008 held on February, 2008. Topics included Mobile Computing, Network Security, Neural
               Networks and Paradigms for Computation & Information Security.

               Technical paper presentation On Software Development Life Cycle Model with more emphasis
               on Water Cycle Model and its extension that is Goal Tree Success Tree Model in college
               technical-festival in 2006.

               Organized events on C/C++ programming - With Different rounds: - Multiple Choice,
               Programming, Debugging with switching in Technical-festival in 2007.

               Was the committee member for the students association of computer science department in
               North Indian Engg. College. Organized the technical fest for the year 2007.

               Working as DJ at Radio UTD, Dallas.

Personnel      Excellent written and verbal communication skills, disciplined team player and good analytical
Skills         reasoning skills.

Visa Status    F-1

Availability   May 2009

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