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									Guildford School of Acting
Prospectus 2011/12
No Strings

4    Welcome from the Director
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30   Production Courses
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     • BA (Hons) Professional
       Production Skills
                   Welcome from the Director

                                  If you want to be a successful professional actor, musical
                                  theatre performer, stage manager or technician GSA has a
                                  course that will give you the best possible training. We take
                                  the job of training the professional performance artist very
                                  seriously. Our graduates have successful careers in the world
                                  of theatre, television, film or media.

In the western world we now have “everything” and we are losing the art of invention.
Invention requires many ingredients, one is imagination, another is skill and another is
that ingredient which we all find difficult to define – talent. I believe artistic talent to be
a subtle combination of instinct for imagination and an ability to set aside one’s own ego.
On its own talent is not enough because it has no basis in knowledge or skill and that is
why talent shows ultimately fail to produce sustainable and credible actors or performers.

GSA takes talented individuals and turns them into credible performers. Our courses
require deep exploration of the crafts of acting, singing, dancing, design, stage management
and technical skills. It is not possible to learn how to do any of these things properly by
looking on the internet or working in isolation. Learning anything worthwhile requires
hours of practice and dedication to study. An Olympic athlete recognises and responds
to the hours of dedication needed to perform in the most prestigious events of the
sporting calendar and, whilst one celebrates the achievements of the one time marathon
participator, there is no comparison between him/her and the medal winning professional.

GSA provides the very best in professional preparation for the performing arts world
and our graduates are at the forefront of every part of the performing arts industry. If
you are thinking of joining this highly competitive, precarious, dangerous, passionate,
rewarding, soul destroying, magical, engaging and lonely profession then please do your
research properly by visiting theatres and finding out about actors, technicians, dancers,
directors, designers etc; watch TV and films, read books (any books), go to art galleries,
dance when you can, sing anywhere you can and play always.

Peter Barlow
Director Guildford School of Acting
                                    Welcome from the
                                Chairman of Governors

                               I am delighted that you may be considering a career in the
                               performing arts. Despite the difficult economic circumstances
                               that have been challenging theWorld recently, attendance
                               at theatres and live performances in general, have grown
                               enormously year on year.This demonstrates how vital
                               the performing arts are to the economy and, of course, to the
                               well-being of the public.

The GSA is one of the most successful performing arts training schools in the country,
if not the world. It is proud to be part of Surrey University, which enjoys the highest
employment record of all UK Universities. Similarly, GSA is also recognised as a school
that prepares students for employment and I am happy to report that our students are
among the most readily employed in the industry.

If you are drawn to training for a career in the performing arts, the GSA’s talented and
dedicated faculty members will encourage you to achieve the highest possible standards,
which will prepare you for a fulfilling career in the entertainment industry.

I do hope you will enjoy reading about our school and that my fellow Governors and
I may one day have the pleasure of welcoming you to GSA.

Ashley Herman
Chairman of the Governors

                      About Us

GSA, What is it?
Guildford is a major centre of learning, with its University, Law School, Guildford College, several
distinguished schools and GSA. It is also home to the renowned Yvonne Arnaud Theatre which originates
many productions for the West End stage.

GSA began life in 1935 when Bice Bellairs and Pauline Grant founded the Grant Bellairs School of Dance
and Drama in West London. It was relocated to Guildford in 1945 and became Guildford School of Acting
in 1964.

GSA is one of the most highly regarded theatre schools in the UK and arguably the foremost musical
theatre school in the world. We attract highly talented students from all over the world, many of whom go
on to achieve fame in the theatre, film and television. Among our very distinguished alumni are the names
of Brenda Blethyn OBE, Michael Ball, Bill Nighy, Tom Chambers, Ellie Paskell, Ian Kelsey, Emma Barton, Celia
Imrie, Jonjo O’Neill, Terence Maynard, Gaby Roslin, Rob Kazinsky, Helena Blackman, Claire Cooper and
Daniel Boys.

There have been many changes at GSA since 1964 but the objective of the school has not changed. We
are training actors for stage, film and TV, musical theatre performers, stage managers and technicians for
the profession. The school’s courses have been declared ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted and we have expanded
our programmes to include postgraduate courses at Master’s level.

GSA is now a subsidiary company of the University of Surrey and is able to provide for its students, a
conservatoire style training within a university environment. Students receive all the benefits of being part
of one of the top universities in the country and since January 2010 we have been in our new purpose
built studios on the University campus. In 2011 the University will complete a new performing arts centre
with rehearsal studios, a 200-seat theatre for GSA public performances, and a training venue for stage
management and technical courses plus new arts administration and venue management courses.

GSA remains a vocational school for the performing arts and its association with the University means that
it can continue to develop its world class teaching and learning within a secure environment and with the
very best facilities.

GSA is a member of the Conference of Drama Schools, the Royal Television Society and the Theatrical
Managers’ Association. All students can join Equity and upon graduating become full Equity members.

Guildford is a lively and historic town in which to live. Instead of facing heavy traffic and noise, fumes and
delays of a big city, students can walk through a picturesque town surrounded by beautiful countryside,
with our theatres on either side of the River Wey. Government statistics recently showed Surrey to be the
safest county in the UK.

There is plenty to offer to Guildford’s student population of around 10,000 – night clubs, cinemas, pubs
and restaurants and some of the best sports facilities in the south of England offering bowling, swimming,
ice skating, indoor/outdoor football and much more. If you wish to see a show in the West End you can
reach Waterloo by train in 35 minutes, quicker than travelling from many suburbs of London to
the West End.

GSA‘s new headquarters comprises 15 purpose built studios, 12 tutorial rooms and common spaces
at the entrance to the University of Surrey Campus. TV and film skills are taught in the University’s
professional film and television studios.

Productions are currently staged in a number of theatres in central Guildford, the Bellairs Playhouse,
(our own flexible studio space seating up to 100), the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, and The Electric Theatre
a 180-seat adaptable performing space in the centre of town.

The second phase of the creation of a performing arts centre with a 200-seat theatre will be fully
completed during 2011.

International Collaborations
GSA’s collaborations include: The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts; University of La Verne,
California; Wagner College, Staten Island, New York; Bernstein School of Musical Theatre, Bologna;
Broadway Academy, Amsterdam; Chung-Ang University, South Korea; Baarder Academy, Oslo and Santa
Rosa Repertory Theatre, North California.

Equality and Diversity
GSA is committed to a well-established Widening Participation policy and Equality and Diversity has been –
and remains – central to this success.

As part of our commitment to widening participation GSA continues its successful outreach programme
across the country, visiting schools and colleges throughout the UK to carry out talks, workshops and first
round auditions for students in ethnic minorities and deprived backgrounds.

'The Push' - Following 2008/09's Widening Participation pilot project [headed up by Dramatic
Development], which aims to train and mentor gifted candidates from ethnic minorities and deprived
backgrounds to apply to and successfully gain entrance to drama schools, we are delighted that three
of the students on this brilliant programme have started training at GSA. We are hoping to continue to
develop this programme over the coming years.

Disabilities and Dyslexia
Applications from disabled and dyslexic students are welcomed and we are happy to make adjustments
where possible to ensure that our training is inclusive.

Candidates wishing to apply for any GSA courses should discuss their requirements with the Admissions
Officer before submitting their application. This is important as it helps us to meet your needs promptly.
We offer in-house study skills support (dyslexia tuition) through the University of Surrey Learning Support
Team who are able to help identify and work with the full range of needs.

If you are offered a Dance and Drama Award you can apply for additional funding from the Disabled
Student Allowance via the YPLA. The DSA grant is able to help cover the cost of extra equipment and
support students may require access to whilst training at the school. All other students can apply for DSA
through Student Finance England.


Richard Briers OBE                                  Keith Michell

Tony Britton                                        Morag Morris

Barbara Cook                                        Lord and Lady Rix

Dulcie Gray CBE                                     Jason Robert Brown
Sir Derek Jacobi CBE                                Donald Sinden CBE

Penelope Keith CBE [Pro-Chancellor
                                                    Dame Maggie Smith
University of Surrey, Deputy Lieutenant (Surrey)]

Alec McCowen CBE                                    Wendy Toye CBE

                      Staff and Faculty

 Peter Barlow
 Faculty - Performance Courses
 Head of Performance                            Gerry Tebbutt
 Head of Undergraduate Studies and Movement     Michael Moor
 Head of Postgraduate Studies                   Terrie Fender
 Head of Singing and Music                      Ross Campbell
 Head of Film and Television                    Julia Carey
 Head of Voice and Speech                       Chris Palmer
 Senior Tutor                                   Ian Ricketts
 Senior Tutor, Acting                           Pete Harris
 Senior Tutor, Musical Theatre (Postgraduate)   Martin Waddington
 Senior Tutor, Movement and Dance               Phyllida Crowley-Smith
 Senior Tutor, Professional Skills              Amanda Fawsett
 Conversion Course Co-ordinator                 Suzi Turner
 Resident Musical Director                      Peter Roberts
 Saturday School Director                       Samantha Lloyd
 BA [Hons] Conversion Course Co-ordinator       Suzi Turner
 Professional Development Advisor               Ginny Fiol

Faculty - Technical Courses
Head of Production Studies             Tina Gardiner
Head of Productions                    Caroline Heale
Deputy Production Manager              Rebecca Emery
Stage Management Supervisor            Jo Franklin
Master Carpenter                       Janet Williamson
Production Designer                    Roger Ness
LX Supervisor                          Adele Tuffin
Sound Supervisor                       Paul McConkey
Theatre Technician                     David Mitchell
Production Secretary                   Claire Healey
Wardrobe Supervisor                    Carol Dean
Deputy Wardrobe Supervisor             Vanessa Snagge
Deputy Wardrobe Supervisor             Carina Barlow
Make-up Consultant                     Moira Thomson
A/V Technician                         Michael Remnant
Support Services - Our Support Staff
School Manager                         Elaine Breakenridge
School Co-ordinator                    Jilly Hawksfield
Academic Liaison Librarian             Miriam Tarron
Admissions Officer                     Helen Jackson
PA to Director                         TBA
Marketing Officer                      Madeleine Gibb
Admissions Officer (Systems)           Annette Hammond/Mary Bird
Saturday School Co-ordinator           Christine Cummins
Faculty Secretary                      Jo Lane
Secretary/Reception                    TBA/Julie Fletcher
HR Manager                             Claire Warrington

                       Skills Tutors/ Visiting Specialists

 Sheila Allen                             Helen Freeman
 Paul Brennan                             Damien Goodwin
 Michael Crompton                         Tam Williams
 Jackie Defferary                         Simon Williams
 Rex Doyle
 Film and TV
 Peter Cregeen                            Nic Phillips
 Simon Greenwood
 Singing/Music Department
 Niall Bailey                             Nathan Lubock-Smith
 Mark Collins                             James Moriarty
 Chris Dickins                            David Randall
 Kevin Fountain                           Lisa Thorner
 Robert Forbes                            Steven Luke Walker
 Luan de Burgh                            Barbara Ward
 Sarah J Stephenson
 Movement and Dance
 Andrew Ashenden                          Jimmy Johnston
 Ian Brener                               Rachael Kerridge
 Paul Burbedge                            Sabina Netherclift
 Dominic Burdess                          Sherrie Pennington
 Fabio Culora                             Drew Varley
 Frank Freeman                            Kate Webster
 Kahli Hayes                              Physiotherapist Claudine Chiplin M.C.S.P.
 Maria Holley

Visiting Directors, Musical Directors, Choreographers and Film Specialists
Harry Burton                                       Shaun Kerryson
Charlotte Conquest                                 Russell Labey
Marilyn Cutts                                      Ken McClymont
Francis Goodhand                                   Kenn Oldfield
Steve Hill                                         Andy Sullivan
Louise Jameson                                     Michael Vivian
Gari Jones                                         Catherine Willis
Cheryl Kennedy
Visting Production Tutors
Sarah Burston                                      Andrew Killian
Sue Barnard                                        Martin Hope
Annabel Cook                                       CJ Jackson Mitchell
Lawrence T Doyle                                   Laura Martin
Adrian Hall                                        Kate Napier
Andrew Hall                                        Alan Palmer
Ashley Herman                                      Davin Patrick
Alex Hitchcock                                     Stuart Porter
Visiting Designers, Sound and Lighting Designers
James Cotterill                                    Dan Last
Gary Dixon                                         Clare Lyth
Mark Dymock                                        Colin Mayes
Richard Fagin                                      Rachael McCutcheon
Jon Higson                                         Ian Saunders
Richard G Jones                                    Juliet Shillingford
Jon Langley

 The Baker's Wife


Performance Courses
•   BA (Hons) Acting
•   BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
•   Trinity National Diploma in Professional Acting
•   Trinity National Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre

Postgraduate Courses
• MA Acting
• MA Musical Theatre
• MA Practice of Voice and Singing

Production Courses
• BA (Hons) Professional Production Skills
• 2 Year Trinity National Diploma in Professional Production Skills
• 1 year AP(e)L, Trinity National Diploma in Professional Production Skills Fast Track Option
  for postgraduate and mature students
• BA (Hons) Professional Production Skills (Extension to 1 and 2 year courses)

All courses accredited by the National Council for Drama Training.
Degree courses validated by the University of Surrey.
Diploma courses awarded by Trinity College, London.

Other Courses
•   BA (Hons) Theatre Conversion Course (One year Distance Learning)
•   MA Theatre Conversion Course
•   Summer Schools
•   Saturday School

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the prospectus at the
time of going to press (August 2010). GSA undertakes all reasonable steps to provide the educational
services described herein but reserves the right to introduce changes to the delivery of the curriculum.

                      Undergraduate Course

 Three Year Performance Course

 BA (Hons) Acting
 National Diploma in Professional Acting
 • Degree validated by the University of Surrey
 • Accredited by the National Council for Drama Training
 • National Diploma in Professional Acting is awarded by Trinity College London

At GSA, our philosophy of actor training is founded on the development of the individual, and their
growth within an ensemble. We begin with who you are and train you through a set of organic processes.

Acting training develops through play: improvisation, games, exercises, scene work, sensory exploration.

The ensemble training offers support and stimulation within the rehearsal room but also encourages a
shared language and demands that the actor enters into a world that is bigger than their own; one that
is created and developed with humility, imagination and generosity within a company and then offered
to an audience with accuracy and conviction. The training draws primarily on the teaching and practice
of Constantin Stanislavsky and Jacques Lecoq, as well as the work of Mike Alfreds, Uta Hagen, Sanford
Meisner and Michael Chekov.

First year (Acting)
In this first year of your training you will attend vigorous hour-long warm-ups in the morning before main
classes begin, to develop your stamina, focus, sense of rigour and application. Throughout the day you will
have specific practical skills-based classes in Voice, Acting, Physical Acting, Singing, Dance, Stage Combat
and Play Reading. Acting classes focus on Stanislavsky, Shakespeare and Heightened text. Through your
training, you will be guided towards the development of a clear set of individual technical skills as well as
important critical and evaluative skills. In addition to, and central to your early training, are the Rehearsal
Projects. These are designed to develop and integrate your professional skills into established industry
working practice. Students currently work on Storytelling, English Naturalism and Greek Tragedy during
their first year, although they will encounter a variety of different texts during other classes. Recent works
explored during these projects include The Oresteia, Dangerous Corner, The Madras House. Work is shown
to the school at the end of each term.

You will need to pass this First year in order to progress to the Second year. An excellent attendance record
is essential.

Second Year
In the second year of your training the time spent in Rehearsal Projects is significantly increased, whilst at
the same time your individual skills training and academic training continues, but at a more advanced level.

The main addition to the skills classes are sessions working in recorded media techniques and practices and
a Stage Craft and Auditions Skills class.

You will also have Rehearsal Projects in Classical text (usually a Shakespeare workshop) followed by a Farce
or Restoration workshop in the second term. Recent works for this project includes Plunder by Ben Travers
and A Trip To Scarborough by Sheridan. Skills classes begin to work on the processes of practitioners such
as Sanford Meisner and Mike Leigh.

In the third and final term of your second year the Rehearsal Project is replaced by the rehearsals for your
first public performance. This is usually an ensemble production. Recent productions at this point have
included Howard Brenton’s Epsom Downs, Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Wedekind’s Spring Awakening.

This is also the year when your work begins to contribute to your eventual degree classification.

Third Year
In your third and final year a significant amount of your time will be taken up with rehearsals for public
performances and the school’s London showcase. 2009/10 productions included Pinter’s The Birthday
Party, Centlivre’s The Busybody, Coward’s This Happy Breed, Ayckbourn’s Wildest Dreams and Thomas’
Under Milk Wood.

This is a very busy year and the personal rigour and professional attitude cultivated in the previous two
years of training will pay dividends. You will also be preparing for auditions and for the ‘world of work’.
GSA will invite agents, casting directors and other industry professionals to the productions and/or audition
skills class. You will be auditioning to represent the school at the Sam Wanamaker Festival at the Globe,
as well as taking part in the Carleton Hobbes award. There will be a presentation/audition class to help
prepare you for auditions; you will work on a film project; you will be given advice regarding casting and
the writing of your professional CV and other important details such as choosing your ‘Head Shot’. You will
also undertake your most significant academic piece of work, the Personal Assignment. Currently this may
be in the form of an essay, play, screenplay, musical or piece of choreography.

After Graduation
The combination of inter-personal, practical and intellectual skills that make up the BA (Hons) Acting/Trinity
Professional Acting Diploma course is designed to make you employable in a highly competitive and ever-
evolving creative industry. GSA has an unusually high percentage of students working within and across
industry, both in live performance and the recorded media, and within the contexts of popular culture and
high art. Last year 95 per cent of graduates obtained professional work within one year of leaving.

 The Boy Friend

                      Musical Theatre
                      Undergraduate Course

 Three Year Performance Course

 BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
 National Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre
 • Degree validated by the University of Surrey
 • Accredited by the National Council for Drama Training
 • National Diploma in Professional Acting is awarded by Trinity College London

First Year (Musical Theatre)
The philosophy of musical theatre training at GSA is one based on the individual student’s growth and
development as an artist.

One of the key objectives in the training is to enable each student to view himself or herself as a potential
principal artist. Another is to develop, through the process of training, an individual performer with
integrity, skill and versatility.

The student’s day begins with a dance technique class followed by a number of technical skills classes and/
or rehearsal projects.

Technical skills training in the first year includes classes in singing, acting, mime/physical theatre, voice,
ballet, jazz and tap. Students also undertake a week long intensive course in stage combat certified by

In addition students will be expected to develop a working knowledge of theatre and critical skills relating
to performance analysis through a series of seminars, discussions, talks and written course work.

Rehearsal Projects
The first rehearsal project is Storytelling - this is a creative workshop designed to investigate and develop
the performer’s most fundamental talent – the ability to tell a story effectively, truthfully and skilfully.

In term two the rehearsal project: Acting in the Musical – investigates the integration of the key musical
theatre skills of acting, singing and dancing. Working with the ideas and processes established by
Constantin Stanislavsky this rehearsal project aims to enable the student to work effectively and with
sophistication across all three disciplines.

The first year ends with the rehearsal project: Ensemble Acting which aims to explore the dynamics and
workings of the ensemble – this highly important rehearsal project, explores the individual within an
ensemble, as well as the relationship between the chorus, the protagonist and the audience.

The marks accrued in the first year do not go towards the final degree classification however students will
need to pass this first year in order to progress to the second year. A good attendance record is essential as
is good personal discipline and consistency of approach.

Second Year
In the second year of training the time spent in the rehearsal projects is significantly increased, whilst at the
same time the individual skills training and academic training continues,

The main addition to the course are sessions working in television technique and Stage Craft.

Rehearsal Projects
In the first term of the second year there will be a Classical Text based rehearsal project (usually
Shakespeare) followed in term two by a key or seminal Book Musical. Recent works explored in this
particular project include; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II),
Kismet (Robert Wright and George Forrest), Pirates (Gilbert and Sullivan) Carousel (Richard Rodgers and
Oscar Hammerstein II)

In the third and final term of the second year the rehearsal project is replaced by actual rehearsals for the
first public performance of a full length Musical. Recent works in the first public performance include; The
Boy Friend (Sandy Wilson), No Strings (Richard Rodgers), Carnival (Merrill and Stewart), The Fix (Dempsey
and Rowe)

The course work in the second year contributes to the eventual degree classification. Students will need to
pass this year in order to proceed to the third year of training.

Third year
In the third and final year of training a significant amount of the time will be taken up with rehearsals for
public performance. Students will also be preparing for auditions and for the ‘world of work’.

Agents, casting directors and other industry professionals will be invited to all the GSA productions. Recent
public performances have included; The Life (Gasman and Coleman), Parade (Jason Robert Brown) and
West Side Story (Sondheim and Bernstein).
A number of key industry professionals are also invited to some of the specific audition skills classes –
where students present audition based work and are given feedback by the professionals in attendance.

This is a very busy year and the ‘personal discipline’ and ‘good professional attitude’ that students will have
developed in the previous two years of training will pay dividends.

Students will also undertake a Personal Assignment/Dissertation (under professional supervision) in an
area of specific personal interest or in the particularly theatrical areas of play writing, choreography or the
writing of an original musical.

After Graduation
The combination of inter-personal, practical and intellectual skills that make up the BA (Hons) Musical
Theatre/ Trinity Professional Musical Theatre Diploma Course is designed to make the GSA student
employable in a highly competitive industry.

GSA has an unusually high percentage of alumni represented at any given time in the cast lists of the West
End shows and national tours.

Over 95% of last year’s musical theatre graduates gained professional representation or professional
contracts within six months of leaving GSA.

                      Postgraduate Course

 One Year Performance Course

 MA Acting
 • One-year full-time course
 • Degree validated by the University of Surrey
 • Accredited by the National Council for Drama Training

 After Mr Rochester

The MA Acting is specifically designed for those who already have an undergraduate degree
or have worked professionally in the performance industry for a minimum of five years. We
are looking for individuals who show an aptitude and enthusiasm for acting, a commitment to
the process of learning and who have the critical awareness and understanding to enable swift
progression in both the acquisition of new skills and the development of existing capabilities.

The course places a very strong emphasis on practical actor training, delivered via a series of project
workshops and rehearsals, which are supported by extensive physical classes in relevant technical skills.
The principles of the teaching and learning are the same as those of the three-year courses although we
assume that students who undertake this course will have a greater degree of self-knowledge and thus
be further advanced in their ongoing professional development. Previous students have included Law,
Business, Drama and Engineering graduates as well as professional dancers, cabaret performers and

You will need to be able to expand your horizons through challenging your own limitations physically,
emotionally and intellectually; to seek out the questions and pursue the answers that will further
enhance your practical artistic development. You will need to be intelligent and expressive, inquisitive and
courageous, in order to contribute to the furtherance of the theatrical enterprise with skill, commitment
and focus.

By examining the processes of acting within a carefully selected and committed ensemble, we are able to
offer a creative and stimulating learning environment in which you will be prepared for a successful career
in the performing arts industry. Cohorts are kept small in order to ensure the maximum amount of personal
attention and contact necessary for your development.

The first two terms of the course deliver intensive
training in acting, physical and vocal techniques.
They are explored through class work and rehearsal
projects that will include examples of both
contemporary and classical texts. Stanislavski-based
scene study techniques and Lecoq-based physical
theatre workshops combine with classes in voice
and text, movement and dance and professional
preparation seminars. There are also classes in
camera and radio technique and related contextual
studies, together with one-to-one tutorials and
group and individual feedback sessions that
ensure a rigorous critical awareness of process and

The technique classes reduce in the third term
in order to focus on full-time rehearsals for a
professionally staged production at a public venue
together with a further contemporary project
in either recorded media or live performance.
During the fourth term you will be occupied in
writing your critical evaluation and producing your
professional development plan before returning for
two weeks in September to perform a professional
Showcase of scenes that will be presented to
casting directors and agents in Guildford and at
a West End theatre. The course thus aims to
develop highly creative, versatile and resilient
actors who can confidently approach a wide variety
of texts, genres and performance media and who
are able to both reflect upon and critically evaluate
                                                          Epsom Downs
their own practice.

In particular we aim to:
• Ensure that you are adept in analytical, vocal and physical techniques that will help you present
   convincing characters and interpret complex text
• Develop your experience of a variety of performance media
• Impart skills and techniques that will improve your chances of professional employment

Throughout the three teaching terms you will be progressively introduced to the industry structures and
business processes that will be necessary to you as independent practitioners. The fourth term allows you
to further research and reflect on your professional development plan in order to maximize the opportunity
presented by the final showcase performance.

Full-time attendance is required for the first three terms and for two weeks during the fourth term.

                      Musical Theatre
                      Postgraduate Course

 One Year Performance Course

 MA Musical Theatre
 • One-year full-time course
 • Degree validated by the University of Surrey
 • Accredited by the National Council for Drama Training

 The Baker's Wife

The MA Musical Theatre is specifically designed for those who already have an undergraduate
degree or have worked professionally in the performance industry for at least five years. We
are looking for talented and committed individuals who can sing and dance and who have the
necessary self-discipline and motivation to master new skills and to refine and develop existing

This course places a very strong emphasis on the practical acquisition of technical skills in acting, singing
and dancing and provides opportunities to integrate these skills in musical theatre rehearsal projects and
performances. The principles of the teaching and learning are the same as those of the three-year courses
although we assume that students who undertake this course will have a greater degree of personal
experience and will therefore be at a more advanced level in their ongoing professional development.

Candidates should be physically fit and able to demonstrate aptitude and readiness for advanced level
physical performance training. Previous students have included Law, Business, Drama and Engineering
graduates as well as professional dancers, cabaret performers and models.

You will need to challenge your limitations, physically, emotionally and intellectually in order to attain the
best possible result. The performance industry is highly competitive and in order to succeed you will need
to be confident in your abilities whilst at the same time able to demonstrate flexibility in your approach.
You will need to be resilient to the demands of the industry, courageous and creative in performance and
sensitive to the ideas of others. Above all you must be willing to set and maintain the highest standards of
rehearsal and performance discipline both for yourself and within your cohort.

We aim to create a carefully selected and committed ensemble of performers-in-training, which will
contribute to a disciplined, stimulating and mutually supportive learning environment in which you can be
fully prepared for a successful career in the performing arts industry. Cohorts are relatively small in order to
ensure maximum individual attention.

During the first two terms you will focus on the acquisition of practical technical skills in acting, singing,
dancing and voice. There will be classes in ballet, jazz and tap; group and individual singing tutorials and
classes in voice, speech, text analysis, acting, improvisation and movement. There will also be seminars in
related contextual and theoretical studies together with classes in professional preparation and portfolio

These classes continue at a reduced level in the third term when you will be involved in full-time rehearsals
for your final public production, staged to the highest professional standards. You will also be involved
in a further contemporary performance project that will be designed to expand your understanding and
experience of the professional performance industry.

During the fourth term you will be engaged in writing your critical evaluation and producing your
professional development plan. This will enable you to reflect upon and critique your personal development
and to research and build upon your practice opportunities before returning for two weeks in September
to perform your professional showcase of scenes and musical numbers, presented to casting directors and
agents in Guildford and at a West End theatre.

Throughout the three teaching terms you will be progressively introduced to the industry structures and
business processes that will be necessary to you as independent practitioners. The fourth term allows you
to further research and reflect on your development plan in order to maximize the opportunity presented
by the final showcase performance.

In particular we aim to:
• Facilitate the development of your vocal and physical instrument to the maximum potential
• Broaden your practical experience and critical understanding of a variety of musical theatre styles and
• Impart skills and techniques that will improve your chances of professional employment

The course thus aims to develop versatile, skilled and confident performers who can approach a wide
variety of musical genres with a sound contextual understanding and who are able to both reflect upon
and critically evaluate practice in the field.

Full-time attendance is required for the first three terms and for two weeks during the fourth term.

                     Practice of Voice and Singing
                     Postgraduate Course

 MA Practice of Voice and Singing
 • One-year full-time course or two years part-time
 • Degree validated by the University of Surrey


The MA in the Practice of Voice and Singing will explore a unique connection between the
disciplines of sung and spoken voice.

This programme is distinctively practice-based, aiming to train expert practitioners who
can operate in the combined fields of Voice and Singing.

Its principal aims are to:
• Exploit and explore the dialogue between the two disciplines
• Increase the community of expert practitioners by offering a training context that requires facility in both
• Draw together the disciplines of Voice and Singing in a way which will enable students to marry the
   two in a rich understanding of the mechanics, technicalities, theories, aesthetics and practices of vocal
• Offer students a varied set of contexts in which to complement and enrich existing awareness and
   experience in one of these two areas by extending their understanding of their own vocal instrument
   and practice
• Enable students to gain a practical understanding of the vocal practice of others; to effectively analyse
   and assess that practice and thereby to learn from and improve that practice
• Explore the synergies and dichotomies between vocal practice in speech and song
• Encourage the productive dialogue between the two disciplines

The programme will take place over one year of full-time attendance or two years of part-time attendance,
beginning in September.

As a full-time student, you will be required to attend lectures, seminars, classes and rehearsal projects
during the first two teaching terms with tutorials, seminars and a monitored external placement during
the third term. You will spend the fourth term off-site, writing your critical evaluation and professional
development plan.

As a part-time student, you will follow a similar path, with classes and seminars during the first two terms
of the first and second years. Additionally, there will be a third and fourth term during the second year, in
which you will undertake your external placement and your critical evaluation.

Cohorts will be small – between two and eight students only, in order to guarantee the individual attention
necessary for the successful completion of the course.

Teaching and learning will operate in a variety of contexts, from one-to-one tutorials to group based
seminar and lecture sessions. You will integrate with students on other performance courses in order to
both participate in particular learning contexts and also to observe the processes of teaching and learning
for others. Teaching by GSA faculty and established part-time tutors will be supplemented by masterclasses
from practitioners able to impart understanding of particular specialisations and methodologies. You will
have regular academic tutorials to monitor and support study and working practices.

Your external placement will be identified and arranged by mutual negotiation between you and the
course directors, to take account of your individual research goals and professional objectives.

The MA Practice of Voice and Singing is an important new addition to GSA’s mutually supportive current
MA course provision, which is designed to develop and extend expert practice in Acting, Musical Theatre
and other performance related fields.

Entry Requirements
Students will normally be expected to fulfil the following requirements in order to be accepted onto the
course. Variations may be considered on a case-by-case basis, although no student will be admitted who
has not passed the audition process.

Students will normally have:
• A first degree in a performance related subject or a three-year diploma from a recognised conservatoire
• A profile of professional practice
• Successfully undertaken the GSA audition process

Audition Requirements
Students will be required to:
• Support their application with a brief essay (1,000 words) setting out their particular interest in Voice
   and Singing
• Introduce, perform and work with the panel on a prepared poem and sonnet and two contrasting songs


 Ayden Callaghan           Gaby Roslin                 Daniel Boys               Celia Imrie

Delroy Atkinson                      Billy Carter                       British Soap Awards
Jaygann Ayeh                         Tom Chambers                       Ian Kelsey
Paul Baker, Olivier Award            Claire Cooper                      Michael Klesic
Michael Ball                         Chris Geere                        Richard Lumsden
Ian Bartholomew                      Michael Greco                      Diana Marchment
Emma Barton                          Chlöe Hart                         Terence Maynard
Tom Bennett                          Jake Hendriks                      Sean Murray
Helena Blackman                      Celia Imrie                        Bill Nighy, BAFTA, Best Actor
Brenda Blethyn OBE, Gold Globe,      Barry James                        Ellie Paskell
BAFTA Film Award Winner,             Oliver James                       Gaby Roslin
Oscar Nominee                        Michael Jibson,                    Caroline Sheen
Daniel Boys                          Olivier Award Nominee              Owen Teale, Tony Award 1997
Ayden Callaghan                      Rob Kazinsky, Best Actor, 2009     Bronagh Waugh

                                Brenda Blethyn OBE                                              Michael Ball

 Claire Cooper             Jake Henriks                 Ellie Paskell            Tom Chambers

GSA Official opening 2010 and L to R Peter Barlow, Brenda Blethyn, Celia Imrie, Helena Blackman, Diana Marchment, Bronagh Waugh, Tom Chambers

"Courage and persistence is what's required in this industry and GSA breeds it from day
one. GSA installs the best of what you need to survive where ever you end up in life."
Tom Chambers

"I can't recommend GSA highly enough. Not only does the school have the finest teaching
skills in all aspects of the performing arts, both technical and creative, they also teach
an excellent work ethic promoting camaraderie, conscientiousness, confidence and
generosity. Any student would benefit from this education to prepare them for whatever
job they seek, in whatever field. I benefited enormously from attending GSA in the mid
70s. They transformed me from a little pipsqueak into an employable professional actress.
The teaching standard was great then but it is now far superior. The ensuing years have
seen GSA go from strength to strength, culminating in their fabulous new state of the art
premises on the campus of Surrey University. The standard of education is superb."
Brenda Blethyn OBE

"I look back on my time at GSA as invaluable. It not only trained me as an actor and singer
but also prepared me mentally and physically for this competitive and difficult business."
Daniel Boys

"I cried when I got in to GSA, for me it was life changing and I loved my three years there.
How wonderful finally being around people who love doing what you do, it was and still is
so inspiring."
Helena Blackman


Theatre - West End and Regional                             Romeo and Juliet, As You Like It, Regent’s Park Open Air
Aspects of Love, Menier Chocolate Factory                   The Beautiful Game, Alice Through the Looking Glass,
Avenue Q, Noel Coward Theatre                               Taming of the Shrew, Much Ado About Nothing, RSC
Billy Elliott, Grease, Victoria Palace                      Remember This, School for Scandal, Royal National Theatre
Blood Brothers, Phoenix Theatre                             Brief Encounter, Lyric Theatre
Bombay Dreams, Apollo Theatre                               Rigoletto, Vanity Fair, Follow That Girl, Covent Garden
Chicago, Adelphi Theatre                                    Festival
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Oliver, London Palladium           Ann Veronica, The Theatre Museum
Dirty Dancing, Aldwych Theatre                              Sweeney Todd, The Royal Festival Hall
Dreamboats and Petticoats, Playhouse Theatre                A Comedy of Errors, The Manchester Royal Exchange
Evita, Adelphi Theatre                                      The Boyfriend, Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre (nominated
Gone With the Wind, New London Theatre                      for Olivier Award)
Grand Hotel, Merrily We Roll Along, Donmar Warehouse        A Tribute to Dora, Her Majesty’s Theatre
Grease, The Piccadilly Theatre                              A Moon for the Misbegotten, Brooks Atkinson, NYC
Jersey Boys, Prince Edward Theatre                          Daisy Pulls it Off, Times Up, Side Show, Beautiful and
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,               Damned, The Winslow Boy, Forbidden Fruit, Dinner, Tom’s
Adelphi Theatre                                             Midnight Garden, Around the World in 80 Days, Yvonne
Lion King, The Lyceum                                       Arnaud Theatre, Guildford
Mamma Mia!, Prince Edward Theatre/ Prince of Wales          Half a Sixpence, West Yorkshire Playhouse
Theatre                                                     Dick Whittington, Sadlers Wells
Mary Poppins, Prince of Wales Theatre                       Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, Cambridge Shakespeare
Legally Blonde, London Savoy Theatre                        Theatre
Les Miserables, Palace Theatre, Queens Theatre              Twelfth Night, York Theatre Royal
Love Never Dies, Adelphi Theatre                            Spend, Spend, Spend, Watermill, Newbury
Marguerite, Haymarket                                       Romeo and Juliet, Oxford Theatre Company
Mrs Warren’s Profession, Duchess Theatre
On the Town, London Colliseum
Phantom of the Opera, Her Majesty’s Theatre                 Theatre - International Tours
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Haymarket                  Mamma Mia!, Chess, Eurobeat
Spamalot, The Palace Theatre                                RSC Canterbury Tales, Merry Wives of Windsor, Stratford-
Hairspray, Shaftsbury Theatre                               on-Avon
The Full Monty, Prince of Wales Theatre                     The Rocky Horror Show, Pirates of Penzance, USA
The Mousetrap, St Martin’s Theatre,
Oliver!, The Producers, Witches of Eastwick, Anything
Goes, Drury Lane Theatre
                                                            Theatre - National Tours
                                                            Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor
Sister Act, The Sound of Music, London Palladium
                                                            Dreamcoat, Beauty and the Beast, South Pacific, Miss
Six Degrees of Separation, The Old Vic
                                                            Saigon, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Graduate, Chicago, The
The Tempest, The Old Vic
                                                            Full Monty, Whistle Down the Wind, Jekyll and Hyde, The
Warhorse, New London Theatre
                                                            Boyfriend, Calamity Jane, Starlight Express, Rent, Rocky
Wicked, The Apollo Victoria Theatre
                                                            Horror Show, Pirates of Penzance, Buddy,The Buddy Holly
Wuthering Heights, (Bollywood) The Lyric Theatre
                                                            Story, The Producers, Mary Poppins, West Side Story, The
Zorro – The Musical, Garrick Theatre
                                                            Rat Pack, We Will Rock You, Singin’ in the Rain, The Sound
39 Steps, Criterion Theatre
                                                            of Music, Spongebob Square Pants, Evita, The Hot Mikado,
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,
                                                            A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Welsh Tour), Wizard of Oz,
The Coat of Utopia, My Fair Lady, Costermonger,
                                                            (Northern Tour), Bedroom Farce, If I Were You, Dreamboats
West Side Story, Wild Women, In the Red, National Theatre
                                                            and Petticoats, Laughter in the Rain, Wife After Death.
Sweeney Todd, The Ballad of Little Jo, The Bridewell
Naturalise, Made in Stone, Don Giovanni, Royal Court
Headcase, London/Stratford
Peter Pan, Royal Festival Hall
Carousel, Cabaret, Putting It Together, Sweeney Todd,
Chichester Festival Theatre
Oklahoma, Pirates of Penzance, Kilworth Theatre

Television                                                  Film
Vera, Emmerdale, The Royal, Blue Murder, Soldier Soldier,   Mamma Mia!
The Railway Children, Hornblower, Foyle’s War,              Bad Girls
Ultimate Force, Island at War, Tom Brown’s School Days,     Chronicles of Narnia
Red Cap, Footballer’s Wives, Heartbeat,                     Love Actually, Working Title
Midsomer Murders, All About George, Life Begins,            Titanic
The Royal, ITV                                              Pride and Prejudice
                                                            Raise Your Voice
The Bill, Family Affairs, Thames Television                 The Da Vinci Code
                                                            Three Days In Dublin (release 2010)
Holby City, Casualty, Eastenders, Murder in Mind,           Band of Brothers, Dreamworks
Red Dwarf, Ballykissangel, Spooks, My Dad’s Prime           In a Land of Plenty, Talkback Television
Minister, Dalziel and Pascoe, The Rotter’s Club,            28 Days Later, 20th Century Fox
The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Babyfather, Two Pints of    What a Girl Wants, Warner Brothers
Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Jonathan Creek,               Keen Eddie, Paramount Pictures
Paradise Heights, Band of Brothers, Waking the Dead,        Still Crazy, Columbia Tristar
In the Line of Beauty, Doctors, Hotel Babylon,              Secrets and Lies, Mike Leigh Channel 4
Ashes to Ashes, Waterloo Road, How Do You Solve             Bend it Like Beckham, BILB Productions
a Problem Like Maria?, Any Dream Will Do, Over the          Little Voice
Rainbow, BBC                                                The Borrowers
                                                            Hilary and Jackie, Sense and Sensibility
A Touch of Frost, Yorkshire Television
                                                            The Day After Tomorrow, Fly Boys,
Murphy’s Law, Tiger Aspect Productions                      Wondrous Oblivion, Apt Films
                                                            Assault on Precinct 13
Bad Girls, Shed Productions                                 Unthinkable [2010]

Last Rights, Hollyoaks, Channel 4

Dream Team, Sky 1


 Stage Management and Technical Courses
 3 year    BA (Hons) Professional Production Skills (validated by University of Surrey)
 2 year    National Diploma in Professional Production Skills awarded by Trinity College
 1 year    BA (Hons) Professional Production Skills Extension to 1 and 2 Year Courses
           (validated by University of Surrey)
 1 year    Trinity National Diploma in Professional Production Skills
           (Fast Track Option for postgraduate and mature students)

 •   Practically-based courses in Stage Management, Design and Technical Skills
 •   All courses accredited by the National Council for Drama Training
 •   Degree courses validated by the University of Surrey
 •   Diploma courses awarded by Trinity College, London

 After Mr Rochester

The Production Courses are located in workshops at Millmead Terrace and on the Stag Hill campus where
you will find the carpentry and construction teams.

GSA’s theatres and the venues it uses in the surrounding area are well-equipped with professional-standard
lighting and sound equipment.

Some classes will take place in the GSA building on Stag Hill. From 2011 the new Performing Arts Centre
on the Stag Hill campus, which will include a 200-seat theatre, 60 seat studio and rehearsal rooms as well
as the production facilities will be the home of the production courses.

The Courses
The courses aim to give students the widest possible theatrical education and professional vocational
training so as to produce efficient, confident, creative and technically skilled Stage Managers and
Production Staff who will have the skills and stamina to succeed in all areas of the entertainment industry.

Production students have a unique opportunity to work on small, medium and large scale Musical Theatre

BA Hons Professional Production Skills 3 Year
This course combines the two year Trinity and the one year extension into a single programme of study.
Students follow the same rigorous training programmes and attend the same classes

National Diploma in Professional Production Skills (Trinity College, London)
The course is designed to equip students for a career as professional Stage Managers and Theatre
Technicians. The second year (Diploma) and second half of each first year term (Certificate) are
predominantly production-based, including an external work placement.

One Year Fast Track Diploma Course
The fast track allows postgraduate and mature students the opportunity to study the same areas as the
two year students whilst claiming credit for prior experience. Students work closely with those studying on
the Two Year course, as well as lighting, sound and props construction companies.

GSA’s Production graduates enjoy a 90 percent success rate in gaining employment in the profession.
They have worked or are working on West End productions/major tours such as Cats, Phantom of the
Opera, Les Miserables, Oklahoma, Miss Saigon, Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and in numerous
regional theatres.

“What’s different about GSA is the friendly atmosphere, and the ongoing support from
both staff and fellow students.”
Bobbi McGlade, 2009 Diploma graduate, ASM, The Rake’s Progress, British Youth Opera

“GSA gave me the confidence and professionalism I needed to build a career in the
entertainment industry.”
Ben Wilkinson, 2007 Diploma graduate, Deputy Carpenter for Sleeping Beauty on Ice,
International Tour

“A training which prepares you for the profession”
Richard Keeley (Freelance Technician)



 BA (Hons) Professional Production Skills
 • Validated by the University of Surrey

 Set Building

The one year BA (Hons) Extension course provides an intensive programme of study leading to
a qualification which fully reflects the highest level of technical, managerial and creative ability
which will have been attained and demonstrated by the student under performance conditions.

3 Core Modules:
Professional Practice
Management in the Arts (MITA)

The Course is designed to provide Management training for long-term career development. Students must
be capable of self-management, be self-motivated and prepared to generate their own learning plans.

Applicants will normally have completed the one or two-year programmes at GSA but applications will be
considered from applicants who have completed an equivalent level of study.

Productions, Theatres and Touring
Students in the School of Production gain practical experience working on both plays and the musicals for
which GSA is well-known. These are performed in our own well-equipped theatres and in other theatres
which usually include:
• The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford
• The Mill Studio, Guildford
• The Electric Theatre, Guildford
• Showcase productions are also performed in a London West End theatre.

Secondments – Work Placements
The courses have close links with a number of companies including regional and West End theatres,
lighting, sound and prop making specialists and other relevant companies offering placements.

“I’ve gained a good all-round knowledge of technical theatre which is excellent
preparation for the real world.”
Ben Stevens 2009 APL Graduate (Stage Manager National Youth Ballet, Cinderella)

 Lighting Desk

                     Other Courses

 The Boy Friend

BA (Hons) Theatre Conversion Course (Distance Learning)
This is designed for diplomates who have successfully completed the three year Diploma in Acting or
Musical Theatre and wish to upgrade that qualification to a degree. Diplomates of other accredited drama
courses and professional performers are welcome to apply to take this course.

The Conversion Course provides academic and research modules which underpin the practical and
vocational skills students on this course are expected to have as a result of their professional training and
experience. It is wholly text and essay-based. It involves significant individual study, supported by tutorial
assistance. You will need to be confident that you can put in the considerable amounts of time required for
personal study if you are to meet the course requirements.

The course is essentially conducted by distance learning, so it is possible for you to pursue it without being
within reach of Guildford. We provide course materials and tutorial assistance. The first module includes
some required attendance at GSA for two Seminar weekends during term time. This enables you to meet
tutors and your fellow students, and to establish relationships and understandings which will help support
your learning.

This course begins in early September when we have a viable group of students ready to start. The three
modules each take roughly the equivalent of an academic term to complete. It is expected that students
will complete the course within one Academic year. There is a level of flexibility built into the course, so
that once you have completed the first module it is possible, should family or work commitments dictate,
for you to defer starting subsequent modules.

The course consists of three modules, each of which must be successfully completed before you
proceed to the next. There is a fee for each module of £780.00*, (£2,340* for the whole course)
charged in advance, once you have passed the previous one. This fee includes the cost of tuition fees for
the seminars. You will need to arrange accommodation during seminar periods if you live too far from
Guildford to commute for these.
                                                                             * 20010/11 fees - subject to change.

 Secret Rapture

                     Summer Schools

Summer Schools
Director: Gerry Tebbutt

Courses are offered at a reasonable cost and provide either a stimulating refresher course or an
introduction to basic theatre training. There is no audition procedure. Everyone is welcome. All courses are
staffed by members of the GSA faculty.

• Youth Theatre                                                (9 days)
• Musical Theatre                                            (2 weeks)
• Intensive Dance                                              (5 days)
• Intensive Acting                                             (5 days)
• Intensive Singing                                            (5 days)
• Audition Technique                             (Two x 5 day sessions)
• Directing a Musical                                          (5 days)
• Acting for Camera                                            (5 days)

For further information or to download an application for please refer to our website, or telephone or
email us for a brochure.

T: 01483 684052

                                                        Saturday School

Saturday School
Director: Samantha Lloyd

Saturday School is held at the new GSA Headquarters at the University of Surrey campus. Classes are
aimed at younger students and adults who wish to gain insight into the demands of full-time performing
arts training. Entry is by interview.

Classes:    8 years upwards
            16 years plus

•   Group Acting
•   Group Singing
•   Ballet
•   Jazz
•   Tap
•   Street Dance
•   Musical Theatre styles
•   Private singing and acting tutorials
•   Introduction to Musical Theatre (5-7 years)
•   Melody Bear (2-4 years)

The staff consists of a team of skilled, qualified and dedicated teachers and performers, all highly successful
in their particular field, many of whom form a part of the main GSA school faculty. For further information
or to download an application form please refer to our website, or telephone or email us for a brochure.

T: 01483 684042

                       Entrance Requirements

 Production Courses
 Diploma and Degree
 • BA (Hons) Professional Production Skills
 • National Diploma in Professional Production Skills (2 years)
 • One Year Fast Track option for postgraduate and mature students

Early application is essential as there is a high application rate for all courses.

Entry requirements:
Minimum age: 18 years

Diploma and Certificate
a) 5 passes at GCSE
b) National Diploma or 2 passes at A level

or other equivalent qualification. Applicants who can demonstrate special ability and can satisfy the panel
of their ability to complete the course will also be considered.

All applicants must be mentally and physically able to endure the pressures of production work to
professional standards.

Applications will be considered where the ability to complete the course can be demonstrated at interview.

BA (Hons) - Extension
Successful completion of Diploma (two year or one year courses) or equivalent qualification. In exceptional
circumstances, other qualifications may be considered.

Candidates will be interviewed by the Head of Production Studies and/or a Senior Faculty Member. They
will be interested to hear about any background you have in drama, your specialist interests and ambitions
for the future. If you have a portfolio of work please bring it with you. You will be shown round, and may
be able to take part in classes and projects, meet teaching staff and members of the current Production
course. There is no fee for Production interviews.

Stage Management students can also be interviewed by telephone and/or email.

                                        Entrance Requirements

 Undergraduate Performance Courses
 Degree and Three Year Diploma
 • BA (Hons) Acting and Musical Theatre
 • Professional Acting and Musical Theatre Diploma, Trinity College London

The Degree course is validated by the University of Surrey and the GSA is required to conform to their
General Entrance Requirements. Subject to a successful audition, the normal entry requirements are:

Students under 21 years of age (minimum age 18 years):
English candidates:
a) Five passes at GCSE
b) 2 passes at A level
Scottish candidates:
Scottish Certificate of Education, either:
a) Passes in five subjects, or
b) Passes in four subjects, all of which must be at the Higher Grade

Other acceptable qualifications include: Higher National Diploma (HND), BTEC Ordinary National Diploma
or Certificate, GNVQ Level 3, International Baccalureate Diploma.

The University and GSA may accept other qualifications and experience as sufficient for meeting the
General Entrance Requirements. These requirements may be waived when students have special ability
and, in the opinion of the panel, could complete the course successfully.

GSA reserves the right to require candidates to sit an entrance examination should it be considered the
most appropriate method of assessing whether a candidate is suitable for the course.

Students aged over 21:
Applicants who will be 21 years of age or over on admission and who do not otherwise satisfy the General
Requirement may be eligible for admission if they can provide satisfactory evidence of their ability to
pursue the course for which they are applying.

                      Entrance Requirements

 Postgraduate Performance Courses
 • MA Acting (One-year full-time)
 • MA Musical Theatre (One-year full-time)
 • MA Practice of Voice and Singing (One-year full-time or two years part-time)

Applicants will normally be expected to fulfil the following requirements in order to be accepted onto the

BA (Hons) or successful completion of post-18 FE/HE level professional training at an accredited drama
school or conservatoire
Five years professional experience in the performance industry
Successful performance at GSA audition.

Musical Theatre applicants will be expected to demonstrate a professional level of technical skill in two of
the three musical theatre skills and clear potential to develop the third.

In exceptional cases, where ability and background clearly show that an applicant is able to complete the
course, other qualification profiles may be accepted. Variations will be considered on a case-by-case basis,
although no student will be admitted who has not passed the audition process.

 Postgraduate Course
 • MA Practice of Voice and Singing

Entry Requirements:
Students will normally be expected to fulfil the following requirements in order to be accepted onto the
course. Variations may be considered on a case-by-case basis, although no student will be admitted who
has not passed the audition process.

Students will normally have:
• A first degree in a performance related subject or a three-year diploma from a recognised conservatoire
• A profile of professional practice
• Successfully undertaken the GSA audition process

Practice of Voice and Singing applicants will be required to demonstrate a professional level of skill in at
least one of the two disciplines with clear potential to develop the second.

Students will be required to:
• Support their application with a brief essay (1,000 words) setting out their particular interest in Voice
  and Singing
• Introduce, perform and work with the panel on a prepared poem and sonnet and two contrasting songs

                                         Entrance Requirements

GSA requires:
a) A completed application form.
b) A full-length photograph (Performance courses only)
   (This is in line with industry standards and does not affect your chance of being offered an audition).
c) An audition fee payable to GSA (performance courses only).
   This fee cannot be returned under any circumstances.
d) An academic/professional reference.
e) Applicants will be required to fill in a medical questionnaire prior to any audition.

Students will normally have:
• A first degree in a performance related subject or a three-year diploma from a recognised conservatoire
• A profile of professional practice
• Successfully undertaken the GSA audition process

Overseas Application
GSA welcomes applications from overseas. Performance course applicants who are unable to attend
two auditions should ask to be considered for a ‘One Only’ audition where the first audition takes place
immediately preceding a recall weekend so that, if successful, the auditionee can stay on. Please indicate
on the application form if a ‘One Only’ audition is required. Places for these auditions are limited so please
apply early. Applications by video /DVD cannot be accepted.

Stage Management students can be interviewed by telephone and/or email.

USA – Auditions are usually held in New York and Los Angeles in the Spring. Applicants should apply
initially to the Admissions Officer at GSA for details and an application form.

EU AND OTHER COUNTRIES – Applicants are expected to audition in England.

GSA is pleased to audition actors who have English as a second language. However, it must be emphasised
that fluency and accuracy in the English language is essential. This, of necessity, should be matched by
an extensive vocabulary and text awareness and a genuine desire to work on improving the language.
Students for whom English is not their first language may be required to undertake an intensive short voice
course before the start of their course.

                      Entrance Requirements

 • Acting, Musical Theatre (Three Years)
 • MA Acting or Musical Theatre (One Year)

Early application is advised to guarantee audition availability.

Preliminary auditions are held between November and April each year in Guildford, New York and Los
Angeles. A second audition, for successful candidates, is held in Guildford and occupies a Friday afternoon,
evening and all day Saturday.

We try to make our auditions as enjoyable as possible. We do not expect you to be an accomplished
performer. We are looking for potential and, if we see it, we would like you to feel convinced that GSA is
the best place for your training.

The audition process enables us to make informed choices about candidates and their ability to undertake
the rigorous training we offer. It gives you the opportunity to see whether this is the right school and
training for you and to demonstrate whether you have the aptitude and physical ability to become a
professional actor able to sustain a career in the performing arts industry.

The first audition panel looks for:
• A vibrant and energised body and mind
• A healthy body and a healthy voice
• A knowledge of theatre, television and film
• An ability to transform the written text in either song or speech into believable and theatrically truthful
  words and thought
• An ability to freely use your imagination
• An ability to listen and follow instructions

Acting Audition
You will be asked to prepare four contrasting monologues of not more than two minutes each: two
classical speeches and two modern (post 1950) speeches. We prefer both speeches to be in your own
accent and within your own age range. Candidates for the Acting courses should choose contemporary
speeches, which are within their age range. Keep it simple. Your classical speech should ideally be from a
Shakespeare play and be in verse. The panel will choose which speeches they wish you to perform. You
may be asked to re-present your speeches in a different way, so be prepared for this.

                                         Entrance Requirements

Musical Theatre Audition
You will be asked to prepare two contrasting modern speeches (post 1950) of not more than two minutes
each. One of these should be in your own accent. You will also be asked to prepare two contrasting songs
from the Musical Theatre Repertoire of not more than three minutes each. The panel will choose which
song and speech they wish you to perform. Your song/s will be presented with live piano accompaniment;
the musical director on the panel will play for you. You will therefore be asked to provide sheet music.
Please note that backing tracks or personal pianists are not allowed.

If you are successful at first audition, you will be invited to attend a recall audition weekend, where you will
be asked to take part in classes in acting, singing, voice and dance. Some candidates will be asked to stay
for the Saturday afternoon for a longer interview and for physical and vocal tests. If you do not proceed to
the afternoon session, it is likely that you will not be offered a place at the school. The recall audition panel
looks for:

• An ability to work with others to achieve a presentable piece of work
• Spontaneity
• An ability and previous experience in singing, acting and dancing
  (the panel will expect potential in at least two out of the three)
• An ability to attempt everything regardless of previous experience
• A receptive and enquiring mind
• A voice and body that is trainable and a personality responsive to our methods of training
• An ability to listen and follows instructions

Once this process is complete, the panel will consider all recall audition candidates and then make offers
of places. It is not possible to give any feedback from the audition process. The school reserves the right to
offer waiting-list places.

MA Practice of Voice and Singing
You will be required to:
• Support your application with a brief essay (1,000 words) setting out your particular interest in Voice
  and Singing
• Attend one interview/audition where you will:
  - Introduce, perform and work with the panel on a prepared poem and sonnet and two songs of
    contrasting style and genre.
  - Discuss your interest and aptitude for the course with the panel giving clear indications of research
    interests and professional development goals.

                      General Information

Health and Welfare Services
GSA students have the full support of the University of Surrey student care services including Health
Centre/counselling/additional learning support. Further information can be found in the Your Wellbeing
section of this prospectus.

GSA is a liberal institution. It believes in free speech in pursuit of excellence in its training. The school uses
plays and other forms of text of the widest possible reference, to express a wide range of views. GSA tries
to accommodate students wishing to partake in religious holidays but cannot allow these to obstruct a
performance. The training therefore requires students willing to personate in dialogue, personality and
appearance any character. These writings may involve including personating persons of either gender and
any race or creed. Acceptance of a place at GSA will be deemed as agreement to its training requirements.

Membership of British Actors Equity
Equity offers a Student Membership Scheme, which allows students to join while training and reserve
their professional name. Immediate full Equity membership is available to those graduates of an accredited
course who have the right to work in this country and any student membership subscription paid will be
deducted from the full membership fee.

All new GSA students have access to University of Surrey accommodation. Second and third years have
access to the University private accommodation list. Information will be sent out by email after you have
accepted a place with us. Any student wishing to live more than 10 miles outside Guildford during training
must have written permission from the Director. Further information can be found in the Your Place to Live
section of this prospectus.

Students’ Union
GSA’s Students’ Union is a departmental society of the University of Surrey Students’ Union and is headed
by its own President, Secretary and departmental committee who represent students at meetings that
cover all aspects of the training at GSA. The committee also organises social events for students and staff
throughout the year.

Students are expected to join the Students’ Union, which is affiliated to the National Union of Students.

Careers Advice
Our Professional Development Adviser and Senior Tutor Professional Skills are available to give advice and
information on how to start your career. The PDA will arrange mock interviews with agents, talks on Equity,
how to manage finances and preparing your CV and photographs. The PDA will negotiate all professional
engagements obtained by the student whilst under contract in training at GSA.

Public Performances
GSA stages over twenty public productions throughout the year and students are encouraged to attend
these as well as other internal performances.

                                                     Fees and Awards

GSA seeks funding for its current and potential students from a variety of sources. The latest information
can be found on the website. However, you should be aware that in the worst case scenario you could be
liable for private fees plus your living expenses. Students on two and three year courses can apply for a
funded place. Even if you are in receipt of funding for fees you will still be liable for the student
contribution which can be anything from £1,275 – £3,290* annually, in addition to your living expenses.
*These are 2010/11 figures and may be subject to increase at any time.

All fees are payable one year in advance. Dance and Drama Award students, whose parents’ joint income
is under £33,000 per annum, will be eligible for a maintenance grant from the Dance and Drama Award
income assessed student support fund who administer the Dance and Drama maintenance scheme. Higher
Education students will be eligible to apply to the Student Loans Company for assistance with their student
contribution and will be eligible for student loans.

For information on financial assistance to support your learning:
T: 0800 100 900

For general information:

For Dance and Drama Awards see the Dance and Drama Awards Booklet or go to:

For HEFCE funding information and student loans for eligible designated courses go to:

As our courses are designated, eligible privately-funded students are able to apply to the Student Loans
Company for a contribution towards the fees and a student loan for maintenance, but will be required to
fund the balance of the fees from other sources.

Course fees are set by GSA’s Governors in the Spring and there is normally an increase each year in line
with inflation.

Please note course fees are non-refundable.


Fees Paid Privately
Fees are payable in advance. Students paying privately are required to pay one year’s fees in advance before
they commence their course. Thereafter the fees for each year must be paid in the August of the preceding
year. Students will be required to provide evidence, before they commence their course, that they have
sufficient financial resources to cover both fees and living expenses throughout the period of their training.

Students from the USA and Canada
GSA has been designated as eligible to participate in the US Department of Education Student Loan
Program FAFSA (School Code 02363000). Details of the program can be obtained from participating banks
or from the State Department of Higher Education. We cannot give financial advice but we work regularly
with IEFC and Sallie Mae, organisations who facilitate the provision of international student loans. GSA is
also approved for the Canada Students Loan Plan. Overseas students can pay fees in dollars at the rate in
place at the time of payment.

All DaDA/Trinity qualification students wishing to top up their diploma to a degree will pay a registration
fee of £195 by the beginning of their course.

There is a single application and audition fee of £35 for the Acting and Musical Theatre courses.
There are no application or audition fees for the MA Practice Voice and Singing or Stage Management or
Technical courses.

Books and recording media will need to be purchased at additional cost.

  Student fees [for 2010/11 entry]*

  Course                                                Home/EU Private                 Overseas
  BA Hons Acting                                        £12,065                         £12,065
  BA Hons Musical Theatre                               £12,065                         £12,065
  Prod Dip                                              £11,350                         £11,350
  BA Prod                                               £3,290                          £3,290
  Existing BA Conversion (per module)                   £750                            £750
  New BA Conversion                                     £2,340                          £2,340

  MA Acting                                             £11,450                         £16,130
  MA Musical Theatre                                    £13,270                         £16,130
  MAPoVaS                                               £6,875                          £6,875

*All fees are subject to revision at any time


GSA Scholarships and Bursaries
There are a number of Scholarships students can
apply for once they have started a course:

The Sean McGrath Scholarship, The Michael
Redgrave Scholarship, The Ian Ricketts Bursary,
South Square Trust bursaries.

The Student Support Fund: assistance is given,
generally in the form of interest-fee loans towards
living costs.

External Bursaries and sources of assistance:
The Laurence Olivier Bursary, The Lady Rothermere
Award, The Lionel Bart Foundation and The Sir
John Gielgud Bursary.

The University of Surrey may award some
scholarships – details can be obtained from the

Additional scholarship places may be available to
                                                           The Baker's Wife
MA students.

Student Loans
Applications can be made by three year performance students and BA Extension stage management

Career Development Loans can be applied for by students taking the post-graduate courses and some
three year performance students.

Details of other grant-giving bodies are listed in directories such as The Educational Grants Directory and
The Directory of Grant-Making Trusts which are available at larger libraries.

The Student Support Fund
This fund was set up through the generosity of Guildford Academic Associates, a trust co-funded by Drs
Joan and Eric Reid, and further donations have been made in memory of Sybil Simon, Olga Richards, Mary
Holding and Kathleen Ingram, by the Friends of GSA and by individuals and organisations who wish to
remain anonymous. Assistance is given, generally in the form of interest-free loans towards living costs, to
students who have already begun a course who are facing unforeseen financial problems. Applications for
assistance are made in writing to the Director.

 Your Training

You want to feel that your training is setting you up for success, providing
you with the right kind of resources to make the most of your potential.
Throughout your time at GSA you will have access to a range of
services and support from the University of Surrey. We’re committed to
helping you get the most out of your training and perform beyond your

The University Library                                   In addition to this, the University Library provides:
                                                         • Seating for over 900 users
GSA offers an excellent range of course related
                                                         • A stock of over 600,000 books; 72,000 e-books
material in it's own Resource Library. However
                                                            with full text available online
as a Surrey student you will be able to access
                                                         • 1,400 current print journal titles; 13,700
our extensive collection of books, journals and
                                                            e-journal titles with full text available online
electronic resources.
                                                         • Moving image and sound collections, and
                                                            playback facilities, with many resources delivered
The Library is a six-storey building which is wireless
enabled throughout. Whatever your style of
                                                         • Additional learning support facilities and
work we have a space for you. We have group
                                                            resources for students with disabilities or specific
areas for project and presentation work and lively
                                                            learning difficulties
discussion. We also have solo work areas for
                                                         • An academic librarian for your subject area is
quiet concentrated study. We have printing and
                                                            available to introduce you to the Library and
photocopying facilities, as well as access to PCs,
                                                            to help you to find and use the information
a café area, bookable rooms for small groups and
other specialist facilities.
Extended opening hours mean that you can
choose when you prefer to work. We are open
until 1.30am during semester and for 24 hours a
day during the run up to examinations. Selfissue
and return equipment can be used to borrow and
return books at any time.

In addition, many services and resources are
available online wherever and whenever you
choose to work, with online books and journals
available 24 hours a day through the Library
webpages. You can renew and reserve books
online or via an automated phone service.

Learning Technologies                                    IT Services
The University aims to give you a varied and             As well as 24-hour open access PC rooms
up-to-date learning experience and many lecturers        equipped with a range of software, you will have
use technology in their teaching. It’s likely you will   free access to networking facilities wherever you’re
come across a range of technologies during your          based. All of our Courts of Residence feature a
time at Surrey and your lecturers will guide you         free broadband network service known as ResNet.
to use a particular technology if it is required for     We can help you look after your laptop and give
your programme.                                          you free software to run on it. We can also give
                                                         advice on how to protect your computer from
One of the most popular technologies is ULearn.          viruses and hackers.
ULearn is the University’s online learning
environment, accessed via the web. Through     
ULearn you can access notes, resources, discussions
and assignments related to your modules. You will
also find some general courses – available to all        SPLASH
students – to support your training.                     Located within the Library, SPLASH (Student
                                                         Personal Learning and Study Hub) is a flexible,
ULearn offers you flexibility over where, how and        student-centred learning space which you are
when you study. You will be able to revisit and          encouraged to use to enhance your training.
reinforce information you have learnt whenever           Staff in SPLASH will help you to develop your study
you like and at your own pace.                           strategies and your transferable skills, as well as
                                                         plan your personal and academic development.
Technology is also being used in group teaching
sessions. You may find yourself using an electronic      Through SPLASH you will have access to a wide
voting handset in lectures, similar to those on the      variety of online and paper resources. You may
TV quiz show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’.            benefit from one-to-one guidance with student
The voting system allows all students in the class       learning advisers. Workshops and drop-in sessions
to respond anonymously to questions asked by             are offered to sharpen your skills in all-important
the lecturer, making learning more interactive and       areas including academic writing, managing
tailored to your needs.                                  time, presentation skills and revision strategies.
                                                         Your academic librarian also works from SPLASH,
                                                         providing face-to-face help and information
                                                         skills workshops.

Additional Learning Support                            ALS works closely on your behalf with departments
                                                       and support services within the University. We also
for Students with Disabilities or                      liaise closely with external providers of support
Specific Learning Difficulties                         including Social Services and the Surrey Physical
                                                       and Sensory Support Service.
If you have a disability or a specific learning
difficulty, such as dyslexia, Additional Learning      Assistive technology
Support (ALS) is here to help you.                     The University holds site licences for: Inspiration,
                                                       MindGenius and Texthelp – Read and Write.
ALS aims to make the transition to university as       This software can be accessed from all the open
stress-free as possible by providing a number of       access PCs in the University. In addition the Library
support services for people with additional needs.     Assistive Technology Centre provides a study area
Let us help you access a range of services and         with a document-reading scanner, JAWS (a text to
adjustments designed to support your independent       speech program) and a Braille embosser for visually
development and achievement.                           impaired students.
We encourage you to disclose any disability on the
application form. This means that ALS can make         For further information, see the Additional
sure your support needs are properly assessed and      Learning Support website or contact us directly.
managed. However, if you prefer, we are happy to
discuss your support needs in complete confidence.     T: +44 (0)1483 689609

We can help                                  
ALS is based in the Library and can help you
with special examination arrangements, dyslexia
screening and referral for dyslexia assessments,
one-to-one learning support and help with
applying for the Disabled Students’ Allowance
(international or European students are not eligible
for DSA). We also provide a support service which
includes note-takers in lectures and scribes for
exams or library support.

                                                                           Your Wellbeing

We aim to support you while you are studying at GSA. We offer help
relevant to every area of your life. We’re committed to helping you get the
most out of your time as a student.

Your Support                                            Student Care
Your wellbeing is important to us. We have a            We hope you remain happy, well and healthy
variety of on-site support services to help you         throughout your time at university. However,
during your time at Surrey.                             should you need it, we offer extensive services to
                                                        support you.
Settling in
On Arrivals Day you will be greeted by staff and        Student Advice
student helpers who will help you find your way         The Student Advice team works towards making
around campus and provide you with friendly             your time at Surrey as problem-free as they can.
advice.                                                 We offer information and advice on a range of
                                                        issues, the most common of which are financial
There is a programme of activities to introduce you     concerns, legal matters and hardship funding.
to life on campus. We will do our very best to
support you and help you feel at home.                  If possible, we will help you straight away.
                                                        Otherwise we can make an appointment for you to
We also offer additional events for international       see an experienced adviser or refer you to someone
students, to help you settle in as quickly as           else who can help.
                                                        Student Health Care
You will be able to meet others from your own           Student Health Care is a nurse-led service providing
country as well as students from all over the world.    health information, advice, support and a variety of
                                                        clinics run by specialist nurses.
Personal support
To help you get the most out of your GSA      
experience, you will be assigned a year tutor
who will be on hand to offer you guidance and
support throughout your time with us.

You can choose to participate in our student peer
mentoring scheme. This is a fantastic opportunity
to meet and share university experiences.

The Students’ Union also offers a variety of
sessions covering topics such as assertiveness,
interpersonal communication, working in a team
and stress management.

Our student sabbatical officers are actively involved
in student welfare and educational issues. You can
call on them to discuss any personal issues and get
advice on your rights and financial concerns.

Medical Centre                                         Multi-Faith Centre
The Guildowns University Medical Centre is an          We are currently planning a Multi-Faith Centre
independent medical practice and one of the            where the University Chaplaincy will be based.
branches of the Guildowns Group Practice. Open
throughout the year and situated on campus, the        The project reflects the diversity that we are so
Medical Centre provides a full NHS doctor surgery      proud of in our community. We are creating a
service. Confidentiality and privacy are respected     space where you will feel safe and included,
at all times.                                          whatever your religion.

The Centre for Wellbeing
Counsellors at the Centre for Wellbeing are on
hand to deal with any personal, relationship or        Childcare Provision
emotional concerns you might have. Staff at the        Juggling your workload and family commitments
Centre offer individual and couple counselling and     can often be a difficult task. Here at Surrey we aim
group workshops, and are experienced in working        to take some of the pressure off by providing an
with students from a broad range of cultures and       on-site nursery. CampusKids is our day nursery for
nationalities.                                         the pre-school-age children of students and staff. It
                                                       is run in partnership with KidsUnlimited, a national
They also work across the University to develop        childcare provider with a great reputation. Students
good practice in the field of mental health and        with young children should contact KidsUnlimited
wellbeing.                                             directly regarding the availability of places.               

Religious and Spiritual Support
You will be joining a dynamic multi-faith and
multicultural community at Surrey. You will have the
chance to meet people of every kind of spirituality,
along with those who do not consider themselves
religious or spiritual. Everyone is respected.

A network of chaplains drawn from a range of
religions and communities is available, offering
pastoral care, advice and a confidential ear.

International Student Support                           The International Student Office
                                                        If you are coming from another country, you will
A global community                                      be pleased to know that we have an International
We are proud to be one of the most culturally           Student Office to help with any questions you
diverse universities in the UK. With more than          might have.
3000 overseas students from over 130 different
countries currently studying at Surrey, your learning   We are available to help from the moment you
and teaching experience will take place in a truly      consider studying at the University until after
international and vibrant environment.                  graduation and at all stages during your studies.
                                                        We will assist you with immigration and visa issues,
                                                        equivalence of entry qualifications, pre-departure
                                                        information, employment regulations and
                                                        international student welfare.

 Your Place to Live

When you come to GSA you will become part of a community that’s as
vibrant in life and as rich in knowledge as you are.You will belong to a
place where you will make great friends and lifelong memories. A place
you can make your own. Become part of the GSA family.

A Sense of Community                                     Your Campus Environment
Our friendly community encourages a real sense           Situated close to the rolling hills of the Surrey
of belonging. At Surrey there are over 13,000            countryside, the University campus is a beautiful,
undergraduate and postgraduate students from             leafy environment. We have carefully designed
130 different countries all playing a role in campus     gardens, vibrant green playing fields and a
life. Training at GSA, you will enjoy a lively,          picturesque lake, just 15 minutes away from the
dynamic atmosphere that enriches the student             centre of town.
experience for all.
                                                         Our many striking, modern buildings sit on the
You will see that our students come from a diverse       hillside leading up to Guildford Cathedral.
range of backgrounds. Many people start their
training straight after school or college, but we        Imagine sitting in the sun reading, studying or
also welcome mature students who have spent              having a barbeque with friends by the lake. The
time outside formal education. We provide                area provides a place away from work and study,
opportunities for people from all areas of society       and enables people to relax and take time out
who want to study at university and who have the         in the University grounds. It’s a great place to
ability to succeed in their chosen subject.              meet when the sun is out, and you will often see
                                                         students, staff and visitors relaxing, chatting with
Time to Relax                                            friends, reading a book or feeding the ducks.
We realise you are not just here to study, you’re
here for all the added extras. The Surrey campus         A great environment in which to live and learn, our
ethos is very much ‘work hard, play hard’. Ask any       campus is the perfect place for you to settle into
of our current students and they’ll tell you all about   your university life, meet friends and realise your
living as part of the Surrey community.                  potential.

You will find that most students enjoy socialising in
the Union and on campus, whilst there are many
good pubs, clubs and restaurants in Guildford. We
will do our best to make sure you quickly begin
to enjoy our relaxed and welcoming atmosphere,
something that everyone at Surrey is proud to be
part of.

Accommodation Throughout Your                        and demand for places. Preference is given to
                                                     students who are away from Guildford on student
Degree                                               placements during their third year.
When choosing a university, the choice, quality,
location and cost of accommodation on offer
will be important factors in your final decision.    Accommodation Facts
At Surrey we offer you a variety of good quality     Our accommodation has the fixtures, fittings and
accommodation with a choice of several different     appliances to make it feel like home:
price bands
                                                     • More than 50 per cent of rooms have en suite
Our accommodation is arranged in groups of self-       shower and toilet facilities
catered housing called Courts of Residence and has   • Groups of students share a kitchen-dining room,
been designed to meet your needs and provide you       conveniently close to bedrooms
with a living space to make your own.                • You will have access to unlimited free broadband
                                                       and a telephone service with cheap external calls
                                                       and free internal calls
Guaranteed accommodation in                          • You will have access to a free iptv (Internet
your first year                                        provided tv) service via your own dedicated user
As a first-year student, you will be guaranteed a      account
place in University accommodation.                   • There are communal buildings with TV room,
                                                       mail racks and friendly staff to answer queries
The second year and beyond                           • All residences are non-smoking
In the second year most UK/EU students find their    • Belongings insurance is provided at no additional
own place to live in the Guildford area and help       charge
and support can be provided by our experienced       • Most of the accommodation is mixed-sex but you
Accommodation Office staff. Private sector houses      can choose to live in a single-sex flat or floor if
and rooms are readily available in Guildford and       you wish
range in price from £75 to £95 per week. The
University also owns and rents property in the       Please note that our accommodation policy is
town which is let to students.                       reviewed annually and may be subject to change.
                                                     Please see our website for the latest policy
Final-year* UK/EU students may apply for a
                                                     * Overseas fee undergraduates are usually offered a place in
place in a University residence but this is not      University accommodation for the normal duration of their
guaranteed. The numbers housed vary from year        programme, provided they apply each year by the published
to year depending on the current allocation policy   deadline.

Residential Facilities                                   Rooms to Suit Any Budget
To help with day-to-day living, there is a laundrette,   Our Accommodation Office will help you find the
post office, bank, bookshop, grocery store and           right place to live, on or off campus, at affordable
health centre on the Stag Hill campus. There is a        rents, throughout your time at Surrey.
large supermarket nearby and a halal grocery store
and a Chinese and Polish store in the town centre.       Our Courts of Residence offer five rent bands
On campus there is an international food shop run        so you will be able to find accommodation that
by the Students’ Union. A very popular fruit and         suits your budget. As a guide, 2009–10 rents
vegetable market is held weekly.                         ranged from £58 to £123 per week, with typical
                                                         standard rooms costing £82 and en suite £101 per
All Courts of Residence have a warden service,           week. The actual prices for 2010–11 rents will be
making you feel safe and secure. Student mentors         confirmed on the Accommodation Office website
or senior residents are also on hand to assist you.      in March 2010.
Living in accommodation, they organise social
activities and help you to settle in.                    Our rents are inclusive of utilities, broadband,
                                                         phone and insurance, so there is nothing extra to
Stag Hill                                                pay. To make life easy, rent is collected by direct
About two thirds of our accommodation is on the          debit which you can set up online.
main campus in eight Courts of Residence.

Manor Park
                                                         Accommodation for Couples and
Manor Park is about one mile away, 20 minutes’           Families
walk or a short cycle ride, and has over 1500 high       If you plan to bring your family, we have some
specification en suite rooms.                            family flats and houses available on campus,
                                                         at Hazel Farm and Manor Park. Please see the
Students living at Manor Park will have easy access      Accommodation Office webpages for more
to the new Surrey Sports Park featuring a 50m            information. We regret that we cannot guarantee
swimming pool, opening early in 2010.                    the availability of family accommodation

Hazel Farm
Hazel Farm comprises purpose-built student
                                                         Accommodation for Students with
housing on the outskirts of Guildford, three miles       Disabilities
from campus, and features budget accommodation           Specially adapted rooms are available for students
with resident parking.                                   with physical impairments on campus and at
                                                         Manor Park. See the Accommodation Office
All student rooms have a free, unlimited                 webpages for more information.
broadband service.

Living in Guildford                                     Out and About
The University campus, Guildford and the                Guildford has something for you, whatever your
surrounding area provide a safe and secure place to     interests. A vibrant and historic county town, it has
live. There is a frequent bus service which runs late   first-class entertainment and shopping. The town is
into the night, and the local area is cycle-friendly    surrounded by a wealth of nature and history, and
too. There is a regular bus to Tesco, the nearest       provides a great starting point for exploring the
supermarket, which is also within walking distance.     South East of England.

Just ten minutes’ walk from campus, Guildford           A frequent rail service to London Waterloo means
is an exciting mixture of historical, cultural          that the capital is only 40 minutes away by train.
and modern delights. Whilst it offers all the           Guildford is also close to the M25 and the major
convenience of a modern city, you can also feel as      airports at Heathrow and Gatwick.
safe and included as in any village. If you do crave
the bright lights, London is only 40 minutes away,
and many students regularly attend club nights,
gigs and shows in the city.                             The town boasts:
                                                        • A lively nightlife – an eclectic mix of over 70
You can also explore the rolling countryside and          pubs, bars, restaurants and cafés for all tastes
traditional pubs that are close to this area of           and budgets
Surrey. This location also offers fantastic transport   • The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre – a major regional
links, with several airports in easy reach.               theatre and performance venue
                                                        • The Electric Theatre – community arts, comedy,
                                                          music and cabaret
Shopping and Socialising                                • Some of the best shopping in the South East
The cobbled high street, criss-crossed by lanes and
alleyways, provides the perfect setting for a day’s
shopping. The high street boasts a great selection
of well-known names where you will find a variety       If you want to take in a sporting event, you’ll find
of clothing, beauty and furnishing shops.               top ice hockey and basketball teams in the town
                                                        and there are some great relaxing walks and bike
Venture away down one of the many side                  rides along the banks of the River Wey.
streets and you will discover exclusive boutiques,
independent shops and cosy cafés. There are
also two shopping centres, the Friary Centre and
Tunsgate Square, both of which are situated off
the main high street.

If it’s food you’re looking for, we have all the
benefits of living in a city, including a range of
international restaurants, Nando’s and Wagamama,
as well as traditional English pubs.

“Guildford is such a nice place to live...
there is so much to do. if you love getting
out and about you will never be bored.
Such a stress free town that is a great
place to be.”
Charlie Guest, GSA, 3rd year Musical Theatre
Guilfest                                               Exploring Further
Guildford is home to Guilfest, one of the most         Quick trips and places to visit include:
popular and fastest growing independently run          • World-class sporting venues – Wimbledon
music festivals in the country. With over 100 bands      (tennis), Twickenham (rugby union), Epsom
performing at the festival and a huge variety of         and Ascot (horse racing), Sunningdale and
stalls, Guilfest is an experience not to be missed.      Wentworth (golf), The Oval (cricket)
                                                       • The Tower of London, Hampton Court and
Previous years have seen performances by Blondie,        Windsor Castle
British Sea Power and The Magic Numbers, as            • The historic naval cities of Portsmouth and
well as numerous local and unsigned bands. GSA           Southampton
students often have the opportunity to perform at      • Theme parks – Thorpe Park and Chessington
Guilfest.                                                World of Adventures
                                                       • The remains of Guildford Castle built by William
Guilfest caters for all ages with its relaxed            the Conqueror shortly after 1066
atmosphere and vibrant mix of music and                • The Surrey Hills – an area of outstanding natural
entertainment. It’s a three-day event, with festival     beauty
goers choosing to visit for the day or stay for the
whole duration in the nearby campsite.

                                                                             Your Social Life

When you come to study at GSA, you will be part of a vibrant campus
lifestyle with a variety of venues at your disposal for meeting with friends,
eating out and having fun.
The Time of Your Life                                    The Campus Nightlife
Studying at GSA puts you in an ideal situation to        Whether you’re the kind of person that gets
have a fantastic time whilst getting the education       excited about clubbing or comedy, live music
to prepare you for a successful life after university.   or pub quizzes, you’ll find plenty to keep you
With social and leisure facilities, cafés and
restaurants, coffee bars and common rooms, our           Our Students’ Union houses five bars and three
campus provides everything you need to make the          food outlets, so you’re bound to find something
most of your time at university.                         that appeals to you.

Eating and Drinking on Campus                            Rubix, the Students’ Union’s 1600-capacity
                                                         nightclub, has the finest sound and light facility
Chancellors serves a variety of meals perfect for        of any Union club in the country. Individual music
refuelling after a day of lectures. Young’s Kitchen      tastes are catered for with several music societies
provides freshly cooked authentic Thai, Chinese,         who stage gigs from trance, dance and funk, to
Japanese and Korean cuisine.                             indie, rock and metal.

If it’s a coffee and a chat that you need, then          It’s not just home-grown talent either. Recent
Starbucks, located both in the GSA building and          bands and DJs to grace our stage have included
in Oak House, offers a tempting range of hot and         We are Scientists, Booty Luv, Mary Anne Hobbs,
cold drinks as well as cakes and snacks.                 The Darkness, Rachel Stevens, The Honeyz,
                                                         The Twang, DJ Yoda, Reuben, Paul Oakenfold,
After classes you can always stop off at Sorrento,       Wheatus, Tim Westwood, Kate Nash and The
a coffee bar with award-winning sandwiches and           Automatic – to name but a few.

With breakfast from 7.30am, through to supper
until 7pm, Hillside Restaurant and Lounge, with
over 400 seats, meets all your needs, with snacks
and fresh food available.

If you are on a budget, look out for our ‘quality
value’ range which offers great food at affordable
prices. When you’ve had a long day training and
fancy a break from the kitchen, let our on-site
pizza house deliver directly to your room.

In Guildford town centre there are venues to suit
all budgets. You can take in the vast number of
restaurants and cafés that cater for all tastes,
whether it’s a post-club kebab you’re after, or a
fancy meal with all the trimmings.

Guildford Nightlife                                     Student media
Heading into town couldn’t be easier either, with       To keep you up-to-date with all the events, gossip
a variety of nightclubs, bars and a cinema a mere       and photos from campus, we have award-winning
15-minute stroll from campus. A wide range of           student media, the student newspaper, GU2
national chains (All Bar One, Ha Ha and Slug and        (student radio) and the Students’ Union website.
Lettuce) sit alongside independent pubs and bars
such as Fahrenheit 55, Five-n-Lime and The White        iFestival
House.                                                  iFestival (International Festival) is a two-week
                                                        annual event that promotes and celebrates culture
Clubs like Harpers, Flares and Dusk mean you will       and diversity at Surrey. Over the fortnight many fun
never be short of places to spend your evenings         events are held, including the ‘iGala’, ‘iExhibition’
out on the town.                                        and ‘iOlympics’. iFestival is not only an opportunity
                                                        for the international societies here at Surrey to
If you’re a fan of live music, independent venue the    showcase their culture and heritage, but also for
Boileroom features the best of local talent and has     other societies to exhibit a range of events.
an indie and alternative club on a Friday night.
                                                        This year you can expect to see and experience
                                                        performances from across the globe, world film
Student Activities                                      showings, quiz nights, video game tournaments,
The Students’ Union’s Activities Centre provides a      debates and more.
range of services to support you and your interests.
Alongside the Union’s top-class Representation and      Chinese New Year
Welfare Unit for students, the Centre is the focus      We also celebrate Chinese New Year in style.
for a whole range of student activities.                Previous years have featured acrobats, jugglers and
                                                        Chinese lion dancers.
Student societies
Get yourself involved with our student societies
and you’ll have the opportunity to meet new
people, try something different and maybe even do
something related to your degree. There are over        Societies A–Z
60 active societies for you to get involved in or the   • African-Caribbean
Union can help you set one up yourself.                 • Anime and Game
                                                        • Arabic
                                                        • Asian
                                                        • Big Band
                                                        • Biology
                                                        • British Real Ale Appreciation Society
                                                        • Catholic
                                                        • Chemical Engineering
                                                        • Chemistry
                                                        • Chinese Asian
                                                        • Chinese Students and Scholars Association
                                                        • Christian Fellowship
                                                        • Christian Union
                                                        • Civil Engineering
                                                        • Conservative
                                                        • Cyclone
                                                        • Cypriot
                                                        • Debating
                                                        • Duke of Edinburgh
                                                        • Economics
                                                        • Egyptian
• Electronic and Amateur Radio Society            Culture and Performance
• Electronic Engineering                          You don’t have to leave campus to sample a
• English Literature                              bit of culture. In addition to GSA's numerous
• Game                                            own productions there is also a full and varied
• German                                          programme of musical recitals and concerts, dance
• Gospel Choir                                    and theatre performances, exhibitions and literary
• Hellenic                                        talks are regularly held at the University, giving you
• Indian Students Association                     the chance to sample arts and cultural events from
• Iranian                                         around the world.
• Islamic
• Italian                                         Recent events include a mini-festival weekend in
• Kaboom                                          association with Guildford International Music
• Korean                                          Festival, a Guitar Day featuring recitals, discussions
• Law                                             and interviews, as well as a busy programme of
• LGBT                                            student performances and chamber music recitals
• Machine and Vehicle                             by our distinguished Artists in Residence.
• Malaysian Students Society
• Medical, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering   If you can find time in your busy training schedule
• Model UN                                        weekly lunchtime concerts and a wide variety
• Mountain Walking                                of student concerts are held. There is a classical
• Music                                           showcase, informal rock, pop and folk acts,
• Music and Drama                                 improvised music and our award-winning Big
• No Wave                                         Band.
• North American
• Nursing                                         If you’re interested in art, the Lewis Elton Gallery is
• Orthodox                                        a dedicated space at the University which presents
• Pakistan Student Association                    a series of exhibitions throughout the year,
• People and Planet                               featuring the work of nationally and internationally
• Photographic                                    known artists.
• Poker
• Politics                                        Activities on campus are complemented by a
• Pool                                            range of events and venues in Guildford and the
• Postgraduate Association                        surrounding area that will help you to make the
• Presha                                          most of your creative side.
• Psychology
• Raising and Giving
• Russian Speakers
• Sci-Fi and Fantasy
• Sikh
• Sociology
• Space
• Sri Lankan
• Stage Crew
• St John LINKS
• Students in Free Enterprise
• Taiwanese
• Tamil
• Turkish Speakers
• Unique Society
• Video Gaming
• Wind Band
 Your Sporting Life

We want you to have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of exercise,
fitness, dance and sport whilst you train at GSA. The University of Surrey’s
facilities encourage physical wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming the University for Sport                       Surrey Sports Park
We have a bold vision for sport at the University       The Surrey Sports Park is based on the University’s
of Surrey.                                              Manor Park site. It is one of Europe’s premier sites
                                                        for elite sport, physical activity, wellbeing and
Sport is a defining part of many students’ university   leisure.
experience, whether for fun, fitness or fierce
competition.                                            The value of performance, participation and
                                                        personal development underpins the very heart
We have invested heavily to provide you with the        of the complex. Bringing together high-quality
best possible sports facilities. In April 2010 the      facilities and passionate people with a desire to
University opened the brand new Surrey Sports           achieve, the Surrey Sports Park provides a venue
Park, which sets a new benchmark for the quality        that supports the ambitions of all users, regardless
of university sports facilities.                        of ability, from world-class athletes to grassroots
We know that it takes more than superb facilities
to make a great sporting university. It takes           Our students and staff – in teams or as individuals,
dedication and passion from both our staff and our      whether young or old – all have the opportunity to
students. That’s why we make sure our enthusiastic      excel in a place that inspires active discovery and
sports staff have the expertise to support and          development of sporting and creative talent.
enhance your sporting opportunities and abilities.
                                                        The Surrey Sports Park has been designed by
This combination of the Surrey Sports Park’s world-     the internationally renowned architectural
class facilities and the expertise and enthusiasm       firm FaulknerBrowns, whose reputation has
of our sports staff and students makes Surrey one       been recognised by the International Olympic
of the premier universities for participative and       Committee and the Association of Sports and
representational sport.                                 Leisure Facilities.


Facilities                                               50m swimming pool
Our state-of-the-art sporting facility is one of the     The Surrey Sports Park boasts the first and only
very best in the UK. Its main features include:          50m pool in the county and is one of only a
                                                         few available in universities across the country.
• 50m, eight-lane swimming pool
                                                         Providing international-standard swimming
• 120-station health and fitness centre
                                                         facilities, the pool’s traversable boom and
• Indoor climbing centre, including 12m walls,
                                                         moveable floor can divide the pool into two 25m
   bouldering and cave
                                                         sections or a 30m water polo section.
• 3 multi-purpose halls for badminton, basketball,
  volleyball, netball and more
                                                         120-station health and fitness centre
• Glass-backed squash courts with 2 show courts
                                                         The 700m² fitness centre features zoned areas
  for over 160 spectators
                                                         tailored to members with different requirements,
• 8 floodlit outdoor tennis courts
                                                         combining state-of-the-art cardiovascular
• 3 floodlit artificial grass pitches for football and
                                                         equipment with integrated TV and entertainment
                                                         systems, international-standard fixed-resistance
• 10 football/rugby pitches
                                                         machines and advanced free weight areas.
• 2 cricket squares
• 2 small-sided grass pitches
                                                         12m climbing centre
• 2-lane 60m sprint track
                                                         The climbing centre will offer some of the finest
• Trim trail
                                                         and most challenging indoor climbing in the UK.
• 3 multi-purpose exercise studios
                                                         The centre houses a testing variety of overhanging
• Spinning studio
                                                         competition walls and an exciting resin-featured
• Wet and dry changing areas
                                                         lead wall that will provide climbers with the
• Consultation and treatment rooms
                                                         opportunity to place in situ protection.
• 350-seat Starbucks and bar social area
                                                         To complement the numerous climbing routes,
                                                         there is also a novice training area and an extensive
                                                         bouldering wall suitable for climbers of all levels to
                                                         develop their skills.

 Your Sporting Life

Sport, Dance and Group Fitness                            Dance activities
                                                          We have the most comprehensive and fun
Programme                                                 programme of participation dance you’ll find
We offer one of the largest and most diverse              anywhere in the country. Each week almost 500
sports, dance and group fitness programmes of             people take part in over 20 different evening
any UK university.                                        classes and weekend courses. The programme is
                                                          offered at different ability levels, ranging from the
The Surrey Sports Park is the perfect place to enjoy      experienced dancer to the complete novice. Our
the benefits of exercise – for health, wellbeing          broad range of dance styles on offer includes:
and personal development. Whether you choose
rugby or rambling, jazz dance or jujitsu, our sports      • Argentine tango
activities can help you to feel good, meet new            • Ballet
people and have fun.                                      • Ballroom and Latin
                                                          • Belly dancing
Our activities are designed to cater for all abilities,   • Bollywood
giving you the chance to try something new.               • Breakdance
Our team of knowledgeable and enthusiastic                • Capoeira
instructors can help design individual programmes         • Contemporary
and advise on the opportunities offered.                  • Hip hop
                                                          • Pole dance
Our extensive list of activities includes:                • Salsa
• Over 25 aerobic, body conditioning, circuit             • Street dance
  training and spinning classes                           • Tap
• Sports courses and workshops                            • Urban street
• A large, varied range of dance courses for
  beginners through to experts                            Sport in Guildford
• Wellbeing courses in yoga, tai chi and pilates          In addition to the University programmes, clubs
                                                          and facilities, Guildford is also home to a number
Recreational sports events                                of other sports facilities. The Spectrum is a large
There is also a strong social side to sporting            leisure centre with many sports activities, including
activity at Surrey, with Departments and Courts of        a leisure pool, ice skating and ice hockey rink, and
Residence encouraged to submit mixed teams for            bowling alley. The Guildford Lido offers an outdoor
our Social Sports Programme.                              pool area to relax during the sunny months, and
                                                          the River Wey hosts a number of water-based
These events are a more casual, fun way to                events – including the University’s own annual
participate in sport, with a huge variety of              River Sports Day.
lunchtime, evening and weekend leagues on offer.
Events include 3 v 3 basketball, five-a-side football,
touch rugby, indoor cricket, ultimate frisbee, mixed
soccer, netball, volleyball, dodgeball, River Sports
Day and the main University Sports Day.

Competitive Sports Clubs                               Elite Sport
Sport is one of the most powerful ways of bringing     The Surrey Sports Park offers excellent training
people together and helping them achieve their         facilities and support for elite athletes looking
potential.                                             to continue their training whilst studying at the
With 36 sports clubs, the University of Surrey has a
strong presence in competitive sport against other     We recognise the importance of supporting
universities within British University and College     excellence in sport amongst our students and
Sport (BUCS).                                          currently support talented student athletes through
                                                       the Elite Sports Programme and the Talented
Whether you are an established sports person or        Athlete Scholarship Scheme.
a complete beginner, you’ll be welcomed into our
sports community. From archery to ultimate frisbee,    The Elite Sports Programme offers support for
the opportunity is here for you to find your sport     any current Surrey student who competes at a
and play for your University.                          high level in their chosen sport. Not only can
                                                       athletes take advantage of financial awards but
                                                       they will also receive free access to Surrey Sports
Sports Clubs A–Z                                       Park facilities, massage, workshops, strength and
• American Football                                    conditioning, and mentoring.
• Archery
• Aussie Rules Football                                The University is also proud to be part of the
• Badminton                                            government-funded Talented Athlete Scholarship
• Ballroom Dancing                                     Scheme (TASS), which supports over 20 athletes in
• Basketball                                           the local area.
• Boat (rowing)
• Canoeing                                             Elite Sports Teams
• Cheerleading                                         The upcoming Surrey Sports Park will be home to
• Cricket                                              a number of world-class professional sports teams.
• Equestrian                                           Guildford City Swimming Club and a BBL National
• Fencing                                              League basketball team will be based out of Surrey
• Football                                             Sports Park upon opening.
• Gliding
• Hockey                                               We also currently have two professional sports
• Jujitsu                                              teams as part of our own Surrey Storm franchise
• Mountaineering                                       – Surrey Storm Netball and Surrey Storm Squash
• Netball                                              – who will be training and playing at the Surrey
• Rowing                                               Sports Park, and we are looking to build more.
• Rugby
• Sailing
• Skiing and Snowboarding
• Squash
• Sub Aqua
• Surf and Wakeboard
• Swimming
• Tae Kwon Do
• Tennis
• Trampolining
• Ultimate Frisbee
• Volleyball
• Waterpolo

              GSA Locations

                                         Guildford School of Acting, HQ, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, UK
                                  Guildford School of Acting, HQ, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, UK
                                     GSA Production Department and Bellairs Playhouse, Millmead Terrace, Guildford GU2 4YT
            Guildford School of Acting, HQ, Stag Hill Campus, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, UK
                                  GSA Production Department and Bellairs Playhouse, Millmead Terrace, Guildford GU2 4YT
                                              Bellairs F: 01483 684070 E: W:
            GSA Production Department and 560701Playhouse, Millmead Terrace, Guildford GU2 4YT
                                  T: T: 01483
                                     01483 560701 F: 01483 684070 E: W:
            T: 01483 560701 F: 01483 684070 E: W:

                                                                                      Stoke                           Stoke
                                                                                       Park                                 Park

              University of Surrey
versity of Surrey
               University of Surrey




              GSA BUILDINGS                                                                            THEATRES
NGS                                                                          THEATRES

               1 Guildford School of Acting                                                           A Yvonne Arnaud Theatre and Mill Studio
                                                                             A Yvonne Arnaud Theatre and Mill Studio
 School of Acting
                  GSA Headquarters, Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey                            B The Electric Theatre
              GSA BUILDINGSRehearsal studios and tutorials
dquarters, Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey
                  Administration,                                            B The Electric Theatre            THEATRES
ation, Rehearsal studios and tutorials
                  01483 560701
                                                                                                       CAR PARKS
                                                                                                            A Yvonne Arnaud Theatre and Mill Studio
            1 Millmead Terrace of Acting
            2 Guildford School                                     CAR PARKS
 Terrace        GSA Management Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey
               StageHeadquarters,and Production                                                              B The Electric
                                                                                                      P Guildford Park Road Theatre
 nagement and Production
                Administration, Rehearsal studios and tutorials   P Guildford Park Road
               Bellairs Playhouse
                01483 560701
               01483 734800                                                                           P Guildford Station
4800                                                              P Guildford Station
                                                                                                              CAR PARKS
             2 Madrid Road                                                                            P Millbrook
             3 Millmead Terrace                                              P Millbrook
                 Stage Management and Production
                 Wardrobe and Technical Store                                                                P Guildford Park Road
 and Technical Store                                                                                  P York Road
                 01483 440160
                 Bellairs Playhouse                                          P York Road
                     01483 734800                                                                           P Road
                                                                                                      P LeapaleGuildford Station
                                                                             P Leapale Road
                                                                                                             P Millbrook
              3 Madrid Road
                Wardrobe and Technical Store
                                                                                                             P York Road
                01483 440160
                                                                            Getting to GSA

By Car                                                  From the railway station
                                                        GSA HQ at the University Surrey Campus
GSA HQ at the University Surrey Campus
                                                        Walking: Leave station by footbridge and rear exit.
Guildford is 30 miles south-west of London, on the
                                                        Turn right from the station along Guildford Park
A3 London–Portsmouth road. If approaching from
                                                        Road and take the second turning on the right.
London or the M25 (Junction 10), remain on the
                                                        Follow the path through the park-and-ride car park
bypass (A3) until you reach the exit signed to the
                                                        to the campus.
Cathedral and University. The campus is very close
to this junction. Simply follow the signs to the
                                                        Bus: ARRIVA buses (leave station by footbridge and
University, being careful not to follow signs to the
                                                        rear exit, cross main road to bus stop) operate a
town centre.
                                                        regular service to the campus. Services 17, 27 and
                                                        37 run approximately every ten minutes during
If approaching on the A322 or A323 from Bagshot
                                                        the day. The earliest service is at approximately
or Aldershot, at the A3 roundabout take the
                                                        6am and the last bus is just before midnight. On
exit signed to Portsmouth, and then turn off the
                                                        Sundays there is a reduced service. For further
A3 at the first exit (signed to the Cathedral and
                                                        information, call Traveline on 0870 608 2608.
                                                        Taxi: From main (eastern) exit.
If entering Guildford from Horsham (A281) or
Godalming (A3100), leave the central gyratory
                                                        To Millmead Terrace and The Bellairs
system at the exit signed for Farnham (A31). After
                                                        Playhouse - Walking: From Guildford Station, it is
approximately 200 yards, at the mini-roundabout,
                                                        approx five minute walk to Millmead Terrace and
take the first turning right into Guildford Park
                                                        the Bellairs Playhouse. Follow the GSA Locations
Road, and continue along Madrid Road and The
Chase for a mile. At the next roundabout, take the
third exit for the University entrance. GSA is on
your left as you enter the campus.                      By Air
Getting to Millmead Terrace                             Guildford is conveniently placed for both Heathrow
A3 from London - Take exit sign posted Guildford        and Gatwick airports.
Town Centre and follow GSA Locations map.
                                                        Via London Airport (Heathrow)
                                                        Rail-air link coaches leave for Woking from the
By Coach                                                central bus station, which is a few minutes’ walk
                                                        from Terminals 1, 2 and 3. The coaches call at
National Express coach number SH030 runs
                                                        Terminal 5, and a limited number of services run
services to and from the Egerton Road/Tesco stop
                                                        to Terminal 4. Passengers using Terminal 4 and 5
(a short walk from the University). For further
                                                        can transfer free to or from Heathrow Central (for
information, call 08705 808080.
                                                        the bus station) by Heathrow Express or Heathrow
                                                        Connect train. Coaches run up to every 30 minutes
                                                        and journey time is approximately one hour. There
By Train                                                are frequent trains from Woking to Guildford. For
Guildford is on the main line between London            further information call National Rail Enquiries on
Waterloo and Portsmouth. Half-hourly train services     08457 484950.
run from Guildford to Waterloo, with journey times
of 40 minutes. For further information, call National   Via London Airport (Gatwick)
Rail Enquiries on 08457 484950.                         Gatwick station is positioned in the South Terminal
                                                        of the airport and provides direct rail-air link trains
                                                        to Guildford hourly between approximately 5.15am
                                                        (6am on Sundays) and 11pm. For further information,
                                                        call National Rail Enquiries on 08457 484950.

                   United Kingdom


                                                                                                 Heathrow        London
                                     Cardiff                                              Guildford                                       Dover
                                                           Guildford                                   Gatwick


                                                                                                                             South East England




                     N                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Academic Buildings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Central Social Facilities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   External Organisations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Central Facilities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   University Buildings
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Car Parks
                                                                                                                                                              Main Car Park                                                                        Official Visitors Car Park
                                                                                                                                                              For Staff and Student Permit Holders Only
                                                                                                                        AQA                                                                                                                        Pay and Display Car Park
                                                                                                                       Car Park    Entrance                                             Exit
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Development Area
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Bus Stops
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Disabled Parking Spaces
                                           A3 North                                                                                                                         MS
                                           London                                         TWYFORD
                                                                                           COURT                                                        AP
                                                                                                                              AQA AQA
                                                                                                                             Car Park             BC         BB              BA
                                                                             CS      ES

                                                     Car             NC             ATI                                                       Barrier                             Barrier
                                                    Park 1                                                                         AD              AC        AB         AA
                                                                   Barrier                                                                                                         SE
                                                    GSA                           INTL HOUSE          BK

                                                                                                                                          LIBRARY                 LT       PM        SE
                                                                                                                          TB                                                                   AZ         AY         AX   AW      DK

                                                                                           COURT                                                                                                OAK             SU
                                                                                                                                          BATTERSEA COURT
                                             Underpass                                                      CATHEDRAL COURT                                                                                                                  SCS

                   A3 South                                                                                QC                                                           SURREY COURT

                   Walkway to                                                                                                                                                                                  STAG HILL COURT                     HC
                   Manor Park and
                   Surrey Sports Park                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Barrier
                                                                                                                                        The Cathedral                                                                          UNIVERSITY COURT
                   Manor Park,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rising Barrier
                   Surrey Research Park,
                   Surrey Sports Park                                                                                                                                                                                                                Guildford Railway Station
                   A3 North                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Pedestrians and Buses
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Path to
                   Key Buildings                                                                     Other Departments                                                              Restaurants, Cafés and Bars
                   Advanced Technology Institute ................................. ATI               and Facilities                                                                 Chancellors Bar and Restaurant.................................SU
                   Austin Pearce Building ..............................................AP           Accommodation Office ............................................PM            Hillside Restaurant .................................................OAK
                   Duke of Kent Building .............................................. DK           Bank (NatWest) .........................................................BK     Lakeside Restaurant .................................................MS
                   Lecture Theatre Block .................................................LT         Bookshop ........................................................LIBRARY       Roots Café Bar .......................................................OAK
                   Nodus Building ........................................................ NC        Careers Service ........................................................PM     Sorrento Coffee Shop ..............................................MS
                   Oak House .............................................................OAK                                                                                       Starbucks Coffee Shop............................ OAK and GSA
                                                                                                     Centre for Wellbeing...............................................SCS
                   Performing Arts Technology Studios (PATS) .............PATS                                                                                                      Wates House .......................................................... WA
                                                                                                     Continuing Education Centre .................................... SE
                   Phillip Marchant Building .........................................PM
                                                                                                     International Office ..................................................PM
                   School of Management Building ..............................MS
                                                                                                     Launderette ............................................................. AA
                   Senate House............................................................ SE
                                                                                                     Lewis Elton Art Gallery and Arts Office .............LIBRARY
                   Teaching Block .......................................................... TB
                                                                                                     Library .............................................................LIBRARY
                   Guildford School of Acting..................................... GSA
                                                                                                     Quiet Centre ............................................................QC    These locations are subject to change and provide
                                                                                                                                                                                    a guide only. Visitors should check the location in
                                                                                                     Main Reception......................................................... SE
                   Academic Departments:                                                                                                                                            advance. Alternatively, please come to the main
                                                                                                     Registry Student Centre ........................................... HA
                                                                                                                                                                                    reception (Senate House).
                   Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences                                                Research and Enterprise Support (RES) ...................... SE
                     Dance, Film and Theatre Studies ................NC / PATS                       Security Office (open 24 hours) ................................. SE
                                                                                                                                                                                    For details of wheelchair access on campus please visit:
                     Economics ........................................................... AD        Shop and Post Office ............................................... BB
                     English................................................................. AC     Student Advice (Wey House) ................ SURREY COURT
                     Language and Translation Studies .........................AP                    Student Health Care and
                     Music and Sound Recording...............................PATS                    Guildowns Medical Practice ..................................... HC
                     Psychology........................................................... AD        Students’ Union ....................................................... SU
                     Political ................................................................ AC   Surrey Design and Print ....................................LIBRARY
                     Sociology ............................................................. AD
                   Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences ..... AA / BB
                   Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences .................... DK
                   School of Management............................................MS
                   School of Law ..........................................................MS
                   Guildford School of Acting..................................... GSA

Disclaimer                                                 Credits
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy          Edited, and designed by:
of the information contained in this prospectus            GSA, Marketing and Market Development and
at the time of going to print (August 2010). The           Surrey Design and Print (University of Surrey)
University takes all reasonable steps to provide the
educational services described in this prospectus
but reserves the right to introduce changes to
the information given including the addition,              Photography:
withdrawal or restructuring of degree programmes.          GSA photography: Mark Dean, Steve Porter.
Should industrial action or circumstances beyond           University of Surrey Photography - University of
the control of the University interfere with its ability   Surrey Photographic Services
to provide educational services, the University will
use all reasonable steps to minimise any resultant         Additional photography:
disruption. Please refer to the University website         Simon Carter, Fiona Jones, Derek Powell,
for updated information; this information should           John Kemp
be regarded as the definitive version.                     Linda Westmore
                                                           Andrew Wiard
                                                           Ashley Prytherch (Royal Surrey County Hospital)
                                                           Mr Gilbert Park (dance photography)
                                                           David Galloway, Xavier Laurent (SBARD New Media)
                                                           Guildford Borough Council
                                                           Wayne Matthews-Stroud (Study Group)
                                                           Claire Cooper, Photo Michael Pollard
                                                           Ellie Paskell, Photo Michael Pollard
                                                           Michael Ball, Photo Nicky Johnston
                                                           University of Surrey staff and students

                                                           Other credits:
                                                           The Times
                                                           Professional placement organisations
                                                           Dr Anna Tanczos (University of Surrey)

     Our undergraduate information can be made
     available in alternative formats, such as electronic,
     large print, Braille or audio tape, upon request.
     Please contact us for further information.

Guildford School of Acting
Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH, UK

T: +44 (0)1483 560701
F: +44 (0)1483 684070

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