Practicum by liwenting


									                                     A one-time opportunity!
                     Preaching the Weekend retreat
                             A Practicum with a Practical Outcome
                          Montserrat in Lake Dallas - July 8 to July 17, 2011

This is a unique opportunity for you to
    ▪ grasp how the silent weekend retreat offer the simple Spiritual Exercises
    ▪ attend a retreat and hear expert analysis
    ▪ learn what people hope for and get from the retreat
    ▪ Prepare you own presentations with expert mentoring
    ▪ leave ready to give a retreat

                   Participants already include
                        ▪ Jesuits and lay men and women already in our retreat houses
                        ▪ Jesuits in formation or Jesuits re-tooling after careers
                        ▪ some who are preparing to give the retreat
Those already enrolled run the span: officials of our houses, helpers, new learners

Register Now!  Space is Limited
    Contact: Charlene Fisher at 940 321 6020
    More data online:

During the ten-day practicum you will:       ▪ prepare the eleven presentations of a full weekend retreat
▪ study the rhetoric of the talks ▪ the use of doctrine, stories, personal experience, humor ▪ decide how
the Principle & Foundation and the Weeks inform the weekend experience ▪ open the architecture of
Annotation 18 in a real-life context ▪ choose what you will put into each talk ▪ examine who the ‘typical’
retreatants are ▪ wonder what they want from the retreat ▪ outline each of the eleven presentations
as you mean to give them ▪ discover the resources you already have ▪ and you will have time for quiet
prayer and reflection and sharing with colleagues

Panel ♦ Joe Tetlow SJ ♦ Marie Schwan CSJ ♦ Ed Quinnan SJ ♦ Edmundo Rodriguez SJ ♦
  ♦ Liz Moulin, MA, LPC ♦ José Fetzer SJ ♦ Patti Clement, MS, CPA ♦ Tim Murphy ♦

                   Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House, Lake Dallas, Texas
                        ▪ a thirty-nine acre lakeside and beautifully landscaped campus
                        ▪ includes chapel, library, dining hall, large lecture space, consultation rooms
                        ▪ all meals included in a dining area, always open, overlooking the lake
                        ▪ wi-fi capability in common areas
Program Cost: $750
▪ includes all materials, all meals, private room and bath with linens.
▪ scholarships from a grant available on request

                    A unique formation you will find nowhere else!

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