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									                                                                                                 OCTOBER 2011
                                  The Placencia


“The Peninsula Paper”                               Est. 1999        Placencia, Stann Creek District, Belize, C.A.

September Comes Alive With Carnival and Big Fish!
Belize celebrated 30 years of Independence this
year, and the Placencia Peninsula marked the
major milestone with big fish, flashy costumes,
royalty, plenty of dancing and even 200 floating
yellow ducks.

Among the highlights were the 13th Annual
Placencia Fishermen’s Day Saltwater Fishing
Tournament coordinated by the Placencia
Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry
Association (PBTIA), the Placencia Queen of the
Bay Pageant and the colorful Independence Day
Carnival organized by the Placencia Village

The September 10th (Battle of St. George’s Caye
Day) weekend saw beautiful blue skies and calm
seas for fishing. Twelve boats competed in the
fishing tournament, which offered $8,000 in total
prizes thanks to several sponsors including
Yamaha Marelco of Belize City.

Team Nita captained by Bruce Leslie brought in
an impressive catch on the first day of the
                                                      See page 3 for Fishing
tournament, which was enough to capture the           Tournament Results!
grand prize for best overall scoring boat! This
year also saw the participation of four junior
anglers in the competition: Kai Parham of Team
Barbara Lou 2, Blake Leslie of Team Nita, Earl
Godfrey, Jr. of Team Laura G. and Richie
Moralez of Team Miss Anne. Kai Parham’s 38 lb
4 oz kingfish scored the junior angler and the
largest kingfish prizes. (See page 3 for more
tournament results and sponsors.)

While the fishermen were competing at sea
during the September 10th weekend, Placencia
stayed humming at the main dock with the
Crowning of Miss Placencia 2011-12, a patriotic
parade from the dock to the water tower, Rotary
Club’s duck race and many other fun activities.
Thanks to the Village Council, hungry bellies
were treated to delicious plates of the Belizean

Above: Junior Angler Kai Parham proudly lifts his
prize winning fish at the Placencia BTIA 13th
Annual Placencia Fishermen’s Day Saltwater
Fishing Tournament.
Opposite (Left): Ashley Garcia from carnival
champions, Seine Bight Alphonsus Carnival Group,
models elaborate Belizean rainforest costume.
Opposite (Right): Placencia’s Ashley Glenn feels
the carnival spirit!

(Photos by Muzamanzie Photography.)
                                                                                                                The Placencia Breeze - October 2011 - Page 2

A Note From The Editor                                                       OPEN IN OCTOBER
                                                       Dining and Nightlife:           Oct.)                             One World Rentals
                                                       Above Grounds Coffee            J-Dee’s Restaurant and Bar        Paradise Hotel and Resort
                                                       Delite Cafe                     (Oct. 10.)                        Miller’s Landing Resort
                                                       De Viners Restaurant and        Dive Shops:                       Harbour Hideaway
                                                       Bar                             Avadon Divers                     Decked Out House
                                                       Fat Boyz Pizza                  Ocean Pro                         Michelo Suites
                                                       Danube Restaurant               Splash Dive Center                Tri Tan Beach Cabanas
                                                       The Galley Restaurant and       Getting Around:                   Toucan Lulu
                                                       Bar                             Barefoot Services                 Turtle Inn (Francis Ford
                                                       Habanero Mexican Café           Captain Jak’s Rentals             Coppola’s Resort)
                                                       and Bar                         Shopping:                         Village Inn
Placencia is Open for Business!                        The Mare Restaurant at the      One World Gift Shop               The Yellow House
                                                       Turtle Inn                      Placencia Bazaar                  Mirasol Villa
Still recovering from a fun and beautiful              Myrtle’s                        Spas:                             Jewel of Placencia
September in Placencia! The Placencia Chapter          Paradise Vacation Hotel                                           Finca
                                                                                       Secret Garden Day Spa
of the BTIA enjoyed representing our                   Restaurant and Bar                                                Casa Del Sol
membership in the parade and throwing our                                              Other Services:
                                                       Pickled Parrot Restaurant       One World Laundromat              Colibri House
cool keychain tangerine pens. I lucked out this
                                                       and Bar                         Rain or Shine Delivery            Maya Lodge
year with one of several gorgeous headpieces
crafted by Office Supply’s Laura Godfrey. But,
                                                       The Shak Beach Café             Hotels and Resorts:               Nautical Inn Seaside Villas and
the kids of Seine Bight’s Alphonsus Carnival           Yoli’s Bar                      Miramar Apartments                Suites
Group had us all beat! We hope to see more             J-Byrd’s Bar                    Captain Jak’s                     Tradewinds
colorful revelers from all over Belize in next         The Secret Garden (mid-         Casa Placencia                    Real Estate:
year’s celebrations!                                                                                                     CPC Real Estate Solutions, Ltd
                                                     Placencia BTIA Membership Updates:                                  Re/Max
Placencia is just one month away from its peak       • PLEASE check your junk box in your respective e-mail              Villas at Cocoplum
tourism season. And, while some businesses               accounts for messages coming from the Placencia Tourism         Boris Mannsfeld & Associates
continue to complete their annual renovations or         Center and adjust your spam settings. We really don’t want to
                                                                                                                         Opening Late October:
simply take a well-deserved vacation, we at the          be in there!
                                                     • Food Handlers Workshop is scheduled for Nov. 21-24!
                                                                                                                         Rumfish (mid-late Oct.)
Placencia Tourism Center want you to know that
Placencia still has much to offer during the month   • PBTIA is offering a Standard Operating Procedures for             Chabil Mar (reopening Oct. 29)
of October to both residents and visitors!               Servers Course. We are preparing an interest list. Date and     Barefoot Bar
                                                         cost are to be determined. Please contact us for more info.     Tutti Frutti Gelateria
We asked folks around town including our             • The PBTIA is planning this year’s Mistletoe Ball for Dec. 10.     Bonefish Grille and Resort at
members of the Placencia BTIA to give us a               We’ll keep you posted!                                          Singing Sands (reopening Oct.
heads up on who will be opening their doors over                                                                         28)
the next few weeks. Please refer to our nifty        The Placencia Breeze is a publication by the Placencia Chapter of   Closed:
membership directory on pages 16 and 17 for          the Belize Tourism Industry Association (PBTIA) headquartered at    Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro
contact information.                                 the Placencia Tourism Center in Placencia Village.                  (reopening Nov. 7)
                                -- Jolie Pollard     Phone: 501.523.4045 or E-mail: info@placencia.com.
                      director@placencia.com         Breeze Staff: Jolie Pollard, Felisha Brown and Apolo Caliz
                                                                                                                           The Placencia Breeze - October 2011- Page 3

                         Peninsula happenings this october
         WHEN                            LOCATION                                                                    EVENT

Sat. Oct. 29.                Barefoot Bar (Placencia)                 HALLOWEEN PARTY! Barefoot Bar will be reopening late October – just in time for our
                                                                      annual Halloween Party! We've got to fix a few things, paint, and make improvements so that
                                                                      when we open back up, everything is shiny & bright! (Hard to imagine Barefoot being
                                                                      BRIGHTER, but just wait and see!)
TUESDAYS                     Habanero’s Mexican Café and              All you can eat Mexican Buffet! Come try our Tequila Lime Pie! 7p.m. to 9p.m. Dinner Pick-
                             Bar (Seine Bight)                        ups available 523-3565!
                             Yoli’s Bar (Placencia)                   Rotary Club of Placencia meets at 12:30 p.m. Call Yoli’s 625-2763
WEDNESDAYS                   J-Byrd’s Bar (Placencia )                Karaoke starting at 8 p.m.!!!!!
THURSDAYS                    J-Byrd’s Bar (Placencia)                 Dart competition with great prizes starting 8:30 p.m.
FRIDAYS                      Robert’s Grove (Seine Bight)             Experience Garifuna Drumming with Seine Bight’s very own ‘Lumalali Beidi’ drumming
                                                                      troupe! 6 to 7p.m. Dinner Pick-ups available. 523-3565!
                             Dawn’s Grill & Go (Placencia)            Fried Chicken Fridays for Lunch! (And regular lunch and dinner menu)
                             The Placencia Hotel (Plantation)         Karaoke starting at 8 p.m.!!!
SATURDAYS                    Robert’s Grove (Placencia)               Legendary Beach BBQ Buffet, 7 to 9 p.m. Live music and our famous Banana Fosters Dessert!
                                                                      Dinner Pick-ups available. 523-3565!

                             J-Dee’s Restaurant & Bar                 Live music from 8 p.m. to midnight.
                             Delite Cafe (Spectarte                   Dinner and a Big Screen Movie. Check out what's on at Delite cafe.net come for dinner or
                             Art and Garden Gallery in Maya           snacks and get comfortable for a night at the movies. Movie starts 6:30 p.m. CALL 533-8019,
                             Beach.)                                  604-8910 or 629- 3286 for information and reservations.

                             NEW! Placencia Star Search               Every Saturday Starting Oct. 8 at the Placencia Community Center and running through
                             (Placencia)                              December. Watch talented actors, dancers, singers, rappers, musicians and poets compete for a
                                                                      $5,000 cash prize! Starts at 7 p.m. and airing on BBN Channel 44, Southern Cable Network
SUNDAYS                      Habanero’s Mexican Café and              Paella Night! Complimentary glass of House Sangria for each diner. 6 to 9 p.m. Pick-ups
                             Bar (Seine Bight)                        available. 523-3565!

                             Delite Cafe (Spectarte                   Sushi on Sundays, Belizean specials with fresh natural produce. Licensed restaurant open 7
                             Art and Garden Gallery in Maya           a.m. to 9 p.m. Call 533-8019, 604-8910 or 629-3286 for information and reservations.
                             Yoli’s Bar (Placencia)                   4 p.m. Placencia’s Famous Ring Game!!!
EVERYDAY                     Danube Restaurant (Seine Bight)          Dice for your Belikin beer between 4:30 and 6 p.m. E.g., Dice “1” and pay just $1, dice “2” and
                                                                      pay just $2 or be lucky and dice “6” and get your Belikin beer for FREE. This special is avail-
                                                                      able with a snack and/or dinner only! DANUBE is located just 100 yards north of Robert’s
                                                                      Grove. Closed Tuesdays. www.danubebelize.com, Tel: 625-2763
                             Delite Cafe (Spectarte                   Get cracking with a delicious early bird breakfast or come for our full menu, designer bocas,
                             Art and Garden Gallery in Maya           decadent desserts and daily specials made with fresh natural produce. Licensed restaurant with
                             Beach.)                                  cultural and waterfall rooms just perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation. Open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.
                                                                      closed Wednesday. Spectarte Art and Garden Gallery 533-8019, 604-8910 or 629-3286 for
                                                                      information and reservations.
                             Habanero’s Mexican Café and              Sunset Happy Hour! 5 to 7 p.m. $10 Margaritas! $4 Beers! $4 Local Rum drinks! Cocktails on
                             Bar (Seine Bight)                        the lagoon after a hard week’s work!
                             DeViners (Placencia)                     Happy Hour! Wednesday– Monday from 6 to 7 pm. $3 local rum drinks & $4 beer!
                                                                      On the beach!
                             Pickled Parrot Bar & Grill               Ten Dalla' Lunch … Happy Hour is 5-6pm with BZ$4 Rum drinks and Belikin Beer.

                             Robert’s Grove                           Seaside Happy Hour and bar snacks! 4 to 6 p.m. $5 Local Beer and Rum Drinks!
                                                                       FISHING TOURNAMENT RESULTS                      Largest Kingfish: 38 lbs 4 oz, Barbara Lou 2,
                                                                       Overall Best Boat (Highest Scoring):            Captain Walter Garbutt – Awarded $750
                                                                       •  1st Nita, Captain Bruce Leslie, 307          Largest Jack: 17 lbs, Bad Tide, Captain Kevin
                                                                          pts – Awarded $2,500                         Modera – Awarded $750
                                                                       •  2nd, Bad Tide, Captain Kevin                 Highest Scoring Extraordinary Fish: 39 lbs 5
                                                                          Modera, 292 pts – Awarded $500               oz, Wahoo, Nita, Captain Bruce Leslie –
                                                                       •  3rd, Singing Sands, Captain Wayne            Awarded $750
                                                                          Castellanos, 257 pts                         Junior Angler Prize: 38 lbs 4 oz Kingfish, Bar-
                                                                       •  4th, Danica, 252 pts                         bara Lou 2, Kai Parham – Awarded $250
                                                                       •  5th, Miss Anne, 131 pts                      Barefoot Bar’s Ladies’ Luck Prize: 10 lbs 3 oz
                                                                       •  6th, Barbara Lou 2, 130 pts                  Dorado, Lucille, Yoli Trethewey – Awarded $250
                                                                       •  7th, Lucille, 92 pts
                                                                       •  8th, Miss Laura, 86 pts                      Thanks to all participants, our major sponsor Yamaha
                                                                       •  9th, Sand Dollar, 60 pts                     Marelco, other sponsors Robert's Grove, Singing
                                                                       •  10th, Sunset Point, 55 pts                   Sands, Placencia Humane Society, Wallen's Market,
                                                                       •  11th, As You Wish, 0 pts                     Serenity Beach Resort, Boson's Chair, Insurance Cor-
                                                                                                                       poration of Belize, Lydia's Guesthouse, Seaspray Ho-
                                                                       •  12th, Leonora, 0 pts
                                                                                                                       tel, Laru Beya, Tropic Air, Paradise Resort, Go Tees,
                                                                       Largest Barracuda: 18 lbs 6 oz, Miss            and Barefoot Bar. We also want to give special thanks
                                                                       Anne, Captain Arthur Vernon –                   to Yoli's Bar for hosting the Captains’ Meeting and our
                                                                       Awarded $750                                    wardens: Carlton "Jack" Young, Sr., PTGA President
                                                                                                                       Warren Garbutt, PTGA Officer Eworth Garbutt, and
Major Sponsor Yamaha Marelco’s Danny Madrid presents Edlin “Papa” Leslie of Tournament Champions Team Nita,            PBTIA Vice-Chair Steve Christensen!
captained by Bruce Leslie, with prize for “Highest Scoring Extraordinary Fish.” (Photo by Muzamanzie Photography.)
                                                                                                                         The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 4

Belizean Owners Go Local With New Beachfront Hotel in Placencia Village
                                                                                  hurricane-proof, steel-             front steps and an outdoor shower to rinse off
                                                                                  reinforced, two-story               after a swim in the sea, as well its own clothesline
                                                                                  building. Anthony, a retired        for drying those wet swimsuits.
                                                                                  executive of Hasbro – one of
                                                                                  the      largest         toy        There is a deluxe suite and a studio on the second
                                                                                  manufacturing companies in          floor, which can also merge. The deluxe suite
                                                                                  the world, just happens to          comes with an impressive kitchen featuring
                                                                                  dally with    architecture as       plenty cabinet space, a gas counter-top stove and
                                                                                  a hobby. Tony and his wife          oven with range hood and a large double-door
                                                                                  Betty spent many weeks in           refrigerator. In the bathroom, you’ll find a
                                                                                  Placencia along with Evan           Jacuzzi tub and double wash sinks. Guests can
                                                                                  Hall supervising the                also enjoy a gorgeous view of the Placencia
                                                                                  construction of the building.       beachfront while swinging in one of several
                                                                                                                      hammocks on the large verandah. (Nirvana also
                                                                                    Barbara Hall has taken great      offers complimentary kayaks, bicycles, wake-up
                                                                                    efforts to work with local        calls, ice, tea, coffee, pick-ups and drop-offs from
                                                                                    businesses throughout the         the airstrip, DVDs, books, first-aid kits and
Belizean Nirvana Beachfront Suites is located between Coconut Cottages and Westwind project. She hired local          oxygen tanks to their guests.)
Hotel. (Photo by Anthony “Tony” Parks.)                                             builder Martin Galvez and
                                                                                    purchased construction            Roof Deck: The view from the roof deck at
Belize City natives Evan and Barbara Hall have                materials from Benny’s in Belize City and               Belizean Nirvana is breathtaking. And, Barbara
been vacationing in Placencia since they were                 M&M’s Hardware and Wallen’s in Placencia.               and Evan will be making it available as a rental
children, but didn’t learn of their common                    Floors are made of local mahogany and other             for private functions such as wedding receptions
Belizean family vacation destination until they               hardwood. Cabinets, ceilings, trims and                 with maximum accommodation for 70 guests. A
met each other as adults in Brooklyn, New York,               verandahs were also constructed with local wood.        small penthouse suite adjacent to an equipped
U.S.A. in the 70s. Now, the couple has made a                                                                         fitness room sits on the deck shaded with sails.
large investment in the place they both love with             The hotel also boasts local art. Uniquely carved
the new Belizean Nirvana Beachfront Suites.                   conch shells from Placencia artist “Ras-T,” dot         Neat Features: Telling of the owners’ attention
                                                              the walls of the building as dolphin, fish, bird and    to detail and consideration for all their guests is
Evan, the owner of a catering company, My                     turtle-shaped lamp shades. Paintings from               an elevator for the elderly and disabled, which
Belizean Gourmet in New Jersey and Barbara,                   Dangriga artist Isiah Nicholas, son of Benjamin         travels up to the roof deck. To provide convenient
who serves as the president of an Australian-                 Nicholas, a leading artist and Garifuna historian       access for guests, the Halls, with approval from
owned U.S. broker dealer, recognized business                 in Belize, hang on the walls in Nirvana’s suites.       the Placencia Village Council, and neighbors
potential in Placencia five years ago when they                                                                       funded and constructed a long sidewalk, which
co-founded Joy Tours with Karen and “Tuca”                    Rooms: Belizean Nirvana’s rooms are cozy.               starts at the Main Road and Westby intersection
Young of Placencia. Initially, they had been                  There are three one-bedroom units on the first          (across from Barefoot Bar), crosses the historic
looking into purchasing property on the peninsula             floor. Amenities include: queen sized futon,            Placencia sidewalk and ends at the hotel. The
while preparing for retirement, but Evan and                  eating area with a microwave, coffee maker,             sidewalk has been a welcomed infrastructural
Barbara chose to be hoteliers instead.                        plates, cutlery and a medium-sized refrigerator.        addition in Placencia Village. Barbara and Evan
                                                              These air-conditioned bedrooms also come with           also made Belizean Nirvana eco-friendly with the
It’s quite a Belizean affair at Nirvana. Barbara’s            very spacious closets, and rooms can connect to         installation of a water treatment and filtration
brother Anthony “Tony” Parks designed the                     accommodate large groups. Each unit has its own         system. (Continued on Page 6)

                                                                                                         Siripohn’s Thai Massage
                                                                                                               Certified Thai Therapist

                                                                                         ♦    Thai Massage             We do house calls!
                                                                                         ♦    Essential Oil
                                                                                         ♦    Swedish
                                                                                         ♦    Jet Lag Massage
                                                                                         ♦    Back and Shoulder
                                                                                         ♦    Foot Massage
                                                                                         ♦    Body Treatment
                                                                                         ♦    Facial Treatment
                                                                                         ♦    Hair Treatment

                                                                                                    Situated across the road from Barefoot Bar right next to
                                                                                                                          the cemetery.
                                                                                                                 E-mail: jenjira01@yahoo.com
                                                                                                             Phone number 600-0375 or 620-8718
                                                                                                        Time: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Air Conditioned Room!!!
The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 5
                                                                                                                   The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 6

A Nation Unites in Mourning                                                                                     Belizean Nirvana
                                                                                                                (Continued from Page 4)

                                                                                                                Hotel Nirvana celebrated its launch with a special
By Stewart Krohn, PBTIA Chairman                                                                                Open Day on September 15. The day tour was
                                                                                                                led by family members including Barbara and
                                                                                                                Evan’s daughter Tara visiting from New Jersey.
George Price, the man considered to be the                                                                      The Open Day culminated with a special
Father of the Nation, passed away on                                                                            beachfront party later that night with steel pan
September 19 at the age of 92. At a service                                                                     music and Belizean delicacies. Barbara and Evan
held at Independence Plaza in Belmopan on the                                                                   recognized key partners who were credited with
26th , thousands of Belizeans from every                                                                        the successful project including Natalie Young of
segment of society gathered to pay their respect                                                                Placencia who is responsible for guest services
                                                                                                                and managing the hotel office. The Halls have
to the man who dominated the political life of
                                                                                                                been making a concerted effort to hire locals and
this country for over 50 years.
                                                                                                                have been training their staff in accounting,
                                                                                                                customer service and project management.
It would be difficult to overestimate the impact                                                                Contact Info: belizeanirvana@gmail.com;
of George Price on the modern history of
Belize. His single-minded pursuit of Belizean
self-determination not only resulted in
independence from the United Kingdom in
1981, but set a tone of discipline, hard work
and shared sacrifice that guided a generation      Rt. Hon. George Price: Jan. 15, 1919-Sept. 19, 2011 (Photo
of nation builders. In the process, Belize was     Source: George Price Center for Peace.com)
transformed from a colonial backwater with an
economy almost totally dependent on sugar          I often wonder what went through Mr. Price’s
into a modern (though far from wealthy) nation     mind in recent years as he travelled the well
self-sufficient in food production with a          paved roads of the Stann Creek and Toledo
diversified economy based on a variety of          Districts — roads that in years gone by he
agricultural crops (sugar, citrus, bananas,        could negotiate only in a four wheel drive Land
papayas), petroleum and tourism.                   Rover. The same goes for his impression of the
                                                   growing port at Big Creek, the world class
George Price was never a big fan of tourism        jungle lodges inland and the popular boutique
and in retrospect, we are probably lucky that he   hotels of the Placencia Peninsula. Much of this
wasn’t.     Had we embraced that path to           development was the legacy of his enlightened
development in the 60s and 70s, it most likely     vision and hard work.
would have resulted in the type of mass high-                                                                   Evan and Barbara Hall have invested in their home
rise    tourism that overtook Jamaica, the         There is an adage in politics that says people               country and Placencia with Joy Tours (in partnership
Bahamas and much of the Caribbean at that          get the leaders they deserve. In George Price                with the Young family) and the newly opened Belizean
                                                                                                                Nirvana Beachfront Suites. (Photo by Anthony “Tony”
time—and in most cases proved disastrous.          we got a whole lot more than that.                           Parks.)
The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 7
                                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 8

                 Boris Mannsfeld & Associates
             We specialize in Real Estate in Placencia & The Peninsula
Boris Mannsfeld & Associates is the only real estate firm in town that focuses solely on properties on the Placencia peninsula. We
are your source for honest, reliable and professional service and quality properties. Boris Mannsfeld developed and sold real
estate in Colorado for many years and is also the developer behind the highly praised The Villas at Cocoplum condominium resort
in Placencia. He provides years of very valuable investment, construction & development experience that go beyond that of a
typical real estate firm. Mr. Mannsfeld also provides 18 years of contacts here in Placencia. He is happy to share his knowledge
with you so to assure you make wise decisions and that all your goals are met. Call us at 523-3063 for immediate service. Please
drop by our blue sales office 100 feet south of Tutti Frutti and the Placencia Visitor Center. Some of our exclusive listings are
featured below.
  Lost Reef Resort           US$ 875,000                                        Mayacan Development Opportunity US $15,900,000
                                    Excellent opportunity to purchase this                                           The property contains 4 distinct eco-
                                    established Boutique Resort in one of                                            logical zones: grasslands with Pine
                                    Belize’s most exclusive destinations.                                            trees, first growth jungle filled with
                                    Includes the main resort building, bar,                                          local hardwoods, and old coconut
                                    office and five separate bungalows                                               plantation and finally, unspoiled,
                                    which surround the pool. Location                                                white, sandy beach. Four intriguing
                                    offers Caribbean beach front with                                                Maya runs lie within a 20-mile radius
                                    tropical landscaping including trees                                             from the property and 150 different
                                    such as: cashew, lime, mango, papaya,                                            birds call this place home.
                                    It also sits 10+ feet above sea level,                                           Located in southern Belize just north
                                    which is the highest on the entire                                               of the booming Placencia Penin-
  peninsula. Well-Established Turn Key Business.                                sula. It is bordered by the well-established & exclusive Kanantik beach
                                                                                resort to the north and the South Stann Creek river. Phase 3 parcel of
                                                                                The Plantation Development is to the south. A private access road con-
                                                                                nects the paved Southern Highway and the rest of the paved Belize high-
  Beach Home with Rental Income                   US$ 575,000                   way system with this property.
                                      This well-maintained beachfront home
                                      is ideal for someone seeking a home
                                      with proven rental income. What           Turn Key Business in PRIME location in the
                                      makes this home unique is that it has     “continually expanding” Placencia Village. US$327.000
                                      the main residence on the top floor                                            Well-established Bar & Restaurant
                                      and 2 separate rental apartments on the                                        which boasts a longstanding clientele
                                      ground floor. The result is that the                                           of both locals and tourists alike. Liv-
                                      owners can enjoy rental income while                                           ing accommodation is also included
                                      living on site or they can rent the 2                                          on-site. A “huge plus” being that the
                                      units while keeping their own                                                  Existing Name, Logo & Website, are
                                      residence private. Or skip the rental                                          included in the sale – Often featured/
  business all together and enjoy your own beach side family retreat. Large                                          Recommended in Fodor’s, Rough
  Lot offers easy expansion or additional buildings.                                                                 Guide, Lonely Planet and the likes.
                                                                                                                     Space to add cabanas on-site for addi-
  Location, Location, Location, Plus design, makes this a                                                            tional income ALSO due to the loca-
                                                                                tion and design it offers the unique opportunity to operate ANY business if
  “one of a kind” property.          US$1,200,000                               the current one does not suit, OR turn it into a private residence.
                                      Casa Del Sol is finally available for
                                      Sale. 4 bedrooms, 2 Kitchens, 2
                                      living areas & 3 bathrooms offering an    Residential Lots on Caribbean Way
                                      amazing floor plan to allow rental         - US $70,000 - The unique shape and location of this lot allows for
                                      from one bedroom apartment to entire      perfect views. You are just one lot from the Caribbean Sea so beach views
                                      house. Ground floor offers unique         are excellent with several beach access zones just steps away. Caribbean
                                      “useable” open social space that will     Way is set back from the main road and therefore offers great privacy and
                                      impress even the most particular buyer    shelter from road noise. Great price for this excellent location.
                                      along with the swimming pool and
                                      great beach. Has rental history,
                                                                                  - US $175,000 - This beach front lot at 240 ft deep and 90 ft wide
                                      would also make amazing family            with mature trees and tropical vegetation offers a great setting for a resi-
  home, endless options for the entrepreneur. Located in Placencia village,     dential home. Tranquil and private, beautiful beach front amongst some
  within walking distance to all amenities and “Frances Ford Coppola’s          of the nicest homes on the Peninsular and full time neighbors.
  Turtle Inn Resort.

  5 Lots north and 3 Lots south of Atlantic Bank in                             Unique Residential or Commercial Lots in Placencia
  Placencia Village. Ideal for commercial or residential                        Village
                                                                                US $250,000 - This lot has water on 2 sides, Caribbean Sea on one and
                                                                                Placencia Lagoon on the other. Ideal for someone who desires immediate
                                                                                boat access to the Caribbean and a safe spot to dock the boat. For those
                                                                                of you who want to be “in town” so you can walk or bike everywhere yet
                                                                                demand some peace and quiet then this is your spot! Spectacular views
                                                                                of Placencia Bay, the ocean and mountains, THE place to be to watch
                                       Bank                                     the sunsets. The adjacent lot ($260,000) is also available making for a
                                                                                grand building site with 160′ of ocean and
                                                                                lagoon frontage.
    Roadside Lot No 3 North US$100.000 All other Lots US$80.000

Boris Mannsfeld                                     610-0294                                 Boris@RealBelizeEstate.com
Carol Milnes                                        625-5744                                 Carol@RealBelizeEstate.com
If you are seeking to sell your property then give us a call for free consultation. Boris Mannsfeld & Associates charges a respectable 6%
commission and strongly believes in cooperating with all real estate agents. We only represent quality properties located exclusively in the
Placencia Peninsula area. Thank you for the consideration.
                                                                                                                           The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 9

Unique Talents and Original Acts Coming to Your TV Live from Placencia Village!
Roll camera! Action! Placencia is getting ready to    television has been made possible through the                  Other sponsors include The Belize Bank.
launch a new talent show in Belize. "Star Search      generosity of resident filmmaker Skip Weaver of
Placencia" premieres on Belize Broadcasting           Belize Film Works (also owner of The Shak                      Join the Star Search Placencia group on Facebook
Network (BBN), Channel 44 through the                 Beach Café in Placencia). Weaver has been                      and catch a sneak peek of the upcoming
Southern Cable Network (SCN) on Saturday, Oct.        donating his production talents and use of his                 performances: http://www.facebook.com/groups/
8 at 7 p.m. live from the Placencia Community         equipment and has been partnering with the local
Center in Placencia Village.                          cable network.

The first season of the show is scheduled to run
from October through December 2011 and will
feature 13 acts comprising of individuals and
groups of up to four members and as young as
age 12. Current Star Search participants represent
Belmopan City and Placencia, Seine Bight,
Bella Vista and Independence Villages.

Viewers can expect to see music, poetry, acting
and dance – most of which are complete

Contestants are vying for a $5,000 grand cash

Judges are Placencia residents: Therese Sierra,
Brian Young, Marita Linarez and Narmo Sierra.
Similarly to the popular talent show Duets on
Channel 5, which only allows customers to vote
from their SMART phones, Placencia Star Search
has partnered with Belize Telemedia to allow
viewers to vote for their favorite contestant using

The ambitious producers of Star Search Placencia
are the young members of Placencia-based New
Kid Promotions: President Grayson Sierra, Vice
President Justin Linzarez, Treasurer Beverly
Vernon, Secretary Lisa Vernon, Vice Treasurer
Christy Coleman and Vice Secretary Bonefide
Reynolds. The show’s upcoming debut on

P l a c e n c i a Wo m e n F o r m                                                                                                   Placencia Women For Culture
                                                                                                                                              Talent Contest
Group to Promote Culture                                                                                                         First Prize: $100 … Second Prize: $75
                                                                                                                                       Saturday, Nov. 12 at 6 p.m.
A group of women living in Placencia Village                                                                                1.     Create and write a short Bra Anansi
formed a new organization called, “Placencia                                                                                       story to last five minutes, or
Women For Culture” on Sunday, Sept. 25. The                                                                                 2.     Create a skit that includes two to three
group, founded by Placencia native Mrs. Therese                                                                                    people
Lopez Sierra of Omar’s Creole Grub, says their
                                                                                                                            Anansi story or skit will be presented and
purpose is to educate visitors and locals about the
                                                                                                                            judged on Nov. 12, 2011 in Placencia
history and cultural heritage of          Placencia                                                                         starting at 6 p.m. Performance to take place
through various activities and events.                                                                                      on the beach next to Tipsy Tuna for a Fund
                                                                                                                            Raising Campfire coordinated by the
The group is planning a Kriol Cultcha Day to be                                                                             Placencia Women for Culture (PWFC)
held in January 2012. If you are interested in
joining the Placencia Women For Culture, you                                                                                      Apply Now! Deadline: Oct. 28, 2011
can attend their open meetings on Mondays, 6                                                                                          For more information, call:
p.m. at the Placencia Community Center.               Bra Anansi, a popular folklore character brought to Belize and the         Ms. Therese: 626-119, Ms. Tricia: 661-
                                                      wider Caribbean by African slaves, is an intelligent and                       9516 or Ms. Magda: 622-1686
Contact Therese Sierra at: 662-1191.                  mischievous spider. (Photo source: summeredward.blogspot.com)
                                                                                                                       The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 10

New and Old Friends Step Forward to Support PMM’s Work
By Marion Carr, Contributing Writer                              marine recreation.                                   International Seakeepers Society.
                                                                 This     includes                                    For more information about the Society, go to
Exciting times are ahead for the Placencia                       advocating the use                                   www.seakeeper.org.
Mooring Masters (PMM) as they gear up to have                    of anchor mooring
all anchor mooring buoys in working order for                    buoys.                                               PMM is Overwhelmed by Additional Support
the new season.                                                                                                       Including Dive Shop Donations and Big
                                                                 A few months ago,                                    Fundraiser to be Held in San Francisco,
With the world at large experiencing hard times,                 the     Seakeepers                                   California, U.S.A.
grass roots community projects like PMM can                      contacted the PMM
suffer through lack of funds to purchase materials               and      expressed                                   While the Placencia Mooring Masters is thrilled
needed to improve on and maintain existing                       interest in assisting                                about their new partnership with the International
installations. However, hard work has paid off as                the Placencia project as part of the institution’s   Seakeepers Society, the organization wants to
a promising partnership develops between PMM                     new campaign to protect coral reefs and              express their sincere thanks for continued local
and an internationally recognized non-political,                 encourage responsible recreation, which among        and international support.
non-profit institution, which focuses on the                     other endeavors, calls for mooring buoy
marine environment.                                              installations. The Seakeepers Society heard about    Two local dive shops have assisted PMM with
                                                                 the Placencia Mooring Masters through PMM’s          large donations of materials required for the
The International Seakeepers Society was                         mooring buoy supplier during their search for        installation of four new mooring buoys and
founded in 1998 by a small group of yacht                        any grassroots mooring buoy programs occurring       materials to strengthen existing dive site anchor
owners who were horrified by the deteriorating                   outside of the USA.                                  mooring buoys. Roberts Grove Dive Center has
conditions of the seas. Their initial mission was                                                                     donated over $7,560BZD worth of buoys, rope
to develop a compact, automated and cost-                        The International Seakeepers Society is donating     and anchor mooring pins and Splash Dive Center
effective ocean and atmospheric monitoring                       one mooring buoy installation, which will enable     has also donated $3,000BZD worth of anchor
system to install aboard their yachts, providing                 PMM to reinstall one of the existing mooring         mooring pins and other materials needed for
data to scientists on the health of the world’s                  buoy sites damaged by the 2009 earthquake. The       improvements to existing installations.
oceans. In 2011, the society expanded upon their                 Placencia Mooring Masters is looking forward to
mission to include ways to encourage responsible                 a fruitful working relationship with The             (Continued on Page 11)

Splash Dive Center’s Junior Club Graduates First Dive Masters

By James Cleeve Westby, Contributing Writer                      primary school in 2006, they moved to Miami,
                                                                 Florida in the United States where they started
Splash Dive Center has announced brothers                        high school. During their summer vacation in
Norman and Edwin Leslie of Placencia Village as                  Placencia in 2007, the Leslies continued the
the first Dive Master graduates from the center’s                Junior Club Program completing the Advance
Junior Club program. The Dive Center gives                       Open Water Certification. Two years later, they
credit to the Leslies’ patience and determination                became certified in Emergency First Response
for their success since enrolling in the program                 and Rescue Diving. The ambitious boys were
six years ago.                                                   undaunted and this summer, completed the Dive
                                                                 Master course at Splash.
Splash Dive Center Patty Ramirez founded the                                                                          Splash Certified Dive Masters Norman and Edwin Leslie.
Splash Junior Club to help young people in the                   Mrs. Jodie Leslie, mother of both boys, said she     (Photo submitted by Splash Dive Center.)
Placencia community become certified as PADI                     supported her sons every step of the way during
Junior Open Water divers. The Junior Club                        their diving education journey and could not be      their performance.
program has been a personal achievement for                      more proud of their recent Dive Master
Ramirez. “Not only does this help the kids enjoy                 certification. “I am very proud of my boys and       Splash Dive Center encourages all young
the rewards of scuba diving, but it gets them                    thankful to Patty for giving them this unique        teenagers to join the Juniors Club. They can
started on a potential career as a local guide or                opportunity for keeping them in tuned with what      choose to enroll in classes during the school year
PADI Instructor, and more importantly educates                   they like doing – and that’s being on the sea. The   on Saturdays or during the summer. Splash Dive
them about the importance of long term                           boys took a spark to diving and realized that        Center’s Patty Ramirez invites teenagers (who
environmental conservation and even better as                    diving and snorkeling is a part of the living        must be accompanied by a parent or guardian) to
the classes are free,” said Ramirez.                             environment in Placencia. I am so proud of them      visit the center to set up classes and time frames.
                                                                 for taking it to the next level. I have always       Parents must give consent allowing their child to
Norman and Edwin Leslie enrolled in Splash                       encouraged my boys to do their best at what they     enroll in the Junior Club Program. For more
Dive Center’s Junior Club in 2005 when they                      do and I can see them as future guides and dive      information on the Juniors Club, call: 523-3080
were just in Standard 5 at St. John’s Memorial                   instruction in Placencia or anywhere in the          or 523-3058, or e-mail Patty Ramirez at
Primary School in Placencia Village. At this                     world.” According to Splash, Leslies’ dive           patricia@splashbelize.com. Splash would also
time, the brothers completed the PADI Junior                     instructors Mark Castillo, Sean Faux, and Warren     like to thank their sponsors for making the
Open Water certification. After graduating from                  Garbutt were very pleased with the outcome of        Juniors Club a success.

Mrs. Jodie Leslie sitting with her two sons when they first joined the Splash Dive
Center Junior Club. (Photo submitted by Splash Dive Center)
                               The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 11

PMM Receives Support (continued from page 10)

All materials are scheduled to ship at the end of September from the United
States to Belize, weather permitting. PMM plans to send their volunteer team
into the field to start the new installations and strengthening the dive sites in
early October.

Old friends of PMM are also continuing their support of the project. On Nov.
4, 2011, The California Friends of PMM in San Francisco will be holding the
second of two annual fundraisers for the PMM project at Brick and Mortar
Music Hall in San Francisco starting at 8 p.m. PMM anticipates this
fundraiser to be the best and most memorable event yet. The fundraiser, open
to anyone interested in having good time, will feature live music by Kinky
Buddha and friends. (See link to the event on PMM’s Facebook page.) Only
proceeds from tickets sold at the door will benefit the fundraiser. The PMM is
working with local Placencia peninsula businesses to offer great prize
packages to be raffled during the event.

For more information on the Placencia Moorings Masters (PMM), search
their Facebook page: “Placencia Moorings Masters (PMM) Placencia,
Belize.” Other ways you can support the PMM, is by purchasing special
fundraiser merchandise such as PMM tee’s, featuring the original artwork of
local Placencia artist Anton Leslie, PMM logo         Did you know?
original slap straps (dive mask comfort neoprene An average three-day
straps) and PMM silicone wrist bands, as well as     maintenance and
cash donations. These items can be purchased       inspection PMM trip
from various gift shops, dive shops and the        costs approximately
Placencia Tourism Center. One hundred percent          $3,000BZD.
of sales proceeds go toward the project.
Barefoot Services has opened its main office near the Placencia air-
strip, offering Auto, Scooter and Golf cart rentals. Rent hourly,
daily, and weekly. Also offering Automotive care services in Auto
electrical and air-condition. Tel: 523 3066 or Cell: 629 9602 Email:
The Pickled Parrot is open noon - 8pm Mon - Sat in October. Cana-
dian Thanksgiving is on Monday, October 10th with turkey specials.
Our Ten 'Dalla' Lunch is now a Sandwich & Salad (soup when it's
cool!) Special from noon - 2pm.
Goss Chocolate has Cocoa Nibs for sale!100% organic product,
roasted, cleaned, cracked, available in 1 pound or more. Goss
Chocolate office hours: 9am-4pm most days except chocolate
delivery days. Please call 523-3544.
                                                      The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 12

                                    PHONE# 501-523-3555
                                    FAX# 501-523-3553
                                    EMAIL: ccf@btl.net

                                      AGENTS FOR

  “Making a Positive Difference in a Changing Belize”
Home owners Insurance                     Commercial Property Insurance
Motor Vehicle Insurance                   Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Liability Insurance                Tour Operators Insurance
                   Other Liability Insurance

                 OPENING HOURS
            SATURDAY 7:30 TO 12:00PM
                                      SEND MONEY COUNTRYWIDE!
                                                   Corozal Town
                                                  Corozal Boarder
                                                 Orange Walk Town
                                                    Belize City
                                                 San Ignacio Town
                                                  Dangriga Town
                                                 Punta Gorda Town
                                                                                                                       The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 13
Placencia Bombers Take Third Place in Mundialito                                    The Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry
                                                                                    Association Invites Members to Say Hello and Farewell
The Placencia Young
Bombers completed                                                                   The Placencia Chapter of the Belize     her with a parting gift from the
another       grueling                                                              Tourism Industry Association            entire PBTIA membership: an
summer in the under-                                                                (PBTIA) held a special “Welcome         original painting by Greta Leslie of
age-15       football                                                               and Farewell” event for its             Art N Soul Galley in Placencia.
tournament called,                                                                  incoming and outgoing Executive         The painting depicted the original
“Mundialito.” The                                                                   Directors Jolie Pollard and Elysia      Tourism Center down at the
group of players                                                                    “Ellie” Dial, respectively, at          Placencia Village main dock,
representing Placencia                                                              Paradise Vacation Hotel on Friday       complete with the infamous
Village placed third this                                                           September 23rd.                         “diamond” information boards that
year, succumbing to                                                                                                         could always be seen out front of
Independence Village                                                                The well-attended                                  the office, as well as
whose two participating
teams managed to snag
                                                                                    event gave the mem-            “The Placencia Ellie’s           signature bi-
                                                                                    bership the opportunity                            cycle leaned against the
both 1st and 2nd place. Placencia Young Bombers (Photo submitted by Bryan Lemus.)                                Tourism Center has
                                                                                    to      become familiar                            side of the building.
Other teams in the
                                          According to Lemus, the Young             with Pollard, who as helped to make me
tournament hailed from Stann                                                        the PBTIA Chairman           the person I am       The PBTIA also took the
Creek and Toledo district villages:       Placencia Bombers' greatest                                           today, and I will opportunity that evening
                                                                                    Stewart Krohn stated,
Seine Bight, San Juan and Bella           challenge is covering the cost of         “is no stranger to always be proud to to share exciting news
Vista.                                    boat transportation to play games in      Placencia.”         Pollard have been a part with its members. Public
                                          Independence Village. This                took the opportunity to of it.” -- Ellie Dial Relations Strategist Niall
This is the Bombers' third year           summer, the team played a total six       share a little about                               Gillett, who has strong
competing in Mundialito, which            games in Independence. Lemus said         herself with the crowd as well as      family ties to the Placencia area,
starts in July and wraps up in                                                      some of her plans for the upcoming     introduced a modern upgrade for
August. The team formed in 2009,          she wants to pay special recognition
                                                                                    future. Trained in journalism, she     the PBTIA’s                website:
and in 2010, they won the                 to Placencia ship builder Dalton
                                                                                    has great things in store for the      www.placencia.com.
tournament's championship title.          Eiley, Sr., tour guide Eworth             Placencia Breeze and its upcoming
Team uniform sponsor Wendy                Garbutt and Splash Dive Shop who          issues.                                After meeting with the Placencia
Lemus of Wendy's Creole and               provided their boats to the team this                                            BTIA about strategies to increase
Spanish Cuisine Restaurant in             summer. She would also like to            In his farewell address to Ellie Dial, Placencia’s visibility to the world,
Placencia Village, as well as mother                                                long-time board member Dave            while maintaining its authentic feel,
                                          thank the Placencia Village Council
of team captain Bryan Lemus,                                                        Vernon, spoke of Dial’s 11 years at    Gillett developed a prototype
would like to thank all supporters of     for assisting with fuel expenses, as
                                                                                    the Placencia Tourism Center           demonstrating all the new dynamic
the Young Placencia Bombers and           well as Team Coach Selvin                 (PTC) including the change in the      features that will be added to
hopes community me mbers                  Monteroso and Assistant Coaches           newly-founded PTC shortly after        www.placencia .com, among which
continue to share their support next      Dean Ferrel and James "Turkey"            she joined the team and how it         include easy navigation to all
year. "We want support from               Augustine for their commitment to         quickly became the primary             categories of tourism-related
parents and friends, and we want          the success of the Young Placencia        information source for telephone       businesses, links to social
them to encourage and help the                                                      numbers in Placencia. “Call the        networking sites, photo galleries,
team."                                                                              Tourism Center, Ellie will know!”      event calendars, and plenty of
                                                                                                                           highly visible options for members
                                                                                    When finally asked to speak, Dial      and non-members to promote their
                                                                                    thanked everyone for all their         businesses. The format will also
                                                                                    support over the years, emphasizing    streamline the site, allowing more
                                                                                    that there were many people who        efficient time management for gen-
                                                                                    helped to make the PTC and the         eral upkeep and allowing PTC staff
                                                                                    PBTIA what it is today. She also       to expand on the site content.
                                                                                    thanked past and present board
                                                                                    members and her team at the PTC.       The entire PTC staff: Jolie Pollard,
                                                                                                                           Felisha Brown and Apolo Caliz will
                                                                                     “The Placencia Tourism Center has     receive training from Niall Gillett
                                                                                    helped to make me the person I am      Public Relations to operate the site.
                                                                                    today, and I will always be proud to   Placencia.com will soon be an
                                                                                    have been a part of it.” She also      exciting tool for all members of the
                                                                                    asked that the membership continue     Placencia BTIA and the growing
                                                                                    their ongoing support for the PTC
                                                                                                                           peninsula destination.
                                                                                    in all its initiatives.

                                                                                    Felisha Brown and Apolo Caliz,
                                                                                    Dial’s coworkers, then presented

                                                                                    Former Placencia BTIA Executive Director Ellie Dial is presented with a sentimental
                                                                                    farewell gift -- a painting by local artist Greta Leslie of the old Tourism Center located
                                                                                    near the main dock where Ellie first started with the PBTIA. Ellie receives a heartfelt hug
                                                                                    from long-time co-worker Felisha Brown, as Board Councilor Dave Vernon, with whom
                                                                                    Ellie worked closely for many years, highlights Ellie’s cherished contributions to the
                                                                                                                                             Photo by Muzamanzie Photographs
                                                                                                                 The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 14

Baby Models Placencia’s Papaya Boutique in Popular Fashion Magazine

                                                                                                                          Opposite: Elle Magazine’s Living section
                                                                                                                          captures baby wearing Papaya Boutique’s
                                                                                                                          wild print underpants.
                                                                                                                          Above: Daughter of Papaya Boutique Owner
                                                                                                                          Aline Habib models dress from same

                                                                                                                          (Photos submitted by Aline Habib.)

Placencia Village Resident and             -built bungalow on Costa Rica’s       came with a green-trim-lined,               adorable little twists to classic
Owner of Papaya Boutique Aline             Osa Peninsula? The culprit is         jaguar-print dress. The outfit was          models.”
Habib was ecstatic when she saw            Martin Krediet, general
                                                                                 crafted by seamstresses Jacoba Sho
one of her original designs from her       manager at Francis Coppola’s                                                      Papaya Boutique has been offering
                                           Resort at Turtle Inn in               and Salucita “Lucy” Paquil of
“'Handmade with Love in Belize”                                                                                              distinctive products for babies,
collection, gracing a page of the          Placencia. Krediet purchased          Pomona Valley in the Stann Creek
                                           the Papaya fair-trade outfit as       District whose      previous work           infants, and toddlers. The boutique
American edition of Elle – the
world’s largest fashion magazine.          the “perfect gift” for Darrow         consisted almost entirely of                located alongside the Main Road in
                                           Mosier, who is a close friend.        tailoring school uniforms for local         Placencia Village is planning to
One of Papaya’s popular wild                                                     children.                                   start a woman's line of clothing
animal print pieces adorned the            Habib heard about the photo-                                                      called, “Lady Papaya.”        Baby
baby of Claire Darrow Mosier,              graph when Krediet recognized         “They are both so talented,” said           clothing and the upcoming
creative director of André Balazs'         his present in Elle’s feature
                                                                                 Habib. “I purchase the material,            woman’s line can be custom-
Properties, which operates luxury          article aptly titled, “Wild
                                           Things.”                              show them the design, and they              ordered to size.
hotels in New York, Miami and Los
Angeles.                                                                         make the magic happen with their
                                           Habib designed the ruffled            hands […] They are becoming more            Opening Hours: Tuesday to
How did these underpants make              underpants (as seen on the baby       and more creative with their own            Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
their way from the Placencia               in the picture above), which          designs now, and coming up with             Phone: 501-670-3665.
Peninsula to Darrow Mosier’s hand

Avadon Divers Certifies Eleven Placencia Youths in PADI Open Water Program
Avadon Divers, in collaboration with the   to educate and inspire young people living       Courses, several participants expressed interest in the professional
Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism    on the Peninsula with an interest in learning    level of Dive Master and Dive Instructor. (Continued on page
Industry Association (PBTIA), and with     more about the Barrier Reef and a career in      17.)
the support of sponsors from the           marine tours.
Placencia Peninsula, successfully
                                                                                            September PBTIA-Avadon Youth Program Sponsors:
completed two PADI Open Water               The first course, which was offered in
Certification courses targeted to young    September, certified all eight participating
Belizeans.                                                                                  •   Adrian Vernon - Sponsor for Richie Morales - $100
                                           candidates while the second course, offered      •   *Avadon Divers - Anne-Marie & Phillip McNeil, Instruction,
                                           the first week of October, certified all three       boat captain, equipment and facility for the course
PBTIA and Avadon launched the PADI
Open Water Diver Certification program     participants. At the completion of both          • Chabil Mar - $100 worth of gasoline
                                                                                            • *Eworth Garbutt - Boat
                                                                                            • Jacki Tipton - Sponsor for Natasha Gibson -- $100
                                                                                            • James Andrews - Dive Instruction
                                                                                            • Jerome Williams - Dive Instruction
                                                                                            • Linda Garcia – Sponsor for Daniel Santos $100
                                                                                            • Los Porticos - Pool facility for shallow water training
                                                                                            • Maya Beach Hotel - $100 in cash for gasoline
                                                                                            • Robert's Grove - $100 in cash for gasoline
                                                                                            • Turtle Inn - $100 in cash for gasoline
                                                                                            • Jacki Tipton – Hosted pot luck dinner for participants
                                                                                            * Also sponsored in October
                                                                                            Opposite (Left to Right): Phillip McNeil - Boat Captain; Jerome Williams -
                                                                                            Dive Instructor; Emily Leslie – Candidate (Aspiring Dive Master.); James
                                                                                            Andrews - Dive Instructor; Elizabeth Locke – Candidate (Works at Maya
                                                                                            Beach Hotel. Aspiring Dive Master.); Daniel Santos – Candidate (Works at
                                                                                            Wallens. Aspiring Marine Tour Guide.); Richie Morales – Candidate
                                                                                            (Unemployed. Aspiring Marine Tour Guide); Dwayne Flowers – Candidate
                                                                                            (Works at Casa Placencia. Aspiring Marine Tour Guide); Natasha Gibson –
                                                                                            Candidate (Aspiring Dive Master); Julian Bull – Candidate (Taxi Service.
                                                                                            Aspiring Navy Seal); Marlon Calam – Candidate (Works at Maya Beach Ho-
                                                                                            tel. Interested in learning more about the marine environment for Front Desk
                                                                                            Operations.); Anne-Marie McNeil - Dive Instructor. October participants not
                                                                                            in picture: Patrick Parks, Hamed Mena and Leisha Faux.
                                                                                                                                              The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 15

                                                             Placencia Peninsula Maps
From North of Placencia Airstrip to The Plantation                                                                       From Placencia Water Tower to Airstrip

                                                                                                                                                                       Platinum Designs

                                                                                                     Lost Reef                    Placencia Mini Storage
                                                                                                     Resort                                                                     d Ai
                                                                                                                                                                    M aya
                                                                                              Beachfront Suites                                            ir
                                                                                                                                                      ic A

                                                                                The Placencia Hotel &                                                                   st   rip
                                                                                                                                                                a   A ir                           Tony’s Gym
                                                                                                                                                   n ci
                                                                        Placencia Tennis                                                      Place                                                     RFG Insurance Agent
             Traveling north to Maya                                       Placencia Tennis
             Beach will take you to the                                                                                                                                                 Avadon Divers
             Plantation area
             approximately 2.5 miles

                                                                                                                                                                The Placencia Road                          Los Porticos

                                             Ocean’s Edge

                                             Maya Beach Hotel

                                              Green Parrot Beach Houses
                                              Joyce & Frank’s Bed & Breakfast                                                                                                                           Turtle Inn

                                              Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows
                                              Singing Sands Inn

                                           Maya Playa Resort
 Please note the                                                                                                                       Seaview Properties
 distance between                                                                                                                                                                   Chabil Mar
 Blue Crab and
 Maya Playa Resort
 is approximately 3

                                                                                                                                       Did You Know?!
                                                                                                                      The Placencia Tourism Center is more than just an
                                                                                                                                     information center?

                                                                                                                  The PTC has a large supply of:
                                  Cocoplum Vacation Rentals                                                       • maps of Belize
                                 Cocoplum Resort Community
                                                                                                                  • animal identification guides
                            The Villas at Cocoplum                                                                • postcards
                                                                                                                  • mail drop to leave your cards
                      Mission Bay Christian Retreat
                                                                                                                  • stamps and more

Casa At Last
                                                                                                                  All to help make your visit to Placencia perfect! Stop by the
                                                                                                                  Placencia Tourism Center to check it out! Stay in touch by
                                                                                                                  following us on www.placenciabreeze.com and Facebook!
                  The Maine Stay
                   Cordy’s Beach Cottage
Palmtree               Goss Chocolate                                                                                                                                                                   Get your
Designs                Blue Crab Beach
                        Bahia Laguna Beach Suites
                         Nautical Inn                                                                                                                                                             Mooring
                            Seine Bight Village
Lola’s Art
                                Caribbean Cabinets & Furniture
  Danube, Austrian
    Restuarant                   The Inn at Robert's Grove                                                                                                                                          T-shirt
Ocean Pro Placencia                       Laru Beya Villas                                                                                                                                        NOW at the
The Moorings Belize                 Miller’s Landing                                                                                                                                               Placencia
                                          Playa de Piratas Properties
                                        Seakunga                                                                                                                                                    Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Profits help
                                           Casa Nettuno                                                                                                                                          protect our
                                           Wild Orchid Properties                                                                                                                                Barrier Reef
    Placencia Airstrip

                                                  Barefoot Rentals
                                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 16

                                                         Placencia BTIA Members
                                      Placencia Tourism Center – Phone: 523-4045 - Email: placencia@btl.net
                                            Website: www.placencia.com or www.placenciabreeze.com
BUSINESS NAME                               EMAIL                              PHONE          CELL or FAX         CONTACT PERSON
A Belizean Nirvana                          belizeanirvana@gmail.com                                             Evan & Barbra Hall & Natalie Young
Above Ground Coffee                         keithgmorrison@gmail.com           634-3212                          Keith Morrison
Ah-Kinchil                                  chillin@ah-kinchil.com             523-8017                          Kevin Madore & Maya Krammer
Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas                 wmertensbelize@gmail.com           523-3625                          Wini Mertens & Steve Lobban
Atherly, Lindsay                            vanlindsay@comcast.net             523-8112       610-3843           Lindsay Atherly
Avadon Divers Ltd                           info@avadondiversbelize.com        503-3377                          Anne-Marie & Phillip McNeil
Bachmann-Fairs, Brigitte                    ridgwood@telusplanet.net           523-3248                          Brigitte Bachmann-Fairs
Bahia Laguna Beach Suites                   bahialaguna@mail.com               523-4091                          Doug & Madalon Richardson
Barefoot Bar                                barefootbarbz@gmail.com            523-3515                          Cassie & Brice Dial
Barefoot Services                           info@barefootservicesbelize.com    523-3066       629-9602           Ian & Megs Yearwood
Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows             taylors@btl.net                    523-8010       602-7768           Bill & Adriane Taylor
Beachfront Suites                           beachfrontinbelize@gmail.com       606-1521                          Maricia & Robert McMahon
Belize It Pick N Drop                       ian.sumners9@googlemail.com        632-5000                          Ian Sumner
Belize Sailing Charters                     info@belize-sailing-charters.com   523-3138                          Rob & Kim McDaniel
Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club               belize@tradewindscruiseclub.com    523-3303                          Melissa Rea
Belize Trips                                info@belize-trips.com              610-1923                          Katie Valk
Belize Ultralight Flying Adventures         firstbufa@hotmail.com              635-5319       635-5319           Tito Roveda
Blue Crab Beach Resort                      sales@bluecrabbeach.com            523-3544       523-3543           Kerry Goss & Linn Wilson
Blue Garden House                           info@belizecottagerentals.com      207-326-9099                      Costas & Sally Christ
Blue Lagoon Apartment                       dark_landlord@hotmail.com          627-7900                          David Whyte
Boris Mannsfeld & Associates                bmannsfeld@yahoo.com               610-0294                          Boris Mannsfeld, Carol & Kristen
Brown, Felisha                              felnbz18@hotmail.com                                                 Felisha Brown
Caballero, Alexis & Lloydia                 clloydia@yahoo.com                 523-4038                          Alexis & Lloydia Caballero
Capeling, Ralph                             r_capeling@yahoo.ca                610-1278                          Ralph Capeling
Captain Jak’s Cabanas                       theluckyerin22@yahoo.com           523-3561       622-7104           Erin Ivy
Car Rental of Placencia                     powerscandy@hotmail.com            523-3284       662-6711           Candy Power
Caribbean Cabinet & Furniture               ccf1@btl.net                       523-3555       610-1399           Steve Christensen & Maretha McCullock
Caribbean Travel & Tours                    info@ctbelize.com                  523-3481       523-3081           Veronique & Lance McKenzie
Carpenter, Nick & Kim                       bananavida@gmail.com               520-3021                          Nick & Kim Carpenter
Casa At Last                                casa-at-last@xplornet.com          523-3630                          Dewey Harshbarger
Casa Beya/Sea Grape Escape                  info@casabeyabelize.com            970-963-1099                      Midge & Aaron Dallas
Casa Del Sol                                info@casadelsolbelize.com          523-3481       523-3081           Veronique McKenzie
Casa Nettuno                                gentilegigante@yahoo.com           605-1648                          Franco Gentile & Mariuccia Levoni
Casa Placencia                              casaplacencia@live.com             503-3143       630-7811           Jacki Tipton
Celeste, Donna                              bodie1949@yahoo.com                                                  Donna Celeste
Century21 BTAL                              brinehart@centurty21belize.com     670-2034                          Bradley Rinehart
Chabil Mar Villas                           information@chabilmarvillas.com    523-3606       523-3611           Synescio Coh
Coconut Cottage                             kwplacencia@yahoo.com              523-3234       609-4267           Kay Westby
Cocoplum                                    stewart@cocoplumbelize.net         610-1009                          Stewart Krohn
Cocoplum Vacation Rentals                   rentals@cocoplumbelize.net         623-7774                          Aaron Krohn
Cohen, Howard & Karen                       howard.cohen@sunnybrook.ca         622-6695                          Howard Cohen & Karen Kotansky-Cohen
Colibri House                               colibrihouse@gmail.com             605-0586                          Stefano Ragagnin & Nicoletta Sala
Cordy’s Beach Cottage                       cfgringo@hotmail.com               523-3341       627-3150           Cordelia Ford
Coston, Debbie                                                                 523-8001                          Debbie Coston
CPC Real Estate Solution                    info@belizeproperty.com            672-9000                          Dan Dunbar & Michael Young
Danube Austrian Restaurant                  restaurant@danubebelize.com        610-0132                          Herbert Kollmann & Simone Gareis
De Viners                                   devinersbelize@gmail.com           666-1777                          Christine Salmon, Kimberly & John Viner
Decked Out House                            inquiry@deckedouthouse.com         503-3017       624-8637           Linda Burrow
Destinations Belize                         mtoy@destinationsbelize.com        523-4018       610-4718           Mary Toy
Dial, Elysia                                elysiadial@gmail.com                                                 Elysia Dial
Dial, Mary Ann                              madialinbze@yahoo.com              523-3209                          Mary Ann Dial
Dianni’s Guesthouse                         diannisbelize@yahoo.com            523-3159       628-7926           Ruth Turner
Dusa, Lee & Gail                            gail@getdusa.com;                  523-3500                          Lee & Gail Dusa
Easy Living Apartments                      info@easylivingplacencia.com       523-3481       523-3081           Veronique McKenzie
Eloise’s Travel Lodge                                                          503-3299                          Sonia Leslie
Fat Boyz Pizza                                                                 669-9880                          Bill Harding
Feldman, Babe & Karen                       cabf@jasarinc.com                  610-0356                          Babe & Karen Feldman
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French Louie Caye                           fox@kittysplace.com                523-3228                          Randolph Villanueva
Fuller, Fred & Jacque                                                          628-0992       629-6429           Fred & Jacque Fuller
Gabor, Deborah                              gringainbelize@gmail.com           628-7004                          Deborah Gabor
Galipeau, Cheryl                            chgalipeau@yahoo.com               523-3329                          Cheryl Galipeau
Garden Cabanas                              colibrihouse@gmail.com             605-0586                          Stephano Ragagnin
George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse                 gcgeorge@rcn.com                                                     George Cowdrey
Glessner, Virginia & Fox, Jay               vivij@earthlink.com                                                  Virginia Glessner & Jay Fox
Glockhamer, Heidi & Fasano, Steven          heidisteve@cox.net                 664-5802       651-4622           Heidi Glockhamer & Steven Fasano
Go Tees                                     manager@gotees.net                 223-4660       670-8288           Isabel Goldberg
Goss Chocolate                              sales@bluecrabbeach.com            523-3544       523-3542           Kerry Goss & Linn Wilson
Green Parrot Beach Houses                   greenparrot@mail.com               523-2488                          David Allardice & Leo Ramirez
Grill N Go                                  grillngo@yahoo.com                 523-4079                          Dawn Pollard
Guild & Guild Consulting                    guildandguild@hotmail.com          523-3251       523-3291           Yvette Guild
Harbour Hideaway of Placencia               jimandcindy@wellerbelize.com       623-3286                          Jim and Cindy Weller
Harry’s Cozy Cabanas                        harbaks@yahoo.com                  523-3155       523-3155           Harry Eiley
Hatchet Caye Resort                         contact@hatchetcaye.com            533-4446                          Dasha Shivers & Fiona Macfarlane
Heaven’s Gate Beach Bungalow                info@seasprayhotel.com             523-3148                          Jodie Leslie
Hess, Tina                                                                                                       Tina Hess
Hideaway Caye                               hideawaycaye@yahoo.com             665-4069                          Kimberly & Dustin Ingersoll
Hughes, Sharon                              sharonh235493@yahoo.com            628-0916                          Sharon Hughes
J-Dee’s Restaurant & Bar                    heidi@heidi11.com                  503-3351                          Daisy & Jeremy Leslie
Jewel of Placencia                          info@jewelplacenciarental.com      523-3481       523-3081           Veronique McKenzie & Joe Garipoli
Joy Tours                                   joytour@btl.net                    523-3325                          Hubert & Karen Young
Joyce and Frank’s Beach House               h2odanzer@aol.com                  561-683-3899   561-683-3899       Joyce Danz
Julia’s Cabanas                             juliascabanas@juliascabanas.com    503-3478       523-3225           Julia Leslie
Keck, Pamela & Karl                         kkeck11@yahoo.com                  520-4057                          Pamela & Karl Keck
Kingfisher Adventures                       info@tarponcayelodge.com           523-3323       523-3322           Charles Leslie
Kitty’s Place                               fox@kittysplace.cpm                523-3636                          Kitty Fox & Randolph Villanueva
Laru Beya Villas                            info@larubeya.com                  523-3476       523-3483           Ian McField
Las Amigas                                  info@lasamigasbelize.com           523-3117                          Lydia Villanueva & Geri Salsig
Leslie Tech Services                        info@leslietech.com                523-3323                          Charles Leslie Jr. & Ycela Alpuche
Levoni, Mariuccia                           mariuccialevoni@hotmail.com        602-3602                          MAriuccia Levoni
Lola’s Art                                  lolasart@btl.net                   523-3342       601-1913           Lola Delgado
                                                                                                               The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 17

                                                         Placencia BTIA Members cont.
Lost Porticos Villas                         reservations@losporticos.com       523.3227        523-3226           Ron & Sandra Steele
Lost Reef Resort                             lostreef@xplornet.com              606-7262                           Lisa D’Amore
Lydia’s Guest House                          lydias@btl.net                     523-3117        523-3354           Lydia Villanueva
Lynn Jackson & Doug Simons                   travlnjack@btl.net                 523-3117                           Lynn Jackson and Doug Simons
Manatee Inn                                  manateeinn@btl.net                 523-4083                           Slavek Machacka
Marechal, Jeanne                             revjeannem@gmail.com               626-5567                           Jeanne Marechal
Maya Beach Hotel                             info@mayabeachhotel.com            520-8040        520-8040           Ellen & John Lee
Maya Dream Beach House                       mayadreambelize@yahoo.com          523-3148                           Jodie Leslie & Wanda & Roger Snell
Maya Lodge                                   maya-lodge@hotmail.com             605-0586                           Stefano Ragagnin & Lou McLeod
Maya Playa                                   mayaplaya@btl.net                  523-8121                           Chuck Meares
Mes, Basilio                                 admin@exoticabelize.com            624-1470                           Basilio Mes
Michelo Flats                                harbour21@gmail.com                523-3519        626-2518           Michel Ardoullie
Miller’s Landing                             millersplacencia@yahoo.com         523-3010        523-3011           Gary & Ann Miller
Miramar Apartments                           info@miramarbelize.com             523-3658/3117   503-3095           Ilsa Villanueva
Mirasol Villa                                info@mirasolbelize.com             523-3481        523-3081           Veronique McKenzie
Mission Bay Christian Retreat                cbelize@btl.net                    523-3654        651-9300           Don Palmer
MnM Hardware Placencia                       duncker@btl.net                    523-3517        523-3537           Dora Duncker
Moorings Belize Ltd.                         mooringsbelize@btl.net             523-3351        523-3206           Renee Brown
Mosquito Coast Trading Co. Ltd.              rjay@btl.net                       523-8141        610-1441           Ray Twanow
Ocean’s Edge                                 oceanedge@vl.videotron.ca          514-606-5582    514-697-9435       Francine Martel
Ocean Pro                                    info@oceanprobelize.com            630-8855                           Ramona Sengespeick
One World Rental                             oneworldplacencia@yahoo.com        523-3103        620-9975           Claudia Hardegger
Ooga Booga Fun Club                                                             628-1250                           Francis Gagliano/ Max Mullins
Palmetto Place                               info@ctbelize.com                  523-3481        523-3081           Robert Fox
Palmtree Designs                             muzamanzie@btl.net                 523-3563        603-5143           Marion & Ed Carr
Paradise Vacation Hotel                      info@belize123.com                 523-3179        523-3256           Alan & Deloris Stamm
Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development info@saveourpeninsula.org        523-3587                           Adrian Vernon & Mary Toy
Placencia Bazaar                             beachbazaar@yahoo.com              523-4309                           Annette & Sonny Vernon
Placencia Humane Society                     maryann.inbz@yahoo.com             523-3406                           Mary Smith - President
Placencia Mini Storage                       arbonabzrealty@yahoo.com           636-0566        628-7926           Ruth Turner & Fred Arbona
Placencia Tennis                             bobbelize21@gmail.com              626-4015                           Bob & Lida Rodgers
Placencia Yacht Club                         potoker@gmail.com                  970-209-7251                       Michael Potoker
Platinum Designs                             hannah@sbplatinum.com              610-0327                           Hannah Cowell
Property Pro Belize                          frank@belizeproperty.com           523-3292        628-1250           Frank Gagliano
Ranguana Lodge                               ranguana@btl.net                   523-3112        523-3112           Joy Leslie
Re/Max Belize Property Center                david@belizepropertycenter.com     631-9622        523-3666           David Kafka
Robert’s Grove                               info@robertsgrove.com              523-3565                           Dasha Shivers
Rumfish y vino                               rumfish@btl.net                    523-3293        666-6934           Pamela & John Solomon
Seahorse Dive Shop                           seahorse@btl.net                   523-3166        523-3166           Brian & Ardie Young
Seaspray Hotel                               info@seasprayhotel.com             523-3148        615-2925           Jodie & Norman Leslie
Seaview Suites                               placenciaseaview@gmail.com         523-3777                           John & Marian Chan
Secret Garden Day Spa                        lee@secretgardenplacencia.com      523-3420        609-3104           Lee Nyhus
Secret Garden Restaurant                     thesecretgardenrestaurant@live.com 523-3617                           Randy & Sabrina
Silver Leaf                                  yoliebrown@hotmail.com             970-944-2550    970-944-0552       William & Jolanda Brown, Stefano/agent
Singing Sands Inn                            info@singingsands.com              523-8017        520-8022           Jean-Marc Tasse
Siripohn Thai Massage                        jenjira01@yahoo.com                620-8718        600-0375           Siriporn Thakham
Smith, Stan & Mary                           stanmary@btl.net                   523-4306                           Stan & Mary Smith
South Environmental Association              info@seabelize.org                 523-3377        523-3395           Nellie Catzim
Spectarte Gallery                            spectarte@gmail.com                533-8019                           Jenny Wildman
Spilman, Ron                                 spilmangw@gmail.com                600-8374                           Ron Spilman
Splash Dive Center                           patricia@splashbelize.com          523-3058        620-6649           Patricia Ramirez
Sunset Pointe Condos                         ewinche713@aol.com                 523-3314                           Eric & Janis Winchester
Taylor, Rand                                 rndtylr@yahoo.com                  661-9398                           Rand Taylor
Taylor, Winston                              wftaylorii@yahoo.com               623 7971                           Winston Taylor
The Added Touch                              rrobin@btl.net                     223-0054        223-1461           Robin McCutheon
The Arches                                   mrisk@trecinc.net                  479-841-7970    523-3519           Mark Risk
The Flamboyant                               flamboyantplacencia@gmail.com      628-1143                           Angie Markham
The Maine Stay                               drewtravers@gmail.com              523-3507                           Drew Travers
The North Beach                              debanddave@btl.net                 523-3207                           Deborah & Dave Vernon
The Placencia Hotel & Residences             info@theplacencia.com              520-4110        520-4112           Marco Caruso & Elena Cuellar
The Shak Beach Café                          theshakbelize@yahoo.com            622-1686                           Magda Morales
The Villas at Cocoplum                       BMannsfeld@yahoo.com               610-0294        628-6447           Boris Mannsfield or Erin Ivy
The Yellow House                             info@ctbelize.com                  523-3481        523-3081           Veronique McKenzie
Three Iguanas Villa                          colibrihouse@gmail.com             605-0586                           Stefano Ragagnin & Joe Stark
Toucan Lulu                                  reservations@toucanlulu.com        628-8474                           Paul Fanning
Tony’s Gym                                   tony@belizefit.com                 631-9622                           Tony Pinder
Tradewinds                                   trdewndpla@btl.net                 523-3122                           Janice Leslie
Trip N Travel                                lgodfrey@btl.net                   523-3205        523-3205           Laura Godfrey & Fiona Macfarlane
Turtle Inn                                   frontdesk@turtleinn.com            523-3244                           Martin Krediet
Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor                 tizy.lory@virgilio.it                                                 Tiziana Del Col
Village Inn                                  info@thevillageinnbelize.com       523-3481        253-3081           Veronique Mckenzie
Waterfront Real Estate                       waterfrontbelize@aol.com           610-3264                           Patrick & Denise Callahan
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar              wendylemus02@hotmail.com           523-3335                           Wendy Lemus
Westwind Hotel                               westwind.hotel@gmail.com           523-3255        523-4016           George & Lisa Westby
Whipray Caye Lodge                           whipraycaye@yahoo.com                              610-1068           Julian & Beverly Cabral
White Sand Villa                             jeangabebze@yahoo.com              604-7471                           James Grover &Jeanie Gabourel
Wild Orchid Properties                       aline@wildorchidproperties.com     670-3665                           Aline Habib
Yellow Bella                                 yellowbella@alice.it               605-0586                           Stefano Ragagnin
Yoli’s Bar                                   regantrethewey@hotmail.com         625-2763                           Yolanda Trethewey
Yount, Doran & Kim                           takunchances@yahoo.com             670-4130                           Doran & Kim Yount
Z-Touch Day Spa                              yselazab@hotmail.com               523-3513                           Ysela Zabaneh

Avadon Divers - PADI Open Water Program for Placencia Youths
(Continued from page 14.)
Both courses were offered to each candidate at a low cost of $100.
This fee covered a manual and a PADI certification card. Avadon Divers and
                                                                                      Join the Directory.
BTIA would like to pay special recognition to members of the community who
sponsored the program in September. Individuals and resorts donated gas, boats,
dive equipment, dive instruction, pool facilities and sponsored September
candidates with a donation of BZ$100 to cover their course fees. Participants in
                                                                                      Join the Placencia
the October course were assisted with the provision of a boat by Eworth Garbutt,
as well volunteer Avadon Instructors Anne-Marie McNeil and Phillip McNeil.
Avadon Divers also donated equipment and facilities.
                                              The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 18

Above Ground Coffee                 18‐C4 
Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas         92‐A2 
Barefoot Bar                        38‐D3 
Belize Sailing Charters             99‐C4 
Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club       98‐A2 
Blue Garden House                   88‐E2 
Blue Lagoon Apartments              80‐D3 
Boris Mannsfeld & Associates        97‐C4 
Captain Jak’s Cabanas               52‐D2 
Caribbean Travel & Tours            8‐D3 
Casa Del Sol                        76‐F3 
Casa Placencia                      81‐F2 
Century21 BTAL                      93‐B4 
Coconut Cottage                     54‐D4 
Colibri House                       55‐E3 
CPC Reality                         43‐C3 
Destinations Belize                 42‐C4 
DeViners                            19‐E3 
Dianni’s Guesthouse                 56‐B3 
Easy Living Apartments              57‐C4 
Eloise’s Guesthouse                 58‐C3 
French Louie Caye                   33‐D3 
Garden Cabanas                      60‐B3 
George Cowdrey’s Guesthouse         89‐E3 
Grill & Go                          17‐C3 
Guild & Guild Consulting            10‐F2 
Harbor Hideaway                     88‐E1 
Harry’s Cozy Cabanas                61‐B3 
Hatchet Caye                        35‐E5 
J‐Dees Restaurant & Bar             20‐D3 
Jewel of Placencia                  27‐C4 
Joy Tours                           44‐C3 
Julia’s Cabanas                     62‐E3 
Kingfisher Adventures               45‐E3 
Las Amigas                          26‐E3 
Leslie Tech Service                 46‐E3 
Lydia’s Guesthouse                  64‐E3 
Manatee Inn                         65‐F3 
Maya Lodge                          66‐E2 
Michelo Flats                       67‐F2 
Miramar Apartments                  68‐E3 
Mirasol Villa                       69‐C4 
MnM Hardware Placencia              96‐D3 
One World Rental                    70‐C4 
Paradise Vacation Resort            71‐B3 
PCSD                                 47‐E2 
Placencia Bazaar                     7‐D3 
Placencia Yacht Club                34‐A5 
Property Pro Belize                  43‐C3 
Ranguana Lodge                      30‐E3 
Re/Max Property Center              39‐D3 
Rumfish y Vino                      43‐C3 
Seahorse Dive Shop                  48‐D4 
Seaspray Hotel                      79‐E3 
Sea View Suites                     63‐C4 
Secret Garden Day Spa               4‐C3 
Secret Garden Restaurant & Bar  24‐C3 
Silver Leaf                         90‐E2 
Siripohn Thai Massage               8‐D3 
Southern Environmental Association 95‐D3 
Sunset Pointe Condos                40‐A1 
Splash Dive Center                  49‐C4 
The Flamboyant                      28‐C4 
The North Beach                     73‐E3 
The Shak Beach Café                 16‐C4 
The Yellow House                    74‐D3 
The Village Inn                     31‐F3 
Three Iguanas Villa                 86‐E2 
Toucan Lulu                         75‐F3 
Trip N Travel                       51‐C4 
Tuttifrutti Ice Cream Parlor        43‐C3 
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar     15‐C4 
Westwind Hotel                      78‐D4 
Whipray Caye Lodge                  32‐E5 
White Sand Villa                    82‐C3 
Yello Bella                         29‐F2 
Yoli’s Bar                          21‐B3 
Z‐Touch Day Spa                     6‐D3
                                                                                                                  The Placencia Breeze October 2011- Page 19

Breeze Artist Spotlight:
Ángela Suárez and Carlos Perrote Perform at the Turtle Inn

                                                                                                                        which features several covers and
                                                                                                                        combines jazz, funk and bolero (slow-
                                                                                                                        tempo Latin music); and, “Qué Pasó
                                                                                         lacencia has many hidden       Contigo, Nene?” or “What Happened to
                                                                              treasures. And, every other Saturday      You, Baby?” (2007), which showcases
                                                                              night, if you visit the Mare Restaurant   her original songs and a pop sound
                                                                              at Francis Coppola’s Resort at the        using funk, rock and jazz influences.
                                                                              Turtle Inn in Placencia Village, you
                                                                              will strike musical gold.                 She also composed and performed the
                                                                                                                        main theme song on the soundtrack of
                                                                              Her name is Ángela Suárez.         His    the Spanish drama “Sin ti” or “Without
                                                                              name is Carlos Perrote.                   You” (2006). For the next two years,
                                                                                                                        Suárez was the lead singer of the band
                                                                              Ángela Suárez comes to Placencia          for the most popular Spanish late-night
                                                                              from Barcelona, Spain. She is a           talk show “Buenafuente.”
                                                                              trained opera singer with a strong
                                                                              theatrical background having              Suárez carries a sexy and sultry voice
                                                                              performed in several musicals             that will entrance listeners. At the
                                                                              including an elaborate Spanish            Turtle Inn she performs a haunting and
                                                                              production of “Dracula” and “From         gripping rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s
                                                                              The Musicals,” which featured songs       “I Will Survive” that you definitely
                                                                              from “Jesus Christ Superstar” and         won’t want to miss!
                                                                                                                           “[…] the open character
                                                                              Feeling drawn to modern singing,
                                                                              Suárez developed a great passion for
                                                                                                                          of the people, the special
                                                                              pop, jazz, rock and funk. In 1998, she      mixture of the color skin,
                                                                              crafted her own style as a singer and          the human touch in
                                                                              formed her own jazz quartet band,           everything they do […]”
                                                                              with whom she performed at the
                                                                              prestigious and world- renowned
                                                                                                                          -- Angela Suarez on what she
                                                                                                                           enjoys most about Placencia.
                                                                              Jamboree Jazz Club in Barcelona, as
                                                                              well as other popular jazz clubs and
                                                                              jazz festivals all over Catalonia,        Ángela Suárez has been performing at
                                                                              Spain.                                    the Turtle Inn since July. When asked
Barcelona’s Ángela Suárez performs with Belize’s Carlos Perrote every other                                             what she enjoys most about life on the
Saturday night at Francis Coppola’s Resort at the Turtle Inn.                 Suárez has released two albums: “Te
                                                                                                                        (Continued on page 23.)
(Photo by Martin Krediet)                                                     Econtré” or “I Found You” (1994),
                                                                                    The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 20

              A placencia septembeR
Below (Bottom): Clarissa Rayburn wins Placencia Queen of the Bay Pageant. She is
to be crowned by former Queen Deneeca Leslie (right) the following day during the
10th of September festivities.
Below (Top): Janine Leslie, Nazle Frutos and Elaine Garcia promote peace for
Belize with their costumes.
Opposite (Top): Fishing Tournament Officials Carlton “Jack” Young, Sr. and
Warren Garbutt weighs Yoli Trethewey’s prize-winning dorado.
Opposite (Bottom): Placencia girls dance choreographed routine.
                                            (Photos by Muzamanzie Photography.)

                            GOSS CHOCOLATE
                    ORGANICALLY GROWN                                    MADE IN BELIZE
                              AVAILABLE ON THE PENINSULA:
Placencia: Wallen’s Market, Everyday Grocery, Nang Kee Market, Sunova Beach Gift Shop, Tutti Frutti Gelato
   Shop, Michelo’s Café, Turtle Inn, Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia Grocery, Ming’s Superstore, Lu Store, Above
                            Ground Coffee Shop, Gecko Home Art, Crocodile Gift Shop
       Maya Beach: Sue & Kenny’s Mini Market, Erin Incredible Edibles, Jaguar Lanes Restaurant & Bar
     Seine Bight: Lola’s Art, Danube Restaurant, Moorings, Robert’s Grove, Western Horizon Grocery &
                                          Restaurant, Peninsula Store, and
                        Blue Crab Beach ~ ~ Home of Goss Chocolate 523-3544
Also available in Belize City, San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belmopan, San Ignacio, Spanish Lookout, Corozal, Orange
       Walk, Dangriga, Hopkins, Punta Gorda, Goldson International Airport, Ft George Tourism Village
                                                                                           The Placencia Breeze –October 2011- Page 21
A Special Thank You From
                                                                                                                        Seine Bight
Carnival Champions 2011:                                                                                                children from
                                                                                                                        St. Alphonsus
 St. Alphonsus Seine Bight                                                                                              Primary School
                                                                                                                        dance and
      Carnival Group                                                                                                    march down the
                                                                                                                        main road in
First of all we would like to thank our                                                                                 Placencia
initial sponsors who got us started with                                                                                elaborate
the material to make our costumes:                                                                                      head-pieces and
Chabil Mar Villas, Mrs. Janis Winchester                                                                                depicting
of Sunset Point, Caribbean Treasures,                                                                                   creatures of
Splash Dive Shop, Atlantic Bank, Bowen
& Bowen, Go- Tees, Simon Quan, Maya                                                                                     (Photo by
Beach Hotel, Goss Chocolate, Lola’s Art,                                                                                Photography.)
Steve Christensen, Bravo Motors, Ming’s
Supermarket, Avadon Diver’s, Nang Kee
Supermarket, Placencia Humane Society.

Special thanks to Jane McManus and
Tom Minck who sent stuff all the way         of Danube Austrian Restaurant, Albina       his generator, Rafael Martinez, Enrique
from the United States, Miss Sanibel; the    Ortiz of Karina’s Clothing Store,           Martinez for the music, Deniss Zai, Ellen
boys at Jungle Wood; Joe who owns the        Nichelle Rotier, Jerome Lozano of           McCullough, Marion Carr.
Chinese restaurant in Seine Bight; for St.   Placencia Post Office, Linn Goss of Goss
Alphonsus principal Mr. Lopez who            Chocolate, Steve and Kathy Wade of
allowed us the use of the classroom; and     Placencia Fire Dept., Hannah Cowell,        Special thanks to Mr. Ritchie who
major L. Lorenzo.                            Cornell Longsworth, Fred Cabral, Erin       Provided us with transport to and from
                                             Avery, Drew Travers of the Maine Stay,      Placencia, and all the children who
Big, big thanks to all the people who        Megs Yearwood of Barefoot Services,         worked hard and did a wonderful job,
donated food or money for our children’s     Pamela Keck, Lisa Carne, Doran Yount
                                                                                         and the parents who came out to support
snacks. Thanks to you we were able to        & Ray Twanow for tons of ice, Mary
provide them with sandwiches, cupcakes,      Smith, Antionette Miller of Miller’s        them. We would also like to thank all the
chips and dips, cookies, brownies and        Landing, Lola’s Art and Kim Carpenter.      other primary school students who came
cold ideals, those blessed folks are:                                                    out to have fun with us and to the Placen-
Jacki Tipton of Casa Placencia, Jenny        Also thanks to the following people who     cia Village Council who invited us to
Wildman of Spectarte, Cleve Westby,          made this possible with their help: Ron     partake in their parade. Thanks to all, and
Aline Habib of Papaya boutique & Wild        (Jew Boy) who lent us his truck and         God bless.
Orchid, Carl Williams, Hubert Kollmann       driver Christian; Fred Cabral who lent us
The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 22
                                                                                                             The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 23
                                                                           Accomplished Musicians Perform at the Turtle Inn
                                                                           (Continued from page 19.)

                                                                           Placencia Peninsula, Suárez says,        the Supreme Institute of Arts in
                                                                           “The open character of the people,       Havana. He also taught at the
                                                                           the special mixture of the color skin,   Professional Conservatory and Music
                                                                           the human touch in everything they       School of Art in Santiago de Cuba. He
                                                                           do – especially art; how they accept     has toured France and Italy while
                                                                           the foreigners, and the way the          playing in the National Symphony of
                                                                           Belizeans love the life.”                Cuba, as well as Germany through a
                                                                                                                    cultural exchange.
                                                                           As for her favorite artists: “I like
                                                                           very much the drummers – all             Perrote produced his first album “Twin
                                                                           percussion. Belizean traditional         Boy” (2000), a variety of fusion
                                                                           music and Garifuna music.”               compositions, after establishing
              PLACENCIA PONTOON PARTY                                                                               himself within the music climate here
 Monday, Wednesday & Saturday, leaves from Thirsty Turtle 10:30            Accompanying Suárez at the Turtle        in Belize.
    am!! Unlimited Local Drinks, Music, Games, Swimming,                   Inn on Saturday nights on keyboard
    Snorkelling, and Lunch at a private Caye. Experience the               is Belize’s Carlos Perrote.              In 2009, he released a unique fusion of
    WILDEST PARTY on the Peninsula! $65 US per person.                                                              jazz, Garifuna music and the West
                                                                           Cuban Pianist Carlos Perrote is          African roots of Cuba with his second
    EXPERIENCE THE CARRIBEAN’S MOST MAJESTIC                               considered one of Belize’s greatest      album “Omolewa Osain” meaning
                        SUNSET CRUISE                                      assets in the music industry and the     “Powerful Mind.”The project was a
   Mon, Wed and Saturday, leaves from Thirsty Turtle at 4:00 pm.           community as a whole. He has             dedication to Andy Palacio (deceased
                                                                           worked as an itinerant music teacher     2008), a native of Baranco Village in
 Cruise the lagoon with wine, cheese and soft music. Enjoy the cool
                                                                           for Belize’s National Institute of       Toledo, Belize who was Belize’s
 breeze and radiant sunset from a luxury pontoon boat. Keep an eye         Culture and History (NICH), as the       b e s t- k n o w n p e r f o r mi n g a r t i s t
     for dolphin and manatees. Perfect for couples and families.           music director of award-winning          internationally, and a preservationist of
                         $45 US per person.                                Andy Palacio and the Garifuna            the Garifuna culture.
                                                                           Collective, and presently, he is the
                             FISHING                                       music director of the Grace Primary      That year, Perrote established the
  Enjoy a day of fishing on a private, luxury pontoon boat, with an        Music School and the Holy                Omolewa Osain Project, which
   experienced captain who will be sure to show you all the local          Redeemer Marching Band in Belize         includes the participation of 35
            fishing spots! Rates available upon request.                   City, Belize.                            Belizean musicians working together
                                                                                                                    to develop the culture of music in
              PRIVATE PONTOON BOAT RENTAL                                  Perrote moved to Belize in 1999 via      Belize.
  Want to do your own thing?? Customize your day– When you rent            a cultural exchange between Belize
  the Turtle you will have access to private snorkelling, swimming,        and Cuba whereupon he worked as          Ángela and Carlos perform every
  banana/ tube rides, fishing, sightseeing, or just relaxing on the sea.   an advisor to the Belize Arts Council    other Saturday night at Turtle Inn
     Full day and 1/2 day rentals. Rates available upon request.           music program. In Cuba, he studied       starting at 7 p.m. Catch them during
                                                                           music at one of the island’s most        Happy Hour: 7 – 8:30 p.m. for half
                    Call: 670-3045 or 523-3061                             prestigious Vocational Schools of        price on all rum and beers. For
               Or email thirstyturtlebelize@hotmail.com                    Art in the city of Guantanamo and        dinner reservations, call 523-3244.

Placencia Tourism Center’s Updated Tour Guide License List As of September 2011
Alvarado, Francisco     2011-Nov. 11              Garbutt, Winsley          2012 - May 20               Neal, Harry             2012 - Jan 10
Bech, Christian         2011 - Nov 18             Garcia, Jeremy            2011 - Oct 13               Neal, Hubert            2011 - Dec 30
Benguche, Bryan         2012 - May 5              Garcia, Leopold           2012- Apr 3                 Parks, Anthony          2011 - Nov 4
Bol, Ben                2011 - Nov 11             Gibson, Natasha           2011– Dec 19                Pollard, Nick           2012 - March 14
Cabral, Egbert          2012 - Feb 11             Godfrey, Earl             2012- Jan 28                Ramirez, Patricia       2012 - March 14
Cabral, Julian          2012 - March 22           Godfrey, Louis            2012– Feb 11                Rauno, Francisco        2011- Nov 10
Cabral, Daniel          2012- Feb 7               Gongora, Prince           2012- Mar 11                Tucker, Elroy           2012 - March 14
Cal, Cyrilo             2011– Dec 4               Gordon, Percival          2012- April 30              Vernon, David           2012 - March 14
Castellanos, Wayne      2011– Nov 8               Gordon, Raymond           2012- Feb 3                 Vernon, Ian             2011 - Oct 22
Chan, Clodia            2012 - March 11           Hernandez, Ana            2012- Mar 14                Vernon, Levi            2012 - March 14
Chun, Cirilo            2012 - March 1            Herrera, Miguel           2012 - Jan 10               Villanueva , Andria     2011 - Nov 11
Coc, Diego              2012– March 14            Ical, Juan                2011 - Nov 11               Villanueva, Clint       2012 - April 3
Coleman, Verna Zelma 2012 - Dec 30                Katzenberg, Chad          2012– Mar 14                Villanueva, Conrad      2011 - Dec 14
Cuevas, Eloy            2011 - Oct 3              Leslie, Bruce             2011 - Nov 18               Villanueva, Faygon      2012 - April 5
Cuevas, Ian             2012 - March 14           Leslie, Bernard           2011- Dec 22                Villanueva, Rafael      2011 - Nov 4
Cuevas, Victor          2011– Dec 6               Leslie, Corey             2012– Jan 30                Villanueva, Randolph Jr 2011 - Dec 14
Eiley, Elton            2011– Nov 4               Leslie, Doren             2012 - March 14             Westby, Arthur          2011- Dec 28
Eiley, George "Benji" 2012 - Feb 11               Leslie, Edlin             2011- Oct 3                 Westby, Jason           2011 - Dec 8
Eiley, George           2012 - April 5            Leslie, Ivan Sr           2011 - Dec 8                Westby, Zane            2012 - March 14
Eiley, Kenroy           2012 - May 13             Leslie, Leopold           Renewal In Process          Williams, Alfred        2012 - March 14
Eiley, Marisa Reina     2012 - March 21           Leslie, Marlon            2011 - Dec 11               Williams, Andre         2012 - May 20
Faux, Sean              2012 - May 13             Leslie, Mark              2012 - Jan 4                Williams, Jason         2012 - Jan 14
Faux, Leslie            2011 - Nov 11             Leslie, Rene              2011 - Dec 20               Young, Dwayne           renewal in process
Faux, Randolph          2012 - Feb 21             Leslie, Russell           2012 - Jan 28               Young, Hubert           2012- April 5
Forman, Eric            2011 - Dec 14             Linarez, Francisco        2011 - Dec 22
Garbutt, Alexander      2012 - Jan 28             Longsworth, Gareth        2012 - March 14
Garbutt, Bertrand
Garbutt, Eworth
                        2012 - April 23
                        2011 - Dec 4
                                                  Lopez, Stephen
                                                  Lopez, Sydney
                                                                            2012 - Feb 12
                                                                            2012- Jan 28
                                                                                                          Please note that there may
Garbutt, Gilbert Jr     2011 - Dec 8              Lozano, Devin             2012 - April 3               be licensed guides that may
Garbutt, George         2012 - April 12           Mayen, Kirk               2011 - Dec 11
Garbutt, Jeremy         2011 - Feb 11             McNeil, Anne-Marie        2011 - Sept 26               not appear on this list. Feel
Garbutt, Kylon
Garbutt, Terry
                        2012 - April 5
                        2012 - Feb 11
                                                  Mes, Basilio
                                                  Modera, Kevin
                                                                            2012 - March 3
                                                                            2012- Jan 28
                                                                                                         free to contact the Placencia
Garbutt, Walter         2012 - April 23           Mes, Zeferino             2011 - Dec 22                 Tourism Center for further
Garbutt, Warren         2012 - Jan 4              Muschamp, Alrin           2012 - April 5
Garbutt, Wellington Clive 2012 - March 19         Muschamp, Evaristo        2011 - Dec 21                         information.
                                                                                                                The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 24

Local Studies Show Clearing Waters in Placencia!
By Dr. Annelise Hagan, Science Program               which is used in the process of photosynthesis.         2011 experienced particularly warm waters and
Director, SEA                                        Satellites can detect levels of chlorophyll in          particularly low rainfall (the rains came later than
                                                     surface waters and this directly identifies the         usual, thus allowing a build of salinity in the sea-
The Southern Environmental Association (SEA)         location of the algal bloom. SEA has also been          water), which are likely to have exacerbated this
has good news to share with tour operators and       interacting with local dive shops and since 1st         algal bloom. It is also likely that drought-
fishermen. Using NASA satellite imagery, SEA         September has been calling five dive shops in           associated fires meant that excessive nutrients
has been tracking an algae bloom, which started      Placencia Village on a daily basis to ask where         typically trapped within vegetation, were released
to develop offshore from Placencia earlier this      they were diving/snorkeling and what the                into the soils and then entered the sea from
year. Images show that the bloom is starting to      visibility was at that site.                            surrounding watersheds and river systems.
disperse and the waters are starting to clear.
                                                     So, what caused this low visibility? Phytoplank-        Southern Environmental Association and Belize
In May 2011, SEA was alerted by fishermen from       ton (microscopic algae suspended in the water) is       Fisheries Department conducted water sampling
Monkey River that the high turbidity in the          the basis of the marine food-web. An increase in        at eight sites (including; outside the reef at
waters where they set their lobster traps was        nutrients and temperature cause these                   Gladden Spit; Silk Cayes; Laughing Bird Caye;
affecting fishing; as soon as the traps were         microscopic algae to reproduce, and under               Monkey River; outside Big Creek; and in
opened the lobsters dispersed far and wide and       suitable conditions, an ‘algal bloom’ may occur.        Placencia Lagoon) on 2nd August 2011. Analysis
could not be seen amongst the haze. Then came        Typically these nutrients originate from the land       showed the bloom to be composed of green algae
the reports from tour guides; snorkeling and         (e.g. from fertilizers used in agriculture or from      of the Genus Chlorella. It is important to note that
SCUBA activities were restricted as poor             other land-based sources of pollution) and enter        Chlorella is not toxic or harmful to human health.
visibility meant that certain popular sites could    the sea through river systems. This, accompanied        In very large quantities, however, it could affect
not be used.                                         by sediment from river systems, has a detrimental       coral health by restricting the amount of light the
                                                     impact on water quality. Blooms can occur very          corals receive. Alternatively, it could ‘shade’ the
Although the first reports came from the south,      rapidly and often cover huge areas; the algae           corals and protect them from high intensity solar
discussions with people up and down the coast-       cannot be seen by the naked eye but the water is        radiation which contributes to ‘coral bleaching.’
line, coupled with satellite imagery showed that     seen to turn a murky shade of green. These are
this was not just a southern problem; reports of     the conditions that were seen off the coast of          By 2012, SEA will have implemented a rigorous
turbidity came from Dangriga to Monkey River,        Placencia in past months.                               Water Quality Monitoring Program, and working
and NASA satellite images showed that there was                                                              with TIDE (Toledo Institute for Development and
cloudy water all the way up to Belize City. Since    It is not unheard of that a small algal bloom           Environment) in Punta Gorda, will conduct
turbid waters were seen to stretch north to Belize   occurs at the transition between the dry and rainy      detailed monthly analysis of the waters within the
City, while currents run from north to south along   seasons. A build up of heat and salinity create         Southern Barrier Reef System and into the Gulf
the coastline of Belize, SEA inferred that the       perfect conditions for algal growth. However,           of Honduras. SEA hopes to be a driving force
primary source of the algae bloom is more likely     never has there been such an algal bloom as has         behind water quality monitoring on a regional
to be the Belize River.                              been seen in 2011. So, why were water conditions        and subsequently a national level.
                                                     in 2011 so bad? For sure, it is a combination of
Algae contain a pigment called chlorophylla,         factors, and not just a single source. Summer

         Rotary Club of Placencia News                                                                         WITH THE ROTARY CLUB OF
                                                                                                                   PLACENCIA -- 1st & 3rd
Despite the heat, last month was a productive one    (normally we only do it at Lobsterfest) was held         THURSDAYS EVERY MONTH @
for the Rotary Club of Placencia as we continued      on Saturday Sept. 10 as part of the       Saltwater          J-DEES RESTAURANT
with our twice-a-month Bingo games, worked on        Fishing Tournament. Due to fewer tickets being           6 P.M. SHARP -- CASH PRIZES ---
two community service projects, and continued        sold, only 200 ducks (we usually race 400) made
planning for two upcoming events.                    it out of the bags to face a slow track with a tricky
                                                                                                              NEW PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT
                                                     current that threatened to take any ducks not           OCTOBER 20, NOVEMBER 3 & 17 -
BINGO                                                recovered to Honduras. After a few minutes of              - COME OUT & HELP YOUR
The crowds have been a bit smaller but, the          inactivity and indecision, several ducks finally                  COMMUNITY
enthusiasm of those that come has remained high      broke away from the pack and were retrieved at
as we continue with our Bingo games to raise         the finish line with the winners being:
money for various causes (announced at the           1st – Kristal Trejo ($250)
beginning of each game). On Aug. 18, the lucky       2nd – Dan Edwards ($100)                                children by removing the larger pieces of
winners were Malu, Ivan, Celia (two-time             3rd – Anthony Hunt ($75)                                concrete, cleaning up vegetation, and picking up
winner), Miriam (three-time winner), Nancy,          4th – Karen Kotansky ($50)                              broken glass. We wish to thank John Howarth for
Celia and Therese (split pot), and Doug. On Sept.    5th – Kathy Anglin ($25)                                organizing this cleanup and for all the work he
1, the winners were Adrian, Kendra, Steve, Ivan,                                                             has put in on the project. It’s a privilege to be
Jean, Meady, Miriam, Abigail, Cindy and Miriam       We thank all that bought tickets and give special       able to help out people like that and we
(split pot), Wendy, and Ann and Mr. Levitt (split    thanks to Sonny Vernon for providing the boat,          encourage more members of the community to
pot). The final game each night is the progressive   one of our scholarship students, Marco Funez, for       participate.
jackpot “cover all” game where covering all the      his help, and the kids that jumped in the water to
numbers in 49 balls or less will win the             help us retrieve the ducks. The money raised            UPCOMING
progressive jackpot, which continues to grow (a      from this event will go to the Peninsula Volunteer      Work has started on our annual Haunted House
portion of the take from each regular game goes      Fire Department.                                        that will be open for one night at the Community
to the           progressive jackpot for the next                                                            Center on Oct. 29 (hours will be posted around
game), and will soon top $1,000. As the jackpot      COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECTS                              the Village and on Facebook (Placencia Rotary).
grows, we hope that more people will come out to     Several years ago, the Rotary Club of Placencia         This has proven to be one of our most enjoyable
play, have some fun, and support their               constructed a fence at the cemetery and painted it.     events and those that participate always have a
community. Games will continue to be held on         After noting that it was time to get back out there,    good time as we try each year to outdo the
the 1st and 3rd     Thursdays of each month at 6     members of our Club have spent three hot                previous year’s effort. We dare you to come out
p.m. at J-Dees. Any last minute changes due to       Saturday mornings so far putting a fresh coat of        and see if you can make it all the way through
scheduling conflicts or unforeseen circumstances     paint on the fence. It is expected that one or two      without screaming.
will be posted on Facebook (Placencia Rotary)        more Saturdays will complete the job and we
and we will do our best to get the word out.         encourage members of the community to come              Also, every year for the past several years, the
                                                     out and help. We thank those that have stopped          Rotary Club of Placencia, with generous
Our thanks go out to those that come to play and     by and helped (especially two of our scholarship        donations from Linda Thornton of Cardelli
support our Club, our caller Kathy Anglin, and,      students, Tiana Felix and Marco Funez) and hope         Shrimp Farm, has distributed dictionaries to
of course, J-Dees for providing the excellent        that more will help on this and future projects.        every        Standard 3 student in Seine Bight
venue.                                                                                                       Village, donations from Linda Thornton of
                                                     In addition to the fence painting, members of the       Cardelli Shrimp Farm, has distributed dictionaries
DUCK RACE                                            Rotary Club of Placencia provided assistance in         to every Standard 3 student in Seine Bight Vil-
In response to complaints from the ducks about       the cleanup project at the new Pre-School to            lage,     Placencia Village, Monkey River, and
the long off season, an additional Duck Race         make the area around the building safer for the         Independence. (Continued on page 25)
                                                                                                                The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 25
Rotary Club of Placencia News                           much more can be done with more people               of our Club (note that our web site is in the proc-
(Continued from page 24)                                involved.                                            ess of being upgraded). Information about our
                                                                                                             events is available through posters around the
The dictionaries have been obtained for this            Service to your community will give you a sense      Village, on the cable TV public access channel,
year’s distribution.                                    of satisfaction that is hard to match and we would   on LOVEFM (with thanks to Rotarian Rene
                                                        love to share that feeling with more people.         Villanueva), on our Facebook page (Placencia
OUR CLUB                                                Please consider joining us at one of our weekly      Rotary), and, of course, right here in the Placen-
The Rotary Club of Placencia is part of Rotary          meetings (Tuesdays at Yoli’s at 12:30 PM,            cia Breeze.
District 4250, which includes Belize, Guatemala,        lunch is $10) to meet a great group of people and
and Honduras. Our 16 members work hard to live          see what you can do to help to make our commu-       We hope to see you at one of our meetings or at
up to the Rotary motto “Service Above Self” and         nity and the world a better place. If you would      an upcoming event, whether it’s to help out or
are proud of all that has been accomplished in our      like more information, please visit our Facebook     just support our cause. If we all do our part, we
community by our Club, however, we know that            page (Placencia Rotary) or speak to any member       can make a big difference.

Placencia BTIA Representing in September Celebrations!

Above: Ellie Dial enjoying her last Placencia
Carnival as Executive Director of the
Placencia Chapter of the BTIA with
incoming director Jolie Pollard.
                                                     Opposite Right: PBTIA Staff Felisha Brown and
Center: PBTIA proudly displays banner on
                                                     Apolo Caliz smile for the camera while sitting
float (truck loaned by PBTIA Vice Chairman
                                                     atop truck (Photos by Muzamanzie Photography.)
Steve Christensen and commandeered by
                                                     Special Thanks to PBTIA Board Member Ycela
PBTIA Councilor Dave Vernon and friend
                                                     Alpuche for coordinating our float!
and Placencia tour guide Doyle Gardiner.
                                                                                                                   The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 26

                                       Placencia Humane Society                                                  September Comes Alive With Carnival And
                                                                                                                 Big Fish.
                              A voluntary community organization dedicated to                                    (Continued from page 1)
                                           animal care and protection                                            Creole classic “Stewed Chicken and Rice ‘n’
                          Contact: Mary Smith (523-4306) or Jacque Fuller (628-0992)                             Beans.”

August Clinic                                             Clinics in the previous months this summer. Deb        Celebrations continued later in the month on
The August clinic was held a week earlier than            Coston headed the volunteers. And those helping        September 21st (Independence Day), which
usual, on the 13th and 14th , because Dr. Floyd           with trapping and releasing were Sheran Leslie,        kicked off at the Placencia basketball court with
Bennett had planned to be in Mexico the                   Alex Westby, Leslie Vernon Jr, Bubba Curry,            the Annual Flag-Raising Ceremony organized by
following weekend, the usual 3rd weekend of the           Shana, and Penny Dial and one of her daughters.        the Rotary Club of Placencia and the Placencia
month.                                                    Carol Lim was the volunteer who assisted Dr.           Village Council. Special presentations were made
                                                          Bennett with the surgeries.                            to extraordinary individuals for their long-time
                                                                                                                 contributions to the development of Placencia.
                                                          Now to the question presented last month:              Honored at the ceremony were: Wallen’s Grocery
                                                           Do cats purr because they’re happy?                   Owner Harold Wallen, Environmentalist and
                                                          Answer:                                                Artist Nick Nicolait, Former Placencia BTIA
                                                          Most cats do purr in the presence of their owners      Executive Director, Elysia “Ellie” Dial, Lydia’s
                                                          when they are being petted, which we interpret as      Guesthouse Owner Lydia Villanueva and Former
                                                          a sign of happiness. However, that is not the only     St. John’s Primary School Principal and Teacher
                                                          time they purr. Cats will sometimes purr when          Rosalyn “Rosie” Eiley. Over a 100 villagers
                                                          they are sick, stressed, injured, frightened or in     watched the Belizean flag rise at the pole as the
                                                          pain. They also can purr when they are giving          Belize National Anthem was sung.
                                                          birth, and even as they are dying. Purring seems
                                                          to be more an expression of some strong emotion        The festive mood went in full swing at the
                                                          - whether positive or negative - than it is an         Barefoot Bar after midnight with dancing until 2
                                                          expression of any particular emotion, including        a.m. to the party sounds of D.J. Boney. After a
                                                          happiness. Purring by a cat might besimilar to         good night’s rest and recovery, adults joined the
                                                          humming or whistling by a human: it commonly           youths and children in the community for a
                                                          is done out of happiness, but it may also be done      colorful and energetic carnival that has been
                                                          as a result of stress, fright or discomfort.           considered the best so far on the Peninsula!

                                                          New Question for this month:                           Onlookers lined the streets, the sand, and the
Dr. Bennett performing surgery. (Photo submitted by
                                                          Are dogs color blind?                                  mangroves from the Placencia Airstrip down to
Placencia Humane Society)                                 Or do they see in color as we do?                      the main dock to watch creative costumes and
                                                          (Look for the answer in next month’s Clinic            choreographed as well as free-spirited soca
                                                          Article)                                               dancing. Partying culminated at the Barefoot Bar
For the two days, 31 animals were seen. (27 dogs                                                                 once again, who donated their venue and a
and four cats) This was up 10 animals over the                                                                   percentage of their sales to the Placencia Village
month of July.                                                                                                   Council (PVC). PVC later presented a spectacular
                                                                                                                 finale for the high-energy celebration with a blast
Dr. Bennett performed the following procedures:                                                                  of fireworks at the Basket Ball Court
• 3 dogs were spayed
• 2 dogs were neutered                                                                                           Mark your calendars! Carnival 2012 will be
• 3 teeth cleanings were performed                                                                               bigger and brighter next year! All are invited to
• 1 hernia repair                                                                                                the Placencia Peninsula - the only place in Belize
• Also 1 dog had the dew claws & a growth                                                                        where you can dance on the street or in your float
    removed                                                                              Above: Pet owners       between unmatched views of the beach and the
• 3 4-in-1 cat vaccinations were given                                                   sign up for August
                                                                                                                 lagoon against a picturesque backdrop of the
• 14 – 6in1 dog vaccinations were given                                                  Clinic.
                                                                                         Opposite Left: Turtle   Mayan Mountains.
• 19 – rabies vaccinations were given                                                    Inn General Manager
                                                                                         Martin Krediet picks
Thanks to the volunteers who helped to make this                                         up Squire, the new       Want to throw a line in next year’s Fishing
                                                                                         Turtle Inn security
clinic possible:      Pat Sylvester, John Van                                            dog. He is joined by        Tournament or shake to soca rhythms
Deurzen, Jeanne Marechal, Penny Dial, Pat Van                                            friend Suzanne                     in next year’s Carnival?
Deurzen, and Jarka Tesnerova. And PHS would                                              Fairweather. (Photos     Call The Placencia Tourism Center and have
like to thank The Inn at Roberts Grove for the                                           submitted by P.H.S.)          us help you plan ahead! (523-4045)
weekend lodging provided for Dr. Bennett. The
volunteers at the August Clinic were treated to a
pizza lunch provided by Turtle Inn. Comments
were that it was good, good, good.

Three annual memberships were issued at the two
-day clinic. Thank you Deb Coston, Bill and Pat
Sylvester, and Carol and Ray Lim for joining
PHS with another year’s membership.

The Memberships are a big portion of the money
that PHS needs for the day to day operating costs.
We appreciate the renewals and new
memberships that come in each month, so please
check to see that yours hasn’t expired. If you
can’t come in to clinic to renew your
membership, any of the Board of Directors will
gladly take your membership renewal and make
sure it gets to the Membership Coordinator.

The Feral Cat Program is going strong again this
month. Besides the regular Saturday and Sunday
clinics, a Feral Cat Clinic was also held in
August. The date was Friday, the 12th. There
were 18 cats trapped, 11 spayed and seven
neutered, and all were released after a brief
recovery time. PHS would like to recognize and
thank the volunteers who have helped with this
Feral Clinic, and those who helped with Feral
                                                                                                   The Placencia Breeze – October 2011- Page 27

                                                                       Placencia Peninsula Liquor License Notifications
                                                                                       September 2011
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Antoniette Miller is applying
                                                                      for a Restaurant Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated at
                                                                      MILLER’S LANDING Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann
                                                                      Creek District, under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised
                                                                      Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Cathy Harshbager is
                                                                      applying for a Restaurant Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated
                                                                      at JAGUAR LANES Maya Beach, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek
                                                                      District, under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Synescio Coh is applying for a
                                                                      Hotel Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated at CHABIL MAR
                                                                      Placencia, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District, under the
                                                                      Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Herbert Kollmann is
                                                                      applying for a Restaurant Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated
                                                                      at DANUBE Seine Bight, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District,
                                                                      under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Randal Wesley Rimes is
                                                                      applying for a Restaurant Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated
                                                                      at THE SECRT GARDEN RESTAURANT PLacencia, Placencia Penin-
                                                                      sula, and Stann Creek District, under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordi-
                                                                      nance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Norman E. Leslie is applying
                                                                      for a Restaurant and Bar Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated
                                                                      at D’TATCH SEAFOOD BAR AND GRILL Placencia, Placencia
                                                                      Peninsula, and Stann Creek District, under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing
                                                                      Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Lisa D’Amore is applying for
                                                                      a Hotel Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated at LOST REEF
                                                                      RESORT Riversdale, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District, under
                                                                      the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Pamela & John Solomon is
                                                                      applying for a Restaurant Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated
                                                                      at Rum Fish Y Vino Placencia, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek
                                                                      District, under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Cassie Dial is applying for a
                                                                      Publican Special liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated at
                                                                      Barefoot Bar Placencia, Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District,
                                                                      under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Julian Cabral is applying for
                                                                      a Hotel Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated at Whipray Caye
                                                                      Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District, under the Intoxicating Liquor
              Much more than just                                     Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.

                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Renee Brown is applying for a
                                                                      Publican Special Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated at The
                                                                      Moorings Belize Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District, under the
                                                                      Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
                                                                      Liquor License - Notice is hereby given that Brian Young, Sr. is applying
                                                                      for a Convenience Store Liquor License for the year 2012, to be operated
                                                                      at the Shell Gas Station in Placencia Peninsula, and Stann Creek District,
Our workshops also make kitchen cabinets,                             under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance Revised Edition 1980.
    furniture decorative wrought iron
   concrete mouldings and much more!                                         Placencia Breeze Advertising
    Call 610-3655 for your free consultation
  Architectural Accents Ltd.                                                New rates starting November 1
  See our ad in the Yellow Pages or                                               to be announced.
  Visit our web site at www.architecturalaccents.bz or come
to our workshop at 899 Yellowtail Snapper Drive, Vista Del Mar
                                                                       Inquire at the Placencia Tourism Center (523-4045)

                                                       Wendy’s Restaurant & Bar
                                                         On the Main Street in downtown Placencia
                                                                             Open Daily
                                                                      7:00 am til 9:30 pm
                                                              Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
                                                      Patio Dining Outside & A/C Dining Inside
                                                       Seating for 100 ~ Catering available for private events
                                                       Phone 523-3335 & email wendylemus02@hotmail.com
                                                                  Visa & MasterCard Accepted
                                           “Our best meal in Belize is at Wendy's Restaurant…..” - Travel + Leisure Magazine Feb 2006
                                                                                                                The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 28

ACCOMMODATIONS                                                                   Blue Crab Beach Resort: Set on 5 acres from sea to lagoon, offers 4
                                                                                 beachfront A/C rooms and two thatch cabanas. Home of Goss Chocolate.
                                                                                 Tel: 523-3544; Fax: 523-3543; Email: sales@bluecrabbeach.com
South of Airstrip                                                                Green Parrot Beach Houses: Maya Beach: 6 mahogany beach
                                                                                 houses, loft bedrooms, fold out sofa, kitchenette & bath on main floor. 2 bay
Heaven’s Gate: Two breath taking Seaside Cabanas located right on the            leaf thatch cabanas w/ garden showers & private beach. Tel/fax: 523-2488;
beach. Equipped with 1 Queen Bed or 2 double beds with TV, kitchenette,          Email: greenparot@btl.net; Website: www.greenparrot-belize.com
private porch, private shower (h/c). Great for honeymoon and getaways. The       Miller’s Landing: Seaside Eco-Inn, Comp. Breakfast, Pool - Restaurant/
most amazing view just for you. VISA/MC/Amex/Discover, Cash (US/BZ),
                                                                                 Bar (20% discount w/ad!)Tel 523-3010, email: millersplacencia@yahoo.com
Travelers checks accepted. Contact Jodie Leslie at 523-3148/610-1819
Los Porticos Villas: Luxury 2                                                    Singing Sands Inn: on Maya Beach, 6 private thatched cabanas on the
                                                                                 beach, with own bath & patio as well as 2 garden view flats. Roll away beds
BR villas,            featuring full
                                                                                 available to accommodate families w/children. Bonefish Grill on site
kitchens, washer/dryer, A/C, cable
                                                                                 Beautiful landscaping w/ swimming pool. Tel:                           520-8022
TV, wireless internet & some of the
                                                                                 Email: info@singingsands.com
most stunning views on the Placencia
peninsula. King and/or queen beds.                                               The Inn at Robert’s Grove: Placencia’s most complete resort.
Sleep sofas & roll away beds                                                     Beachfront accommodations w/2 Restaurants Seaside and Habanero, 3 Pools,
available. Spacious bathrooms, some                                              Conference Center, Tennis Court, Gym, FREE Wifi, Gift Shop, Full Service
w/ whirlpool tubs. Freshwater pool                                               Dive Center, Marina, Gas and butane station. Kayaks, Windsurfers, Hobie
and pool bar/lounge area.                                                        Cats and bikes. Kayak, Paddle Boat and golf cart rentals and sales.
Complimentary bicycles for guests.                                               www.robertsgrove.com, info@robertsgrove.com. For more info cal us @ 523
Golf carts and kayaks available for                                              -3565!
rent. Gift shop on site. Located                                                 The Placencia Hotel: A lavish Caribbean escape with European flare,
¼ mile south of Placencia Airstrip                                               The Placencia Hotel is a one of the most spectacular and pristine ocean front
and 1 mile north of Placencia Village.                                           property in Belize. The newest and luxurious resort boasts 90 first class
Call 523-3227 or email                                                           accommodations starting from Sea front Villas to Condominium Suites.
reservations@losportico.com for                                                  Finest restaurants, with exquisite cuisines, first class service and amenities to
availability & rates.                                                            indulge every vacationer’s dream. The exclusive private beach and the easy
Maya Dream Beach House-Private vacation rental right on the beach.               access to the main land will let you discover a world of opportunities from
2 units, 1bath-2 bedroom & 1 bath– 11/2 bedroom unit in a private area just      one location. Tel: 520-4110 or email: info@theplacencia.com.
north of Placencia Village proper. Great for honeymoon & getaways. Contact
Jodie Leslie at 523-3148/610-1819 Email: mayadreambelize@yahoo.com
                                                                                 At The Cayes
One World Rentals: Seven beautiful, comfortable and immaculate                   R a n g u a n a
studios and rental houses around an attractive courtyard . Cable TV, wireless    Caye: Ranguana Caye is a 2
internet access, air-conditioning, fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom,     acre island located right on
fully screened, hammocks. Located in the heart of Placencia (behind the          the reef with 3 rustic cabanas
“Rumfish” restaurant) close to the beach, shopping and restaurants.              and a view that will blow
www.oneworldplacencia.com. Contact Swiss owner Claudia Hardegger at              your mind! Food, drinks,
5233103 or 6209975. Email: oneworldplacencia@yahoo.com. MC, VISA                 Moorings and all the
accepted. Rates from 49US$ plus Tax.                                             Caribbean Breeze you can
Paradise Resort: Has most of the amenities & all the luxury of a large           handle are available. Prime
hotel. We are located on the ocean front. 12 A/C rooms. On site full service     Diving and Fishing location.
restaurant & bar, spa by the sea, all eco tours, diving, snorkeling, fishing,    Come for a day, a night or
roof top Jacuzzi, Wi-Fi, dive shop, gift shop, kayak and golf cart rental.       more. Reservation day trips or
Maya & Tropic Air agent. Email:info@belize123.com or give us a call at 523       lodging call 523-3565
-3179/503-3479 Website:www.belize123.com                                         Robert’s Caye: Robert’s
Ranguana Lodge: 5 Private ocean view cabins located right on the                 Caye is just 10 miles from
beach in the heart of Placencia Village: We have 3 private air-conditioned       Placencia (1/2 hour by boat) a
beach cabins each w/ 2 Double beds, fans, large refrigerator, coffee makers,     one acre island with 4
private bath w/ hot/cold shower, private balcony w/ a hammock. We also           charming cabanas built
have two other cabins with full kitchens, 2 double beds, fans, private bath      partially over the water. Each
with hot & cold shower & tub, private balcony with a hammock. Beach              cabana is outfitted w/ a king
Palapas, beach chairs. Tropic Air agent, Gift shop. Phone/fax at 011-501-523     bed, full bathroom, hot and
-3112, E-mail: Ranguana@btl.net website: www.ranguanabelize.com                  cold running showers, and a
Seaspray Hotel: Come share a piece of our barefoot paradise located              private terrace with hammocks. A small restaurant and bar, also built over the
right on the beach with all the ambiance of the beautiful Caribbean Sea right    water, serves three meals daily. An deal setting for honeymooners and
to the touch of your toes 20 rooms various style,1seaside cabana, w/great        sportsmen alike, this “swept away” island paradise is surrounded by crystal
amenities, located amongst our tropical garden. Hot/cold water, refrigerator,    clear water. The nearby flats are renowned for fishing as well. Kayaks and
ceiling fans, coffee makers, open air decks, private porches, AC, TV and         snorkeling gear are complimentary to is island guests. Come for a day, a
Kitchenettes( in selected rooms) the original Placencia “house of blues” De      night or more. Reservation for day trips or lodging call 523-3565
Tatch is also located right on premises, with internet and e-mail service        Whipray Caye Lodge: Whipray Caye is a magical private island in the
available, as well as all village and country wide information. Centrally        heart of some of the best fly fishing flats in the world. This caye has room to
located to all gifts shops, restaurants, and local business, come make us your   roam, with two spacious 2-room guest cabanas, private bath in each room,
Caribbean home away from home.Tel: 523-3148 Fax: 523-3346. Email:                and verandas facing a glorious Belizean sunrise. Hearty family-style meals
seaspray@placencia.com or seaspray@btl.net, www.seasprayhotel.com                are served in our thatched roof restaurant and "Sea Urchin Bar". Enjoy the
The North Beach: offers luxury suites in our sea view villa with full            natural unspoiled beauty of the coral reef surrounding the caye, chock full of
kitchens, living areas and configurations from one to five bedrooms. Each        beautiful tropical fish of all shapes and sizes, rays, sharks, turtles, crab, and
suite has air conditioning, ceiling fans, cable t.v. & phone. Located north      even the occasional manatee, all nurtured by the abundant mangroves on the
end of the sidewalk-walking distance to services. The perfect spot to enjoy      southern half of the caye. Owner and renowned fly fishing guide Julian
Placencia Village. Contact us at phone 523 -3207, e-mail                         Cabral and his wife Beverly will make your stay a memorable one. PHONE:
info@thenorthbeach.com. or visit www.thenorthbeach.com                           501-608-8130, CELL: 501-610-1068, EMAIL: whipraycaye@yahoo.com,
                                                                                 WEB: www.whipraycayelodge.com
Toucan Lulu: 5 cabanas located in quiet northern end of the village on
the main sidewalk. A few minutes to shops & restaurants. 3 cabanas sleep up
to 4, 2 cabanas sleep up to 6. All have beach access & verandas for enjoying
the fresh sea breezes. Check out our web site at www.toucanlulu.com , email      De'Tatch Seafood Beach Grill & Bar -Serving the very best in
reservations@toucanlulu.com, or call Kathy at 501 628 8474                       Seafood and Local Cuisines. Open Mon-Sunday (Closed... on Wed)7am
Tradewinds: Overlooking the Caribbean Sea & the Mountains of Belize!             until 10pm for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (daily and nightly lunch &
9 Cabanas w/ private bath, hot/cold, 2 double beds, fans, coffee maker           seafood dinner special). Come Enjoy the Perfect View (beach front), Great
(coffee provided), refrigerator & veranda w/ hammock. Tel: 523-3122;             food, Great drink and Music to sooth the soul. Internet & Wireless also
Email: trdewndpla@btl.net                                                        available. For Info or Take out orders please call #503-3385
North of the Airstrip                                                            Pickled Parrot Pizza Bar & Grill: Thatched restaurant serving
                                                                                 seafood, homemade PIZZA, burgers, salads & daily specials. Great tropical
Barnacle Bill's Beach Bungalows: 2 secluded bungalows on the                     blender drinks & ice cold Belikin. Open Noon - 8pm Mon - Sat Tel: 624-
beach in Maya Beach. Full kitchen, queen size bed, sleeper sofa, h/w, and        2651 Open 17years in the heart of the village! Home of the Ten 'Dalla'
fans. Complimentary kayaks. 5 night min. Tel/fax: 523-8010; email:               Lunch &the infamous "Parrot Piss"!
taylors@btl.net; Website: www.barnaclebills-belize.com
                                                                                                               The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 29
Wendy’s Creole Restaurant & Bar: Fine dining in A/C comfort or
outdoor on the Patio. Specializing in Spanish & Creole. Fresh juices. Open 7
                                                                                 Gift Shops & Art Galleries
days a week for breakfast, lunch & dinner 7am - 10pm. Visa & MC accepted.        Green Parrot Gift Shop: The in-place to
Ph: 523-3335 Email: wendylemus02@hotmail.com                                     shop on the peninsula. Featuring a wide
The “Inn” Spots - North of Placencia Village                                     variety of Belizean, Guatemalan, & Central
                                                                                 American crafts.
DANUBE Restaurant, EAT – DRINK – RELAX in a romantic                             Lola Arts: In Seine Bight Village open
atmosphere. A/C indoor, lounge area outdoor. Austrian and International          from 8am-9pm. Phone 601-1913
Specialties, fish and vegetarian dishes, great desserts, large wine menu &       Los Porticos Villas - Gift shop features
cigars. Dice your FREE Belikin beer between 4:30-6pm. Open MON - FRI             Belizean arts and crafts, clothing, books on
from 4:30pm. Ph: 610-0132, restaurant@danubebelize.com, visit                    Mayan history and Belizean cooking, maps,
www.danubebelize.com                                                             postcards, footwear, cold drinks and much more. Call 523-3227 for more
Delite Café at Maya Beach. Get cracking with a delicious early bird              information.
breakfast or come for our full menu, soups, roast beef sandwiches, designer      Placencia Bazaar Gift Shop - simply the best! Original pottery,
bocas ,decadent desserts and daily specials made with fresh natural produce.     jewelry, arts and crafts...everything from souvenir spoons to Bazaar Art.
Licensed restaurant with cultural and waterfall rooms just perfect for           Maya Island Air Agent. Located on the main street, next door to Scotia Bank.
relaxation and rejuvenation. open 7am to 9 pm closed Wednesdays.                 Summer hours: Open (most!!) every day 9am-1pm and again from 4pm-7pm
Spectarte Art and Garden Gallery 533 8019, 604 8910 or 629 3286 for              and by appointment! Tel 523 4309.
information and reservations.                                                    Spectarte Art and Garden Gallery offers a cornucopia of art from
Green Parrot Restaurant: On the beach at Maya Beach. Our chef                    Belizean artisans and designers . A delightful experience. 533 8019
changes the menu daily and features a wide variety of local and international    closed Tuesday and Wednesday
cuisine. We feature seafood and tropical dishes. For reservations call 523-
2488. Email: greenparot@btl.net                                                  TOUR PROVIDERS
Habanero Mexican Restaurant & Bar @ Robert’s Grove –                             Avadon Divers: Dive into Belize w/ our full service PADI Dive Centre
Lagoon side Fiesta time! Casual and fun Habanero serves up Mexican food          in Placencia, just south of the airstrip. We have 5-Star all-inclusive
w/ a Belizean flair. Now open from 12 noon – 10pm. Dinner Pick-ups               packages for dive & snorkel trips that include new SCUBAPRO
available 523-3565!                                                              equipment. Our spacious 46' Newton Dive Special Boat features a restroom
Quarterdeck Restaurant & Bar at Laru Beya presents                               & fresh water shower. Our Instructors teach scuba for kids from ages 8 to 80
“Belizean Buffet Night” from 6:30 pm- 9 pm…with Live entertainment…              ☺, advanced courses & dive pro levels. We also offer jungle, cave & Mayan
Complimentary pick up and drop off within Placencia Village & Maya               ruin adventure tours. E-mail: anne-marie@avadondiversbelize.com
Beach...For reservations call 523-3476.                                           Website: www.avadondiversbelize.com Call us at 503- 3577 or 523-3577.
Singing Sands Inn: Enjoy dining on the beach front in the open air               The Placencia Hotel: tour operators specializing in snorkeling tours,
Bonefish Grille restaurant. Our menu features traditional Asian as well as       inland excursions, Monkey River, fishing, Scuba Diving, Island to Island
Italian & French influenced dishes. Daily Lunch & Dinner specials such as        Kayaking, Maya Ruins, Cave Tubing or Fly fishing . We do special charters
Coconut Shrimp with Asian coleslaw or Lobster Tempura. Open to the               as well. We offer all new equipment, local guides and quality service. Call
public including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Closed for lunch and dinner on     520-4110 for booking. Fax: 520-4112, Email: info@theplacencia.com
Tuesdays. For reservations or more information call 520-8022 or email            Website: www.theplacencia.com
info@singingsands.com. Get 15% off from our Lunch and Dinner menu                Dive & Tour with Robert’s Grove – Feeling adventurous?? Our
during regular hours of operation (Limited time only and look for coupon         PADI 5 star Dive Center offers daily snorkeling, diving and certification
code within the Breeze)                                                          courses and boasts some of the tastiest lunches, best tour guides in the
The Inn At Robert’s Grove: Seaside Restaurant @ Robert’s Grove –                 country, and ‘The Dorado’ our 48 ft. Pro Dive Boat! Nitrox and specialty
Romantic Fine Dining with a world class menu and wine cellar. One of             Dive Courses available. Inland, Fishing, private charters, Whale Shark,
Belize’s most consistent restaurants quoted Fodor’s 2010 edition. The            Manatee, Monkey River and Inland tours also on the Tour Menu for more
Seaside Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open 7 days a       info call 523-3565!
week, 365 days a year from 7am – 10pm. Dinner Pick-ups available 523-            Seahorse Dive Shop: Offers SCUBA Certification, snorkeling, fishing,
3565!                                                                            river trips & charters. Call Brian Young (office) 523-3166; (home) 523-3356;
The Placencia Hotel: Largest pool in Belize, complete with swim up bar           Email: seahorse@btl.net; Website: www.belizescuba.com
and restaurant area. Main Dining Room in Air Conditioned, beach front            Singing Sands Inn offers inshore or offshore fishing excursions right off
building, with outdoor dining also available. Third restaurant and bar area at   of our dock! Join us on our 31’ Cape Horn for a fantastic day of angling
the end of The Great Pier. Four thousand foot pier head accommodates guest       action. We can arrange any tour whether inland or water including Monkey
in the lap of luxury. Open every day. Beach Bar 10a.m.-7p.m. Pier Bar 10         River, Mayan Ruins, snorkelling, diving, and much more. Call 520-8022 or
a.m.-10p.m. Main Dining 6 a.m.-10:30 p.m. Call 520-4110 for pick up of           email info@singingsands.com
any number over 4 guests for breakfast, lunch or dinner.                         Splash Dive Center - PADI Proud Member. Experience Belize w/
Whipray Caye Lodge: see accommodation for info about our                         Splash! Ph: 523-3058/3080 or 620-6649. Email patricia@splashbelize.com
restaurant & bar.                                                                visit www.splashbelize.com
CHEERS -                                                                         SERVICES
Placencia Peninsula Bars                                                         Chocolatier
Barefoot Bar: Open everyday 11:30 am -                                           Goss Chocolate Goss Chocolate & cocoa powder made & sold exclusively
                                                                                 in Belize. 100% organically grown Belizean cacao,
midnight.! Located on the Main Road - the party
                                                                                 Belizean cane sugar, whole vanilla bean. Now sold in
never stops! Live music Thurs - Sun nights. Happy
                                                                                 fine stores, hotels, & restaurants on the Peninsula &
hour, lunch hour beer specials, largest drink menu
                                                                                 throughout           Belize.       ph    523-3544
around, full moon parties & more! Creative lunch/
dinner specials. Barefoot Bar is all about Stiff Drinks
- Tasty Food - Good Times! Tel:523-3515. Follow                                  Food Markets
us on Facebook!                                                                  Wallen’s Market: Serving Placencia with fresh produce, dry goods, &
J-Byrd’s: Local Bar by the Seaside docks. Open daily from 10am to                specialty items. Wholesale/retail. Tel: 523-3128; Hardware Tel: 503-3316 or
12pm. And live music every Friday’s Tel :523-3412                                523-3523; Pharmacy Tel. 523-3346. email wallensmarket@yahoo.com
The Placencia Hotel: Three restaurants and three bars to better serve            Serving the peninsula for over 25 years!! Located across from the sport field.
you. Margarita Monday with at least 10 different margaritas to tempt your        Internet Access
taste buds!! Poolside open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Pier Head bar 10 a.m. to
10 p.m. Main Bars 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Drinks menu, 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. happy          Placencia Office Supply: HIGH SPEED INTERNET. CD Burning,
hour on local rum mixes at Pier Head Bar, Ice Cold Belikin and a variety of      USB, Floppy, Card Readers, Laptop - Wireless/LAN accessible, Printing,
Blended Mixes. Credit cards accepted. Phone 520-4110 for reservation for         Faxing, Copies, Passport Photos, Publishing, Laminating, Stationery. Tel/
pick up of groups 4 or more.                                                     Fax: 523-3205, Email: lgodfrey@btl.net

Coffee Shop                                                                      Photography
                                                                                 Muzamanzie Photographs – contact us for wedding photographs,
Above Grounds Coffee. Fresh roasted Guatemalan coffees, baked                    portraits, web & brochure photographs. Tel# 523-3563 or 603-5143 email:
goods and juices. Shaded deck in a jungle setting. Across from Wendy’s           muzamanzie@yahoo.com
Restaurant in the village. Daily 7am-4pm except Sundays 8am-noonFree
high speed Wi-Fi with purchase, Skype friendly. Tel: 634 3212
                                                                                                              The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 30
                                                                                  Sunday Service - 8:30 am & Sunday Night Service - 6:30 pm. Reverend Don
Real Estate                                                                       Palmer. Phone 523-3301 or email cbelize@btl.net
CPC Real Estate Solutions - is your trusted real estate broker in                 Calvary Chapel of the Placencia
Belize. We have over 20 years experience helping clients with their real
estate transactions and take pride in assisting you with your property            Peninsula (Plantation Chapel) : Sunday
purchase. Please visit our office next to the tourism office or call us at 672-   Service: 10:00 a.m. (Sunday School Provided).
9000 or visit: www.belizeproperty.com                                             6:00 p.m. (Seine Bight Village). Wedensday:
                                                                                  Ladies Bible Study– 10:30 a.m. Mens fellowship/
The Placencia Hotel : Beachfront & Beach view condominiums,                       study- 6:00 p.m. Non denominational Church: call
Lagoon and Canal Front lots and homes with private boat docks in our              Pastor Jim Mensie for more information 523-
planned, gated community, offering full service and amenities. Full on site       3362.
management and rental through The Placencia Hotel for all of our property
options. Please call 5204110 or 610-3600 or email                                 Seventh Day Adventists: Services Fridays at sunset; Saturdays 9:00
madeleine@theplacencia.com to meet with our agents and view our piece of          a.m. Lay ministers. U. Torres - Tel# 503 2270
paradise! Website: www.theplacencia.com                                           Seine Bight Catholic Church: Services Sundays 8:00 a.m. Seine
The Villas at Cocoplum will certainly be the premier Condominium                  Bight Village. Lay ministers. Catholic (lay) - Mrs Dora. Williams Tel# 523
residence in Belize. We offer you an exceptional high-quality home w/             3527 or 523 3564
nonstandard features in a low-density, environmentally friendly setting. The      Worship Center: Bible Study – Wednesday 7:00 p.m. – until. Services:
West Indies-inspired architecture will provide a home that is not only open,      Sunday 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Non
comfortable & tropical, but also in tune with the relaxed environment             Denominational - Pst. Moore - Tel# 523 3333
Placencia is famous for. Please visit our on-site sales office just south of      OTHER COMMUNITY NUMBERS
Maya beach where the road is paved. M-F 9-5. Office # 523-3263. Cell 610-         Placencia Village Council - 523 3396 Placencia
0294.       Email:       Boris@theVillasatCocoplum.com.              Or visit     Water Board - 523 4036
www.theVillasatCocoplum.com.                                                      Seine Bight Village Council - 523 3660 Seine
Airlines                                                                          Bight Water Board - 523 3554
Maya Island Air, the safer alternative to air travel in Belize, announces         GETTING AROUND
its new San Pedro Sula, Honduras route. Questions?? Call 523-4072. Maya
                                                                                  De Express: Departs Placencia Shell Dock- 9:30
Island Air...because we do more!!
                                                                                  a.m. Arrives Big Creek 10 a.m. Departs - 11:00
Tropic Air: The Airline of Belize. Over 180 daily scheduled flights               am. Arrives Puerto Cortez, Honduras, 2 pm. at Laguna. Return trip –
throughout Belize. Charters to remote and exotic places. For reservations call    Monday: Departs Puerto Cortez, Honduras 10 am. Arrives Big Creek 12
523-3410.                                                                         noon. Departs - 1:30 p.m. Arrives Placencia 2 pm. Tel: 523-4045. Tickets
Rentals - ( Golf Carts, Auto, Bicycles)                                           available at the Placencia Tourism Center.
Sandhill Ltd: Rentals of reliable golf carts, bicycles, kayaks, and pedal         BANKING
boats. Hourly, daily or weekly rates available. Call 523-8017 or email
info@silbelize.com.                                                               Atlantic Bank Ltd: Opening Hours Monday -Thursday 8 am - 3 pm &
                                                                                  Friday 8 am - 4 pm. ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, & Plus.
Singing Sands Inn: Rentals of reliable golf carts, bicycles, kayaks               Phone: 523-3431.
(including clear bottom), two person catamarans, snorkel gear and pedal
                                                                                  Belize Bank Ltd: Opening Hours Monday -Thursday 8 am - 3 pm & Friday
boats by the hour, half day, full day or weekly. Located in Maya beach. Call
                                                                                  8 am - 4:30 pm. ATM Services: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American
520-8022 or email info@singingsands.com.
                                                                                  Express. Phone: 523-3144.
Shipping Service
BelizeShip.com- Your buying and shipping                                                            Don’t forget their
service from USA to Big Creek Port or by air contact:
belizemail@comcast.net or USA 404.988.1300                                                                 Birthdays!
Spa, Massage                    &       Physical
                                                                                  October 2nd – Marlayna Godfrey & Jean Cabral’s Birthday
Therapy                                                                           October 3rd – Fiona Macfarlane, Kelly Muschamp & Valeriano Chiac’s
The Placencia Hotel: Our third floor lookout is                                                  Birthday
the perfect spot to have your massage done!! We offer Swedish and Shiatzu         October 5th – Kenisha Burgess’s Birthday
Massage, facials, manicures & pedicure. Our treatments can be tailor made to      October 6th – Marsha Trent’s Birthday
suit any request. For reservation call 520-4110.                                  October 9th – Anthony Whorton’s Birthday
Sea Spa @ Robert’s Grove – Now offering Thai Massage, our Sea Spa is              October 12th – Pan American Day & Elsie Leslie, Ariel Westby, Darrel
manned by professional therapists each w/ their own unique style.                                Westby, & Jolie Pollard’s Birthday
Treatments include; Several massage styles, Facials, Body Wraps, Body             October 15th – Richard Westby’s Birthday
Scrubs/Polish, Reiki Energy, Sunburn Special, Coconut Hair Rinse and of           October 16th - Ilsa Villanueva & Jason Westby’s Birthday
course Manis & Pedis for Barefoot perfect feet! All treatments offered in our     October 18th – James Cleve Westby’s Birthday
newly appointed oceanfront spa, at the end of our 250 ft pier or in a rooftop     October 19th – Albert Fuller , Kaylin Monterosso, & Sonny Vernon’s
setting w/ panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea! For more info call 523-                          Birthday
3565!                                                                             October 20th– Gail Westby, Leisha Faux, & Harry Eiley’s Birthday
Siripohn’s Thai Massage: Therapist from Thailand - Thai Massage,                  October 22nd– Mariah Ramclam, Aliyah Leslie, & Annette Vernon’s
Essential Oil, Swedish, Jet Lag, Back & Shoulders, Foot Massage, Body                            Birthday
Treatments, & Facial Treatments. Open 10 am to 6 pm. Call 620-8718 or             October 26th – Leslie Vernon Jr. & Mertis Villanueva’s Birthday
600-0375, email: jenjira01@yahoo.com - Kob Khun Ka.                               October 27th - Godwin Torres’ Birthday
                                                                                  October 31st – Halloween, Lee Nyhus’& Alex Bull’s Birthday
Wedding Planning
The Placencia Hotel: Our 90 rooms can easily
accommodate your weddings quest, family and friends. The
Placencia Hotel boasts the largest selection of on-site
wedding and reception locations. You can choose from our
spacious pool deck, extensive beach, scenic and spacious
pier deck or thatched pier restaurants, dramatic and
spacious third floor viewing deck or adjacent beachfront chapel, whichever is
the perfect choice for you. We also offer our own on site full service
Wedding Planner/Special Event Coordinator Tara Westby– Hotel
Coordinator Please call: 520-4110, Fax: 520-4112 or email;
info@theplacencia.com or tara@theplacencia.com Website:
CHURCHES                                                                               9:30 am Sundays - Open Meeting
St. John’s Memorial - Placencia Anglican (Episcopal)
Church: Sunday services at 8:00 a.m. .
Ministries of the Son of God Church - Seine Bight Village
Wednesday Bible Studies -6:30 pm, Thursday Youth Choir Practice - 6:30
pm, Friday Youth Night - 6:00 pm, Saturday Adult Choir Practice - 6:30 pm,
                                                                                                          The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 31

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                                               THE PLACENCIA BREEZE?
                                               The Breeze is now offering an annual mailing subscription!
                                              Within the country of Belize: $20.00Bze per year (12 Issues)
                       Within the US & Canada: $30.00Bze ($15.00 US) per year (12 Issues) *Price includes Shipping and Handling*

                                            (PLEASE PRINT)                                                      (Cash or Check ONLY)
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Name:            _________________________________________________                                        PLACENCIA TOURISM CENTER
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Mail address:    _________________________________________________                                                    payment to:
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Email address _________________________________________________                                                      Pt. Placencia
                                                                                                                 Stann Creek District
                                                                                                               Belize, Central America
Form of Payment:______________

   For Your Information Courtesy of Placencia Tourism Center
                            (Headquarters of the Placencia Chapter of the Belize Tourism Industry Association)

                                                                              Hokey         Pokey:
National Transport Schedule                                                                             Departs Independence/Mango for
                                                                              Placencia MNM Dock 6:30a.m., 7:30a.m., 8a.m., 11:00 am,
                  As of November 2008                                         12:00 pm, 2:30p.m, & 4:30p.m. And returns from Placencia
Leaving Belize City to Benque Veijo                                           MNM Dock to Independence/Mango Creek 6:45a.m, 10a.m.,
             - every half an hour to the hour from 5:00am to 12:00 pm         12:30pm, 2:30 pm, 4p.m, & 5p.m, 6pm (except on Sundays).
Leaving Benque Viejo to Belize City                                           For more information please call 523-2376.
            - every half an hour to the hour from 1:00pm to 6:00 pm

                                                                                   Placencia Police Officers
Leaving Belize City
to Chetumal                         Leaving Chetumal to Belize City
6:00am (premier)
                                   10:45am (premier)
6:45am (express)
                                   1:45pm (premier)
9:00am (premier)
                                   3:00pm (express)
                                   4:45pm (premier)
                                                                                  Sgt #114 Norman Benguche - 624-9965
11:00am (premier)
5:30pm                                                                              Sgt #1 Enrique Aldana - 623-9252
P.S. Premier are the AC
express buses and express are regular express buses.
                                                                                  PC #1109 Godwin Augustine - 665-2972
NTSL does not have any south runs do to the zoning changes! Any further

   Ritchie’s Bus Line As of August 2009                                            PC #1189 Darren Ogaldez - 666-1509
Placencia to Dangriga Dangriga to Placencia
Mon to Sat -
6:15 & 7 am
                               Mon to Sat -                   Phone                  SC Claude Augustine - 624-5345
                               11 am, 2 pm & 4:40 pm          523-3806
12:45 & 2:30 pm                Sun
Sun                            2 pm & 4:40 pm
7 am & 12:45 pm

EMERGENCIES                                                                          IN CASE OF FIRE
Belize Emergency Response Team 223-3292                                              VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT
Placencia Medical Center: 503-3326 Located Behind the school,
Placencia Village. Opening hours are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am to 12:00
                                                                                     EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS
noon - 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. after these hours Dr. Alexis Caballero will see
only extreme Emergencies such as Heart Attack, Stroke, Asthma Attack,
                                                                              •    POLICE PLACENCIA:                               503-3142
Accident, and Severe Allergy Reaction. Note: Weekdays after 5:00 pm and       •    SEINE BIGHT POLICE:                             503-3148
weekends Dr. Alexis work by appointments only. (Private). Dr. Alexis
Caballero- Monday/Friday– 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m            •    KATHY ANGLIN:                                   626-0667
Seine Bight Medical Center: 523-3328                                          •    STEVE WADE:                                     503-3069
Independence Medical Center: 523-2167                                         •    PHILLIP MOLINA:                                 625-4636
        Placencia Police Station: 503-3142
        Seine Bight Police Station: 503-3148                                         Fireman NOW Stationed at the
        Independence Police Station: 523-2022                                           Placencia Police Station
FIRE EMERGENCIES - 523-3207 or 523-4309
                                                                The Placencia Breeze– October 2011- Page 32


 Responsible retired couple looking 
 for house/condo, min. 2 bedroom 
          with water view.   
      Must have a/c in master.   
           6‐12 months.   
  Please call Kim at 501‐635‐0539. 

      House For Rent
  Brand new 2BR, fully furnished.
Located on the lagoon, near the foot-
ball field. Fully fenced yard, pets ok.     OPENING HOURS
      US$800/mo, incl. utilities.         TUESDAY-SATURDAY
  Email jwedge@penta.ca for info          10:00 am to 5:00 pm
                                           Contact: 670-3665

               ADVERTISE HERE

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