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                                        GOGO DEMOCRATIC CLUB
                                2010 JUDICIAL CANDIDATE QUESTIONNAIRE
     Candidate name: Lloyd H. Golburgh Office sought: County Court judge Incumbent? No
     Address: 320 SE 9th Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316
     Phone: 954-608-3200 Email: Website:

1.   Where and when did you attend law school?                      University of Miami, Juris Doctor, 1993
2.   How long have you been a member of the Florida Bar?           17 years
3.   In which other states (if any) have you been admitted to the Bar?               None
4.   Do you have any previous experience as a judge or conducting alternative dispute resolution? If so, specify court(s)
     and/or other forum and number of years. I have no OFFICIAL experience as a Judge or in conducting
     alternative dispute resolution; however, I have years of PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE engaging in all kinds of
     dispute resolution. In fact, I’ve spent my career as a criminal defense lawyer whose sole function has
     been to help individual people resolve disputes with their government. I’ve been very successful at that.
     I’m also a husband and a father. That causes me to continually exercise my skill in dispute resolution on
     a daily basis.

5.   Have you ever held any non-judicial elected offices? If so, please list office(s) and years served.     No.

6.   Have you ever held any non-judicial appointed offices? If so, please list office(s) and years served. No.

7.   Please list any awards/honors received relevant to the position you seek.                    None.

8.   Describe briefly your legal background (firms worked for, areas of expertise, etc.). I have been primarily a criminal
     defense lawyer my entire career. I have extensive jury trial experience and spent most of my time in the central
     Broward County courthouse helping individual people through some of the worst times in their lives.

9.   In your point of view, how should juvenile offenders be treated in the criminal justice system? Juveniles should be
     treated consistent with existing law, which, in Florida, focuses on rehabilitation first. It’s important to exercise the
     discretion granted a Judge by the law in a responsible way that protects the community but also considers each
     child separately and each child’s experiences, background, socio-economic situation, and environment when
     fashioning a juvenile’s sentence.

10. Please list the professional, community, and social organizations of which you are now or have been a member in
    the past ten years. YMCA youth baseball program, Weston Athletic League youth baseball program, University of
    Miami moot court competition

11. Describe briefly what you hope to accomplish as a judge in interpreting the law. I expect to apply the law as the
    legislature intended it. That is what a Judge is supposed to do; however, as a career criminal defense lawyer, I
    have too often seen Judges rule in favor of political concerns rather than by the letter of the law. I believe it takes
    courage to ignore political considerations and apply the law the way the legislature intended it to be applied.

12. Describe briefly the greatest strengths you bring to the judicial role. My experience as a criminal trial lawyer who
    spent his entire career in the Broward County court system is my greatest strength in terms of seeking a seat as a
    Judge in the Broward county court system. If elected to serve, I would be hearing the types of cases I’ve spent my
    career handling before county court judges. Also, I have extensive knowledge of constitutional and criminal law
    which is necessary for a Broward county court judge. And I understand people, which is whom the law is designed
    to protect. My ability to listen to others and understand their points of view sets me apart from others. In
    addition to having empathy for the human condition, I have a strong sense of right and wrong, and I believe in
    personal responsibility. I believe that the privilege of being an American carries with it the obligation to be a
    positive and productive member of society.

13. Would you like to summarize any thoughts that have not been covered by the above questions? I believe my
    situation as a candidate is unique. I have no political ties or obligations. I don’t owe anyone any money or any
    favors. I have the courage necessary to be truly independent on the bench. I think Broward voters are sick and
    tired of the entrenched political cabals that currently rule our judiciary. There is a reason that there is an
    unprecedented number of judges who have drawn opponents in this election cycle. Our Judiciary has brought
    shame upon our entire legal community and has caused it to lose the respect of our community. I would like to be
    a part of changing that for the better.

    Signature of Candidate:     Lloyd H. Golburgh          Date: July 19, 2010

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