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					                                            A Message from the Executive Director ...
                             A sturdy but diffident young man asked        more about the preparations we are making
                        a farmer for a job as a farm hand. “What can      within the LFS ministry.
                        you do?” inquired the farmer.                          We have recently hired several new
                             “I can do whatever has to be done, and I     counseling staff, including Jennifer Miller in
                        can sleep when the wind blows,” replied the       Des Moines and Nancy Vermeersch in Cedar
                        applicant.                                        Rapids, with plans to add more so that we
                             Although mystified by the phrase, “sleep      are able to meet the needs of as many fami-
                        when the wind blows,” the farmer did not press    lies as possible. We are developing plans to
Rev. Eric Schillo       the question but hired the young man.             strengthen our ministry to professional church
Executive Director           Some nights later a violent storm awoke      workers and their families. We are working to
230 9th Avenue North    the farmer. He got up and tried unsuccessfully    strengthen and expand our pregnancy coun-
                        to arouse the farm hand, then with consider-      seling ministry, anticipating that the current
Fort Dodge, IA 50501    able annoyance went out himself to see if         political climate with its pro-abortion perspec-
1.800.622.7285          all was well. He found the barn locked, the       tive will bring many opportunities to witness to     chicken coop properly closed, a wagonload         our belief that life begins at conception. We are         of hay covered with a tarpaulin which was         working in several interesting and innovative
                        securely battened down, and all else in a         adoption practices about which I plan to share
                        condition of safety from the elements. Then       more details soon.
                        the farmer realized what his new farm hand             There are many hurting people, both
                        meant when he said: “I can sleep when the         within our church walls and beyond. I ask that
                        wind blows.”                                      you continue to pray for this ministry, and for
                             This story prompted me to think about        those who are using our services. We don’t
                        many things in my personal life, and also about   know what specific challenges lay ahead of
                        the LFS ministry. Am I as ready as I can be       us, but we trust our God who does. Relying
                        for the storms that will ultimately come? Is      on His faithfulness, we can “sleep when the
                        my family? Is LFS? Are you? It is certainly       wind blows,” prepared for what is ahead and
                        important to be prepared for the “storms”         able to meet the needs of our people. May God
                        that we all will face and not wait until they     continue to bless our work together to make a
                        come to begin preparations. I’ll work on my       difference – both immediate and eternal – in
                        own personal inventory and encourage you to       His name!
                        consider your own. Today, I want to tell you
                                                                                   Healthy families teach their children
                                                                              about the proper management of money.
                                                                              In addition to teaching your child about
                                                                              the importance of saving and giving, con-
                                                                              sider teaching about credit. If your child
                                                                   wants something, “loan” her the money to buy it
                                                                   and have her pay you back over time with interest.
                                                                   Have her give you something she already owns as
                                                                   collateral. When she makes the last payment of
                                                                   principal with interest, celebrate and burn the note!
                                                                   If she misses payments, keep the collateral, cancel
                                                                   the loan and take possession of the purchased item.
                                                                   Tough love? You bet, but it’s better for her to learn
                                                                   these concepts at home with you in a safe environ-
                                                                   ment than when she is out on her own for the first
                                                                   time learning the hard way with real credit cards!

                                                       Make Someone’s Day!
                             Who do you know who needs a word of          org) and click on the flowers. You will be
                        encouragement? Who needs to be reminded of        connected with a nationwide flower delivery
                        how much you love them? Who is celebrat-          service called Christian Flower. When you
                        ing a special occasion? Make their day by         order flowers through our website, the LFS
                        surprising them with flowers! Fresh flowers,        ministry will receive 10% of your purchase to
                        sent with a simple written message of your        support our work. The LFS counselors thank
                        love and appreciation and of God’s love for       you, those families who receive help through
                            them, will make your someone’s day.           LFS thank you, and your special someone will
                       28 Visit the LFS website (www.LFSiowa.             thank you, too!
                             Ask Your LFS Counselor ...
      Question: It seems like we are hearing          enon: spousal and child abuse. Professionals in
about more and more violence, suicide and             the field of family therapy and child services
murders among families on the news today.             report that there generally is a five to six month
I’m concerned about all the stress that families      lag between a notable rise in familicides and
are experiencing with the economy, even here          widespread reports of increased physical and
in Iowa. During the farm crisis in the 1980s,         emotional abuse of spouses and children.
we had so many suicides. Are we headed to-                 There is no doubt that we live in very
ward that again? And if so, what can we do to         difficult and challenging times: economic
prevent it from happening?                            hardship, job losses, reports of an influenza
      Answer: I agree that there does seem to         pandemic, wars and rumors of wars. All of
be more violence among families today, or at          these, and more, add to the pressure, stress,       Rev. Dr. Randy Nord
least more news coverage of it. A new word has        and difficulty that all of us face.                  4403 1st Ave S.E.
even been coined which describes a rare but                But there is hope - and there is another       Suite 311
increasingly occurring event: “familicide.” In        way. We are the children of a God of hope and
a familicide, one member of the family, usually       promise, who says to each of us: “Come unto
                                                                                                          Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
the father, takes the lives of the other family       Me all ye that labor and are heavy-laden and I      1.800.393.1000
members, and then his own. People who study           will give you rest”; “I hold you in the palm of
such trends have noticed a recent uptick in           My hand and no one shall pluck you from it”;
these events. One recent familicide with which        and “I will raise you up on eagles’ wings.”
you might be familiar involved a father who                Openly addressing these stressors through
gathered his wife and two daughters together          the lens of faith is imperative. I encourage you
under the guise of a family get-together. The         and all Harvest readers to engage their fam-
family was from New York but met in Bal-              ily members, friends and neighbors in open
timore where the eldest daughter was going            discussions about difficult times, followed by
to the university. This family’s friends and          sharing your faith and the hope and promise it
neighbors were shocked by the actions of the          provides. Talking about it is helpful. Encour-
father, describing the family as “perfect” and        age others to talk to you and to their (or your)
“wonderful.” What the friends and other fam-          pastor. Lutheran Family Service counselors
ily apparently were unaware of was that the           are also available to talk with anyone who
family was in debt to the tune of $460,000.           is going through hard times. We are here for
Apparently, the father could think of no other        you, to walk with you, helping to provide a
way to get out from under the weight and pain         nonjudgmental and safe environment where,
of this horrible mountain.                            with the help and aid of God’s Spirit, your
      As chilling and terrible as familicide is, it   anxieties, fears and shame can be worked
is relatively rare. However, experts say that an      through and you can have the peace of truly
uptick in these traumatic events is a harbinger       knowing the meaning of: “Be still and know
of a more widespread and destructive phenom-          that I am God.”

                        Do You Have a Tax Time Bomb?
     For individuals age 70 1/2 and older, that       from your IRA account
traditional IRA (Individual Retirement Ac-            and you do not owe any
count) you’ve accumulated over many years             applicable income tax
is becoming a tax time bomb for either you or         on it. You get a sense
your heirs. This retirement account will be tax-      of satisfaction for sup-
able upon distribution. Individuals are required      porting the ministry of
by law to begin taking distributions from this        LFS, the benefit of not
IRA, thus allowing Uncle Sam to collect any           paying any taxes, and
taxes due. But in 2009, you can avoid paying          LFS gets the benefit of support from you that
those taxes, and make a significant impact on          you perhaps hadn’t considered!
the LFS ministry!                                          If you would like more information about
     By giving a gift, large or small, directly       how this might work for you, please call LFS’
from your IRA accounts, you can bypass                Director of Development, Glen Emery at 515-
any income taxes you might owe on the                 573-3138, ext. 19, or email him at emery@
distribution. That’s right, you can tell your As with any financial decisions,
IRA investment company to simply send a               you should visit with your tax consultant
check in any amount to LFS. That “Qualified            to discuss how this might effect your tax
Charitable Distribution” will be sent to LFS          situation.
                                      Relocating the LFS Office in Sioux City
                                                  The old adage
                                             “many hands make
                                             light work” was
                                             verified on a bright,
                                             sunny Saturday in
                                             March when volun-
                    teers from Redeemer, Calvary and Bethany
                    Lutheran congregations in Sioux City helped
                    the LFS staff move. After 20 years at the
                    Morningside office, LFS has relocated its
                    counseling, pregnancy counseling and adop-
Glen Emery          tion offices to 4301 Sergeant Road, Suite
                    203—just across the street from the Southern
Director of         Hills Mall. This move to a much larger space
Development         will allow LFS to add an additional counselor
1.800.622.7285      and serve more people during the coming   years. The conference room will also allow for
                    group meetings and educational events, which
                    were not possible in the old location. Thank
                    you to all who helped with painting, packing,
                    loading, unloading and decorating!                              Conference Room

                         Jaimee Nutt, LMHC Counseling Office
                                                                      New LFS location across from Southern Hills
                                                                     Mall: 4301 Sergeant Road, Suite 203, Sioux City,
                                                                                      Iowa 51106.

                                                                                 LFS Wish List
                                                                            Periodically, we become aware of items
                                                                     that are needed for use with clients or to make
                                                                     our LFS offices comfortable for clients. We
                                                                     invite you to consider donating any one of
                                                                     these items during the coming months:
                                                                     • Vacuum Sweeper (Des Moines office)
                                                                     • Coffee Maker (Sioux City office)
                                                                     • Live Plants (All offices)
                                                                     • Children’s table and chairs (Fort Dodge
                                                                          & Sioux City offices)
                                                                     • Trac Phone & Minutes (for use in preg-
                                                                          nancy counseling ministry)
                    30   Rev. Gerry Bruhn, LISW Counseling Office
                            What did YOU do today?

                                                                                                     <—————————————————————————————— cut here —————————————————————————>
     At day’s end, do you reflect on all that           Today, you spent 30 minutes on the phone
you accomplished? Tonight, you can add these      with a pastor, consulting with him about a dif-
things to your list:                              ficult situation in his congregation.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Phone: (_________) ______________________


     Today, you sat with a couple consider-            How did you do all this? You did this
ing divorce, and brought them hope for their      and much more in one day through your

                                                                                                     Question or concern for an LFS counselor to answer: ___________________________________________________________
future together.                                  partnership with LFS. Daily our counselors
     Today, you helped a couple admit their       share the pain in people’s lives, and walk with
teenage daughter into a treatment program for     them toward a better future. Many times this
eating disorders, perhaps saving her life.        is when they are most open to hearing about
     Today, you sat with an older man who has     God and His love. Sixteen LFS counselors
stopped feeling, isolated himself from others     are working for you, as you send them out to
and is expressing hopelessness and thoughts       accomplish these things on behalf of the 295
of suicide, assuring him that depression is not   LCMS churches here in Iowa.
a weakness in faith, but a common and treat-           Please consider joyfully becoming a min-
able disorder.                                    istry partner with us today by mailing a special
     Today, you supported a scared 16 year        gift to LFS, 230 9th Ave N, Fort Dodge, IA
old girl as she told her parents that she was     50501. Thank you for your partnership with
pregnant.                                         LFS in this life-changing ministry!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Name (please print): _____________________________________________________
     How has God gifted you? What special talents do you have? You can use these gifts in
service to Him through the LFS ministry! If you have talents in any of the areas listed below
and would like more information about how you might help, contact Wanda Pritzel by email
at We’d love for you to join us!
     Creative writing: Share messages about LFS ministry through the written word by compos-
ing articles for the LFS GoodNews Letter, LFS website updates, articles for district newsletters
and articles for The Harvest magazine.
     Layout/Design: Design of promotional materials representing the LFS ministry, including
brochures, newsletters, pregnancy counseling, adoption and counseling ministry informational
     Website Design: Updating the LFS website regularly, with information provided by
     Project Management: Help to organize and carry out special projects, such as the annual
phonathon, the eBay Trading Graces auction, or help to organize and promote family educational
events sponsored by LFS in the district.

                  Introducing Jennifer Miller, LISW . . .
     LFS is happy to introduce Jennifer Miller, LISW, who provides counseling for individu-
als, couples and families in LFS’s Des Moines office. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree
in Social Work from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and a Master’s degree in Social Work
from the University of St. Thomas/College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jennifer is
licensed at the independent practitioner level (LISW) in the state of Iowa.
     Jennifer has expertise working with individuals with a wide variety of mental health and
relationship concerns. Before joining the LFS staff earlier this year, she worked as a therapist
at Broadlawns Hospital in Des Moines. Through her work at LFS, Jennifer enjoys seeing
individuals who are experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship challenges or conflicts
within their family. She also enjoys working with couples toward the goal of building healthier
relationships and increasing parenting skills. Jennifer and her husband are the parents of two
young children.
     If you or someone you know would like to schedule an appointment with an LFS
counselor in the Des Moines office, please call LFS at 515-251-4900.                           31

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