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									Sample Lesson Plan
The Big Bus Activity: Dress Bo Bear

     Title                                            Technical preparation
     Using The Big Bus Dress Bo Bear to               Install The Big Bus CD-ROM on to
     develop children’s knowledge and                 the.computer. After a short opening
     understanding of the world. As an                sequence select the button to visit Bo
     introduction to modelling, the children are      Bear’s World. Open the Information
     helped in their understanding that               Booklet index and scroll through the
     a.computer can be used to represent real         available activities. Select Dress Bo Bear.
     or fantasy situations and characters.
                                                      Introducing the activity
     Introduction                                     Gather the children around a
     Four activities encourage children to help       large.computer monitor or interactive
     Bo dress herself by identifying and              whiteboard.
     choosing appropriate clothes. Matching,
     sequencing and choosing clothing                 Click on Start the activity. This will run an
     appropriate for different activities allow the   introductory sequence presenting the
     user to make choices and realise that            character of Bo Bear. Explain to the
     different decisions produce different            children that they are going to help Bo Bear
     outcomes                                         get dressed for all sorts of adventures.
     Music and narration all help to develop          Click on the Dress Bo Bear menu in the
     early reading and logic skills.                  bottom right hand corner of the screen.
                                                      Explain that here are four ways they can
     In this lesson                                   help Bo Bear.
     The children are introduced to the four
     simple activities. They are shown the click      Click on Bo likes to wear.
     and click again technique used in the            Discuss the range of clothing available for
     program, introduced to the labels and the        Bo Bear to wear. Point out the labels below
     facility to have them narrated. From a           each item, and show the children how to
     simple menu, three further activities            click on the text to have it narrated to them.
     challenge the children to dress Bo in the        Now show the children how to click on an
     correct order, choose appropriate clothes        item of clothing and carry it to Bo Bear.
     for specific weather and match up her odd        Allow individual children to come to the
     socks.                                           front and try the skills. There are three sets
                                                      of clothing available. Move between them
     Age Range: 3 - 6 years                           by using the brown navigation arrows at
                                                      the bottom of the screen.
     Lesson Plan                                      Use the menu button when it becomes
                                                      available to return to the Dress Bo Bear
     Learning objectives                              menu.
     Having.completed this activity most
     children will have developed their ability to:   Click on Bo gets dressed.
      Understand that the.computer can be            Discuss with the children the term “in the
       used to represent real situations              right order”. This could be in relation to
      Use a mouse to move and place items            getting dressed, or other areas of their
       accurately on a screen                         experience, such as getting up in the
      Match items by colour or decoration            morning, or getting ready for bed.
      Make choices, understanding that               Ask the children to suggest the items of
       different decisions produce different          clothing Bo Bear should put on and in what
       outcomes                                       order. Some items, particularly underwear
      Choose items in an appropriate                 can be taken in any order, however, other
       sequence                                       items have a specific order and if they are
                                                      moved incorrectly, they will float back to
      Choose clothing appropriate for different
                                                      their starting position with a gentle verbal
       weather conditions.
reminder about the order in which they            on. Discuss the terms they came across
should be put on.                                 during the activity.
There are two sets of clothing available.
Move between them by using the brown              Classroom management
navigation arrows at the bottom of the            A single classroom.computer running The
screen.                                           Big Bus, using a large monitor or
Use the menu button to return to the Dress        interactive whiteboard, is an effective whole
Bo Bear menu.                                     class teaching resource. Introduce the
Click on Bo dresses to go out.                    activity to the whole class before pupils
Discuss with the children the importance of       break into their groups.
choosing appropriate clothing for different
activities or weather conditions.                 Duration
Ask the children to suggest the items of          The teacher introduction and follow-up time
clothing Bo Bear should put on for the            will take approximately 15 minutes and 10
conditions set by the program. There are          minutes respectively. The time needed for
four sets of clothing, and the children need      each group of children to.complete the
to find every correct item from a set to          activity or activities, will depend upon the
succeed. If inappropriate items are chosen,       activities set. Bo’s lost socks and Bo
they will float back to their starting position   likes to wear are shorter activities which
with a gentle verbal reminder about the           will take the children about ten minutes
conditions for which they are dressing Bo         each. Bo gets dressed and Bo dresses
Bear. Move between the sets of clothing           to go out will each take ten to fifteen
using the brown navigation buttons at the         minutes to.complete.
bottom of the screen.
  Use the menu button when it becomes             Differentiation
available to return to the Dress Bo Bear          This activity can be differentiated to suit all
menu. Click on Bo’s lost socks.                   pupils, irrespective of reading ability, as all
Bo Bear will appear on screen wearing just        text is fully narrated. The four different
one sock. Indicate this to the children and       activities also offer the scope to challenge
ask them to identify the matching sock from       different children individually.
those surrounding Bo Bear. Ask them
whether they need to match by colour or by        Extending the activity
the decoration on the sock, or both? Can          Many of these activities can be replicated
they describe verbally the criteria they are      in the classroom, using real teddies and
using in their search? Show the children          clothing. Other matching activities will
how to select their sock. If the correct sock     reinforce the skill involved in identifying the
is chosen, use the brown arrow to present         criteria required to find the appropriate
another challenge. If the wrong sock is           partner or member of a group of objects.
chosen, it is gently pointed out that the         Talking with the children about the
socks do not match and the selection floats       concepts involved and asking them to find
back to its start position. The program will      more examples in their everyday life will
continue to present fresh socks until the         help develop their thinking skills and
menu button in the corner is selected.            reinforce the relationship with the
  Use the menu button when it becomes             representation on screen.
available to return to the Dress Bo Bear
menu.                                             Curriculum Information
  The children could now break into working       Foundation Stage: Personal, Social and
groups and undertake the activity for             Emotional Development, Mathematical
themselves. Any one, or all of the activities     Development.
could be set, depending on how the                The Curriculum Framework for Children
program is supporting other curriculum            3 – 5 (Scotland): Knowledge and
areas.                                            understanding of the World.
  Bo’s lost socks and Bo likes to wear            Desirable Outcomes for Children’s
are shorter activities which will take the        Learning before Compulsory School
children about ten minutes each. Bo gets          Age (Wales): Mathematical development,
dressed and Bo dresses to go out will             Knowledge and Understanding of the
each take ten to fifteen minutes                  World.
to.complete. Depending upon the activity,
or activities, the children are undertaking,
gather back them together after the
appropriate time to discuss how they got
                                                   The Big Bus Education Ltd 2005

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