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									                                               Cover Photo: The home of Northwestern

                                               alumni Josh and Devan Dellenbach was
                                               destroyed by the May 4 Greensburg, Kan.,

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    The RoundUp
       The RoundUp
 Alumni tapped to lead
                                                                                        	 Greetings!		I	hope	you	are	riding	with	pride	in	your	
                                                                                               A Message from Your
                                                                                        alma	mater.	This	is	a	great	time	to	visit	Northwestern	
                                                                                                 Alumni President
                                                                                        as	we	celebrate	our	110th	anniversary	along	with	

symposium at university
                                                                                        Oklahoma’s	centennial.	Click	
                                                                                        the	links	on	Northwestern’s	
                                                                                        website	(www.nwosu.edu)	for	

        need to explore regional and community revitalization and encourage in-         a	complete	listing	of	special	
        novation within the regional economy in northwest Oklahoma, southern            events	all	year.		Also,	please	
        Kansas and the Texas panhandle is the motivation behind a new event com-        visit	the	new	Foundation	
ing to Northwestern Oklahoma State University on Friday, April 25, 2008, the day        and	Alumni	website	(www.
before the annual Alumni Spring Reunion.                                                nwfoundation.com)	and	send	us	
     The Northwestern Centennial Symposium has been created to bring new ways           your	thoughts.
of thinking and new ideas to the people in the area as the state celebrates its 100th   	 Your	Alumni	Board	is	just	completing	the	first	
anniversary and the university recognizes 110 years of service.                         strategic	plan	for	the	Alumni	Association.	They	
                                                                                        have	worked	diligently	on	the	mission,	vision	and	
     Titled “Visions and Crossroads: Northwest Oklahoma – Our Next 100 Years,”
the symposium will help to connect leadership, experience and education with the
people in the community to allow ideas to be shared that will be beneficial to the
                                                                                        values	statement.	Our	key	objectives	are	building	
                                                                                        relationships	and	having	fun.	We’re	excited	about	
                                                                                                                   Official Publication
                                                                                        everything	before	us	and	are	ready	to	implement	our	
future of the area.
     Dr. Kay Decker, chair of the department of social sciences, heads the com-                       Northwestern Oklahoma State University
                                                                                        plan	this	fall.	The	Board’s	success	depends	on	your	
mittee planning the symposium, which is sponsored by the School of Arts and             assistance.	There	are	five	ways	you	can	help	the	
                                                                                                                    Alva, OK 73717
Sciences and the Northwestern Foundation.                                               NWOSU	Alumni	Association:
     Northwestern alumni and university employees will share their knowledge               1. 	 Update	your	record	(including	e-mail	address)
and experiences during the day-long event, which will feature three interac-                                 Subscription/membership fee:
                                                                                           2. 	 Join	the	Alumni	Association	(or	renew	your	
tive and engaging sessions. A luncheon featuring a keynote address on the topic                  membership)         $25.00 annually
“Community Development and Strategic Planning for Regional Sustainability”                 3. 	 Attend	alumni	events
also is planned.                                                                           4. 	 Tell	your	friends
     Brett Zollinger, who graduated from Northwestern in 1992, will serve as the           5. 	 Have	fun          Published bi-annually
keynote speaker during the luncheon. He is the director of the Docking Institute of     	 You’ve	been	hearing	about	“The	Ranger,”	a	life	and	
                                                                                                         by the Office of University Relations
                                                                                        a	quarter	sized	bronze	of	Northwestern’s	mascot	by	
Public Affairs and the Institute’s Center for Survey Research at Fort Hays (Kan.)                                 Editor: Valarie Case
                                                                                        Harold	T.	Holden,	renowned	western	artist.	There	is	
State University. He also is an associate professor of sociology there.
     Zollinger is active in strategic planning and community development efforts        more	information	in	this	issue.		The	statue	for	the	
in the region. He has facilitated strategic planning for more than 25 governmental      Alva	campus	is	scheduled	for	dedication	on	Nov.	
                                                                                                                   NWOSU President
                                                                                        13;	the	Enid	bronze	will	be	dedicated	soon	after	
and nonprofit entities, including the Kansas Governor’s Prosperity Summits in all                               Dr. Janet Cunningham
                                                                                        the	first	of	the	year;	and	the	Woodward	statue	will	
regions of the state in 2005. His work has been nationally recognized and received
the Rural Sociological Society’s Dissertation Award in 1997. He also co-authored        be	dedicated	as	soon	as	possible,	depending	on	
a report on labor force dynamics in northwest Missouri that won Best of Class                          Change of address notices and other
                                                                                        construction	progress	for	the	campus.	The	Alumni	
awards from the National Rural Economic Development Association and the                 Association	is	offering	limited-edition	bronze	
                                                                                                         correspondence may be sent to:
American Economic Development Council.                                                  maquettes	to	the	public	for	$2,500	each.	A	portion	
                                                                                                                     Alumni Director
                                                                                        of	this	price	is	tax	deductible	since	sale	proceeds	
     The three sessions being presented in the morning and again in the afternoon
will provide information on the opportunities that exist for the region’s natural and                               Lizabeth Richey
                                                                                        will	enable	the	Alumni	Association	to	better	serve	
human resources, cultural heritage and the role of the university as it provides the    the	University.	Please	don’t	delay	in	reserving	
                                                                                                                NWOSU Student Center
academic and civic leadership for regional sustainability.                              your	maquette.	Only	110	will	be	cast	in	honor	of	
                                                                                                                  709 Oklahoma Blvd.
                                                                                        Northwestern’s	110th	anniversary	this	year.		
     Leading the session titled “Revitalizing Our Cultural Heritage Through Civic
Engagement and Service Learning” is Northwestern alumna Christie (Patterson)
                                                                                                                    Alva, OK 73717
                                                                                        	 Homecoming	is	scheduled	for	Oct.	6.	Stop	by	the	
Brungardt, Class of 1984. Originally from the Kiowa/Anthony, Kan., area, Brun-          alumni	tent	on	the	downtown	square	(coffee	and	
                                                                                        donuts).	Watch	the	parade	at	10	a.m.	and	then	stay	
gardt currently is an instructor of leadership studies at Fort Hays State University.                            nwalumni@nwosu.edu
                                                                                        for	the	alumni	lunch	(BBQ	pork	sandwiches	smoked	
She earned a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Fort Hays in 2001
and is completing a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction at Kansas State University.
                                                                                        by	the	Rowdy	Rangers).		Kickoff	is	at	3	p.m.	against	
                                                                                        Oklahoma	Panhandle	State	University.
Her research interests are in the areas of leadership, service-learning and civic                                            or
                                                                                        	 Witness	a	showcase	of	Ranger	athletes	during	
     The “Science and Technology as a Future Force for Jobs and Business De-            the	3 	annual	Alumni	Basketball	Event	on	Friday,	 a
                                                                                                            For information about making
                                                                                        Feb.	15.	This	event	has	become	a	favorite	new	
velopment” session will be headed by Duane Pierson, Class of 1966. Pierson, a                              contribution to the Northwestern
                                                                                        tradition.	Alumni	basketball	men	and	women	return	
2005 Northwestern Outstanding Graduate, is the senior microbiologist for NASA.                                Foundation/Alumni contact:
He has been actively involved in microbiological and biochemical research for           for	exhibition	games	that	remind	us	why	they	were	
more than 30 years at the Johnson Space Center (JSC) and the Baylor College of          Rangers.	Alumni	cheerleaders	and	band	members	are	
                                                                                                        Foundation/Alumni Executive Director
Medicine in Houston.                                                                    on	hand	to	capture	Ranger	spirit	for	the	teams	and	
                                                                                                                   Allen “Skeeter” Bird
     As NASA’s senior microbiologist, Pierson serves as the agency’s expert on the      the	crowd.	Northwestern	alum	Ben	Buckland	also	will	
                                                                                                                  709 Oklahoma Blvd.
                                                                                        be	returning	to	serve	as	the	“voice”	for	the	fun	event.	
many microbiological aspects of space flight. He is responsible for formulating,
developing and implementing NASA’s microbiology program for current and future                                      Alva, OK 73717
                                                                                        Saturday,	Feb.	16,	is	the	induction	of	the	2008	Sports	
human exploration of space.                                                             Hall	of	Fame	honorees.	Ranger	pride	is	never	more	
     He performs operational and research activities to ensure the health, safety       personified	than	when	our	current	students	give	a	
                                                                                        thunderous	standing	ovation	for	these	great	Ranger	
and optimum performance of the astronauts, and participates in activities ranging
from planetary protection and astrobiology to environmental health.                     athletes.	Plan	to	come	for	the	weekend.
     Rounding out the sessions will be “Doing Business in a Global Economy                         Alumni Association Executive Board
                                                                                                                        Ride	with	Pride!
                         Please see SYMPOSIUM, page 20                                                     President 2006-2007
                                                                                                                        Lizabeth	Richey
Summer/Fall 2007                                                  --                                         Becky McCray
                                                                                                             The RoundUp
   Limited edition Ranger throw available
     A special, limited edition throw has been created to
commemorate Northwestern’s 110th year of service and
the state’s 100th birthday. And, members of the univer-
sity’s 110/100 Centennial Committee would like to give
everyone a chance to own one.
      The throw is a 100 percent cotton tapestry measur-
ing 50 x 70 inches. It is machine washable, made in the
United States and was designed by Angelia Case, 1984
Northwestern alumna and current instructional media
center technician. It depicts the special logo created for
the celebration, which includes the Ranger horse and
     Cost for the throw is $50, and they are available
in the Northwestern Alumni Association Office on the
Northwestern-Alva campus. If the throw needs to be
mailed to an address, people will need to add an addi-
tional $5 to the cost for each throw to cover postage.
     If interested in purchasing a throw, please contact
the alumni office at (580) 327-8593 or send an e-mail to
nwalumni@nwosu.edu. Visa and MasterCard also are
accepted. The office’s mailing address is 709 Oklahoma
Blvd., Alva, OK 73717. Order forms also are available
online at www.nwosu.edu/110. An order form for the
smaller versions of “The Ranger” statue also is avail-
able at this website.
     The Northwestern Bookstore on the Alva and Enid
campuses also have a number of 110/100 Centennial
items available for purchase, including coffee mugs,
t-shirts, sweatshirts, notebooks and folders, as well as
plenty of other Ranger products.

                              Order Yours Today
 Please make checks payable to: Northwestern Oklahoma State University Foundation, Inc.
                                709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717

 Name: ________________________________________________E-mail: ______________________________________

 Address: ______________________________________________Phone: _______________________________________

 City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________________

 Cost is $50 per Throw. If throw must be mailed, please add $5 for each to cover postage costs. Number of Throws ______

 Credit Cards Accepted -- Visa * Mastercard Card Number: ___________________ Name on Card: _________________

                         For more information: Call: 580-327-8593 or E-mail: nwalumni@nwosu.edu

      The RoundUp                                             -2-                                   Summer/Fall 2007
 Cunningham presents campus information
The information below was presented by Dr. Janet
Cunningham at the Alumni Reunion Banquet on
April 28, 2007, as she spoke to alumni and friends

for the first time as Northwestern’s president.
          orthwestern is described in many
          ways by many people. Some re-
          fer to us as family, or a commu-
nity. Some think of us as campuses and
buildings. Even more know of us through
the red and black uniforms of our athletic
teams. Yet the defining term for all of us
associated with Northwestern is Rangers.
We are the Rangers, and there is a spirit
that only a Ranger can appreciate.
     It was this sense of spirit that led our
ancestors to settle this land and begin
the fight to establish this university. This
spirit allowed the university to rebuild
when flames nearly destroyed the cam-
pus, and it also was with us in 1999 when
we turned a 20 to 0 halftime deficit into
our first national championship.                     The northwest corner of campus where Oklahoma Hall used to stand is coming to life following a
     So upon becoming president, one of              lot of hard work by the university’s maintenance and grounds crews.
my first actions was to begin a campaign
to rekindle Ranger spirit. Northwestern              opportunity to place a statue at our new     Christmas gifts and books in their own
launched the Ride with Pride campaign                Woodward campus.                             language.
                              in September,               The statue in Alva will mark the             When reflecting upon her experi-
                              and it has seen        beginning of a transformation of the         ences in Africa, she said she left her heart
                              great success.         north side of our campus. Many of you        there, and made the following comment:
                              Our campus             may have seen the beautiful park that        “There are points in your life when you
                              became alive           has arisen from the old site of Okla-        go some place and from the minute you
                              with pride, our        homa Hall. And very soon, we will be         arrive, you know you can never leave the
alumni responded with great enthusiasm,              able to publicly announce even more          same as you were before you came. This
and our campus communities shared our                plans to make our campus even more           is what happened to me. I feel as though
Ranger spirit.                                       beautiful and attractive to prospective      there is more for me to do there, more
     The horse and rider has long been               students.                                    ways that I can help.”
a symbol of our Ranger pride, and now                     And while I am proud of the bricks
that symbol will take on new life on our             and mortar progress we have made in the
campuses. In November, this campus                   last few months, I always remember that I
will be home to a bronze statue titled               am most proud of the 2,000 students and
“The Ranger.” The statue is a gift from              more than 200 faculty and staff who call
Tom and Brenda McDaniel and is being                 themselves Rangers.
created by notedwestern-sculptor Harold                 STUDENT ACCOMPLISMENTS
Holden of Kremlin.                                   Amanda Mason
     When completed, “The Ranger” will                    Northwestern prides itself in prepar-
stand nearly 14 feet high and will become            ing tomorrow’s leaders. One such person
a focal point of the campus and an endur-            who is taking her leadership skills and
                      ing symbol of Ranger           applying them to help others is Amanda
                         Pride.                      Mason, a senior from Archie, Missouri,
                              Enid business-         who is majoring in elementary education
                             man Harold                   This South Hall dormitory resident-
                               Hamm has              assistant has now served as a mission-
                                                                                                              Amanda Mason in Africa.
                               graciously            ary in Mexico twice, and spent this past
                              donated funds          Christmas break in Zimbabwe. Each
                             to place a simi-        time, she has worked with children living         Financial constraints are the only
                            lar statue on our        in orphanages. In Africa, she went as        thing keeping her away, but she plans
                           Enid campus, and          part of the Operation Christmas Child        to return to Africa following her student
                          we will seek an            ministry where the youngsters were given     teaching and graduation in December.
Summer/Fall 2007                                                        --                                                The RoundUp
Allison Woods                                    more than any other teacher has done for        Science Students
     One of our students who knew early          me. Coming to Northwestern has truly                  Our students in the Department of
on in her life what she wanted to do is          changed my life.”                               Natural Science continue to carry on a
Allison Woods, a senior from Medicine                 Allison graduated from Northwestern        successful tradition. Several 2007 science
Lodge, Kan., who is majoring in mass             on May 5 and on May 21, she began a             graduates have received acceptance let-
communications.                                  job as a general assignment reporter at a       ters or appointments to various medical
     After her initial college experience at     television station in the Fayetteville/Fort     professional or graduate programs, or are
another university in 2003 wasn’t all that       Smith, Ark., area.                              waiting on responses.
she had hoped for, she learned of North-         Lavanya Jaganathan                                    Derek Moore of
western’s mass communications program                 Although her time at Northwestern          Anthony, Kan., has been
and enrolled.                                    has not been lengthy, it did not take La-       accepted into the A.T.
                                                 vanya Jaganathan long to become a true          Still University College of
                                                 Ranger.                                         Osteopathic Medicine in
                                                      Lavanya, a computer science major          Phoenix, Ariz.
                                                 with a minor in management informa-                   Ricki                      MOORE
                                                 tion systems who graduated in May, first        Cinnamon of
                                                 came to America, as well as Oklahoma,           Garber will
                                                 in January 2004 after attending school in       be attending
                                                 her home country of Malaysia. She began         the School of
                                                 her Northwestern experience as a transfer       Pharmacy at
                                                 student this past August.                       the OU Health         R & L CINNAMON
                                                      She said her best experience in            Sciences
                                                 America so far has been the time spent          Center in Oklahoma City and her sister
                                                 at Northwestern, whether it was taking          Leslie, a 2006 graduate, will be attending
                                                 part in the numerous campus activities or       the dental hygiene program
                                                 attending her first rodeo.                      at the OU School of Den-
 Allison Woods in NWTV-7 studio.                      During the fall semester, Lavanya          tistry.
     Allison married her high school             served as an intern at Plane Plastics here            Another 2006 gradu-
sweetheart, Scott, in July 2004 and              in Alva thanks to a grant from the Okla-        ate, Trey Carlisle of La-
became a non-traditional student work-           homa State Regents for Higher Educa-            verne, will be attending the
ing three part-time jobs while going to          tion’s Economic Development Council.            Northeastern State Univer-
school. Allison found the mass commu-            During this internship, she created a           sity School of                 CARLISLE
nications faculty to be helpful, and they        full-color brochure telling of the services     Optometry.
wanted her goals and dreams accom-               provided by the Alva Regional Airport.                Arian
plished as much as she did.                           She credits the Ride with Pride cam-       Abdulla and
     As Allison grew nearer to the end of        paign we established at the beginning of        Mandrin
her college career, she began to question        the year as a catalyst for the Ranger Pride     Shima, both
whether seeking a job in television was          she now feels, and said she will always         from Albania,        ABDULLA & SHIMA
the right thing to do. She gives a lot of        carry on the name, the honor and prestige       are currently
the credit to first year television instructor   of being a Ranger, no matter where she          waiting on responses from various gradu-
and Northwestern alumnus Jesse Schro-            goes, which could be to New Jersey to           ate school programs where
eder in giving her the confidence to con-        join a consulting company there.                they hope to complete
tinue. She said, “He believed in me, and              She said the following of her short        research on Alzheimer’s
knew I could do it. That is                                time at Northwestern: “I am           disease.
                                                            really proud to be a part of the           Kshitij Rajbhandari
                                                            Northwestern family. I can           from Nepal has been
                                                             positively say that all the kind-   accepted into a summer         RAJBHANDARI
                                                             ness I have received here is        undergraduate research
                                                             something that I will cherish       internship in biomedical
                                                              forever.”                          research in the Department
                                                                      No matter where La-        of Cell Biology and Bio-
                                                               vanya goes, there’s no doubt      chemistry at Texas Tech
                                                               that because of the wonderful     University Health Sciences
                                                               experiences here this year        Center.
                                                                that she will continue to              Dennis Cote from
                                                                share her Ranger Pride.          Alva has been accepted
                                                                                                 into the Appalachian School of Law,
                                                                                                 and each day, we learn of more of our
                                                                   Lavanya Jaganathan            students moving on to graduate programs
                                                                       on campus.                and the professional world.
The RoundUp                                                          --                                           Summer/Fall 2007
                                                headline in the paper. They simply cared                1) Northwestern will provide a
                                                about winning and each other.                      broad-based collegiate experience to
                                                     As conference time rolled around              prepare students for service in our global
                                                they were in the hunt for a national               society. We must develop critical thinking
                                                tournament berth. Then, on Feb. 24, No.            and leadership skills, encourage service
                                                2-ranked and undefeated Oklahoma City              learning, inspire entrepreneurship, and
                                                University came to Percefull Fieldhouse.           promote responsible citizenship.
                                                Two months earlier, OCU had beaten                 All students will be required to take
                                                the Rangers by 31 points, but this group           leadership coursework, and we are work-
                                                reached down deep and found that magi-             ing hard to develop internship and field
                                                cal Ranger Spirit.                                 experiences in each academic discipline.
                                                     By the end of the night, OCU was no           “Learning and Leadership for Life” must
                                                longer undefeated as the Rangers won 69            become more than just a slogan, it must
                                                to 60, and earned a berth in the national          become a way of life. We must recruit
                                                tournament. Northwestern went on to                students and employees from underrep-
                                                beat OCU again in the conference tourna-           resented groups because interaction in-
                          Dr. Sandra Petree     ment, and then began a magical run in the          creases tolerance and understanding. Our
  Dr. Sandra Petree, English professor          national tournament, reaching the                  new general education curriculum seeks
     Northwestern is blessed to have            Elite 8. They had gone farther than any            to develop global awareness through
many great students, and we also are            Ranger team in modern history, finishing           course offerings. We must make sure that
fortunate to have many great teachers.          with a record of 22-12.                            we provide our students with technol-
One such example is English professor                They say that athletics doesn’t build         ogy that maximizes learning. Inherent in
Dr. Sandra Petree.                              character…it reveals it. These young men           this entire goal is the need to continually
     In addition to doing a great job in        demonstrated their character and repre-            assess, review and evaluate all of our
the classroom, Dr. Petree has been busily       sent the best qualities of Ranger athletics.       programs.
perfecting her craft as an author. Her                     STRATEGIC PLAN                               2) Northwestern will expand support
latest book, “Recollections of Past Days:            As you can see, we have much to be            for faculty development to nurture the
The Autobiography of Patience Loader            proud of at Northwestern. The students             academic environment. The faculty is the
Rosa Archer,” has been selected as the          and faculty we have honored here tonight           heart of the institution, and we must be
winner of the Evans Biography Award by          will only add to the rich tradition of excel-      vigilant in recruiting and retaining quality
the Mountain West Center for Regional           lence that has been ongoing for 110 years.         faculty. Competitive compensation is
Studies at Utah State University. The                While we must remember the past               critical, but Northwestern must provide
award, which carries with it a significant      and honor it, we must always keep our              both off-campus and on-campus develop-
cash prize, will be presented to Dr. Petree     eye on the future. The university has              ment opportunities. We are serious about
this fall in Utah.                              been preparing the last several months a           developing incentives for faculty to seek
     Her book was selected as the winner        new strategic plan, which we hope will             external funding through grants to sup-
from a field of 15 nominees and was re-         position us well for the future. My senior         port research and teaching. We are also
viewed by a panel of eight distinguished        staff, a group of outstanding and dedi-            implementing initiatives to enrich faculty
reviewers. In their review, they describe       cated individuals, has spearheaded this            involvement in the advisement and reten-
the book as “a delectable study, rich in        process, with much input from faculty              tion processes.
detail and exquisitely edited.”                 and staff and other constituents. We will               3) Northwestern will maintain an
     There is no doubt that Dr. Petree’s ris-   focus on seven broad areas that I’d like to                    Please see CAMPUS
ing notoriety as an author will open doors      address briefly.                                            INFORMATION, page 6
for future Northwestern students who wish
to enter the world of publishing.
Ranger men’s basketball team
     And finally, no comments about our
success would be complete without a few
words about the season provided by our
men’s basketball team.
     In the preseason, they were picked to
finish sixth in the Sooner Athletic Confer-
ence and the experts figured it would be a
pretty average season for the Rangers. No
one gave them a chance, except them-
     They started the season strong and         2006-07 Ranger Basketball Team: (front row, left to right) Kris Johnson (24), David Holmes (23), Brandon
got better every game. They also became a       Brown (33), Matt Thomas (21), Chad Pecka (10) and Ricky Burney (4) (back row, left to right) Head Coach
family. No one worried about who started,       Bob Battisti, SID Ryan Hintergardt, Chuck Love (44), Dominique Parker (12), Felipe Eichenberger (32), Tra-
                                                main Davis (42), Gary Nunez (40), Shane Hansen (14), Marques Surrell (30), Student Assistant Henry Morris
who would score the most, or who got the        and Assistant Coach Andrew Brown.
Summer/Fall 2007                                                      --                                                     The RoundUp
Government documents area celebrates
            The Northwestern Libraries cel-                  Verna Graybill, current government         the history of the documents collection
       ebrated 100 years of participation in the        documents librarian, presented a brief          at Northwestern, as well as the Federal
       Federal Depository Library Program on            history concerning the collection, as well      Depository Library Program.
       Feb. 15 with a program and reception.            as some memories from former librarian               The Northwestern State Normal
            Judith C. Russell, superintendent of        Diane Calvin.                                   School Library was designated by Elmer
       documents with the Government Print-                  Steve Beleu, regional librarian for        L. Fulton, a member of the House of
       ing Office (GPO) in Washington, D.C.,            the depository program in Oklahoma and          Representatives, as a federal depository
       was the principal guest and main speaker.        director of the U.S. Government Informa-        library on Dec. 30, 1907. Throughout
       Russell provided an overview of the              tion Division of the Oklahoma Depart-           its 100 years of participation, the North-
       importance of the Federal Depository             ment of Libraries, presented a proclama-        western library has maintained a special
       system and its long-standing partnership         tion from Gov. Brad Henry designating           interest in acquiring publications of the
       with libraries across the country. She then      Feb. 15 as “Northwestern Oklahoma               federal government, particularly those
       presented libraries director Susan Jeffries      State University Federal Government             dealing with agriculture, education and
       with a plaque from GPO recognizing the           Documents Depository Day.”                      health and human services. In Oklahoma,
       centennial of the Northwestern Federal                John B. Phillips, also a regional          only the depositories at the University of
       Depository. The plaque may be viewed             librarian and head of the Documents De-         Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Department of
       on the first floor of the library, in an area    partment at Oklahoma State University,          Libraries and Oklahoma State University
       near Jeffries’ office.                           related additional information concerning       predate that at Northwestern.

Campus information
                (Continued from page 5)                 vance this goal, but we must continuously       to ensure the vitality of the institution.
       aggressive external affairs program to           look ahead to determine our future needs.       Enrollment has and will continue to
       position the university as a regional leader     Our public venues including Herod Hall          be a challenge for Northwestern. The
       in higher education. Northwestern is             Auditorium, Percefull Fieldhouse, and           demographic trends for Oklahoma, and
       focusing on marketing services and strate-       Ranger Field have significant challenges        especially this portion of the state, are not
       gies to highlight the distinctive qualities of   that we must address. We also must find         encouraging. Northwestern, during the
       the institution. A major focus these past        a way to enhance our university housing         last few months, has developed a strategic
       few months has been to foster pride in the       to provide a comfortable living and learn-      enrollment management plan that focuses
       institution of students, employees, alumni,      ing environment for students.                   closely on recruitment and retention of
       and our communities. The new Ranger                   5) Northwestern will actively work         students. I am very encouraged by pre-
       statue, as I mentioned earlier to be un-         to find and secure external funding to          liminary results, but we will be successful
       veiled this fall, will provide a very visible    support programs and initiatives. While         only by working harder and smarter to
       symbol of the university and its traditions.     our Foundation continues to be strong,          show students what we have to offer.
            4) Northwestern will devise and             we must aggressively seek additional                 7) And finally, Northwestern will
       implement an aggressive plan for upgrad-         external funding. We must increase our          seek and build strategic alliances and
       ing its infrastructure to project a positive,    endowment for scholarships and capital          partnerships with its targeted constituen-
       growing, and vital image to its stakehold-       needs. Northwestern must enter the exter-       cies and strengthen existing relationships
       ers. The Alva, Enid, and Woodward sites          nal funding arena, because state funding        as part of its mission to serve the people
       are truly beautiful, but we must continue        will not be adequate to accomplish our          of the State of Oklahoma.
       to upgrade and maintain our facilities           goals. The development of a successful               Northwestern currently has many
       to foster a student-oriented learning            grants program will be a high priority in       positive partnerships in place. We
       environment. The construction of the             the next few years.                             work very closely with public schools
       Woodward Classroom building and the                   6) Northwestern, through the use           throughout all of Northwest Oklahoma,
       renovations of the Science and Health            of its enrollment management plan, will         the technology centers in Alva, Enid, and
       and Physical Education buildings will ad-        increase the overall student population         Woodward, and certainly Northern Okla-
                                                                                                        homa College in Enid. St. Mary’s and
                                                                                                        Integris Bass Baptist Hospitals partner
                                                                                                        with us in our new Ketterman Nursing
                                                                                                        Simulation lab, which has provided our
                                                                                                        nursing students with an excellent learn-
                                                                                                        ing environment.
                                                                                                             We currently are working with Bill
                                                                                                        Johnson Correctional Center to provide
                                                                                                        counseling services for the inmates. This
                                                                                                        allows students from several academic
                                                                                                        programs to serve in intern positions and
                                                                                                        receive invaluable real-world experiences.
John Barton recently purchased this brass plate at a garage sale in Enid. It originally was sold at
                                                                                                             These are a few of our partnerships
an estate sale. Since it has the word “Northwestern” in a scroll across it, he is looking for anyone
who might have information on where this item is originally from. He’d like to know where this          that have been very positive. We must
was located; what it represents, especially if it has anything to do with the university. Contact the   continuously seek partnerships that are
Alumni Office with any information on this.                                                             consistent with our mission.
       The RoundUp                                                           --                                           Summer/Fall 2007
                                                                                      2007 Alumni
                                                                                     Spring Reunion
                                                                                         April 28, 2007
                                                                              Next year’s reunion is April 2, 2008

Members of the Class of 1937 who returned to receive their 70-
year pins were (from left) Margery Darden, Sharon, and Wintress
Johnson, Buffalo.

                                                                       The 2007 Outstanding Seniors include (from left, front row) Pravaran Mahat, Paula Nevius, Michell
                                                                       Thomason, Christi Phelps, Hannah Feuerborn, Jennifer Drees, Ricki Cinnamon, Helena Plett, (back
                                                                       row) Derek Moore, Drew Lancaster, Lindsay Headlee, Benjamin Bowers and Kiersten Brown. The
                                                                       group each received a plaque and $100 savings bond at the Foundation’s Special Awards Ceremony

Members of the Class of 1947 receiving their 60-year pins at the An-
nual Spring Reunion are (from left) Iven Prewett, Shattuck; Frances
Bradley, Kearney, Neb.; and Carol Steffen, Enid.

                                                                                         The Northwestern Alumni Association’s 2007 Outstanding Graduates are (from left)
                                                                                         Michael Rauh, business/professional; Camee Smith, recognition; Sheldon Russell,
                                                                                         humanitarian; and Jim Seeger-Newby, education.

Members of the Class of 1982 receiving their 25-year pins are (from left) Don
Beckloff, Oakwood; JoDonna Barton, Alva; and Bob Merritt, Arlington, Tenn.

                                                      Steve Barrows receives
                                                      the John Sheffield Teacher
                                                      of the Year Award from
                                                      Eric Wheeler, president of
                                                      the Student Government
                                                      Association at North-
                                                      western Oklahoma State
                                                      University. The presenta-
                                                      tion was made during the
                                                      Northwestern Foundation’s
                                                      annual Special Awards          Receiving their 50 year pins are (from left, first row) Donna Kendrick, Gypsum, Kan.;
                                                      Ceremony. Barrows is an        Marcile Lancaster, Alva; Helen Jack, Enid; Wanda Campbell, Jet; Joyce Moore, Greens-
                                                      instructor in health and       burg, Kan.; (back row) Dick Powers, Douglas; Deane Wymer, Fairview; Larry Pearson,
                                                      physical education and         Clinton; Vearl Moore, Greensburg, Kan.; Bob Niles, Enid; Vernon Moore, Greensburg,
                                                      coach of the soccer team.      Kan.; and Wilbur Cockrell, Clovis, N.M.
Summer/Fall 2007                                                               -7-                                                         The RoundUp
Barefield named Ranger football coach
Wealth of experience, record of success follow new coach to Northwestern
           A veteran coach who has built           2, recorded eight consecutive winning       Cornerstone High School in San Anto-
      successful football programs at three        seasons and made four trips to the          nio. His team at Evangel won the 2004
      different levels of competition has          NAIA playoffs.                              Class 5A state title and his squads at
      been named as the new head football               Barefield also coached 15 NAIA         Cornerstone captured state champion-
      coach at Northwestern Oklahoma               All-America players and 10 All-Amer-        ships in 2001 and 2003.
      State University.                            ica Scholar-Athletes at Evangel. He              From 2003 to 2005, Barefield was
          Keith Barefield introduced as head       was a finalist for NAIA Coach of the        head coach and director of football
                coach during a ceremony            Year in 1996 and served as president        operations for the Bossier-Shreveport
                Monday, March 12.                  of the NAIA Football Coaches Associ-        Battle Wings of the Arena Football
                    “Northwestern has a            ation that year. He also was named the      League 2.
                proud football tradition and       Heart of America Athletic Conference             Since 2001, Barefield has served
                there are high expectations,”      Coach of the Year in 1996 and 1997.         as a regional scout for the Edmonton
                Barefield said. “Those high             Off the field, Barefield’s players     Eskimos of the Canadian Football
                expectations match my own.”        graduated at a higher rate than the         League. He also was head coach of the
                   Barefield was selected          general student population.                 East team in the Max Emfinger All-
                from a field of more than 70            Barefield also coached high            American Bowl.
      applicants.                                  school football in Evangel Christian             Barefield is a 1978 graduate of
           “Coach Barefield brings to North-       Academy in Shreveport, La., and at          Evangel University.
      western a wealth of experience and a
      record of success on and off the field,”
      said Milburn Barton, director of ath-            Important athletic dates to remember
      letics. “His stature in the NAIA will
                                                     • Oct. 6, Homecoming, NWOSU vs. Oklahoma Panhandle State, 3 p.m., Ranger
      further enhance the reputation of our
      football program.”                               Field.
           A native of Eufaula, Ala., Bare-          • Jan. 24, FREE admission/reception for members of the Alumni Association and
      field comes to Northwestern from                 Presidential Partners to Ranger basketball double-header vs. USAO, 6 and 8 p.m.
      Memorial High School in Victoria,              • Feb. 2, Oklahoma City Roundball Roundup for NWOSU Alumni prior to Rangers
      Texas, where he is an assistant coach            vs. OCU double-header at 6 and 8 p.m.
      in charge of quarterbacks and receiv-
                                                     • Feb. 15, Alumni basketball game. Ben Buckland to be games emcee.
           His greatest success came dur-            • Feb. 16, Sports Hall of Fame induction. Please contact the Foundation/Alumni
      ing an 18-year tenure at NAIA power              office with Hall of Fame nominations.
      Evangel University in Springfield,
      Mo. Barefield served as an assistant
                                                                              2007 NWOSU Ranger Soccer Schedule
      there for eight years beginning in              Date           Opponent                        Location                 Time
      1980 before becoming head coach in              AUGUST
      1988. He compiled a record of 66-33-            Sat. 25        at Baker University            Baldwin City, Kan.        2 p.m.
                                                      Tue. 28       Lyon College (Ark.)             Alva                      2 p.m.
  2007 NWOSU Ranger Football Schedule                 Sun. 2         at Hasting College             Hastings, Neb.            1 p.m.
Date Opponent                Location     Time        Tue. 4        at Doane College                Crete, Neb.               2 p.m.
AUGUST                                                Sun. 9        Southwestern Okla. St.          Alva                      2 p.m.
23 at SW Okla. State         Weatherford 7 p.m.       Thur. 13      at East Central University      Ada                       5 p.m.
30 at SE Okla. State         Durant       6 p.m.      Sat. 15       at *Wayland Baptist Univ.       Plainview, Tex.           2 p.m.
SEPTEMBER                                             Mon. 17       Bethany College                 Alva                      6 p.m.
8 N.M. Highlands             Alva         1 p.m.      Thur. 20      *Oklahoma Christian             Alva                      7 p.m.
15 at SW (Kan.) College      Winfield, KS 7 p.m.      Wed. 26       at *John Brown University       Siloam Springs, Ark.      4 p.m.
29 Sterling College (Kan.) Alva (FD) 7 p.m.           Fri. 28       *Southern Nazarene Univ.        Alva                      4 p.m.
OCTOBER                                               OCTOBER
6 Okla. Panhandle St.        Alva (H)     3 p.m.      Tues. 2        *Oklahoma City University      Alva                      2 p.m.
13 at *Langston              Langston     2 p.m.      Fri. 5        at *Oklahoma Baptist Univ.      Shawnee                   3 p.m.
20 Peru St. College (Neb.) Alva           1 p.m.      Fri. 12       *Univ. of Science and Arts      Alva                      3 p.m.
                                                      Mon. 15       *Rogers State University        Alva                      2 p.m.
27 *Bacone College           Alva         2 p.m.
                                                      Tue. 23       at *St. Gregory’s University    Shawnee                   3 p.m.
NOVEMBER                                              Sat. 27       at SAC Tourn. Quarterfinals     TBA                       TBA
3 at *Texas College          Tyler, TX    2 p.m.      Mon. 29       at SAC Tourn. Semifinals        TBA                       TBA
10 at *Southern Nazarene Bethany          2 p.m.      Wed. 31       at SAC Tourn. Finals            TBA                       TBA
       H - Homecoming, FD - Family Day                NOVEMBER
     * - Central States Football League game          TBA            NAIA Region VI Tournament      TBA                       TBA
      game times are Central Standard Time            * - Sooner Athletic Conference game
      The RoundUp                                                    -8-                                         Summer/Fall 2007
    AD, basketball program has changes
     Battisti named new athletic director, steps down as men’s coach
     After one of the most successful          people, graduating his players and leading    I have tremendous respect and
seasons in his 21-year tenure as head          them to success on and off the court.         admiration for President Cun-
men’s basketball coach at Northwestern              “Fortunately for us, we now get to       ningham and the vision she has
Oklahoma State University, Bob Battisti        see him apply the same determination to       for Northwestern and its athletic
has relinquished his coaching duties to        leading our athletic programs.”               programs. I want to be a part of
become the school’s athletic director.              Battisti completed his 21st season as    that vision.”
     Dr. Janet Cunningham, university          head coach in March by leading his team            Battisti said in addition to
president, announced Battisti’s appoint-       to the elite eight of the NAIA Men’s Bas-     the day-to-day management of
ment after current athletic director Milburn   ketball National Championship Tourna-         the athletic program, he has several areas
Barton announced he would retire from the      ment and a 22-12 record. He compiled a        in which he will focus attention, includ-
post effective June 30. Barton will continue   374-265 record at Northwestern with six       ing increasing private support, upgrad-
to coach the women’s basketball team.          conference titles and five national tourna-   ing facilities, recruitment and retention
     “Northwestern will dearly miss hav-       ment appearances.                             of quality student-athletes and building
ing Bob Battisti on the bench,” said Cun-           “It was a difficult decision to step     support and excitement among students,
ningham. “He has built and maintained the      away from coaching, especially when           alumni and supporters.
type of basketball program that any school     you consider the caliber of young men on           “I am proud to be a Ranger, and I
would love to have by recruiting quality       our basketball team,” Battisti said. “But     want everyone else to share in that pride.”

Andrew Brown takes over responsibilities as head coach for Rangers
     For seven seasons, Andrew Brown           gram, and I want to continue building         pretty powerful endorsement.”
has played the role of a construction          this program based on the foundation of            Originally from Oklahoma
worker as he helped build the men’s bas-       recruiting excellent student-athletes and     City, Brown was a student as-
ketball program at Northwestern Oklaho-        making sure they graduate. If you start       sistant coach at Northwestern
ma State University as a student assistant     with young men who have a passion for         from 1995 to 1999. Following
coach and later as a full-time assistant       this game and love this university, then      graduation, he moved to Otero
coach.                                         success will follow.”                         (Colo.) Junior College where he
     Brown became the architect of the               Battisti said he wanted to find the     served as the assistant coach for
program on July 1 upon being appointed         right person to take over the program and     the men’s and women’s programs.
as the new head coach of the Rangers,          that Brown was at the top of his list.             In 2000, he became the women’s as-
replacing Bob Battisti, who is becoming             “Andrew has done everything              sistant coach at the University of Science
athletic director.                             necessary to prepare himself to lead this     and Arts of Oklahoma, where he was in-
     “I have had opportunities to be a         program,” Battisti said. “He is a proven      strumental in turning around the Drovers’
head coach, but being the head coach           recruiter, an outstanding motivator and       program.
at Northwestern is what I have always          has been very loyal to Northwestern and            Brown earned his first head coach-
dreamed about,” Brown said. “I under-          this program.                                 ing position in 2002 at Fort Scott (Kan.)
stand the tradition and what it means to            “When I told the team I was stepping     Community College where he led the
be a Ranger.                                   down, they told me, to a man, that they       women’s program for two seasons before
     “Coach Battisti built a great pro-        wanted to play for Coach Brown. That’s a      returning to Northwestern.

     Dustin Pfeifer joins Ranger basketball coaching staff as assistant
      Northwestern Oklahoma State              played two years of basketball at North-      nity to be part of the Northwest-
University head men’s basketball coach,        eastern Junior College in Sterling, Colo.     ern Oklahoma State University
Andrew Brown, has announced the hiring         He earned academic all-region honors at       basketball program,” remarked
of Dustin Pfeifer as the assistant coach.      NJC in 2002 and an academic award of          Dustin Pfeifer.
Pfeifer will join the program that posted a    excellence from Fort Hays State in 2004.           “I respect Coach Brown
22-12 overall record last season and made      He also was a baseball player for one         and Coach Battisti very much
it to the Elite Eight in the NAIA National     season at Colby Community College.            and understand the great tradi-
Basketball Tournament.                              In 2005, Pfeifer earned his bachelor’s   tion that has been built both ath-
      Pfeifer coached for three seasons,       degree from Fort Hays State University in     letically and academically. I will do my
including two seasons as a graduate as-        Health and Human Performance. Pfeifer         best to uphold that tradition with integrity
sistant after serving as a student assistant   finished his master’s degree in Sports Ad-    and hard work and am very excieted
in 2004-05.                                    ministration at Fort Hays in May of 2007.     about working for and with great people
      A native of Colby, Kan., Pfeifer              “I am very honored for the opportu-      in Alva.”

Summer/Fall 2007                                                   --                                                The RoundUp
New men’s basketball coach updates fans
       Wow! This certainly is an exciting        La. - Transfers from Enterprise Ozark        Fame Induction Ceremonies on Saturday,
  time at Northwestern Oklahoma State            (Ala.) Community College.                    Feb. 15. The Rangers are set to play
  University. We have so many things                  Tyler Funderburk, 5’9 Guard, Tulsa.     Wayland Baptist for games at 1 and 3
  going on right now with a nice jump in         - Berryhill High School.                     p.m. And, in case you really want to make
  enrollment, renovations of education                Isaac Richardson, 5’11 Guard,           a weekend out of it, the Rangers will play
  buildings starting soon, and a great           Houston, Texas - Cypress Falls High          Lubbock Christian Thursday, Feb. 14,
  excitement about Ranger athletics.             School.                                      with start times of 6 and 8 p.m.
       The men’s basketball team is proud             Jackson Kajander, 6’0 Guard,                                  Ride, Rangers, Ride!
  to be a part of the excitement that            Houston, Texas - Memorial High School.                                   Andrew Brown
  surrounds the 07-08 campaign. I would               We really like our recruiting class,                     Ranger men’s head coach
  like to use this forum as an opportunity       but veterans take you to the promised
  to keep you informed about the Ranger          land. Fortunately, we have great veterans     2007-08 Lady Ranger Basketball Schedule
  basketball team. I am the new head             back to lead the way. We have a solid         DATE          OPPONENT                          SITE                   TIME
  basketball coach and my name is Andrew         group of four seniors that must lead the      Tue. 11-6
                                                                                               Fri. 11-9
                                                                                                             Friends University (Kan.)
                                                                                                             Bethany College
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      7 p.m.
  Brown. I have been here the past three         way. Three-year starter Shane Hansen,         Fri. 11-16    Friends Classic
                                                                                               Sat. 11-17 Friends Classic
                                                                                                                                               Wichita, Kan.
                                                                                                                                               Wichita, Kan.
  seasons under Bob Battisti and am a 1999       last season starting wing Chuck Love,         Tue. 11-20 Newman University (Kan.)             Alva                   6 p.m.
                                                                                               Mon. 11-26 Langston University                  Alva                   6 p.m.
  graduate of NWOSU.                             starting point guard Matt Thomas and          Thur. 11-29 *Southern Nazarene University Alva                         6 p.m.
       Coach Battisti directed the most          reserve Marques Surrell give us a great       Sat. 12-1
                                                                                               Tue. 12-4
                                                                                                             *University of Science and Arts   Chickasha
                                                                                                             *Oklahoma Christian University Alva
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
  successful run for men’s basketball at         corp of talent and leadership.                Thur. 1-3
                                                                                               Sat. 1-5
                                                                                                             *Oklahoma Baptist University
                                                                                                             *St. Gregory’s University
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
  our university guiding the Rangers to               Junior captain Kris Johnson leads        Thur. 1-10 *Wayland Baptist University
                                                                                               Sat. 1-12     *Lubbock Christian University
                                                                                                                                               Plainview, Tex.
                                                                                                                                               Lubbock, Tex.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      1 p.m.
  five national tournament appearances,          a group of underclassmen who played           Thur. 1-17 *John Brown University               Alva                   6 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 1-19     *Rogers State University          Claremore              6 p.m.
  including an Elite 8 appearance last           a ton of minutes last season. Felipe          Tue. 1-22     *Oklahoma Christian University    Edmond                 6 p.m.
  season. He left the Rangers with a solid       Eichenberger brought us a big body off        Thur. 1-24 *University of Science and Arts Alva
                                                                                               Sat. 1-26     *Southern Nazarene Univeristy     Bethany
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
  foundation toward continued success.           the bench, and David Holmes came in as        Thur. 1-31 *Mid-America Christian Univ.
                                                                                               Thur. 2-2     *Oklahoma City University
                                                                                                                                               Oklahoma City
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
       We have signed eight players to our       a sophomore and brought us depth.             Sat. 2-7      *St. Gregory’s University         Shawnee                6 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 2-9     *Oklahoma Baptist University      Shawnee                6 p.m.
  program for the 07-08 season including:             Rounding out the group are arguably      Sat. 2-14     *Lubbock Christian University     Alva                   6 p.m.
       Termaine Snyder, 6’6 Forward,             the two best freshmen players in the          Thur. 2-16 #*Wayland Baptist University
                                                                                               Sat. 2-21     *Rogers State University
                                                                                                                                                                      2 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
  Memphis, Tenn. - Transfers to                  conference last season, Ricky Burney and      Thur. 2-23 *John Brown University
                                                                                               Sat. 2-28     *Oklahoma City University
                                                                                                                                               Siloam Springs
                                                                                                                                                                      1 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                      6 p.m.
  Northwestern from South Plains College,        Brandon Brown. Brandon was named the          Mar. 1        *Mid-America Christian            Oklahoma City          6 p.m.
                                                                                               Mar. 3-8      SAC Tournament                    Edmond                 TBA
  Texas.                                         Sooner Athletic Conference Freshman           Mar. 12-18 NAIA National Tournament             Jackson, Tenn.         TBA
                                                                                               * Sooner Athletic Conference game               www.nwosu.edu
       Shaun Buckingham, 6’5 Forward,            Player of the Year, but Ricky was very        # denotes Hall of Fame Induction
  San Bernadino, Calif., - Transfers from        good as well. Their growth will go a long          (Schedule subject to change; check www.nwosu.edu/athletic for updates)

  Mt. San Jacinto College, Calif.                way in determining whether or not we
       Cameron Davis, 5’11 combo guard,          make it back to Kansas City.                     2007-08 Ranger Basketball Schedule
  Temple, Texas - Transfers from Temple               The Rangers’ home opener is Nov.         DATE         OPPONENT                            SITE                 TIME
                                                                                               Wed. 11-7 Southwestern Oklahoma St.              Weatherford          7 p.m.
  Junior College, Texas.                         13 versus Sterling College, and we would      Sat. 11-10 Barclay College (Kan.)                Haviland, Kan.       7 p.m.
       Da Waun Johnson, 6’1 Wing                 love to see a packed house.                   Tues. 11-13 Sterling College (Kan.)
                                                                                               Fri. 11-16   Bethany College (Kan.)
                                                                                                                                                Salina, Kan.
                                                                                                                                                                     4 p.m.
  Brewton, Ala. - Transfers from Jefferson            Also make plans to come back to          Sat. 11-17 Kansas Wesleyan University
                                                                                               Mon. 11-26 Langston University
                                                                                                                                                Salina, Kan.
                                                                                                                                                                     8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                     8 p.m.
  Davis (Ala.) Community College.                campus for the alumni basketball games        Thur. 11-29 *Southern Nazarene University Alva
                                                                                               Sat. 12-1    *University of Science and Arts     Chickasha
                                                                                                                                                                     8 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                                     8 p.m.
       Justin Porter, 6’6 Forward, La Place,     on Friday, Feb. 15, and the Sports Hall of    Tues. 12-4 *Oklahoma Christian University Alva                        8 p.m.
                                                                                               Mon. 12-31 Kansas Wesleyan University            Alva                 2 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 1-3    *Oklahoma Baptist University        Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 1-5     *St. Gregory’s University           Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 1-10 *Wayland Baptist University           Plainview, Tex.      8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 1-12    *Lubbock Christian University       Lubbock, Tex.        3 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 1-17 *John Brown University                Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 1-19    *Rogers State University            Claremore            8 p.m.
                                                                                               Tue. 1-22    *Oklahoma Christian University      Edmond               8 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 1-24 *University of Science and Arts Alva                       8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 1-26    *Southern Nazarene University Alva                       8 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 1-31 *Mid-America Christian Univ.          Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 2-2     *Oklahoma City University           Oklahoma City        8 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 2-7    *St. Gregory’s University           Shawnee              8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 2-9     *Oklahoma Baptist University        Shawnee              8 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 2-14 *Lubbock Christian University         Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 2-16    # *Wayland Baptist University       Alva                 4 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 2-21 *Rogers State University              Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 2-23    *John Brown University              Siloam Spgs, Ark. 3 p.m.
                                                                                               Thur. 2-28 *Oklahoma City University             Alva                 8 p.m.
                                                                                               Sat. 3-1     *Mid-America Christian Univ.        Oklahoma City        8 p.m.
                                                                                               March 3-8        Sooner Athletic Conf. Tournament - Edmond
                                                                                               March 13-19        NAIA National Tournament - Kansas City, Mo.
                                                                                               * Sooner Athletic Conference game                www.nwosu.edu
                                                                                               # denotes Hall of Fame Induction
                                                                                                    (Schedule subject to change; check www.nwosu.edu/athletic for updates)

                                                                                              On	the	Record	@	Northwestern
                                                                                                For the latest Northwestern informa-
                                                                                                tion, check out the online newsletter
  Inductees into Sports Hall of Fame for 2007 are (from left) Craig Chestnut (football),        “On the Record @ Northwestern” at
  Class of 1994; Dennis Rountree (football), Class of 1951; and Bob Drake (basketball),
                                                                                                www.nwosu.edu/pubrel and click on the
  Class of 1969. The trio was honored at a lunch and at halftime of the men’s basketball
  game with Lubbock Christian University.                                                       newsletter’s link.

  The RoundUp                                                       -0-                                                         Summer/Fall 2007
The Investiture of
   Dr. Janet Cunningham
                              April 13, 2007

Summer/Fall 2007       --           The RoundUp
     The town may be gone,
             but not for long
Story by Charity Lyon,
Northwestern alumna
                                                        Rangers affected by tornado

              The following story provides an account from five Northwestern Oklahoma State
              University alumni affected by the Greensburg, Kan., tornado. Although there are                              Story by Charity Lyon
              others in Greensburg with Northwestern ties, this story only documents the mo-
              ments shared by a few.
                                                                                                                                                            Photo by Jordan Lauffer

           “Whoom, whoooom, whooooom.”                          ears began popping in and out, in and        the new home
     Up and down went the wailing sound of                      out, with pressure so intense one feared     Headrick was
     the tornado siren that had been blaring for                it would cause permanent ear damage.         building.
     nearly 20 minutes until it eerily died out                 Finally, the real terror began when the           Headrick,
     when the electricity surged and flickered                  noise of a freight train associated with a   Ochs and the
     off, leaving the people of Greensburg,                     tornado filled the town.                     principal’s
     Kan., in the dark and seeking shelter                           An EF-5 tornado 1.7 miles wide          family gath-
     wherever they could find it.                               hit the rural Kansas town at 9:45 p.m.       ered in the
           Five of those Greensburg residents                   on Friday, May 4. With winds reaching        family room
     are Northwestern Oklahoma State Uni-                       more than 200 mph, the tornado moved         in the base-
     versity alumni, and they, too, were hud-                   northeast into the southwest part of town    ment. They lit
                                                                                                                               Photo by Gabe Blew

     dled in their dark basements with various                  before turning northward and traveling       candles after
     family members, friends and neighbors,                     what seemed to be straight down Main         losing electric-
     with no way to know what was about to                      Street. The storm destroyed more than 90     ity and were
                                                                                                                                Tornadoes can do strange
     become of their homes, businesses and                      percent of the town and forever changed      talking and        things, like attach jackets to
     their lives, not to mention their small,                   the lives of those who lived through it.     listening to       trees with strange objects.
     southern Kansas town of about 1,500                                   Personal Experiences              the rain, hail
     people.                                                              Darin Headrick (1983)              and wind, wondering if a tornado would
                                    Cracking,                        On the south edge of town, Greens-      really hit them.
                                    snap-                       burg Public Schools Superintendent                “When the tornado gets there, there’s
                                     ping and                   Darin Headrick received a telephone call     no doubt,” Headrick said. “The pressure
                                      popping                   from his parents informing him a tornado     change is unbelievable. Everyone’s ears
                                      sounds                    might hit Greensburg. Headrick and his       are popping really fast. We could tell
                                       became                   fiancée, Kathy Ochs, put their vehicles      there was a definite feeling in the air. We
                                       evident                  away, hoping to protect them from hail,      could tell it wasn’t good.”
                                        in the                  and decided to ride out the storm just            When they heard crashing, they ran
                                         silence.               outside of town at high school principal     to a safer location in a bedroom in the
                                          Their                 Randy Fulton’s house, which was near         corner of the basement.
                                     Photo by

                                                                                                                  “I would say that the time between
                                                      The Christian Church became rubble.                    when Randy shut the door and the house
                                         arity Lyon

     The RoundUp                                                                    -2-                                                            Summer/Fall 2007
was gone was                                                                         then decided
probably less                                                                        to seek better
than 15 sec-             I’d never felt such an                                      cover under
onds,” Headrick                                                                      their stairwell
remembers.               intense fear...We had time                                  with a small
     The group           to think about what might                                   mattress on top
waited a few             happen, what was out                                        of them.
minutes and                                                                            Shortly, the
then came out.           there, how we might die.                                    couple rec-
They went to                                  -- Devan Dellenbach                    ognized the
the debris-cov-                                                                      roaring, freight-
ered stairwell                                                                       train sound
and seeing
“nothing but
                                                                                     associated with
                                                                                     tornados, along       Campus club
                                                                                                          creates t-shirt
sky,” stayed in the basement until they                  with a high-pitched shrill. Next came
thought it was safe.                                     what sounded like “throwing a bunch of
     Neighbor Dennis McKinney, a                         ice in a blender and hitting blend,” Josh
Kansas state representative, was digging
through the rubble in the home between
                                                         said. “It was just a crunching, gnarling,
                                                         churning, blending sound that, I guess,         to benefit cause
theirs, looking for a young mom who was was debris hitting stuff. That persisted                              Rangers helping Rangers.
home alone with her baby in a house with while it [the tornado] took our house.”                              That’s exactly what Northwestern Art
no basement. Headrick ran over to help                         Devan said, “I’d never felt such an       Society (NAS) members did this summer
and sent Fulton for help, thinking they’d                intense fear, and it just kept growing. I       through a “Rangers Helping Rangers” t-shirt
need medical attention. Amazingly, both                  didn’t realize that kind of fear existed.       fundraiser where profits were donated to the
baby and mother were uninjured. They                     Since the storm lasted for awhile, we           Greensburg, Kan., Future Fund. The fund
checked all six of the homes in the neigh- really had time to think about what might                     was established by the South Central (Kan.)
borhood and found everyone unharmed.                     happen, what was out there, how we              Community Foundation to benefit the future
     Everyone was surprised that no one                  might die.”                                     of education in Greensburg, as well as health
was coming to help, and waited quite                           “We told each other we loved each         and community rebuilding after an EF-5
awhile before walking into town to                       other,” Josh said. “Through the worst part      tornado ripped through Greensburg, on May 4
Headrick’s rented house to find shelter                  of it, I put our chances of survival at less    taking the town with it.
from the weather.                                        than 50 percent.”                                    NAS members knew they wanted to help,
     “As we started walking, we realized                       The two held hands, Devan grabbed         but it was the discovery of both schools sharing
the reason people didn’t come and help                   a gas pipe, hoping to avoid being sucked        the mascot of Rangers, that set their plan into
was that the entire town was in the same                 out, and they began praying for specific
situation we were,” Headrick said.                       families and friends who came to mind.
                                                                                                              The design (shown above) uses the
     Soon, Fulton’s family from Buck-                          “We were definitely thinking about
                                                                                                         shared school color of red, as well as the
lin (a nearby town) took them to safety                  life, thinking about death, because it was
                                                                                                         Greensburg blue, and has the phrase “NWOSU
where they could begin checking in with                  at our doorstep -- the possibility of living
family and finding the whereabouts of                    no more,” Josh said.                            Rangers Helping Greensburg Rangers.” The
others in town.                                                Josh teaches junior high students at      Northwestern Ranger horse and rider logo is
           Josh (1999) and Devan                         Greensburg, and Devan is a pre-school           featured along with the “G” symbol used by
         (Laing) Dellenbach (2003)                       teacher.                                        Greensburg. Under that part of the design are
     In the heart of Greensburg, Josh and                      “We mostly prayed for our students,       the words “Be A Ranger.” The slogan “Ride
Devan Dellenbach took shelter in their                   for their safety,” Devan remembers. “We         with Pride” also is used on the shirt, along
basement after                                                                       asked for God’s     with the “G” symbol over a remembrance rib-
tracking the                                                                         protection over     bon.
storm’s devel-                                                                       us, over our stu-        Originally, 150 shirts were purchased. Sales
opment on the                                                                        dents, over the     went well quickly, so an additional 85 shirts were
Internet. They                                                                       town. I imag-       ordered. Angelia Case, NAS sponsor, said that
lay uneasily                                                                         ine there are       besides local sales from the campuses in Alva,
on their bed                                                                         probably some       Enid and Woodward, she was receiving phone
with their dog                                                                       people who now      calls and e-mails from people in numerous loca-
Riggs until                                                                          do believe in       tions who wanted to help through buying a shirt.
the electric-                                                                        God.”
                Photo by Gabe Blew

                                                                                                              Several Greensburg alumni found out about
ity went out                                                                           When the          the shirts and began placing orders from as far
and their ears                                                                       storm first         away as Ohio. Case said this Greensburg alum
started pop-      Josh Dellenbach visits his classroom to check out the dam- passed, the                 told her that word of the shirts had spread to
ping uncon-       age. Still barely visible is the last thing he wrote on the chalk couple heard
                                                                                                         Greensburg alumni via their alumni e-mail list,
trollably. They board: “Responsibility and organization are keys to my suc- hissing and                   (Please see Rangers Helping Rangers, page 16)
                               cess. I will strive for perfection in these essential areas.”
Summer/Fall 2007                                                                         --                                   The RoundUp
                                                             I walked up her
                                                             pile of debris, she
                                                              said, ‘Well, come
                                                              on in,’ so sweetly.
                                                               She was in her
                                                               closet. I asked

                                                                                                           Photo by Charity Lyon
                                                               how I could help

                                                           Photo by Ch
                                                                her, and she said,

                                                              arity Lyon
                                                                ‘Just hug me.’ So
                                                                 I did…for about          Vernon and Joyce Moore with their damaged 1931 Model A Ford.
                                         f perched in a
                          ta found itsel                         five minutes.”
 A Kansas Jayhawk pina Dellenbach home.                               Josh then
                        the                                                                                 warning.
       tree in front of                      smelled      spotted one of his students who said,                   “My daughter said, ‘Mom, it’s big
                      gas, prompting a quick              “‘Uh, Mr. Dellenbach, I think I might’ve          and it’s going to be bad,’” Joyce said.
   exit, but the stairs were blocked. As they             lost one of your textbooks.’”                     “We went to the basement thinking, ‘It’ll
   looked for a new way out, the tornado                  “I thought that was pretty profound to            be just like every other tornado siren.
   sound began again. They grabbed the                    make me chuckle at that point, not two            We’ll come back up and everything will
   mattress off their king-size bed, raced                minutes after seeing my lack of a house           be okay.’”
   down the hall and once again retreated                 and still wondering about people’s                      The group sat on the couch listening
   into the stairwell to wait for the second              safety.”                                          to the hail until their ears started popping.
   surge to end.                                                 Amazingly, people were coming              Then the floorboards started cracking
        After emerging the second time, Josh              out of their houses, relatively unharmed;         above them, and they decided to take bet-
                                                          however, the storm did claim 11 lives and ter cover.
                                                          there were a few major injuries.                        “We knew at least part of the house
I was just awestruck...                                          One factor that really complicated         had been taken off, so we ran to the
                                                          rescue efforts was the total loss of all          middle of the basement and crouched
I surveyed the panoramic                                  landmarks.                                        down behind a bed,” she said.
view of the town. I saw                                          “After helping for awhile, I was try-            Vernon added, “When the roof went
nothing...the whole town                                  ing to make it back to my house,” Josh            off, there was a surge of air and wind,
                                                          said. “I ran into a man who had lived in          and that’s when insulation started sifting
was gone.                                                 Greensburg all his life, and he said, ‘Josh, down on us.”
                    -- Josh Dellenbach                    where are we?’ I said, ‘I have no idea.’                “I never felt scared, really,” Joyce
                                                          I finally ran into a little rock wall that        said. “For some reason, our basement
                                                          surrounded the Big Well Park and real-            was fairly soundproof, so we didn’t hear
                                                          ized I was only one block away from my            a lot. I wasn’t scared, and I didn’t cry,
                                                          house.”                                           but I think it will hit me. When it’s least
   crawled out a basement window and got                         At about 3 a.m., Josh and Devan            expected, I’ll cry.”
   his first glimpse of the town.                         made their way to a station where people                “It just happened so fast,” Vernon
        “I was just awestruck,” he said. “I               were being bused to a shelter in Havi-            said. “We really didn’t have much time to
   was thinking maybe 10, 15 houses around                land, Kan., a neighboring town. They              think about anything too much.”
   ours would’ve been gone. As the light-                 called their parents, and Josh’s dad, who               Officials finally came at 5:45 a.m.
   ning struck, I surveyed the panoramic                  had already had made his way to Pratt to          and evacuated them to Haviland, where
   view of the town. I saw nothing. It was                check the hospital, came to take them to          their daughter was waiting to take them
   just trees that looked like toothpicks. No             his home in Abbyville, Kan.                       to her home in McPherson, Kan.
   houses -- just chunks of houses and piles                 Vernon and Joyce (Thomas) Moore                      “At that point, we still didn’t realize
   of debris. That’s the first time I realized               (both 1957)                                                  it had done such massive de-
   the scope…that the whole town was                             On the
   gone.”                                                 west edge of
        After seeing the reality of the situa-            Greensburg,
   tion, Josh feared maybe 300-500 people                 Vernon and
   might be dead.                                         Joyce Moore
        The couple immediately heard their                went to their
   next-door neighbor calling for help, as                basement with
   her entire house had caved into the base-              their neigh-
   ment. They dug her out and began going                 bors after
   from pile to pile of debris looking for                their daughter
   others needing help.                                   called, alert-
        “I helped a lady in her late 80s that             ing them to
   I heard yelling for help,” Josh said. “As              the tornado
                                                                                Photo by Charity Lyon

                        What was left of the Greensburg gymnasium.
   The RoundUp                                                           --                           --                       Summer/Fall 2007
                 struction to the whole town,”                                                                                           weren’t huggers turned out
                 Joyce said.                                                                                                             to be huggers after this,” Josh
                    Reactions Upon Return                                                                                                said jokingly.
                      After a sleepless night,                                                                                                  Josh and Devan made
                 Headrick returned to Greens-                                                                                           several key finds—his wallet,
                 burg the day after by 5                                                                                                her purse and their wedding
                 a.m. to see what was left.                                                                                            album with photos intact. They
                 From what the area looked                                                                                             also found their honeymoon
                 like in the dark when they                                                                                            album with all the pages there,

                                                                                                                                    Photo by Gabe Blew
                 could barely see anything,                                                                                           but the pictures had been sucked
                 they knew they needed to                                                                                             out.
                                                            A wide view of Josh
                 prepare themselves for what                                    Dellenbach’s class                                    Josh said what affected him
                 they would seeing in the light,             said.                                                                   most as he sorted through the
                 and it would be bad.                        “We were happy that we                                                  rubble was seeing all the clocks
                      The town had been placed on lock-      were alive. Then I think you were just so                      stopped at 9:45.
                 down, but Headrick knew how to sneak        consumed with trying to do what you had                        “That’s when Greensburg stopped,” he
                 in the back way.                            to do to clean it up, retrieve the stuff you                   said.
                       “What really took me aback was that could retrieve. There didn’t seem to be                                 Dealing with the Aftermath
                 as soon as we came into town, we were       time for grieving. Count yourself lucky                             The aftermath of the tornado has
                 lost immediately. There wasn’t a single     if you have your life; the rest you can                        been all-consuming for many of the
                 landmark or familiar thing standing,” he    replace. We hate to lose friendships more                      Greensburg residents. It’s been a blur of
                 said.                                       than anything.”                                                finding a place to stay, salvaging personal
                      Besides being concerned about his           One sight that was difficult to see                       property, making arrangements to clear
                 own damaged home and belongings,            was Vernon’s prize possession, a 1931                          home sites, dealing with insurance agents,
                 Headrick was very concerned about the       Model A Ford, thrown off its trailer into                      replacing personal belongings, deciding
                 schools and the records they contained.     a park about a block east of their home.                       whether to rebuild, looking for new jobs,
                 Both school buildings were demolished.      Vernon plans to sell the vehicle for parts                     granting interviews to the media, locating
                      “Fortunately, we had four vaults in    and hopefully buy another someday soon.                        old friends and meeting with dignitar-
                 the school district and all of them were         Waiting for Monday, the Dellen-                           ies and other townspeople to decide the
                 intact, safe and dry, so those things that  bach’s watched television constantly,                          future of Greensburg.
                 are permanent records are alright,” Head- hoping to catch glimpses of people they
                 rick said.                                  knew, confirming their safety.
                      Meanwhile, the Moore’s and other            “We were exhausted, but there was
                 residents were not allowed into the town    just no possibility of sleeping,” Devan
                 until Monday morning, giving the            said. “I just had a constant knot in my
                 Moore’s additional time to prepare for      stomach and anxiety. For the first couple
                 what they would see.                        days, I couldn’t think about the storm or
                       “I think we were stunned and dazed    Greensburg without being physically ill.”
                                                                                                            Photo by Charity Lyon

                 as we returned, not so much sad,” Joyce          “The anticipation was incredible,”
                                                             Josh said. “There was a line of cars five
                                                             miles outside town, waiting to get in be-
                                                             cause they were checking credentials. All                      Darin Headrick stands in front of where the high school
                                                             that time we were nervous because we                           used to be as large machinery clears the land.
                                                             had no proof we were from Greensburg,                               Although Headrick had many
                                                             no proof of who we were.”                                      personal chores to attend to, his main
                                                                  As they rolled into town, they were                       concern had been working with a team to
                                                             overwhelmed by the massive destruction.                        determine the future of the Greensburg
                                                                  Josh said his perception about their                      Public Schools. The tornado ended the
                                                             house was different than what it actually                      2006-2007 school year, and after gradua-
                                                             looked like.                                                   tion, the difficult work of deciding how to
                                                             “I thought it was wiped clean,” he said,                       conduct school in the fall began. Greens-
                                                             “but we still had a part of a center wall.”                    burg schools began meeting in temporary
                                                                  Devan added, “To think about our                          buildings on Aug. 15. These buildings
                                                             house and our stuff hadn’t been that big                       include 28 classrooms, an industrial arts
                                                             of a deal. To just see the people and to see                   building, four office spaces, a cafeteria
                                                             them alive was the most important thing.”                      and a gym.
Photo by Charity Lyon

                                                                  “We went through our stuff, of                                 Other items keeping school officials
                                                             course, but a lot of it was just going to                      busy during the summer included acquir-
                                                             see people and hearing their stories and                       ing computers, textbooks and kitchen
                     The entrance to Greensburg High School  giving them hugs. Even the people who                          equipment. They had to get everything
                Summer/Fall 2007                                                 --                                                                    The RoundUp
                                                                             The Moore’s cleared the site where
                                                                       their home once stood and sold the
                                                                       property. After deciding not to rebuild in
                                                                       Greensburg, they went about the business
                                                                       of finding a new home in a new commu-
                                                                       nity. They chose to buy a house in Inman,
                                                                        Kan., near the town where their daughter

                                                                                                                      Photo by Carolyn Myers
                                                                             For the Moore’s, the decision to
                                                                         move to another community was not
                                                                         easy.                                                           Vernon Moore visits with President George Bush
                                                                             “It took two weeks for Vernon to de-                        when his entourage visited Greensburg.
                                                                          cide we just wouldn’t be able to rebuild                            He arrived by helicopter on Wednes-

                                                            Photo by Crites Fam
                                                                          and wait for the town to be re-estab-                          day, May 9, to survey the town and meet
                                                                          lished, wait for a lawn, wait for grass,”                      with leaders and citizens. During his
                                                                           Joyce said. “We just didn’t have the                          walk around the neighborhoods, Bush
                                                                  ily      energy to build again.                                        stood and visited at least 10 minutes with
                                              shown here.
                 and Donna (1963) Crites is                                  “Inman is a nice town—a lot like                            Vernon Moore.
The home of Bill                                or-                    Greensburg,” Joyce said. “We feel com-                                 “He took his time. He didn’t rush
                        ganized for immediate                          fortable there, but we’ll really miss all                         through it,” Vernon said. “You could feel
       usage, while at the same time make plans                        our friends”                                                      the love and concern. It was genuine.”
       for permanent facilities. The district plans                            Comments on the President                                      “He offered us a lot of hope that
       to break ground for a new school in May.                                    and Media Entourage                                   the community would be helped finan-
            Headrick said they had to work on a                              As soon as the tornado hit Greens-                          cially and have support from any federal
       really accelerated scale and make a lot of                      burg, reporters began flooding the area.                          agency,” Joyce said. “He gave us a lot of
       quick decisions. He knows they may have                         The only thing the town had been famous                           hope that the town would be rebuilt.
       gotten a few things wrong here or there,                        for to this point was the World’s Larg-                                “It wasn’t how we hoped to make the
       but they didn’t have time to look in their                      est Hand Dug Well and a 1,100 pound                               news,” Joyce said of the media’s inter-
       rearview mirror.                                                meteorite found in a farmer’s field in                            est in her town. “It’s been a first time for
            As for the Dellenbach’s, a church                          1949. (The well may be fine after clearing                        everything. It’s the first time I’ve slept
       in a neighboring community provided                             debris that fell into it, and the meteorite                       in a shelter. The first time I’ve stood in a
       a home to them while they decide how                            was found on May 7 under some debris.)                            food line to be fed by the Red Cross or
       to reconstruct their lives. As educators,                             As the story of destruction unfolded                        Salvation Army, who have done such a
       they also had a luxury that many others                         and became more and more incredible,                              wonderful job. And the first time that I’ve
       didn’t—a summer vacation, the assurance                         a whole section of town was set up as                             accepted food stamps.”
       of a paycheck and jobs to return to in                          “press row.” And not just the press came,                              “It was the first time I was ever
       August.                                                         so did President George W. Bush.                                  frisked,” Vernon said with a laugh. “Be-

Rangers Helping Rangers
               ( Continued from page 13)                               NAS for raising funds for their school                            additional funds so shirts could be sent to
       and this alum was promoting to them that                        and community.                                                    the people in Greensburg.
       the shirt become their official uniform.                             After expenses are met, all funds will                            Denise Unruh, the mother of 1999
       Most all Greensburg alumni ordering                             to be donated to the cause. A few people                          Northwestern graduate Micah Unruh, is
       shirts have expressed heartfelt thanks to                       buying shirts for themselves also gave                            in charge of the Future Fund and addi-
                                                                                                                                         tional information about that fund can be

  NWOSU alums have Greensburg ties                                                                                                       obtained from her by calling (620) 672-
        A few known Northwestern alumni in Greensburg, Kan., besides those highlighted in                                                     To find out about the current avail-
   the Roundup’s cover story, include Ruth Spence, Class of 2004, who was listed as a sci-                                               ability of shirts and sizes locally, please
   ence instructor in the Greensburg Public Schools; and Charity Jantz, a Greensburg, Kan.,                                              contact Case at (580) 327-8577 or
   junior, currently attending classes at Northwestern’s Woodward campus.                                                                arcase@nwosu.edu. NAS also has
        Other alumni coming from Greensburg, who currently may or may not have been                                                      uploaded the design to a print-on-de-
   living in the community, include Tonya Allen (2000), Jody Cantrall (1975), Dayle Heft                                                 mand business so merchandise can be
   (1963), Marclyn McLaughlin (1964), Cheryl Richard (1971), Mary Schenk (1951), Tim and                                                 purchased by anyone interested. That
   Paige Tyree (1989), Ruth (1969) and Robert (1971) Wedel, Kathy Koch (1981), a technical                                               address is www.cafepress.com/Help-
   services technician in Northwestern’s J.W. Martin Library, Donna (Spencer) Crites (1963),                                             Greensburg.All of the proceeds NAS
   who was homecoming queen in 1961, and her husband, Bill, who played baseball for the                                                  receives from sales made at this online
   Rangers, and Shelly (Crites) Ewy, (1986).                                                                                             site also will be given to the Future
       The RoundUp                                                                        --                                                               Summer/Fall 2007
                                                           “With that, came a responsibility
                                                         to represent the community and its
                                                          character the best way that we knew,”
                                                          Devan added.
                                                                         Future Plans
                                                           As the city and its residents look to

                                                                                                   Photo by Lois Hudgins
                                                           the future, each individual has an
                                                           overwhelming number of decisions

                                                    Photo by Charity
                                                            to make.
                                                                 Headrick rented a fifth-wheel                             Vernon and Joyce Moore accept their 50-year alumni

                                                             trailer and is living outside town.                           pins from Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president.

                                     f on their homeo        He is rebuilding a home on the
                    llenbach sign of
De van and Josh De with their agent.                          site he was building on when the                             with gifts, phone calls, prayers,” Joyce
er’s insurance pa                                             tornado hit and hopes to move in
                                            fore                                                                           said of fellow alumni and friends who
                  the President came over,           by late November.                                                     contacted them after the storm. “It was
I had one of my hands in my pocket. A                      The Dellenbach’s returned to                                    really uplifting at that time to know peo-
lady came over and said, ‘Mister, take               Greensburg to teach and are living in a                               ple cared. That helped us a great deal.”
your hands out of your pockets.’”                    FEMA trailer.                                                              Amazingly, both of the couple’s 50-
      Headrick’s encounters with national,                 When the school year ends; however,                             year pins survived the tornado.
state and local media may have been                  the couple is unsure. They received a de-                                  Josh and Devan also received
greater than most because of his position            cent insurance settlement on their home,                              many telephone calls from Northwest-
as superintendent and was interviewed                but not nearly enough to cover the cost of                            ern friends, both those they had kept in
countless times.                                     new construction.                                                     contact with and some whom they hadn’t
      “It’s an honor to meet certain people                From early talk by local and state                              heard from in years.
and to work with them…It’s an honor to               leaders, it appears that whatever decisions
meet the President of the United States. It are made by Greensburg officials, they
would be really nice to do that and not be could be right in the middle of planning
because of something of this nature. As              a modern, energy-efficient town, putting
far as being interviewed and being on TV, a true emphasis on the “green” in their
                                                                                                                              Never before have the
it’s not something I’d like to be a part of          city’s name.                                                             words ‘Thank You’ seemed
                                                           And, it was learned late in the
my day all the time,” Headrick said as he
                                                     summer that a 13-part TV series about
                                                                                                                              like so little or ‘We
      Headrick shared that he does some-             the recovery effort and the town going                                   appreciate it’ seemed like
times tire of granting interviews, but, said “green” is in the works for the Discovery                                        such an understatement.
“we are very lucky and blessed. In light             Channel’s new channel, Planet Green. It
                                                                                                                                                -- Devan Dellenbach
of all this, I’m just amazed there weren’t           will be called “Eco-Town,” and filming
more people killed than there were. It’s             was to get underway soon. The series is
sad we had some loss of life, but we                 the brainchild of director Craig Piligian
didn’t lose a kid, we didn’t lose a staff            of “Survivor” fame and co-executive
member, we didn’t lose a parent.”                    producer Leonardo DiCaprio, movie star                                     “They [the Northwestern commu-
      The Dellenbach’s participated in six           and outspoken environmental activist.                                 nity] have been very helpful,” Josh said,
or seven interviews, including a fairly                       Comments on Northwestern                                     and Devan added, “They’ve organized
lengthy one on MSNBC. To Josh, one of                      All five Northwestern alums have                                efforts to provide for our needs, given
the more interesting ones was with Golf              fond feelings of their alma mater. Devan                              us supplies, money. Just to know they’re
Digest. Although he loves to golf and                Dellenbach said, “I can honestly say that                             thinking about us, that they want contact
could have shared that he played his best            my four years at Northwestern are some                                to know what they can do to help is won-
game on the Greensburg course just hours of my favorite years in my life.”                                                 derful.”
before the tornado hit, they did not ask                   Exactly one week before the tornado                                  “Never before have the words
a single question concerning golf. The               hit Greensburg, the Moore’s returned to                               ‘Thank you’ seemed like so little or ‘We
magazine’s story appeared in the August              Alva and Northwestern for the Annual                                  appreciate it’ seemed like such an under-
issue.                                               Alumni Spring Reunion and to receive                                  statement,” Devan said.
      “For the most part, I thought the              their 50-year pins.                                                        “Ride, Rangers, Ride!” Josh said
press was understanding and sympathet-                     “The campus has grown and im-                                   with a smile as he clapped while hum-
ic,” Josh said. “They weren’t just trying            proved,” Joyce added. “It always gives                                ming the school fight song.
to get a story. Most of them acted like              you good memories to see the parts of
                                                     the campus you remember that are still                                Charity Lyon is a 1996 Northwestern mass com-
they wanted to hear, they cared, that your                                                                                 munications graduate. She earned her master
story was special. They were honestly                the same. But, it’s also good to know that                            of education degree from Northwestern in 1999,
trying to piece together what had hap-               new things are happening.”                                            and taught in the mass communications pro-
                                                           “We’re very grateful to the other                               gram at Northwestern from 1999 to 2003. She
pened and what the character of Greens-                                                                                    is a sister to Josh Dellenbach and also had lived
burg was before the storm.”                          alumni and people who remembered us                                   several years in the Greensburg community.
Summer/Fall 2007                                                           -7-                                                                       The RoundUp
Class Notes
      Kayte Anton (2005) began working          for Woods County. Coats is engaged to        1992 and also is a member of the NAIA
 as a Community Education and Preven-           Northwestern nursing student Kimmie          Hall of Fame. Hargrove, who is 57, was
 tion Specialist at the Enid YWCA on Aug.       Gross and has a younger sister, Kendra,      involved in the game of professional
 6. Some her duties include developing          who also attends Northwestern.               baseball for 35 years.
 resource packets for medical, law enforce-          Brent Conrady (2002) and Cheryl               Jeremy Hickman (2003) married
 ment, social service agencies and educa-       Ott (2005) were married on July 28 in        Megan Troutt on June 30 in Dacoma. Jer-
 tional and religious institutions, actively    Enid. Cheryl is a band director at Seil-     emy is a coach and teacher, while Megan
 participating in the Hispanic Outreach         ing, and Brent is the assistant manager      plans to attend law school in the fall.
 Council and Hispanic newspaper meet-           at Planter’s Cooperative Association in            Ryan Hintergardt (1999), North-
 ings, providing community education            Lone Wolf.                                   western sports information director, won
 seminars and information to culturally and          Jace Crabb and Lindsay Skiles           four awards in the annual publication
 socially diverse groups, becoming a Com-       (both 2006) exchanged vows May 26 in         contests of the National Association of
 munity Producer at PEGASYS television          Alva. Both completed degrees in agri-        Intercollegiate Athletics and Sports In-
 and producing domestic violence educa-         business.                                    formation Directors Association (NAIA-
 tional shows, producing media campaigns             Patrick Crayton (2004) signed           SIDA). He placed third in the combined
 for community awareness using radio,           again with the Dallas Cowboys for a one      (men’s and women’s) basketball brochure
 newspaper and television,and participat-       year contract worth $1.3 million as a re-    contest, seventh in the women’s soccer
 ing in health and safety fairs or events, as   stricted free agent. Crayton had a career-   category, ninth in the football category
 well as state events as a domestic violence    high 36 catches for 516 yards and four       and 10th in the baseball category. Ange-
 education representative and specialist.       touchdowns as the viable No. 3 receiver      lia Case (BA 1984, MEd 2000), instruc-
      Prior to her new job, she was the         behind Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn.        tional media technician, designed the
 Marketing and Program Coordinator                   Julie Davis (2007) and Jeremy           covers for Hintergardt’s publications.
 at Leonardo’s Discovery Warehouse in           Hamill (attended) were married Aug. 11             Josh Holland is working in New
 Enid. Anton also has her own photogra-         in Alva. Julie is employed by McDermott      York City as a model and recently was
 phy and design business. Her information       & Associates, and Hamill is a Customer       hired for a shoot in Men’s Health Maga-
 can be found at www.kayteskreations.           Service Manager for Schwan’s.                zine. Josh is featured in the July/August
 com.                                                Dr. Cheryl Evans (1992), dean of        issue, as well as the September issue of
      Ben Buckland (1968) continues             the Northwestern-Enid campus, recently       magazine.
 as the voice of the Oklahoma City Yard         was named to the Integris Bass Baptist             Eric Hoopingarner (2000) was
 Dawgz Arena 2 football team. He also           Health Center’s Governing Board of           named the Briggs Evening Lions Club
 serves as master of ceremonies for the         Directors. Evans also is very involved       Officer of the Month this last March. Eric
 Oklahoma City Blazers hockey team.             in community service organizations and       currently is employed by the Enid Police
 During both the 2005-06 and 2006-              activities in Enid.                          Department where he is assigned to B
 07 seasons, he was voted as the Best                Tami Frascht (1988), a web devel-       Shift.
 Public Address Announcer in the Central        opment and graphic design instructor at            Jake (2000) and Jodee Kelln (2001)
 Hockey League.                                 Northwest Technology Center in Alva,         announced the birth of their first child,
      Dustin and Tiffany Canaan (2003)          was selected as a Top 5 finalist for the     Jaycee Jo, on March 8.
 gave birth to a daughter, Trinity Brianne      Region IV Teacher of the Year award.               Sammi Kildow and Kyle Pfleider
 Canaan, on June 13. The Canaan’s have          Frascht joined the Tech Center in 1999.      were married on May 12 in Cherokee.
 four other children, Trace, Dawson, Tren-      She was one of three people statewide        Sammi currently is attending Northwest-
 ton and Danielle.                              whose sites were selected to pilot the       ern and is employed by the Edward E.
      Valarie Case (BA 1985, MEd 2000)          E-Commerce and Web Services program          Sutter & Associates Law Firm, while
 earned two second place awards in pho-         during the 2001-02 school year.              Kyle is employed by Alfalfa Electric
 tography in the Oklahoma College Public             Jo Gwinn (1983) and his wife Lau-       Services in Cherokee.
 Relations Association’s annual contest         rie Painton-Gwinn (1990) are the proud             Tracie Leeper (1982) recently
 during the summer. She placed in the           parents of Lars Patrick Gwinn, born May      received the “Outstanding Conservation
 Digitally Enhanded Photography/General         22 in Enid.                                  Educator” for Congressional District
 category and for Traditional Photogra-              Mike Hargrove (1972) retired July       III. This award goes to the Principal of
 phy/General. In February, she won three        1 after managing the Seattle Mariner’s       Washington Early Childhood Center
 second place awards in the Society of          baseball team since October 2004. He         for her continued support and educating
 Professional Journalists’ annual contest.      was fifth among active managers with         students at her school. Some of Leeper’s
 In this contest she won awards in press        1,188 career wins, including 192 with the    accomplishments include guiding the
 release writing, feature photography and       Mariners. He also managed the Cleve-         construction of the “walking trail” where
 for a photographic portfolio that included     land Indians from 1991 to 1999, winning      students arrive early to school to walk for
 five photos.                                   the pennant in 1995 and 1997, and the        their health and to reach goals set. Also,
      Shelley Choate (2005) exchanged           Baltimore Orioles from 2000 to 2003. He      classes “adopt” trees planted on school
 vows with Aaron Muzny March 31 in              was drafted by the Texas Rangers in 1972     grounds.
 Hennessey. Shelley is employed by              where he was named Rookie of the Year              Kimberly Lott (2003) and her hus-
 Northwest Pediatrics while Aaron works         in 1974 and also played briefly for the      band James had a new addition to their
 for the Air Force.                             San Diego Padres and six years with the      family on March 3 when Brady James
      Kourtney Coats (2006) was named           Cleveland Indians. He was inducted into      Lott was born in Enid.
 the OSU Extension Agriculture Agent            the Northwestern Sports Hall of Fame in            Mitchell Lyon (2004) and Angela
 The RoundUp                                                      -8-                                          Summer/Fall 2007
Class Notes
Gregg exchanged vows on July 14 in                   Lynn Scott (2001) is now an as-                 To read a synopsis of the book, visit
Alva. Mitchell currently is employed at         sistant football coaching at Alva High          www.publishedauthors.net/williespears.
Integris Bass Baptist Meadowlake as a           School, along with Fred Slaughter                    Willie’s wife Tanika also was hired
therapist, and Angela teaches dance at CH       (1997) and Al Hunt. Slaughter also is           as a guidance counselor at a fairly new
Dance Productions and is an AmeriCorps          employed by Chesapeake.                         elementary school in the area. They have
member. The couple resides in Enid.                  Joshua Scribner (1996) is a two            two children.
     Rashmi Malla (2006) is employed            time novelist, with his second book being            Bryan Stephens (2001) and Cayla
by the John C. Lincoln Hospital, North          “Eleven O’clock Fright.” The book is            Sides (2007) were married on June 2 in
Mountain in Arizona. Rashmi is a regis-         based on a character, Dr. Kurt Snaber,          Fairview. Bryan is a history teacher and
tered nurse on the medical surgical unit.       who moves to a new house in a new town          coach at Woodward and farms near Sha-
     Cassie McEachern and Tyler                 with his dog and the voices of his mother       ron. Cayla is employed by the Woodward
Walden (both 2004) exchanged vows in            and dead wife. Only the dog is a wel-           Regional Hospital as a Pharmacy-Tech.
Hawaii on April 25. Cassie was employed         come presence. As Snaber settles into his       The couple will reside near Sharon.
as a Program Director for AHC, Inc. out         new position in his quiet neighborhood,              Dana Swan (2000) and Bruce
of Manassas, Va., and Tyler is an Account       something strange happens, every night          Cass married on Aug. 11 in Pawhuska,
Manager for Aerotek in Oklahoma City.           at 11. Scribner is an Enid native and cur-      hometown of the groom. Both work for
     Danece Metcalfe (2006) married             rently resides in Michigan with his wife        the Osage Nation. Dana is part of the
Jacob Smith on March 31in Oklahoma              and two daughters.                              Social Services division, and Bruce is the
City. Danece holds a master’s degree in              Alek Shrader (2004) won the Met-           construction manager for the Housing
counseling psychology while Jacob has a         ropolitan Opera’s 2007 National Council         Department.
business administration degree.                 Auditions along with a $15,000 cash prize.           Jordan Taylor (2005) and Sara Oak-
     Kelly Phillips (2004) and Chad Nech        He was one of six winners of the award.         ley were married in Carmen on May 26.
were married on May 19 in Cleo Springs.         Shrader made his professional debut last        Sara is employed by Alva’s Market, while
Kelly received a master’s degree in 2007        summer as Count Almaviva in II Barbiere         Jordan is employed at KPAK radio station
from UCO in Forensic Sciences. Chad is          di Siviglia with Opera Theatre of St.           in Kiowa, Kan.
employed by Wiggins Auctioneers.                Louis, and last January sang Florville in            Tara Thomas (2000), a health ca-
     Helena Plett (2007) is now a sec-          Rossini’s II Signor Bruschino with New          reers certification instructor at Northwest
ond grade teacher in the Beaver Public          York’s Gotham Chamber Opera.                    Technology Center in Alva, was named
Schools.                                             Samantha Shrick and Jarred Cass            as the Region IV New Career Tech
     Kelly Pulliam (1976, 1981) received        (both 2007) were married on May 19.             Teacher of the Year at the Association of
a certificate for 30 years an athletic of-           Stacee Slater (2007) married Darrell       Career and Technology Educators Annual
ficial to the secondary schools of Okla-        Roberts on March 17 in Waynoka. Stacee          Region IV Conference in April. Thomas
homa during the Oklahoma Officials’ As-         holds a degree in nursing, while Darrell        was named as Oklahoma’s recipient of
sociation annual meeting in July. He also       has been active in the U.S. Army since          the award in August 2006. She joined
received a certificate for officiating at the   1994. The couple resides in Lawton.             the staff of Northwest Tech in 2001. She
Class A and B State Basketball Tourna-               Willie Spears (2000) is now coach-         helped to develop the curriculum for and
ment in March and at the Large School           ing the secondary at Camden County              piloted the Health Careers Certification
Girls’ All-State Basketball game held           (Ga.) High School, which has an enroll-         Program for the State of Oklahoma.
during the OSSAA Coaches’ Clinic in             ment of more than 2,500 students of                  Matt and Alysson Tucker (both
July. Pulliam officiates football, softball,    which more than 550 are seniors. It’s the       1999) welcomed their second baby Wyatt
basketball and baseball.                        only high school in the county. Spears          Tate into the world on Jan. 31 in Enid.
     Audra Qualls (2005) left her special       said the football program’s facilities are      Wyatt has an older brother Weston Bo.
events position at Northwestern in May          ranked in the top five in the nation by col-         Amy Whisenhunt (2001) married
to become the marketing assistant at            lege recruiters. To see the facilities, visit   Michael Quinn on April 21 in Enid.
Midwest Regional Medical Center in              www.camdencountyfootball.com. He also                Marge Hayward (1943) was
Midwest City. Her main duties include           will be teaching weight training, team          featured in the Alva Review-Courier as
planning events such awards banquets,           sports and health at the school.                being alive before Oklahoma was even a
educational luncheons and an employee                Spears also has stepped into the field     state. Granted she was 25 days old, but
picnic. She also plans monthly support          of writing and will have a book available       Marge is still going strong. As she re-
group gatherings, monthly senior citizen’s      in early 2008 and plans to visit Alva dur-      counted some of her life, she remembered
center presentations, blood drives and          ing a speaking engagement to visit about        when the Castle on the Hill burned down,
health fairs. She’s also involved in taking     the book and make copies of it available.       as well as when First Lady Eleanor Roos-
requests for sponsorships asked of the               Spears said he’s always had a love         evelt came to dedicate the Jesse Dunn
medical center. She makes the recom-            of reading, and wanted to find a way            building, named after a lawyer whom her
mendation for or against a sponsorship.         to bring that love of reading to today’s        parents were friends with. She recounted
When the medical center becomes a               students who don’t like to read. He chose       the days when Alva had no running water
sponsor, she is the contact between the         to introduce them to books they could           and little electricity. She also remem-
organization and the hospital.                  personally identify with. This worked           bered having aunts pick her up and take
     Russell Schieber (2004) and Brandi         for a while, but it didn’t have the impact      her to the downtown square to people-
Welker (2005) were married in Enid on           he had hoped. So he decided to write his        watch and get popcorn. Marge has led a
Oct. 21. The couple currently resides in        own novel to catapult interest in reading       fulfilling life in Alva, but recently moved
Kremlin.                                        with his first book, “Keisha’s Dilemma.”        to Bartlesville to be closer to her great-
Summer/Fall 2007                                                   --                                                 The RoundUp
In Memory
       Bernice Viola Beard Anderson                   Gilbert Ron Hodges (1960), 69,                Dean Ranson (1943), 84, of Fair-
  (1938), 89, died July 7 in Alva.               of Tonkawa, died June 8. Hodges was           view, died June 25. Memorials may be
       William Stafford “Bill” Baxter Jr.        a three-sport letterman at Northwestern       made to the Dean Ranson Scholarship
  (1947), 89, died Jan. 26 in Oklahoma           and was inducted into the university’s        with the Northwestern Foundation.
  City.                                          Sports Hall of Fame in 2005. His wife              Donald Kent Roberts (1976), 67,
       Ruth Estill Bennett (1938), died          Jobyn is a 1959 graduate; son Dirk            died May 15.
  Feb. 17 in Enid.                               (1987); son Van (1989) and daughter                Bobby Bruce Schanbacher (1954),
       Amos Dean Blue (att. late 1930s),         Julee Meliza (1992).                          74, died in March.
  86, died May 11 in Alva.                            Clyde L. “Jeff” Landreth (1952),              Robert D. “Bob” Scherich (1950),
       Donneta Ruth Failes Dollar (1974),        81, died May 2 in Enid.                       78, died Feb. 18 in Alva. Memorial con-
  55, of Wheeler, Texas, died June 10 in              Ruth Harriet Martin died April 1 in      tributions may be made in his memory to
  Houston.                                       McAllen, Texas. Martin taught part-time       the Northwestern Foundation.
       Howard J. Domnick (1936), 91,             at Northwestern and directed Project               Gaylord Cyril Shipley (BA 1961,
  died in March.                                 HELP (Helping English Learners Prog-          MEd. 1968), 72, died May 8 in Enid.
       Thomas Harry Elliott (1949), 82,          ress). She also wrote the multicultural            Danny Leroy Smith (1969), 60, of
  died Jan. 31.                                  activities book titled “Trade Routes of the   Ponca City, died May 22 in Wichita.
       Phyllis Anita Kingsley Fleming            Americas.”                                         Elmedge D. Smith (1961), 88, of
  (1952), 76, died June 26, 2006, in Colo-            Faye Florine Huff McDaniel               Cherokee, died April 3 in Enid.
  rado Springs.                                  (1939), 89, formerly of Cherokee, died             Leroy Trzebiatowski (1986), 56,
       Marion Margarete “Marg” Mur-              May 14 in Austin, Texas.                      died July 17 in Alva.
  ray Haltom (1963), 75, died June 9 in               Carl Clifton Morgan, M.D. (1943),             Warren Keller Weaver (1993), 66,
  Alva.                                          85, died Jan. 31 in Tulsa.                    died March 26 in Albany, Ore.
       Charles Martin Harding (1974),                 Rev. Jasper Nay Overton (1961),               Doris Vore Goodwin Koppitz (ex
  58, died April 22 in Enid.                     67, of Sharon, died June 24 in Woodward.      1944), died June 17. Memorial contribu-
       Iva Irene Fox Henderson (5-year                Ira Wayne Painton (1940), 89, died       tions maybe made to the Northwestern
  certificate-1936) died Jan. 31 in Enid.        April 5 in Oklahoma City.                     Foundation.

           (Continued from page 1)               provided with an opportunity to see what      will be able to take part in two of the three
  – Bricks and Clicks Working Together.”         our graduates have accomplished in their      presentations available that day.
  This session is led by Rob Reeg,               professional lives and will be encouraged          The symposium is slated to be held
  Class of 1978, who is chief technol-           to think outside the box as they creatively   every third year.
  ogy officer at MasterCard International.       examine different ways of looking at the           Questions about the symposium
  In this role, he is responsible for all        natural and human resources found right       should be directed to Decker at (580)
  computer operations, network engineer-         here in northwest Oklahoma,” Decker           327-8521 or kldecker@nwosu.edu.
  ing, technology architecture, database         said.
  management, program management,                     Northwestern students and employees,               Let Us Hear
  testing/software quality and informa-          as well as area business owners, residents,
  tion security. He was a Northwestern           alumni and friends are encouraged to attend              from You!
  Outstanding Graduate in 2004.                  and participate in the discussion. Those            Be sure to send us your informa-
       “Participants in these sessions will be   attending both in the morning and afternoon    tion so it can be listed in the Class
                                                                                                Notes section of the Roundup.
Patrick Crayton on NWOSU billboard                                                                   We’re also looking for feature story
                                                                                                submissions about Northwestern alum-
                                                       Motorists driving into Oklahoma          ni who are doing interesting things out
                                                       from Kansas on I-35 will be greeted      in the world, or like in this issue, Charity
                                                       by a message from Patrick Crayton        Lyon has written a feature about alumni
                                                       on a new billboard. The billboard,       affected by the Greensburg Tornado.
                                                       which will remain in place for one
                                                       year, is about a mile and a half              We’d be happy to consider your
                                                       south of the state line, and is being    article, so send it in!
                                                       sponsored through the Northwest-              We’d also like for Northwestern
                                                       ern Foundation by alumnus Dr. Jim        alumni, young and not-so-young, to tell
                                                       Claflin, an allergist in Oklahoma        us in their own words, “What does it
                                                       City. The Foundation currently
                                                       is seeking additional sponsors for       mean to be a Ranger?”
                                                       billboards. Please contact Skeeter            Please send these items to
                                                       Bird at (580) 327-8599 if interested.    nwalumni@nwosu.edu or mail them to
                                                       Shown here are Crayton and son           us at NWOSU Alumni Association, 709
                                                       Patrick Jr., and athletic director       Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717.
                                                       Bob Battisti.
  The RoundUp                                                       -20-                                           Summer/Fall 2007
    Love of Oklahoma helps trivia web site
     Larry Justice contributes Oklahoma history questions for four online quizzes
     A love of Oklahoma and its history         state and nation historically, golf and         traverse the state from north of
has led a Northwestern Oklahoma State           selected writers of ‘good’ devotional           Boise City, all the way to the
University adjunct instructor to test the       material,” Justice said.                        Arkansas line in the far south-
knowledge of others.                                  He has used these publications to         eastern corner of the state,”
     Larry Justice, who teaches humanities      produce a number of radio devotionals           Justice said. “It will take several
and communication classes at the univer-        in the past, and in many of those he used       years to put together, but if I am
sity and has served as the director of the      Oklahoma trivia to establish the point of       going to write it, I need to start
Baptist Student Union since 1978, recently      his presentations.                              soon.”
found the web site www.ibelieveinoklaho-              Another project he completed several            Besides the love of the state,
ma.com. After visiting this site a few times    years ago that benefitted Oklahoma was a        his interests in trivia and producing his list
and finding the same trivia questions at        travel guide he produced for the Wichita        of questions can be traced back to 1957
the “Test Your Okie Knowledge” link, he         A’s Model A Club for a trip they were           when he was 10 years old. He said he and
made a few contacts that led him to April       taking from Wichita, Kan., to the Dallas-       his grandfather had quite an interest in the
Murelio and Beth Schmidt with the Okla-         Ft. Worth area to attend a convention.          semi-centennial of Oklahoma, particularly
homa Department of Commerce. Murelio                  “They wanted to avoid driving their       with the burying of a 1957 Plymouth in
has been his principle contact regarding        1929-31 Model A’s on I-35,” Justice said.       Tulsa. He said that he believes this June, that
the quiz.                                       “So, I designed a travel guide following        vehicle, or “the rust that once was the 1957
     Following those conversations, he          U.S. 81 (Chisholm Trail) to Dallas and          Plymouth,” will be removed from its 50-year
was invited to submit a list of questions for   following U.S. 77 from the Red River north      old vault at the Tulsa County Courthouse.
possible use on the site. So, he soon began     through Shawnee and Stillwater and on to              He also said he grew up almost liter-
the process of researching what information     Ponca City then to Kansas. Because the A’s      ally in the shadow of the Pioneer Woman
he’d like to include in his 20 questions.       travel at roughly 40-50 miles per hour and      Statue in Ponca City.
     “I have accumulated quite a few            stay in touch by CB Radio, the travel guide           “I could look out my bedroom win-
volumes dealing with Oklahoma and her           noted points of interest all along the trip.”   dow and see this magnificent tribute to the
history,” the Ponca City native said. “As             Because that guide was so well ac-        brave women who helped establish our
a native Oklahoman, I am proud of our           cepted, he’s begun research for another         state,” he said. “Our home was located on
state, and I really want the people I meet      travel guide by taking various trips across     land that E.W. Marland (former Oklahoma
to realize what a great place this is.”         Oklahoma. He said he loves to stop and          governor) set aside as a public golf course
     He added that there are so many            read the Oklahoma Historical Society            where the average person could play golf
things out there about this state and           signs along the highways in Oklahoma,           for 25 cents. My grandfather installed the
Northwestern that people don’t know             and that these signs are a source of inspi-     plumbing in the Wentz Pool, and my mom
about. He’s hoping that the questions           ration for him for his summer project.          and second cousin were the first to swim
he’s providing for this site will help in             The first new travel guide he’s work-     in this landmark northeast of Ponca City.
remedying that fact.                            ing on would feature tourist highlights               “As I was growing up, I always
     Quiz 2 is the result of his research       from Alva to Ft. Smith, Ark., and Alva to       thought it would be exciting to be in
and submission. Through taking this quiz,       Clayton, N.M. The guide could be a source       Oklahoma for the Centennial Celebration
people will see a couple of questions di-       for travelers to follow encouraging them        when I would turn 60,” he said.
rectly related to Northwestern including:       to get off the interstate and visit the state         Justice has an opportunity to do
Northwestern Oklahoma State University          of Oklahoma to see what it has to offer,        more than just celebrate Oklahoma’s
is celebrating its 110th birthday this year.    from ancient mountains to sand dunes to         Centennial; he is helping to plan various
What was the school’s name when it              rich forests to great plains. He also hopes     activities for it at Northwestern through
opened in 1897?                                 to create additional travel guides for other    May 2008. He is a member of the Public-
     Justice has since created Quiz 3           highways that run across Oklahoma, which        ity and Promotions sub-committee that is
on the site, which has questions mainly         could become a three to four year project       helping to produce memorabilia in honor
about communities within Oklahoma,              covering nine highways across Oklahoma.         of the state’s 100th birthday, but also for
and also has completed Quizzes 4 and 5,               “For example, U.S. 270 and OK3            Northwestern’s 110th.
which deal with sports and the arts.
Nearing 60 years, Justice has lived nearly
all his life in Oklahoma and because of
his love for this state, this project has          As a native Oklahoman, I am proud of our state, and
been more fun than work. He explained
that he’s been able to use the many books          I really want the people I meet to realize what a great
he’s purchased through the years for               place this is.
various projects, including many with
Oklahoma themes.                                                                                                 -- Larry Justice
     “I own and continue to purchase                                              Northwestern adjunct instructor/BSU Director
books centered on three principle themes:
Oklahoma and the development of our
Summer/Fall 2007                                                   -2-                                                   The RoundUp
Rodeo team members in top 10 nationally
      Three members of the Northwestern         the Central Plains Region and was third             The men’s team finished 43rd among
 Oklahoma State University rodeo team           in goat tying.                                 51 teams at the CNFR and finished sec-
 who competed in the College National                Mitch Barney, Logan, Iowa, senior,        ond in the Central Plains Region.
 Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in June finished           and Coleman Proctor, Miami junior,                  “I’m very proud of what our teams
 the year in the top 10 of their respective     finished eighth in the team roping event.      accomplished this year,” said Tim Kolb,
 events.                                        The duo was 29th in the first round at         rodeo coach. “However, the timed event
      Teddi Winfrey, Plains, Kan., senior,      23.5 seconds, 13th in the second round         cattle at the CNFR were very uneven. We
 was fifth in goat tying after placing fourth   with 11.0 seconds and 18th in the third        were very disappointed by the caliber of
 in round one at 6.5 seconds, second in         round with 12.3 seconds. In the champi-        cattle at this very prestigious event.
 round two at 6.6 seconds and 27th in           onship round, they placed seventh with a            “The cattle are provided by the
 round three at 7.7 seconds. She made the       time of 22.2 seconds.                          contractor with the lowest bid and they
 championship round of the 10 com-                   Barney and Proctor were Central           certainly got what they paid for. With that
 petitors with the fastest times and placed     Plains champions in team roping. Barney        said, finishing fifth in the nation in goat
 sixth at 7.3 seconds.                          also won the regional steer wrestling title    tying and eighth in the nation in team
      She did not do as well in breakaway       and was reserve champion all-around            roping speaks volumes about our student-
 roping, finishing 22nd, tied for 29th and      cowboy.                                        athletes.”
 29th in the three rounds.                           Tyler Johnson, Mound City, Kan., ju-           “With our returning team members
      Although Winfrey was the only             nior, placed sixth in the first round of tie   and the recruits who have chosen North-
 Ranger woman at the CNFR, she earned           down roping with a time of 10.1 seconds        western,” Kolb added, “I expect the
 160 points in goat tying, good enough to       and 11th in the second round, also with a      team to be stronger next year than this,
 place Northwestern 10th among the 31           time of 10.1 seconds. He received a “no        and I feel this was certainly the best year
 women’s teams competing in the rodeo.          time” in the third round and therefore         our program has ever had.”
 That point total would have placed her         missed the championship round.                      The rodeo team will be back in ac-
 third in the all-around cowgirl standings,          Other Rangers at the CNFR were            tion with one rodeo each in September
 but although Winfrey competed in two           K.W. Lauer, Buffalo senior, and Justin         and October before hosting its own rodeo
 events, she was not considered for the         Binder, Inman, Kan., senior, both of           Nov. 1-3.
 all-around title since she earned no points
 in breakaway roping.
                                                whom competed in team roping.
                                                     In addition to their other events,        Wilber named
      Winfrey won the women’s all-
 around and breakaway roping titles in
                                                Johnson competed in team roping and
                                                Barney in steer wrestling.
                                                                                               associate dean
                                                                                               at Northwestern
Career Services offering                                                                             Dr. Patti Wilber (1987), director of
                                                                                               the Walch Center for Business Develop-

electronic matching service                                                                    ment (CBD) at Northwestern, became the
                                                                                               university’s associate dean for economic
                                                                                               development effective July 1.
       Northwestern’s Career Services Of-       seek employment,” she said.                        Through the Walch CBD, Wilber
 fice provides an electronic means to as-       Wilber noted that employers also can           works with local businesses and entrepre-
 sist in regional workforce development.        remove any posting once the job is filled      neurs in starting or expanding businesses.
 Posted on the Career Services’ web site        and registered candidates seeking em-          She also assists owners in developing
 at www.nwosu.edu/career is Ranger              ployment may remove their listing once         strategic, business and marketing plans
 Board, a link to those seeking employ-         they secure employment.                        and establishing sound business practices.
 ment and those with job openings. Using             “The NWOSU Ranger Board offers            Assisting local communities in northwest
 College Central Network, Inc. (CCN),           significant benefits to our students and       Oklahoma also represents another facet of
                                                                                               her economic development responsibili-
 this system powers hundreds of college         alumni, as well as employers,” Wilber
                                                                                               ties. Community development serves as a
 and university career centers across the       said. “The biggest advantage is that this      vital link to economic development.
 nation.                                        career tool provides an electronic means             Currently, Wilber serves as the secre-
       Dr. Patti Wilber, director of the        to quicken their search in applying for a      tary of the Northwest Oklahoma Alliance,
 Walch Center for Business Development          job or hiring employees.”                      a 22-county group that assists in the rural
 and Career Services, said the Ranger                Wilber said regional school systems       economic development of local communi-
 Board provides students and alumni with        registering and posting their open teach-      ties, regional economies and other such
 the ability to search the jobs database.       ing and administrative positions have ex-      initiatives. Wilber also serves as the co-
 Likewise, employers may post jobs and          pressed satisfaction and success to search     chair of the Oklahoma Rural Development
 view student and alumni resumes.               for job candidates.                            Council, a statewide network of resources
       “Ranger Board also gives students             “Students, alumni, and employers are      to assist in rural development.
                                                                                                     Wilber is a graduate of the University of
 and alumni quick access from their             encouraged to use this electronic system,”
                                                                                               Oklahoma Economic Development Institute
 computer to job openings posted through        Wilber said.                                   (EDI) that provides a broad spectrum of ad-
 Northwestern’s Career Services Office.              For further information, Wilber           vanced education for economic development
 Users save time and find convenience in        may be contacted at (580) 327-8506 or          professionals, and is accredited by the Interna-
 using the Ranger Board to post jobs or         career@nwosu.edu.                              tional Economic Development Council.
 The RoundUp                                                       -22-                                             Summer/Fall 2007
   May 5, 2007

                                                                                                         A Glimpse
                                                                                                           of the
                                                                                                        2007 Spring

Alumni basketball players, cheerleaders and band members re-
turned in February. For more photos, visit www.nwosu.edu/           Winners in the Miss Northwestern Pageant in February included Jordi
pubrel/2006-2007/AlumBB07/pics.htm.                                 Curtis as second runner-up; Jordan Gaskill, Miss Northwestern; Allison
                                                                    Cunningham, first runner-up, and Angela Gregg, Crowd Pleaser.

                                                                    Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Oklahoma” was presented at Northwestern
                                                                    in April. For more photos, visit www.nwosu.edu/pubrel/2006-2007/
      The Fine Arts Building celebrated 100 years in March.
      For more photos and a history of the building, visit

                                                   Snow on
                                                   April 13,

                                                                      The Northwestern Ranger men’s basketball team made it to the NAIA
                                                                      National Tournament Elite 8 in March. For more photos from Kansas
Visit www.nwosu.edu/pubrel/2006-2007/Aprilsnow/pics.htm for more.     City, visit www.nwosu.edu/pubrel/2006-2007/NAIAtourney/pics.htm.
Summer/Fall 2007                                               -2-                                               The RoundUp
Hamm funding Enid’s Ranger statue
Gift creates enduring symbol of Ranger pride; plans for Alva placement below
          Northwestern’s most treasured               “We are so
      symbol – the bucking horse and its         pleased that Harold
      rider – is about take on new life on its   Hamm has stepped
      Enid campus.                               forward and sup-
          Enid businessman Harold Hamm           ported this project,”
      will fund the creation of a bronze         Cunningham said.
      statue of the horse and rider that will    “He understands what
      become a focal point of the Enid           Northwestern means
      campus and an enduring symbol of           to all of northwest
      Ranger pride.                              Oklahoma and once
          Dr. Janet Cunningham made the          again has graciously
      announcement at a dinner honoring          given back to the
      Hamm and attended by university            University.”             (From left) Posing with maquette of the bronze statue “The
      leaders, family and friends.                    Noted western       Ranger” are its creator Harold Holden; Harold Hamm, Enid
          The statue will be named “The          artist Harold Holden businessman; Dr. Cheryl Evans, dean of Northwestern-Enid;
      Ranger.”                                   of Kremlin has been and Dr. Janet Cunningham, president of Northwestern.
          “The horse and rider symbol has        commissioned to                               MLP (HLND), publicly-owned
      been the cornerstone of our ‘Ride          create the “The Ranger.”                      mid-size natural gas processing and
      with Pride’ campaign and character-        When completed, it will stand ap-             gathering companies.
      izes the spirit and courage of north-      proximately 10 feet high and will be               He also serves as chairman of the
      western Oklahomans,” said Cunning-         placed on a four foot base that will          board of the Oklahoma Independent
      ham. “This outstanding work of art         recognize the contributions of Hamm. Petroleum Association (OIPA), the
      will be a wonderful addition to the             “The Ranger” will stand on a             nation’s largest and most influential
      campus and will be a source of pride       plot of grass east of the Northwestern statewide oil and gas association.
      for generations of Rangers.                building at 2929 E. Randolph, south                Within that organization, he has
                                                 of the university sign. Completion of         been president of the Wildcatters
                                                 the project is expected in early 2008.        Club of Oklahoma since 1989.
                                                      The Enid statute will be a du-                In 1996, Hamm received the first
                                                 plicate of one that will stand on             honorary master’s degree ever be-
                                                 Northwestern’s Alva campus, funded            stowed at Northwestern and continues
                                                 by alumnus and former president Tom to award scholarships to deserving
                                                 McDaniel and his wife Brenda.                 graduates of Ringwood High School
                                                      Hamm is chairman of the board            who attend Northern Oklahoma Col-
                                                  and chief executive officer of Con-          lege and Northwestern. Northwest-
                                                               tinental Resources, Inc.,       ern’s business program has recog-
                                                                        one of the larg-       nized Hamm by naming an endowed
                                                                           est privately       chair in his honor.
                                                                             owned oil              Hamm is a member of the Greater
These drawings help to show                                                   and gas          Enid Chamber of Commerce board
what the final placement of                                                    explora-
                                                                                               of directors and was named by the
“The Ranger” statue will look                                                  tion and
like on the Alva campus. The                                                                   Chamber as Business Person of the
Alva statue, funded by Tom and                                                                 Year in 1992 and 2005.
Brenda McDaniel, will be dedi-
                                                                                                    In the community, he was a cam-
cated in ceremonies Nov. 13. The                                             nies in the
Enid campus statue, funded by                                               country. He        paign chair of the $2.5 million project
Harold Hamm, will be dedicated                                             simultane-          to renovate the Enid YMCA and
in ceremonies after the first of                                          ously serves as served on that board for many years.
the year. Dedication ceremonies
for a statue at Northwestern’s
                                                                         chairman of the For 20 years, he has funded scholar-
newly constructed Woodward                                              Hiland Partners,       ships through the Marcia Guthrie
campus building will occur as                                          GP (HPGP) and           Scholarship Fund administered by the
the building progresses.                                              Hiland Partners,         AME Church in Oklahoma City.
      The RoundUp                                                  -2-                                        Summer/Fall 2007
     Western artist Harold Holden                                     Only 99 statues will be for sale and some al-
of Kremlin, who has a gallery in                                       ready have been sold.
Enid, has been commissioned to                                              Holden has been capturing the West in
create “The Ranger.” Each of the                                      sculptures and paintings for more than 30
three campuses will have one of these                                   years. While his work can be found in the
beautiful works of art placed in prominent and                              Oklahoma State Capitol and on a U.S.
aesthetically pleasing locations.                                               Postage Stamp, his public sculptures
     The life and a quarter size monuments, when                                    have kept him busy the last few
finished, will stand approximately 10 feet                                              years.
high and be placed on a four foot base.                                                      His sculpture of Will
     In honor of Northwestern’s                                                         Rogers on horseback can be
110 years of service, 110                                                                seen at Will Rogers World
bronze maquettes of                                                                        Airport in Oklahoma City.
the monument, which                                                                          His sculpture titled “We
should measure 9 to                                                                           Will Remember” is
12 inches tall, will                                                                           a kneeling cowboy
be cast and sold as                                                                             now on the campus
numbered limited edi-                                                                            of Oklahoma State
tions.                                                                                            Universith as part
     The Foundation and                                                                           of the OSU basket-
Alumni Association will use                                                                    ball team plane crash
the proceeds for benefit of the                                                            memorial. Holden also is
university. Cost for each of                                                          working on numerous State
the maquettes will be                                                             Centennial Projects.
$2,500 and approxi-                                                                 A number of his monuments also
mately $1,500 will be                                                           can be seen on Enid’s downtown
tax deductible.                                                                 square, as well as in Enid’s Govern-
     Upon ordering,                                                              ment Springs Park.
$1,000 will be due                                                                  To see other examples of Hold-
with the remainder                                                               en’s work, please visit www.hhold-
due at delivery.                                                                  en.com.

          Please return the form below:
 Please make checks payable to: Northwestern Oklahoma State University Foundation, Inc.
                                709 Oklahoma Blvd., Alva, OK 73717

 Name: ________________________________________________E-mail: ______________________________________

 Address: ______________________________________________Phone: _______________________________________

 City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________________

 Number of Maquettes @ $2,500 each: __________ Sequence Number: ___________ Amount Enclosed: ______________

 Credit Cards Accepted -- Visa * Mastercard Card Number: ___________________ Name on Card: _________________

            The Foundation will do its best to deliver the requested sequence numbers, but call 580-327-8593 or
                 E-mail: nwalumni@nwosu.edu to confirm your request or to find out more information.
Summer/Fall 2007                                        -2-                                         The RoundUp
Centennial merchandise available online
NWOSU Art Society making product more accessible to Ranger alumni, friends
       Purchasing Northwestern Oklahoma          for those not able to get to campus. In        steering committee granting our club
  State University 110/100 Centennial            fact, we’ve already had an order placed        permission to use this design on these
  merchandise just became easier, thanks to      from Illinois.”                                items,” Case said.
  an online print-on-demand business.                 Items available locally in the book-           Case also noted that the club has
       The Northwestern Art Society (NAS)        store include mugs, magnets, t-shirts,         established another online store so
  has established an online store at www.        sweatshirts, notebooks and folders, and        interested people can purchase additional
  cafepress.com/nwosu_110_100 using the          the Northwestern Alumni Association has        merchandise with the special “Rang-
  special design created to cel-                          a special limited edition throw       ers Helping Rangers” design the club
  ebrate the university’s 110th                               with the 110/100 logo on it.      recently had printed on t-shirts to raise
  year, along with Oklaho-                                           Case said the online       money for the Greensburg, Kan., Future
  ma’s 100th birthday.                                           store allows the club to       Fund. Many of the same types of items
       “We believe this is a                                     offer several more items       listed, if not more, are available with this
  win-win situation for the                                      of which 40 currently are      design by going to www.cafepress.com/
  university and our club,”                                      available. These items         HelpGreensburg. All of the funds gener-
  Angelia Case, NAS spon-                                      include adult, youth and baby    ated through online merchandise sales of
  sor, said. “Our campus book-                               apparel, tote bag, ball caps,      the Greensburg design will be donated to
  stores in Alva and Enid are doing                      postcards, greeting cards, calen-      this fund.
  a great job with merchandise available for     dars, clock, teddy bear, pillow, coaster,           Questions about the merchandise
  purchase locally, but the convenience of       framed tile, BBQ apron, mouse pad, mag-        available online should be directed to
  the online location will make our Centen-      net, ornament, stein, mugs and a T-shirt       Case at (580) 327-8577 or arcase@
  nial items even more available to those        for the dog.                                   nwosu.edu. To learn more about the Art
  wanting to join the celebration, especially         “We appreciate the celebration’s          Society, please visit www.nwosu.edu/art.

Oklahoma Flag Project part of celebration
       Displaying several State of Okla-         tion of “The Ranger” statue tentatively        western in May 2008, everyone who
  homa flags around the Northwestern             scheduled for November.                        sponsored a flag will receive a displayed
  Oklahoma State University campus this               “Join others now in celebrating 100       flag.
  year is one way the university plans to        years of statehood and 110 years of our              Names of individuals and/or busi-
  celebrate the institution’s 110th birthday     institution being a service to thousands of    nesses sponsoring the flags will be listed
  along with the state’s 100th.                  students from around the world,” Justice       in Centennial special events programs
       Although the initial deadline for         said.                                          and other university publications through-
  becoming a flag sponsor was Aug. 1, in-             The flags sell for $50 each and will      out the school year.
  dividuals and businesses still are encour-     be set out on poles on the lawn during               For more information on the current
  aged to help with the on-campus celebra-       special dates at the university, such as       availability of flags, please contact Justice
  tion.                                          the first day of classes, the original first   at (580) 327-8411 or lljustice@nwosu.edu
       For this project to be effective, a       day of classes’ commemoration on Sept.         or the Northwestern Foundation office at
  minimum of 30 flags are needed for a           20, commencement exercises and other           (580) 327-8593 or kyburggraf@nwosu.
  nice display around campus and about 20        determined dates, so the flags will not be     edu. Also, a flyer and order form telling
  flags had been ordered so far in August.       displayed every day.                           about the Oklahoma Flag Project can be
  With the help of the Northwestern Foun-             When the celebration ends at North-       found by visiting www.nwosu.edu/110.
  dation, an initial order of flags was made
  so they could be displayed in time for the
  start of school on Aug. 20. This initial
  order makes additional flags available for
                                                     Annual donor dinner Nov. 13
  purchase.                                               ‘The Ranger’ to be dedicated on same day
       Larry Justice, who is charge of the
  flag project as a member of the campus            The Northwestern Foundation’s Annual Donor Dinner is Tuesday, Nov. 13,
  110/100 Centennial Promotions and                 which will coincide with the Northwestern-Alva campus dedication cer-
  Publicity Committee, said that once               emonies for “The Ranger” statue. Tom McDaniel will serve as the keynote
  people see the flags flying on campus, he         speaker for the dinner. For additional information, please contact the
  believes others will want to take part in         Foundation office at (580) 327-8593.
  the project, especially prior to the dedica-

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