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The Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin is a statewide nonprofit organization that advocates building and
maintaining an efficient, reliable and interconnected transportation system that addresses our state’s needs for safe mobility
and economic growth.

                                                 December 2009
                                                     IN THIS ISSUE
Reauthorization Essential for Jobs                          1   Zoo Interchange in Need of a Quick Fix                      4
Executive Perspective                                       2   DNR to Regulate Ballast Water                               5
Three-Month FAA Extension Likely                            2   TDA Congratulates WisDOT                                    5
More Projects Ready to Go                                   3   Interesting News Coverage                                   5
LaHood Suggests Gas Tax Debate                              3   Transportation in the News                                  6
Poll Finds Support for Toll Roads                           4   Association Notes                                           7

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Reauthorization Essential for Jobs
A survey conducted by the Transportation                        personnel needs.
Construction Coalition (TCC) of road and transit                  The survey also found that less than 20 percent
contractors paints a gloomy picture for next year               of the respondents said they planned to purchase
if the federal government fails to act on the multi-            new construction equipment or trucks next year
year transportation reauthorization bill.                       and only 5 percent anticipated hiring new, non-
  Nearly 70 percent of the over 500 respondents                 seasonal personnel.
said they received stimulus money this year.                       In a prepared statement TCC officials said
Despite that fact, 63 percent said they laid off                the survey results “underscore the need for
employees and 44 percent expect to lay off                      quick passage of a robust, six-year surface
additional workers.                                             transportation package”.
  According to the TCC, one of the reasons for                    To aid in this effort, the TCC requested state
these numbers is the requirement that stimulus-                 organizations sign on to a letter urging Congress
funded projects had to be “shovel ready”. This                  to act on reauthorization. On December 2nd
requirement discouraged larger, long-term                       the TCC delivered those letters to each state’s
projects that can sustain long-term equipment or
                                                                                                Survey continued on page 6
                    Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

Executive Perspective
By Craig Thompson, TDA Executive Director

Thank You & Happy Holidays
As we find ourselves in the middle of the holiday
season I would like to take this opportunity
to thank all of the members of TDA for your
continued dedication and support.
  2009 has been many things, none of which was
uneventful. Interacting with difficult economic
realities in both the private and public sector
certainly causes us to make difficult choices and
prioritize our resources. That is why I appreciate
that so many groups across Wisconsin continue
to make participation in TDA a priority.
  Our continued ability to advocate for an
interconnected multimodal transportation network          With that in mind,
with a unified voice is going to be more important
than ever in 2010.                                        TDA Staff Wishes You and Your
   From reauthorization of the federal surface           Family a Safe and Happy Holiday
transportation and aviation legislation to
increasing state investment in Wisconsin’s               Season. Let’s work together to make
transportation network to moving forward with            2010 a productive new year.
Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs) to protecting
Wisconsin’s segregated transportation fund –
2010 looms large.

Three-Month FAA Extension Likely
As the deadline for the current extension of             the Finance Committee has yet to approve the
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) programs           revenue portion of the bill.
draws near, it is likely another short-term                The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
extension will be in the works. House and                taxing authority and programs, including the
Senate aides say the most likely course would be         Airport Improvement Program, are currently
a three-month extension for the agency through           operating under a short-term extension which
the end of March.                                        expires on December 31, 2009. The last FAA
   The House passed its version (H.R. 915) of the        authorization expired September 30, 2007.
bill in May, and the Senate Commerce, Science
and Transportation Committee approved its
version (S.1451) in July. However, the bill has
been unable to move forward in the Senate as

                     Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

More Projects Ready to                                     LaHood Suggests Gas
Go                                                         Tax Debate
In the midst of the White House’s jobs summit,             At a summit in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.
the American Association of Highway and                    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood suggested
Transportation Officials (AASHTO) announced                Congress debate next year whether to increase
that there are approximately 9,600 highway,                the federal gasoline tax to pay for a long-term
transit, rail, port and aviation projects that are         transportation authorization bill. While the
“ready-to-go”. These job-creating projects are             Obama Administration still opposes an increase in
valued at nearly $70 billion. Wisconsin reported           the gas tax at this time, the Secretary’s call for a
58 projects valued at $350 million.                        debate on funding options including indexing the
   AASHTO executive director John Horsley                  federal gas tax is new.
released the following statement regarding the               LaHood also pledged to work with Congress
announcement. “…The unemployment rate                      on passing a long-term reauthorization bill in
in the construction trades today exceeds 18                2010. The secretary and the administration had
percent. There is still a need to invest more in           previously pushed for postponing reauthorization
transportation projects if that’s what it takes to         until 2011 after the mid-term elections. However,
create jobs and bring unemployment down. What              House and Senate leadership have said they are
the state DOTs have done over the past eight               determined to complete the bill next year.
months to put economic recovery dollars to work                “The problem we have is, Congress wants
shows there is no better way to create jobs and            to pass a very robust transportation bill in the
long-lasting benefits in every part of the country.”       neighborhood of $400 billion or $500 billion, and
  In addition, the American Public Transportation          we know the highway trust fund is just deficient in
Association (APTA) completed a new survey of               its ability to fund those kinds of projects,” LaHood
public transit systems nationwide which identified         said. “The highway trust fund was substantial at
more than $15 billion in public transportation             one time, but now with people driving less, and
capital projects that can be started in 90 days.           driving more fuel-efficient cars, it has become
The vast majority of public transit systems also           deficient. To index the federal fuel tax, that’s
identified additional needs beyond $15 billion for         something Congress is going to have to decide.”
federal assistance to avoid employee layoffs and             The previous surface transportation
service cuts.                                              authorization, SAFETEA-LU, expired September
   As members of Congress contemplate what                 30, 2009 and has been extended twice with
is being hailed as a “jobs bill”, Congressman              short-term continuing resolutions. The current
Oberstar, chair of the House Transportation                continuing resolution expires December 18th.
and Infrastructure Committee said that the                   Visit
transportation sector’s good showing under                 story/1800830.html to view the Star-Telegram
the American Recovery and Reinvestment                     article.
Act (ARRA) should be a good argument in
designating a significant share of that legislation
to transportation projects.
  Visit and
for more information.

                     Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

Poll Finds Support for                                  Zoo Interchange in Need
Toll Roads                                              of a Quick Fix
A poll of people living in Milwaukee and                The Wisconsin Department of Transportation
surrounding counties found that at least 50             (WisDOT) announced in November that three
percent of respondents in three of four counties        bridges in the Zoo Interchange are in such bad
say they are in favor of toll roads to fund             condition that they must be replaced before next
transportation improvements.                            Memorial Day. WisDOT proposes to replace the
  The poll was conducted by the People Speak            bridges over a weekend in a barn-raising fashion
Poll, a collaborative effort of the Center for Urban    using pre-constructed replacement spans. The
Initiatives and Research at the University of           cost of the project is estimated to be between
Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Public Policy Forum            $12 million and $22 million. This will be the first
and The Business Journal Serving Greater                use of this accelerated construction approach in
Milwaukee. These partners plan to administer a          Wisconsin.
public opinion poll for metropolitan Milwaukee -           The new bridges will be removed and replaced
Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee again during reconstruction of the interchange,
Counties - three to four times a year.                  which is projected to start between 2014 and
  According to Anneliese Dickman, research              2016. This temporary fix is giving ammunition to
director with the Public Policy Forum, the              those who always felt the Zoo Interchange should
organization has done several transportation            have been ahead of reconstruction of I-94 south
polls in the past and this is the first time toll roads of Milwaukee on the state’s freeway repair priority
have gotten support. Not surprisingly during the        list.
current economic conditions, an increase to the           Three Wisconsin companies, Edward Kraemer
gas tax to fund transportation was not popular.         & Sons, Inc.; Lunda Construction; and Zenith
   The poll also asked about three new public           Tech, Inc., joined together as Milwaukee
transportation options currently being debated          Constructors LLC to submit the only proposal
in the region – high-speed rail connecting              for the replacement project. This is the same
Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison; commuter                team that formed Marquette Constructors LLC
rail connecting Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee           and won three major contracts on the Marquette
(KRM); and a downtown Milwaukee streetcar               Interchange reconstruction.
line. The high-speed rail proposal garners the        In August, WisDOT announced weight limits
most support in the region with over 50 percent of on the Zoo Interchange to “decrease wear and
those polled in three of the four counties in favor tear on the bridges and preserve the integrity of
of the project.                                     the structures until they can be rehabilitated or
   Visit to view the more replaced.”
information on the poll.                                  The Zoo Interchange was built in 1963 and is
                                                        the busiest interchange in Wisconsin carrying
                                                        over 350,000 cars each day.

                    Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

DNR to Regulate Ballast TDA Congratulates
Water                   WisDOT
Effective February 1, 2010, the Department of                TDA congratulates the Wisconsin Department
Natural Resources (DNR) will issue general                   of Transportation on adopting Connections
permits to regulate ballast water discharges from            2030, Wisconsin’s long-range statewide
commercial vessels that enter the state’s waters.            multimodal transportation plan. The department
  Ballast water is carried in unladen ships                  acknowledges that the system’s needs continue
to provide stability on the open seas and is                 to exceed available resources. However, as part
discharged in exchange for cargo once at port.               of the implementation phase “WisDOT will seek
Contaminated ballast water has been blamed                   funding to fully implement the plan.” TDA looks
for the spread of invasive species which leads               forward to working with WisDOT to achieve this
to the decline of native fish, an increase in algae          goal.
and a host of other environmental problems. The       Visit
Great Lakes are currently home to more than 180 state/connections2030.htm to view Connections
foreign species.                                    2030.
  Under the DNR’s new general five-year permit:
 •   Effective February 1, 2010, large commercial
     vessels are prohibited from discharging
     ballast tank sediment, seawater, and certain
     other substances. They must adopt best                  Interesting News
     management practices for handling these
     substances to reduce the risk of releasing              Coverage
     new invaders into the Great Lakes.
                                                             Milwaukee Journal Sentinel November 27, 2009
 •   By the end of 2010, DNR, with advice from               – “Working through hard times: for road worker,
     a stakeholder committee, will determine                 stimulus funds translate to vital job” http://www.
     if commercial treatment technology is         
     available to meet Wisconsin’s numerical
     ballast water discharge standards that will             USA Today November 30, 2009 – “Rush is on
     apply to oceangoing ships. Wisconsin’s                  for stimulus’s high-speed rail dollars” http://www.
     standard is proposed to be 100 times more     
     restrictive than the proposed standard for the          speed-rail-stimulus_N.htm
     International Maritime Organization (IMO).              Milwaukee CBS 58- “Zoo Interchange repairs”
     If the DNR determines the technology is not   
     feasible, the Wisconsin standard will change            National Public Radio November 22-29, “On the
     to the IMO standard.                                    road to safety”, a week-long series on highway
 •   Effective January 1, 2012, any oceangoing               safety
     vessels built on or after that date must treat          php?storyId=120593843
     their ballast water to reduce the number of             The New York Times November 6, 2009 –
     live plants, animals and organisms in it to             “Stimulus sparks scuffle among high-speed
     meet specific numerical standards that DNR              rail boosters”
     regards as appropriate protection against               gwire/2009/11/06/06greenwire-stimulus-sparks-
     introducing new invasives.                              scuffle-among-high-speed-rail-16795.html
                           Ballast continued on page 7

                     Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

Transportation in the News
  Colorado – Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is             Efficiency.pdf to view the complete study.
asking the legislature for a 6 percent increase              The Netherlands to Move to a Fee for
in transportation funding for next year. The              Kilometers Driven – Drivers in the Netherlands,
funding will come from new fees on vehicle                which is often called Holland, will soon pay a tax
registrations. The new fee program is called              for every kilometer on the road in an attempt to
FASTER or Funding Advancements for Surface                break chronic traffic congestion and cut carbon
Transportation and Economic Recovery.                     emissions. The transition will occur in 2012
   “As we all know, federal and state                     when existing taxes on vehicle purchases and
transportation revenue has been declining for             registration will be repealed and replaced with the
years, while at the same time transportation              new fee per kilometer of travel, which is roughly
demands and construction costs have been                  equivalent to 7 U.S. cents per mile. Higher
increasing. Our system of bridges, highways and           charges will be levied during rush hour and
roadways is rapidly deteriorating and becoming            travel on especially congested roads. Trucks,
a greater and greater safety concern,” said               commercial vehicles and bigger cars emitting
Governor Ritter.                                          more carbon dioxide will also be assessed a
  Under the new fee schedule, owners of cars              higher rate.
and SUVs will pay an extra $32 the first year,               Opponents have raised privacy concerns
$36.50 the second year and $41 the third year.            regarding the GPS monitoring device required
  Opponents to the FASTER plan say that now,              in every vehicle to track the time, hour and
in the middle of a recession, is just not the right       movement of each car. However, the government
time to raise fees.                                       has said the information collected will be
                                                          “legally and technically protected” and will not
  Freight Rail Fuel Efficiency – The Federal              be accessible to the government for any other
Railroad Administration (FRA) recently released a         purpose.
study showing significant improvements in freight
rail fuel efficiency over the last two decades,             Vehicle Miles Traveled Up Again - Vehicle
approximately 22 percent between 1990 and                 miles traveled (VMT) in September increased 2.5
2006.                                                     percent over 2008 levels, the largest increase
                                                          since travel stared to pick up earlier this year.
  “While all types of transportation are vital to         September is the sixth consecutive month with
the distribution of goods across the country,             an increase in VMT after five quarters of decline.
this study shows that utilizing America’s freight         VMT for the first nine months of the year is up
rail system can lead to significant fuel savings,”        .3 percent compared to the same time period in
said FRA Administrator Joseph Szabo. “The                 2008.
environmental benefits of these positive changes
over the last two decades are enormous.”                  Survey continued from page 1
  Several factors have led to this increased fuel         congressional delegation. Visit the TDA website,
efficiency including improvements in diesel-    , to see a copy of the letter
electric locomotives, increased use of double             sent to the Wisconsin delegation.
stack trains, track and signal improvements, and             The Transportation Construction Coalition
longer trains.                                            (TCC) is a partnership of 28 national associations
 Visit                  and construction unions representing hundreds of
Comparative_Evaluation_Rail_Truck_Fuel_                   thousands of individuals with an interest in federal
                                                          transportation programs.

                       Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin

Association Notes                                           Ballast continued from page 5

2010 TDA Fly-in                                               •   Effective January 1, 2014, existing
                                                                  oceangoing ships must meet these same
March 10th-11th                                                   standards for the number of organisms
                                                                  remaining in the ballast water they’ve
Every year, we present our
                                                                  treated before discharging.
case for transportation and
express appreciation for the                                  •   Lakers will not be required to treat their
efforts of our delegation.                                        ballast water to meet standards under the
Taking our message                                                current general permit. The department may
to Washington will be                                             impose discharge standards on Great Lakes
particularly important in                                         vessels in the next reissuance of the general
2010.                                                             permit.
Jobs and the economy                                          •   If the U.S. Coast Guard or the U.S.
dominate the public’s                                             Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
interest right now. There is no close                             adopts numerical standards that Wisconsin
second. The current jobless rate has made the                     regards as adequately protective, Wisconsin
country uncommonly single-minded on this point.                   will examine whether a state permit is still
We must illustrate to Congress the connection                     necessary.
between transportation investment and jobs.                   Wisconsin joins New York, Michigan and
Please join the TDA Fly-in to thank members of              Minnesota in regulating ballast water. Along
the delegation for their work and to encourage              with New York, Wisconsin will have some of the
them in their efforts to strengthen Wisconsin’s             toughest standards in the Great Lakes.
infrastructure and put Wisconsinites back to                  TDA and shipping interests have long
work.                                                       acknowledged the serious problem of invasive
Reservations are due by January 8, 2010 and                 species and have advocated for federal
full payment by January 15th.                               legislation establishing consistent national
Visit the TDA website,, for TDA
                                                            standards - rather than a patchwork of state laws
event details and any future changes in the schedule.       and regulations - and a federal research program
                                                            to develop ballast-water treatment technology.
                                                            However, Congress has been slow to act.
                                                              Visit for more information.

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