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									                                    Republic of the Philippines
                                 UNION CHRISTIAN COLLEGE
                                  City of San Fernando, La Union

                                  Office of the President



         The Union Christian College of the City of San Fernando, La Union will be
celebrating its Centennial Jubilee (100th) Foundation Anniversary on November , 2010.
This occasion will be a spectacular event highlighting its 100 years of existence through
various activities that have been organized for the occasion. We will be coming out with
a Centennial Souvenir Book that chronicles memorabilia and other programs and
activities for the past many years.

       In this regard, we would like to solicit your kind support and financial assistance
to help defray our expenses for the success of the Centennial Jubilee activities. Indeed,
we have always counted on your generous support as a partner and benefactor in putting
up UCC as a higher educational institution of academic excellence, worthy of emulation.

        Thank you very much for your open-heartedness and may the good Lord shower
on you His blessings a hundred-fold returns. I take this opportunity to invite you to grace
this special occasion when the day comes.

More power and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

                                                        Very truly yours,

                                                        REV. DR. FILEMON L. LAGON

                                    PLEDGES / DONATION

I/We are whole-heartedly giving cash amount of Php _____________________or in
check in the amount of ____________________________ as our Pledge for the UCC
Centennial Jubilee Celebration on November, 2010. Below, please check your means of
support for auditing purposes.

        ______Cash                       ______Check                   ______In Kind

Note: All checks will be in the name of Union Christian College, City of San Fernando
c/o Rev. Dr. Filemon L. Lagon.

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