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									     Gippsland Science Educators Network (GSEN)
     Wednesday, October 27 at 4.000pm
     Monash Gippsland 3W153 Tute Room 4 Gippsland Medical School

     Home of GSEN:

Sam Franzi                   Catholic Education Office (Secondary)
Patrick McCann               Flinders Christian Community College
Jenny Canovan                GAP Project                   
Erica Matthews               GAP Project                   
Steve Anderson               Gippsland Grammar             
Adam Hogan                   Kurnai College GEP Campus     
Nik Bagshaw                  Maffra Secondary College      
Dan Crowe                    Nagle College                 
John Russo                   Nagle College                 
Ian Cooke                    Nagle College                 
Dale Simmons                 Powerworks                    
Mary-lyn Draper              Traralgon College             
Deidre Tile                  Traralgon College Junior Campus

     By video link:
Luke Molan                   Mallacoota P-12 College       

Onno Van den Eynde (Vanda)   DEECD                         
Annette Young                Lowanna College               
Felicity Leahy               Lowanna College               
Jacinta Preston              Nagle College
Suzanne Farley               Lavalla College               
Mary Peatling                Catholic College Sale         
1.   Apologies:                                                                   Action
     As above
2.   Attendance:
     As above
3.   Minutes of previous meeting:
     Minutes from Establishment Meeting held September 8, 2010
     previously circulated.
4.   Appointment of meeting chair:
     Nik Bagshaw Maffra SC was appointed meeting chair. Nik thanked
     members for the opportunity to take on a new challenge and provided
     his vision for how the Network could develop, particularly around the
     geographic and time challenges.
5.   General business:

     5.1     Future meeting arrangements: It was agreed during                    Each school to nominate a
     discussion that Wednesday meetings still suited most at this stage,          core group representative
                                                                                  and alternate at next
     with a preferred 4pm start time. Monthly meetings will continue during
                                                                                  meeting. Senior and junior
     the establishment phase and will be open to all Gippsland science            campuses can each have a
     educators and lab technicians. One representative and alternate from         representative.

     each school will form a (consistent) core group; this would ensure all
     participating schools are represented, also providing the opportunity
     for all staff to access meeting information and outcomes, raise issues,
     discuss ideas, etc., from their core group representative/s.

     To enable access to as many teachers as possible some meetings will
     be held at various schools across Gippsland; this will also enable
     attending teachers to look at work samples and school facilities.

     5.3     VCAA presentation: The preferred date for the presentation           Nik will develop a social
                                                                                  media site to enable
     by VCAA’s Science Curriculum Manager, Maria James will be 1pm on
                                                                                  construction for Maria, to
     March 2 at Monash Gippsland. Maria now needs an indication from              be finalised at next
     teachers on how to structure her presentation; it was suggested that a       meeting. GAP will organise
     round table discussion could be included in the format.                      venue, and provide lunch.

     Discussion on suggested content included (i) the three strands:
     (science understanding; science inquiry skills; and science as a
     human endeavour), (ii) structure, (iii) comparison/similarities with other
     curriculums and (iv) text books.

     Note: Maria will also present at the 2011 Gippsland Secondary
     Science Educators Conference (2011GSSEC).

     It was determined that after Maria’s presentation on March 2, 2011 a         Agenda item for this
                                                                                  meeting March 2, 2011:
     GSEN meeting will be held.
                                                                                  discuss how Maria can
                                                                                  structure her session for
     Note: Nagle College and Flinders Christian Community College are
                                                                                  the 2011GSSEC.
     trialling the Australian Curriculum next year.
     5.4       New SASE unit: An overview of the proposed new science
     communication subject for delivery by the School of Applied Sciences
     and Engineering at Monash Gippsland was provided; teachers are
     asked to consider working with Jenny Mosse during the development

     5.5       Secondary mathematics sample material: Luke Molan               GAP Project will send
     Mallacoota SC, Diedre Tile Traralgon College and Patrick McCann           material to these teachers.

     Flinders Christian Community College will provide feedback on the Yr
     7-10 sample material developed by the GAP Project’s Secondary
     Mathematics program.

     5.6       2011 Events: Suggested topics:

              ICT in the Science Classroom
              Habits of Mind:
               (Maffra SC are introducing this program)
              Capacity building: creating community relationships and links
              Resources and ideas for engagement
              Engaging Yrs 7 and 8 students
              Student directed learning
              Open ended learning
              Problem based learning and
              Teacher knowledge exchange.

6.   Other business/general discussion:

     6.1       Anticipating the new curriculum: It was noted that teachers
     are holding off buying text books and planning to use electronic
     materials as an interim measure. Oxford’s Big Ideas is of high quality,
     written by experts and professionals.

     6.2       On line space: Discussion of the creation of an on line GSEN    Nik will work with John
     space: Ning, Edmodo, Facebook, Wiki, Wikispace for teachers took          Russo on creating this
     place. Ning has some limitations and are starting to charge and
     Wikiespaces provide teachers with a free upgrade to private. This
     space will enable:

              Teacher knowledge exchange
              Meetings
              Sharing of information and documents
              Chat
              Upload videos/photos
              Calendar of events

     6.3       Activity for Yr 10 students: Powerworks hosts the annual
     RACI Hartung Youth Lecture held during National Science Week. The
     event is for Yr 10 students, Yrs 11 and 12 students are welcome to
     attend. The lectures are aimed to inspire a love and fascination of
     chemistry. Powerworks is a not for profit organisation.

     6.4        Comments: The Traralgon Chapter of Rotary is not aware     GAP to ask TSE organizers
     that The Science Experience (TSE) is being run at Monash Gippsland    to update Traralgon Rotary

     in 2011.

     6.5        Teacher knowledge: Physics teacher from Traralgon SC,
     Mike Parsons was acknowledged for his work using STELR and
     creating community links and a potential speaker.

7.   Closing: In closing the meeting the Chair Nik Bagshaw thanked         Teachers will receive email
     teachers for attending and acknowledged the support of the GAP        notification of online space
     Project. To solidify meeting discussions the online space will be
     created as a priority and Nik encouraged teachers to develop their    Space now created:
     ideas for the Australian Curriculum presentation by Maria James on
     March 2, 2011, for discussion at the next meeting.

8.   Next meeting: 4pm Wednesday November 24, 2010                         Consider method of linking
                                                                           to Luke Molan at
                       Venue: Maffra Secondary College                     Mallacoota SC
                       Chair: Nik Bagshaw

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