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					                                 Serving the needs of auto body shop owners and managers since 1960                       October 2008


   First of all I want to thank everyone      This will definitely be a meeting you                      Elections
that attended our September 16th meet-        don’t want to miss!
ing. There was standing room only as              Last month we had Greg VanAuken,
Chuck Swaggert, President of D.H.I.           Labor editor for Mitchell International
                                                                                               FOr bOard POsItIOns
Equipment gave us a great presenta-           visit our store for one week to conduct             October 21, 2008
tion on the waterborne paints and what        labor time studies. We had invited Mitch-
equipment will be needed when it be-          ell International from a previous meeting          Vice President           Secretary
comes mandatory here in Michigan. The         they had held here in southern Michi-               Cheryl Blish           Carol Curtis
W.M.B.A. members would like to extend         gan a few months ago. They had many
our thanks to Chuck and his team for          studies going on all throughout the day
                                                                                               Diane Rodenhouse          Ed Trevino
their awesome presentation.                   from refinishing, door skins, saddles,
   I was trying to put together another       etc. I received a phone call from Greg
cost analysis of the paint materials as       on Wednesday, September 17th and
I had done earlier this year, however, I      he had stated that their labor time study
don’t have enough data collected yet.         confirmed that there would be an in-
I would like to point out though the          crease in the 2008 Acura TL upper tie
weighted average of one paint supplier        bar R&R time. The current labor opera-
has increased its cost on their paint over    tion allowed 2.0 hours to R&R (remove
14.5% this year alone. We cannot ab-          and replace), but now it will be changed
sorb these types of increases in any part     to 3.5 in the September update. This
of our businesses. We are constantly          change will be nationwide! He assured
bombarded with inflated and ever shift-       me that there were no reductions of any
                                                                                                  Next GeNeral
ing fuel prices however, I feel these are     kind from the studies performed here in               MeetiNG:
not nearly as detrimental as the inflat-      the West Michigan area. The study on
ing paint material costs because at least     the Acura TL was performed at Fox Col-                       tuesday,
fuel prices drop every now and again.         lision, so we (the entire collision repair                  October 21
Paint material costs have only one di-        industry) owe Todd Raible and the tech-
rection, up.                                  nicians at Fox Collision a huge thanks!                        7:00 pm
   To help manage these increases,            It’s awesome when you think that we
the W.M.B.A has invited Tom Groff, the        made changes that affected the whole                     grand Pontiac
Michigan territory manager for Mitchell       nation! It takes all of us working together
International to explain a new product        to make a difference.                                  Guest Speaker
called Refinishing Materials Calculator.          Please plan on attending our meet-                   tom groff
RMC as it is called “provides accurate        ing scheduled for Tuesday October 21st              Mitchell International
calculations for refinishing materials        at 7:00. We will be meeting at Grand
costs by incorporating a database of          Pontiac and Buick. The future of your                        rMc
over 8,500 paint codes from eight paint       association is up to you. Your vote at                 Refinishing Material
manufacturers.” The RMC can be used           this meeting will set the direction for the                 calculator
with any combination of estimating sys-       2008/2009 year.
tems and management software. With                Thank you,                                           Please give the
costs on the rise, it is now easier than          Jeff Shaffer                                         utmost respect
ever to reach the “materials cap,” we             President                                        to our guest speakers.
need a solution now more than ever.               W.M.B.A.

       Mission Statement: To provide an innovative forum for making a positive impact within the auto collision repair profession.
The Latest Minutes....                              2008 I-CAR Update                                    2008 Paid Members
                                                                                                            ADP - Audatex                  Hertz
WMBA minutes from September 16, 2008:
                                                               I-CAR News                                  Action Collision           Impact Vehicle
    The meeting was called to order Tues-              New pricing as of September 2008:                     Service Inc.            Damage Erasure
day, September 16th at 7:10 pm by Presi-                                                                    Allstar Quality      Jerry’s Body Shop Inc.
                                                 LIVE traInIng (priced per point)
dent, Jeff Shaffer. Introduction of officers                                                             Auto Glass Service      Judd’s Body Shop Inc.
were made with Jerry Jansen, Chairman            Gold Class Professionals™ & Platinum Individu-        Alpine Collision Center
                                                 al™ Discount Training Coupons - $85                                             K&M Northfield Dodge
and Cheryl Blish, Secretary present.                                                                        Altra Products            Keller Ford Kia
There were no officer reports.                   Regular Discount Training Coupon - $105
                                                                                                          Auto Care Experts       Kenowa Auto Supply
    Our guest speaker, Chuck Schweiger           At-the-Door Price (Check/Credit Card) - $145                    by Ken
                                                                                                                                  Keystone Automotive
from DHI Equipment was introduced.               WELdIng QuaLIFIcatIOn tEsts                                Auto Collision
                                                                                                                                   Koenes Auto Body
Chuck presented an interesting power             (Advanced registration & payment required.                  Service Inc.
                                                                                                                                      Kool Chevrolet
point presentation and answered many             See web site for details.)                                  Avis Budget
                                                                                                                                 LKQ of West Michigan
questions on the upcoming waterborne             class, Prep & test (steel): # of Coupons - 7, Gold               BASF
paint requirements, including pros and           Class Professionals & Platinum Individual Pric-           Berger Chevrolet            Mannes Paint
                                                                                                                                   & Body Shop, Inc.
cons, equipment and laws. He was very            ing - $595, Regular Pricing - $735                    Bob’s Collision Service
                                                                                                                                 Marz Collision Services
informative and we thank him for his in-         class, Prep & test (aluminum): # of Coupons                Borgman Ford
                                                 - 8, Gold Class Professionals & Platinum Indi-                                 Nyenhuis Collision Center
terest in our association.                                                                             Brink’s Auto Body Inc.
    Next, Ray Fisher with ASA is keeping us      vidual Pricing - $680, Regular Pricing - $840              Bruce’s Frame
                                                                                                                                     Painters Supply
                                                                                                                                    & Equipment Co.
informed on the “Mini-tort” bill, which has      retest: # of Coupons - 3, Gold Class Profes-                & Alignment
                                                                                                                                 PF3 Paint Supply, Inc.
now passed the House and is in Senate,           sionals & Platinum Individual Pricing - $255,              Burton Heights
hopefully to raise the limit from $500 to        Regular Pricing - $315                                    Body Shop Inc.            PPG Industries
                                                 Re-Qualification Test*: # of Coupons - 4, Gold                                      Pfeiffer Collision
$1500. Also discussed were Vehicle Inspec-                                                            Carborundum Adhesives -
tions at drop off, Rate Posting Disclaimers      Class Professionals & Platinum Individual Pric-               AJ Eppler               Premier Auto
                                                 ing - $340, Regular Pricing - $420                      Cardinal Equipment        & Truck Parts, Inc.
and the ongoing Anti-Steering bill.                                                                            & Service               Pro Collision
    Round Table discussions started off with     *Does not include 4 hour class.
                                                                                                         Carstar 76 Collision       of West Michigan
considering the change of our amendments         OnLInE traInIng (Priced per program.                                          Quality Auto Service Center
                                                                                                         Carstar of Rockford
in regards to a long-term director with a re-    Credit card payment only; coupons not
                                                                                                                                Quality Collision Services
newable, no limit term. A motion was made        accepted.) - $45.                                         CCC Information
                                                                                                             Services Inc.      Rodenhouse Body Shop
by Jackie Kort of Burton Heights Body to           I-CAR Upcoming Classes                              Clinton Hop & Co., Inc.         Schram Auto
make an amendment change and was                      All class times are 6pm to 10pm                   Complete Auto Glass        & Truck Parts, Inc.
seconded by Tom Shira of Finishmasters.          STA01 Cosmetic Straightening Aluminum                      Comstock Park        Schut’s Body Shop Inc.
Diane Rodenhouse of Rodenhouse Body                (English), Start Date: Oct 08, 2008, AAA                   Body Shop          Sherman & Assoc. Inc.
Shop then inquired whether we should               Insurance, Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 8 mi.                 DHI Equipment                The Shop
have a paper vote of the members before          PRA01 Replacing Exterior Aluminum                         Sales & Service           Body Shop Inc.
finalizing. It had already been discussed          Panels (English), Start Date: Oct 18,               Dunshee Body & Frame      Sports Car Specialties
with our attorneys, but Jeff will check on it.     2008, AAA Insurance, Grand Rapids, MI                Dupont Performance        Star Collision Carstar
    A vote was asked for on what direc-            49525, 8 mi.                                                Coatings          Todd Wenzel Chevrolet
tion to take with our remaining time on          SSA01 Structural Straightening                            Ed’s Body Shop           Towne & Country
the “anti-steering campaign” and was de-           Aluminum (English), Start Date: Oct 22,                   of Caledonia            Auto Body, Inc.
cided to go ahead and hit it hard.                 2008, AAA Insurance, Grand Rapids, MI                Enterprise Rent-A-Car          Toyota Scion
    The need to keep the I-Car Welding             49525, 8 mi.                                           Finishmaster, Inc.         of Grand Rapids
classes at KTC was discussed, and will           Fcr01 Fundamentals of collision repair,                 Fox Collision Center        Travis Collision
be finalized at a September 25th meeting.          Start Date: Oct 29, 2008, AAA Insurance,                 G.I. Body Shop              Vos Glass
In the meantime if anyone has an imme-             Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 8 mi.                            Grand Pontiac        Wealthy Body Shop Inc.
diate need to have someone re-qualified          DAM01 Vehicle Identification, Estimating               Greenville Car Centre       Weller Auto Parts
before KTC is ready, Jeff Shaffer is still         Systems, and Terminology, Start Date:                    Harold Zeigler               West End
able to assist you.                                Nov 12, 2008, AAA Insurance, Grand                   Chrysler-Dodge-Jeap          Body Shop, LLC
    There is still a need out there for new        Rapids, MI 49525, 8 mi.                            Harvey Cadillac Company
members on the I-Car Committee. If you           daM02 Frontal Impact analysis, Start
have time and would like to help out,              Date: Nov 19, 2008, AAA Insurance,
                                                   Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 8 mi.
please give Leo Maki a call.
    Nominations for upcoming Board posi-         daM03 Mechanical systems analysis,
                                                   Start Date: Dec 03, 2008, AAA Insurance,
tions were made as follows:
                                                   Grand Rapids, MI 49525, 8 mi.
    Jeff Shaffer made all nominations ac-
cording to offers received from persons          daM04 restraints, Interior, glass, side and
                                                   rear Impact analysis, Start Date: Dec 10,
willing to run for office.                         2008, AAA Insurance, Grand Rapids, MI
secretary                                          49525, 8 mi.
    Jeff nominated Ed Trevino of Borgman
                                                 daM05 aluminum Panels and structures
Ford/Mazda, and was seconded by Jack-              Damage Analysis, Start Date: Dec 17,
ie Kort of Burton Heights Body.                    2008, AAA Insurance, Grand Rapids, MI
                         continued on page 4       49525
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                                                                                               Phone: 248-467-6275 Fax: 248-328-9318
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                                                                                                  7737 Groveland Road Holly, MI 48442
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                                                                                                 Paint Booths /Spot and Mig Welding Equipment
                                                                                                                 Prep Stations / Mix Rooms / Solvent Recyclers
                                                                                                                Spot and Mig Welding Equipment
                                        Minutes con’t. from page 2                    2008 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                           Jeff nominated Carol Curtis of Wealthy
                                        Body Shop and was seconded by Ron            Jeff Shaffer Pfeiffer Collision ...........616-940-8950
  UPCOMING EVENTS                       VanDyke of Kool Chevrolet.                   Vice-President
                                        Vice President                               Jeff Brink Grand Pontiac .................616-901-8651
    OctObEr MEEtIng                        Jeff nominated Diane Rodenhouse of        Secretary
                                        Rodenhouse Body Shop and was second-         Cheryl Blish Star Collision .............616-364-6222
    Tuesday, October 21                 ed by Scott Baker of Pfeiffer Colllision.    Treasurer
       Guest Speaker                       Jeff nominated Cheryl Blish of Star       Joanne Victory, Judd’s Body Shop ...616-878-1562
                                        Collision Carstar and was seconded by        Chairperson
         tom groff                                                                   Jerry Jansen, Jerry’s Body Shop .....616-681-9306
                                        Jerry Jansen of Jerry’s Body Shop.
    Mitchell International                 Ballots will be sent out and can be
     RMC - Refinishing                  faxed to Jeff at Pfeiffer Collision or you
                                                                                       WMBA Committee Listing
     Material Calculator                can vote at the October meeting.
                                           This year’s Christmas Party is set to       Special Events:
                                        be held on Thursday, December 4th at           Scott Baker.................................. 616-940-8950
                                        Sayfees. More information from Scott
                                                                                       Bill Lentner .................................. 248-467-6275
                                        Baker will follow.                             Education Committee:
          All Events (unless noted)
                                           Old Business and New Business were          Open ...........................................
          to be held at Grand Pontiac   moved to next month due to the lateness
          and begin at 7:00pm           of the meeting.
                                                                                              WMBA MAILING LIST
                                           A motion to adjourn was made by Scott
                                                                                          ADDRESS/NAME CORRECTIONS
                                        Baker and seconded by Jim Kilborne of
                                        Burton Heights Body.                                       ATTENTION!!
                                           Respectfully submitted,                   We need your help! We’re trying to update/
                                           Cheryl A. Blish, Secretary                correct our mailing list. If you or anyone
                                                                                     you know have noticed errors or would
                                                                                     like to add/delete please call Scott Baker
                                                                                     at 616-940-8950.

WMBA        PO Box 2879
            Grand Rapids, MI

               M emb sed
         rtant     nclo
   I mpo ation E

                                                                                                                           s ide date
                                                                                                                      k In      Up
                                                                                                                 Loo I-CAR
Address Correction Requested                                                                                    Lat

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