Multi-Core Appliance for Demanding Networks Endian Firewall Macro by wuxiangyu


									                                                                                          Endian Firewall Macro

Multi-Core Appliance for Demanding Networks
Endian Firewall Macro is a high-performance unified threat management (UTM) appliance that offers high speed network protection and
content inspection. Featuring the latest Intel Multi-Core Technology and advanced networking functionality, the Macro delivers a comprehen-
sive security solution for demanding network environments. Integrated security services such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway
anti-virus, anti-spam, web security and email content filtering offer granular protection in a single appliance, reducing management time and
costs. Endian designed the Macro to meet the needs of Medium- and Large-Businesses requiring a highly available and powerful appliance,
assuring proactive network security.

High Availability                   Load Balancing                   Web Content Security
Integrated high availability,
clustering and hard disk mirro-
                                    Multiple Endian Firewalls
                                    work together to share their
                                                                     The Web Content Security
                                                                     module provides an intelligent
                                                                                                              H i g hli ghts
ring (RAID) features ensure the     loadshare their load, offering   multi-layered content filter to
                                                                                                                Comprehensive unified
maximum reliability for your        enhanced scalability and pro-    restrict any undesired or harm-
                                                                                                                threat management
network infrastructure              cessing power for large net-     ful content.                               protects your entire network
                                    works with high traffic loads                                               and optimizes traffic flows
                                                                                                                High performance with
                                                                                                                multi-core processing
                                                                                                                power and gigabit Ethernet
                                                                                                                Mail and web protection
P ro d u ct com p a r si o n                                         Per for mance                              with multi-layered applica-
                                                                                                                tion level filters
                                                                       Suggested Users*                         Always up-to-date with
           Suggested number of Users                                   50-250                                   latest anti-spam, anti-spy-
                                                                       Firewall Throughput*                     ware, anti-virus and content
                                                                       1,0 Gbps                                 filtering services
    Mini   5-25
                                                                       Concurrent Connections*                  Centralized management
                                                                       1.000.000                                and provisioning through
 Mercury          10-100
                                                                                                                Endian Network
                                                                       VPN Throughput*
                                                                       250 Mbps                                 Easy configuration and
  Macro                           50-250                                                                        management of advanced
                                                                       E-Mails per day*                         security services
Macro X2                                                 50-500                                                 Industrial strength hard-
                                                                     * Throughput rates, Suggested Users        ware offers the best
                                                                       and E-Mails/day will vary depending      reliability on the market
                                                                       on environment and configuration
                                                                       (activated proxies, VPN connections,
                                                                       IDS and Application Level Filters)
                                                                                                   Endian Firewall Macro

Feat u res
Network Security                                           VPN                                           WAN Failover
     Stateful Packet Firewall                                   True SSL/TLS VPN (OpenVPN)                    Automatic WAN Uplink Failover *
     Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)                                   IPSEC                                         Monitoring of WAN Uplinks *
                                                                Encryption; DES, 3DES, AES 128-,              VPN Failover *
     Intrusion Detection
                                                                192-, 256-bit
     Multiple Public IPs
                                                                Authentication: Pre-Shared Key, X.509,   Network Address Translation
     Traffic Shaping                                            Certification Authority, Local                Static NAT (Port Translation)
     VoIP/SIP support                                           PPTP Passthrough                              One-to-One NAT
     Portscan Detection                                         Native VPN Client for MS Windows,             IPSec NAT Traversal
     DoS and DDoS Protection                                    MacOSX and Linux
     SYN/ICMP Flood Protection                                                                           Routing
     Anti-Spoofing Protection                              Hotspot
                                                                                                              Static Routes
                                                                Captive Portal                                Source Based Routing
Web Security                                                    Wired/Wireless support                        Destination Based Routing
                                                                Pre-/Post-paid and free Tickets
     HTTP & FTP proxies
                                                                Integrated RADIUS service
     Anti-virus (100.000+ patterns)
                                                                Connection Logging                       Logging/Reporting
     Transparent Proxy support                                                                                Live Log Viewer (AJAX based) *
                                                                No additional software/hardware
     Content Analisys/Filtering                                                                               Detailed User Based Web Access Report
     URL Blacklist                                                                                            Network/System/Performance Statistics
     Authentication: Local, RADIUS, LDAP,                                                                     Syslog: Local or Remote
     Active Directory                                      Management
     NTLM Single Sign-On                                        Easy Web-based Administration (SSL)
                                                                Secure Remote SSH/SCP Access             Updates and Backup
     Group Based Access Control
                                                                Serial Console                                Centralized Updates through
                                                                Centralized Management through                Endian Network
Mail Security                                                                                                 Anti-virus Definitions
                                                                Endian Network (SSL)
     SMTP & POP3 proxies                                                                                      URL Blacklist Definitions
     Anti-spam with Bayes, Pattern, SPF,                                                                      Scheduled Automatic Backup
     Heuristics, Black- and White-lists support
                                                           High Availability                                  Encrypted Backups via E-mail
     Anti-virus (100.000+ patterns)                             Multi-Node Appliance Cluster *                Instant Recovery/Backup to USB-Stick *
     Transparent Proxy support                                  Hot Standby (active/passive) *
     Spam Auto-Learning                                         Load Balancing (active/active) *
     Transparent Mail Forwarding (BCC) *                        Node Data/Configuration *
     Greylisting                                                Synchronization *                        * Available with the 2.2 release

Ha rd wa re s p ec i f i c a ti o n s
      Case                           Rack 19“ 1 U                                      Dimension (HxWxD)            44mm x 430mm x 307mm
      Power                          Internal 300 Watt                                 LCD Display                  Yes
      Memory                         2048 MB                                           PCI Slots                    1
      Ethernet                       7 x 10 /100/1000 Mbps                             Hardware Warranty            24 months *
      Harddisk                       2 x 60 GB (RAID1)                                 Certifications               FCC/CE/ROHS
      Cooling                        Fans

* Advanced Maintenance extends the Hardware Warranty for the Subscription Period

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