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					    The Urantia Book Fellowship International Conference 2011
         The University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UTAH

                                      July 26 - 30, 2011

                                  Beloved Friends,

                                  I am delighted to welcome you to The Urantia Book Fellowship’s
                                  thirteenth Triennial International Conference. What blessings are in
                                  store for us!

                                  The joy of being in the company of so many good people who are
                                  actively engaged in the spiritual path is something to cherish.
                                  Conference Chair Susan Cook has worked diligently for the past three
                                  years to create an unforgettable experience for us this week. I ask you
                                  to join me in a moment of appreciation for Susan, her program chair
                                  Emilio Coppola, and the dozens of volunteers who have worked so
                                  tirelessly to bring us together in Salt Lake City this summer.
our conference theme, Revelation in Action, intrigue and inspire me. True religion must act, so
revelation in action is truly where the rubber meets the road. Our theme describes the application of
love through service. How can we best serve our Father, Mother, the Supreme, our planet, the
community of believers, and the people in our lives?

Jesus’ religion consisted not merely in believing, but in actually doing, those things which the gospel
requires. Adjuster contact is facilitated by wholehearted and loving service in unselfish ministry to
one’s fellow creatures. It makes perfect sense to me that this is so. Through service, we emulate
God, who serves us so faithfully. By serving others, we become more aligned with the universe
principles that uphold all reality.

I pray that our gathering here in Salt Lake City will deepen our relationships, bring new friends into
our lives and motivate us to continuously greater service. May the inspiration and joy we experience
this week linger in our minds to encourage us to untiring service in our lives, our homes, and our

Michelle Klimesh, President
The Urantia Book Fellowship
Conference Hours and Other Useful Information

Registration for IC‘11            Tuesday, July 26            3:00 - 9:00 P.M.
Location: Guesthouse Hotel

Opening Night Reception                         Tuesday 7:00 – 10:00 P.M.
Location: Commander’s House

Sponsored by the Youth and Young Adult Committee
Funded by: The Northern Light Society, the Oklahoma Society, the Pilot Light Society, and
the Rocky Mountain Spiritual Fellowship. We thank you so much for your support!

Urantia Book Store Hours
Location: The Heritage Center

      Wednesday         Noon – 10:00 P.M.
      Thursday & Friday Noon – 8:00 P.M.
      Saturday          Noon – 6:00 P.M.

(The bookstore will be broken down beginning at 5:00 P.M. Saturday. All inventory must be

Friends of Bill W.
Daily from 5:00 – 6:00 in Heritage Center – Meeting Room 2A

Information Booths
Location: Just outside The Urantia Fellowship Bookstore

The Outreach Committee
The Urantia Historical Society
The Urantia Book Club
The Urantia Book Fellowship
The YaYA Committee
The Joshua ben Joseph Project
The Garden Project
Urantia University
Spiritual Vitamins
The Education Committee
Youth and Young Adult Committee
Cafeteria Hours
Monday to Saturday
      Breakfast:   6:30 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.
      Lunch:       11:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
      Dinner:      4:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.
      Brunch:      10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.
      Dinner:      4:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.

Heritage Center Convenience Store Hours
      Monday to Friday: 8:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.
      Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Chapel Hours        Wednesday to Saturday: 8:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.

      Divine Meditation: A quiet time to rest in stillness with our loving heavenly Father
      will be held twice daily from 7:30-8:00 A.M. and 5:00-5:30 P.M. in the Chapel.

Children‘s Program Hours
For children 5 to 13 years of age
Wednesday & Thursday: 8:00 A.M - Noon           1:00 – 5:00 P.M
Friday is the ―light‖ day - no Children‘s Program!
Saturday:                    8:00 A.M. – Noon   1:00 – 5:00 P.M.
                        The Work of the Urantia Book
                           Fellowship Committees

The Education Committee is Alive and Well!
The universe is an ―enormous training school‖ (37:10.6) and The Urantia Book is a superb training
manual for the start of our universe career. The mission of the Education Committee is to ―foster the
in-depth study of The Urantia Book by sponsoring gatherings of students and by providing study
resources centered on universe educational ideals of encouraging the development of student-
teachers.‖ See our website:

We are currently planning the Fellowship Summer Study Session on Progressive Planetary
Civilization, to take place August 1-6, 2012 at Techny Towers near Chicago, Illinois. See our
website or the ad in this brochure.

Among our activities is the presentation of seminars using the pedagogy of ―Intelligent
Conversation,‖ such as one on ―Comparative Religion and The Urantia Book,‖ conducted by two of
our members earlier this year in Florida. We are eager to work with any group interested in
education and we are willing to travel to present seminars and conduct presentations. Contact us at: or
The Finance Committee Needs YOU

The Finance Committee’s main missions are to bring in enough money each year to meet
the Fellowship’s annual budget, manage the budgeting process to see that each committee
has the funds it needs to perform its chosen service projects and further the dissemination of
the Urantia Book and its teachings.

Our main source of funding comes from donations, which account for 75% of our annual
income (16% from investment income and 9% from Urantia Book and secondary works
sales). Over the past four years about 400 different folks have donated over $1,000,000 in
support of The Fellowship’s work. During the same time, we have managed these funds
through a strict budgeting and project accountability process, as good stewards should. Each
year we have managed to keep a little of our funds to grow on, and today we have a little
over $1,000,000 in assets, mostly in cash and cash equivalents.

Our most successful donation idea ever is our auto-debit program which was originally
conceived and set up by my predecessor and past Fellowship president, Robert Burns. These
days we average about $7,000 per month from dedicated folks donating $20 or more from
their credit cards each month. Even through the past three years of depression and financial
crisis here in the U.S., our stalwart donors held fast and kept us going. For certain, there are
many more potential auto donors to be signed up in the years to come.

However, what we need most now and into the immediate future is new leadership, as I will
be retiring from my six-year role as Chair of Finance at the end of next year. There are
many ways we can improve our fund raising efforts as we move into this new decade, and I
trust the angels will bring forth the right person for this undertaking.

God Bless,
John Hay – Chair, Finance Committee
The Interfaith Committee in the Trenches
I love the world of Interfaith and it’s my privilege to work with many faiths over the nation
and globe. The projects our team has been involved with have been fulfilling and
heartening. The Interfaith Committee has been successful at integrating The Urantia Book
teachings into our local Interfaith Councils. Our Fellowship brand is recognizable and we’re
asked to speak often. We also work at the national level every year and are well known by
members of the North American Interfaith Network and United Religions Initiative - the
most notable interfaith councils in the country. We even sit on the board of directors of

We have offered an on-line course that teaches us how to dialogue with different faiths.
Instead of converting them, we want to accept and have conversations with them to deepen
our understanding of them, and their understanding of us.

We have a road show called ―The Big Questions‖ Workshop where we take questions such
as, ―Is there a God?‖ ―Is there Heaven?‖ and so forth, and explore them using material from
The Urantia Book. These workshops go outside our own Urantia Book Community and
take place at conferences, at universities, and communities. These workshops are gratifying
to say the least. In one instance, presenting the workshop to a local interfaith organization
has resulted in the formation of a new Urantia Book study group requested by members of
the local organization, including two members of the clergy.

We are in the process of applying for NGO affiliate status with the United Nations. If this
application is approved, we will have representation on the Committee of Religious NGOs
and other UN bodies focused on worldwide religious pluralism and spirituality. The
Urantia Book will take its place at the table with representatives of all the major faith
communities in the world, and we will become known to them. The quality of our
representation will determine the degree to which we are respected and appreciated.

Our challenge has been getting the support of local readers in our Urantia Book
communities. The work that makes a difference is a commitment to local interfaith councils
– working shoulder to shoulder with them on projects that are service related. The respect
that we have gained by doing this work is tangible. If we could get representation in every
city and town where we have Urantia Book readers we would make serious headway.

We need you. If you love the world of interfaith, help us spread the Urantia teachings to the
world stage. Add yourself or your Urantia Fellowship community to the world of interfaith.
It’s simple but requires a little work. Contact Interfaith Chair Susan Cook at if you would like to get involved. We’ll share our experience with you
and even come to you if you’d like to know more about our ―Big Questions‖ Workshop and
want to present in your community. Susan Cook – Interfaith Chair
The International Committee around the Globe
The International Fellowship Committee (IFC) is mandated by the Constitution of The
Urantia Book Fellowship to do three awesome tasks: 1) to disseminate, promote the
knowledge of, and teachings therein of The Urantia Book outside the USA; 2) to assist and
foster communities of local readers in foreign countries; and 3) secure funds for the
translation of the English text into various other languages.

To help fulfill these tasks, each year the IFC receives a budget approved by the Executive
Committee. For instance, the IFC submitted a budget proposal in 2010 to support our
projects in 2011 on several continents or large regions of the world.

A large portion of our funds is used in Latin America for the many Spanish cultures. The
interest in El Libro de Urantia in countries ―south of the border‖ is both enormous and

Much of this interest is the direct result of the Spanish author J.J. Benitez (lovingly referred
to by Saskia Praamsma as ―JJ the Baptist‖) who wrote many popular books on the missing
years in the life of Jesus as well as on extraterrestrial phenomena.

This widespread interest in El Libro prompted the Executive Committee and the General
Council to approve the Spanish Readers Services (SRS) position – with pay. Agustin
Arellano initially held the position, now held jointly by Dolores Nice (California) and
Nelida Oliver (Ecuador/Argentina). Over the years, we’ve had many conferences, book
fairs, and excursions in Mexico and many countries in Central and South America, and
currently have a conference scheduled in Guayaquil, Ecuador (September 14 – 18, 2011).
Step out of your comfort zone and come along!

Earlier this year Charlene Morrow and Buck and Arlene Weimer travelled to the Kolkata
(Calcutta), India Book Fair to set-up and ―man‖ the Urantia Book Fellowship booth
(January 26 - February 6). A report and pictures are available upon request. It was long
and sometimes grueling but uplifting and enlightening at the same time - with a hundred
tales to tell as we sold, donated, and gifted a multitude of books. One college professor
bought 13 copies of Jesus A New Revelation for study in his classroom. We had a booth at
the 2008 New Delhi Book Fair, also, and will most likely go to another book fair
somewhere in India.

After leaving Kolkata, India we traveled north to Kathmandu, Nepal where arrangements
had been made by Yuyutsu Sharma (you may remember him as the poet who did a reading
in Los Angeles at IC’08). His wife, Shreejana, picked us up at the airport and took us to
their White Lotus Book Shop where we met their daughter and son – Sukrity and Yugank.
We stayed at the home of Rendell and Teresa Day, Christian missionaries who had
previously spent more than 13 years in Malawi, Africa. Urantia Books were added to the
White Lotus Book Shop and donated to two of the largest libraries in Kathmandu.

In 2006, we traveled to Zambia, Africa for a well-attended conference and visited most
major communities to place The Urantia Book in libraries. Afterward we made a short
excursion into South Africa. In 2009, we made a major trip to South Africa and began to
see it as perhaps the cornerstone for the Revelation in all of Africa. We held two
conferences – one in Johannesburg and one in Cape Town - and saw the interest in The
Urantia Book grow from its humble beginnings during the 1999 Parliament of the World’s
Religions where Paula Thompson, Marvin Gawryn and other Fellowship stalwarts
maintained a Urantia Book booth and spread many fruitful seeds. We have a book
fair/conference in Ghana scheduled for November 1- 6 this year to support a burgeoning
readership there. Norman Ingram and several committee members will be there. Will you,

Our most recent journey to fulfill our constitutional mission was to Korea - our third
consecutive year joining the Seoul readers at The Urantia Book Fellowship booth. Each
year seemed to build on the previous year until a larger sense of community has emerged.
Especially notable is the growing involvement of female readers. As an experienced
proprietor of his own business, Sy Chang became a very effective coordinator of the Urantia
Book activities at the book fair while maintaining a thorough accountability of funds. He
has also been responsible for many translations, especially of secondary works and website
viewings. South Korea will be the launching pad for the Revelation in Asia, especially with
the Japanese and Chinese translations looming.

Our committee members agree the translation of the entire Urantia Book into another
language is beyond our scope of experience and expertise, so we have concentrated on
secondary works. The Fellowship and the IFC are directly responsible for providing the
funds for, and shepherding through the printing of Mary Ebben Livingston’s Urantia Book
Basics translated into Spanish (1st and 2nd editions), Korean, and 75% completed into French.
The Portuguese version is also available, translated and printed by Dr. Elyr dos Santos Silva
in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We also funded the INDEX de El Libro de Urantia, put together by
Marcelino Ramirez and facilitated by Agustin Arellano. The committee has helped
distribute other secondary works in Spanish and in the Urdu language.

The physical, intellectual, and spiritual experiences acquired while in global service to the
Revelation via the IFC is beyond words; the relationships fostered and developed over the
years in other cultures is enriching and causes us all to grow cosmically and is also beyond
our scope of comprehension – though we are certain of their eternal value. Perhaps, just
perhaps, we may have caused a small crease of a smile on the angels working with us to
guard and facilitate the growth of this most wonderful Revelation. The International
Fellowship Committee can have as many adjunct members as we like, so please join us.
You can participate at any level – from the actual traveling to foreign lands to being a ―UB
Buddy‖ by corresponding with someone from another culture.

Buck Weimer, Chair
Charlene Morrow
Dolores Nice
Cristina Seaborn
The Lovely Adjuncts

A Note from your Publications Committee

Do you shudder when you see a misspelled word? Does the misplacement of an apostrophe
upset you? If so, the Publications Committee of the Fellowship needs you. The Publications
Committee produces one Fellowship Herald and two ―Mighty Messengers‖ every year, and
we need talented people who love words and structure to help us accomplish our work. Our
goal is to communicate to all of our readers news, events and gatherings that happen
throughout the year.

We are always busy. Articles for the Herald come in throughout the year, and collecting
pictures and news items for the ―Mighty Messenger‖ is a constant effort. As a member or
adjunct of this committee you will receive a copy of the articles for your review and editing
suggestions. We also appreciate help in finding new authors and contributors for both

If you would like to work with us, please contact me at

Linda Buselli, Chair
YaYA - Youth and Young Adult Committee (Tony Finstad, Teuvo Orjala, Mae
Thompson, and Angie Thurston)

For the first time in our International Conference history, a slate of workshops will be
presented by and for youth, young adults, and families. The YaYA Committee, a new
adjunct committee of the Outreach Committee, helped to create and select this
programming. All YaYA workshops are designated on the website and in the printed
program with this symbol: [insert symbol]

We on the YaYA Committee are eager to connect with you at IC'11 to help develop our
goals. We will facilitate a workshop on Wednesday afternoon to share our current projects
and discuss our short-term and long-range visions. We encourage you to participate in this
workshop and approach any of us with your thoughts throughout the week.

We are also accepting new members! Apply to join us in advancing the Fellowship's efforts
toward a family-friendly community that reaches out to successive generations.
Applications to join or volunteer for the YaYA Committee are available at the conference
and on the Urantia Now website,
IC‘11 Fine Arts Extravaganza

 ―Art is mortal morontia, the intervening field between man, the material, and man, the spiritual.‖
                                    The Urantia Book (195:7.15)

THE COSMIC ART GALLERY is the centerpiece of the Fine Arts Extravaganza at IC’11. In
addition to hosting an international selection of two and three-dimensional artwork, the Cosmic Art
Gallery will present an interactive collection of digital art and video projections, poetry, music, open
mic, and listening stations all working together to create a multimedia experience of WORSHIP

Throughout the conference week, afternoon workshops will be offered in the Cosmic Art Gallery
with the express purpose of nurturing self-expression and releasing the inherent creative abilities in
each participant.

               Afternoon Art Gallery Workshop Schedule
Mongolian Chant

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 27th 1:00 P.M.
Hosted by: Phil Geiger

A Morontia Art & Music Experience

Date/Time: Thursday, July 28th 1:30 - 3:00 P.M.
Hosted by: Richard Omura

The Joshua ben Joseph Project

Date/Time: Saturday, July 30th 3:00 P.M.
Hosted by: David Kantor

Calling All Angels!

Date/Time: Saturday, July 30th 1:30 - 3:00 P.M.
Hosted by: Patrick Yesh

Poetry & Comedy Showcase

Date/Time: Saturday, July 30th     3:30 - 5:00 P.M.
Hosted by: K. Brendi Poppel
IC‘11 Fine Arts Extravaganza

                                    Special Occasions

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 7:00 - 10:00 P.M.
Location: The Cosmic Art Gallery

We cordially invite you to join us for a salon-style evening of entertainment and fine art. Urantian
artists, musicians, dancers, and poets will present an impressive program of performances. We will
also be holding a tribute to honor the life and art of Pat Fearey. The Gala will close with a
presentation and prayer circle led by our beloved friend, fellow, and international Reggae star, Pato

Friday, July 29th, 2011 8:30 - 9:30 P.M.
Location: The Post Theater

Prepare yourself for a unique religious experience. Intuitive and spontaneous painting, poetry,
music, and dance will blend seamlessly in a multimedia environment of communion, meditation,
prayer, and worship in honor of our Creator and our beautiful universe of universes. Calling all
musicians to bring your instruments with you to this creative and free-form cosmic mass. Don’t miss
this experience!!

Saturday, July 30th, 2011 7:00 - 10:00 P.M.
Location: The Gazebo and Field Lawn

Come one, come all, and let's have a ball!!! After the Saturday evening banquet concludes, put on
your dancing shoes and join us under the stars for a COSMIC COSTUME BALL, BARN DANCE,
& SWING SET featuring our house band, Love n’ Light. Which supernal personality or cosmic
concept from The Urantia Book will you come dressed as? Prizes and surprises will be awarded for
the most inspired and outrageous costumes.

The IC’11 Fine Arts Committee consists of Patrick Yesh, Justin Michael, K. Brendi Poppel, and Charles
“Chick” Montgomery.
                     Workshops & Presentations
Wednesday, July 27
Plenary Session: Libby, Gardner Hall                          8:30 – 11:00 A.M.

Wednesday, July 27
      Workshops                                               1:00 – 2:30 P.M.

Morontia Mota 101
Presenters: Tom & Karen Allen
Location: Officers Club - East

      Have you ever wondered what it was like to die and go to heaven, be awakened on
      Mansion World #1, and join fellow former Urantians as you enjoy the tutelage of
      angels and friends discovering enhanced Mota comprehension of the universe? A
      shadowy taste of the afterlife and matriculation through a Mansion World University
      are yours if you want to enjoy this workshop of humor, fun, hard work and
      imagination. Find exhilarating ways to grow cosmically as you compare human
      philosophy and your newly acquired yet feeble glimpses of Morontia Mota.

Business, Community and Responsibility: Changing the Planetary Culture
Presenter: Tim Hobbs
Location: Heritage Center – Meeting Room 2A

      Urantia Book Readers are in a unique position, not only because they understand the
      concept of Light and Life and know it’s coming, but because we are early adopters of
      the teachings, we can truly have an effect on that far and distant future. This
      presentation discusses how we can change the future by our actions today; and how
      we can repair what was damaged during the Rebellion. The focus will be on Industry
      and Trade and what we can do to help each other support the Urantia Revelation,
      shape Light and Life, and fix what was broken.
TRUTHSEEKERS: A Project of Creative Dissemination
Presenters: Tom Choquette and Fred Harris
Location: Officers Club - North

      Several years ago a small group of us started working on a system that had the
      potential of introducing the ―divine pattern‖ that has been revealed to us from our
      revelation to youth and young adults both within and without our community. We
      know that we have been commissioned to spread the teachings of The Urantia Book.
      Truthseekers work on developing the inner urge of the young individual to love,
      forgive, and serve. We assist young people in choosing values that they want to
      incorporate in to their lives, give them methods for consciously integrating those
      values, and create a community that upholds and supports their journey into spiritual
      awareness. Come join us on a journey that will explore our past, share what we are
      doing in the present, and delve into the mystery of where Truthseekers is headed in
      the future.

Epochal Service: Understanding the Context of Michael‘s Bestowal
Presenter: David Kantor
Location: Officers Club - South

      The workshop will consist of a formal presentation interspersed with participatory
      discussion. The purpose of the workshop is to help participants reach a deeper
      understanding of the core revelation which Jesus attempted to proclaim ―the nature
      of the Kingdom of Heaven.‖ This workshop is designed to give participants
      additional conceptual tools enabling them more fully to engage in this dissemination
      task which the Master repeatedly asked his followers to pursue. Discussion will
      focus on ways in which we might more effectively develop a productive interface
      between the fifth epochal revelation and evolutionary religion.

Education in The Urantia Book: Expanding our Views
Presenter: Marilynn Kulieke
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2B

      Educational practice has been changing very rapidly over the last thirty years. With
      the advent of new technologies and teaching techniques, the world has been in a
      technological and psychological free-fall that has taken over the primary ways that
      we learn. This presentation will examine quotes about education from The Urantia
      Book and discuss how they might be applied to this brave new world. We will also
      discuss some of the implications from the current brain research and how we might
      use them to up-step our outreach efforts.
      Sponsored by the Education Committee
Urantia Now!
Presenter: Teuvo Orjala
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room 2

The time to reach Urantia is NOW! Hundreds and soon thousands of young readers are
coming forth with a desire to take the Urantia movement to the next level. With the new
Urantia Now website we have a home base for communication and taking action steps
towards building our community. It is an incredibly exciting time to be a young reader and
help create the structure and foundation on which generations to come can work from. Join
me and other young readers in a workshop about what’s already been accomplished and
what’s possible.

Tithe your Talents
Presenter: Steve Sawyer
Location: Post Theater

      Learn to serve others as you are, to drop the monogrammed bags you have carried
      most of your life which never belonged to you and forgive those who told you to
      carry them. Learn to tithe your talents and leave your indelible love-mark on the
      evolving Supreme Being. Stephen Sawyer's ministry, ART for GOD, consists of
      paintings and stories which reflect the Life and Teachings of Jesus, and they have
      impacted and served millions of people around the world since 1995. He has
      personally learned that God’s arms are wide open to those who will serve, especially
      when they don’t feel qualified.

Spiritual Engineering: The New Science for Happiness and Extraordinary Relationships
Presenters: Tom & Patricia Strawser
Location: Officers Club – West

      The purpose of this presentation is to inspire you as to how living the revelation, has
      illuminated our minds to create this program. We will share the challenges we’ve
      experienced and the decisions - emotional, financial, networking- we’ve faced to
      bring this new technology into existence. Spiritual Engineering combines
      groundbreaking techniques that harmonize intelligent spirituality, science, and
      psychology to access the infinite spiritual power residing within each person. It
      applies teachings from The Urantia Book and twelve-step program, coupled with a
      practical, engineering approach which offers concrete answers that transform lives.
Experiential Deity and Creature Freewill
Presenter: William Wentworth
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room 1

      The separation of the Infinite One from the Infinitude brings Absolute reality into
      being, and this encapsulates all possibilities (potentials) which are fully expressed
      (actuals). God, as original First Source, sets out to extend and grow this reality by
      arranging for experiential deity, the Supreme and Ultimate, to incorporate the
      experience of freewill creatures as this is the only source of growth which is not
      already expressed in absolute reality. In doing this, God the Father projects a family
      of children who are eventually able to consort with Him as absolute, where He does
      not have to attenuate His presence in order to be understood. In this sense, absolute
      deity has extended "complete" absoluteness, and creatures interact with God as he
      really is.

Wednesday, July 27                                               3:00 – 4:30 P.M.
A Bevy of Women: A Gathering
Presenters: Sara Blackstock and Marilyn O'Neill-Eash
Location: Officers Club - South

      A gathering of women - old, young, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, widows,
      married, single - women who are dedicated to working with the Universe Mother
      Spirit; women who want to explore and share how our revelation works in us,
      through us, and around us; and women who reach IN to heal ourselves, and OUT to
      heal our neighborhoods, communities, and our planet. Please bring an offering of a
      favorite story about yourself, about another woman; a poem; a song; a dance; a
      prayer, or a special gift to give to the other women such as a technique for relaxation
      or meditation.

Preparing the Path: Projecting Higher Values into your Action
Presenters: Kaye Cooper (Sharon Lanier assisting)
Location: Officers Club - North

      Preparing the Path techniques enable us to manage our lives toward spiritual goals.
      We identify the specific higher values needed for the near future - everyday activities,
      upcoming events, or service opportunities. Then we reinforce these values within us
      so that we can meet life’s challenges with confidence, calmness and receptivity to the
      spirit’s leading. Participants will be able to try out the techniques presented. (Part 1-
      Clearing the Clutter is part 2.)
Throw in Your Lot with the Young, Part I: Nourishing a New Generation of
Truthseekers in Education
Presenter: John Creger
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2B

      Hungry to serve in the planetary uplift? Nice! Consider allowing the spirit to hook
      you up with young people who hunger too. Too rarely nourished in school or out,
      their souls fill our classrooms. Help them discover the advanced truth they seek and
      find your purpose along the way as a classroom teacher. You begin this two-part
      interactive workshop with your own self-discovery in an award-winning learning
      experience with a nationally-recognized English teacher. The Personal Creed
      Project, based on a model of deepened learning synthesized from the Urantia Book,
      is generating enthusiasm in classrooms around the country. Creating your own
      personal creed in Part I, you discover why.

The Enneagram and Spiritual Transformation
Presenter: Gard Jameson
Location: Heritage Center – Seminar Room 1

      The Enneagram is an ancient system promoting self-awareness and the appreciation
      of personality. Its teaching provides an archetypal sensitivity to the patterns
      associated with personality and its growth. Nine different personality types reveal
      the depths and heights of personal expression and creativity. Come explore your
      own typology as a gateway to transformation.

Health and Vitality for Spiritual Living
Presenter: Elizabeth A. Jones
Location: Officers Club - East

      This workshop will focus on holistic health by tapping into the wisdom of The
      Urantia Book from the Garden of Eden to Jesus. Their suggestions of using herbs,
      nutrition, and essential oils as preventative medicine can be used for our present
      time. Many humble plants offer us ways to overcome infection, depression, toxicity,
      and hormonal imbalances. Since they are gifts of the Universe, they provide healing
      with no side effects. We will experience LIVE essential oils, herbal tinctures, and
      nutrition. These natural habits will give us a solid foundation to be vibrant
      ambassadors for Michael.
The Study Group as Sacred Space – Integrating Mind and Spirit in Social Service
Presenter: James Woodward
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

       Study groups can serve as both classroom and sanctuary when structured as a
      holistic ministry to all souls. New models are service oriented and integral: dynamic
      as to facts, intriguing as to meanings, and inspiring as to values. This style fosters
      greater appreciation of revelatory details, encourages freedom of wonder, and
      promotes personal growth; sacred space is a learning and loving model that
      emphasizes spiritual enrichment. Study groups that integrate these dynamics thrive
      in the teachings and are attractive to new readers. Start-up and general management
      will also be addressed.

Meet The Youth and Young Adult Committee of The Urantia Book Fellowship!
Presenters: Tony Finstad, Teuvo Orjala, Mae Thompson, and Angela Thurston
Location: Seminar Room 1

      Meet the YaYA team as we present our brief history, talk about our current projects,
      and share our vision for advancing The Urantia Book and its teachings through
      study, socialization, support, service, and outreach. We're excited to work with
      youth, teens, young adults and young parents to take on initiatives like study groups
      for kids, campus outreach, social networking, regional conferences, community
      service projects, resources for families, and more! Come join us in dialogue about our
      goal to bring this revelation forward to each successive generation!

Wednesday, July 27                                       7:00 – 8:45 P.M.

The Hunt for Eden and Atlantis
Presenter: Robert (Behz) Sarmast
Location: The Post Theater

      Robert (Behz) Sarmast will give a presentation about the search for the Garden of
      Eden and Atlantis. Robert’s research about Adam and Eve in The Urantia Book led
      him to a hunt for the physical location of the first Eden in order to authenticate the
      revelation. After the publication of his book, "Discovery of Atlantis: the Startling
      Case for the Island of Cyprus" in 2003, and a global response to this startling match
      with Plato's description of Atlantis, he conducted two scientific expeditions in the
      Mediterranean between Cyprus and Syria, funded by Urantia Book investors, the
      government of Cyprus and the History Channel. There will be an update about the
      project and the upcoming documentary.
Thursday, July 28

Plenary Session: Libby, Gardner Hall                            8:30 – 11:00 A.M.

Thursday, July 28

Workshops                                                       1:00 – 2:30 P.M.

Where in the Universes are we?
Presenter: John Causland
Location: Post Theater

      How can we reconcile Urantia Book astronomy with current astrophysics? The task
      is much more straightforward than we've imagined. By looking back at the history of
      science, the fascinating astronomers who gave The Urantia Book its galactic vision
      and the use of scientific language in the 1930's, you'll see with new eyes the big
      picture embedded within The Urantia Book's cosmology. There are clear analogs in
      astronomy that fit the seven superuniverse imagery. And what might there be in The
      Urantia Book that suggests the latest discoveries of dark energy and matter. We'll
      take a big visual universe tour.

RACE: Progress in Black & White
Presenter: Earlene Green
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room 2

      I intend to cast a brighter light on the darker passages in The Urantia Book which
      are, in the main, assigned to the black race. (see Race and The Urantia Book by Earlene
      A. Green. UB website). I will name three modern-day individuals who, through their
      individual spirituality, have overcome tremendous odds that have manifested in
      results that are for the good of all concerned. I do not know if they ever had contact
      with The Urantia Book, but I have and will tell their story and my own Thought
      Adjuster guided story of growing spiritually and ―walking my talk.‖
The Social Problem of Urantian Religion
Presenter: Merrit Horn
Location: Officers Club – East

      Paper 99 is a favorite for many readers of The Urantia Book--putting into words the
      reasons many of us left organized religion. But does that paper really say what we
      think it does? Has the Urantia movement solved the social problems of religion or
      does it embody many of the problems it seeks to avoid? Is the study group an
      effective mechanism for religious socialization? Is it sufficient as the only
      mechanism of socialized religion? Our conference at the home of one of the most
      successful religions of the last two hundred years provides an excellent opportunity
      for taking a look at our own efforts to socialize religion.

Celebrating our Local Universe Mother Spirit, our Representative of the God of Action
Presenters: Winnie Hunt and David Bradley
Location: Officers Club - West

      Within Her we live, move, and have our being. In this workshop, we seek to
      experience a closer appreciation of and connection with Her Presence. Through
      movement and intention, we will embody awareness of her continual support for
      us. Through prayer, poetry, readings, and music we will honor Her as our own dear
      Mother. As sons and daughters we seek to experience Her as divine Family, as the
      source of mind, and as love applied.

What Autism Teaches Us about Ourselves and What We Can Do About It
Presenter: Sheila Keene-Lund
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

      According to The Urantia Book, "the home is the crowning glory of the whole long
      and arduous evolutionary struggle," yet in two generations, there has been a marked
      disintegration of family life. Over one-third of children in the United States are living
      with one parent. Placements in foster care have increased dramatically. Amidst the
      splintered family unit, autism is quickly infiltrating - with a 1,148% growth rate. Are
      we losing an opportunity to discover new meanings and higher values in addressing
      this disorder? Could Autism be a wake-up call to society? Could we learn new ways
      of interaction that can slow down or reverse the current deterioration of the family
      unit? In this workshop we will explore these questions and consider how we can
      bring to new levels of expression for our desire to serve the purpose of the revelation.
A New Celebration of Christ Michael‘s 7th Bestowal - The Jesus Painting Project
Presenters: Mo and Jennifer Siegel
Location: Officers Club - South

      For the last three years Mo and Jennifer Siegel have been commissioning artists to
      paint unique scenes from Part 4 of The Urantia Book. Today this special collection
      contains 20 original paintings with four additional paintings in process. The intent of
      the project is to create a world-class museum collection of 35-50 Jesus paintings that
      ultimately inspire millions of people to discover the life of Jesus as told in The
      Urantia Book. This session starts with an explanation of the purpose of this new
      collection, the challenges of painting Jesus as he really looked and lived, the process
      of picking artists and scenes, and where the project is heading. After that
      explanation, the paintings are shown while the beautiful stories from each scene are
      read. This part of the talk is an inspiring visual Remembrance Supper meant to bring
      you closer to Michael by recounting and picturing various episodes from his
      remarkable life on earth.

How Can We Help Create the Brotherhood of the Kingdom?
Presenter: Jo Ann Wiedman
Location: Officers Club - North

      This workshop will motivate people to get involved in local service groups and let
      others know they are inspired by the Urantia book to be of service, if appropriate.
      This workshop will include group discussion of multi-faith experiences that have
      made impressions on you. It features an exercise to help you discover what kind of
      personal service and group service projects are meaningful and soul-satisfying to you.

If You Really Knew Me - Getting to Know the Motives and Sentiments of your Fellows
Presenters: Paula and Mae Lee Thompson
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2B

      In 1991, Paula invited a friend to the Urantia Conference in Snowmass, Colorado.
      He wasn't sure if he wanted to go. At the end of the conference she asked him what
      his experience had been. He said, "I feel like I've fallen in love with about a hundred
      people this week!" He said it was a "peak experience." This workshop is intended to
      help you jumpstart a similar peak conference experience by giving you a chance to
      really get to know fellow attendees. It is designed to create a safe place to share what
      lies below the surface through a series of exercises that bring each participant to a
      deep and sincere level of personal sharing and sympathetic understanding. The
      result of such sincere personal sharing can be startling.
Arts in Action
Presenters: Angie and Jesse Thurston
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

       ―The high mission of any art is… to crystallize the emotions of time into the thought
      of eternity.‖ How can you integrate your Urantian identity and a love of art making?
      How can the things we create be a tool in living the teachings? Second-generation
      readers Angie and Jesse Thurston lead a workshop on what it means to be an ―artist‖
      on this planet and the role that creative pursuits can have in our cosmic evolution.
      This workshop is for all ages and will be fun and rewarding for everyone, whether
      you call yourself an ―artist‖ or not. Join us!

The Revelation around the World
Presenters: Buck & Arlene Weimer
Location: Officers Club - South

      Share with us, and the International Fellowship Committee, the exciting vision
      and practical experiences of helping our seraphim spread the Fifth Epochal
      Revelation around the world. See pictures, hear personal experiences of readers
      from other cultures, and share the heart-felt oneness and our attempts to follow
      our Master’s commandment of getting this gospel into all the corners of the
      world. You will be asked to participate in a short period of brainstorming in the
      method of constant improvement to achieve the committee’s goals. Come to see
      the continents of the world from the eyes of our contributing brothers and sisters,
      and know true unity (without uniformity) in the hearts of many readers from
      around the world.

Thursday, July 28                                               3:00 – 4:30 P.M.

Urantia Book Historical Society - Join us in Preserving the Revelation
Presenters: Jacob Dix, Donald Green, and John Callahan
Location: Heritage Center – Seminar Room 1

      The Urantia Book Historical Society was founded in 2006 as an independent service
      organization to the Urantia community. We are dedicated to perpetually preserving
      and making freely available records, documents, interviews and many other vital
      aspects of Urantia related history for future generations of our movement and the
      world. Join us in a panel discussion to learn more about who we are, what we do,
      and how you can help preserve our rich history.
Overview of the Fifth Epochal Revelation: Origin, Purpose and Destiny
Presenters: Larry Geis and Craig Rohrsen
Location: Officers Club - West

      Why is it over 2,000 pages? What is unique about it? How is the information
      organized and presented? Is it a ―new religion‖? Is it ―the Word of God‖? Is it ―the
      Truth‖? Designed to serve the needs of recent students of The Urantia Book, this
      workshop will be tailored to participants’ comprehension levels. There are certain
      patterns and approaches that are not readily apparent when one begins reading the
      material. Triune themes such as ―matter, mind and spirit‖ or ―thing, meaning and
      value‖ are important guideposts to be considered as the great stories unfold over the
      four sections. The seasoned reader who is interested developing tools for outreach
      may also be interested in a survey of existing examples readily available online.

Thought Adjuster Appreciation and Cooperation
Presenter: Jack Kane
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

      This workshop will look at ways to attain a better appreciation and understanding of
      the Thought Adjuster and how we may more fully cooperate with and include the
      Thought Adjuster in our lives and in putting The Urantia Book revelation and its
      teachings into action.

RUN – Reaching Urantia Now - 1st Session
Presenters: Andrea Barnes, Aurora Hill and Thomas Orjala
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2B

      RUN’s mission is to create and implement reproducible programs that develop
      leadership skills while engaging volunteers in actively sharing the revelation. RUN is
      working with readers at Expos, Christian conferences, public meetings, road shows,
      study groups, campus events and Urantia Book introductions. A table will be set up
      with a variety of materials to demonstrate an effective presentation of The Urantia
      Book in a public setting. Participants will see a media presentation of our activities
      and return home with a fresh understanding of how to share the Revelation in their
Love Yourself and Let Go of Your (Negative) Feelings
Presenters: Sue and Michael Reynolds
Location: Officers Club - East

      When we are seeking to discern and follow God's will, our mental clutter and
      emotional baggage can often block or derail our efforts. In this workshop, you will
      learn and experience some techniques to let go of this clutter and baggage in order to
      quiet your mind. When we are feeling quieter we are ready and able to devote more
      energy to knowing God and following Him. These are simple and practical tools you
      can use every day to allow the loving feelings that are already within us to come
      forth and dissolve the non-loving feelings.

Trusting Our Heavenly Father Within: Establishing the Kingdom of Heaven Within our
Own Hearts
Presenter: Stevie (Stephanie) Shaefer
Location: Officers Club - West

      Practicing trusting God, through exercises in experiential faith: ―Listening Within –
      Knowing and Doing God’s Will‖ and ―Listening Within – Orders for Advancement‖
      followed by group discussion, study and sharing in small groups and large group. As
      we listen to our Heavenly Father within, we are inspired and given strength to do
      God’s will, usually in service to others. Worship for the Purpose of Service is
      Revelation in Action, just as the song says: ―Great things happen when God mixes
      with man.‖

Staying Healthy and Alive for as Long as Possible: Tuning the Physical to the Spiritual
Presenter: Chuck Thurston
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room 2

      Our wisdom and effectiveness grow with experience, so we should of course be
      doing all we can to optimize our health and longevity. The goal of this workshop is
      the awakening of a "spirit feeling," not just in our minds, but in our bodies as well.
      Be prepared to participate in demonstrations and exercises that will arouse new
      feelings of vitality, presence and well-being!
Thursday, July 28                                                6:00 – 8:00 P.M.

Film Title: A Feast of Uncertainty (106 minutes)
Presenter: Richard Jernigan
Location: Post Theater

       So what does Jesus' home turf look like these days? Film-maker and long time
       Urantia Book reader Richard Jernigan explores The Urantia Book's version of the
       life and teachings of Jesus against the backdrop of modern day Israel and the
       Palestinian Territories. Both meditative and informative, Mr. Jernigan visits sites
       specifically described in The Urantia Book: Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee,
       Mt. Hermon, Bethany, Bethlehem and other key sites are revealed with a fresh eye
       and sympathetic regard for the people living amidst 4000-plus years of history and
       ever-present random violence. Academy Award (R) winning actress Marcia Gay
       Harden narrates the film with text from The Urantia Book, bringing to life the books
       compelling, universal viewpoint on the life and teachings of Jesus--teachings that
       extend beyond any specific religion, for all humanity.

Thursday, July 28
Location: Seminar Room 2A                                        7:00 PM

Children aged 5-7 are invited to attend a special ―Welcome Thought Adjuster‖ party
designed especially for them. This little ceremony has been a part of Fellowship
International Conferences since 1999. It lasts about ten minutes and consists of a short
explanation of the presence of God in each child followed by a brief ceremony with music.

Parents please let us know if your child will be participating as soon as you arrive for the
conference. Details of the time and place will be announced as soon as they are available.
Friday, July 29                                                 10:00 - 11:30 A.M.

REPEAT: A Bevy of Women: A Gathering
Presenters: Sara Blackstock and Marilyn O'Neill-Eash
Location: Officers Club - South

      A gathering of women - old, young, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, widows,
      married, single - women who are dedicated to working with the Universe Mother
      Spirit; women who want to explore and share how our revelation works in us,
      through us, and around us; and women who reach IN to heal ourselves, and OUT to
      heal our neighborhoods, communities, and our planet. Please bring an offering of a
      favorite story about yourself, about another woman; a poem; a song; a dance; a
      prayer, or a special gift to give to the other women such as a technique for relaxation
      or meditation.

Throw in Your Lot with the Young, Part II: Becoming a Fifth-Epochally Fueled Teacher
Presenter: John Creger
Location: Heritage Center – Meeting Room 2B

      Participants begin Part II by sharing the creeds they developed in Part I. A clarified
      personal creed can lead to a new sense of purpose. One most enthralling purpose is
      to help young personalities develop higher consciousness--right in the classroom as
      they gain grade-level knowledge and skills. Inspired by a living connection with God,
      a fifth-epochally-fueled teacher need not be limited to The Urantia Book for a
      syllabus. Learn torch-passing tricks for facilitating students’ spiritual growth in the
      secular classroom. Doubts? Questions? Deal with them here, and lay them aside.
      Make nourishing the souls of young people your mission, and uplift your own soul in
      the bargain!

Contemplative Prayer & Worship
Presenter: Gard Jameson
Location: Heritage Center Seminar Room

      The traditions of Contemplative Prayer in the West provide a profound appreciation
      of worship, as described in the pages of The Urantia Book. We are taught that
      worship makes one increasingly like the Being who is worshipped. Come and learn
      the joy of this simple and powerful approach to being with God, the God who
      lovingly desires to be in communion with his creatures.
Friday, July 29                                                   1:00 -2:30 P.M.
REPEAT: Epochal Service: Exploring the Context of Michael‘s Bestowal
Presenter: David Kantor
Location: Officers Club - South

      The workshop will consist of a formal presentation interspersed with participatory
      discussion. The purpose of the workshop is to help participants reach a deeper
      understanding of the historical, religious, and cosmic context within which Jesus
      attempted to proclaim the nature of "the Kingdom of Heaven." This workshop will
      feature video and other materials generated as part of the Joshua ben Joseph Project
      and is designed to give participants insight into ways in which The Urantia Book
      might be more effectively introduced into the present planetary religious
      environment. Discussion related to the material presented will be encouraged.

The Garden Project
Presenter: The Garden Council
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room 2

      Description: The Garden Project is actively working to establish a new Edenic
      model. Based on core values reflecting principles from The Urantia Book, the
      Garden Project seeks to cultivate a unique prototype of spiritually oriented
      community. We are dedicated to evolving sustainable patterns for living, fostering
      spiritual growth and leadership, and restoring health to individuals, societies, and to
      the Earth. Please join the Garden Councilors in a presentation that will inform
      participants about the progress we have made and the direction we are heading. You
      will also learn how to be a part of the ongoing process and keep updated on future

The Lives We Live: How to Attract Others to Seek the Spiritual Kingdom
Presenter: Dr. Terry L. Webb
Location: Meeting Room 2B

       This is a presentation to review how we can be better attractors to lead others to seek
      the truths of the simple gospel of Jesus. How can we grow spiritually to bear more
      fruits of the spirit in our daily lives, and thereby be wiser reflectors of the light? Once
      a person is attracted to inquire of these fruit-bearers, how best to explain being born
      of the spirit and the resultant growth in grace and knowledge of the truth. A handout
      shows an extensive list of the abundant fruits of the spirit compiled over years of
      studying the life of Jesus. The Lives We Live presentation promotes the positive
      evangelism of the gospel of Jesus. Approx. 55 minutes; Q & A, and discussion of the
Friday, July 29                                                 3:00 -4:30 P.M.
REPEAT: Education in The Urantia Book: Expanding our Views
Presenter: Marilynn Kulieke
Location: Heritage Center – Heritage Center – Seminar Room

      Educational practice has been changing very rapidly over the last thirty years. With
      the advent of new technologies and teaching techniques, the world has been in a
      technological and psychological free-fall that has taken over the primary ways that
      we learn. This presentation will examine quotes about education from The Urantia
      Book and discuss how they might be applied to this brave new world. We will also
      discuss some of the implications from the current brain research and how we might
      use them to up-step our outreach efforts. Sponsored by the Education Committee

RUN – Reaching Urantia Now 2nd Session
Presenters: Andrea Barnes, Aurora Hill and Thomas Orjala
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2B

      In this workshop participants will develop their own unique outreach programs
      using: 1) Program development. Exploring programs that effectively share the
      revelation with the world. 2) Media and PR. We will focus on using new media
      that includes images, catchy slogans, and creative methods of interacting with the
      public. 3) Implementation. As a participant, you will design a unique program
      geared for your specific desires. Ongoing support and guidance by the RUN team
      will insure your success. Why should the apostles have all the fun?

REPEAT: The Revelation around the World
Presenters: Buck & Arlene Weimer
Location: Heritage Room 2A

      Share with us, and the International Fellowship Committee, the exciting vision
      and practical experiences of helping our seraphim spread the Fifth Epochal
      Revelation around the world. See pictures, hear personal experiences of readers
      from other cultures, and share the heart-felt oneness and our attempts to follow
      our Master’s commandment of getting this gospel into all the corners of the
      world. You will be asked to participate in a short period of brainstorming in the
      method of constant improvement to achieve the committee’s goals. Come to see
      the continents of the world from the eyes of our contributing brothers and sisters,
      and know true unity (without uniformity) in the hearts of many readers from
      around the world.
Friday, July 29                                                 7:00 - 8:45 P.M.

The Universe: A Deeper Dive
Presenter: John Causland
Location: Post Theater

      As we’ve now achieved a measure of understanding of the big picture of The Urantia
      Book and its relation to astronomy from John’s first talk, let’s get a detailed look at
      some Urantia Book themes that invite useful speculation on topics such as: dark
      matter, dark energy, space respiration, the Big Bang theory and Inflation, the 12
      planet problem, Plutinos, solar system evolution and Angona, our very own ―Planet
      X‖ dark star.

Saturday, July 30
Plenary Session: Libby, Gardner Hall                            8:30 – 11:00 A.M.

Saturday, July 30
Workshops                                                       1:00 - 2:30 P.M.

Truthseekers Sampler: Techniques Truthseekers Will Use
Presenter: Bill Cooper
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

      The new Truthseekers curriculum is designed to give young people active,
      meaningful experiences that help them to discover what is important in their own
      lives and how to live their values throughout life. Come and experience a sample of
      the fun and meaningful learning activities that young people will enjoy in a
      Truthseekers Adventure such as the one accompanying this conference: Using Your
      Truth Response, Circle of Love, Burdensome Balloons.
The Inevitabilities: A Global Garden of Growing Pains and Growing Grace
Presenters: Tony Finstad and Jackie Koury
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2B

       The conference theme is the ―Revelation in Action.‖ No matter how good our
       intentions, we are sure to encounter disappointment, hardship, and pain. In Paper
       3:6 we are told to consider nine human traits, and then we’re asked -- are they
       desirable? We’ll look at these questions and discuss what it’s like to grow up on a
       planet that is filled with uncertainties. How can we better control our human
       reactions that are continually exposed to these inevitabilities? Our goal is to identify
       the spiritual fruit that comes from a more cosmic understanding of the challenges we
       are all confronted with during this evolutionary life experience. All ages are

Spiritual Leadership - "You Are the Salt"
Presenter: Al Lockett
Location: Officers Club - West

       Spiritual Leadership is faith attitude that combines servanthood with the principles of
       effective leadership. If you are a reader with a profound sense of mission or purpose
       in your life since you have been reading The Urantia Book and you want to become
       more effective in your ministry and disseminating the teachings, then you will want
       to participate and share in this experiential workshop on spiritual leadership.
       Discover your uniqueness, and then learn to discipline yourself to develop it. This
       workshop synthesizes the principles and insights Jesus shared during the ordination
       ―Sermon on the Mount‖ with a modern call to spiritual leadership through the
       combined works of today’s modern authors on leadership and developing effective

Youth, a Reflection of the World Around Them
Presenter: Tom Pirie
Location: Officers Club - North
Are youth in trouble? Clearly, many youth evidence behaviors that should be of concern
including high rates of drug and alcohol use, school dropout, gangs, depression, suicide etc.
What can we say about the adult world by looking at youth behavior? Did our creator
purposely instill a rebellious inclination in young people? Emerging adults have a strong
desire to chart a new course, but why do young people and adults often find themselves at
such odds? Is it a war of wills or ideas or just a method of new growth? This workshop will
draw upon the individual and collective wisdom in the room. Be prepared to bring an
example of the greatest teacher you met and an example of a time when God worked
through you or someone you know to change the life of some young person.
Panel Discussion: The Urantia Leadership Speaks with us about their Work Together
Presenters: (Facilitated by Bob Arkens) Michelle Klimesh, Paula Thompson, Andrea
Barnes, Mo Siegel, Gard Jameson, Marilynn Kulieke, James Woodward, Sheila Keene-
Location: Officers Club - South

       The Urantia Leadership will be answering your questions pertaining to our
       immediate goals and long-range vision working together to further the revelation.
       Bob Arkens will be moderating this discussion and will be facilitating questions from
       the audience.

The Church that Prepared the Way for the Fifth Epochal Revelation
Presenter: Le'Ruth Tyau
Location: Post Theater

       For each epochal revelation given on this earth, there were always those that came
       before to prepare the way? Was there any preparation for the Fifth Epochal
       Revelation? By what authority was the church organized? Revelations received
       telling about more revelation to come. The church organization and "Revelation in
       Action." Does the church think it has a monopoly on truth? The purpose of the Fifth
       Epochal Revelation.

"Facets of Your Dazzling Diamond: Identifying Essential Components of Balanced
Character Growth" - YaYA
Presenter: Dr. Terry Webb
Location: Heritage Center – Seminar Room 2

This forum will list and discuss the 12 essential components of character development
which in symmetrical combination lead to a satisfying, happy and productive life to
transform a plain lump of coal into a sparkling gemstone involves time, pressure, discovery
cutting and polishing. What are the facets of balanced character growth and how can we
combine and polish them to produce our own unique dazzling diamond which can serve as
an effective reflector of the light?
Study Group Live - An Inside Look at Boulder's Long Running Kids Study Group
Presenters: Jennifer Siegel, Tesla Riggio, Mae Thompson, and Ella Rose Tommer
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room

      In this presentation we will be reenacting for our audience what we do most Tuesday
      nights; everything from sharing our thoughts to expressing our hopes and fears.
      There will be readings from The Urantia book that will both make us think and make
      us better. See how the teachings of Jesus in The Urantia book help these young
      readers to grow personally and spiritually and find out why these kids want to come
      to study group week after week, year after year. We hope this presentation will
      inspire you to inspire a young person that you know.

Saturday, July 30                                                3:00 – 4:30 P.M.

Self-mastery: Jesus' Unconventional Approach
Presenter: Vicki Arkens
Location: Heritage Center - Seminar Room 1

      Conventional wisdom tells us to take control, motivate, apply willpower, and self-
      monitor. But, Jesus shows us a new and better way to alleviate the intense conflicts
      between our material and spiritual natures. This presentation will take a close look at
      his teachings in the effort to understand how we can rise above the "wasteful and
      weakening conflicts" between our higher and lower selves.

Experiencing Your Spiritual Energy
Presenter: Linda Buselli
Location: Officers Club - North

      This workshop explores the spiritual energy potential in each of us and how we can
      use knowledge of it to enhance our lives and the lives of others. Participants will be
      helped to feel the presence of this energy and techniques of using it for themselves
      and others. We will practice on each other and then as a group, working together as
      a whole. I truly believe that better understanding of our revelation begins at the root
      level of individual caring and compassion. Without these qualities, our attempts at
      spreading the revelation will be seriously crippled.
Clearing the Clutter: Preparing to Serve—as the Spirit Leads You
Presenter: Sharon Lanier (Kaye Cooper assisting)
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

      Jesus told the evangelists to serve ―as the spirit leads you.‖ As we put the Revelation
      into action, it is important that we follow the spirit’s guidance. Perceiving the spirit’s
      leading is greatly enhanced when we can remove the emotional baggage that
      constantly piles up as we react to everyday life. As a participant, you will experience
      techniques that will enable you to clear out the emotional clutter that interferes with
      serving ―as the spirit leads you.‖ (Part 2 of Preparing the Path)

Campus Outreach
Presenter: Donald Shea Green
Location: Officers Club - East

      This presentation is about campus outreach. I’ve been setting up a booth on the
      campus of The University of Colorado at Boulder since 1982. I’ll show you how to
      get an on-campus organization set up using the University or College bureaucracy,
      which is always very extensive. The benefit of having an on-campus club or
      organization is very interesting because, as an on-campus organization you have
      almost the same rights as an official campus department. The number of students
      you can expose The Urantia Book to in a single day, of setting up your booth, will
      certainly be in the hundreds.

Is The Urantia Book that "Greater Record to Come" as Prophesied in the Book of
Presenter: Calvin Len McKee
Location: Post Theater

      The Book of Mormon contains a plethora of prophecies regarding the ―greater record
      to come.‖ It asserts itself as only a "lesser portion" of what was to be revealed in the
      "last days," the days when "all things would be revealed" concerning time, space, our
      origins, the cosmology of deity, "whether there be one God or many gods," the
      greater understandings of Adam and Eve and ultimately -- the "greater things" Jesus
      taught. The LDS church no longer openly acknowledges this "greater record to
      come." Many believe The Urantia Book is the promised blessing once prophesied -
      perhaps even the "two-thirds sealed plates" which founder, Joseph Smith,
      acknowledged he was not permissioned to translate.
How Jesus Taught
Presenter: Nick Stefero
Location: Officers Club - West

      Description: Have you ever wondered why Jesus was such an effective teacher?
       How did he prepare others to teach? What specifically did he do and how can we
      use these methods? In this interactive workshop, we will look at what The Urantia
      Book has to say about Jesus as a teacher. Using this material, we will break out into
      small groups to review, share, and practice what we learned. We will bring it all
      together with short group presentations on how you see yourself using what you
      have learned.
      Sponsored by the Education Committee

Intimate Adjuster Liaison: Human mind to Soul Mind
Presenter: Patrick Yesh
Location: Heritage Center - Meeting Room 2A

      Our goal is to explore the directive to form a more intimate liaison with our Adjuster
      and to ―…cherish them more affectionately.‖ "If you so fully conform to the
      Adjuster's mind that you see eye to eye, then your minds become one…" 110:2.5.
      Pre-read Paper 110. We will share our personal practices of intimate Adjuster
      contact. "How do we hear his voice; interpret his symbols; and be inspired by his
      urges?" How can we enforce and execute the decisions we hear? In group exercises
      we examine new meanings The Urantia Book gives to words like mind, soul, dual
      soul-mind, adjuster mind, morontia mind, personality, will and more.

             Saturday, July 30 at 6:00 P.M.
  Conference Banquet at the Fort Douglas Picnic Grounds
                   (near the Gazebo)
Our IC‗11 Conference Team

A team of dedicated Urantians joined together to make this a memorable, life-changing
experience. We thank you for the opportunity to serve and hope this conference will create
lasting memories for you.

Below are some of the people who worked selflessly to make the conference run as perfectly
as possible. When you see someone from this team, please take a moment to thank them
and let them know about your experience. Your presence here is what makes all our efforts
worthwhile—knowing we have brought our Urantia community together to share the
Revelation in Action.

Your Conference Chairs

       Claudia Ayers – Bookstore
       Robert Burns – Registration
       Tom Choquette - Truthseekers
       Susan Cook – Conference
       Emilio Coppola – Program
       Tony Finstad – YaYA (Youth and Young Adult)
       Cristina Seaborn - Music
       Patrick Yesh – Art Gallery

Our Important Conference Team

       Andrea Barnes – Volunteer Organizer
       Eric Cosh – Video & Photography
       Bobbie Dreier - Editor
       Larry Geis – IC’11 Banquet
       Teuvo Orjala - YaYA
       Cristina Seaborn – Music Director
       Mae Lee Thompson - YaYA
       Paula Thompson – Executive Director, Registration, Bookstore
       Angie Thurston – Program and YaYA
       Sage Waitts – IC’11 Program Booklet
       Joann Weidman – Registration Team and Bookstore
       Seth Woods – Program Team
       Chris Yandall - Webmaster
Truthseekers Leaders
      Tom Choquette
      Bill Cooper
      Kaye Cooper
      Fred Harris
      Laura Hay
      Judy Langston


      Larry Geis
      Cristina Seaborn
      Steve Shinall
      Tom & Karen Allen

      Sound Man: Steve Rohrbach
      Lighting Designer: Lenny Cowles
      Stage Manager: Nick Stefero


      Robert Aponte - guitar, bass
      Steve Shinall - drums
      Albert Lassiter - flugelhorn, sax, trumpet
      Rebecca Oswald - piano
      Barbara Hester - vocals, piano

      Barn Dance Band

      Diane & Leon Wilson - fiddle & bass
      Brent Hales - bass & Ray Hales - fiddle

      Club UB Open Mic in Officer‘s Club
      Richard Omura - percussion
      Al Lockett - electronic wind flute
      James Woodward - guitar
      Benjamin Herndon - guitar
      Darla Clay - keyboards
      Phil Geiger - guitar
Beth Wenger - guitar, vocal
David Hubbard - bass

Art Gallery
Justin Michael - piano
Pato Banton - vocals
Richard Knox - guitar
K. Brendi Poppel, vocals, MC


Len Mckee
Rita Gum
Mark Greer
Carol Kostic – Local Volunteer

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