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					Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection
(Please note: you do NOT need to connect to the VPN for Hyper Terminal PRISM system access.
You can still access PRISM over any Internet connection. Also, you do NOT need to connect to the
VPN to receive your e-mail, only to SEND it. So, if you are only checking your e-mail messages and
NOT responding, you do NOT need to connect to the VPN.)

The VPN connection will allow remote users to access the Milwaukee Stove local
network. The functionality of the VPN will include accessing internal file shares
remotely and not needing to change your e-mail settings for “Off-site” or “At
Home”. Once you establish an Internet connection and connect up with the VPN
program, you will be able to click on network shortcuts and send and receive e-
mail with no configuration changes.

This document is located at:

The program is available for download from:

The VPN connection profile file is available for download from:

Once you download the program, please follow this installation procedure.
Click the download to run and install it. It will prompt to “Unzip” the files to a
temporary location to install the program. Click the “Unzip” button on this screen.

         The program will automatically unzip the compressed files for you.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

 Once the files are unzipped, you will see a confirmation message. Click “OK”.

      The installation for the VPN program will then begin. Click “Next”.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

           Click the “I Accept” radio button and then click “Next”.

    Do not change the destination folder, just click “Next” on this screen.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

  You are now ready to install the VPN program. Click “Next” on this screen.

        You will then see the installation progress on the next screen.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

     This will complete the VPN program install. Click “Finish” on this screen.

Once the program finishes, it will prompt to restart your PC. Please say “No” at
this point. There is a change in Spy Sweeper we still need to apply.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

                         ***IMPORTANT NOTES***

You should receive an alert from Spy Sweeper when the installation finishes. Click
the “Review Alerts” link to open the Spy Sweeper program.

The Spy Sweeper program is alerting you to a new startup item. The startup item
is the Cisco VPN program. Please check the box in front of the “VPN Client” and
then click the “Keep” button. This will start the client when you start your PC. If
you do not wish to start the VPN client when your PC starts up, then click the
“Remove” button. You will still be able to run the program manually going to
“Programs” | “Cisco Systems VPN Client” | “VPN Client”.

 * After you configure Spy Sweeper, please restart your PC. *

Once your computer restarts, you will notice the Cisco VPN icon in the system tray
that is, if you elected to leave it on PC startup. You can always run the program
from “Programs” | “Cisco Systems VPN Client” | “VPN Client” if it did not startup.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection
 You should notice a new icon down in the system tray area by the
 clock. When you are not connected, it should look “unlocked” and
 when you are connected, it should look “locked”.
If the main program window does not open on startup, you can open it by double-
clicking on the lock icon by the clock. Below is the picture of the program window.

Next, you will need to import the connection profile. Click the “Import” button
here and then navigate to the folder where you saved the configuration file. The
“MSF VPN.pcf” file MUST be extracted to a folder from the zip file you download.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

Once you open the file, the program will show you it was imported successfully.
Click “Ok” on this screen.

You will now see the connection profile in the Cisco client. Once you establish an
Internet connection, you are ready to connect. Double click the entry to connect.

    When you start to connect, you should see the progress bar start to work.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

                    You should be prompted for a login next.

The Systems department will generate your login for you. Your login information
will be your e-mail address and a password we generate for you. We will send this
information out to each user on an individual basis. You are NEVER to give out
any personal login information to anyone inside the company or outside the
company. This information is private and confidential and is intended for the
individual use of each person. Anyone who abuses this policy will be subject to
loose their VPN privileges. If you are prompted more than one time for your user
name and password, please verify your login information.

Once you are connected (you may get a popup box notifying you of your
connection status) you should now see the “Disconnect” option available.

        You should also see the lock located by the clock is now “locked”.
Milwaukee Stove – VPN Connection

You should now be able to access network shortcuts like you were in the office.
You will now be able to set your Milwaukee Stove Outlook server configuration to:
You will now be able to send and receive e-mail outside of the office without
making a change to the server or account information.

                         ***IMPORTANT NOTES***

You may be prompted from the Windows Firewall to acknowledge this new
program and its access to the network; click “Unblock” if you get this screen.

If you receive an error message when attempting to connect, first verify that you
have an active Internet connection, then try to connect again.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Systems department.

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