student_friendly_fcat_rubric by nuhman10


									                                                Student Friendly

                                 8th Grade FCAT Writing Rubric
           Focus              Organization                        Support                         Conventions
    Focused and          Conveys a sense of          Substantial, specific, relevant,      Few, if any, convention
    purposeful and       completeness and            concrete. Shows commitment to         errors in mechanics,
    reflects insight     wholeness with              and involvement with the              usage, punctuation, and
6   into the writing     adherence to main idea.     subject. May use creative writing     spelling.
    situation.           Pattern provides for a      strategies. Mature command of
                         logical progression of      language and freshness of
                         ideas.                      expression. Sentence structure is
                                                     varied and complete.
    Focused on the       Organizational pattern      Ample support. Mature                 Generally follows the
    topic.               provides a logical          command of language, including        conventions of mechanics,
                         progression of ideas        precision in word choice.             usage, and spelling.
5                        (some lapses may            Variation in sentence structure,
                         occur). Conveys sense       and with rare exceptions,
                         of completeness or          sentences are complete.
    Focused on the       Organizational pattern is   Support, including word choice,       Generally follows the
    topic but may        apparent, although some     is adequate although                  conventions of mechanics,
    include              lapses may occur.           development may be uneven.            usage, and spelling.
4   extraneous or        Exhibits some sense of      Little variation in sentence
    loosely related      completeness or             structure, and most sentences are
    material.            wholeness.                  complete.
    Generally            An organizational           Some support included, but            Knowledge of the
    focused but may      pattern has been            development is erratic. Word          conventions of mechanics
    contain              attempted but may lack      choice is adequate but may be         and usage is usually
3   extraneous or        a sense of completeness     limited, predictable, or              demonstrated, and
    loosely related      or wholeness.               occasionally vague. Little, if any    commonly used words are
    material.                                        variation in sentence structure.      usually spelled correctly.
    Related to the    Little evidence of an          Development is inadequate or          Errors in basic
    topic but includesorganizational pattern         illogical. Word choice is limited,    conventions of mechanics
    extraneous or     may be demonstrated            inappropriate, or vague. Little, if   and usage may occur,
2   loosely related   and may lack a sense of        any variation in sentence             and commonly used
    material.         completeness or                structure, and gross errors in        words may be misspelled.
                      wholeness.                     sentence structure may appear.
    May only          The paper is a                 Little, if any, development of        Frequent and blatant
    minimally address fragmentary or                 support or a pattern is apparent.     errors may occur in the
    the topic.        incoherent listing of          Limited or inappropriate word         basic conventions of
1                     related ideas or               choice may obscure meaning.           mechanics and usage.
                      sentences or both.             Gross errors in sentence              Commonly used words
                                                     structure and usage.                  may be misspelled.
    Does not address     The paper is                Support is not developed or is        An abundance of errors in
    the topic.           unorganized and does        off-topic. Word choice is weak.       the basic conventions of
                         not make sense as           Major errors in sentence              mechanics and usage.
0                        written.                    structure and word usage.             Commonly used words
                                                                                           are misspelled.

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