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					          Instructions for English 10, 6.0 Summer Reading
                    of All Quiet on the Western Front
                        by Erich Maria Remarque
                                Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Below are the steps needed to complete the summer reading assignment for students entering the
sophomore English Honors program at North Penn High School. In order to begin your first year at the
high school in a successful way, be sure to complete all assignments thoroughly. Please note, your
summer reading work is an individual assignment that should be completed independently.

All Quiet on the Western Front
1. Purchase book: We recommend the edition translated by A.W. Wheen and published by Fawcett
   Crest. ISBN #: 0-449-91149-7

2. Download the thematic and stylistic graphic organizers below into a Word document where you will
record your answers.

3. Read the novel and complete the graphic organizers on your computer. Save all of your work.

4. Bring a hard copy of the completed typed graphic organizers to school to be collected on the first day
class meets.

Life of Pi
1. Purchase book: We recommend the edition published by Harcourt, INC.
ISBN #: 0-15-602732-1

2. Use the format of the dialectical journal below to record your selected quotes and analysis.

3. Read the novel and complete the dialectical journal. Your journal MUST be handwritten. Typed
dialectical journals will NOT be accepted.

4. Bring the completed handwritten dialectical journal to school to be collected on the first day class

Please Note:
Each student will take a multiple-choice quiz on each novel within the first cycle of school. Combined,
the quizzes will be worth approximately 10% of the total number of points in the first marking period.
                         All Quiet on the Western Front:
                             Theme Graphic Organizer
Directions: Complete the chart below using the sample model for theme #1 as a reference.
Be sure to provide at least two effective examples for each theme. You may use a direct
quote or write an example in your own words.

Theme                      Example                        Pg   Significance
1. Nature of Power         (Sample: “The army is          44   Men in positions of power
(how individuals control   based on that; …a non-com.          often take advantage of those
others)                    can torment a private, a            below them without having a
                           lieutenant a non-com., a            real reason or purpose. When
                           captain a lieutenant, until         people are given power,
                           he goes mad. And because            especially those who have not
                           they know they can, they all        had it before, they tend to lose
                           soon acquire the habit more         perspective of what is right. It
                           or less.”)                          is the nature of power to
                                                               overwhelm those who have it.

2. Dehumanization
brought on by war

3. Horrors of war

4. Anti-war stance/
arguments against war
5. Loss of innocence
6. Alienation of a
generation – the “Lost
7. People are the same
                            All Quiet on the Western Front
                                Style Graphic Organizer

Directions: Complete the chart below using the sample model for style #2 as a reference. Be
sure to provide at least two effective examples for each theme. You must use direct quotes
for the first two categories in this chart.

Style                        Example                         Pg   Significance
1. Realistic – graphic,
detailed, to the point,
stark word choice

2. Poetic – use of           (Sample: “The gas still         69   Personification – the gas
figurative language          creeps over the ground and           creeps
(metaphor, simile,           sinks into all the hollows.          Simile – gas compared to
symbols, imagery, irony,     Like a big, soft jellyfish it        jellyfish
tone, point of view,         floats into our shell-hole           Irony – soft, seemingly
personification),            and lolls there obscenely.”)         harmless creature that is
arresting description to                                          deadly (this is also a good
clarify what is being                                             example of contrast)
discussed                                                         Imagery – creates a picture of
                                                                  the movement of the gas

3. Contrasting –
opposite detail either in
wording, description,
and/or scenes.
                                        Dialectical Journal for Life of Pi
                                               English 10 Honors

Your dialectical journal for The Life of Pi will be a conversation on the page. On the left you will write
  important quotations from the novel; on the right you will write why the quote is significant in the
                                 context of the story. Set it up like this:

Note Taking                                             Note Making

Citing page numbers, write significant excerpts         Directly across from the significant excerpts,
from the text on this side of the page. The             write your original ideas about the importance
excerpts of text will add meaning for your              of the text. This analysis must be at least two
understanding of one of the following themes:           to three complete sentences. Your analysis
     Coming of Age/Maturity                            should include
     Faith and Religion                                      Interpretation of how the quote
     Fear                                                       illustrates the theme.
                                                              Explanation of how the quote fits in
                                                                 with the plot of the novel.
Cite 12 entries total. The entries must
appear in chronological order. Entries 1-3
should correspond with all of Part I –
Chapters 1-36; Entries 4-6 with Chapters
37-58; Entries 7-9 with Chapters 37-58;
Entries 10-12 with Chapters 85-100. Be sure
to specify the theme discussed in your entry
with an C(oming of Age), R(eligion), or F(ear)
as shown below.
___________________________________ ________________________________________
Examples (You may NOT use these!):
R – “Bapu Ghandi said, „All religions are true.‟ I
just want to love God”, I blurted out, and looked       Pi is frustrated with his teachers and parents who
down, red in the face. (Chapter 23)                     insist that he choose one religion to follow. Instead,
                                                        Pi seeks a simpler version of faith that does not
                                                        include the controversies and arguments that adults
                                                        squabble over. Pi has intense faith, but he is not
                                                        necessarily religious.
F – “I looked Richard Parker dead in the eyes.
Suddenly his brute strength meant only moral            Pi finally confronts the fear that has been mentally
weakness. It was nothing compared to the strength       exhausting him throughout his excursion. He
in my mind” (Chapter 80)                                realizes that he has nothing to fear since his mental
                                                        strength far surpasses the tiger‟s physical strength.
C – “It was Richard Parker who calmed me down.
It is the irony of this story that the one who scared   Pi realizes that his experience with the tiger brought
me witless to start with was the very same who          him to maturity. He has found a sense of self and
brought me peace, purpose, I dare say even              purpose that he was lacking in his life before he was
wholeness.” (Chapter 57)                                stranded on the raft.

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