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                                David A. Davis
                                                          133 1/2 West St.
                                                        Essex Jct., Vt 05452


            I'm an extremely passionate, driven developer. I guess you'd say I'm a generalist of sorts; I love learning
            new languages, new techniques, and expanding my horizons. I'm most comfortable in Ruby, but program
            regularly in PHP, Python, and Common Lisp. I think each language has its own pros, cons, strengths and
            quirks. I'm not afraid to wear many hats; I've done my share of server administration, software
            integration, and database tuning.

            My goal is to be learning constantly and to be continuously challenged as a developer.


            Programming Languages

                  Ruby                           PHP                            Python
                  Javascript                     C++                            C
                  Java                           Common Lisp

            Frameworks/Other Technologies

                  HTML/CSS                       MySQL                          Ruby on Rails
                  Django                         Git                            Bzr
                  Subversion                     MongoDB

            Operating Systems

                  Linux                          Mac OS X                       Windows


            B.S. Computer Science, St. Michael's College, 2000-2004

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David Davis Resume - Davertron.com                                                           http://davertron.com/resume.html


            Adjunct Professor

            Champlain College | Burlington, Vt. | 2010 - Present

            Taught SWE355 - Java Systems Development

            Software Developer

            Logic Supply | South Burlington, Vt. | 2007 - Present

            Senior Developer for Inc. 5000 company. Maintain and improve eCommerce site, including frontend and
            backend work (PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS/JS). Highlights include adding support for international
            shipping, migrating entire site from PHP4 and MySQL 4 to PHP5 and MySQL 5, and improving site
            performance by adding custom caching layer with Memcached. Maintain internal applications for various
            purposes, including integration with shipping systems and various scripts to keep things moving smoothly
            (Python, Ruby, Bash). Integral in migration to new eCommerce system. Work directly with internal
            customers to design, implement, test, deploy and document new features. Responsible for maintaining
            production and development systems (Linux).

            Java Developer

            IBM | Essex Junction, Vt. | 2004 - 2007

            Collaborated with Sony Japan to establish automated XML data transfer. Upgraded system to allow
            two-way data transfer between Sony and IBM. Increased versatility of two-way transfer by implementing
            the Spring open source framework. Maintained two-way feed. Devised and implemented new application
            configuration infrastructure using Java Properties files. Maximized usability and maintainability of key
            applications by refactoring common functionality into new Object-Oriented designs. Implemented new
            functionality for numerous applications as needed. Updated application documentation. Collaborated with
            a dedicated support team to create easily deployable applications. Interfaced with dedicated test team to
            verify application functionality and quality.


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