HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2011

                            For more information visit NRF/SAASTA’s Website:
                                        Contact: Dr Jabulani Nukeri: 083 4947 620/012 392 9335

                                                                     PROVINCE – GAUTENG

 SERVICE PROVIDER             DATE                TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                          VENUE                 TARGET            ENQUIRIES

                                             Career guidance and student counselling; Science         Vaal University of      Learners,
Vaal University of                           shows; Hands on activities in Chemistry and Physics      Technology Hall and     educators, media,   F P Nemalili
                          01 – 06/08/2011
Technology (VUT)                             and interaction with role models in Science,             Physics and Chemistry   politicians and     079 028 1751
                                             Engineering and Technology                               Laboratories            public

                                             Science centre exhibition tour focusing on
                                             Mathematics; Science, Technology and Engineering
                                                                                                      Sci-Bono Discovery      Grade 1 – 12        Dorothy Koka
Sci-Bono Discovery                           Science educational tours for girl learners to Bernard
                          01 - 05/08/2011                                                             Centre:                 Learners and        011 639 8400
Centre                                       Price Institution of Paleontological Research at Wits;
                                                                                                      Newton/Johannesburg     Educators
                                             iThemba labs in Braamfontein; SAPPI Technology
                                             Centre in Pretoria and SAPPI Enstra Mill in Springs

                                             Tour of the facility and presentation on Biodiversity
                            01-08/2011       and Biotechnology Research and visit to the                                      Learners,
                                                                                                      National Zoological
National Zoological                          Research Centre                                                                  Educators,          Rubeena Sampson
                                                                                                      Garden – City of
Garden (NZG)                                                                                                                  Students and the    012 339 2775
                            06/08/2011                                                                Tshwane
                                             Public day and public lecture at the NZG                                         Public

Council for Geosciences                                                                                                                           Anke Raath
                          01 – 06/08/2011    Tour of the Museum                                       CGS: City of Tshwane    educators and
(CGS)                                                                                                                                             012 322 7122
                                             School Career Days and Open Day:
                                             Learn what nuclear is all about; walkthrough the                                 Learners,
                                                                                                      NECSA Plant: Visitor                        G Lekwe
NECSA                     01 - 06/08/2011    visitor centre; Using the invisible to reveal the                                educators and
                                                                                                      Centre                                      078 460 2454
                                             hidden, School debates on nuclear and Science                                    public
                                             shows and Visit SAFARI-1 nuclear reactor

                                            Water Chemistry Experiments and Puppet Show on
                                            Chemistry                                             Walter Sisulu
                                                                                                  Environmental Centre:     Educators and
                                                                                                  Mamelodi                  Learners         Rudi Horak
Sci-Enza                  01 - 05/08/2011
                                            Computer assisted experiments and career guidance                                                012 420 2865
                                                                                                  University of Pretoria:   General Public
                                            Public talk on: What’s on your plate? Food security   Pretoria- Scie--Enza
                                            within African cities.
                                            Curriculum-based experiments on titration, electric
                                            current.                                                                        Educators,
                                                                                                                                             Dan Tlobatla
Ivory Park High School   01 - 06/08/2011    3km fun run and presentation on benefits of           Ivory Park High School    Learners and
                                                                                                                                             073 0989311
                                            exercise.                                                                       Public
                                            Science shows motivational talks
                                            Demonstration on how Adcock Ingram manufactures
                                            their products: Impact of chemistry in the
                                            pharmaceutical industry
                                                                                                                                             Carl Kruger
ArceloMittal Science                        Presentations on career opportunities and further     Arcelo Mittal Science                      011 494 6215
                         01/08/2011                                                                                         Educators and
Centre                                      studies by: University of Johannesburg; Vaal          Centre                                     Terence Harrison
                                            University of Technology; Sebokeng Hospital and                                                  016 889 2612
                                            careers available at ArcelloMitta and the SAPS
                                            Forensic Lab.,

                                            Presentations/Workshop: Green House effect and
University of Limpopo                                                                             High schools around       Grade 10 – 12    F Seseng
                          01 - 02/08/2011   making of biodiesel from vegetable oil
(Medunsa)                                                                                         Pretoria                  learners         012 521 4610

                                            Presentations/Lectures on: Earthquakes and            University of Limpopo:    Educators and
                         03 – 04/08/2011
                                            Tsunamis: Causes and preventative measures            Medunsa Campus            Public

                                     HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2011
                                                    PROVINCE – FREE STATE

 SERVICE PROVIDER        DATE            TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                     VENUE                     TARGET                ENQUIRIES

                                        Workshops on: Electronics; Aero modelling;      Kroonstad
                                        Linear programming; Acids and basis and         Fezile Dabi ERC           Learners & educators
                    01 - 08/08/2011
                                        usesage of water at home.                                                                          DA Potsane
Fezile Dabi ERCt
                                                                                                                                           056 216 3855
                    01 – 05/08/2011
                                        Educational tours to: Vredefort Dome and a      Vredefort and Public      Learners and public
                                        workshop on beadwork                            Library- Kroonstad

                                        Facts about Dinosaurs: Kind of dinosaurs,
                                        match dinosaurs with their shadows and step
                                        on dinosaur footprints.                                                                            Ancilia van Staden
                                                                                                                  Grade 1 -3 Learners
                                                                                                                                           051 4479 609
                                                                                        National Museum:
National Museum       01 - 05/2011      Presentation: Fossils and human evolution
                                        (types of fossils, importance thereof,                                                             Sandra Bishop
                                                                                                                  Grade 10 Learners
                                        methods of dating and what you need to do                                                          051 4479 609
                                        to become a palaeontologist), exhibitions and
                                        career talk.
                                        Workshops on: Rates of reactions;
                                        Electronics; Data Handling and probability,     Motheo ERC; Botanical
Motheo Resource                                                                                                                            Sylvia Beukes
                    04 – 06/08/2010     Climate change and biodiversity; Astronomy      Gardens, Twee Spruit,     Learners and Educators
Centre                                                                                                                                     051 404 6931
                                        and Science shows.                              Tsoseletso High School.

                                        Rocket shows and workshops on Equilibrium
                                        in Chemistry; Electroplating; Family Maths &
                    01 – 04/08/2011
                                        transformation geometry
                                                                                        Tshiya ERC-                                        B Bisschoff; M
Tshiya ERC                                                                                                        Learners and educators
                                                                                        Phuthaditjhaba                                     Kleinhans
                                        Educational tours to the water purification
                    01 – 05/08/2011
                                        plan as well as the sewage works and
                                        interaction with role models in SET

                                          Open Day: Visits to different laboratories
                                          faculties: Electrical Engineering; Civil
                                          Engineering; Mechanical Engineering;
Central University of                                                                                        Learners; educators     Mrs M Mbeo
                        04 – 06/08/2011   Information Technology; Hotel School;           CUT-Bloemfontein
Technology (CUT)                                                                                             and public              051 507 3081
                                          Tourism Department; School for Teacher
                                          Education; School of Design Technology and
                                          visual art;
                                          Practical workshop on “How to grow
                                                                                          Thitapoho Farm:                            Mabelo Matsie
SANBI                     04/08/2011      vegetables without soil by using hydroponic                        Learners
                                                                                          Tweespruit                                 051 436 3530
                                          system and how to extract the essential oils.

                                                                                          Welkom: Goudveld   Grade 7 – 11 learners   Suma Jovner
HIP2B                     02/08/2011      iThink Challenge
                                                                                          High School        and educators           082 436 3195

                                         HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2011
                                                       PROVINCE – NORTH WEST

  SERVICE PROVIDER            DATE                TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                           VENUE                  TARGET          ENQUIRIES
                          01 – 02/08/2011   Educational tours to Vaal Reefs Anglo Gold Mine           Vaal Reefs Anglo Gold
                                            (Extraction of ore from rocks and extraction of gold      Mine
Milner High School                          from ore) and interaction with role models in SET                                   Learners           Mr D Kiewit

                            03/08/2011      Debate: Chemistry and our health                          Milner High School
                                                                                                      Tshipietsile SS; Moreri
South African Young                                                                                   SS; Setwakgosing HS       Learners,
                                            Video and Presentation on: Water Chemistry and its
Nuclear Professional      01 – 05/08/2011                                                             Monchusi SS, Huhudi       educators and      082 225 4300
                                            effects on a nuclear power plant.
Society                                                                                               HS; Kgononyane MS;        public
                                                                                                      and Tong CP
                                            Presentations and Exhibitions on: Acids and bases;
North West University                                                                                 North West University:    educators;
                                            Application of Mathematics; Electronics; Biological                                                    Mr Chester
(Mafikeng Campus)         01 - 06/08/2011                                                             Mafikeng Campus –         students,
                                            sciences; Nursing sciences; Animal health, Crop science                                                Morulana
Campus)                                                                                               Great Hall                university staff
                                            applied radiation; Computer science, IKS; )
                                                                                                                                and public
                                            Presentations on: Medicinal plants; IKS about birds;                                Grade 10 – 12
                                            Career guidance; The rich and interesting history of                                Learners,
North West University (                                                                               North West University:                       Ms K Foutie
                          01 -06/08/2011    chemistry; The link between science and industry-                                   educators,
Potchefstroom Campus)                                                                                 Potchefstroom Campus                         018 299 2387
                                            important role that chemistry plays in modern society.                              students and
                                            And interactive exhibits                                                            public
Platinum Development                        Motivational talks by scientists from Necsa, mining                                 Educators,
                          01 - 05/08/2011                                                             Oukasie/Brits                                Mpho Segolela
Trust                                       sector, banking sector. Career exhibits.                                            Parents and
                                                                                                      Potchefstroom:            Grade 7 – 11
                                                                                                                                                   Suma Jovner
HIP2B                       01/08/2011      Think challenge                                           Fernanda Postma High      learners and
                                                                                                                                                   082 436 3195
                                                                                                      School                    educators
                                            Talk: The influence of Chemistry and it’s contribution    Vaal Reefs Technical
Vaal Reefs Technical                                                                                                                               Mrs Madola
                          01 – 05/08/2011   to the economy; Educational tours to Anglo-Gold           School and Anglo-Gold     Learners
School                                                                                                                                             082 430 2839
                                            Ashanti mine laboratory and career exhibitions            Ashanti Mine

                                     HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2010

                                                               PROVINCE – LIMPOPO

                       DATE                 TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                            VENUE                 TARGET            ENQUIRIES

                                                                                                                            Grade 7 -12
                                     Talk show on: Global warming and how it affect the lives
                                                                                                 Bokamoso Science and       Learners,        MS Morudu
BOSTEC             01 – 03/08/2011   of people; Science exhibits and career awareness
                                                                                                 Technology Centre          Educators and    083 471 3414

                                     Chemistry experiments (redox reactions and titration;
                                                                                                                            Learners and
                                     rates of reaction, waves, energy and electricity and fun
Dendron                                                                                                                     Educators from   J Chikade
                   01 - 03/08/2011   experiments); interaction with role models in SET ( civil   Dendron High School
Secondary School                                                                                                            surrounding      071 9525 199
                                     engineer, pharmacist, physiotherapist’ biochemist, mine
                                     engineer, nurse and radiotherapist)
                                                                                                 Madonsi: Shingwedzi
                                     Workshops on: Data handling, organic. Presentations on      EMPC/Malamulele
                                     SET careers, Exhibitions from Malamulele SAPS and           Shopping                   Learners,
                                                                                                                                             HE Baloyi
Shingwedzi EMPC    01 – 05/08/2011   Correctional Services and an educational tour to the        Centre/Nhlaluko High       Educators and
                                                                                                                                             082 411 7054
                                     sewage and water purification plant.                        School and Limbenzi        public
                                                                                                 Secondary School

                                     Workshops and Presentations on: Electricity; Role of
                                     Science in economic development; DNA extraction and                                    Learners,
                                                                                                 Polokwane: University of                    Sandile Rikhotso
University of      01 – 05/08/2011   cloning                                                                                educators and
                                                                                                 Limpopo                                     015 268 3099
Limpopo Science                                                                                                             public
Centre                               Science shows, science exhibits and careers in SET
                                                                                                 Polokwane: Savannah
                     06/08/2011      Interactive science exhibits and science shows
                                     Science shows (how “milk” is made in the laboratory,
                                     simple ways of producing soft drinks, straw vuvuzela,
                                                                                                 Niani Community Hall;      Learners,
                                     Mobius rings, coke and methanol).                                                                       Livhuwani Masevhe
Science-tube       01 - 05/08/2011                                                               Tshidimmbini               Educators and
                                                                                                                                             079 112 3425
                                                                                                 Community Hall             the Public
                                     Career exhibitions focusing on: biotechnology,
                                     engineering, nanotechnology and space science).

                                                                                                Giyani Shopping
                                     Interactive science exhibits; science shows; puzzles;
                  30/07/2011         indigenous games (ncuva); and Career guidance
                                                                                                Giyani Science Centre
                   01 – 05/08/2011   Interactive science exhibits; science shows; puzzles;                                Learners;
Giyani Science                                                                                                                              Mr Ngobeni BT
                                     indigenous games (ncuva); and Career guidance                                        educators and
Centre                                                                                                                                      015 812 3782
                                     Interactive science exhibits; science shows; puzzles;
                                                                                                Modjadjiskloof Shopping
                     06/08/2011      indigenous games (ncuva); and Career guidance

                                                                                                                          High schools in
Makomba Ndlela
                                     Interaction with role models in Science, Engineering and   Grade 9 – 12 Learner;     Lephalale and     Victor Khosa
Youth              03 - 06/08/2011
                                     Technology and career exhibits.                            educators and public      Burgersfort       073 859 4520
                                                                                                Mokopane: Rauweshi
                                                                                                Primary School;
                                                                                                Kgaubotlhale High
Limpopo Academy
                                     Presentations on: Chemistry in our daily lives; fun        School; Mapala Primary    Learners and      Lance Letsoalo
015for Science     01 - 06/08/2011
                                     experiments and career guidance by Anglo Platinum.         School; George Langa      Educators         072 631 3826
and Technology
                                                                                                High School and
                                                                                                Bakenburg Community

                                                                                                Polokwane:Jack Botes
                                     Lectures/Presentations on: Nano science in your home,
                                                                                                Hall & Moreko
                                     food and cell phone; Biodiversity the way to save our
                                                                                                Secondary School          Learners,
                                     ecosystem; Chemistry of blood:                                                                         Bushy Moabelo
SLEG               01 - 06/08/2011                                                                                        Educators and
                                     Careers in SET: medicine, SADF, agriculture, space                                                     072 128 7795
                                                                                                Seshego; Janefurse and    General Public
                                     Visit to Medupi Power Station.
                                                                                                Medupi Power Station

                                     Presentation: Careers in the South African Defence Force                             Learners;
Kutama High       02/08/2011                                                                    Kutama High School                          Ralizhivha TD &
                                     Fun run and public lecture on the role of sports in                                  educators and
School            06/08/2011                                                                    Muduluni ground                             Makhumisane
                                     promoting good health                                                                public

                                       HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2011
                                                    PROVINCE – KWAZULU NATAL

SERVICE PROVIDER            DATE           TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                    VENUE                   TARGET                ENQUIRIES

                                           Sea world experience: Interaction with
                                                                                         Durban: UShaka Sea
                        01 - 05/08/2011    scientists, animal keepers and presentation                            Grade 9 Learners
                                                                                         World                                           P Lephaila & P Msomi
                                           on fisheries and marine careers.
Sea World
                                                                                                                                         031 328 8192/4
                                           Exhibitions and Sea World research            Durban: UShaka Sea
                          05/08/2011                                                                              Community and Public
                                           projects on fishers and ecotourism.           World
                                           Presentation on Nanotechnology; Science
                        01 - 03/08/2011
                                           of Sports and Biotechnology (Cloning)
OM-MTN Science                                                                                                    Learners, Educators
                                                                                         Umhlanga Rocks                                  Ms Sane Khowa
Centre                                     Planetarium show and Making of space                                   and public
                        05 - 06/08/2011                                                                                                  031 566 8040
                                           models and science exhibits
                                           Educational tours to: Mangrove swamps;
                                           Treasure beach – coastal grassland;           Umgeni
Inanda Seminary         03 & 05/08/2011    UShaka marine, Dolphinarium, Umgeni           Valley/Durban/Howick     Grade 10-12 Learners   031 510 1011
                                           Valley; Tala game reserve and Umgeni bird     & Eston
                                           Lecture: Science inventions in the mining,
                                           aviation and energy sectors that impact our
Insika Yentsha                                                                           Mthubatuba –             Learners; educators    Thulani Sithole
                        01 – 05/08/2011
Yasemzansi                                 Presentations on: Pre-modern and              Riverview Country Club   and public             083 363 8473
                                           scientific applications; Climate change;
                                           Alternative source of energy and energy
                                           efficient/green designs
                                                                                                                                         Derek or Stacey
                                           Science shows, big screen movie on            Community Park, Alton,                          035 797 3204
Unizul Science Centre   01 - 06/08/2011                                                                           Tertiary Students
                                           Chemistry and over 200 science exhibits.      Richards Bay

                                                                                         Eshowe: Mfolozi
                                          Seminar: Science and Technology –              College; Nkandla:
                                          Electricity                                    Nkandla Community         Learners, educator       Zinhle Bhengu
Rural Rigid             01 – 06/08/2011
                                                                                         Hall; Kranskop:           and public               011 791 0520
                                          Presentations on SET Careers                   Mnyakanya HS; Grey
                                          Addressing the shortage of SET skills in SA:                             Grade 10 – 12
Bergville Community                                                                      Eskom Hydro Pump                                   Nhlanhla Maphalala
                        01 – 05/08/2011   Interaction with role models (scientists;                                learners, educators
Builders                                                                                 Storage Visitors Centre                            073 417 0438
                                          engineers and technologists.                                             and public
Vula Programme at                         Maths games and “ Under Pressure”                                                                 Lloyd Smuts
                        01 – 04/08/2011                                                  Mpophomeni Theatre        Grade 9 – 10 learners
Hilton College                            science shows                                                                                     033 383 0100
                                          Lecture on: Biofuels and Solar Energy
                                                                                                                   Academic from MUT
                                                                                                                   and other institutions
                                                                                                                   and post graduate
University of                                                                                                                               031 907 7219
                          06/08/2011      Talk/Workshop: Making of bar soaps,
                                          perfumes, biodiesel and detergents
                                                                                         UKZN Campuses:
University of KwaZulu                     Lectures: International Year of Biodiversity                             High school learners,    Tanja Reinhardt
                        01 – 05/08/2011                                                  Westville; Howard;
Natal                                     and Chemistry                                                            educators and public     031 260 2524

                                       HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2010

                                                             PROVINCE – EASTERN CAPE

                                               TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF
 SERVICE PROVIDER           DATE                                                                 VENUE                       TARGET                 ENQUIRIES
                                          Educational theatre: Space – Journey to
                                                                                        Nombulelo HS; Port
                                          changing frontier; Motivational lecture:
                                                                                        Alfred HS; Hendrik                                     Carol Gourley
Sciefest Africa         01 – 04/08/2011   Living and working in space; Workshop:                                      Grade 9 – 10 learners
                                                                                        Kanise Community Hall;                                 046 603 1172
                                          Build-a satellite and Kitchen Chemistry
                                                                                        Alexandra HS
                                          and Science shows
                                                                                        Ncedolwethu SSS; St
                                                                                        Matthew’s HS; Port
Rhodes University:                                                                                                                             Mr Lugodlo
                        01 – 06/08/2011   Lecture: A pollutant’s tale                   Alfred HS Cradock HS;         Learners and educators
Science Faculty                                                                                                                                082 369 9237
                                                                                        NMtsika School; NMMU
                                                                                        Missionvale Campus
                                          Lectures on: Aspects of marine chemistry
                                          and how it is effected by global warming
                                          i.e. ocean acidification and how it affects
                                                                                                                      Grade 7 – 12 Learners,   Sandile Dyantyi
Bayworld                01 - 05/08/2011   the distribution of life on sea.              Bayworld: Port Elizabeth
                                                                                                                      educators and public     041 584 0650
                                          Presentations on career opportunities in
                                          marine science as well as shark exhibits..
                                          Exciting curriculum based experiments in
                                          Physics and Chemistry and presentations                                                              Mr Sixolo
Bisho High School       02 - 07/08/2011                                                 Bisho: Bisho High School      Grade 10 -12 Learners
                                          on climate change and environmental                                                                  082 882 7335
                                          Hands-on presentation about Climate
Bonani Educational                                                                                                    Grade 6 & 8 Learners
                        01 - 05/08/2011   change, Carbon sequestration and the          Zwartkop Estuary
Enterprises                                                                                                           and Educators            082 329 6842
                                          effects on the estuary.

Sterkpruit College of                     Educator workshop on: Biodiversity and                                      Learners, Educators,     T A Nthama
                          02/08/2011                                                    Strekspruit District Office
Education                                 Genetics.                                                                   Public and Politicians

Mthatha Department                     Bridge building completion and SET         Mthatha: TRINSET and        Learners, Educators,      Nolizwi Sitsheke
                     01 - 06/08/2011
of Education                           careers exhibitions and presentations      Umtata High School          General Public            073 354 7296
                                       Discovery Talk lecture: Acid mine
                       01/08/2011      drainage – prevention of underground
                                       water pollution in SA catchment areas
                                                                                                              undergraduate and
FOSST Discovery                        Poster and project presentations: Bridge   Alice: University of Fort                             P Nkwinana
                                                                                                              post graduate students,
Centre                                 building, steam propelled car and maths    Hare                                                  040 602 2160
                                                                                                              academic staff and
                                                                                                              General Public
                       02/08/2011      Exhibitions: UFH Departments; careers
                                       and Nguni project/research
                                       Presentation on: Global warming and it’s
                       02/08/2011      impact on human living conditions/
                                       Impact of Chemistry on nutrition, health
Bizana Senior                                                                                                 Learners, educators       Zungu MN
                                       and medicine                               Cultural Village
Secondary School                                                                                              and public                072 520 3515
                       03/08/2011      Workshop: Learn to construct a simple
                                       electrochemical cell

                                   HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2010

                                                    PROVINCE – NORTHERN CAPE

SERVICE PROVIDER       DATE                TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                         VENUE                 TARGET           ENQUIRIES
                                       Presentations on: SET careers; The history of the
                   01 – 06/08/2011     Taung skull and it’s importance to anthropology;
                                                                                             Pampierstad: Kgomotso
                                       Has the development of chemistry through the                                     Learners;
Kgomotso High                                                                                High School                                 Mr Stanley
                                       years advanced                                                                   educators and
School                                                                                                                                   082 407 6916
                                                                                             Finish Mine
                     03/08/2011        Educational tour to Finsh mine (the mining of
                                       diamonds and careers at the mine)
                     01 05/08/2011
                                       Presentations on: Relationship between chemistry
                                       and fire; Dagga psychosis and health risks
                                       associated with oka pipe smoking; Role of
                                                                                                                        Grade 10-12
                                       chemistry in forensic science; Tsunami and
                                                                                             NIHE-Kimberley –           Learners,        Dr Mpisi
NIHE                                   Teenage pregnancy
                                                                                             Galeshewe/Douglas          Educators and    053 807 5368
                                                                                                                        General Public
                                       Bridge building competition, science shows and
                                       educational tours to fablab, Vaalharts experimental

                                                                                             Hopetown: Steynville HS;
                                                                                             Prieska: Gariep HS
                                       Presentation and demonstrations on: Earthquakes;
Water Education     30/07/2011 –                                                             Pofadder: Boesmanland      Grade 12         Mr Lio Lombard
                                       Tsunami; Careers in SET; manufacturing of
Techniques           06/08/2011                                                              HS School; Steinkopf HS;   learners         082 545 8631
                                       fertilizers; and Global warming
                                                                                             Namakwalanda HS and
                                                                                             Calvinia HS
                                       Global water experiment in celebration of 2011 as                                                 Anne Maclean
                                                                                             Kimberley: M2 Coffee       and post
M2 Coffee Shop     01 – 05/08/2011     the International Year of Chemistry; Presentations                                                053 832 5047
                                                                                             Shop                       graduate
                                       on SET Careers.
                                                                                                                        students and

Council for                                                                                                           Martin Lekotoko
              01 – 06/08/2011   Exhibitions and Careers in geochemistry   Kimberley: City Centre      educators and
Geoscience                                                                                                            012 841 1088

                                                                                                      Grade 7 – 11
                                                                          Kimberly: Kimberley Girls                   Suma Jovner
HIP2B           03/08/2011      iThink Challenge                                                      learners and
                                                                          High School                                 082 436 3195

                                          HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2011

                                                               PROVINCE – WESTERN CAPE

SERVICE PROVIDER            DATE                 TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                         VENUE                     TARGET             ENQUIRIES
                                                                                                                                Grade 7 – 12
                                            Celebrating the International Year of Chemistry: 10   Robertson: De Villiers and    Learners
                        02 - 05/08/2011
                                            science clubs showcase their chemistry activities;    Vergies Primary schools
University of the                           Science shows.                                                                                           Prof MS Hartley
Western Cape                                                                                                                    Science educators;   083 552 1507
                                            Open lecture on: Radioactivity and Japan event;       Bellville: UWC Life Science   UWC staff,
                                            Tsunamis, underwater volcanoes.                       Auditorium                    learners and
                                                                                                                                general public
                                            Workshops on: Solar system; Alternate source of
                        01 – 05/08/2011     energy – Hydrogen fuel cell; Electricity; DNA                                       Learners and
                                            extraction; Climate change and Speed dating                                         educators
ArcelorMittal Science                                                                             Vredenburg: Science                                Phinah
Centre                                                                                            Centre                                             022 719 1479
                          06/08/2011        Public day: Science shows, fun experiments and                                      Public
                                            interactive exhibits

                                            Presentation on: Discover the effect of pencil on     SANSA -Hermanus
                                            resistor; Space weather and exhibits                                                Grade 3-8
                        01 - 04/08/2011
                                            .                                                                                   Learners
                                                                                                                                                     Elisa Fraser
                                                                                                                                                     028 312 1196

                        05 - 06/08/2011     Open day: SANSA space weather.                        SANSA: Hermanus               General Public

                                            Demonstrations and Presentations on : the
                                            influence of temperature on the rate of reaction;                                   Learners;
Cape Winelands                                                                                    Worcester; Paarl;                                  Jannie Gerber
                        01 – 04/08/2011     Titrations; Climate change on the impact of water                                   educators and
Education District                                                                                Robertson; Ceres                                   082 320 7895
                                            resources and potential impact on the succulent                                     public
                                            Karoo biome and fun experiments

                                       Workshops on: Atomic structure; electronics and
                     01 - 05/08/2011                                                                                          Learners
                                       electricity. Science shows and Science quiz
                                                                                                Cape Town;
                                                                                                Manzomthombo HS;
                                                                                                                                                   Ambrose Yaga
iThemba Labs                                                                                    Mfuleni PS; Sithembele
                                                                                                                                                   078 802 1714
                                                                                                Mathiso HS; Khayamnandi
                                       Public/open Day: Science shows, science workshops
                       06/08/2011                                                                                             Public
                                       and other science interesting activities
                                                                                                Malmesbury: Wesbank SS
                                                                                                                              Grade 10 – 12
                     01 – 04/08/2011   Science shows and Science Expo                           and Schoonspruit SS
                                                                                                                                                   M Goliath
DoE West Coast
                                                                                                Vredenburg:                                        021 860 1200
                                                                                                                              Grade 9 – 11 girl
                       03/08/2011      Talk: Women in Science                                   ArcellorMitaal Science
                                       Presentations and lectures on: Chemical treasure         Parow: University of Cape
                                                                                                                              Learners, grade 10
                                       hunt – qualitative tests in chemistry , identifying an   Town ; Metro North Hall;
Metro North                                                                                                                   & 11 Physical        Alan Stevens
                     01 – 04/08/2011   unknown anion or cation solution; Genetic                and Biogenetics plant
Education District                                                                                                            Science and Life     021 938 3030
                                       modification in plants, and a guided tour of the fruit   pathology research facility
                                                                                                                              Science educators
                                       fly breeding program                                     at Stellenbosch
                                                                                                                              Grade 7 – 11
                                                                                                Stellenbosch: Paul Roos                            Suma Jovner
HIP2B                  04/08/2011      iThink Challenge                                                                       learners and
                                                                                                Gymnasium                                          082 436 3195

                                       HIGHLIGHTS FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK ACTIVITIES 2010

                                                              PROVINCE – MPUMALANGA

SERVICE PROVIDER         DATE                 TOPIC AND DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY                            VENUE                  TARGET             ENQUIRIES
                                        Exhibits: Sasol, Eskom, SAPS, Aviation, IKS, careers in
                                        the medical field.
Osizweni Science                                                                                                                                 Angela Ford
                     01 - 05/08/2011    Presentations on: Water purification; blood types; Use     Osizweni Science Centre    Educators and
Centre                                                                                                                                           017 689 2005
                                        of recycle materials; Launching a rocket; HIV and AIDS;                               General Public
                                        Build your own electric motor; Indigenous medicinal
                                        plants and ticker timer experiments.
                                        Lectures on: Fun experiments; Water Experiment; and        Nelspruit: Hoxane;
                     01 - 04/08/2011    careers in SET – interaction with role models.             Mapulaneng; White          Learners,
                                                                                                                                                 B Nkuna
Pernreach                                                                                          Hazy circuit; Manyeleti;   Educators and
                                                                                                                                                 082 770 8324
                                                                                                   Kamhlushwa EDC;            General Public
                                                                                                   Marite circuit.
                                        Lecture on careers in SET and workshops on Natural                                    Grade 7 -11        Mr T P Thage
Ndebele EDC          01 - 05/08/2011                                                               Siyabuswa: NEDC Hall
                                        disasters and DNA.                                                                    Learners
                                        Presentation: Wildlife conservation & sustainability; as
                                                                                                   Kruger National Park-
                     01 - 04/08/2011    well as careers in wildlife conservation.                                             Learners;
                                                                                                   Berg-en-Dal                                   Mrs LO Mahlalela
Nkomazi EDC                                                                                                                   educators and
                                                                                                                                                 082 489 6367
                       05/08/2011       Fun run                                                                               public
                                                                                                   Malelane: Inkomazi EDC
                                                                                                                                                 Dr GDA Manzini
Kanyamazane EDC      01 - 05/08/2011    Career Guidance in SET and Science experiments.            KaNyamazane EDC            Educators and
                                                                                                                                                 013 766 0424
                                        Workshops on: Reflection & refraction of light rays;                                                     MF Mohale
                     01 - 02/08/2011                                                               KwaMhlanga:KSCS            Grade 9 Learners
                                        Exothermic & endothermic reactions; acids and bases                                                      082 441 6996
Kwandebele Science
Combined School
                         03/08 &        Presentation on How to make juice from fruit; and 10                                                     Mr Lesibana
                                                                                                   KwaMhlanga: KSCS           Educators
                       05/08/2011       km fun run :                                                                                             082 259 6536

                                                                                            Nelspruit: Vulamasango
                                                                                            PS; Khaliphani SS;
                                    Presentations on: Careers in SET; Science shows;        Mthunzi PS; Mthombo
                                                                                                                      Learners and   Themba Maseko
TESS Technology   01 – 05/08/2011   Curriculum aligned experiments: electricity, chemical   SS; Msogwaba PS;
                                                                                                                      educators      082 706 9211
                                    change and electrochemistry.                            Gedlembane SS;
                                                                                            Vulindela SS & Zikodze
                                                                                            Barberton: Amos Nkosi
                                    Workshops on: Electricity; Acids – base reactions;      PS; Ngwane Combines S;
                                                                                                                                     L Q Ceko
Barberton EDC     01 - 05/08/2011   Determine the content of food; SET careers at ;         Mountain View PS;         Learners
                                                                                                                                     072 430 4707
                                    Barberton Regional Hospital and Fairview Mine.          Barberton PS, Barberton
                                                                                            Witbank; Nelspruit;
Mpumalanga                          Educational tours and career guidance at : Landau
                                                                                            Hazyview;                 Learners and   MF Malepeng
Department of     01 – 05/08/2011   mine; Nelspruit Airport, Botanical garden; Nova board
                                                                                            Bushbuckridge and         educators      076 898 3885
Education                           and water purification plant; Kruger National Park;


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