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									                                    Quiz Review
                            Three Branches of Government

1. Legislative Branch - responsible for making the laws of the country, represented by
                        two bodies: The House of Representative and the Senate

2. Executive Branch - branch of government that is responsible for overseeing the
                      management of the government

3. Judicial Branch -      responsible for interpreting the laws of the land as stated, or
                         implied, by the Constitution

4. separation of powers - a way of dividing power among three branches of government:
                          Legislative, Executive, and Judicial in which each is selected
                          by and responsible for distinct functions.

5. checks and balances - the constitutional doctrine in which each branch of
                         government shares some of the powers of the other
                         branches in order to limit their actions

6. enumerated powers - 17 specific powers granted to Congress by the Constitution of
                        the United States

7. implied powers - those powers not specifically listed in the Constitution that can be
                     inferred from the enumerated powers.
                     For Example: the power to draft people into the army

8. inherent powers - powers that do not have to be granted by the Constitution;
                     For Example: conducting foreign affairs

9. elastic clause - a name given to the “necessary and proper clause”

10. executive privilege - the doctrine that the President does not have to share certain
                          information with Congress or the Judicial Branch

11. veto - the formal constitutional authority of the President to reject bills passed
            by both houses of Congress preventing their becoming laws without further
           Congressional action

12. judicial review - the authority of a court to review the acts of the legislature, the
                     executive branch, or state to determine the constitutionality of these

13. unconstitutional - a law or action that is unauthorized by or inconsistent with the
                       Constitution of the United States
   Identify the correct Article of the United States Constitution that establishes the
   separate branches of the government.

         Judicial Branch:

         Executive Branch:

         Legislative Branch:

   Fill in the chart below with the correct information for each office.

                            Minimum Age        Minimum # Years         Limits on Term of
                                                 as a Citizen                Office
House of



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