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									                           The Odyssey
                            Part One
   Define and be able to relate the following words to yourself,
    events, and characters
   Curiosity
   Stubbornness
   Arrogance
   Cleverness (guile)
   Determination
                   The Odyssey
            Part One Questions (Page 813)
•      On your own paper write:
                             “Odyssey Part I”
                                Study Notes

II. Answer the following questions as we read the Odyssey Part I.

    1. What is the significance of the invocation?
    2. Proof:

    3. In the invocation, lines 6 – 34 are mainly about what?
    4. Proof:

    5. From the summary given on page 814, what are the two
       conflicts given? What type of conflicts are they? Proof:

    6. What are the lines 6 – 9 mainly about? Proof:

    7. What can you conclude about Odysseus’ viewpoint of his
       home, Ithaca from the lines 11 – 27 (815)? Proof:

    8. On page 816, what can we infer about Odysseus’ character
       from lines 41 – 57? Proof:
9. What can we conclude about Odysseus’ values from lines 58 –
   69? Proof:

10.     What figurative language is used in line 208? (820) Proof:

11.    What reason might Odysseus have for giving a false
   name? (822) Proof:
12.   What character trait listed earlier best describes
  Odysseus in his adventure with the Polyphemus? Proof:

13.       What serious error in judgment does Odysseus make in
   lines 425 – 429 page 827? What does this reveal about his
   character? Proof:
14.       Foreshadowing is planting clues to suggest future events.
   What do you think the lines 452 – 462 foreshadow for
   Odysseus? Proof:
15.       How does the cave setting contribute to Odysseus’
   conflict? Proof:

16.    How does Odysseus solve his conflict with the
  Polyphemus? Proof:
17.     What is Odysseus feeling based on the lines 395 – 399?

                  The Odyssey
                            Part Two
1. What are the last two paragraphs of the introduction to part
   two mainly about? Proof:
2. How does Odysseus get away from Circe? (833) Proof:
3. What type of figurative language is being used in line 1? What is
   the author describing? Proof:
4. What is implied by Odysseus being the only man to hear the
   Sirens’ song? Proof:
5. How does Odysseus help his men overcome their fear as the
   ship approaches Scylla and Charybdis? P. 836 Proof:
6. What important piece of information does Odysseus leave out
   of his speech? Proof:
7. What comparison does the author use when describing Scylla in
   lines 128 – 134? What effect does this comparison have? (p.
   838) Proof:
8. Based on the men’s past behavior, what do the lines 186 – 191
   foreshadow for Odysseus’ men? (839) Proof:

9. What is the cause and effect of the event that occurred on the
   Isle of the Sun? Proof:
10.      What can we conclude Odysseus has learned from this
   part of his journey? Proof:
11.      What is the major conflict of Part Two? Proof:
12.      What character trait would best describe Odysseus’
   behavior in part two? Proof:

                    The Odyssey
                            Part Three
1.   What is the second paragraph in the introduction to part three
     mainly about? Proof:
2.   From the second paragraph in the introduction, what can you
     conclude regarding how Odysseus feels about “the suitors”?
3.   What is the major conflict of part three? Proof:

4. What types of figurative language are used in lines 73 – 77 on
   page 855. Proof:
5. What can the reader conclude about the reaction of both men
   in lines 71 – 79? Proof:
   6. What can we conclude about Odysseus’ dog from the summary
      on page 857? Proof:
   7. What do the lines 1 – 11 tell the reader about Antnous’
      character? Proof:

   8. What can the reader conclude about Telemachus’ character in
      lines 59 – 63 page 859 and the summary on page 860? Proof:

   9. Why would Odysseus’ be heart sore? Proof:
   10.       What can the reader conclude about Penelope from the
      lines 114 – 128? Proof:
   11.       Based on the lines 1 – 13, what character trait best
      describes Penelope? Proof:
   12.       How is Telemachus described in lines 63 – 67? What
      conclusions can the reader draw about Odysseus’ son? Proof:

                      The Odyssey
                               Part Four
3. What actions by the suitors show their contempt for the gods,
    Odysseus and Penelope and social order?

4. Identify what part of the plot is contained in the lines 85 – 94.
5. What do the lines 95 – 111 say about Telemachus’ character?

6. What do you notice about Odysseus’ performance in battle in lines
   126 – 128 page 874?

7. What information should Penelope get to satisfy herself that the
   beggar is really Odysseus?
8. Why does Odysseus respond in this way? page 876 at lines 54 –

9. What might Odysseus believe will happen now? Page 877 lines
    108 – 111.
10. Why might Penelope not believe this man is her husband?
11. Who do you think is suffering more, Odysseus or Penelope?

12. Compare Penelope’s speech on page 879 lines 161 – 176 to her
    speech on page 878 lines 122 – 130. How is her tone different?

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