Poetry Assignment #4 � Figurative Language 2 by 06mW5637


									                      Poetry Assignment 4 - Figurative Language 2
                          Poetry Handout #3 - “The Horses” etc.

Goals: To understand personification, hyperbole, and symbol
           To identify figures of speech in context

                                    Discussion Questions
                                       “The Horses”

What is the setting of this poem?

What is its occasion?

How does he go about telling the reader what had happened to the world?

What can we infer about the speaker of the poem? What is his attitude toward the
civilization that produced the war?

What is the point of the stanzas about the tractors?

What was their first reaction to the sight of the horses and why? To what does he
compare them ?
How did the horses act toward the people? How does the narrator account for their

What comes to be their attitude toward the horses? What relationship do they have with
them? What are the horses a symbol of?
                                   “To The Virgins”

Is there a symbol in first stanza? Is that a cultural or literary symbol?
Examples of personification in first stanza?

Any metaphors in stanza 2? What type of metaphor is it?

Any symbols? Personification?

Is “blood” literal or figurative in stanza three?

What is the theme of the poem?

                                    Joy and Temperance
Note this as a classic personification.

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