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					Albert Park Indoor Sports Centre Pty. Ltd.
Pit Building 3, Aughtie Drive, Albert Park, VIC. 3206                              Tel. 9696-6900
PO Box 249, South Melbourne, VIC. 3205                                             Fax. 9696-6901      Contact 1: Name
                               Indoor Soccer Application
                                                                                                       Home Phone:
    Mens                     Team Name:           ______________________________
    Mixed 
                                                                                                       Work Phone:
    Ladies                   Team Colours:        ______________________________                      Mobile:
     Preferred day                                 ______________________________                      Home Address:                                             P/c
     Preferred time: circle the times that suit your team’s availability. This is only a preference.
     Teams will have to play some games outside their preference in most competitions.
                                                                                                       Contact 2: Name
     Mon –Thurs:              6.25pm to 8.25pm         or      8.25pm to 10.25pm or All OK
     Sunday:                  before 6.00pm                   or                   after 6.00pm
                                                                                                       Home Phone:
     Preferred Venue:
                                                                                                       Work Phone:
      Albert Park, Richmond, Brunswick, Debney Park, Princess Hill, Box Forest
    1.   Games are played at the time and venue fixtured by Albert Park Indoor Sports                  Home Address:                                             P/c
         Centre Pty. Ltd. (APISC)
    2.   Submission of this application does not necessarily mean that the team is
         accepted for entry into a competition, Acceptance is dependent on the
         availability of places on a night. APISC’s fixture manager will advise the
                                                                                                       Full Name            email address                 Phone numbers
                                                                                                       Eg sam mac         W. 9696 6900 & 0404028200
         captain of a team’s acceptance.
    3.   A team must pay its registration fee and last game bond on the first game of                  1.
         the season. Information about these fees can be obtained from APISC. The
         last game bond pays a team’s match and referee’s fees for the last game                       2.
         unless a team forfeits during the season. Should a team forfeit during the                    3.
         season the team forfeits its last game bond. A team that forfeits may be
         removed from the competition at management’s discretion.                                      4.
    4.   In signing this application the first contact agrees and undertakes on behalf of
         the members of a team to pay in full the team’s referee’s fees and its match
         fees before the start of each game, regardless of team numbers present.                       6.
    5.   The team’s captain acknowledges that he or she accepts and understands the
         Centre’s rules and by-laws and agrees to abide by them. The team captain is                   7.
         responsible for ensuring that each member of the team is familiar with the
         Centre’s rules..
    6.   Applications will not be accepted unless a team provides 2 contacts and fills                 APISC requires two contacts so that we can notify you of fixtured game times
         out its team members list.
                                                                                                       at the start of a season and any subsequent changes to fixtures. All teams
   I ___________________________understand and accept the above conditions on                          must provide two contacts and fill out their team members list otherwise the
                                                                                                       application will not be accepted.
   behalf of the team       ____________________________ .
                            (team name)

Signed: ____________________________________Date:______________

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