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					A new solution to archive

 contract to someone else !

        Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   1
                    Sept. 05
• Classical way of Archive Management
• Does the Digitisation process change
  something or not ?
• What kind of services can be
  outsourced ?
• Why should I contract to someone
  else ?
• Why not ?
• Conclusion

             Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   2
                         Sept. 05
       Classical way of Archive

• The complete ‘local’ chain :

  –   Shooting
  –   Editing
  –   Broadcast
  –   Archive

                  Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   3
                              Sept. 05
  Does the Digitisation process
  change something or not ?

• NO :    you still shoot, edit, broadcast,

• YES :   you change the workflow…
          and introduce the network !

               Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   4
                           Sept. 05
      What does the network
            change ?
• Nothing…
  – You can still edit, broadcast and archive
    centrally if you want to

• and everything
  – You no longer have to keep absolutely
    everything central… editing and archive
    can be easily outsourced

               Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   5
                           Sept. 05
  What kind of services can be
         outsourced ?
• Any kind… so, let’s take an example :
• Born late 2004, private, with large
  public funding. 20 million €
• Three main domains :
  – Audiovisual
  – Medical
  – Support of start-ups
                Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   6
                            Sept. 05
 Why Medical and AV domain
        together ?
• We’re talking about ESSENCE
    • TV Program
    • Mammography
• We’re talking about METADATA
    • Identification and description
    • Identification and protocol
• We’re talking about ACCESS RIGHTS
    • On both side…

                 Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   7
                             Sept. 05
          INWa : audiovisual
• Services can be provided by INWa
  alone or in partnership with other
  existing companies, in the following
  domains :
  –   Restoration
  –   Digitisation
  –   Storage
  –   Access

                     Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   8
                                 Sept. 05
       Where and When ?
• Somewhere in the Walloon Region,
  south of Belgium (country of Kim
• Starting in 2006

             Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   9
                         Sept. 05
Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   10
            Sept. 05
Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   11
            Sept. 05
     Why should I contract to
        someone else ?
• Many reasons
  – Pay less for the same service
  – Don’t get involved in difficult things
  – Have a better service (new tools, skills not
    always available in the archive)
  – Just like leasing a car : always get the
    latest model…

                Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   12
                            Sept. 05
            Why not ?

• I want to keep MY car
• I don’t trust you
• I don’t need it
• I could lose some power
• … and certainely many more

            Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   13
                        Sept. 05
          Conclusion (1)
• This presentation is intentionnaly
  vague, general and positive…
• It’s clear, I became a commercial guy,
  working for a private company…
• INWa is today a 3 person’s company,
  human and technical investments
  have still to be done

              Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   14
                          Sept. 05
          Conclusion (2)
• It was not the point to make here any
  kind of commercial presentation
  anyway…but showing roughly the
  model, share impressions with
• It was not the point to focus on belgian
  market too much either
• So, what do I want you to keep in
  mind ?
              Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   15
                          Sept. 05
            Conclusion (3)
• The way of archiving changes, and in some
  cases, sharing the investments can be
  cheaper and more efficient than keeping
  everything locally
• This way of ‘centralisation’ already exists in
  many countries in Europe : look at INA or
  Beeld & Geluid for instance
• Until now, these decisions were public ones,
  the broadcasting companies had no
                 Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   16
                             Sept. 05
           Conclusion (4)
• The INWa model is slightly different :

  – Private company
  – Nobody has to join, but chooses to join
  – We’re open to ‘on-demand services’ from
    our clients : from restoration to access,
    alone or in partnership

               Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   17
                           Sept. 05
           Conclusion (5)

• Let’s go on talking during breakfast,
  coffee breaks, etc.

• Or after the conference,

• Thanks for your attention !

               Alain Goossens, FIAT conference,   18
                           Sept. 05

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