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                                                                                 July 2010

                                      Can you believe it‟s been a year since I took the wheel at Clean Cities of
                                      Middle TN?! Some days it feels like it was yesterday and other days it
                                      seems like I‟ve been doing this forever! For my first Editorial, I‟m going to
                                      write a Thank You Letter to my favorite people! This may be the easiest
                                      Editorial I‟ll ever write.

                                      You have to know that I had no idea what I was getting into when I told
                                      Dave Pelton “I’D LOVE TO!” when he asked if I‟d like to be the

    Atha‟s                            Coordinator for Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee. Bart & I had been
                                      members of CCMT for about 7 years but I had no idea as to what went
                                      on behind the scenes. All I knew was that I really enjoyed those
    Comments                          luncheons at the Vanderbilt Varsity Club!

                                               My first order of business was to gather together some
                                               stakeholders and the best way I knew how to do that was to
My special love and                            have a Stakeholder meeting! It was a pretty good meeting, no
appreciation to:                               lunch at Vanderbilt, but the 12 of you that were there must
                                               remember those good cookies and ice tea I served! (Like I said,
   Josh Bailey, Eco Energy
                                               no more lunches at Vanderbilt!)
   Bart Comiskey, C & E Biodiesel
    (an extra dose of love and appreciation    The first person I called was Glen Craig at Hollingsworth Oil.
    to this guy!)                              When I told him I had just been hired as Coordinator, he didn‟t
   Glen Craig, Hollingsworth Oil              even hesitate when he told me he would help me in whatever
   Ron Eickleman, FAB Consulting              way I needed. His attitude and willingness to help gave me the
                                               confidence I needed to get our coalition up and running again.
   Dave Hanks, Terex Utilities
   Mick Henderson, Commonwealth               Since that first phone call, you all have been behind me in
    Agri-Energy                                whatever I have tried to accomplish. I wouldn‟t be here today
   Debbie Henry, TMA Group                    if it weren‟t for each and every one of you. It‟s been amazing
                                               actually. I can be having a tough day-ready to throw in the
   Rob Jewell, Tri-Star Energy
                                               towel, and one of you will call me and end up making my day
   Julius Johnson, Tennessee Farm             great by something you say or some assistance you give me.
    Bureau Federation
   Emily LeRoy, Tennessee Fuel &              You have inspired me with words of encouragement, you‟ve led
                                               me down the right path when I had no idea how to accomplish
    Convenience Stores
                                               something I wanted to do, you‟ve given me your wonderful
   Bill Malcolm, Metro Fleets                 ideas on how to be successful but, most importantly, you‟ve
   Chris O‟Bryan, Thornton‟s                  given me your trust. You trust me to work for you, you trust me
   Rodney Todd, City of Jackson               to do what I tell you I‟m going to do, and you trust me to keep
   Rick Warren, FerrellGas                    you informed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all
                                               you‟ve done for me. I pray (yes, I said „pray‟) that I will never let
   Tracy Woodard, Nissan-USA                  you down and that we will have years of working together to
   Greg Young, Bass, Berry & Sims             improve our little portion of the world … one fuel tank at a time.

                                               My special love and appreciation to:

                                               Josh Bailey, Eco Energy
    Gulf oil spill shows Americans that
      the cost of oil goes deeper than
    toll at pump. Tennessee is moving
     toward an alternative fuel future.
    CCMT is one of over 90 Clean City     There are little more than 2,000
    coalitions working to accelerate      stations selling E85 across the
    the use of alternative fuels and      United States, with at least five
    advanced transportation               states boasting over 100 pumps.
    technologies available today to       Since Tennessee has only 35 E85
    reduce our dependence on              pumps, we have a lot of potential
    petroleum products. Creating          for growth. There are 15 of the         Thorntons Inc.
            Alternative Fuel
    According to the Department of
                                          state‟s 38 pumps listed with
                                                                                  receives BioTenn
                                          BioTenn in Middle Tennessee
    Energy, there are currently 51 B20
                                          alone, with multiple locations in       Green Island Biofuel
    and 38 E85 pumps open in
                                          Clarksville and Nashville, as well as   Corridor grant to
    Tennessee. TDOT is continuing to
                                          locations in Smyrna, Dickson,
    help establish more E85 and B20                                               establish 6 new
                                          Lebanon, Kingston, Goodlettsville,
    pumps to give citizens and
                                          Spring Hill, Lewisburg, Columbia,       alternative fueling
    travelers renewable fuel options
                                          Springfield, and Gallatin.              stations in Middle
    across the state as part of the
    BioTenn Green Island Corridor                                                 Tennessee.
    Network.                              Tennessee has two new                   The following locations will be
    There are roughly 650 B20 pumps in    alternative fueling stations:           getting alternative fuel:
    the United States. Tennessee has
                                                                                  -   Sam Ridley, Smyrna
    the second highest number of B20
                                                     E85 & B20                    -   East Main, Hendersonville
    pumps in the country with 51
                                                        Pilot                     -   Stewarts Ferry Pike, Nashville
    behind North Carolina‟s 141 and in          2320 Highway 46 S
                -   Wyatt Dr., Nashville
    front of California‟s 41. There are            Dickson, TN 
                  -   Charlotte Pike, Nashville
    18 B20 pumps located in Middle                (615) 446-4600                  -   Old Fort, Murfreesboro
    Tennessee with several locations in
    Nashville, as well as locations in                 E85                        “We are very excited about the
    Brentwood, Hermitage,                          Quik Mart                      expansion of E85 fuel in our
    Hendersonville, Goodlettsville,         600 South Jackson Street,             stores,” said Matt Thornton,
    Clarksville, Antioch, Smyrna,                Tullahoma, TN                    Chief Executive Officer of
                                                 (931) 454-0479
    Dickson, Lebanon, Carthage,                                                   Thorntons. “We support the use
    Columbia, and Shelbyville.                                                    of ethanol, wherever it is
                                                                                  economically available.”

2                                                                                              CCMT July Newsletter
    CCMT Gathers Supplement Environmental Projects
    (SEPs) for Funding
    Most federal actions against businesses or individuals for failure to comply with the environmental laws are resolved through
    settlement agreements. As part of a settlement, an alleged violator may voluntarily agree to undertake an environmentally
    beneficial project related to the violation in exchange for mitigation of the penalty to be paid. A Supplement
    Environmental Project (SEP) furthers EPA's goal of protecting and enhancing the public health and the environment.

    EPA has set out eight categories of projects that can be acceptable to SEPs. To qualify, a SEP must fit into at least one of the
    following categories: Public Health, Pollution Prevention, Pollution Reduction, Environmental Restoration and Protection,
    Emergency Planning and Preparedness, Assessments and Audits, Environmental Compliance Promotion, and other types of

    CCMT is helping to institute these projects in Middle Tennessee and recently completed their first SEPs project, working with
    Montgomery County to improve public health and to reduce and prevent pollution by helping to reduce bus fleet engine

    Children who ride school buses are at a greater health risk than adults when exposed to pollutants in diesel fuel exhaust
    because children have a higher rate of respiration and take in more exhaust than adults do in the same exposure time.
    School buses, like all vehicle fleets, are key because the impact of fuel use and emissions is greater when many vehicles
    stop idling as opposed to just one or two vehicles.

    Fifty of Montgomery County‟s 300+ school bus fleet will be equipped with Webasto Thermo Top system heaters. The heaters
    will reduce tail pipe emissions by up to 90% at vehicle start up, eliminate unnecessary idling and increase engine
    performance, which will result in increased fuel economy.

    CCMT is looking to initiate more SEPs projects in Middle Tennessee. If you have a project in mind, contact
    2010 Tennessee State Fair Green Energy Expo or if you have questions about SEPs visit

    “Long Live the Planet”
    CCMT is pleased to announce that we will again be putting together a
    Green Expo for the 2010 Tennessee State Fair. The fair this year runs from
    September 10-19. Fair hours are Monday – Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday
    10am-10pm, and Sunday 12pm-8pm. Tuesday the 15th is field trip day
    starting at 9am and ending at 10pm.

    The Green Expo aims to educate visitors about changes that they can
    make to be more green and sustainable. Three categories of focus are:

        1.    Alternative Fuels/Alternative Fuel Vehicles
        2.    Green Energy Home
        3.    General Store

    Last year‟s state fair boasted the distinction of being the largest Green Fair in the nation and drew over 250,000 visitors.
    Come out and teach Tennesseans how to “green” their lives. The Green Expo will be located in the air-conditioned
    Creative Arts building. .

    If you would like to be an exhibitor at the 2010 Green Energy Expo, please contact Marissa Yennie at For the full ten days, a 10‟x10‟ booth will cost $250 and a 10‟x20‟ booth will cost $500.

3                                                                                                             CCMT July Newsletter
CCMT Events                                                               Marissa
        July 15
        Stakeholder Meeting
        Movie & Popcorn                      The U.S. Department of Energy‟s Clean Cities launched a
                                             summer internship program that is being managed by
        Hermitage Police Precinct
                                             Argonne National Laboratory. Twenty-five full-time student
        Nashville, TN
        August 1                             interns have been hired to support the selected Coalitions in
Aug.                                         its planned activities and strengthen the coalition‟s efforts
        Air Care Interview                   and its workforce. The interns will work within the chosen
        4:00pm Channel 55 (5+)               coalition from June 1 until August 13, 2010. CCMT was lucky
                                             enough to have been chosen as a recipient of one of these
        August 24-25                         interns.
        Electric Vehicle Meeting             Marissa Yennie is a middle Tennessee transplant from
        TBD                                  Wyoming. Marissa graduated this year from Western
                                             Kentucky University with a major in Public Relations and
        September 10-19                      minors in Marketing & Nutrition. She was a Presidential
        Tennessee State Fair Green Expo      Scholar six semesters in a row. She‟s been with me for a
        Tennessee State Fairgrounds          month now and is already worth her weight in gold. She has
                                             designed a wonderful brochure for CCMT and is the one
        October 15                           who has designed and written most of this newsletter. Her
        National Alternative Fuel            enthusiasm for Clean Cities is so contagious; it‟s wonderful to
                                             have her working with me!
        Vehicle Odyssey Day
                                             Please give Marissa a special welcome when you meet her
        Nashville Auto Diesel College        … She‟s the best!

                             Clean Cities of Middle Tennessee
                                             Nashville, TN

                             A Special Thanks to our Stakeholders

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