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                A look at Eastern Region happenings
                                                              April 25, 2008

In with the new
                                                  Command Sgt. Maj.
                                                  Charles Green takes
                                                  over as top enlisted
                                                   Soldier in Eastern
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                                                 ALSO INSIDE
                                                       March to
                                                   Cadets at University of
                                                   Tennessee – Knoxville
                                                 organize the Mountain Man
                                                 March to remember one of
                                                          their own
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                                                  Old Dominion University’s
                                                 program growing by leaps
                                                 and bounds to record num-
                                                    bers. Cadre talk of a
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2   l   News Leader l     April 25, 2008

Green looks to improve foxhole
     New Region command sgt. maj.
    looks to keep passion high for job
             By Forrest Berkshire                     also keep a passion for
                      Editor                          their job, and he hopes
                                                      to keep the passions
    Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Green wasn’t            hot in the region cadre.
familiar with the process of turning young col-          “When you lose the
lege students into Army officers before last          passion for what you
month.                                                are doing, you will not
    But he certainly appreciated the product.         put forth the same
    During his 15 months in Iraq with the 3rd         effort,” Green said.
Stryker Brigade, based at Fort Lewis, Wash., he       “And then there are
got to see how the rookie Soldiers stood up           Cadets out there losing
under the pressure of deployment in a war             the benefit of great
zone, going out on missions with them and             leadership.”
talking to them about what was required of               Green also said it is
them in theater.                                      important that every-
    “I was very impressed with the lieutenants        one involved in the
we received,” Green said of his time deployed.        mission of training
“I was impressed that when they arrived in the-       leaders is made to feel
ater they were not surprised by what they were        a part of the team and
seeing. They expected to see those things and         feel appreciated.
                          were prepared.”                “Our team is about
   Green file                It was his time deal-    as diversified as it can
                          ing with young officers     be,” Green said, point-
   l Enlisted 1983        that made him excited       ing out that Soldiers,
   l Hometown:            about his current           government employees
   Shreveport, La.        assignment, as com-         and contractors all
   l Married 22           mand sergeant major         work side-by-side on a
   years, two chil-       for Eastern Region. He      daily basis.
   dren                   replaced Command Sgt.          Green is intent on      Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Green speaks during his induc-
   l Likes to fish        Maj. Michael Peters         keeping up the passion tion ceremony as Eastern Region command sergeant major.
   l Overseas             April 7.                    in the region, because Photo By Steve Arel/News Leader
   tours include             “That tells me the       he feels passionate
   Germany,               process that ROTC           about his new assignment. He also feels pas-
   South Korea,
                          does, along with BOLC
                          II and II, is working and
                                                      sion for the Soldiers deployed in combat zones,  Wiseman takes over
   Thailand, Saudi
                                                      and realizes much of the responsibility for
   Arabia and Iraq
                          is helpful,” Green said
                          of his experiences with
                                                      recruiting good officers lies with Cadet          as chief of staff
                          young officers.                Soldiers do not get to choose who they get
    That is why Green says he is not here to                                                              Col. Tim Wiseman, current commander
                                                      as a leader.
make changes, but to make sure that the stan-                                                          of 4th Brigade at Fort Bragg, N.C., will
                                                         “Your mission is to go out and execute with
dards remain high and Eastern Region contin-                                                           take over for Col. Mike Cloy as Cadet
                                                      the people you are given,” Green said.
ues to turn out top-quality Cadets.                                                                    Command’s chief of staff.
                                                         If someone shows up not ready, then the
     Col. Chuck Waggoner, Region commander,                                                               Wiseman assumes his new duties in mid-
                                                      Soldiers, often the NCOs and senior officers,
said he is optimistic that Green will have a pos-                                                      June.
                                                      must develop that person.
itive impact on the region.                                                                               “His Cadet Command operational expe-
                                                         But by turning out officers ready for leader-
    “I want to continue to improve the foxhole,”                                                       rience and commitment will enable him to
                                                      ship, Cadet Command helps every Soldier out
Green said. “My mission is to sustain and                                                              start hot,” said Maj. Gen. W. Montague
                                                      there complete the mission easier and safer.
enhance.”                                                                                              Winfield, Cadet COmmand commander.
                                                         Green said that starts with good recruiting
    To sustain the organization, Green said he                                                            Wiseman has spent two years as a
                                                      and developing students. And much of that
has some set goals.                                                                                    brigade commander.
                                                      recruitment effort comes this summer, with
    One is to mentor younger NCOs who pro-                                                                “We are excited for the Cloy family as
                                                      Green’s first Leader’s Training Course.
vide much of the expertise in training Cadets                                                          they transition to a new career and wel-
                                                         “We have to show them it is challenging,”
on the tactical side of leadership.                                                                    come Tim Wiseman and his family to Fort
                                                      he said. “It’s not impossible, but it is a chal-
    In conjunction with that, he said, one must                                                        Monroe,” Winfield said.
                                                                                                           April 25, 2008 l     News Leader l     3

   Outgoing CSM reflects on success
Support from fellow Soldiers and his family helped Peters attain highest enlisted rank

Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Peters, who gave up the reins at Eastern Region earlier this month, listens to Cadet Command
Commander Maj. Gen. W. Montague Winfield at Peters’ change of responsibility ceremony. Photo by Forrest Berkshire/News

               By Steve Arel                        “To my wife, Sharon, and my daughters,           ing people like Peters are responsible in
             Public affairs officer             Vanessa and Melissa, thanks for your stead-          large part for the Army’s success.
                                                fast love and support over the years. I know             “It’s a great deal of honor the nation
    No one succeeds alone.                      it wasn’t always easy with me not being              owes him today,” Waggoner said. “He has
    There is always someone there to lend a     around.”                                                              done everything you could
hand, open a door, provide mentorship and           Command Sgt. Maj.            “It has been an                      ever want as a senior non-
offer guidance.                                 Charles Green takes over for                                          commissioned officer.
    Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Peters never      Peters, who spent four years      honor to lead                           “He cares about what he
forgot the countless people who played a        with Eastern Region. He has                                           is doing. I couldn’t have
role in his success as a Soldier. And in his    been with the region since           some of                          found a better partner. We’re
final day as the top enlisted person in
Eastern Region, he applauded those who
                                                February, shadowing Peters
                                                and getting to know people
                                                                                    America’s                         losing a great Soldier.”
                                                                                                                          Peters arrived at the
helped him along the way.
    Without an army of supporters — from
                                                throughout the command.            finest sons                        region shortly after it was
                                                    Prior to joining Eastern                                          established by a Cadet
fellow Soldiers to government civilians to      Region, Green, a 24-year         and daughters.”                      Command reconfiguration.
his family — Peters could not have spent 31     veteran, served as command Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Peters He leaves as the command is
years in uniform, he told about 70 people       sergeant major for a Stryker              former Eastern Region CSM undergoing another drastic
attending his change of responsibility cere-    brigade at Fort Lewis, Wash.                                          reshaping that will see the
mony April 7 at the Patton Museum on Fort       He said he is approaching his new position           region structure disappear at the beginning of
Knox.                                           with much anticipation.                              next year, multiple brigades consolidate and
    “It has been an honor to lead some of           “This team is full of energy and drive,”         culminate with the move of Cadet
America’s finest sons and daughters, a task I   Green said of those from the region headquar-        Command’s headquarters to Fort Knox.
do not take lightly,” he said. “There was       ters down to the programs at the school level.            During his tenure, Peters spent consider-
never a mission that was too great, no task         Replacing Peters won’t be easy, region           able time on the road mentoring noncommis-
that was too difficult and you always put the   commander Col. Chuck Waggoner said. He               sioned officers at various schools and offer-
mission first.                                  highlighted the sergeant major’s talent, say-
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4   l     News Leader l      April 25, 2008

                                                                                                       continued from previous page

    Soldier remembered                                                                                 ing advice to future Army officers.
                                                                                                            Though his parents never served in the
                                                                                                       military, Peters’ family has a lengthy history
                                                                                                       of military service. Along with his four
             By Juan Antonio Lizama                                          “They were good
                                                                                                       brothers and a nephew, the Georgia native’s
             Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch                                Christians,” Nela
                                                                                                       family has had a member on active duty the
                                                                          Feliciano, a former
   The Sacred Heart Catholic Church parish in                                                          last 53 consecutive years, beginning with his
                                                                          Sacred Heart church
Prince George County is mourning the death                                                             oldest brother in 1955.
                                                                          member, said in a phone
of a choir member and Soldier who died in                                                                  Collectively, the six have served more
                                                                          interview from Florida.
Iraq.                                                                                                  than 130 years in the Army. Two of his
                                                                          “They were good people.
   Capt. Ulises Burgos-Cruz, 29, of Puerto                                They were a couple made      brothers retired as sergeants major.
Rico, assigned to the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry                           for each other.”                 “My parents … are looking down from
Division in Fort Riley, Kan., died April 6 in                                 Sacred Heart celebrat-   heaven smiling and saying how proud they are
Balad. His vehicle encountered an improvised            Brugos-Cruz                                    of their children,” Peters said. “… Their pride
                                                                           ed a Sunday Mass in the
explosive device, Fort Riley spokeswoman            memory of Burgos-Cruz. The parish is feeling       in their country and patriotism helped mold and
Alison L. Kohler said.                              his death, the Rev. John J. Wagner III said. “He   support five of their sons and one grandson to
   He joined the Army seven years ago and           was a charismatic and gifted person.”              serve in the United States Army. That is what
deployed to Iraq with the 1st Infantry Division        Roman, also a choir member, said Burgos-        duty, honor and country meant to them.
transition team last June as an ordnance offi-      Cruz helped the group record a Christian               “We did not enter the Army to make his-
cer. Transition teams train for 60 days at Fort     music CD.                                          tory or try to set any records. So I am sure
Riley to advise, teach, mentor and coach their         “He had a lot of talent for using recording     many of you are asking what is so special
Iraqi or Afghan counterparts. He was an             equipment,” he said.                               about the Army that made my brothers and I
ROTC graduate of the University of Puerto              The choir shared time with Burgos-Cruz          join and make a career out of it. I will
Rico-Rio Piedras, and commissioned in 2001.         during rehearsals, dinners together and even       answer that question with three simple
   “He left telling us that he was going to         shopping for a uniform for the choir, Roman        words: duty, honor, country.”
come back,” said Sgt. Carlos Roman, a Sacred        said.                                                  Peters doesn’t officially retire until
Heart church member. “In two months he                 “They were the kind of people that, unfortu-    September. He’s not sure what he will do
would have been home.”                              nately, you don’t meet every day,” he said.        next, though he has received all sorts of
   Burgos-Cruz’s wife, Sarita Burgos-Cruz,             Sarita Burgos-Cruz is pregnant. The child is    advice — sit at home, continue his educa-
returned to her family in Puerto Rico when her      due this summer. Roman said the couple lost        tion, grow out his hair, take up golf.
husband was deployed.                               three previous pregnancies because of compli-          “You have touched the lives of a genera-
   During the couple’s five-month stay in Fort      cations and was anticipating their first child.    tion of Soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. W.
Lee, Md., they made an impact with their               Roman said he spoke to Sarita Burgos-Cruz       Montague Winfield, Cadet Command com-
friendly and good-natured personalities. Both       in Puerto Rico.                                    mander. “It’s difficult to say goodbye and
were choir members at Sacred Heart’s                   “Her mission right now,” he said, “is to        have something you have given so much to.
Hispanic ministry, which has a Sunday               bring that baby into the world and to give him     … The road you’re going to travel is paved
Spanish-language Mass.                              his (father’s) name.”                              with opportunity.”

JROTC Cadets finish mission in Soldier’s memory
                  By Cathy Dyson                    the students                                       with the 2nd Squadron, 3rd Armored
        The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, Va.)      “It’s a really sad time, but at the same        Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood, Texas. His
                                                    time, it’s really brought everyone together,”      funeral was held at the United States
   Before Capt. Torre Mallard left for his          senior George Arvan said. “It makes you            Military Academy at West Point, from
second tour of duty in Iraq, he and his father      appreciate life because you never know             which Mallard graduated with honors in
talked about care packages, among other             what could happen.”                                2002.
things.                                                The JROTC students were the reason the             When Mose Mallard entered the West
   The Army captain thought it would be             elder Mallard went back to work shortly            Point chapel, his jaw dropped when he saw
great if his father’s JROTC students at             after his son’s funeral. Plus, he doesn’t like     Spotsylvania people. Three fellow instruc-
Spotsylvania Career and Technical Center            to be idle.                                        tors, two students and one parent made the
sent boxes to the troops.                              The 46-year-old spent 22 years in the           six-hour drive to New York.
   April 7, the JROTC students loaded up            Army, including a year in Iraq during Desert          “I just lost it, I cried, out of joy, that peo-
100 packages as the captain asked. But              Storm/Desert Shield. He taught JROTC in            ple thought so much of my son,” Mallard
instead of being sent to him, they were sent        Fairfax County, Va., for three years before        said.
in the officer’s memory.                            he came to the Spotsylvania school in 2006.           Sophomores Krystal Cole and Samantha
   Capt. Torre Mallard was killed by an                Mallard knew how much the county sup-           Sensel talked Samantha’s mother, Jerri
improvised explosive device March 10 in             ported the JROTC program, but he didn’t            Arrington, into driving them to the service.
Balad Ruz, Iraq. His father, Master Sgt.            realize that extended to him personally until         “He’s kind of like a father to some of us,”
Mose Mallard, thought it was important for          his son’s funeral.                                 Krystal said. “Since he’s always been there
the Cadets to finish the mission and so did            Torre Mallard was a decorated officer           for us, we wanted to be there for him.”
                                                                                                      April 25, 2008 l News Leader l     5

 for a cause
   University of
   Tennessee -
 Knoxville Cadets
 organize walk to
  remember one
    of their own

Above, University of Tennessee-Knoxville ROTC Cadets march through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as part of
the Mountain Man March, which they organized to remember UT alum Frank Walkup, who was killed in June in Iraq. Below,
Cadets race up the side of a mountain. Photos submitted by UT-K ROTC

              By Matt Lakin                                                                  ian attire.
        Knoxville (Tenn.) News-Sentinel                                                         Walkup’s friends say it’s the perfect trib-
   Frank Walkup’s friends remember him                                                          “He’d love it,” said Ryan, who met
as a model Soldier.                                                                          Walkup as a freshman. “He’d be the first
   “He was the epitome of a leader,” said                                                    one to sign up and the first one to finish.”
Jesse Ryan, a fellow Cadet in the                                                               Organizers got the idea for the event
University of Tennessee’s Army Reserve                                                       from the Bataan Memorial Death March,
Officers’ Training Corps. “He led by                                                         an annual trek through the desert by New
example all the time.”                                                                       Mexico State University ROTC Cadets in
   Walkup, a 23-year-old Woodbury, Tenn.,                                                    honor of World War II veterans who sur-
native and 2005 UT graduate, died June 16                                                    vived capture by Japanese forces.
in Rashaad, Iraq. His death made him the                                                        “We decided to do one on our own side
first graduate of UT’s Army ROTC pro-                                                        of the country,” said Maj. Mark Chitwood,
gram to die in the Iraq War.                                                                 a two-time Iraq veteran and assistant pro-
   Ryan and others carried his memory                                                        fessor of military science at UT. “A lot of
April 5 as about 100 Cadets and civilians                                                    memorials exist to the fallen, but we want-
marched through the Smoky Mountains in                                                       ed to do something through our actions.
tribute to Walkup and all U.S. troops, liv-   Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund        We wanted to showcase our Cadets and
ing and dead, as part of the first Mountain   and to help buy equipment for the ROTC         honor those fallen and still serving at the
Man March.                                    program.                                       same time.”
   The march, which stretched more than         Participants in the march came from             He hopes to see the march become an
26 miles, started at the Gatlinburg Inn and   around East Tennessee and the Southeast,       annual event.
finished by dark at the Gatlinburg            organizers said. Some marched in uniform          “We’re just hoping this tradition carries
Community Center. Proceeds went to the        bearing military rucksacks, others in civil-   on (Walkup’s) name,” Chitwood said.
6    l   News Leader l      April 25, 2008

Old Dominion sees record growth
              By Matthew Jones
                  The Virginian-Pilot

   They may be coming for the money.
They may be coming for the experience.
They may be coming for the camaraderie.
   But they’re coming.
   Old Dominion University has seen its
Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps
double over the past four years to 180 stu-
   This is the biggest group in the pro-
gram’s 39-year history; the largest in its
brigade, which includes Virginia and North
   By comparison, the Hampton Roads
Naval ROTC, which includes three local
schools – Old Dominion, Norfolk State and
Hampton universities – currently has 186
   “The Army’s where it’s at nowadays,”
said Maj. Joel Eberly, the program’s execu-       Cadets from Old Dominion University’s Army ROTC receive training in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu
tive officer.                                     at Norfolk Karate Academy. Photos by Bill Tiernan/The Virginian-Pilot
   Patriotism is what brings in a lot of stu-
                                                  petuate itself, in that many Cadets are join-   a medic in Iraq.
dents, he said. Also the Army, which bears
                                                  ing because others have promoted the pro-          They told him ROTC would help pay for
much of the brunt in the current conflicts in
                                                  gram. This in turn builds more excitement,      college and, after he investigated, he liked
Iraq and Afghanistan, is growing.
                                                  which attracts still more people and so on.     what he saw. He’s already in the National
   As a result, it can offer Cadets an
                                                     This, Eberly added, coupled with some        Guard and trains with them monthly.
increasing number of career fields and
scholarships. Nurses, for example, are in         aggressive marketing, is paying off.               He’s leaning toward field artillery and
high demand and are treated well, Eberly             “It’s kind of like a football team. We’ve    knows he stands a good chance of going to
said. The program now averages 15 at any          got a little dynasty going on,” he said,        Iraq.
given time.                                       adding he’d like the program to be No. 2 in        “It’s what you join up for,” he said. “It’s
   The group is a mix of college freshmen         size by the time he leaves for North            what you want to do for your country.”
and students who served active duty enlist-       Carolina after this semester.                      Stephanie Corsaro, a freshman from
ed or in the National Guard before going to          “That’s my goal before I roll.”              Keansburg, N.J., said she joined ROTC for
college. Thirty percent are women.                   On a Thursday afternoon this month, the      the scholarships and leadership training.
   About half the Cadets plan to go into the      Cadets marched up 45th Street to Norfolk           She’s considering becoming a physi-
National Guard upon graduation, Eberly            Karate Academy, where William Odom, a           cian’s assistant and likes that the program
said, and the other half will go initially on     retired Army colonel, instructed them in        would allow her to pursue a military and
active duty. They’ll have four- to eight-year     Gracie Jiu-Jitsu as part of their physical      civilian career simultaneously.
commitments, depending on their scholar-          training.                                          She, too, has considered being sent to the
ship, which most will fill with a mix of             Chris Valdez, a Virginia Beach sopho-        Middle East.
active duty and reserve service.                  more studying business administration, said        “A first, I thought I’d never want to go,”
   Lt. Col. Bill Brown, who oversees              he has two uncles in the Army Reserve, as       she said. “But now I know people over
ODU’s program, said it has started to per-        well as a cousin who’s currently serving as     there. It’s different now.”

            Coming soon: HQ’s Eastern Region vFRG Web site
    What is it?                                   cally dispersed Soldiers, civilian employees    news and events for you and/or your
       It is a virtual forum to provide timely,   and Family members, both immediate and          Family.
    accurate information in a secured environ-    extended across the Army.                          As we work on getting this website up and
    ment to authorized members.                                                                   running, your input is highly encouraged. The
                                                  What is the benefit?                            website is designed for you and your Families
    Why do we need one?                              It is an invaluable resource for commu-      so any suggestions you have for the vFRG is
       The purpose of the virtual Family          nicating quickly and efficiently with geo-      welcomed.
    Readiness Group (vFRG) is to assist com-      graphically dispersed Families. The site            Suggestions can be e-mailed to
    mands in communicating with geographi-        will be updated weekly with information,    
                                                                                                               April 25, 2008 l News Leader l        7

Austin Peay program diverse
             School has Cadets from seven different countries in its battalion
           By Austin Peay ROTC                     ties.                                                                     ic, and he “wanted to
                                                      Leadership qualities, coupled with person-                             contribute to the country
   This year the Austin Peay State University      al grief, have given Cadet Jason Knight a                                 that adopted me.”
ROTC program has seven Cadets in the pro-          clear perspective on his future in the Army.                              Although Auguste has
gram who are naturalized citizens of the           Knight, who spent the first few years of his                              not yet received his
United States of America.                          life in Grenada, said his family is his sole                              branch, he intends to
   The program currently has Cadets who            reason for pursuing a commission.                                         return to the Adjutant
were once citizens of Grenada, South Korea,           While Knight was deployed in Iraq as an                                General Corps.
Sierra Leone, Mexico, Haiti and Kenya. The         enlisted Soldier, his daughter, Chielah,                                     Each of the natural-
seven naturalized Cadets are former enlisted       passed away at the age of 18 months. “I                                   ized citizen Cadets has
Soldiers and six have served their new nation                             have always wanted to                              brought a wealth of
in either Iraq or Afghanistan.                                                                                Arias
                                                                          do something worth-                               experience to the ROTC
   Nearly 70,000 active duty Soldiers, or 5                               while for my daugh-                               program at Austin Peay.
percent of the Army, were born in foreign                                 ter,” he said.              Lt. Col. Norman Lane, the battalion execu-
countries.                                                                   Cadet Crawl Joseph       tive officer, said these Cadets bring some-
   The American Dream is being realized by                                was born in Haiti and       thing to the program because of their prior
each of these seven Cadets through the                                    moved to Miami dur-         enlistments, as well as the fact that most
Army’s Green to Gold Program. This pro-                                   ing his junior high         have served in combat. He also said the
gram enables enlisted Soldiers to go to col-                              school years. His main      number of naturalized citizen Cadets bolsters
lege and earn a degree as well as a commis-                               goal is to make the                                the program’s already
sion as an officer in the United States Army.                             military a career.                                 growing numbers.
   “The Army has given me a lot of opportu-                Knight            “I’m a lifer,” Joseph                              “It’s the largest we’ve
nities,” said Cadet Teresia Kamau, an enlist-                             said. Although he is                               been in years,” Lane
ed soldier born in Kenya. “I worked with a         proud of his time as an enlisted Soldier with                             said. “The Army might
                        lot of Soldiers, but as    the Quartermaster Corps, Joseph wanted to                                 be having recruitment
                        an officer I will have     be an officer in the Army.                                                problems, but we’ve got
                        more opportunities to         Becoming an Army officer has been a life                               Cadets coming out of
                        lead.”                     long dream of Cadet Cesar Arias. He was                                   our ears here and that’s
                           Cadet Sung Hong         born in Mazatlan, Mexico.                                                 a great problem to
                        was born in South             “I used to watch American war movies                   Kamau          have.” Lt. Col. Samuel
                        Korea and even com-        and dream about being an officer in the U.S.                             Ligo, the professor of
                        pleted his mandatory       Army,” he said. Shortly after his 19th birth-      military science, said that he is in awe of the
                        service in the South       day, he moved to Westport, Conn., to live          motivated Soldiers who came to America
                        Korean Army. He came                               with his father and        with little more than a big dream.
                        to the U.S. as a young                             pursue his dreams.            “I think it is amazing a little girl born in
                        journalist writing for a                           Arias enlisted in the      Kenya can later become an officer in the
        Hong            Korean language news-                              Army because of the        greatest Army in the world. I have a tremen-
                        paper in Chicago.                                  citizenship require-       dous amount of respect for them,” Ligo said.
Hong decided to enlist in the Army in 2005.                                ments to become an         “The fact that they can do this is one of the
   “I met a lot of people who were in the                                  officer. Clinging to his   many things I love about the U.S. Army.”
Army, and they said it was a nice job.”                                    dream, Arias attained         According to the American Immigration
   Hong, who already had a wife and two                                    his citizenship and is     Law Foundation, immigrants have historical-
children in America, received his citizenship                              on his way to pinning      ly made significant contributions to the
last year. “I hope I will go into the military                             on lieutenant’s bars.      nation’s defense. Roughly 21 percent, or
intelligence branch as a Korean linguist.”                                    Cadet Wedly             716, of the 3,406 Congressional Medal of
   As for Cadet Akim Kamara, born in Sierra                                Auguste, a native of       Honor winners have been immigrants.
Leone, the Quartermaster Corps will be his                                 Cap Haitien, Haiti,           Although U.S. citizenship, naturalized or
first choice of branch in the Army. Kamara is             Kamara          moved to Irvington,         otherwise, is a requirement to become an
a senior majoring in health and human per-                                N.J. at age 20 to be        officer, permanent residents can enlist into
formance.                                          with family. He made his decision to become        the armed forces. The U.S. Citizenship and
   “I can make changes and bring different         an officer while already serving on active         Immigration Services has naturalized more
types of leadership skills,” Kamarasaid.           duty as an enlisted Soldier. Auguste appreci-      than 33,750 members of the armed forces
   Kamara said he feels his experiences as a       ates the U.S. and the Army for giving him a        since the beginning of the War on Terror.
foreign-born officer, coupled with his prior       chance to make a better life for his family        Consequently, 102 of the citizenships were
enlisted service, will give him a unique per-      and himself.                                       given posthumously due to deaths occurring
spective with regard to his leadership quali-         He views serving in the military as patriot-    during the war.
8   l   News Leader l   April 25, 2008

  Cadets visit Walter Reed    WVU wins best
during Washington, D.C., trip  program by
           By Cadet Lisa Acton                  wounds. Also, he talked about the other               MacArthur
             University of Dayton               types of therapy that the Soldiers experi-

   Cadets from the University of Dayton
                                                ence when they arrive at Walter Reed.
                                                  For most Cadets, visiting with the
and Ohio State University visited various       injured Soldiers had the greatest impact.         Each year the MacArthur Foundation
national monuments, including all the war       They talked about where they were from        and Cadet Command jointly present the
memorials, on a recent trip to                  and how they were wounded.                    MacArthur Awards to recognize the com-
Washington, D.C. However, the most
                                                  Most Soldiers told their stories a few      mand’s best battalions. These awards recog-
influential part was visiting Walter Reed
                                                times as Cadets rotated in and out of their   nize performance among small, medium and
Army Medical Center.
                                                rooms. Their rooms were decorated with        large battalions in each region during the
   Upon arrival at Walter Reed, the Cadets
met with Lt. Col. Gregory Gadson, a West        cards and pictures of battle buddies, and
                                                                                              just- completed mission set. The foundation
Point classmate and football teammate of        one room was extravagantly decked out in
                                                                                              and the command also recognize an overall
Lt. Col. Charles Schretzman, professor of       82nd Airborne accessories that showed
                                                the Soldier’s love for his unit.              command winner from each region.
military science at the University of
                                                  When one noncommissioned officer                The MS 07 MacArthur Award winners
Dayton, and Lt. Col. Todd Miller, PMS at
Ohio State.                                     was asked for his best advice he replied      for Eastern Region Cadet Command are:
   On May 7, 2007, Gadson, commander            with, “Just take care of your Soldiers.”      Small: Niagara University
of 2nd Battalion 32nd Field Artillery, was        Gadson continues to inspire Soldiers.       Medium: Canisius College
wounded in Iraq while returning from a            “He is an inspiration to all of us, an      Large: West Virginia University
memorial service. A roadside bomb went          exemplary officer,” senior UD Cadet           Overall: West Virginia University
off under the passenger side of his vehi-       Ahren Lavallee said. “It amazed me that
cle, hitting Gadson’s legs and throwing         he looked out for the welfare of many
him from the vehicle.                           other Soldiers, even while receiving treat-   Eastern Region names
   First Sgt. Frederick Johnson found
Gadson and resuscitated him, while Pfc.
                                                ment for his injuries. He listened to other
                                                Soldiers at Walter Reed, genuinely caring
                                                                                              Cadet Command award
Eric Brown tied tourniquets on both of
Gadson’s upper thighs. After being trans-
                                                about their conditions. He is committed to
ported to multiple hospitals, Gadson              But Gadson’s inspiration has spread         This year’s Eastern Region nominees for
finally arrived at Walter Reed Army             beyond that now. He has traveled to UD        Cadet Command Awards for Excellence
Medical Center.                                 to give inspirational talks to the women’s    were:
   After many attempts to save his lower                                                      PMS of the Year: Lt. Col. Daniel Albert,
                                                and men’s basketball teams before games.
limbs, the decision was made to amputate
                                                  More recently, Gadson inspired the          West Virginia University
the lower half of his legs.
                                                underdogs of the Super Bowl, the New          Instructor (officer) of the Year: Capt.
   Many Cadets were unsure of what to
                                                York Giants. He was named honorary            Rodney Cruce, University of Central Florida
expect from their visit to Walter Reed.
   “I was a little nervous because my dad       team captain and participated in the coin     Instructor (enlisted) of the Year: Master
had just left for his deployment to Iraq. I     toss at the NFC championship game             Sgt. John Durocher, University of Scranton
was expecting more chaos, but the hospi-        between the Giants and the Green Bay          ROO of the Year: Capt. Sunny Mitchell,
tal was pretty calm,” senior UD Cadet           Packers. He was also able to travel with      Western Kentucky University
Jackie Giulitto said.                           the team to the Super Bowl, where they        Nurse Counselor of the Year: Capt.
   The Cadets walked through different          defeated the New England Patriots.            Stephanie Martinson, 2nd Brigade
parts of the hospital, including the new          Gadson will also be the guest of honor      HRA of the Year: Jean Brooks, The Citadel
rehabilitation center. Gadson explained         and speaker for the 2008 commissioning        Supply Technician of the Year: Randy
the different equipment and how it bene-        ceremony of Cadets at the University of       Head, Columbus State University
fitted Soldiers with different types of         Dayton.                                       The winners will be announced this summer.

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