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CIS Modernization


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									Enterprise Level Application Modernization

 Monday June 13th, 2011
  Doug Warner
  Director IT
About … SCANA Corporation

  $12B Fortune 500 Energy based holding company with
 $4.2B in annual revenue

  1.8M Customers covering SC, NC & GA

  5800+ Employees

  160 year Corporate History

  Consistently High Customer Service Based Company


• The Challenge
• Beginning State
• Why Modernize? Directional Choices
• Visual Transformation
• The Architecture
• The Approach
• Packaging for the Enterprise
• Questions

  The Challenge
Modernize the interactive portion of Company’s Customer Information System
  (CIS) while maintaining full system functionality and delivering continued new
  functionality on the existing monthly update cycle (avg. 100+ new projects
  each year). Also:

 Maintain the existing 99+% Availability Factor throughout project

 Implement major architectural and business value change

 Keep IT staffing levels below 2009 actuals

 Reduce time to market, increase customer satisfaction & code reuse,
  improve quality/testing efficiencies

 Business Must Own and Want Projects More Than IT

 Do this during a recession at less than 1/10th the cost of buying and
  implementing a 3rd party CIS

About ... Customer Information System Beginning

  Corporation’s Largest Mission Critical Application
  ~2500 total users, ~1000 concurrent
  Average sub-second response time
  ~500 panels, 20+ non-CIS system interfaces
  High levels of reuse via an extensive SP approach
  Single code base servicing 3 companies
  Data Model driven system design, difficult to learn
  GUI application developed using Power Builder
  Online is 85% PB, 15% .NET (~4.5M lines of code)
  Cobol (~6.5M lines of code)
  Hard Coded VGA graphics, Calendar, Ticker Tape, etc.

 About … CIS Desktop Modernization
Why modernize the CIS Desktop
   18 year old design limitations, PB obsolescence, the future & real estate

   Smarter desktop screens and processes that drive consistency, accuracy and
  improved customer service

   An application that is driven by business processes (not data models)

   An application that is intuitive to use, anticipatory, and easy to train on

   Functionality that is portable between the CIS Windows Desktop, Web, IVR, Mobile
  channels or other SCANA applications

   Implement cost-effective architectural and development process changes aimed at
  reduced time to market, higher customer satisfaction, reuse and quality efficiencies

   A technical platform providing long term viability and reliability based on Industry
  trends and SCANA technical standards

   Modernization Pallet

 Process Model Rules Based Approach

 Robust Service Oriented Architecture


 Modern Client Hardware & JIT Deployment Capabilities

 Intuitive, Visually Rich, Easy to Learn and Use Applications

 AGILE-like development methodology for requirements consensus &
  development efficiencies

 Nightly Builds, Gated Quality Check-ins & Application Lifecycle
  Automation Testing Improvements

Visual Tour
CIS As It Looks Today (before Modernization)

CIS As It Looks Today (before Modernization)

CIS As It Looks Today (before Modernization)

CIS Desktop Modernization View

Dual Monitor Set up

Dual Monitor Set up

       Modernization Architecture

Presentation Layer                        Services Layer                             Database Layer
   Customer Service                                    SOA Server Farm
      Channels                                         CIS Service Portal                   z/OS 2-node Sysplex
                         WCF Windows
                                                                                            - DB2 v9-CIS Database
                         Service Calls     Load
    Modernized CIS       Over netTCP      Balancer                                                with Data Sharing
                         Passing .NET
    Windows Desktop        Objects
                                                                                            - zIIP Processor
                                                                                            -ODBC using DRDA
 Mobile Applications

 Web Applications

    Other Channels                                          CIS Heath &
                                                          Performance Monitor   Other Servers
                                                                                - Imaging DBs (Filenet, MSSQL)
                                                                                - Heath Monitor DB (MS SQL)
  3rd Party Interfaces                                        Web Services      - Outage Mgmt (MSSQL, Oracle)
Internal Vendor Apps                                          Proxy             - IVR (MSSQL)
                            Web Service                                         -AGL Transactions (MSSQL)
 External Web Apps                           Load

       CIS Modernization Strategic Roadmap
       Releases – The Approach
                 Modernization Releases
2014       Business                                               Technology
             •UI Wizards for remaining ancillary   •PowerBuilder Retirement
             processes                             •Full cross system component reuse
2013         • Legacy CSR Desktop retirement                                                     R5

             •UI Wizards for account               •PowerBuilder support dropped
             maintenance & cashiering              •Developer training completed
                                                   •Accurate metrics for design and              R4
             •SO and CADS interfacing
2012                                               development
                                                   •Full volume infrastructure
            •UI Wizards for core SO & WQ
                                                   •Internal reuse of common
            processes                                                                            R3
            •Business rules support
                                                   •Business rules engine
            •Advanced BPA’s                        •Reliability & Performance Monitoring
            •UI Wizards for SST & Bankruptcy       •Developer templates & training               R2
            •Dual monitor transition               •Full Security Model
            •Guidance & Bulletin Framework         •Desktop .NET replacement framework

2010       •New User Interface                     •Basic SOA Framework in .NET                  R1
           •Business Process Advisors              •Core team competency in technology
           •Dual monitor pilot                     •AGILE-like Requirements Development Method

                                               CIS Business Processes Inventory

        Bill Analysis              Budget Billing - Set Up                      Global Data
          Imaging                                                              Timeline Data
                                    Payment Arrangements                    Account Verification
                                        Budget Billing
     Rate Entry Process
                                                                       Start Stop and Transfer (SST)


                                                                                                            Cash Management
  Billing and Consumption                                                           Search                                                          Meter Inventory
             Inquiries             Receivables Maintenance                                                 Payment Processing,
                                                                                    Profile                                                        Meter Read History
   Cancel/ Rebill process         Contract and Contributions                                                      Epay
                                                                           Customer Set up and                                                 ERT Details and Meter Ping
                                             Processes                                                       Receipt Decoder
 ICP Maintenance and Rate                                                        Maintenance                                                                on BPA
            Changes                   Deposit Processes                                                         Auto card
                                                                      Premise Set up , Maintenance,                                                 AMR Bar Coding
 Bill Contracts/Agreements             Refund Process                              Release                      Vouchers                          CSR Panels - Meter
           Maintenance           Consolidated Billing Process              Account Set up and               Returned Checks                             Inventory
       Industrial BPA                  Credit Process                           Maintenance
                                                                                                               EDI Panels                       MDM Interface and Web
       Online Bill View                                               Orders – Initiate , Maintain, Post                                               Presentation
                                     Credit Arrangements
Output Management web app                                                      Orders – Filter                                                      Phoenix Re-write
                                      Final/WO Process
  CRM and Rate Selection                                                 Customer Communication                                                        AGL Trans
                                     Collections Process
      CICS Tax Screens                                                           Messaging                                                             Sky miles
                                    Credit Score Process
       Work Schedule                                                                WQ’s                                                         MKSW Verification(?)
Sample/Audit Billing Screens                                               Gas Construction Set                                                       AGL Lookup
                                       Returned Check
  Rate History Comparison                                                       up/Maintenance                                                  Guidelines and Training
                                      GL# Maintenance
Group Movements and Credit           Behavioral Scoring
      History Translations                                                   Final Bill Process                                                      Help Screens
                                       BBP Worksheet
DHR Verification/Qualification                                                 Industrial EOS                                                   User Tables Maintenance
  Regulated to De-regulated                                                                                                                       Outage Management
             process                                                                                                                                   System (OMS)
   Small commercial CRM                                                                                                                               MSE Panels
                                                                                                                                                   Scheduling panels

                                 Completed           Testing and QA   In Progress         Approved                               Prioritized       Remaining Processes

  Packaging for the Enterprise
 Business Agility
     Business Rules Repository, Time To Market, Visual Requirements, Testing
      Efficiencies, Time to Train

Developer Productivity
     Methodology for Visual representation of requirements (Expression Blend)
     Automated Code Review (Leveraging TFS, FxCop, StyleCop)
     Templates & Cookbooks

Testing Productivity
     Automatic Nightly Development Builds
     Application Lifecycle Mgmt Testing Process (Quality Center)
     Check In rules that ensure successful builds

 Production Support Productivity
     Robust SOA – Service Portal
        • Built in Reliability & Performance Monitoring
        • Audit/Debugging/Logging
        • Deployment Verification/Configuration Validation
     Online IT Diagnostic Help automatically generated nightly (Sandcastle)



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