How to Create Facebook Username

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					How to Create Facebook Usernames
I. Facebook introduces pretty link username as an option to its users to make
Facebooker’s profile and page easy to remember and shorter. For example, my Facebook
profile used to be like, now it look

The requirements: All FB Pages you have created are eligible to claim usernames if they
have more than 25 fans.

II. Types of Facebook Usernames

There are two types of Facebook username. (a) Facebook profile username and (b)
Facebook Pages username. If you have not created your Facebook profile username. If
you come here just to know how to make a Facebook Pages username, read on.

III. How to Create Facebook Pages username

Follow these steps

   1. After login to your Facebook account -> visit
   2. If you have set your Facebook profile username, you’ll get a notice like this: Your
      username has been set. Set a username for your Pages.

   3. Click the Set a username for your Pages -> Scroll down at Page Name (if you
      have more than one pages) and click the Page you want to edit

   4. Enter the desired username in the given box -> check for availability.

   5. Once it’s available, click Confirm. Done. Now you have a Facebook Page

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