March - April 1976

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					March - April 1976
          HOIO                                                       SWITCHES AND SIGNALS
                                                                     U. S. Mail Contracts

                                                                     The Milwaukee Road has been awarded long-term contracts to
March - April 1976                                                   handle U. S. Mail both ways between Chicago-St. Paul, Chicago-
Vol. 65   No. 3 & 4                 I'IhlWAUKEE                      Des Moines, Chicago-Louisville and St. Paul-Seattle. The con-
                                           ROAD                      tracts with the U. S. Postal Service become effective on May 4
IN   THIS        ISSUE                                               and are for four years. The mail will move piggyback in trailers
                                                                     with The Milwaukee Motor Transportation Company providing
Veterans Retire . . . .                                              ramping and de·ramping and some over-the-road services. Vol-
                                                                     ume is expected to be about 1,500 trailers a week.
Locomotive Engineer Training Program . . . . . 2
Seniority Modification                                      4         Locomotives get work-out during the first quarter
Savings Bond Drive .                                        5        Between January 1 and March 31, diesels assigned to freight
Fire & F ire Prevention .                                   6        service travelled more than 10 million unit-miles (one locomo-
                                                                     tive moving one mile). Of this total, nearly 8.4 million unit-
Freight Car Clearinghouse .                                 8
                                                                     miles were logged by locomotives in road freight service. Yard
On Line and Upcoming .                                      10       sWitching accounted for over 1.3 million unit-miles, and train
                                                                     sWitching added nearly 400,000 unit-miles to the grand total.
Retirements .                                               12
Appointments                                                13       Freight car program modified
About People                                                14
                                                                     The 1976 pto'gra m origina IIy incl uded 150 bul khead flat cars
Jayne Van Grondelle, Assistant to Editor                             and 50 tri-Ievel cars for the transportation of automobiles. The
                                                                     progra m has been changed to 100 bulkhead flats and 100 tri-
Staff : Wallace Abbey, Larry Barbeau, Tom Phillips,
                                                                     level cars.
        Jim Scribbins
The Milwaukee Road Magazine is published for active and              The 100 bulkhead flat cars are due to be placed in service in
retired employees of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and            July. The tri-Ievel automobile racks are scheduled for delivery
Pacific Railroad Company, to whom it is distributed free.
                                                                     between mid-July and mid-September.
It is available to others at $1.00 per year. Address inquiries
to Corporate Communications Dept., 824 Union Station,
Chicago. Ill. 60606.                                                 Car fleet additions
Here is the Magazine's "field staff."  If you have items             Recent additions to the freight car fleet include 220 100-ton-
which you think might be interesting to readers and which            capacity gondolas and 75 covered coil steel cars. Most of the
you want to bring to the attention of the editors, please
contact the nearest correspondent in the office indicated.           gondola cars are in general service in the Chicago area; 25 are
                                                                     moving coil steel from East Chicago long-haul to the West Coast.
Beloit . . . Kathy Klein    (Agent)
                                                                     The covered coil steel cars are serving three Midwest steel com-
Bensenville . , . Delores Barton      (Su peri ntendent)
Chicago . . . Kitty Capoccia (Equipment Accounting)
              Frani Field (Disbursement Accounting)
              Pat Johnson (Engineering)
              Dorothy Kentner (Superintendent of Safety)
              Marion Kuniej (Capital Expenditure Accounting)
              Judy Lamarca (Engineering)
              Marilyn C. Stypa (Engineering)
Deer Lodge        . Barbara Wales     (Division Engineer)
Galewood.       . Eleanor Mahoney      (Freight Office)
Green Bay . . • Jerry Magnuson         (Assistant Superintendent)
Madison          Kathryn Skidmore (Roundhouse)
Marion          Joanne Beeson   (Trainmaster)
                                                                    Photos by Dennis Owens
Milwaukee         Jim Boeshaar (Superintendent)
                  Paul J. Everts (Muskego Caller)
                  Mrs. Anne Farence (Women's Club)
                  Sharon M, Fryjoff (District Material Manager!
                  Pat Hoye (Car Department)
                  Beverly Radtke (Superintendent Operating Rules)
                  June Stanlee (Regional Data Office)
                  Nancy Stark (Locomotive Department)
Portland . .     Bee Biehler (Area Manager, Sales)
St. Paul . .     Edna M. Bowers (Car Department)
Sioux City . . . Marie Franken        (District Manager, Sales)
Spokane . . .    Ethelyn Calavan    (Assistant Superintendent)
Tacoma .        Lynne Schow (Signals & Communications)
Wausau . . . Naomi A.      Cline   (Roundhouse)
                       Two veteran officers, whose com-        President-Operations early this
                       bined service record totals nearly      year.
                       a century, have retired from the
                       Milwaukee Road.                         In addition to his duties with the
                                                               Milwaukee Road, McGinn also
                       Francis G. (Gregg) McGinn, Senior       served as a director of the St. Paul
                       Vice President-Operations, retired      Union Depot Company; the
                       on April 30 ending a career of          Minnesota Transfer Railway
                       nearly 46 years in the Operating        Company; the Kansas City
                       Department where he held vir-           Terminal Railway Company and
                       tually every supervisory position.      the Minneapolis Eastern Railway
                       After almost a half century of          Company. He was also a director
                       service, James T. Hayes, Assist-        of the Milwaukee Motor Trans-
                       ant to the President, reti red on       portation Company, the wholly
                       March 31. In retirement, how-           owned trucking subsidiary of the
                       ever, Hayes will continue to serve      Milwaukee Road.
                       the Milwaukee Road as a con-
                       sultant on various matters.             McGinn has also been active in
                                                               many professional associations.
                       Both McGinn and Hayes came              He is a past President of the
                       up through the ranks. During            Western Railway Club; a mem-
                       their long and distinguished            ber of the Operating-Transportation
                       careers each held a wide variety.       General Committee of the
                       of Operating Department posi-           Association of American Railroads
                       tions throughout the Milwaukee          and a member of the Traffic Club
     F. Gregg McGinn   Road system.                            of Ch icago. He was also President
                                                               of the Milwaukee Road Veteran
                       A native of Farmington,                 Employees' Association.
                       Minnesota, McGinn attended
                       St. Thomas College and the              Jim Hayes was born in Davenport,
                       University of Minnesota before          Iowa and joined the railroad in
                       joining the Milwaukee Road in           1926 as a clerk in Minneapolis,
                       1930 as a Telegraph Operator.           Minnesota. After serving as a
                       He served as a Dispatcher at LaCrosse   Traveling Car Agent and a Train-
                       in 1943 and was appointed Assist-       master, he held assignments as
                       ant Trainmaster at Austin,              Secretary to the Assistant General
                       Minnesota in 1944. Between              Manager, Chicago, and to the
                       1945 and 1949 McGinn was                General Manager, Seattle.
                       Trainmaster at Austin; Terre Haute,
                       Indiana; and Portage, Wisconsin.        He was appointed Transportation
                       He served as Assistant Superin-         Inspector in Seattle in 1940, where,
                       tendent at Dubuque, Iowa in             as a reserve officer in the U.S. Army,
                       1949; Savanna, Illinois in 1950;        he entered active service in 1942.
                       and Perry, Iowa in 1952. He             Following duty in Alaska, Africa
                       became Superintendent of the            and Europe, he left the service
                       Iowa Division in 1953 and of the        in 1945 as a Major in the Military
      James T. Hayes   Milwaukee Division in 1954.             Railway Service and returned to
                                                               the Milwaukee Road as a Trainmaster
                       McGinn was named Assistant              at Deer Lodge.
                       to Vice President-Operation in
                       Chicago in 1955. Later that year        In 1950 he became Assistant
                       he became Assistant General             Superintendent at Deer Lodge
                       Manager-Lines East. In 1957             and subsequently served as
                       he moved to the west end at             Division Superintendent at Miles
                       Seattle as General Manager-Lines        City in 1951; Butte in 1952;
                       West and returned later that year       Savanna in 1954;and Perry in
                       to Chicago as Gen1Jral Manager-         1956.
                       Lines East.
                                                               Hayes was appointed Assistant
Veteran operating      In 1958 McGinn was elected
                       Vice President-Operation and
                                                               to Vice President-Operation,
                                                               Chicago in 1960 and was named

    officers retire    ably filled this vital position
                       until elected Senior Vice
                                                               Assistant to the President in 1966.

                                                                            Four young men, and one who is
                                                                            not so young, were the first to
                                                                            complete a training program for
                                                                            the promotion of firemen to
                                                                            engineers that was recently
                                                                            inaugurated on the Milwaukee

                                                                            The program is 26 weeks long and
                                                                            ;s a combination of extensive
                      The path from the classroom to the cab of a
                     3,000 h, p. diesel locomotive involves a lot of
                                                                            on-the-job training and intensive
                     hard work. In Instruction Car K5002 System             classroom instruction. It is
                     General Road Foreman-Engines Bill Cruickshank          designed to centralize the loco-
                      (top left) discusses the characteristics of various   motive engineer training process
                     locomotive types after which Greg Miller (top
                     right! and other members of the class are ex-
                                                                            and replaces an instruction
                     amined on what they have learned. Ken Chase            system that previously was
                     (above) studies operating rules during a break          handled on the operating
                     in the training sessions, The end result of this       division level.
                     work is well worth the effort. Don Shaw and
                     Ken Chase (middle left) are presented with
                     their certificates as qualified Locomotive En-          Each of the five recent graduates
                     gineers by District Regional Road Foreman-             has high praise for the program_
                     Engines A J. Cini and Rose Marie Bayer, Ad-            "This is not a hit or miss
                     ministrative Assistant to the Director of Op-
                     erating Training Programs, and LeRoy Schnur
                                                                            operation," says Greg Mi Iler, a
                     (bottom left) boards an SD40-2 unit on as-             21 year old fireman. "The pro-
                     signment as an Engineer working out. of the            gram is run by people who know
                     Bensenville Yard.                                      what they are talking about-·
                                                                            they're all professionals." Bob
                                                                            Crist, 24, has been with the
                                                                            Milwaukee four years and both
                                                                            his father and grandfather were
                                                                            employees. "Dad told me about
                                                                            the old way of training engineers.
                                                                            This program is a lot quicker and
Photo by Bob Janin
                                                                            At 55, Ken Chase is the oldest
                                                                            of the group. He is no stranger

                              ew ands                                       to the Milwaukee having first
                                                                            hired-on during the twilight of
                                                                            the steam era in the early 1950's.

                              e throttle:                                   "As far as I'm concerned," he
                                                                            says, "th is program is the best
                                                                            thing the railroad has ever done."
                                                                            Ten-year veteran Don Shaw and

    Lo omotive e gineer training                                             Fireman Lee Schnur, 28, second
                                                                            Ken's opinion.

        The 26-week course is divided        such su bjects as locomotive               been actively involved in the
        into six phases. The first is a      mechanical, electric and air ..            program since its inception and handles
        one-week orientation held at the     brake systems. Considerable                many administrative duties.
        division level, followed by ten      classroom time is also devoted to          Frank Upton and others in the
        to twelve weeks of on-the-job        the study of general and operating         Mechanical Department have
        instruction in the student's local   rules and to safety procedures.            been instrumental in developing and
        seniority district. In the third                                                presenting the program. Con-
        phase, the students come to the       Classroom sessions are held in a          siderable assistance was also
        Milwaukee Shops for two weeks         recently remodeled Milwaukee-             provided by Ray Kentner,
        of classroom work and take their      built passenger coach--now known          Senior Labor Relations Officer.
        machinery and air brake examina-     as Instruction Car X-5002. The             Kentner, with the cooperation and
        tions. Following this phase the      coach is a completely equipped             support of engine service general
        students return to their local       classroom on wheels. It can                chairmen, outlined many of the
        seniority district for eight to      seat twenty students and con·              lessons used in the training pro·
        ten additional weeks of on-the·      tains complete audio-visual                gram. These outlines were
        job training.                        equipment, a blackboard and a              subsequently fleshed out by
                                             lecturn. Of particular importance          Anderson, Upton and others. The
        The fifth phase_of the tra ining     to the training program is a diesel        Personnel Department helped through
        schedule is probably the most        locomotive throttle stand which            their Train the Trainer sessions
        crucial, and certainly the most      is located at one end of the               that are designed to enable
        anxious time for the students.       classroom-coach. Although in-              experienced Milwaukee Road
        They r~turn to the Milwaukee         active, the stand acts as a valuable       employees to act as instructors
        Shops for a one-week review of       training device by allowing                in various training programs.
        everything they have learned         prospective engineers to get the
        to date. On the last day of review   "feel" of the throttle.                    Anderson singles out four men for
        they take a six-hour examination                                                special praise: Bill Cruickshank,
        on the Con sol idated Code of        The conversion of the former               System General Road Foreman·
        Operating Rules.                     coach to a classroom was done               Engines, Bob Winter, Superinten-
                                             under the supervision of                   dent of Air Brakes, Homer Johnson,
        Chad Anderson, Director of
                                             Frank Upton, Assistant Vice                 Regional Road Foreman-Engines,
        Operating Training Programs,
                                             President-Mechanical, and other            and Ed Abbott, Engineer Instructor.
        points out that the training
                                             members of the Mechanical                   Each of the four has instructed
        program for the promotion of
                                             Department. The X-5002 is fully            during the classroom phases.
        firemen to engineers is primarily.
                                             operational and can be moved               Anderson also praises the many
        intended to meet the skill needs
                                             anywhere on the system. In                 veteran locomotive engineers who
        of the Mi.'waukee Road. He
                                             addition to teaching facilities,           act as instructors during on-the-job-
        emphasizes the importance of
                                             th e car has sleeping quarters and         traini ng phases.
        bringing students into the
        program well in advance of any       a kitchen.
        projected vacancies or expansion                                                Each member of the first class
        in the locomotive engineer ranks.                                               has his own reasons for wanting
                                             In the final training stage the
        Although completion of training                                                 to be a locomotive engineer.
                                             students are qualified as engineers
        does not automatically guara ntee                                               None deny that they are attracted
                                             by the Traveling Engineer in their
        that a student will work as an                                                  by the wages and other benefits.
                                             local seniority district.
~   I   engineer, Anderson is hopefu I                                                  But their interest goes beyond
    I   that the students will be able to                                               this. Perhaps Ken Chase sums
    I   put their newly learned skills        In addition to the first class of five,   it up for the entire group by
        to use as soon after they finish     thirty-five other students are             saying, "as far as I'm concerned,
    j   the course as possible.              presently in different phases of
                                             this training. Future candidates
                                                                                        being an engineer is the best job
                                                                                        on this or any other railroad."
        During on-the-job training phases,   will be brought into the program
        veteran locomotive engineers         depending on the Milwaukee                 The· combi nation of this attitude
        act as instructors and evaluate      Road's need for new engineers.             and the lessons learned in training
        each student's performance.                                                     will help guarantee that the
        Classroom sessions are used to       The training program is the work           Milwaukee Road's new engineers
        reinforce what is learned in the     of a lot of people. Rose Marie             wi II be a mong the best in the
        field and to intensively focus on    Bayer, Anderson's assistant, has           business.

                                                                                                          All eligible employees must be notified

             Seniority modification:                                                                      of their rights to transfer within 30 days
                                                                                                          after the April 5 effective date of the
                                                                                                          agreements. L. W. Harrington, Vice
                                                                                                          President-Labor Relations and Personnel,
             Expanding opportunities for                                                                  notes that the agreements cover about
                                                                                                          1,200 Milwaukee Road employees.

                 minorities and females                                                                   Complete information packets have already
                                                                                                          been sent to paycheck destinations and
    Three labor organi zations and the rai 1-     The right to transfer under the agreements              supervisors hand delivered the information
    roads have joined in an effort to pro-        is subject to several other important                   to employees. Delivery by certified
    vide greater opportunities for minor-         provisions. Some of them are:                           mail was used where hand delivery was
    ity and female employees,                         1) Eligible employees may make only                 impractical. Employees are required to
                                                         one successful transfer with carry-              sign a receipt acknowledging delivery
    The Brotherhood of Railway, Airline                  over seniority.                                  of the information packets and the receipts
    and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers,           2) Employees can only transfer to                   must be forwarded to the Labor Relations
    Express and Station Employees (B RAC),               jobs that are within 30 highway                  Department.
    the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen,               miles of their present job, or
    and the Yardmasters of America have                  to positions in a seniority                      Eligible minority and female employees
    signed a'greements with rai Iroads repre-            district that overlaps their present             must inform the Labor Relations Department
    sented by the National Carrier's Con-                district.                                        of the jobs they are interested in transferring
    ference Committee (NCCC) to allow                 3) Transfers can only be made to .                  to within 180 days of this initial notification.
    certain minority and female employees                positions the railroad would have                Those who fail to meet this requirement will
    to transfer to unfilled positions with               to fill by hiring a new employee.                forfeit any rights they might have under
    carry-over seniority. The agreements              4) Employees wishing to transfer                    the agreements.
    became effective April 5.                            must be qualified for new positions
                                                         and they must meet all job
    The agreements are complex. Rather                   prerequisites incl uding training                 Labor Relations personnel then have the
    than focus on all of the details, this               periods and periods of apprentice-               obligation to inform employees when
    article presents a general overview of               ship and helper service.                         requested vacancies occur and employees
    the provisions, intent and administra-                                                                have fifteen days in which to formally
    tion of the agreements. For purposes                                                                  apply for a transfer. Employees who
    of si mplification, only the B RAC            Employees covered by the agreements                     fail to make such an application will
    agreement wi II be discussed--those           can use their initial company seniority                 lose all carry-over seniority rights
    signed by the Signalmen and Yard-             date in competing with other eligible                   unless any of the following conditions
    masters organizations are very similar.       minority and female employees for                       exist:
                                                  transfers. Once a successful transfer                       1) If the craft to which they seek
    The BRAC agreement consists of two            has been made, employees ca n use their                        transfer will not honor carry-over
    separate, but basically identical parts:      initial company seniority date in their                        seniority.
    one covers minorities (Blacks, Spanish-       new job if the craft to wh ich they trans-                  2) If the craft from which they are
    surnamed, American Indians, Orientals),       fer recognizes carry-over seniority.                           moving will not allow a 90 day
    and the other deals with female employ-       Th is sen ior ity date wi II be used tor                       seniority retention.
    ees (in some cases, a female employee         bidding on future vacancies with in the                     3) If the requested vacancy is more
    would also have rights under the minor-       new classification or draft, for force                         than 30 highway miles from their
    ityagreement.                                 reductions, vacations and other rights and                     present job.
                                                  applicable benefits.
    The heart of the seniority modification
    plan provides that eligible minority and                                                              Harrington emphasizes that transfers
    female employees who have been con-                                                                   under the agreements will be voluntary
    tinuously employed by the Milwaukee           The present agreements allow employees                  and that no employee shall be required
    Road since on or before August 31,            to retain seniority in their old craft for              to change jobs. Minorities and females
    1971, and who initially established sen-      90 days after transfer or for 90 days                   who do not wish to take advantage of
    iority in certain job classifications, have   after they satisfy any required                         the seniority modification agreements
    the opportunity to transfer with carry-       probationary or training periods,                       will not lose any rights or benefits
    over seniority within their craft or be-      whichever is longer, or for such longer                 to which they are entitled under ex-
    tween crafts. The right to transfer with-     period as may be provided by local                      isting employee protection or working
    in a craft, however, is restri cted under     agreements between the railroad and                     rules agreements.
    the agreements to minorities or to            the organizationrepresenting the craft
    females who also qualify as a minority.       from which they 'transferred. Employees                 If you have any questions about
                                                  who elect to return to their former craft               eligibility under the agreements, or if
    At the present time the right to trans-       during the seniority retention period                   you think you are eligible and were not
    fer between crafts with carry-over sen-       are required to give up any seniority                   notified, please contact Gil Vernon in
    iority is limited to the three organiza-      established in the craft to which they                  the Labor Relations Department in
    tions who are party to the agreements,        transferred under the agreements.                       Chicago. Gil's extension is 141.
                                                     --    ------                  -   -

                                                                                                -=c   _        -

                                                              I   I
                     Savings Bond drive starts May 10:
                                    Declare your (financial) independence
                                                 in this . Bicentennial year
                                                                  Everybody has something they want to save for. Added
                                                                  income during retirement, a college fund for your
                                                                  children, the down payment on a home or car, or perhaps
                                                                  just a nest egg for a rainy day.

                                                                  We don't always move as fast or do as much as we thought
                                                                  we would in planning our savings, and, often before we
                                                                  know it, the time when we could really use the money is
                                                                  right on top of us. The nice thing about buying Bonds
                                                                  is that you don't have to delay these plans until tomorrow.
                                                                  You can start saving now. The Payroll Savings Plan is
                                                                  automatic. You don't have to go to the bank or the
     This year the U.S. Savings Bond Drive will be conducted      savings and loan office to make a deposit.
     systemwide between May 10 and June 4. Once again, the
     goal will be to enroll at least one of every two employees   Last year more than nine million Americans from more
     not now enrolled in the Payroll Savings Plan, and to have    than 40,000 companies were enmlled in Payroll Savings
     at least one of every two employees who are now              plans. If y6u are not already signed up, ask your co-
     participating increase their monthly allotments.             workers who are. They can tell you how convenient
                                                                  and painless Payroll Savings are. They can also tell
                                                                  you how quickly even a modest Bond allotment adds up.

     In 1973 and 1974, the Milwaukee Road ranked first
                                                                  Another nice thing about Payroll Savings is that you
     among all U. S. railroads in employee participation, but
                                                                  don't have to have a minimum of $50 or $100 to start.
     we dropped to third place in 1975. Significantly,
                                                                  You don't even have to sign up for a Bond a month.
     however, although there are slightly fewer participants
                                                                  You can start your savings plan for as little as five
     in the Payroll Savings Plan at the start of this year's
                                                                  dollars a month.
     campaign then there were at the beginning of the 1975
     drive, the combined value of their bond purchases is
                                                                  Of course, the same advantages apply if you are already
     6 per cent greater than the total value a year ago.
                                                                  participating in Payroll Savings. By increasing your
                                                                  allotment even a small amount, you can see your
                                                                  savings grow faster.
     Series E Bonds now earn a full 6 per cent interest when
     held to maturity of only five years, and can be extended     The chart shows how quickly that growth takes place.
     for another ten years with the prevail ing -6 per cent
     interest rate being the minimum guaranteed for the
     extension period. This interest is exempt from state or
     local income and personal property tax. While subject        Here's How Your Money Grows In Series E Savings Bonds
     to Federal tax, interest earned may be deferred until
     the Bond is cashed or reaches it fi nal maturity.
                                                                    Monthly               Accumulated value * at end of;
                                                                                   1 year       3 years         5 years       15 years
     Should a bond holder require emergency funds prior
     to maturity date, the Bonds may be redeemed for fu II          $ 6.25         $ 76         $ 239           $ 420     I
                                                                                                                              $ 1,774
     purchase price, plus accumulated interest, at any time           7.50           91            286             504          2,139
     after two months from issue date.                               12.50          151            477             840          3,548
                                                                     18.75          228            719      I
                                                                                                                 1,266          5,349
                                                                     25.00          304            957           1,686          7,123
                                                                     37.50          456          1,438           2,532         10,699
     Retention and not redemption, however, is really what
                                                                     56.25          684          2,156           3,799         16,048
     makes the Payroll Savings Plan worthwhile.
                                                                     75.00          912          2,875           5,065         21,397

                                                                    * Assuming an interest rate of 6% if held for 5 years and 6% per
                                                                    annum compounded semiannually thereafter. (The interest rate
     Establish your financial independence. Sign up in the          on new issues of Savings Bonds is subject to continuous review
                                                                    and may be increased or decreased in accordance with changes
     automatic Payroll Savings Plan during the 1976 Savings
                                                                    in economic and financial conditions.)
     Bond Drive.

                                       __   i..(.:   ~   ......

                      Each year fires cost the Milwaukee Road thousands of dollars in damage to facilities, rolling stock and
                      cargoes. Some fires are the result of accidents, but an alarming number are set deliberately. Vandals
                      set the fires in the Milwaukee terminal area that badly damaged a wooden camp car and part of a cargo
                      of waste paper. Trespassers on railroad property caused the fire that totally destroyed a tool shanty in
                      Chicago. Equipment fires cause some fires; switch engine cab was gutted by an electrical fire.

                            Each year for the past ten years                 Actually, 1975 could have been
                            fires have cost the Milwaukee                    a banner year for fire prevention
                            Road an average of more than                     on the Milwaukee Road. As it
                            half a million dollars.                          was, there were 87 fire incidents
                                                                             in 1975--40 less than in 1974.
                                                                             But despite this decline, the mon-
                            Half a million times ten is $5                   etary loss from fires last year was
                            million--enough even at today's                  nearly $300,000 more than the
                            high prices to buy 25 new SD40                   1974 figure.
                            diesel locomotives; or more than
                            30 of the MP15AC switchers re-                   In 1975 fire damage to railroad
                            cently put in service; or 300 100-               property, equipment and to car-
                            ton capacity jumbo covered hop-                  goes was nearly $700,OOO--or near-
                            per cars.                                        ly $200,000 more than the aver-
                                                                             age annual fire loss for the 1965-
                                                                             75 decade.
                            Ten million dollars up in smoke.
                                                                             Two incidents, however, accounted
                                                                             for more than half of the 1975 loss.
                            Yet, even this total is not the
                                                                             In early May the freight depot at
                            whole story. It represents only
                                                                             Forest Glen, Illinois, burned at a
                            fire damage to railroad property
                                                                             loss of nearly $79,000. Milwaukee
                            and equipment and to lading.
                                                                             Road officials attributed the fire
                                                                             to an act of vandalism.
                            Each year the Milwaukee Road
                            also pays out thousands of dol-                  A more serious fire occurred less

    Up in smoke:            lars in claims to individuals whose
                            property has been damaged by
                            railroad-caused fires. In 1975
                                                                             than a month later when a blaze
                                                                             caused by a derailment did exten-
                                                                             sive damage to a Milwaukee Road
                            this sum was more than $55,000.                  bridge at Rubio, Iowa, and de-

           ir s are         Additionally, the railroad often
                            has to pay local fire departments
                                                                             stroyed six freight cars and their
                                                                             contents. Damage to the bridge
                            (mostly volunteer organizations                  was almost $128,000 and dam-
     somet ing to           in rural areas) that are called in
                            to help fight a fire. More than
                                                                             age to the equipment was in ex-
                                                                             cess of $75,000. The destroyed

    get hot about!          $30,000 was paid out last year
                            for this purpose.
                                                                             cargo was valued at approximate-
                                                                             ly $100,000.
                        -    -----
 Including these two incidents,            started in a deliberate and premed-       Can the number of fires be reduced?
 the average loss from each of             itated manner.
 the 87 fi res in 1975 was $7,944.                                                   Mechanical devices such as hot
 Primarily because of the fires at          Including the destruction of the         box detectors are of immense
 Forest Glen and Rubio, this fig-          Forest Glen depot, fires set by           help. So too are the efforts of
 ure is substantially higher than          trespassers, vandals, or arsonists        the railroad's Police and Fire Pre-
 the $3,575 average loss per fire          cost the Milwaukee Road more              vention Department whose mem-
 for the 1965-75 decade.                   than $150,000 in 1975.                    bers inspect all Milwaukee Road
                                                                                     facilities for fire safety twice a
 Duri ng the past year 39 fires
                                           Ten of last years fires were caused       year. Department members also
 damaged or destroyed rolling stock
                                           by brake shoe sparks and eight by         conduct more frequent inspections
 and thei r cargoes. These incidents
                                           sparks from locomotives. Respec-          at some locations such as the Mil-
 cost the Milwaukee Road nearly
                                           tively these fires were responsible       waukee Shops.
 $380,000 and accounted for 55%
                                           for $60,690 and $8,948 in damages.
 of the total monetary loss from
                                           But these amounts are considerably        But machines and scheduled in-
 fire in the year.
                                           lower than those for 1974 when 19         spections can only do so much.
 What are the major causes of fires        fires set off by brake shoe sparks        A major effort for fire preven-
 on the Milwaukee Road?                    caused over $200,000 in damages           tion rests with each employee.
                                           and 34 fires resulting from locomo·
 Unfortunately an examination
                                           tive sparks added more than $33,000       Superintendent of Police and
 of the record shows that all too
                                           to the loss column.                       Fire Prevention A.W. Hass urges
 often the principal causes are
                                                                                     every employee to practice fire
 equipment failure, human error,
                                           In 1975, as in previous years, fires      prevention and fire safety every
 and senseless acts of vandalism.
                                           that began on property adjacent           day of the year. He also calls on
 The number of fires set by van-           to the railroad's and then spread to      employees to promtly report to
 dals is especially alarming. Th irty      Milwaukee Road facilities were a          authorities any trespassers or sus-
 fires that occurred last year were        major problem. Ten such fires             picious persons seen on or near
 officially attributed to trespassers      last year caused nearly $63,000           ra iIroad property.
 on railroad property or to acts of        in damages.
 vandal-ism. Arson was given as the                                                  When it comes to fire prevention,
 cause of a fire that did $230 in          Other major fire causes in 1975           the advice long handed out by
 damage to a bridge at Joliet, Illinois.   were electrical failures in locomo-       Smokey the Bear also applies
 The description "arson" is only           tives and buildings and overheated        to everyone who works for the
 used when there is sufficient evi·        journal boxes-·"hot boxes" on             Milwaukee Road--THE JOB IS
 dence to indicate that the fire was       freight cars.                             UP TO YOU.

                                                 Wise owls
                                                                 Signalman Helper Scott LaShelle (fourth from left) was
                                                                 using a spike maul when a rock struck and broke his safety
  Crane Operator Paul Beal's                                     glasses. Signal Foreman J. J. Pillard (third from right) and
  eyesight was saved by his                                      Signal Crew watch as Chip Hall, Signal Supervisor (second
  safety sunglasses on Novem-                                    from left) presents Scott with the membership in the Wise
  ber 3. PaLiI was unloading                                     Owl Club of America.
  scrap rail from a flatcar
  when a rail hit a board and
  sent gravel flying. A large
  piece of gravel struck Paul's
  sunglasses causing three
  deep pits in the lens, but
  no injury to Paul's eyes.

R. A. McElderry was presented with a Wise Owl Award on                                            On September 18, James
January 14 by District Manager Materials T. G. Nissen.                                            Glenn, Trackman, was driv-
McElderry was doing a routine job of blocking material in                                         ing a spike into a tie when
a box car when a spike he was driving broke and hit his                                           the spike flew up and hit
safety glasses. McElderry feels the wearing of safety glasses                                     the lens of his safety glasses.
saved his eyesight.                                                                               Jim is nowa Wise Owl.             7
                                            Freight car clearinghouse:
     Milwaukee Road helps improve car utilization

    For more than eighteen months             The report documented that the         back and forth among railroads.
    three railroads have been taking          freedom to hold cars unti I a load     It strongly recommended that
    part in a unique experiment that          was available had generated a          more efficient ways to utilize rail-
    is still in progress. Known as the        monthly average of 288 additional      road equipment be found--a posi-
    freight car "clearinghouse", the          car loadings for the participating     tion the railroads fully endorsed.
    experiment is designed to reduce          roads. This elimination of empty
    the wasteful movement of empty            car movement had resulted in a         This challenge was quickly taken
    freight cars--a practice that is not      reduction 1,046,700 car/miles          up by the Interstate Commerce
    only wasteful in terms of equip-          (one car being moved one mile).        Commission and the AAR, and
    ment utilization, but also in terms       At the going mileage fee of four-      especially by the AAR's Car Serv-
    of energy consumption and the             teen cents per car/mile, this trans-   ice Division and the Committee
    use of human resources. The               lates into a savings of more tha n     on Car Service, a permanent group
    three participating railroads are         $240,000 per year.                     within the AAR's Operations and
    the Milwaukee Road, the Missouri                                                 Maintenance Department.
    Pacific, and the S-outhern Railway.       The ability to hold a car until a
                                              load is available does, of course,     The major roll of the ICC in setting
    During the course of the experi-          increase per diem charges. But         up the clearinghouse project was to
    ment the th ree carriers, known           the report showed that these costs     exempt for the duration of the pro-
    as "club" railroads, have set a-          were more than offset by the faet      gram six common types of f'feight
    side certain rules that placed re-        that when a car does move it car-      cars from Car Service Rules I and II,
    strictions on the loading of a car        ries revenue traffic instead of mov-   and from certai n service orders. Rules
    owned by a different railroad than        ing empty back to its home line.       I and II prescribe the method of mov-
    the one that has the car on its line.                                            ing freight cars, both loaded and emp-
    When in effect, these rules often         Despite these positive results, the    ty. Cars included in the experiment
    cause a car to be moved empty             report indicated that the experi-      were general service flatcars, box cars
    back to its owner railroad. But           ment had not been a total success.     and gondolas.
    whether a car moves back to its           The full potential of the clearing-
    owner line loaded or empty, the           house idea had not been reached        The Choice of the Milwaukee, MoPac
    railroad that has it must pay a           primarily because the three club       and the Southen as the three club
    daily use charge (per diem) and           railroads had experienced a car sur-   railroads was no coincidence. All
    a mileage fee while the car is be-        plus almost since the experiment       connect with one another at several
    ing held or returned to its home          began in the fall of 1974. At this     key terminals; each has frequent op-
    rail road.                                ti me the national economy was         portunities to exchange cars; and
                                              already shaky and the railroads        all of have fleets that carry similar
    In a sense the guidelines for the         were a mong the first to feel the      kinds of commodities.
    clearinghouse experiment are a            pinch. All through 1975 many
    compromise. Although the th ree           commodities moved at reduced
    railroads are not required to return      levels, and this added to the car      In practice the clearinghouse ex-
    empty cars to their home line, each       surplus. In such a situation the       periment protects the car supply
    of the three carriers sti II have to      freedom to hold another line's         of the three club railroads by bal-
    pay a per diem and mileage fee when       car meant little when each of the      ancing car flows rather than by
    holding or using each other's cars.       club railroads were unable to find     using car service rules and other
                                              traffic for their own eq uipment.      directives.
    The clearinghouse idea has been
    a success--with some reservations.        The initial idea for the freight car
    A report made to the Association          clearinghouse developed from a         Basically the balancing procedure
    of American Railroads (AAR)               report prepared by the National        works like this: A club railroad
    noted that ina two month period           Committee on Productivity and          earns a credit for each car in the
    covered by the report the club            Work Quality in the spring of 1974.    clearinghouse pool which it loads
    lines had experienced about a             The report was high Iy critical of     and terminates on one of the other
    twenty per cent improvement               existing rules that caused the shuf-   two roads and for each empty pool
    in car utilization.                       fling of many empty freight cars       car it delivers to one of the other

             club roads. A club road incurs a               cient manner. For example: If                   knowledges the full potential of
             debit if it terminates a club car--            the Milwaukee owes the MoPac                    the idea has yet to be tested, he
             loaded or unloaded--which origi-               two cars, and MoPac owes the                    thinks the clearinghouse is one of
             nated on one of the other roads.               Southern one car, and the South-                the most imaginative and progres-
                                                            ern owes the Milwaukee two cars,                sive steps taken by the railroad
            Each week the net debits and cred-              the settlement involving the five               industry_ Beck's confidence is
            its are balanced by car type. Of-               cars would be accomplished by                   shared by officers of six railroads
            ten the credits and debits will can-            only moving one car--from the                   who recently indicated their com-
            cel each other out. If the railroad             Southern to the MoPac.                          panies would like to become in-
            owes cars at the end of an account-                                                             volved in the experiment.
            ing period, it must pay the creditor            As already noted, per diem and
            road or roads with club cars. How-              mileage charges are still in effect            The freight car clearinghouse pro-
            ever, a creditor railroad may elect to          during the experiment. But be-                 gram may not be the total answer
            cancel such a debit if it already has           cause of the suspension of car                 to the car utilization problem--
            a surplus of a type of car owed to              service rules the three club roads             but it is a step in the right direc-
            it. This option has been a common               have a greater opportunity to                  tion. Bob Beck is especially proud
            trend during the life of the experi-            load cars and to earn revenues                 that the Milwaukee Road will con-
            ment due to the car surplus among               from their movement.                           tinue its leading role in helping
            the three railroads.                                                                           test this new idea.
                                                            General Superintendent of Trans-
             Whenever car debits require the                portation Bob Beck is a strong
             movement of cars between club                  supporter of the clearinghouse
             lines it is done in the most effi-             experiment. Although he ac-

The Milwaukee Road has played a leading role in the ongoing freight car "clearinghouse" experiment that is designed to improve equipment utilization by reducing the
wasteful movement of empty cars. Here Milwaukee Road cars move over the "hump" toward the classification tracks at St. Paul.
                                 On line and upcoming
     Milwaukee Road Women's Club                                                                     Chicago
     Commemorative medallions available
                                                                                                     For sale: In Chicago; near northwest six-
     The Milwaukee Road Women's Club                                                                 story Fullerton Avenue office building
     has made a special purchase of                                                                  located on an acre and a half. Built for
     Milwaukee Road commemorative                                                                    the Milwaukee Road in four stages: 6
     medallions to sell at the price of $7                                                           floors (125' x 53'), 1902; 6 floors (116'
     each (including postage and handling).                                                          x 53'), 1908; 3 floors (91' 1 O'/," x 67'
                                                                                                     6"), 1912; and 6 floors (157' 1 0%" x 67'
     The medallions are cast in bronze and                                                           6") plus 3 floors on 1912 addition, 1925.
     carry a reproduction of the F -7 Hudson,                                                        Basement'is included under all areas.
     Baltic Hiawatha locomotive on one side                                                          Unique feature is series of fire walls on
     and the Milwaukee Road logo over road-                                                          the south end of the first floor which
     bed ballast on the other.                                                                       were erected to protect record storage.

     All orders should be sent to: General
     Governing Board, Milwaukee Road                Special orders can be taken for this same
     Women's Club, 5118 Foster Ave.,                medallion in nickel silver at $12.50, gold
     Chicago, I L 60630, allowing 6-8 weeks         plate at $20, and solid gold at $300 each.
     for deli very. Send check or money             The latter is subject to the market value
     order --- no cash or stamps.                   of gold at time of order.

     Safety Awards                                  work-related injuries and illnesses giving
     Honors to Montana Division, Mechanical         them the best safety record a mong those
     and Track Department Employees                 of all the railroad's operating divisions in
     Superintendent of Safety George Barry
     congratulates Montana Division (formerly       Two additional safety awards were also
     Rocky Mountain Division) employees for         presented. Track Department employees
     winning the 1975 President's Safety Trophy     received an award of merit for having the
     at a ceremony he,ld at Division headquarters   best casualty ratio improvement during
     in Deer Lodge, Montana. Seated left to         1975, and Mechanical Department forces
     right are President Worthington L. Smith,      received special recognition for their out·
     Division Superintendent Gordon A.              standing activities in developing depart-
     Jonasson, former Division Superintendent       mental safety programs. Vice President
     Stanley O. Jones, and District Safety En-      and Chief Engineer B. J. Worley accepted
     gineer H. B. Johnson.                          the award on behalf of Track Department
                                                    employees and Assistant Vice President-
     The event marked the second consecuti ve _     Mechanical F. A. Upton represented the
     year and the fourth time in the past five      Mechanical Department.
     years that employees of the former Rocky
     Mountain Division have won the safety          The awards ceremony was highlighted by
     trophy. Last year, the 1,000 men and           a dinner and dance attended by 200 rail-
     women on the Division worked a total of        road officials, labor organization represent-
     1,731,433 hours with only 107 reported         atives, Division employees and their wives.

                                                                                                    Marie Calmus, 74, of Spring Grove, Illinois
                                                                                                    was recently honored as the 50,000th rider
                                                                                                    to use the Milwaukee Road's special reduced
                                                                                                    Commuter fare for senior citi zens. Miss
                                                                                                    Calmus was presented with a bouquet of
                                                                                                    flowers at Chicago Union Station by Stephen
                                                                                                    Barry, Director of Passenger Services, left,
                                                                                                    and James Burcham, Manager-Passenger
\                                                                                                   Services. The special fare went into effect
                                                                                                    in December, 1974, and allows senior citizens
                                                                                                    to ride one-way for $1.00 on non-rush hour
                                                                                                    weekday trains and on all trains operating
                                                                                                    on weekends and holidays.
                                                                                                         CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE, ST. PAUL AND PACifiC RAIlAOADCOMPANY                                       -"'-
      •        7219030
                                                                                                                                                    CHICAGO. ILLINOIS 60606

                                                                                                                                                                                            No.   7219030      •

                                                                                     TO THE
                                                                                                         123 45 678
                                                                                                         John Q. Public                                     123456                                             •
                                                                                                         738 Adams
                                                                                                         Chicago                                       IL 60000
              BOND CAMPAIGN BEGINS HAY 10. JOIN THROUGH                                          -'-'
                                                                                  COfl""(f'll ... ~ lll ...O'$ "A',ONAl .... HIl .. HO n'V3T co...,... ,"y Of CIO'C'&OO


      •                        RETAIN THIS STUB AS YOUR RECORD
New look on payday

Beginning with the issue of April 15, 1976,
the design of Milwaukee Road paydrafts
has been changed. The change is not rad-
                                                                 New era for commuter operations                                                                          The three-year contract between the Mil-
                                                                                                                                                                          waukee Road and the RTA provides for a
ical and it was done primarily to get more
                                                                 More than two years of planning and ne-                                                                  fixed-price annual payment to the railroad
information to you and to improve the
                                                                 gotiation were concluded on March 12                                                                     and for certain incentive payments. The
process of printing and mailing the drafts.
                                                                 when Milwaukee Road Chairman William                                                                     first year fixed payment is $4,650,000 and
                                                                 J, Quinn and Milton Pikarsky, Chairman                                                                   it is retroactive to July 1, 1975. Subsequent
The most important change is the addition
of a message space on the drafts. Treasurer                      of the Regional Transportation Authority                                                                 yearly payments will reflect any higher oper-
C. L. Schiffer says the change was made, "in                     (RT A), signed a three-year purchase of                                                                  ating costs due to inflation as measured by
order to get important and ti mely messages                      service contract covering the railroad's                                                                 an agreed upon neutral index. Incentive
to all employees." The message space will                        commuter service operations in the Chi-                                                                  payments will be for superior monthly on-
only be used to provide information, such as                     cago area.                                                                                               ti me performance and for increases in rider-
a notice of the start up of the annual savings                                                                                                                            ship during each year of the contract.
bond campaign, that is of interest to every-                     Under the contract the Milwaukee Road
one who works for the Milwaukee Road.                            will act as a supplier of public transporta-
                                                                 tion services for Chicago area commuters                                                                 The RTA has the authority to establish
                                                                 in much the same manner as it operates                                                                   fare and service levels. The Milwaukee
Another noticeable change is having the
paydraft itself on the right instead of the                      intercity passenger trains for Amtrak.                                                                   will be reimbursed for expenses involved
left of the complete draft form. This was                                                                                                                                 in responding to fare and/or service changes
                                                                 The RTA was established by a referendum                                                                  requested by the RTA.
done to facilitate quicker printing and
                                                                 held in March, 1974, among voters in the
mailing of the drafts.
                                                                 six county Chicago metropol itan area. As
Smiles were on full display when RTA Chairman                    organized, the agency has the responsibility                                                             At the contract signing ceremony Mr.
Milton Pikarsky, seated left, presented Milwaukee                for coordinating public transportation serv-
Road Chairman William J. Quinn with a check
                                                                                                                                                                          Pikarsky presented Chairman Quinn with
for $3,533,500 during the purchase of service con-
                                                                 ices in this area.                                                                                       a check for $3,533,500 representing pur-
tract signing ceremony between the railroad and                                                                                                                           chase of service payments from July 1,
the RTA. Witnessing the event were some of the                   The Milwaukee Road was the first com-                                                                    1975 through March 31, 1976, and for
Milwaukee Road officials who played an impor-                    muter railroad to sign a purchase of serv-                                                               superior on-time performance from July 1,
tant role in the negotiations leading up to the can·
tract. Left to right are James W. Burcham, Man-                  ice contract with the RT A. The Burl ing-                                                                1975, through the end of February, 1976.
ager of Passenger Services, Thomas H. Ploss, Gen·                ton Northern and the Illinois Central Gulf
eral Attorney and Commerce Counsel, Stephen J.                   have signed similar agreements.                                                                          In accepting the check Mr. Quinn said, "I
Barry, Director of Passenger Services and Paul S.
                                                                                                                                                                          believe this contract insures that patrons
Patterson, Assistant Comptroller.
                                                                                                                                                                          of the RTA who use the Milwaukee Road
                                                                                                                                                                          will continue to receive the best possible

                                                                                                                                                                          Stephen J. Barry, Director of Passenger
                                                                                                                                                                          Services and N. R. P. C. Operations Officer
                                                                                                                                                                          for the Milwaukee was named Contract
                                                                                                                                                                          Services Manager and will act as the rail-
                                                                                                                                                                          road's principal coordinator with RTA.
                                                                                                                                                                          James W. Burcham, Manager of Passenger
                                                                                                                                                                          Services, will serve as Acting Contract
                                                                                                                                                                          Services Manager.

                                                                                                                                                                          PresentlY, the Milwaukee Road carries some
                                                                                                                                                                          32,000 commuters daily on 81 trains serv-
                                                                                                                                                                          ing communities to the west between Chi-
                                                                                                                                                                          cago and Elgin, Illinois, and to the north·
                                                                                                                                                                          west between Chicago and Fox Lake, Illinois.
                                                                                                                                                                          The railroad also provides weekday service
                                                                                                                                                                          between Chicago and Zenda and Walworth
                                                                                                                                                                          in Wisconsin.

                                      Stanley Goscinski, Mail Clerk
      Helen Strub, Board Clerk at     in the Chicago Union Station
      Tacoma Yard, retired after      Mail Room, was honored at
      34 years of service on Feb-     a coffee hour when he retired
      ruary 27. A coffee·and-         on February 27.
      cake hour was held in her
      honor at the Tacoma Yard

                                                                                 RETIREMENTS . • •

                                                                      George C. Aird ...Special Signal Maintainer ... McGregor, lowa ...4/25/75
                                                                      A. Carmen Anderson ..... Roundhouse Foreman ..... Harlowton ..... 3/3/76
                                                                      Peter Augustyniak ..... Carman         Chicago       11/5/75
                                                                      Emil J. Baka ..... Boilermaker         Milwaukee       5/18/75
                                                                      Donald R. Baxmann            Diesel Foreman          Bensenville      2/1/74
                                                                      Conrad F. Berkowski           Yard Conductor           Milwaukee       2/1/76
                                                                      William C. Brady         Locomotive Engineer            Tacoma       8/31/75
                                                                      Alvin L. Carpenter         Agent.. ... Mineral Point, Wis          1/30/76
                                      George W. Hewitt, Clerk in      Eugene P. Carroll         Locomotive Engineer..... LaCrosse ..... 1/31/76
      Conductor Elmer Manthey
                                      the Freight Agent's office at   James Crisci ..... Yardmaster .....Savanna ..... 1 /29/76
      of LaCrosse retired on April
                                      Sioux City, retired February    James L. Doyle..... Car Repairman             Jasonville, I nd..... 2/5/76
      2 after 39 years of service.    28 after 40 years service.      Stanley A. Goscinski          Mail Clerk        Chicago .....2/27/76
                                      A luncheon was held in his      Ida A. Gotti        Clerk     Chicago ..... 10/31/75
                                      honor at the depot at which     Ola P. Harris       Statistician     Perry ..... 3/12/76
                                      time he was presented with      George W. Hewitt          Clerk     Sioux City ..... 2/28/76
                                      a wallet containing a mone-     G. M. Hougham           Laborer      Perry ..... 3/14/76
                                      tary gift.                      Ervin E. Jackson         Conductor ..... Bellingham, Wash .....5/2/75
                                                                      Vernon L. Johnson           Assistant Roadmaster ..... LaCrosse .....5/5/72
                                                                      Roy P. Jorgensen         Regional Manager           Seattle..... 1/31/76
                                                                      Willard R. Kuehl. Welder ..... Milwaukee              5/5/75
                                                                      Raymond Larsen          Car Inspector .....Council Bluffs, lowa             2/9/76
                                                                      M. M. Lauterborn          B & B Foreman             Bellevue, lowa       11 /11/76
                                                                      Daniel J. Lemieux       Stationary Engineer          Deer Lodge       1/30/76
                                                                      Charles G. Loechler       Laborer       Wabasha, Minnesota          1/1 0/75
                                                                      Catherine L. Lowery        Clerk      Chicago ..... 2/29/76
                                                                      H. H. Lunsman      Conductor        Spencer, lowa ..... 6/7/74
     Electrician C. H. "Red" Dixon                                    Doyle C. Lytle    Section F oreman          Storm Lake, Wis       12/31/76
     synchronized the motor gen'                                      Gabriel F. Menzia     Section Laborer          Roscoe, S. 0      2/27/76
                                                                      Charles F. Merchant     Yard Transfer           Steger, Illinois  1/5/76
     erator at the Tomah Shops
                                                                      James E. Morris    Conductor ..... Mobridge. S. 0 ...... 1/28/76
     for the last time, on Octo-                                      C. Frank Morrow      Caller .....St. Paul. .... 2/26/76
     ber 3 ending 22 years with                                       Ricardo Navarro     Track Laborer        Davis Junction, Illinois..... 12/31/75
     the Milwaukee Road. The                                          Raymond V. Pixley       Machinist.. Savanna            3/1 0/76
     employees of the Frog Shop                                       Elmer Raddemann        Machinist       Milwaukee          1/9/76
     & Store Department pre-                                          Donald W. Ream      Signal Maintainer           Roundup, Montana .....6/1 0/75
     sented Red with a monetary                                       Joseph G. Reilly    B & B Carpenter          Dubuque, lowa.....2/5/75
                                      Machinist Helper Lyle R.
     gift. In retirement Red plans                                    Sam P. Riggio    Check Clerk ..... Chicago ..... 1/30/76
                                      Tollefson of Mitchell, S. D.,
     to do a little more roller                                       Robert K. Rodin     Car Foreman ..... Minneapolis..... 2/29/76
                                      was honored at a retirement
     skating and some extensive                                       Helen P. Strub    Board Clerk ..... Tacoma .....2/29/76
                                      party on January 31. A
     traveling. Together with 20                                      Lyle R. Tollefson    Machinist Helper ..... Mitchell, S. 0 ...... 1/31/76
                                      gift consisting of a model
     other Milwaukee Road em-                                         Charles Tomlin     Welder's Helper ..... Roundup ..... 5/23/75
                                      covered wagon unit and
     ployees, Red helped organize                                     Edward J. Tracy     Conductor-Brakeman ... Three Forks, Mont.... 2/24/76
                                      model of Oiesel 543 mount-
     and build the Gay 90 Roller                                      Loyal F. Vess    Telegraph Clerk       Kent, Washington ..... 12/26/75
                                      ed on a board and track,
     Rink at Oakdale in 1966.                                         Paul H. Volkman      Switchman        Chicago        2/2/76
                                      with a name plate, was pre-
     The roller rink is an extreme-                                   Charles A. Volsted    ,Secretary      St. Paul. 5/8/75
                                      sented to Lyle by his co-
     ly popular recreation center
                                      workers.                        Elvin Wilson ..... Assistant Manager, Pricing   Seattle   1/30/76
     in the Tomah area.
                                                                      Edward Zimmerman ..... Car I nspector ..... Aberdeen    2/29/76
L. V. Anderson is appointed Vice          Warren G. Hackett is appointed Sales        Charles D. Nunley is appointed Superin-
President-Executive Department            Representative, San Francisco, effec-       tendent, MILW-KCS Joint Agency, Kan-
effective April 1.                        tive April 1.                               sas City, Missouri, effective March 1.
Dennis E. Athmann has been appoint-
                                          Timothy M. Hansen has been appointed        Robert A. Ohlsen has been promoted to
ed Sales Representative, Tacoma, ef-
                                          Manager, Operations Planning, effective     Trainmaster-I//inois Division, Bensen ville,
fective March 1.
                                          April 16.                                   effective April 1.

                                          H. Russ Herth is appointed Manager-         William F. Plattenberger is appointed to
Michael E. Beckert is promoted to                                                     the newly created position of General
Superintendent·lndiana Harbor Belt        Marketing & Pricing, Seattle, effective
                                          March 1.                                    Manager-Operations Planning, Chicago,
Railroad, Hammond, Indiana, effec·                                                    effective March 16.
tive March 16.
                                          Jack L. Hummel was appointed Train·         T. F. Power is appointed Director-Corpor-
Theodore G. Bunning was appointed         master-Washington Division, Spokane,        ate Planning, Chicago, effective March 1.
Freight Service Inspector, Sioux Falls,   effective March 16.
S.D., effective March 16.                                                             Tyrone D. Robinson has been appointed
                                                                                      Operations Planner, Chicago, effective
R. C. Creamer was promoted to              F. J. Jarmoluk has been promoted to        April 16.
Manager-Automotive Equipment,              Supervisor Mechanical Maintenance,
Chicago, effective March 1.                Chicago, effective April 12.
                                                                                      Kenneth J. Scheller is appointed Market-
                                                                                      ing Analyst, Chicago, effective April 1.
Paul F. Cruikshank, Jr. is elected to     J. F. Johannes is appointed Manager of
the newly created position of Vice        Material, Milwaukee, effective April 1.
President·Operations and Mainte·                                                      J. George Schmidt has been appointed
nance, effective May 15.                                                              to the newly created position of Senior
                                          Gordon A. Jonasson is promoted to
                                                                                      Operations Planner, Chicago, effective
                                          Superintendent-Montana Division,
                                                                                      April 16.
M. P. DeFranco was appointed Systems      Deer Lodge, effective March 16.
Analyst, Chicago, effective March 16.
                                                                                      James A. Schwinkendorf is appointed
                                          C. E. Jones is appointed Senior Manager
                                                                                      to the newly created position of Direc-
Ray N. Dosch is appointed District        Marketing and Pricing-Lumber and Paper
                                                                                      tor-Operations Planning, Chicago, effec-
Manager-Sales, San Francisco, Cali-       Products, Seattle, effective March 1.
                                                                                      tive March 16.
forma, effective April 1.

                                          Donald J. Kinsfather has been promoted      Leo R. Tesar. Jr, is appointed Freight
Harold O. Emel is appointed Manager-      to Assistant Vice President-Maintenance,    Service Inspector, Minneapolis, effec-
Marketing & Pricing, Seattle, effective   Milwaukee Motor Transportation Co.,         tive March 16.
March 1.                                  Chicago, effective March 1.

James L. Flowers was appointed Dis-       March F. LaBahn has been appointed          Ronald L. Tewell is appointed Super-
trict Manager-Sales, Greensboro, N.C.,    Assistant Manager, Operations Planning,     intendent-Dakota Division, Aberdeen,
effective March 1.                        effective April 16.                         S.D., effective March 16.

                                          Larry E. Long is appointed Assistant to     E. F. Volkman has been appointed
M. Garelick is elected to the position    President effective May 1.                  Special Assistant to Vice President-Corpor-
of Vice President-Operations, effective                                               ate Services, Chicago, effective April 1.
May 1.
                                          Richard L. Martin is promoted to the
                                          newly created position of Superinten-       Mark H. Westerfield has been promoted
Vincent A. Greco was promoted to          dent-Operations Control Center, Chi-        to Trainmaster-Minnesota Division,
Manager of Pricing, Chemicals, Fuels,     cago, effective March 16.                   LaCrosse, effective March 16.
and Metal Products effective March 1.
                                                                                      Walter L. Zahren is appointed Manager-
D. Gruszecki was promoted to System       Gerald A. McCole was appointed Train-       Marketing & Pricing-Chemicals, Fuels
Manager Equipment Utilization, Chicago,   master-Iowa Division, Cedar Rapids,         and Metal Products, Seattle, effective
effective March 16.                       Iowa, effective March 16.                   March 1.
                                                          ..1.1&1....,u          PEOP
                                                           Chief Yard Clerk R. K. Anderson                   Tacoma
                                                           (right) of Ottumwa, Iowa receives
                                                           his 25 year safety award pin from                  Field Engineer Richard Keller and his wife
                                                           W. J. Westmark, Assistant Super-
                                                                                                             Diane have a new baby boy, Anthony
                                                                                                             Richard, born on January 27. Anthony is
                                                                                                             the couple's first child.

                                                                                                             Ron Perrone, former member of Ta·
                                                                                                             coma's Engineering staff, and his wife
                                                                                                              Linda are the proud parents of a baby
                                                                                                             boy, Ronnie, born on February 17.
                                                                                                              Ron and Linda also have four girls.
                                                           Engineer Bill Lauder is proud of
                                                           his daughter, Carol, a high school
                                                           senior, for having been selected                  Jayne Kjellesvik of the Division Engi-
                                                           from a nationwide audition to par-                neer's Office and her husband Ed va-
                                                           ticipate in the "America's Youth                  cationed in Mazatlan, Mexico in Feb-
                                                           in Concert" 7976. Carol and oth-                  ruary.
                                                           ers chosen for the Concert will
                                                           perform at the Bicentennial Ob-                   Terry Pelkola has been appointed Sig·
     1II0tUt 0
                                                           servance in Philadelphia on July 4
                                                                                                             nal Inspector for the Washington Divi-
                                                           and then at Carneqie Hall in New
                                                                                                             sion. He arrived at Tacoma on Janu-
                                                           York City prior to the month-long
                                                           European Tour with concerts in
                                                                                                             ary 19. Terry and his wife Nancy have
                                                           London, Paris, Geneva, Innsbruck,                 a daughter Christine who is 3 years old.
                                                           Venice, Florence and Rome.                        The Pelkolas come to Tacoma from
                                                                                                             Wisconsin':where Terry was a Signal
                                                                                                             Inspector at Waukesha.

                                                                                                             John Clark has been appointed Manager,
                                                                                                             Equipment Utilization-Western Region,
                                                                                                             with headquarters at Tacoma. John
                                                                                                             was formerly Assistant to the Superin-
                                                                                                             tendent, Tacoma.

                                                                                                             Bob Burns has been promoted Assis·
                                                                                                             tant to the Superintendent, Washing·
                                                                                                             ton Division, with headquarters at

                                                                                                             Chris Wemmer recently gave birth to
 The Milwaukee Traffic Bowling League won the An-
                                                                                                             a baby girl, Lorie. Chris is the Chief
nual Bowling Championship against the Milwaukee
 Transportation Bowling Club on January 77 at the
                                                                                                             PICL Clerk at Tacoma Yard where
Bowlera Red Carpet Lane in Milwaukee. Dick Bax-                                                              she has six years of service with the
ter, President of the Milwaukee Transportation Bowl-                                                         Milwaukee Road.
ing Club, (left) presents the traphy to Bill Bickley, -
President of Milwaukee Traffic Bowling Club.                                                                 Assistant Division Engineer Bob Butler's
                                                                                                             28-year·old brother James died recently.

                                                                                                             Retired Signal Maintainer Fred Ander"
                                                                                                             son died on January 30 at Ellensburg,
                                                                                                             Washington. He was 83 years old.

                                                           Assistant Superintendent James J. Schwantes is
                                                           shown in his office at Milwaukee on February 6,
                                                                                                             Robert Barrie, Freight Agent at Othello,
                                                           his last day with the Milwaukee. Mr. Schwantes    was killed in an automobile accident at
                                                           accepted a position in Washington with the Fed·   Moses Lake on January 31. He was 59
                                                           eral Railroad Administration. He has been with    years old and had been employed by
                                                           the railroad since February 7947.                 the Milwaukee for 25 years.

                                                                                                             Bonnie Kay Petersen was married to
                                                                                                             Timothy Potts on February 6. She
                                                                                                             is the daughter of Don Petersen, Chief
   Frank and Meredith Tram are enjoying a beautiful                                                          Dispatcher, Tacoma.
   January afternoon on their patio at 206 Dunkin
   Circle, Harlingen, Texas. Frank retired on a dis-
                                                                                                             Alan Fettig, Switchman at Everett
   ability after almost 37 years of service in the
   Freight Traffic Department. The couple moved
                                                                                                             bowled a 700 series on February 23.
   to the Lower Rio Grande Valley the latter part                                                            He started slowly with a 185 game,
   of 7973. Do they miss the ice and snow? NO!                                                               but came back with a 269 and a 246.

We were saddened by the death of          Material Division employees will re-       Milwaukee
Harold Fuller, retired Tacoma Time        member Louie Muir who died in Mad-
Revisor, on March 3. His widow Fran·      ison. recently.                            Morry Running, retired Switchman,
ces and daughter Virginia are both em-                                               Milwaukee Terminals, writes from
ployed at the Tacoma Freight House.       Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Clar-      WA Keya No.9, Two Harbors, Min-
                                          ence Knoblauch on their 50th wedding       nesota 55616 of the death of his wife
Glenn P. Hall, retired Roadmaster of      anniversary. Clarence is a retired Pipe-   Lennea, age 66 on December 20.
the Coast Division, died in April 1976:   fitter and Mrs. Knoblauch is active in
                                          the Milwaukee Women's Club. They           Ivy Bolton, Supervisor Clerk, IVlilwau-
                                          also became great grandparents recently.   kee Depot, has left the railroad for
                                                                                     a well deserved rest. Ivy's last day
 Miles City                               Lewis Hedges, River Division Engineer,     was February 6 and a party was held
                                          died after a short illness. His 32nd an-   for her on February 18 at the home
Harold J. Campbell, 94, died in Spo-      niversary with the company was four        of Beverly Radtke. Ivy was present-
kane on March 8. He retired from the      days before he died.                       ed with a monetary gift at the party.
Milwaukee at Miles City in 1946.
                                          Best wishes to Bill Dacko who retired      Sympathy was extended to the family
Retired Conductor George Baumgart-                                                   of E.T. Nowicki, retired Assistant
                                          as a Carman on the St. Paul Repair
ner, 82, died in Spokane recently.                                                   Chief Clerk, Agent's Office, Milwau-
He was formerly from Lewistown.                                                      kee Depot, who died April 2. Mr.
                                          Bob Rodin retired from his position        Nowick i had retired from railroad
Roy Volkman wrapped up a railroad                                                    service on August 15, 1975 with 49
career that spanned nearly three dec-     as a Car Foreman in Minneapolis. Bob
                                          and his wife will continue to make         years of service.
ades when he worked h is last day
April 6as Agent-Operator in Terry,        their home in Minneapolis and at their
                                          lake home at Cass Lake.                    Christopher Levandoski, Yard Engi-
Montana.                                                                             neer, and his wife Kathy announce
                                                                                     the birth of their first baby, Christo-
                                                                                     pher An-drew on February 7. Proud
                                                                                     Grandpa is Joe Levandoski, Switch-
Marion                                                                               man and new Uncle is Alexander
                                                                                     Levandoski, Engineer.
Engineer and Mrs. Robert Byrum of         Green Bay
Ottumwa are the parents of a daugh-                                                  Janice Denney, daughter of District
ter born February 16.                     Retired Engineer Carl W. Sommers,          Manager-Sales M.G. Denney, entered
                                          80, died November 7. Survivors in-         the Missouri Bicentennial Contest
Russell Hotz and Sheri Scheiber were      clude his widow Helen, daughter,           th rough her 6th grade class at Ross
recently married at Sioux Rapids,         sister, three brothers and five grand-     Avenue School and won not only the
Iowa. Russell has worked summers          children.                                  School Contest but also the School
on the Iowa Division as Section La-                                                  District Contest with her poem" A
borer and Weed Mower Operator and         Theodore T. Peterson, 63, died No-         Bicentennial Conversation with our
is now attending Southeast Missouri       vember 27 following a long illness.        Forefathers."
State University.                         Mr. Peterson was employed on the
                                          old Superior Division as a Brakema n
Ethel Henecke, wife of Cedar Rapids       for nearly 20 years unti I he reti red
Section Laborer Lester Henecke, died      due to ill health.                          Milwaukee Women's Club
recently following a long illness.
                                          Carl T. Castelic, 26, Switchman at         Mrs. Clara Clark recently visited
 Baggageman George Keene of Perry         Green Bay was killed in a two-car          her daughter in Long Beach, Cali-
was presented a gift by Clerk Pete        accident November 29. Survivors            fornia, her son at Scottsdale, Ari-
Guinn on behalf of his fellow em-         include his widow Kathleen, son and        zona and Las Vegas for a little fun.
poyees at an office party held in         daughter.                                  She also visited with two members
George's honor. George retired Oc-                                                   in Arizona: Marie Hauser in Tuc-
tober 31 after 23 years of service.       Belated congratulations to the fol-        son and Marie Shannon in Phoenix.
                                          lowing: Mr. and Mrs. Allyn Dunlap,
                                          Operator at Channing on the birth of       Mrs. Florence Weaver had cataract
                                          a daughter Tammy Lynn, born Oc-            surgery on April 17. Mrs. Clara
Twin Cities                               tober 15, 1975; Edward G. Dury,            Smith is recovering from a broken
                                          Switchman and his wife Margaret on         shoulder and arm.
Retired Roadmaster Leo C. Blanchard
                                          the birth of Scott Russell born Oc-
and retired Engineer Chief Clerk Em-                                                 Mrs. Louis (Mary) Klubertanz and
                                          tober 19; Lieutenant of Police Doug
ery Roland have started meetings in                                                  Mrs. Urban (Eleanor) Petrie died
                                          Clark and his wife Virginia on the
the Twin Cities area for all Milwaukee                                               in March.
                                          birth of Allison November 6; and
Road retirees to maintain friendships     Rod Williams, Yard Clerk and his
built up over the years of working to-    wife Katie on the birth of their first,    Travelers include Mr. and Mrs.
gether. Retirees and their spouses        Robyn Ann, born November 15.               Charles Rintelman on an extended
have shown a great deal of interest and                                              trip through the South; Mrs. Leona
the meetings are well attended.                                                      Reuter visited Florida; Mrs. Lillie
                                          Albert J. Bukowski, Crossing Flagman       Blanck went to Las Vegas; Mr. and
Congratulations to Twin Cities Loco-      at Green Bay retired December 1 after      Mrs. Arthur Hoffmann to the Grand
motive Department employees Greg          46 years of dedicated service. Have        Ole Opry and Mrs. Sylvia Ballard
Burris, Bob Portz and Pat VanSlyke        a long, happy and healthy retirement       visited Member Anne Kiltie who
on the arrival of sons.                   Albert!                                    resides in Oldsmar, Florida.

     Wausau                                             Savanna Credit Union                         Milwaukee Motor Transportation

     Hal Hintze, son of Chief Clerk and                The 41st annual meeting of the Savanna        Mr. Arthur G. Landerholm, Assistant
     Mrs. Herbert Hintze, received a scho-             Credit Union was held on January 29.          Terminal Manager, at the Chicago In-
     larship from Luther College to attend             The dinner was attended by 309 mem-           termodal Park, retired December 24.
     a summer school course in computer                bers and guests of the Credit Union.          Mr. Landerholm was honored Decem-
     structures. He is a freshman at Wau-                                                            ber 20 by his fellow employees and
     sau East High School.                             The Savanna Credit Union, formerly            friends at a retirement party.
                                                       named the CMStP&P Ry. (1I1-Div)
                                                       Credit Union, was organized in 1935
     Congratulations to Assistant Fore-                and has continued to serve Milwauk8e
     man and Mrs. Kenneth Wilcox who                   Road employees since that ti me.
     have a new grandaughter and Conduc-
     tor and Mrs. Carl Akey on a new                    At the business meeting following the
                                                        dinner, officers and committee chair-        Chicago
                                                        men reported on the progress and a c-
                                                                                                     Sympathy was extended to Ch ief Clerk
                                                        tivities of the Credit Union during
     Sympathy was extended to the fami·                 1975. Several important items report-        John J. Werden and family on the
     lies of two of our real old timers. Ot-            ed by the President were: the Cred it        death of his wife Willeen.
     to Zander, 99, retired Wausau Carman               Union's participation in the NCUA
     died on February 10. Mr. Zander re-                 Insurance Program thereby insuring          Some of you remember Aileen Hurley
     tired in 1943 with 30 years of service.            each account up to $40,000; the pay-         who used to be in the Public Relations
     Louis Wilcox 91, died March 11 in a                ment of semi-annual dividends of 6%;         Department. Aileen has been quite ill
     Wausau hospital. Mr. Wilcox was as-                and the offering of variable dividend        since December having spent most of
     sisting in the preparation of a book on            rates up to 7%% for 4 year deposits.         that time in the hospital. Dorothy Kent-
     the history of the Wisconsin Valley                Elected as directors for 1976 were           ner tal ked with her recently and Aileen
     Division at the time of his death.                 Gerald Griswold, Signal and Road-            wanted to be remember to her friends.
                                                        master's Clerk; Sam Crisci, Round-           Miss Aileen.Hurley, 190 Kerr Street,
                                                        house Crew Caller; John Brodbeck,            Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6K 3A9
                                                        Yardmaster; Jack Rielly, Iowa Divi-
     Kenosha                                            sion Engineer; James Wilbur, Car
                                                        Foreman; Spiros Thomas, Assistant            Dorothy also talked with Loretta Hip-
     Northern Division Conductor A.B.                                                                sley West, retired Safety Department
                                                        Section Foreman; James Karr, Re-
     Herman died April 10 at the age of                                                              worker, who has been ill since"l\Jovem-
                                                        lay Operator; Louis Cerveny and
     59. William Watson, Milwaukee Ter·                                                              ber. Loretta had the fl u and it set her
                                                         Robert J. Miller, Iowa Division Con-
     minal Engineer died April 18 at the                                                             back so much that she still hasn't fully
                                                        ductors; and Albert Klein, Credit
     age of 59.                                          Union Manager and former Signal             recuperated. Her address: Mrs. Loretta
                                                                                                     West, 3014 Southeast 17th Place, Cape
     George Morgan, Madison Conductor,                                                               Coral, Florida 33904.
     and Elmer Manthey, LaCrosse East                   The Credit Union with offices located
     End Conductor retired in the early                 in a railroad coach purchased from
     part of April. Henry Windward, Mil-                the Milwaukee Road increased its as-         Jay Doyle, Carman Cutter at Latta, In-
     waukee Terminal Yard Crew Caller,                  sets by 36% during 1975 to a year-           diana, retired February 5 after nearly
     retired January 17.                                end total of $1,725,146.43.                  34 years with the Milwaukee Road.

          Ed Kowalczyk makes a poif)t during the Management /I session.
          Bob Sellar,ds, seated background, shared teaching duties that
          focused on management stvle and techniquf!'

                   Management ][:
                               A matter of style
     For three days recently at Chicago Un-             signed to reinforce and improve the          The atmosphere was relaxed but the
     ion Station, twenty-one Milwaukee                  managerial skills of the Milwaukee           dialogue between the instructors and
     Road managers went through a heavy                 Road supervisors.                            the class was serious. After three days
     mental work out. As participants in                                                             of what all agreed was hard work, the
     the pilot session of Management II--               Bob Sellards, Assistant Director-Edu-        members of the class came away with
     more formally known as Advanced                    cation and Training, and Ed Kowalczyk,       a better awareness of their strengths
     Management and Supervisory Skills--                a management consultant, handled the         and weaknesses as managers and with
     the members of the group were asked                instruction using a combination of lec-      an understanding of how to improve
     to take a close, hard look at themselves,          tures, films, discussion groups---and a      their managerial style.
     and especially at their role and effective-        lot of persuasion. Role playing in which
     ness as managers.                                  class members "acted out" certain man-
                                                        agement styles was used to illustrate many   In the near future Management II
     Management II is an extension of the               points. Major topics for discussion were     will be offered again at Union Station
     Management I course that has been                  management styles, motivation, communi-      and at various points throughout the
     offered for several years and it is de-            cation and theories of management.           Milwaukee system.

                                  MORE      SWITCHES AND SIGNALS
Major grain tariff expanded                                           All the way from West Germany

In recent action, an important tariff originally offered for the      Agent Bob Coleman and
movement of export grain has been expanded to include the             Milwaukee Motor Terminal
transportation of grain for domestic use to 1'4 terminals served      Manager Jamie Ramey were
by the Milwaukee. Destinations for this traffic incl ude Chicago,     on hand to inspect a load of
Milwaukee, Minneapolis and various interior barge-loading facil-      tractors manufactured in
ities in Iowa and Minnesota.                                          West Germany as they arrived
                                                                      on a Milwaukee Road train at
The basic tariff was offered several years ago. It allows shippers
                                                                      Davenport, Iowa. This is a
of export grain to make five consecutive movements in blocks
                                                                      regular movement; tractors
of 25 or 50 cars to anyone or a combination of Great Lakes and
                                                                      are un loaded at Nahant Yard
Gulf ports. The tariff was later expanded to include export traf-
                                                                      for final distribution.
fic to Pacific North Coast ports.

The provision of five consecutive movements also applies to ship-
ments of grain for domestic use now included in the tariff.

                                             FOR YOUR INFO
Operating and Labor Relations personnel are presently revis-          March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.
ing the manual, Instructions To Conductors, which governs             But not this year in Montana. Photo taken ort March 31,
the collection and handling of transportation and passengers          shows the front door of Milwaukee Road Section Foreman's
in both Amtrak and Chicago-area suburban commuter service.            house at Eas't Portal, Montana~ Any volunteers for his job?
A unique feature of this work is that a committee of suburban
service conductors has been aiding management in reviewing
and making suggestions on the proposed revision. Union input
is provided by one conductor who is president of a UTU local.

                                                                      If you are a member of a union, you can add over $5,000 to your
                                                                      annual wages because that is the value of the fringe benefits you
                                                                      receive that are paid for entirely by the Milwaukee Road.
                                                                      As of January 1, the average monthly fringe benefit package for
                                                                      Milwaukee Road union employees was $482.93 --- and that comes
                                                                      out to $5,795.13 a year. Furthermore, this total compares very
                                                                      favorably with the average benefit package for typical non-railroad
                                                                      union employees who receive approximately $282 in benefits per
                                                                      month, or $3,384 a year.

                                                                      Members of the Veteran Employes' Association of The Milwau-
                                                                      kee Road are reminded that their 1976 dues were payable as of
                                                                      January 1,1976 as indicated on the reverse side of the 1975
                                                                      membership card.
Early in the afternoon of March 12, a tornado touched down at         Those members who have had their 1976 dues deducted from
the east end of the Bensenviile Yard. Although the twister quick-     their paychecks are also reminded to inform the Secretary of
ly passed on, it left overturned rolling stock and collapsed struc-   any change of address. Many of the 1976 membership cards
tures in its wake (above). Fortunately there were no injuries:        have been returned to the Secretary undel ivered beca use of an
crew in truck cab scrambled to safety only seconds before winds       old address. Please send address change to W. B. Braheny,
overturned box car that crushed truck's hood.                         Secretary, 848 Union Station, Chicago, Illinois 60606.

~I-        __A_G_AZ_'N_E_
                                                                                                               Bulk Rate
                                                                                                            U. S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                              P A I D
                                                                                                             CHICAGO, ILL
                                                                                                            Permit No. 3283
 516 W. Jackson Blvd.
 Chicago, Illinois 60606

                            Need a lift? Assistant Vice President-Mechanical Frank
                            A. Upton and George L. Wood, Assistant to Chief Mechanical
                            Officer (center and right) take delivery of a new Model RC·75
                            wrecking crane from Guion Krupp, Sales Manager for the
                            Ernest Holmes Division of Dover Corporation, builder of the
                                                                 The RC-75 is the largest crane built by Ernest Holmes
                                                                 and is cap;lble of lifting 150,000 pounds. Special de-
                                                                 sign features include a four-man tilt cab on the carrier,
                                                                 tandem fr.ont and rear axles and a 25-foot crane boom
                                                                 that revolves a full 360 degrj:les. The new crane can be
                                                                 operated both on and off t;~cks and therefore can ap-
                                                                 proach derailments and other line and yard jobs from
                                                                 almost any angle and direction.

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