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									                          Frequently asked questions
Part-time students please refer to the section on part time students

1. What is the NHS bursary for?
There are two NHS bursaries
       i) one pays your tuition fees
       ii) the other is an income assessed award that is paid monthly into your
       bank account to help with living costs whilst at University

2. Who is entitled to a NHS bursary?
The Full-time Home students and European Union students on the BSc (Hons)
Occupational Therapy are entitled to an NHS bursary (i) to pay their tuition
fees. Only HOME (resident is UK for over 3 years) students are entitled to apply
for the income assessed award bursary(ii).

3. Do I apply?
i) Tuition Fees – No - you do not need to apply for the bursary to pay your
tuition fees this is applied for on your behalf by Brunel University once you have
accepted your offer to study at Brunel.

ii) Income assessed award - Yes - you will be sent an application form by the
NHS Student Bursaries Office which you will need to complete and return to the

4. When should I receive my application form?
The forms are sent directly from the NHS Bursaries Office from May onwards.
The completed forms should be returned to the NHS Bursary Office (NOT to
Brunel University). The sending of these forms and their processing can take
some length of time so please be patient if you do not receive them promptly. If
you have not received this form call the NHS Bursary Unit to obtain your NHS
registration number and request the forms or you can download them from the
NHS Bursary website

5. Do I qualify for an income assessed bursary award(ii)?
ONLY Home students may be eligible for an income assessed bursary award. The
application forms will be sent from the NHS Student Grants Unit with the main
Bursary form as per above.

5. For the income assessed bursary award (ii) if I live with my parents
or I am supported by them do we have complete the section
that discloses their income?
YES - if you do not complete this section (or tick the box stating you do not wish
to disclose their income) your maintenance award will be assessed as zero and
you will not receive this bursary.

Updated July 2011
6. Do I have to pay it back?
NHS bursaries are not re-payable but Student Loans are.

7. I have not received my bursary payment yet? (HOME students only)
Bursary payments should be received in the first three-four weeks of Term 1,
however, there may be a delay due to the large number of students being
processed by the NHS Student Grant Unit. Please allow four-five weeks
from 26th September before you query why you have not received your

Further Information
NHS Student Grants
       website :
       Telephone Number: 0845 358 6655

Students are invited to obtain a copy of the following publication 'Financial Help
for Healthcare Students - Sixth Edition'
Hard copies are available from:
       Department of Health Publications
       PO Box 777, LONDON SEL 6XH
       Tel: 08701 555 455 Fax: 01623 724524
       Email: quoting the reference: 32059

Student Loans

Student loans are part of the government’s financial support package for
students embarking on a course of higher education. They are available to help
students meet their living costs while studying.

Your local award authority handles the first stage of your loan application
regardless of where you are studying:
  o if you are from England and Wales you will apply to your Local Education Authority
  or you can apply online via
  o If you are from Scotland you will apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland.
  o If you are from Northern Ireland your loan application should be made to your
  Education and Library Board.
Further Information for more information.

Full details on support for students in Higher Education are available on the
Student Loans Company website

Updated July 2011
1. When do I Apply?
It is advisable to start applying for your loan as soon as you begin to receive
conditional offers from universities. You do not need to know which university
you will be accepting as your first choice before applying.

2. How do I Apply?
You should contact your LEA and, as Home and EU students, indicate on the
form that your fees will be paid by the NHS. Additionally home students may be
eligible for a further means-tested maintenance award.

You should apply through your LEA by requesting an application form that will
assess the percentage of the tuition fee payable and your eligibility for the loan.
Once you have your assessment form back from the LEA it is then possible for
you to apply immediately to the Student Loans Company (SLC) for any part or
the entire loan you are entitled to. Payment from the SLC will be made in three
instalments over the year to coincide with the start of each term.

3. How will I receive payment?
Payments are made directly to your bank or building society account by the SLC.
You should, therefore, complete your LEA and SLC forms as early as possible to
avoid any possible delay with your first payment and open a bank account
before you arrive at university.

4. How do I Pay it Back?
You will not be asked to start paying back the money that you have borrowed
until the April after you have finished your studies. Repayments will be linked to
your income and collected by employers on behalf of the Inland Revenue, but
will not be made until your gross income is over £10,000 a year. Interest on the
amount you owe will be linked to inflation, so the value of the amount you pay
back will be the same, in real terms, as the value of the amount you borrowed.

Updated July 2011

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